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So, I'm gonna be running a Cthulhutech campaign here pretty soon.

The plan thus far is for it to be ground-level stuff, no mechs, engles, or tagers to start with, perhaps with the players being some sort of criminals, investigating something cutting into their profits, which will lead them into more supernatural events.

I'm more experienced with D&D as a GM, having run games off and on for like 10 years, and I have some experience running NWoD games. I'm also an avid fan of Lovecraft's fiction, and Evangelion, which drew me to the system.

Anyone have any useful insights into GMing a game, or just wanna talk about it in general?

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will bump with cool and relevant art

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>no mechs, engels, or tagers

Change to CoC then. In all honesty the things CTech does well is its mech combat and the eager things. If you take those away you are basically going to be playing CoC in an inferior system and different setting, a setting you can easily use in CoC.

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well, the idea is to progress into using the more high-powered shit such as mechs and tagers, depending on where the story I weave takes the players.

So those mechanics won't be wasted.

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Man, I want to like the Cthulhutech. It has such a cool core concept. Unfortunately, the setting, in execution, is bad, and the system is much, much worse.

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Using Tagers is not something that simply happens unfortunately. If it was to progress into a different type of campaign it would have to be a military one. I have always found it better to start there, soldiers and what not...

The only bad thing is that unless you are in love with the fluff there are systems out there that handle all the aspects of CTech better. You progressing from one to the other might be a justifiable reason, but.... I don't know.

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why do you think so, specifically?

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Useful insights?

Play Eclipse Phase, Delta Green or Deadlands instead.

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And, like I said, the progression from ground-level to grander scale stuff is just the general idea we are starting with.

If you can convince me that won't work, I can easily rework the plans with my PC's, they haven't made characters yet.

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The individual pieces in the setting are poorly executed - not individually, but in relation to each other. They interact extremely poorly. The setting is also portrayed in a way that, even if the core setting wasn't disjunctive, would still cause it to feel like a cardboard cutout, lacking verisimilitude. Then, you come to the system itself, which has a terrible metric for rolling, unnecessary levels of statistical abstraction, and details where there should be options, and vice versa.

At the end of the day, when reading it, I feel like I'm reading something that was meant to be a miniatures wargame rather than a tabletop roleplaying game, and that the creators went wildly awry when they tried to mean it one. I know that this was never the case, it's just the impression that I get. The fact that I get that impression is a very, very bad thing.

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Hmm. Well, I'm sure you have your reasons for seeing all this, but seeing as I (perhaps foolishly) already dropped Christmas bucks on the core book, I'ma at least give it a shot...

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Go for it. I was aware of how everything didn't really fit together the first time I read it, but it took actually running it to become aware of how badly the setting really does fit together and how shitty the rules really are. Still, I'm sure you might be able to squeeze some fun out of it. People have had fun with far, far shittier games, after all. Good luck.

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Pick up Vade Mecum, because without it about half the potential character and setting concepts are even more unplayable than usual for CTech.

Then never, ever buy another book for it, because they all suck Cthulhu's greasy pendulous testicles.

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unplayable in what sense? Like underpowered?

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Like literally missing some of their core mechanics.

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Also the system is one of the easiest to break out there. The power levels of your characters will vary vastly from simply choices they make. it won't be a matter of "who is a power gamer" it's a matter of "oh I think this looks cool". This will jettison some far into high level power.

I had a muscle psychic who used nothing but the lowest level abilities, but could life over sixty tons, outrun a sniper round, run at over three hundred miles an hour, and regenerate his body if his head was cut off.

It made him invincible and able to engage in combat in mechs on food, and win easily.

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I know that para-psychics aren't detailed until Vade Mechum, i'm okay with at least that, is there anything else that I missed?

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Pick up all the splat books. Together they help stitch together CTech into something usable.

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Many types of tagers, dohinoids, many types of mechs, military units, members of the eldritch society, and others.

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Important rules regarding tagers, mechs, magic, tech, and so on are sprinkled throughout the supplements instead of being in the core book.

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No, they really don't, because everything after Vade Mecum is increasingly a) derptastic, b) crippled by metaplot, c) incredibly creepy (not in a good way), or in most cases d) all of the above.

And the basic mechanical framework is more broken than Exalted 2e.

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Ancient Enemies isn't too bad.

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Ahh, so like supplemental material.
Okay, so I'll be sure to acquire vade mechum if the core leaves my players unsatisfied.

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The Tager book?

IIRC, isn't the problem there that the Tagers don't mesh well at all with either the mechanics or the rest of the setting, despite being theoretically interesting?

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i guess this will just turn into a lovecraft monster dump if no one has any additional insights. feel free to join in

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I have the armory book Unveiled Threats. A lot of what /tg/ has already said is highly relevant. The setting is great, but a bit broad and disjointed. The mechanics are utter garbage. Framewerk is just stupid. But aside from all of this, the story is great. I have plans to run a time-travelling horror game where CthulhuTech is one of the major time eras.

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Well, you never put Tagers in with any other kind of player. If it is a Tager campaign it will have only Tagers and other Eldritch Society classes. It's a different campaign style, the book itself states that they do not fit well into others and shouldn't be allowed.

