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Sup /tg/, I just wanted to thank you guys. Today's my 22nd birthday, and I've been browsing this board and many others for years. Since I normally do a porn dump on /b/, I think I'll do something a little different here.

Starting with Inquisition and Sisters, shall see where it leads me after that.

Thank you guys, you're my home away from home, and I love every last one of you.

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Pardon the slow as hell internet gents.

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>Also; Pic related.

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>I can feel the dubs overtaking me, it is a mildly interesting coincidence.

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Next year let us know ahead of time and we can arrange for you to get a present.

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>My fucking sides

>My spleen has exploded

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My girlfriends no where near as gullible. She got me a Leatherman: Wave, a new CRKT knife, so not bad. /tg/ related she bought me a new DMG and a gift card for the AD&D re-release for the Gygax Memorial fund, and a copy of Mage: The Awakening.

Pretty good birthday thus far.

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...Well hope you dont mind a mid dump somewhat-related image...

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Of course not anon, I don't mind at all. In the thread last night, had about 6 anons dumping and hanging out, was pretty nice.

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Another one i found lurking with the google-fu!

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>So much Greenmarine in folder
>Can't post it
>Pic fucking related.

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I am ready for the fucking fury! THEY SHALL HAVE A TASTE OF MY BITE!

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Damn straight Commisar Dog!

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Time for more IG! (not OP)

>Giving a Krieg a flower
Oh boy

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Why is she not enlisted? IG isn't male only.

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>The planet was quickly and quietly committed to Exterminatus
>Not a single fuck was given that day.
>The galaxy kept spinning.

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Women who can bear children are more valuable then just being on the frontline. Chances are she's working with the Administatum or doing something war-effort-ey while still keeping dat womb useful

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>All those dubs, all those Hamboigahs.

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It's sanctioned by the Ordo Hereticus is what it is.

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>Forgive me, /tg/, but as a relative newfag, I'm afraid I don't get the joke.

Polite sage for off-topic.

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>not posting delicious brown version

its like you're not even from around here.

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Those are things you would most likely get someone who mostly lurks on /a/ /d/ /h/ or /jp/ (like me)

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/tg got some guys girlfriend to spend hundreds of dollars on crap

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>OP's girlfriend asks what she should get him for his birthday
>/tg/, as a gag, suggest those fucking expensive Japanese fap sculptures
>She complies
>He got buttranged and anal mad
>We all laughed.

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We thought some guy was trolling us, and somebody told him to buy "her" boyfriend all that shit for his birthday.

Turns out she wasn't and took us seriously.

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Well, relative crap as >>22480565 points out.

As I recall the stuff in that box was worth quite a lot, like 1500+ points of warhammer a lot.

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Moving on!....Commissar Paunch is in the grounds everyone give her a huge HUG!

...and give this siter a hug too

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Hadn't seen the recolor, only counts if it has Knife ears sir.

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That explains it.

And now it is funny as fuck.

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Not just crap, crap that he would have to hide from anyone he wants to have any respect for him ever again.

The only thing worse would have been a hugpillow with a built-in fleshlight.

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im 100% sure the right-lower item is the SHEET for a pillow...so he was only missing the fleshlight

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Yup, pretty sure it is.

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I imagine this is a regular thing...

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Hope so >>22480878 blew me away!

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Her nips look deadly, i do suppose that is why she is in terminator amor....must cover everything in pointy bits...EVERYTHING

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As I said, that's the only possible thing that could have made it worse.

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It reminds me of Mathilda from Anarchy Reigns. Mostly because I'm currently playing Anarchy Reigns.

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>Blew me away

Dat pun.

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>Everything on me is a weapon
>Even your boobs?
>What part of EVERYTHING didn't you get, little man?

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I'd field a squad of those if they didn't have nipple chains and spiketits.

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>Not having spiked nipples and chains

Good luck

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The SoB might just be able to convert heretics back to the emperor if they used battalions full of Sisters with good boobs, then of course the heretic would promptly be shot by you friendly(not) neighborhood commissar but it is the thought that counts.

