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Is there any fluff about Eldar that doesn't portray them as manipulative, uncaring dudes willing to sacrifice billions of humans to save one of their own?

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if there is, it has been manipulated by the eldar to make them look less manipulative and uncaring.

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Is there any fluff about Tyranids that doesn't portray them as an all-consuming insectoid hivemind willing to eat billions of humans trying to satisfy their never-ending hunger?

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Considering that's a major trait of their race, why would there be? (Granted, that's like having a major trait of a race be "reproduces," since there's not a single race in 40k that *wouldn't* sacrifice billions of [not them] to save even one of [them])

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Filthy Mon'keigh, the lives of a hundred of your worlds are worth less than a single Eldar.

I would gladly sacrifice an entire imperial sector merely to reclaim the soulstones of a fellow Eldar.

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Is there any fluff about the Orks that doesn't portray them as warlike, aggressive dudes willing to kill billions of humans to entertain themselves?

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Well, I mean in comparison with Smurfs, you've got chapters that don't give a shit about normal humans, and then you've got the chapters that get shit on for helping normal humans.

I'm just curious if there is any fluff that shows differences in Eldar thought.

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Well, there are Ork mercenaries that do work (temporarily) for humans.

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An Eldar exile helps a captured Sister of Battle and befriends her.

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It's closer to how 100% of Space Marines don't give a fuck about Xenos.

A comparable variation to "Some chapters don't give a fuck about humans, some are buttbuddies with normies" would be "Some craftworlds care more/less about the exodites/darkeldar/corsairs."

Variation in how much one piece of a faction gives a shit about another piece of the same faction is found more or less everywhere.

Variation in how one faction feels about another faction is basically nowhere in 40k.

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>Biel tan
Exterminate the not Eldar!
Not eldar range from tools to vermin depending on teh runes.
Not Eldar are vermin, but there is precious little time to be wasted fighting vermin outside of your house.

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Well there's that one Eldar story when a bunch of Harlequin's are boogeying doen tonight until a Slaanesh daemon pops in to out dance them. Somehow they all dance to death bar one Harlequin who out jives the daemon for like 3 days solid thus sending him back to the warp. Cat even finishes off the dance after the daemon is banished.

...40k tells the story better.

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Sisters with magical powers received from a telepathic ball of Sisters created by a Greater Daemon are heresy.

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Its a closely guarded secret that the Emperor used to have an Eldar mistress.

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The best Eldar fluff is Altharius.

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Eldar consider Gabriel Angelos a symbol of Eldar hope in human form.

They call him Gabriel of the Hidden heart due to his nobility and valor

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Eldar Rangers helped human colonists fight off Dark Eldar Raiders.

-Eldar Codex (source)

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Eldrad and his warhost saved mephiston and the Blood Angels lives.

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Is there any fluff about [INSERT 40K RACE HERE] that doesn't portray them as manipulative, uncaring dudes willing to sacrifice billions of humans to save one of their own?

Note: This includes the Imperium.

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More like Eldar Rangers used human colonists as a meatshields while fighting Dark Eldar.

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As a counter to this though, the Imperium values an Eldar life about as much as it values a human life, which is to say it doesn't.

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Tyranids? They don't care about single creatures in the swarm.

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Mephiston's survival was vital in some Eldrad's prophecy.

Too bad that at the close of 41st millennium he's dead and the prophecy never realized. Looks to be a pattern for Farseers of Ulthwe.

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The Death Korps of Krieg Smile Brigade

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Ranger Illic Nightspear and White Scar Captain Kor'sarro Khan aided each other to escape from the Necrons.

As a show of honor and mercy, Khan even picked the injured and unconscious Nightspear and carried him to safety.

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Eldrad feels a strange sense of fondness and protectiveness for the young Tau.

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Would it be somewhat plausible idea for an Eldar army that formed of exiles whose general belief regarding the Fall as "gee, we really fucked that up back there, maybe we should go do something about it" and travel the galaxy fighting Chaos and Dark Eldar, and what have you?

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An Eldar Warhost protected a human Hive City from a Kabal of Dark Eldar.

-Dark Eldar old Codex

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>Eldrad feels a strange sense of fondness and protectiveness for the young Tau.
Eldrad used advanced Eldar tech to genetically alter the Tau as a potent weapon against chaos.
of course he doesnt want that effort wasted.

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Along the way they pick up some Imps and Tau. Eventually they form a ragtag band of heroes dedicated to make the Grim Darkness of the Future a little less dark. Fuck yea friendship.

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Those colonies were important.
Probably a speedbump for orks or tyranids.

Deldar can literarlly rape and pillage all of reality, they dont need those colonists.

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Eldar space ships destroy a Dark Eldar fleet that was ravaging human trade routes

-Eldar Codex

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I'd play that army in a heartbeat.

