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Looks like the other drawfags fucked off with a lot of unfinished business.

I'll be mopping up some of the shit. So give me your character ideas and let's go!

>Those butthurt from not having shit drawn in the other threads, post it here.

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A dark-skinned (Yes, I know it won't be color) elven sea witch from a vaguely Polynesian style culture. Young-looking,long hair, simple outfit, probably with a grass skirt. No coconut bra, though, that's just a tasteless inaccuracy.

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She sounds very alluring, anon. I'm on it.

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a barbarian in scale male, with a 2 handed sword, tridents for throwing, and a boar head cod piece

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It's just a cutesy char for online RP, so I will understand if you don't feel like it..
a maid, in your stereotypical victorian dress, black long dress with cuffed sleeves and slightly poofed shoulders, with small lacy collar, a bonnet, hair tied in bun and in medium-heeled mary-janes. Flatchested and with slightly manly facial features.

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Here she is.

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Requesting a female Explorer/Zoologist. Long dark hair and light blue eyes, slender with little hips or chest to speak of, heavy boots and a practical outfit. Carries a backpack crammed with books, cages & specimen jars and a oversized butterfly net. If she has a hat, it'll have her pet amorphous red-blue slime-blob living inside of it.

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The cod piece did it, you're next

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Beautiful! Love it, thanks!

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a pale skin man with a scarred gaunt face that is still handsome in some regard. Wearing a powdered wig. He should be in very poofy clothing to show how rich and powerful he is. They should be in disrepair.Having a mouth full of gold teeth should also be good.

and a power sword would be a nice accessory for him to have.


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Any chance you could draw my current party? A male ratfolk (but really a mouse) musketeer with a hat and rapier (but no musket) and potentially a wedge of cheese, a tall, thin lizardman dressed in some noble attire (fine medievalish noble clothes, maybe an amulet and rings) and an elven archer who basically just looks like Legolas.

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Bad bastard!

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I love shit like this. Perpare yourself.

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Could you draw a large, muscular (she-hulk-ish, pretty much excactly) style teifling with draconic-style horns sweeping back and matching the curve of her skull, with red skin with silver tron-like lines tracing along and bunching up at joints, silvery eyes, wearing a skin-tight black bodysuit, a green combat vest, combat boots, and ammo belts? Bonus points of holding a heavy bolter style weapon.

My promthean in a DtD game recently got rebuilt, and so I go to get her drawn with the differences.

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oh god im going to pee my pants, that was a character i played some 17 years ago in a basic d&d game. K'cirar the boar rides again!

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DM poses challenges between sessions for extra XP.
This week's challenge is a pin-up of your character.
My character is a 30-something engineer.
So.. apparantly my 'drawing' has been circulating around already but do you reckon you could improve on it?

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A flat, round, telekinetic space polar bear please. Because the world needs more drawings of Nicassar.

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A slightly weary looking, thirty-something man in a Victorian style greatcoat, with a pair of slacks and a creasy white shirt and suspenders, along with great big work boots. He has bone charms hung around his neck and carries a length of rope and a harpoon.

His expression should basically be 'too old for this shit'.

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Haha, I'm very happy to give life to K'cirar once more!

Keep /tg/ updated of any new exploits he should have!

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Hey anon, hope this does the job

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How could I refuse?

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I love you.

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Quick question, what does the GM look like?

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Hell even I'm looking forward to this.

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Eh, twenty-something slim italian with a beard and an addiction to vietnam hats.

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I'm part way through but...do you by any chance have a pic. It'll be worth it.

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A Dwarf barbarian follower of Odin AND Olidammara, who has a fedora hat and a boar-hide armor

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Ahahaha, I think I know where you're going.

But no, it's an internet-based game and I've only seen a pic of him one in passing. Let's see what I can recall:

Oval, long face, normal, slightly pointy nose, chin beard and sideburns, oval eyes, curly hair, vietnam hat. Slender, slightly muscular build, about as tall as the character would be.