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Wasn't there a story about Imperial agents finding a long lost human world that worshiped the emperor but got lots of details wrong like Sanguinius being the Emperor's daughter and whatnot?

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>Not Armageddon
Get on my mechanized level plebe.

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That's exactly what it is anon. A story about Sisters finding Feral Worlders the worshiped "Emp Rar" and his arch nemesis "Horse"

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Anyone have that story?

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...unless im epicly wrong Death Krieg Korps is the IG and Armageddon is their home planet (mostly)...unless i got your post even more wrong and you didnt mean that!(wouldnt surprise me if i did)

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No, you're...God, you're so wrong it's heretical.

The Death Korp of Krieg are from Krieg and focus on WWI-style trench and siege warfare.

The Armageddon Iron Legion (from Armageddon) is like WWII Germany, and focuses a lot of mechanized warfare.

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...I'm pretty sure the Deth Korps of Krieg come from Krieg, anon.

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. . . see: >>22481171

Welcome to /tg/

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*Steel Legion

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though the Death Korp did once deploy to Armageddon

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Oh....thanks,my bad, not too deep into the lore(yet) also here, take this, You know what to do...

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Oh, Emprah dammit. Now I'M the heretic.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Never post on /tg/ when you've been up for about 30 hours straight. You're going to fuck up and make an idiot of yourself.

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>Because there are so many brown people in Warhammer

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>Only black, Grim darknes, and Whities here boss!

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No anon, you may still serve the emperor yet. I am reassigning you to landmine clearing duties, if you can serve the emperor there you may be reassigned back to a less dangerous role.

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Not too hard bro, just google "Aquilla"

Besides, it's not the God Tier sigil that I have Tattooed. Inquisition FTW

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Enjoy being called a nazi.

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Thanks,sir, Ill start clearing those landmines for the Guard to advance!

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As much as /tg/ and all of us present love the Imperium and want to show our dedecation the majority of the population would frown upon it..One day however you will be able to enlist in the guard and server the EMPERAH, but today is not that day /k/omrade

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/tg/ is one of my very boards for posts like this.

trully elegan/tg/entlemen,

stay awesome

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I intend to stay awesome, good sir. I intend to stay awesome.

Right after I write "It's the STEEL LEGION and IRON GUARD, motherfucker. NEVER CONFUSE THE TWO" 500 times.

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thanks op, your truly doing the emperors work.

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>Guy looking disgusted at computer.jpg

Thanks brother, glad you enjoyed.

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>the majority of the population would frown upon it

Like I give a shit.

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people need to dump more 40k bitches, slues and whores

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ok, Ok. some more.
But i'm not sure what a slue is.

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>dat scar across the back
My heart!

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Getting some xenos love up in here.

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>dat smile
why does his always get me, /tg/?

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Because confident chicks are hot, especially when they're musclegirls.

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>implying you're not a heretic anyways

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I love that picture except for the mustache. And I cannot unsee it.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't look for it. It will ruin it for you too.

>> No.22483753

I'm tired. Let me clarify.
>implying you're not a heretic anyways for caring more about the opinions of the general public than those of your local commissar

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Nope, she's got a cupid's bow mouth, with high bandwith

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>> No.22483796

Oh, I know what it's SUPPOSED to be...

And the generally quality of the picture makes me super fucking sad that I can't process it as anything else.

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muh dick

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>The biggest rage boner known to man.


>> No.22483828

>missing an opportunity to put on probably the awesomest helmet in all of 40k

>> No.22483829

>Not Thousand Son and Sister Buddy Cop drama
Do not want.

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Welp, can't unsee it now.

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10/10 Would venerate.

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>> No.22483912

>fem marine
welp, boner killed.

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>> No.22483936

Not a marine...

>> No.22483946

Fem-peror bro.

>> No.22483948

>fem marine
>doesn't recognize his Emperor

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>> No.22483975

More femperor?

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>> No.22483987

Oh shit, I suppose the eagle pauldron should have gave it away. Still, I assumed it was just a custodes.

