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Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Cyberpunk%20Magical%20Girl%20Quest


You are JOANNA CONSTANTINE. For the past fifteen years, you have been an agent of a shadowy organization known as THE BUREAU. As AGENT 029, you come face to face with PARANORMAL HORRORS on a day to day basis. Fortunately, the Bureau's scientists turned you into the FORM OF ARETE, which makes you the embodiment of a hero. As a side effect of THE PROCEDURE, you cannot age, and are forever trapped in the body of your fourteen year old self.

You have a tendency to FUCKING SWEAR a bit more often than is entirely necessary. You also utterly despise anyone who takes an... interest in you or your FELLOW AGENTS, as clearly they are all pedophiles.

You have been assigned to lead an investigation into the disappearance or death of multiple Burea Agents investigating SITE 029, one of who happens to be your best friend, BELINDA. You have determined that whatever was responsible for their disappearance was an EXTRANORMAL ENTITY, and not some schmuck from the NSA, and are fairly sure that Belinda, at least, is still alive.

At the present moment, you are sitting next to HILDA in your ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER. You still need to pick up AMY, CARMINA, and GERTRUDE before you are ready to strategize. You are fiddling with the vehicle's URBAN CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM, and have settled on the classy Tesla Model T. You still haven't settled on a color, and Hilda keeps trying to change it to pink.

>What do you do?

Hit Points: 40

:Strength - 4
:Perception - 5
:Endurance - 4
:Charisma - 7
:Intelligence - 8
:Agility - 5
:Luck - 7
Crit Range: 18-20 Success, 1 Failure. (Changes at Luck=10)

Key Stat: [Luck] determines the number of times per day you can use your active powers.

>Enhanced Self: Pick 2 SPECIAL to increase by 1.

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Excellence in Failure: Upon use, turns a critical fail or a natural 1 into a critical success.

Perfect Self: Upon use, turns all of your stats to 10 for the next post.

Superbia Maxima: Upon use, automatic success (Non-Critical) on a skillful action.

Referer's Intuition: Upon use, your intuition never fails (You cannot create things with this, only discover properties of what you observe - such as structural weaknesses or the right direction to go)

Perfect Form: Upon use, automatic success (Non-Critical) on a physical action

Fearlessness: Upon use, overcome supernatural fear.

Enhanced Self: At the beginning of each thread, add 1 to 2 abilities scores (do that now). You are also immune to non-supernatural fear effects.

Boundless Speed: You can sprint at 160 mph, run at 80 mph, jog at 40 mph, and walk at 20 mph.

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Increase Agility and Perception.

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Sure why not.

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I could've sworn that you said the next one would be tomorrow.

Anyways, tell her that if she turns it pink, the next pink thing she's going to see is the inside of her own anus. If we wanted to stand out, we wouldn't have the camo on in the first place.

No objection.

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But our ability is based on Luck.
The more Luck we have the more we can use our spells.

Voting to increase Luck and Perception.

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> mfw my image nomination passes
> mfw I tune in to /tg/ just as the thread starts
> mfw I can't fucking wait for more goddamn CMGQ

My body is ready.

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You do the whole meditative thing and harness your inner heroism to increase your [Perception] and your [Agility]. Hilda, unfortunately, takes the brief lapse in your attention to set the car's color to the brightest shade of pink she can find. You are not amused - not amused in the slightest.

"Hilda," you grit out. "The fuck in the phrase 'urban camo' do you think suggests that fireball fucking fushia is at all a good idea?"

As always, Hilda's demeanor is about five levels too sunny. "But don't you see?" Her eyes come alight - literally, they're sort of on fire now, that's kind of her thing - as she chirps. "No one will be expecting us to be driving around in something so highly visible! It'll be the perfect disguise - for the fact that they'll see us coming, they'll never see us coming!"

You barely resist the urge to palm your face. "Hilda we are not going out like this."

Her finger pokes the Garage open.

"Hilda, don't you dare start the car."

The car starts. You have about thirty seconds before it leaves the building.

>What do you do?

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I think we'll be fine for this thread. We're probably just going to get our bitches gathered, some strategy planned, and maybe some recon. Next time, definitely need to start keeping 1 of those points in Luck.

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I unfortunately left last time while everyone was arguing about magic. Can someone get me up to speed on our current predicament?

(Also the color should be grey, grey is non evasive, which is what we need)

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Swap the color to something more reasonable and lock it to that. Like, give yourself admin privileges or something.

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"Dammit. Fuck. Fine."
We've got more important things to worry about. And honestly, Hilda's got a point. If whoever is after is good enough to pierce urban camo, the color of the car won't matter.

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Tell Hilda that any remotely competent opposition will be checking every single car that comes their way, and making ours hot pink will just attract more scrutiny.