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Eldar respectfully return the bodies of fallen Space Wolves to Fenris.

Sadly, a translation lead to an unfortunate turn of events.

-Space Wolves Codex.

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What would they be called?

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Eldar forces aid Imperial forces on Zystarn Alpha to defeat WAAGH! Grimshak

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>not mentioning the Sensei
They're the original (and only) 40k Good Guys, dammit.

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translation error*

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If someone were to actually try and do this, what units would be fluffy for such a force?

The crappiest units from each codex?

The sheer lulz factor of swarming the board with shitty conscript platoons, guardian defenders, and fire warriors would be hilarious as fuck all.

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There's also Grey Sensei, who despite their inherent immunity to corruption have decided to join the forces of Chaos out of free will.

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Their elite cavalry is ethereals riding pyrovores.

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The units with the most rock and fucking roll man! Super-exiles of love, fighting, and rock and roll!

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Hot damn, didn't know these guys existed.


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>implying the dark path will not forever dominate their destiny

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Unfortunately that's way old fluff and probably abandoned by now.

Though I did like the part where the Imperium, when confronted with the natural children of their venerated God-Emperor, made the only sensible choice: Kill them and use their ground-up corpses ans weapons.

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Do it! Also Grotz, lots of em

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And the lone warrior who united them is the last living squat.

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Wait, you're limited to one allied contingent, huh.


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Who cares? Do it anyway.

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God I hate her.

Ruined red twi'leks for everyone.

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When in doubt, just reskin. Use guardsmen models instead of Guardian Defenders, HW-teams as Dark Reapers, Re-equipped suits can work as Warp Spiders or something, Pathfinders are Rangers etc.

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>actually paying attention to EU fluff


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It doesn't matter whether *I* do, it only takes one dicklicker in the party.

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The Dawn of War games are not a good place to find Eldar fluff. I think the fact the Eldar don't activate search for humans to kill is a good sign they're caring.

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Eldrad saved a human from daemonic possession in the inquisition war.

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What party? Isn't the game dead?

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Well, the Thorian sourcebook for inquisitor mentions something damn similar.

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>mfw .pdf

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If you read the Siam Hien entry you see that they are quite tribal in nature (siam hien, not all eldar)

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Yup, we've got pdfs now.
(Also, that one's available for free on the GW site, so I figure no harm in uploading the whole thing)

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> .pdf

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The Emperor had the Space Wolves exterminate an entire Craftworld and destroy EVERYTHING.
I doubt it.

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Oh wow, the Soulwatcher helmet from that book.

>Inquisitor uses helmet with Eldar Spirit Stone inside to get psychic abilities

>"Communing with a dead Eldar carries risks"

>Inquisitor is hearing a constant stream of "fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou" whenever he uses the helmet

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Wait, when did Mephiston die?

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Warp hath no fury like an emprah's scorn.

Seems like the "Might of the Emperor" wasn't all that impressive after all.

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The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude.

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You all must be new here. Moot granted us the ability to .pdf a few months ago.

Or maybe you're not new, because hardly anyone ever posts .pdfs. I think we all forget its possible.

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Eldrad is.

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...really? it's a goddamn stic-
oh, well whaddya know, they took it down.
Maybe I should hide stuff less.

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Yeah. Most of what little tau fluff there is.

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But the tau are just the Imperium in a different coat of paint. Instead of exterminating anybody that is not their race, they exterminate anybody who is opposed to the greater good.

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I'd play that. I'd play that so hard.

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I doubt it. That was beautiful.

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An Eldar loved a Human woman. He sired a child from her.

Later that child became an Ultramarine Astropath.

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Eldar move a human population from a maiden world to a habitable moon, instead of just butchering them.

A show of kindness that the Eldar afford rarely to trespassers.

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Eldar Exodites allowed humans to coexist them on their world.

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the orks would not sacrifice billions of anything to spare one of them since that would mean that one orks does not get to waaagh, and what kind of unorky abomination would not like to waagh and share the waaaagh with all orkz around

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Of course, that was written by C.S. Multilazor, so who cares?

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Is there any fluff about the Nazis that doesn't portray them as well dressed German dudes willing to sacrifice billions of mice and rats to save one of their own?

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Tyranids would throw billions of themselves into a meat grinder to kill one human.

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Last I heard, the Inquisition killed them all due to assuming that they were part of one of Tzeentch's schemes.

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Killed all of them... on one planet in one temple.
Was never said that was all of them and in fact that's extraordinarily unlikely.

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The Eldar attempt to warm Fulgrim of the Horus Hersey

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Yes. Squats. They're pretty nice

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Some say that it was actually the Emprah who did that, and there are rumors that they were designed by the Necrons or even the Old Ones. There's evidence for all of those interpretations, but there's no way to prove or disprove any of them.