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>> No.22484026

Adeptus Custodes =!= SPESS MAHREENS

Still wrong, no matter which way you slice it brother man.

>> No.22484058

Why is this so heartwarming?

>> No.22484066

Wait, don't Custodes get Termie armor though?
How do they wear that without a Black Carapice?

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>> No.22484075

Because you're not thinking about this, which happens two seconds later.

>> No.22484077

I'm in love.

>> No.22484078

Well, it's right before he decapitates her and uses her blood to make holy sigils. Call it Foreplay if you will.

>> No.22484088

>Was the one who requested that pic
>Also had Greeny do another one of a Techpriestess blaspheming with the Holy oils

It's the best, innit?

>> No.22484096

I like this one better. I need a little tech on my titties for my roboner to be happy.

>> No.22484117

Post it.

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>> No.22484126

>Have 3tb of stuff saved
I'll have to dig for it somewhere.

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>> No.22484211


>Wolf and Sister

Was kinda cool. Could have been better.

What happened to the Canoness made me laugh.

>> No.22484224


Wonder if I could model a Sister doing this to one of my Basilisks...

>> No.22484245

I was partially in love with the size.

>> No.22484269

I can respect that. They were quite ample.

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>> No.22484284

What happened? It's been a long time since I've seen W&S.

>> No.22484286

Man, those ears are really low.

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>> No.22484295

Those tits are really low too.

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>> No.22484304

And what is with giving Elves giant-ass ears lately?

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>> No.22484316


IDK. I figured it was still up on that Space Wolves blog or w/e it was.

>> No.22484323

Didnt much like it, myself. Felt too much like Wolfwank and made SoBs even more like incompetent damsels in distress than GW does. From the pages I saw, anyways.

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>> No.22484376

Stupid sexy sanctioned mutants.

>> No.22484378

I'm serious about this, eldar don't really have THAT big of ears in fluff.

>> No.22484531

Those are still pretty good-sized.

>> No.22484594

Yeah, but they are not the size of
by any stretch of the imagination. They are also the largest ears I've seen on any actual art.

>> No.22484710

That's not a Eldar, that's a Assassin disguised as one.

>> No.22484738

I'd still bang.

>> No.22484756

Callidus assassins do have the capacity to be pretty damn hot...

>> No.22484793

That one is from the inquisition war series, she's got some pretty graphic sex scenes.Of course the series also has S&M scenes, a planet run by a loyalist mutant who keeps his retarded children as sex slaves as part of a eugenics program not to mention buildings made of flesh humping each other.

>> No.22484808


>> No.22484881

Ian watson is a sick fuck is what. The Inquisition war series, the first 40K novel series ever made. Read it, kinda explains the weirdness with the Cabal and the Immortals in the HH books. Also creepy Astropath/Navigator gay bonding. That assassin has a spider tattoo between her thighs with her vag where the mouth is, described in excruciating detail when the Inquisitor snorts a bunch of space Cocaine and screws her.

>> No.22484898

Gonna have to request the spacemarine/autism image.

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>> No.22484939

>not to mention buildings made of flesh humping each other.

>Warhammer 40k

>Buildings made of flesh humping each other.


>Made of flesh

>Humping each other

This shit does not seem very strange to me.

>> No.22484951

Well, to answer your question, I'm 20, and I don't know what this is.

>> No.22484975


>> No.22484980

Did i forget to mention the tentacle rape, the sex torture of a squat and a (willing) daemonett claw fisting?

Get to amazon and order this series GW wishes they could forget kids, don't worry about spoilers though i didn't mention any of the WEIRD stuff.

>> No.22484988

Don't forget the chaos lord with a semi-sentient multi-headed penis.

Inquisition War was.. a mixed bag.

>> No.22484989




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>> No.22485004

Theyre back, bro, and they brought catgirls.

>> No.22485007

Inquisition War was recently reprinted. 6th edition has a namedrop of the squats.

Let it go. It hasn't been funny in years.