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"Hilda, I will set your yet unborn children on fire if you make us drive in a pink car. We're turning it gray, blue, or green.

Don't make me pout, you wouldn't like it when I pout and use my puppy dog eyes of legend on you."

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They can pierce urban camo? That's news to me.

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>mfw I'm the one who posted the image

My previous post stands. Tell her we'll insert head A into ass B if she keeps the shit up. Compromise with red. That's common without being "gloomy".

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"Hilda..." you ask, "Do you happen to like having your head forcibly shoved up your ass? Because that's what I'm going to do if you don't fucking quit it with the EYE FUCKING COLORS!"

"Yeeesh," she says, "fine. Go ahead, pick something boring and-"

"Not liable to get us fucking tailed by the enemies," you finish for her. You bring up the colors again, and almost immediately turn to the pales and the greys. Hilda makes the sort of face that one would expect upon a starving kitten.

You cave. A little.

The brightness of the car sufficiently muted while maintaining a sufficient level of pinkness for Hilda's sake, she takes off towards the center of New Dunwich, where Gertrude lives. You aren't tailed, that you can tell - and you think you're fairly good at telling that sort of thing. Traffic slows as you reach the more inner parts of the city, until it grinds down to a barely moving halt.

Barely ten cars ahead of you is a checkpoint. Two cars have blocked off all but two lanes of traffic - one each way - both of which have the nice, big, friendly sigil of the Department of Homeland Security. Men in fairly generic suits are stopping every car, and are probably asking for ID.

"Oh motherfucker."

>What do you do?

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...what's happening? Is OP dead?

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Fucking Homeland Security.
The fuckups of the US intelligence community.

Can we get a link back to the Bureau and ask them what kind of stupidity HS has started this time?

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go get everyone else, get a game plan going.

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How do you propose to do that, when we're stuck in traffic, and there's a checkpoint just 10 cars ahead of us.

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Are we in the right or left lanes?
Is there any side streets we can take?

We could use Referer's Intuition to make the sidestreet we take get us around the checkpoint, but it'll only work if there is one.

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You look around, trying to find where that whismically free floating blue rose had gotten itself to so you can poke the shit out of it and get some info from headquarters. It, of course, had decided to drift atop of Hilda's forehead and rest there for a while. You resist the urge to punch your knuckleheaded friend fairly easily, and tap the symbol.

:Welcome to THE BUREAU Agent 029
:Accessing Help Desk...
:Help Desk Accessed. What would you like to know?

"What I'd like to fuckin' know," you mutter, "is why the fuck Homeland Security set up this little rodeo down here."

:Accessing Information
:Information Accessed
:[Unknown Factor] has leaked information to the DoHS regarding a potential terrorist attack against the State Capitol.
:Would you like to know more? Y/N

"Yeah." You say. "Are the 'terrorists' anyone we know?"

:Accessing Information
:Information Accessed
:Terror Suspects List include profiles matching the following Agents
:Agent 029 (Joanna Constantine)
:Agent 048 (Belinda Rogers)
:Agent 097 (Hilda Rheinbeck)
:Agent 108 (Carmina Burana)
:Agent 144 (Gertrude Jahn)
:Agent 197 (Amy Nakamura)
:Agent 209 (Gabriella Thorpe)

"Well," you mutter, "double fuck."

>What do you do?

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Superba Maxima our way past the checkpoint - auto-succeed on that bluff check, and put our posthuman perfection magic to good use.

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Send a quick message out to all Agents that they've been fingered by some asshole as terrorists and to watch out and lay low. If they can, go to the warehouse.

Is there a side street we can take, or some way of getting around the checkpoint.
We can easily kill all of these goons, but I'd rather get to our job than make another mess.

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> that colour
I have the most amazing boner right now.

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Two viable options:
A) patiently wait to get to the ID-checker, then put the pedal to the metal and lose the inevitable pursuit through a combination of insane driving and shifting camo.
B) Get the fuck out of line, do the bug out boogie, and shift camo to avoid tails.

Also, let the other agents know they've been fingered as terrorists by DHS goons.

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You send a wire out to all of the agents tagged as terrorists by whatever fucking asshat 'leaked' this information. The gist of it is "Hey gals, some motherfucker decided to fucking call us out as terrorists. I bet it was that Bowie twat from earlier. Lay as low as possible, and get your asses over to Victor Charlie Alpha as soon as you fuckin' can." Well, less the gist of the message and more the message itself, but still.

Time passes, time in which you pleasantly fail to inform Hilda of the compromise of your identities to these fuckers from Home Sec. If she was prepared for the worst, she'd probably try to blast them with fire the moment she rolled down the window - which isn't what you have in mind at all.