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That'll do. Cheers :D

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Requesting an Elven character along these lines, for an Iron Kingdoms game. She's a bit younger and a little more reckless, resulting in scars across her face and neck from a monster strike that mangled her ear and took an eye. Her eyepatch matches her hair, which frames her face and is tied back at the nape of her neck.

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Voilà, I hope you get some EXP!

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You are my new god.

This is great!

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Right, I gotta go visit my nan. Anybody fancy taking over? I'll be back in a couple of hours to do some more if this hasn't 404'd

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I'll see if I can get a reply out of the DM~
So far, he doesn't want to look at it.

Thanks so much, man

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Oh how I chuckled.
Very nice.

>> No.22490317


Not a problem dude. I hope he has a sense of humour!

If he doesn't, refer him to this guy farporpoise.tumblr.com. He'll sort him out

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"<DM> this is horrible"

The rest of us are having a blast, though

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Hey Anon, I'm back and I had a go at this, I hope you're still around.

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Here you go

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I don't suppose I'd have a better chance of getting this drawn if I bump it, kind drawfag?

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I'll take a stab at it.

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Do you want to boobplate and what kind of weapon?

>> No.22491939


It's the Nyss aesthetic, so I don't mind. No need for a weapon; I suppose you could have her channeling an ice spell if you wanted an action-y pose.

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Panoptes Gustav, grandson of Argus.
A hundred eyed giant and were-peacock.
Looks kinda human, same body shape at least. Just well, more muscular. And taller. And with eyes covering most of his body. Young as giants go, just entering the late teenage years.

Gus has blue-ish green skin, and strange yellow eyes. As I said he has a ton of eyes covering his body, but using magic he can close most of them up, aside from three big ones. One of these eyes is in the middle of his forehead, and the other two are on his pectorals, one for each pec muscle. Tends to go nude, so none of his eyes are covered up; but can be convinced to wear something when not on guard duty. Usually some sandals, shorts, and a vest. Oh yeah, and he has short green hair.

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hide your kids, it's time for hilarious drawing.

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>> No.22492066



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Cheers namefag!

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So, she's a caster?

>> No.22492222

Can any of you guys maybe possibly do this one? I can give more details if necessary.

>> No.22492264


That is correct. An ice sorceress specifically, since another class within the setting is not available yet.

>> No.22492272

maybe after the scarred up elf.

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>> No.22492484

- Lady Skulltits the Abyssal.
Dusk Caste Abyssal, favored pet of The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. She’s a practitioner of the Orgiastic Fugitive Style and Laughing Wounds Style of Martial Arts, as well as others. Does things to your body and soul that Slaanesh would be proud of.

Skulltits is a pretty attractive lady, around twenty. Deliciously brown with bodacious curves, very attractive looking. Long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Wears something along the lines of a purple one-piece swimsuit. Over that she wears a breastplate; more accurately boob-plate. The boob-part of the platemale looks like skulls, and the part covering her chest look like bones. Wears a Sarong around her waist, and has on some thigh-high leather high-heels.

She has a pretty cool Artifact, a Soulsteel-Starmetal Chain-klaive; which is a fancy way of saying a knife attached to a long piece of chain. Pretty cool, it has the ability to phase in and out of fate to attack people. Usually has it wrapped around her waist like a belt.
Has another Artifact that is just a crown type thing made out of bones and teeth of various animals.

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>pic related

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Mad bitch complete

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I'll take this.


Then it's this cool dude.

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Much appreciated, duder.

>> No.22492985

I think i took things a little too far. Up side: she lloks young, has the eye patch, and I may have given her a few too many scares.

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Just checked back, much obliged Anon! Thanks a lot!

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Many thanks!