>> No.22485039

But...it's all I have left. If I let it go, then what will I have?

>> No.22485052

Oh god.

>> No.22485097

Half Spanish/Half Scottish Catgirls no less. Not to mention Plant chicks as well.

>> No.22485123

I know have the mental image of a catgirl with a Spanish accent. Goddammit. I'm not sure if I need to have a raging stiffy or take a drill to my head.

>> No.22485130


Fuck me I need sleep.

>> No.22485160

>Half Spanish/Half Scottish Catgirls To the drawthreads!

So would that be a catgirl with brown skin and red hair and one hell of an accent? And out of curiosity, where did you get that information from?

>> No.22485231

Imperial Worlds are named for whoever discovers/settles them. The name of their planet is Carlos McConnell.

So somewhere out there is either the the most awesome Rogue trader or the most awesome planetary governor or both.

>> No.22485234

I'm just picturing a 40k version of the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition storming in and after "nobody expects the Imperial Inquisition" their felinid assistant jumps up from off-screen Team Rocket Meowth style going "Nyaa! That's right!"

>> No.22485254


>> No.22485283

So the catgirls arent Scottish Spaniards, but their owner is. Ah well, its just semantics at this point.

>> No.22485304

...That was funnier than it had any right to be.

>> No.22485307

"I am Carlos McConnell, you killed my Favorite Catgirl. Prepare to die!"

Or the dread pirate Carlos.

Or both.

>> No.22485312

And now I am imagining a rogue trader wearing a kilt and sombrero, sitting in his captains chair on his ship with the smuggest grin on his face, surrounded by dozens of catgirls.

>> No.22485326


This man.... this man is my hero.

>> No.22485362

A power claymore in one hand, a laspistolero in the other, Carlos McConnell was the bravest Rogue Trader the galaxy had ever known. His faith in the Emperor was so strong that he was able to accomplish he duties even with a ship crewed by nothing but those Felinid abhumans. Only Emperor knows why the man chose to surround himself with filthy abhumans, but that's Rogue Traders for you.

>> No.22485366

We of course have no choice at this point but to commission a drawfag, write his backstory and stat his ship and crew. Also we need to use Only War to detail the IG regiment from his planet.

>> No.22485376


Carlos MacConnel! Born of an Angry Spanish Commissar and her Angrier Scottish General Lover!

Sent into this world in the midst of battle! Like Hercules in the crib, he throttled Rippers! He spent his childhood beating up Gretchin - as practice!

His mother was eaten by a Mawloc - so he ate it! With Potatties and Hotsauce! His father was killed by a Champion of Slaanesh - so we all know what happened next - "My name is Carlos MacConnell. You killed my father. Prepared to die!"

He stole a ship to get his revenge - and the crew gladly accepted him as their new captain!

He killed A Hundred men and pleasured a Hundred women to earn his warrant of trade!

He conquered a planet from xeno and heretical filth, named it after himself, and filled it was catgirls!

Carlon McConnell - Rogue Trader and Hero of the Imperium!

>> No.22485392

Forget Ciaphas, Carlos was the real hero of the Imperium.

>> No.22485410

Carlos McConnell! He never hired a catgirl onto his ship that he didn't sleep with! And he had a full crew!

Carlos McConnell - he would fight the foulest of xeno lifeforms with a cape and sword - for fun!

Then, no matter how toxic they were, he'd turn their innards into haggis and eat it!

>> No.22485436


Alright, what sort of class of ship did he have? Transport for all the swag? Cruiser for the power? Raider for the Speed?

>> No.22485456

Carlos McConnell - enforced bisexuality on his ship!

Carlos McConnell - started catgirl orgies with but a stern word!

Carlos McConnell - threw trees at orks!

Carlos McConnell - made a mean burrito!

Carlos McConnell - had the greatest mustache in history!

>> No.22485462

Cruiser, man. Carlos McConnell only knows how to go big.

>> No.22485473

>had the greatest mustache in history!
And sideburns to match!