As you come to a stop, halted by one of the faceless suits, you let your Form fill your soul. Across your mind's eye, the words SUPERBIA MAXIMA flash in bold.

"Excuse me miss," the suit says, "We're going to need your identification."

Calm in your certainty, you pass the false ID that no doubt is now compromised to the agent. Just as planned, the scanner goes off, and the agent pulls his weapon on you, primed to fire in case of any sudden movements. Hilda remains silent - she's seen your silver tongue in action before.

"You don't want to do that," you inform him.

"I don't?" He asks. "And why's that."

"Because your superiors lied to you." You explain. "The NSA is, of course, going over your head. Probably in cooperation with Mossad, or maybe some other less savoury bit of alphabet soup." You look him in the eye. "A false flag attack, one that they blame on a bunch of kids - probably means that they're going after us."

"And I'm supposed to take you on your word for this?" he asks.

"You can't," you say, "and you shouldn't. But odds are that either way, the bomb's already there, and you and your friends are wasting your time searching these cars." You frown. "You may want to hurry."

>Field too long

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The agents frowns right back at you, but puts away his gun. "False alarm, gentlemen. We're packing up here - I want all assets at the capitol, now." He leaves, and gets in his car - his only parting gift a small bit of gps tape he thought you wouldn't notice.

It seems that you're free to go.

>What do you do?

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Let the GPS tape go for now.
At the stoplight or opportunity, switch it to another car.

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Let's do something fun with the GPS tape. Attach it to either a bird or another car or something like that.

And then go pick up the rest of the girls.

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Switch the tape to another car at the next intersection, and pick up the rest of the gang before the NSA does. If you meet more suits, try and sow chaos and turn each group against each other with accusations of treason - why else would the roadblock agents suddenly abandon their post?.

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Make an origami crane out of the tape, then stick it on a passing taxi.

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"Nice save there, Joey," Hilda compliments.

You peel off the GPS tape with a frown, "Not quite as nice as I would have liked, though..."

The from becomes a grin as you hold the tape up to the sky, letting in devilish thought of what the most hilariously outlandish thing you can use it for to fuck with Home Sec's heads. Had they all not immediately bolted, you could have had the joy of attaching it to one of their own vehicles and imagining the infight upon learning that the suspected "ter'rist" was driving one of their own cars. So instead, at the next red light, you gingerly stick it to a passing taxi.

The robot will certainly lead them on a merry chase, picking up and dropping off people everywhere around the city.

You make it to Gertrude's place without much incident. Unfortunately, someone else seems to have made it here before you did - there are a pair of Home Sec vans waiting outside for something, though hopefully whatever something they're waiting for has caught a bad case of the dead.

>What do you do?

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Make an inconspicuous entrance, ideally though an alternate entrance - see if we can make contact with Gertrude without alerting the DHS goons we're doing so. Or, ideally, that we're there at all.

>> No.22480053

Punch a way down into the sewers, and sneak past.

>> No.22480147

Contact Gertrude via Bureau WAN.
Inform her of the vans, and if she has an alternate route out of her house that we can use to pick her up.

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The worst part is, that was probably less "bluff" and more "deduction".

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Seconded. Hopefully it hasn't been jammed.

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You motion to Hilda to keep driving just a little bit further, away from the main entrance and towards the staff entrance. Figuring that it would be best if you did not cause undo alarm to the occupants of the building, you leave the bullpups and the assault railguns in the back of the APC, and toss Hilda one of the WASPs. She handles it in much the same manner as one might handle a particularly disgusting rag, letting it hang by the handle, pinched between thumb and forefinger. A look of disgust crawls across her face.

"You expect me to be satisfied with this dinky little thing?" she demands. "It's so tiny! I need something bigger to work with."

You give her the sort of look that suggests you have very few fucks to give. "Yes, let's take in the fucking railguns, I'm sure that won't have the fucking cops and every fucking sip of alphabet soup in the city pouring down on us in, oh, five seconds. Being unobtrusive as fuck is important."

"Fine, fine," she grumbles. "I'm not gonna pretend I like it, though."

"That's more than fucking fine," you say, "as long as your fucking whining doesn't bring down Home Sec suits on us, it's fine. So can you please be a big girl and let go of your toys?"

Getting in is fairly easy - it's not like the door was particularly locked or anything. Getting passed the Homesec folks, well, that will be just a wee bit more difficult. They've all blocked off both the elevator and the stairway, from what you can see, and they've probably got people patrolling the hall. You'll need to be pretty sneaky to get anywhere without them noticing.

"Oh jeez." Hilda whispers to you. "They've got jammers - comm's out on all frequencies..." she pales. "Including arcanochromatic..."

>What do you do?
>Also, if you plan to be sneaky, roll 1d20+agility for Stealth.

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"I didn't think they could do that."

Perhaps if we run fast enough straight past them they won't notice?