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Hey, drawfriends, I have a large request if anyone is up for the challenge. I posted this on Sir Briggz' thread on tgchan at the request of a friend, but he appears to have a massive backlog, so reposting here:
"I'd like to ask for a group shot of 3 characters in a game of Iron Kingdoms (the RPG set in the Warmachine setting).
The first, the left most, is a tall (just over 6 feet) human. He's fairly muscular, but not heroically so. He has medium length dirty blond hair, and his face is young but rather blank because of recent events. His clothes used to be middle-class renaissance clothes, but now they're torn and covered in blood. In his right hand he wields a breechloading pistol (but it still looks like renaissance level tech) with glowing blue runes on the barrel. He has two other pistols in his waistband, one a massive handcannon, the other a four barreled monstrosity. In his left he has a rapier, nothing fancy, but the pommel is a stylized family crest. His face is slightly singed, and there's a smear of something dark brown across his forehead and nudging into his hairline. He stands with the confidence and charisma of a young adult.

(Gonna be a 3 part post.)

>> No.22493118

The second, standing in the middle, is a large human, taller than the previous man, and much heavier. He wears heavy plate armor, riddled with bulletholes (including one straight through the face of the helment, but nothing shows underneath except blackness) and covered in blood. He has a large sword (we're talking surfboard sized) slung across his back along with a spiked shield, and a kopis at his side. He has his hands on the shoulders of the other two men. His gender is indeterminate, I'm using 'he' for ease of use. He could be male, or he could be female. He stands confidently, and appears protective of the other two men.

>> No.22493149

need more info on the mouse girl.

>> No.22493157

The third is a man wearing burlap cloth over most of his body. His mask looks like candlejack's, like from that show. He wields a crossbow in one hand, and a long length of rope in the other. At his belt there's a sword of strange, elvish design. He stands like he's dangerous and knows it."

Thanks in advance, it'd be really awesome if someone could draw them.

>> No.22493173

should be linked to

>> No.22493199


Haha, well with an outfit like that it only makes sense she's all scarred up. I appreciate the work, and I'm sure the group will be amused as well.

For an attempt at constructive criticism (and not a stealth "please redo my request this way"); when you're not doing sketches for /tg/, do you do any shading on your pictures? Sometimes your stuff seems a bit flat without it.

>> No.22493211

I may as well take a stab on a request...

Female character for a near-future Scion campaign. Being the daughter of the goddess Kali and a Tibetan man, she looks kinda like a significantly more athletic version of pic related. Her hair is straight and black, and she tends to keep it shoulder length. She is generally dressed like a revolutionary militant, generally tailoring her image to look good on propaganda posters for whatever rebellion she’s stoking. This often involves mismatched elements, but generally involves combat boots and some manner of headwear (sometimes a beret, sometimes a hijab, sometimes a bandanna, sometimes a more Western-styled head scarf and sunglasses thing like Jackie O – whatever makes the outfit work for the region – that is, whatever works for you in conveying the role).

She mainly uses a five-bladed urumi (basically a ribbon sword used kinda like a whip with a cutting edge - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urumi) and buckler, both made of the same black iron as the Pillar of Delhi. She also carries a Ka-Bar knife somewhere at all times as a weapon of last resort, most often tucked into a boot sheath.

>> No.22493279


Hey, it's a bit of a big request for me to do in a drawfag post.

I don't like to promote myself for commissions on here, but if you want something big like that I can give you my deets so you can get in touch if you want (but let's not clog the thread up with it)

>> No.22493288


You're both very welcome!

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>> No.22493347

Yeah, the shading is a work in progress for me, and is done almost exclusively in color. I do draw threads to get better at drawing the shapes. You could commission me to do the color and shading, and since this is from /tg/ you'd get a 25% discount.

>> No.22493369


I present...Lady Skulltits The Abyssal!

Sorry pal, I got a bit caught up in it and only gave her one skulltit, I hope it suffices.