>> No.22485489

A Star galleon of course. So obnoxiously decorated it was once hired to infiltrate a Slanesshi fleet by the Inquisition. This lead to the infamous incident where he gained the hatred of a Keeper of Secrets by beating it in a seduction contest while remaining pure to the God Emperor.

>> No.22485501

>gained the hatred of a Keeper of Secrets by beating it in a seduction contest while remaining pure to the God Emperor.
By seducing the Keeper of Secrets

>> No.22485509

The Keeper of Secrets then killed itself due to realizing it could never be adequate enough.

>> No.22485518

It's so ostentatious it has two figureheads. A Scottish Catgirl and a Spanish Catgirl making out.

It's also so ostentatious that the toilets are all made of gold.

>> No.22485535


So, let's say a Lunar Class Cruiser... Anyone care to roll 1d10 for Machine Spirit Oddity?

>> No.22485542

>A Scottish Catgirl and a Spanish Catgirl making out.

>> No.22485551

Rolled 9

I say full oddity, but let the dice gods decide, I guess.

>> No.22485562

>enforced bisexuality on his ship!
Well that would explain his Senschal....

>> No.22485566

9 - Adventurous.


>> No.22485575

Rolled 3

Rollan for Past History.

>> No.22485576

Please stop it, I've already been /d/rained.

>> No.22485578

You forget the ship is nothing by catgirls. Emphasis on the girls here.
Oh my. Im sure Carlos has even bedded the ship.

>> No.22485589

Rolled 1

Emissary of the Imperator - "The Vessel is a veritable monument to the power and grandeur of the God-Emperor's might. Awe-inspiring and terrible, it lacks subtlety."

>Lacks Subtlety


>> No.22485595

Ha! /d/ is his navigator.

>> No.22485601

Aww, we dont get to roll anymore?

>> No.22485605

I dare you to accurately identify that cosplayers gender WITHOUT resorting to a reverse image search.

>> No.22485610

Lunar Class Cruiser
Speed: 5
Detection: +10
Manoeuvrability: +10
Hull Integrity: 70
Armour: 20
Turret Rating: 2
Space: 75
SP: 60
Weapon Capacity Prow 1, Port 2, Starboard 2.

Adventurous - +10 Detection on Endeavours, -10 Detection off Endeavours

Emissary of the Imperator: +15 Intimidate tests, -5 to other social tests.

Since this IS the ship of Carlos McConnell shall we assume 70 Ship Points?

>> No.22485612

His seneschal looks like that. And is a girl. There you go.

>> No.22485623

Let's assume unlimited. We're still restricted by Space and Power

>> No.22485628

So clearly we slap on the Warcruiser drive.

Plus, if Carlos lived in an older era, we should freely be taking archaeotech here.

>> No.22485631

I was calling it based on the image.
I think something along the lines of pic related might be more to the Rogue Trader theme, but thats just me.

>> No.22485639

Make it a catgirl and we're golden.

>> No.22485652


Fuck it, everyone scream out components.

Jovian Pattern Warcruiser Drive! 85 Generated Power.

Space now at 17/75

>> No.22485653

That is a catgirl. Do you even mithra?
>here is the navigator

>> No.22485657

Make his Arch-Militant proxy-Aisha and I will be happy.

>> No.22485658

If you took turbo batteries they could be applied to all 4 port and starboard weapons slots.

Although his swag clearly requires a teleporter.

>> No.22485670



Space at 23

>> No.22485677

Teleportarium. Power at 1/95, space at 24

>> No.22485685

Also, he should inspire terror in his foes, can we fit that prow slot with a nova cannon, preferably the variant that fires vortex shells?

>> No.22485689


>> No.22485692

Oh whooos, disregard that one, I thought she was wearing a blindfold.

>> No.22485706


Let's stick LANCE batteries all on the port and starbord sides.

>> No.22485718

Naw, fuck trying to realistically stat this for Rogue Trader.

Within the standard rules, I mean.

On his ship, assume he has all components.

>> No.22485721

Cant even spell anymore.