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Eldrad saves the galaxy by foiling the plans of the C'tan.

The Reign of Blood will never come to pass.

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FFG confirms that one of the Old Ones servants are behind the Tau.

It's the Eldar, anon. The only Old Ones servants who meddle with the fates of other races are the Eldar.

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I actually like the idea of Gabriel and Macha being bro-friends.

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Where was this, exactly?

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It actually implied much more than that, mind you. But of course, we all know that the very idea of Macha being more than friends with anyone is heresy.

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Not... exactly. The Imperium exterminates anything they encounter that is different, while the Tau try to assimilate anything they encounter. Destruction is secondary to assimilation. They're about as similar to the Imperium as the Eldar.

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Deathwatch, Outer Reach

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Goto also wrote at length about the fate of Taldeer, includes her eyes melting and getting shot in the kidneys, if eldar have kidneys.

It was written years before DoW 2 Retribution, so Kyras was right to say Taldeer suffered.

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But that novel was situated during Winter Assault, so it obviously can't be canon. Either that, or she came back from the dead to reappear in Dark Crusade.

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eyes and kidneys are obviously overrated.

Goddamn it, multilazer strikes again.

>> No.22510246

Or Taldeer is a common name in Eldardom.

Like Steve or Sarah for humans.

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is it true eldar are going to get a codex later this year? Might be interesting to see them updated

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>calling anyone else haughty
oh the irony

>> No.22510301

>Token of respect
>Worrying about diplomacy

Why would the Eldar care about the Tau feelings?

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i dropped everything as cannon as soon as i picked up the new necron codex.

nothing is cannon except what is the newest. anything other than the newest codices and main rule book isn't cannon in my mind.

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Caerys is clearly following in Eldrad's footsteps.

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Fuck you, Soulstorm.

>> No.22510440

Tau use defenses and fortifications in the fluff.

There are pictures, rules, and scenarios where the Tau fight defensively, but feel free to rage.

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If it was a different Taldeer, then why would the IG want to pursue her all the way to Kronos if the Taldeer who supposedly betrayed them died on Lorn V? The Imperium may be illogical at best, but it isn't that pants-on-head retarded (yet).

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So she blew up a Titan. What's the big deal?

I don't think it warrants sending an entire Cadian Army after her.

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God. Why did that sentence make me laugh so much?

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Or'es'Ka says fuck the rules, and does things his own way. GREAT STRENGTH, GREAT STRIKE, MOTHERFUCKERS.

No, I don't know what it means either.

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But according to Goto, she had already died on Lorn V, so she couldn't have actually stolen it to begin with. Unless they were stupid enough to chase after a completely different Farseer also called Taldeer to Kronos, the IG would have had no reason to be there.

Or we could just assume Goto fucked up again.

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Got the the picture where he orders his men to shoot HIS OWN MEN with the Cannon thingy?

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>So she blew up a Titan. What's the big deal?

Blowing up a Titan is kind of a big deal, actually. These things are rare to the point of "We barely even know how to build one, and it takes decades, if not centuries to do so."

Think of them as the Imperial version of the Avatar of Khaine.

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It's the Ethereal that orders the use of the orbital defense cannon. Though it's funny how much TIDF raged against this when a similar thing actually happened in official background (the rail rifle story).

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"Sane Doc" Wazzamatta

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Then the Imperium and Tau aren't so different after all!

>> No.22510832

>Running forwards and remaining within the cannon's line of fire instead of going up the sides of the trench

Those Guardsmen deserved to die.

>> No.22510911

I think they were bait.

>> No.22511373


They should ride ponies painted by harlequins.

"My Little Army : The Grim Darkness is MAGIC!"

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The fuck is Soulstorm?

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DoW's last expansion. To say that it was lacking in quality is an understatement akin to saying that Khorne has an anger control issue. It singlehandedly spawned at least 6 different memes, with METAL BAWKSES and SPEHSS MEHREENS being the best known here on /tg/.

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They may be back as the Perpetuals from the HH Books.

>> No.22512681

I fucking hate it when people voice orks like this.

They're not stupid, they wouldn't fucking try to say some word, fuck it up, stammer like porky the fucking pig, and move on.

They'd just say it their fucking way, because they're orks, and don't give a damn.

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Necrons value all life, it pretty much the only reason they fight Tyranids.

>> No.22512700


Perpetuals operate a bit differently from Sensei which means they probably are not Emperor's descendants.

In Betrayer Erebus uses chaos magic to resurrect a certain chick killed in the First Heretic and she becomes a Perpetual because of the resurrection

>> No.22513029

IIRC, it might be more accurate to say that the Emperor is a Perpetual, albeit an unusually strong one. It would certainly explain how he lived for several thousand years with no sign of aging.

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