>> No.22493392

This image pretty much sums up the entire concept for the character. Except he's 3'11" (Lizardfolk is 6'9 and the elf 5'3" for comparison's sake), somewhat on the chubby side and not quite so naked (and preferably with a cheese wheel on his tabard). Also he's a dude, as is the rest of the party.

>> No.22493439

This is for my Rogue Trader campaign.

>former commissar and wears the uniform still, missing his cap as a result of a trade
>BQ carapace armor, so just really nice armor
>clean shaven, military hair cut, dark brown with some white and gray mixed in
>in his mid-40's, but still the most handsome man on board
>left half of his face is torn up and scarred, eye replaced with awesomely designed cybereye
>bolt pistol with intricate detail and a power sword designed by 40k's version of Masamune
>always smokes a lho stick

>> No.22493450

Damn, you selective dyslexia. I thought it said female.

>> No.22493498

he traded his hat? That's the one thing I would have kept.

>> No.22493551


An insane, delusional sorcerer Gentleman Thief who thinks he is a King reclaiming artifacts that rightfully belong to his Kingdom. He has a robotic grappling hook arm, and a Cat familiar who wears a cape.

His name is King Sebastian IV. His familiar is Prince Sebastian V. He always shouts out "WHEN THEY ASK WHO STOLE YOUR [X], TELL THEM IT WAS KING SEBASTIAN IV!" before making his daring escape.

>> No.22493553

In character, he traded it for an Eldar jetbike. He's still got his dress uniform hat, but he's loathe to go Mordian with it.

>> No.22493634

I can't help but think that she looks familiar.
Like her face, it reminds me of someone, just not sure who.
Gosh this is going to bug me all day.

>> No.22493709

So he still has the red cap with the winged skull and a jetbike? This is acceptable.

>> No.22493845

Indeed it is. Managed to get it while trying to settle an abandoned forge world (Aubray's Anvil). Our rep has gone through the roof in that one endeavour. It's pretty cool.

>> No.22493859

Requesting a modern-esque Imperial Guardsman.

<---I want something like that, Helmet wise, but without that back-flap thing marine marines have in Aliens. So basically a Vietnam/WWII american helmet with some futuristic doodads.

'Hard' looking body armor that covers all vitals (not just the chest), and combat webbing.

Lasgun with an adjustable stock, rails, red-dot sight, backup irons and bayonet lug.

>> No.22493885

a kobold adventuring rogue with a silky smooth satchel strap

>> No.22493898

Panoptes Gustav!

I took the liberty of assuming one of his majesty can control each eye independently.

>> No.22493909

Carlos McConnell, the half-Spanish half-Scottish Rogue Trader that the homeplanet of felinids is named after. A power-claymore in one hand, a laspistolero in the other, he is clad in a sombrero and a kilt and has a ship full of catgirls. Discussion of him started in this thread
>>22485312 (Cross-thread)
>>22485362 (Cross-thread)
>>22485376 (Cross-thread)

>> No.22493920

This guy with "IT WAS ALIENS" hair wearing an ugly hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and a backpack. He's carrying two hardshell suitcases and stepping out of a passenger plane.

>> No.22493930

I'm still a little low on money right now, after Christmas, but in a couple weeks I'll be able to afford things beyond food. Email me and we can talk then.

>> No.22493949

Was curious if anyone'd be willing to revamp my Mechanicus character to have the augmentic "eyepatch" on the insert instead of the off-centered lense of the metal half of her face.

>> No.22493978


I don't use reference so unless it's someone from my memory, I dunno.
You're welcome!

>> No.22493991

Oh, and if you dont want to draw Carlos, you could draw a member of his crew, like his Navigator - a three eyed catgirl in Navigator garb. Other than that, go crazy with it.

>> No.22494069

Sure, if you want to get in touch:
>[email protected]

>> No.22494182

Lots of good stuff here.