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Love Ctech. I suggest your criminals:

1)find out they are assisting a cult that is undermining the Federal gov
2) Have a Tager contact blackmailing them with exposure
3) Have their 'profit' plot expose a rival group of Ghoul dealers (note: Ghouls are willing to barter or pay off to avoid conflict)
4) See a Dhoanoid slaughter during a drug swap with their own eyes

Yeah, that's the good stuff. Slowly transition your game into an occult underground game. There are a few advantages that give the characters an occult prediliction. Or just make them all Tager worthy for a later transition.

Fuck the haters, I love this game.

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why do you feel the tagers don't mesh well with the rest of the setting?

I was thinking balance would certainly be an issue, but I was also thinking of fixing that with increased requirements for becoming one, or simply having all the PC's be tagers (which they wouldn't mind)

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Honestly, that's how pretty much all of the pieces of the setting seem to work. Cthulhutech would work much better as a half-dozen different games rather than the single game that it is.

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yeah, all this sort of stuff is what I had in mind.

Another idea I had was perhaps a drug that opens your mind to the whispers of sleeping dead gods, and the players getting involved in the trade of it. Does that sound interesting?

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I played in a CTech game once and I loved the atmosphere. Any Ctech DMs looking for players?

I only have experience playing a tager...

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Run an Aeon Entelechy Evangelion campaign instead.

It's CTech, only without the derp.

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the shit is that

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I liked the first book, then I read about Vade Macum, it was nice, then It started to read about very fetishy . Like the sons of Shub-Niggurath

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Also, The system seems to be a bit ... bad. I have seen worse, but it was kinda bad, specially that you can get a Dramatic failure and a Special Success (or whatever) in the same roll

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You will want the Ctech cults book 'Dark Passions', you just described the 'Church of All' recruiting drug.

Maybe you could throw in some Investigator cops/feds hot on the trail.

I'd play this for sure, when I play Ctech at cons, all anyone wants to run is full Tager or Mechs, which is fine, but the Arcane Underground human game is so much more gritty. It's more in touch with the cultural NEG source material. I mean, does fashion or sexual trends matter in the other two settings really?

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Your gm is bad and you should feel bad. You can't do that with the dice mechanic, as a matter of fact, the dice mechanic is the coolest, you can use dice or a deck of cards.

Sorry you played it wrong.

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interesting, might have to pick up that book then...

As far as end-game goes, I'm thinking about having players deal with some sort of "Human Instrumentality" project level shit, and deal with the decision of turning humanity into something greater (or more abominable and nightmarish) in order to combat the migou. Forced evolution shit, so as to foster moral conflict. Thoughts?

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You mean this?


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A fanfic.

One that's legitimately well-written (by any standard, not just fanfic standards).

Guy who writes it was working on an Eclipse Phase conversion that would let you play in its version of the CTech setting a while back.

If you're going to use a deck of cards, just play Deadlands instead. Because Deadlands is actually a good game.

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That sounds like the Eldritch Society, unless you are discussing using Psionics.

Pretty heavy theme for your little street level criminals lol. Poor bastards.

The Engel project would be the closest to the NEG development on this. If you mean actual posthumans, that sounds like horrible weird science gone wrong, a superhero game or a new species, which since we play Cthulhu, we know goes horribly wrong.

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is CTech a good entry Cthulhu setting for a beginner in Cthulhu mythos?

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Oh yeah, it's gonna be some serious heavy shit to deal with :D

It will be end-game if they end up dealing with it at all, the tail-end of whatever conspiracy they end up discovering.

My players all have a serious transhuman bent in real life, so it will be a serious conflict for them to go for or against some Human Instrumentality type stuff.

And of course it will be something nightmarish. Otherwise it wouldn't be lovecraft.

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Not really. A lot of stuff is repurposed or absent entirely, and the tone between CTech and "typical" Lovecraftian stuff is wildly different.

Call of Cthulhu is a much better primer.

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I think so, discussion of HP Lovecraft litters the Ctech books. It's less intense creepy than the CoC crowd too, their reverence borders on cultish.

If you have ever watched and liked an anime, you'll prefer Ctech, and probably try out Cal of Cthulhu later.

I also recommend "Miskatonic School For Girls" as an entry board game. (Before Arkham Horror.)

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You do remember that in the Mythos all life on Earth is basically shoggoth material that forgot how to shapeshift, right?

I recommend you rip off Prototype. Heavily.

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hey man smileys is fun don't talk shit

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I dunno, I thought humanity was created by the elder things as a "joke or accident"?

Or, at a baser level, ameobic excretions from Ubbo-sathla that evolved.

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Yes. Which is shoggoth stuff that the Elder Things didn't bother to program and thus eventually started to program itself in a limited and messy fashion.

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oh dear. canonical issues aside, i really like where this is going

"hey, wanna be a formless pile of protoplasm, capable of forming organs and weapons at will, and discard your humanity altogether to fight the migou?"


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No it isn't, shoggoths were completely separate from the life that naturally began on earth.