>> No.22485724

And assume his weapons are all Strength 7 and do 1d10+5 Damage

>> No.22485730

Except for the nova cannon on the front. Whenever he fires that at you, your GM has to slap you and call you a little bitch. IRL.

>> No.22485733

Turbo batteries are a upgrade to all weapons that are "batteries" giving them a range and damage boost if i recall.

Although there is some arceotech batter that is really powerful and shoot that consumes very little space that could work as well.

>> No.22485758

Yes, Carlos spat in the face of the Admech and made a servitor body for his ship's machine spirit. It was, of course, a busty catgirl. And he, of course, bedded it.

>> No.22485780

Wait - Carlos McConnell - both Spanish and Scottish...

Dear god, now I CANNOT get out of my head that he looks like Sean Connery.

>> No.22485783

>implying the Admech didnt willingly do it for him after he bedded the techpristess in charge
>implying they didnt fear the consequences of not giving the machine spirit a body after they discerned how bad it wanted to fuck McConnell
Either way, cyborg catgirl avatar for the ship.

>> No.22485790

Well this thread basically made him out to be the Most Interesting Man in the Imperium.

>> No.22485794

Give it that component that lets you rearrange the interior like a maze. Not because it protects the ship from called shots and boarders but because his ship is designed so that he can have any crew quarters in the ship lead directly to his bed room. Like you step out of your shower and into his private chambers with nothing but a towel on and don't know how you got there.

>> No.22485803

Also needs Xeno Habitats so he can fuck eldar into submission.

>> No.22485804

Every shower do reopens to whichever room Carlos is in, without fail.

>> No.22485807

And Clan-Quarters, for all the clans of bisexual catgirls that run everything.

Waiiiiit...... what the fuck would the Ghilliam look like on a ship populated entirely by catgirls.

>> No.22485808

>shower do
shower door*

>> No.22485813

Like girl-cats, of course.

>> No.22485818

You of course mean ClanClan-Quarters

>> No.22485819

That's one of his actual titles: Most Interesting Man in the Imperium. It's how he gained his rivalry with Cain as Amberly Vail bestowed it on him....

>> No.22485820

He is. When you have a planet of catgirls named for you, you sort of win everything forever. At least in the eyes of night-time /tg/

>> No.22485827

Remember that Carlos McConnell probably existed long before Cain. Amberly Vail probably read about McConnell somewhere.

>> No.22485829

She probably mechaschlicked herself silly to the idea of being his ship.

>> No.22485832

This discussion probably needs a new thread.

>> No.22485837

In all those unspoken of sex scenes with Cain she made him wear a kilt and a sombrero.

>> No.22485861

Carlos actually met her after a freak webway accident left him adrift in time. Cain might have swag but even he couldn't compete after Carlos saved here by winning a three way sword fight between him, Astrabul Vect and Trazin the Infinite. Luckily for Cain's reputation the Inquisition redacted all evidence of the event but he knows what REALLY happened....

>> No.22485873

Cain was just happy to get to pretend to be Carlos.

>> No.22485879

Carlos had a staring contest with the Eye of Terror once. He won.

>> No.22485891

That slaneshi daemon that haunts Cain? It's the one Carlos defeated. She also makes Cain wear a kilt.

>> No.22485894

It really does.
Marvelous new things always need their own thread.

>> No.22485952

Done, although i messed up the thread link somehow

>> No.22486392

Fun fact: 'troth' means 'faith' or 'loyalty'.

40K now has devoted dryad waifus.

>> No.22486428

>You forget the ship is nothing by catgirls. Emphasis on the girls here.
this is schrodinger, until you pull down the pants s/he is in a state of both being a female and not being a female

>> No.22486712

Now I'm imagining some awesome Kreiger with a flower in his jacket killing heretics and kicking ass

>> No.22487566

I so requesting that in the next drawthread

>> No.22489034

later he killed her and wore her blood as a talisman

>> No.22491857

The other thread op didn't do a very good job of explaining who Carlos was...

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