What I was thinking was a continuation of what a nice drawfriend did earlier. It's a continuation of scene, where a catgirl is now pressing some random buttons on something she found on a dive, while lounging out on her raft. Oblivious that a robot is rising out of the water seemingly being controlled by the catgirl. The foxgirl, her dive buddy, is sitting in the raft with her and is freaking out like she's saying "STOP PRESSING BUTTONS, IDIOT!"

The two divers have their airtanks and what not off sitting in the raft, and are wearing one-piece swimsuits. The fox and cat girls have their goggles on, and the fox being the reasonible one is wearing a life vest that looks more like a WWII pilot's life preserver.

>> No.22494195

herp de derp

>> No.22494199

You got it here >>22492152

>> No.22494329

Oh holy shit. You are awesome my friend.


>> No.22494584

Ho crap!

Once again, Anon you deliver. Never change... now to think of what happens next...

>> No.22494665

Loved doing this one!

>> No.22495038


>> No.22495105

Is there any way you could change his hat to a sombrero? Other than that, its fucking great! I kinda pictured him with a orange bandito mustache, too, but that's just semantics.

>> No.22495128


>> No.22495302

So, are you still doing my request? I want to know if I should keep f5ing, or go to sleep.

>> No.22495335

It'll be a while.

>> No.22495336

Needs more sombreros, more catgirls. But is still awesome.

>> No.22495481

Added some medals and shit because he's done really well at life

>> No.22495562

What was your request?

>> No.22495589

Very nice! This is what I meant by bandito mustache, by the way, but now I'm just being picky.

>> No.22495610

This here >>22489572 one.

>> No.22495667

Oh that wasn't me, that was the other drawfag who jumped in. I'd have a stab, but I'm gonna get some shuteye. However, expect my return next in the next few days.

>> No.22495717

You are picky, but anon provides.

>> No.22495776

Thank you, friend, and thank you drawfag for the original picture!

>> No.22495809

Haha I am one and the same! You're welcome on both accounts.

>> No.22495875

Requesting a Shadowrun PC. Mick is black haired, tan Latino male a bit on the chubby side due to simply being a gun shop employee less then a week before. His outfit is decidedly retro consisting of a bandito mask, goggles a baggy thug zip up hoodie with a rose shaped patch on his right arm and baggie cargo pants. A small comlink is clipped to his ear and he's carting around a small sniper rifle nicknamed Cthulhu.

>> No.22496082

I'm afraid I must leave you anons now. Apologies to all the requests still undone. I will, however be back soon.

Drawfag signing off!

>> No.22496373

why do all of your faces look like people with down syndrome?

>> No.22496959

Any update on that picture bro? Don't want to rush you or anything, just wondering if you could put a timescale on it.

>> No.22497082

I have one done and took a break for dinner, back to drawing now.

>> No.22497331

Any chance you could email it to me when you're done? Getting pretty sleepy. Many thanks in advance, email is in the field.

>> No.22497344

This would be awesome to see as one drawing

>> No.22497471


>> No.22497522

Did you draw my picture of a negro fighting a bear with a hobo knife and a set of pearly white teeth!?

>> No.22497562

rawr! she is freakish, scary and domineering. Just my type!

>> No.22497746

I'm gonna have to redraw that.

>> No.22498039


I think that was in the thread that 404'd

>> No.22498076

Now for>>22492484

>> No.22498094

But why?

>> No.22498223

>coconut boob plate

I'm chuckling even if that wasn't your intention

>> No.22498286

If that wasn't anon's intention, I'm hereby requesting it! Chocolate elf with coconut boobplate and grass clothing.

>> No.22498389

requesting ignorant fantasy barbarian half-elf type. luvs dragons.

Swiss is a half-elf. lives in a nomadic human war band. everyone there is human except he and his mother.
the band follows and worships a red dragon, often pillage where it has attacked. they take prisoners.
his mother is an elf shaman who was taken on a raid, and integrated into the band.
she birthed Swiss 9 months after being raped when she was captured. when he's old enough, his mother tells him all this.
he has decided to set out on his own, and leave the only life he's known.
he's got a pretty average physique, never known civilized life.
he has sweet magic boots from his mom and he has a one-handed axe, otherwise leather/fur clothing/armor.
can read elvish, can speak common.