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I would love The Fuck out of some Prototype powers.

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yeah i'm pretty sure this is accurate

they were designed by the elder things

though the elder things did have a huge hand in altering terran genetics basically for shits and giggles


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prototype powers would be fun.

Fuck, the Tager rules i've seen already seem to be really similar to this sort of thing, not to mention the art being similar.

Perhaps is time to homebrew...

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holy shit what the fuck is this thing evolution you one scary bitch

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oh god who did this why

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what is this i don't even

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jesus lord god almighty someone call a psychiatrist like

like now

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Memory absorption would be an awesome perk.
Maybe a test to see how much you can sort out.

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um, okay, maybe this one isn't so bad

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I'm curious if Cthulhutech will see a return in popularity after it's rape-machine fueled fall from grace with Pacific Rim coming out soon. I mean, anything attached to Del Toro inevitably makes it way into my tabletop games...


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>Dat GLaDOS voice saying "Gipsy Danger"
Makes me wanna fight monsters.

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General consensus is that the system is shitty, despite the potentially interesting lore.

Consider EarthScorpion's Eclipse Phase conversion, instead. Take all the delicious lore, stitch it onto a workable system, and roll for sanity


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You guys are all fuck up. The star shaped Elder Things made humans from life already on earth because they thought it would be funny to put a creatures genitals right next to their anus. They already had the Shoggoths before that. They were a kind of slave race/multitool they made for themselves but eventually they lost control of the shoggoths and were wiped out.

The conflict between the flying polyps and the Yithians is a separate incident and possibly a later or concurrent event

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General consensus was the company making Ctech went out of business, twice.

It never had promotion to back it's sleek, beautiful books and story. This game is awesome.

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There are small problems with the system, but it is generally sound. What part of it do you have a problem with?

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No, the Elder Things had experiments with life, but some of them got out (they decided to let them be) and eventually became fish, which eventually evolved into other things.

It's in the Mountains of Madness.

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hans belmer you motherfucker get out

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the only thing I'm aware of (not that guy) that's major, is that the dice system sucks

beyond that, people complain about the lack of balance between the groups, but that's just /tg/ being stupid, as no one should really be running a game of mechs and mortals next to one another

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Maybe with your glorified fanfic role playing games.

The original material suggests that it was more like they were in stasis for ages and when they woke up, found that things they considered pests in their gardens or perhaps food had evolved into a weird form of dubiously intelligent life with too few of everything and idiot caveman material culture by their standards.

That's the impression I got anyway. They really weren't terribly impressed or respectful of the expedition they ran into at all. No more than you or I would be if we were confused and scared after waking up in some shitty camp of stone age sapient future cockroaches who had been trying to butcher us.

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As far as mechs and mortals go, an idea I had that I thought would be interesting would be each player rolling two characters, one for mechs, one for mortals, and running two campaigns that interact with each other.

Parallel shit that eventually runs together.

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could probably work out fine

but otherwise it's like running a dnd party where half is level 18, the others are level 2

which, again, is obvious when half the party is gigantic weaponized mecha-pilots and the others are 'some guys'

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The only Ctech games I ran was about using the mortal part of the mecha characters anyway.

My pilots spent a large amount of time footslogging, and solving problems, before something big enough came along to warrant their mechs. The government doesn't have enough money to solve every domestic crisis with you jumping in a giant robot. So go check what that cult is doing and get back to your commander.

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You haven't done that? Shit that was a fun DH campaign...

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That does sound fun. Do tell.

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Even with that ridiculous "this defense type works out to 5 times the HP unless attacks are coming from the same type" thing?
>which somehow effects power armour but not tagers, when you'd expect them to have that "absurd resistance to small arms fire"

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The group was actually a gaming clan that I joined a few years back. The campaign has literally been around since DH came out, higher-ups in the clan would have access to the DM files and the parties would vary based on who's online. So maybe after listen to them for a few months I learn the rules and roll up a SoB character, knowing that it's a pretty good tanking class and the flamer would be welcomed in the fight against the Nurgle. So here's the party: a level 1 SoB, varies inquizitor henchmen ranging from 5 to 16, the inquizitor was a level 35. So after a few hours trying to recover a prized relic from my fallen siblings corpses one of the veterans joins the mumble to play. DM warns up that Jeck has been in the clan the longest and his weakest character would wipe the floor with us if Jeck thinks we've succumbed to chaos. We decide to roll with it. So fighting her way of the tomb we were going to have to run through was Jeck's character. At this point I just leveled up so I figured that she couldn't be that high of a level. Nope, Jeck was level 288 and had access to more and better resources then the inquizitor... Fun times but Jeck carried hard. I think I've witnessed her kill 5 Daemon Princes with her bare hands at this point.

Anyway either your DM needs to know how to make scaling monsters(edit the stats on the fly) or the higher ups need to be chill so it's not just them soloing.

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>Dark Heresy

>> No.22483216

Help's with the younger guys. Tbh we don't really play straight DH, it's got tweaks here and there. But the clans youngest dude is 9 so we use levels to keep them excited to play through the end

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