>> No.22498417

A Golden Eagle [pic related], pulling off some manner of prank that leaves corpses and laughing.

Put a raven design in the background overshadowing [pic related].

>> No.22498517

Cool, that is like super awesome.
The other drawfag kind of missed this part but uhm... This is a diadem. Her's is the lower half of a carnivore fashioned into jewelry.

>> No.22498522

I think I'm gonna hold off on any kind of drawing until I get back the pen for my Intuos4 tablet. My old tablet isn't cutting it out for me anymore.

>> No.22498821

May take on Lady Skulltits

>> No.22498838

because this>>22498821
That's why.

>> No.22498847

Yo, is that Magus from Chrono Trigger?

>> No.22498866

No, but it does kinda look like him though.

>> No.22498890

Requesting an Orzhov priest in robes in the style of the guy on the right here, with his hood down, with dark slicked back hair and a trim beard and mustache with traces of gray.

>> No.22498900

A very retarded looking woman?

>> No.22498925

Oh. And he shouldn't be as old as that guy, but probably like... in his 40s or 50s, appearance-wise.

>> No.22498955

Could I get a warmahordes request for my IKRPG character?


Just draw the Officer, give him a loose, wavy ponytail and replace his weapon with this one from the officer:


>> No.22499069

>> No.22499182

A Steel Legionnaire with a flower in his coat kicking some ass.

>> No.22499219


Some one explain to me the uniform differences between the Steel Legion and the Krieg Korps?

>> No.22499307

Brown Vs. yellowish tan

>> No.22499320

A gallant-looking male human wearing armor similar to this (without the helmet) and holding a reeaaaaaallllllly big hammer in one hand, with a light shield that has a sharp edge on the bottom in the other. He has brown hair and green eyes.

Picture related, some references. The Klar is a rough example of what the shield should look like, but it can just be a normal shield with a blade sticking out. Thanks!

>> No.22499356

>Steel Legion

>> No.22499394

>Death Korp

>> No.22499443

Also, Death Korp has WW1 style mask goggles, Steel Legion has separate preysense goggles. Or at least that's how its is in the books

>> No.22499485

Thanks, maybe i wills top wondering wich is wich all the fucking time

>> No.22499499

An Elven monk who is lithe with long pony tailed hair wearing a cloak and hood. lawful evil looking if you can make it look that way.

>> No.22499539

requesting a gnome bard/ wizard. He is from a very wealthy family so fancy clothes and jewelry (does not matter). Styled blonde hair, business in the front, party in the back. I have a bodhrian which is the pic related. also some green necrotic power oozing from somewhere would be nice. On the bodhrian, i request a ferret taking a gold coin off of the eyes of a skull. Thank You

>> No.22499642

scratch the mullet, medium length bright blonde hair clean shaven also

>> No.22499743

Got a (hopefully) easy request and it's fine if it doesn't get done.

Looking for a sketch of a thin man in his early 20's, black combat boots, surplus-looking military pants and button up shirt, fingerless gloves, backpack, and face all wrapped up, revealing only his eyes.

Something like a cross between pictures attached. Thanks in advance!

>> No.22499999

Hoorah, drawthread! I've got a Star Wars request. Need some character art for an average-build human male Mandalorian. Fully armored (see reference picture; if colored it would be primarily orange with blue accents), sitting at a bar, drinking something with a straw that drops down from the bottom of the helmet. Bonus points for any random bounty/wanted posters in the background. Thanks, drawfriends.

>> No.22500022

What is that? Some sort of potato?

>> No.22500023

could i please get a broken down robot cowboy that knows
>tfw no gf

>> No.22500173

I'm pretty sure it's a drum

>> No.22500521

This looks awesome! Thanks!

>> No.22500544

it is a bodhrian, it is a celtic drum

>> No.22500983

Bipedal robot standing in the alley while children hurl rocks at him.

The robot is casually giving them advice on how to hurl said rocks.

"Adolescent female fleshie, use your wrist more. Aim higher to compensate for the distance!"

>> No.22501142

I have one, rather hilarious too.
An elf wearing a butterfly costume version of batmans costume...

>> No.22501188

Are there any drawfags still here, even?

>> No.22503145

I posted this in the original thread, but it 404'd during the night.

>> No.22503635

Quick bump before I go to bed, in hopes that this thread will last through the night.

>> No.22505288


>> No.22505357

Thanks for the effort duder. Not exactly what I was hoping for though. I'm not sure how you got a burly lizardman with torn off sleeves from the description I gave and Legolas looks pretty androgynous, although in your defense I didn't give massively detailed descriptions. Thanks though.

>> No.22506577


>A Steel Legionnaire with a flower in his coat kicking some ass.

But why start there when you could have a whole story?

>> No.22508431


>> No.22508470

A giant, overarching chamber, filled with row upon row of shelves filled with skulls, all looking down on an altar in the middle of the room, with a long, black death shroud curled up on it, dimly lit, with one figure walking towards the Altar; a knife in his hand.

>> No.22508587

You might have a better chance in the other drawthread as there doesn't look to be anyone drawing anything here anymore.

>> No.22509231


i got this one, unless anyone else has started?

>> No.22509256

A couple Eldar corrupted by Nurgle. One should be a drawn, skeletal-looking Farseer carrying lots of iconography of Isha [The Ulthwe crying eye is, I believe, one of Isha's icons] and the other, I'm thinking, would be more like a Ranger [so a light-armored outcast type], carrying a plaguebearer blade.

>> No.22509548


dwarven thug

first ever draw request! plus i havent used a tablet in aaages. hope you like!

>> No.22509556

Probably wont be able to get to this, but since I lack artistic talent figured I'd ask around. Sorry if it sounds EDGY:
Grim looking warlock, robe on and hood up (played him with Raistlin look in mind, grey hair and thin but not old). Just standing with shadowy figures behind them (dosnt have to have detail, just monster shaped.), perhaps hellraiser type chains leading from him to the figures.

Premise was my warlock was determined to hunt and bind demons not for power but to spite them. The more he binds to himself, the more it corrupts him. Its been a very long campaign and I believe the DM is going to have me become the BBEG at some point, so trying to nail down a foreboding picture for him.

>> No.22509562


Not the requester, but the style's nice. How long have you been drawing?

When I was a child I was reasonably talented and wanted to become an artist, but once drawing became a "job" I lost the spark.

>> No.22509569

If you could do this >>22508470 I'd thank you forever.

>> No.22510169


sorry had to be real quick cos i gotta go.
feel free to re-request.


Cheers, i've always wanted to kinda find a 'style'. Been drawing forever but not nearly enough sadly. Gonna get involved more with the drawthreads though and hopefully pick it up again.

>> No.22511924


>> No.22511981

Finally thought of a continuation of this. The catgirl and foxgirl have now both seen this and are hugging eachither, thinking they're doomed, as the robot has walked up to them. It has held out it's hand, but as the girls think they're about to get crushed, it opens it's cockpit in it's chest, an empty flight suit sitting in the seat, folded up.

>> No.22512012


>> No.22512213

Ok, drawfag? If you're feeling nice, could I get a request done? It's a tad odd, but here goes:

An angry angry cave man with enough anger that he glows like the sun god himself. I fact, his anger has made him actually BE the sun god. He wears a mecha over his power armour over his power armour, and dual wields what amounts to a pair of lamp posts with axe heads on them. He had both wings and a jet pack, and mounts fully automatic gamma lasers on his shoulders. He's also TL 0+12/10^, because I have no idea why, actually.

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