How about up the elevator shaft?

>> No.22480338

Okay, we need to get up to her room, but the stairs and elevators are right out. Look for an alternate route up, maybe we can scale the outside walls or if there's a building right next to it we can go in one of those, get to the floor needed and jump across the gap between them.

>> No.22480372

Is there another building we can attempt entry from?
Since you said Service Entrance, this must be an apartment complex.

>> No.22480396


Do we have any rope in the van? If we do, maybe we can sneak in and extract Gertrude via tactical rappel out the window.

Or we can trigger a fire alarm and use that to sneak in.

>> No.22480409

We could sneak into an adjcent room, and tunnel in through the walls or floor.

>> No.22480456

>trigger fire alarm
Wait, Hilda's specialization is fire.

We could do that, get to Gertrude, and get out in the confusion.
Just pulling the alarm won't be enough, though. People have to see smoke for them to panic and go "FUCK! FIRE!" and swamp the HS goons as they try to escape.
It only has to be smoke, we don't need to burn the entire complex down, as much as Hilda might want to.

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We have been compromised so fucking hard. Belinda is almost certainly in a basement in Langley at this point, if she's lucky.

>> No.22480511


How about set one of the HS vans on fire?

Or maybe just break into someone's apartment and start a fire there?

Maybe call police and flag the HS guys as terrorists with a bomb plot as well.

Chaos, anyone?

>> No.22480550

Seconded. Also, as soon as you're out report the fuck back to HQ and give them the good news about our network.

>> No.22480551

Chaos, yes, but no unnecessarily fighting with the suits. Remember that we're supposed to maintain a hands-off policy between us.
But just like Bowie earlier, once they lay hands on us, they're fucked. No earlier.

>> No.22480602


Okay, so we call in a bomb-car threat, and Hilda pops it when the cops get on scene.

Que pandemonium and panic, especially when a little girl points to the suits and says something incriminating like, "THEY TOOK MY DADDY!"

>> No.22480657

Yes, that sounds like it could work.

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"I didn't think they could do that," you respond.

"They shouldn't," says Hilda. "Arcanochromatic frequencies require the use of chromatically drained materials. As far as we know, the only way to produce proper chromatically drained materials is to have the Primary Colors remove the colors." She looks genuinely worried, something you don't see much from her. "This... is not good."

"No, it isn't," you muse. Silently, you weigh your options, motioning for Hilda to follow you back out the entrance for now. While you don't doubt that between you and Hilda everyone in that room would die, you'd rather not cause a bloodbath. Also, sterilizing witnesses is not your most favorite job in the world.

There's a ventillation shaft right outside, and as small as you are it wouldn't be too tight a fit for you, though Hilda might have trouble because of certain things you are *not* jealous of. There's a building right next door, that you could attempt to leap from into Gertrude's room - 1048b, if you recal right. Or hell, you could just sprint past them, though that would have the side effect of leaving Hilda behind.

But all of those are, quite frankly, boring. You give Hilda a slight nod, and she grins, her eyes coming alight with fire.

"Where do you want it burning, Joey?"

You point at the Home Sec Vans. "Those. But not yet, I've got a call to make, now that we're out of the Jam."

Said call is, of course, to the Police hotline.

"Dunwich City Police Department, how can I-"

You cut the friendly sounding AI off with a rasp "There will be a bomb. 1st and main. The Howard Phillips Apartment Complex."

"Is this a threat?" the AI asks.

"No," you wheeze, "It's a promise."

The Cops are there in minutes. Hilda is discreet, one of the Home Sec Vans explodes with the force of a crate full of grenades. Pandemonium ensues, a shot goes off, and suddenly the police and Home Sec are firing on one another.

>What do you do?

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Okay, so call in a bomb car/terrorist threat to the police. Sound like some scared little girl, tell them how some "bad men in suits" took our Daddy away when we were looking at their vans. We can go on about how they threatened us but Daddy said to call the police if things like this happen, yadda yadda yadda.

When the police are getting close, we jump inside and attract the HS goons' attention and run. Naturally, they will pursue us with guns in hand. We time it just right, police see some suits chasing a little girl with a gun.

Then Hilda pops a car and all hell breaks loose.

Would Hilda play the part of the little girl better? That way we just sneak inside when all this goes down.

>> No.22480815

Rolled 6 + 6

>Disregard this
Get to sneaking into the Gertrude's place with rope to scale down the window if necessary. Have Hilda be ready in the var to get us out fast-like.

>Agility should be 6, right?

>> No.22480816

Now we attempt to sneak in. Try the front door, and see if there's any agents left guarding it.

>> No.22480821

Sprint for Gertrude's room!

>> No.22480836

Rolled 13 + 6

Agility is 6.

Rolling for sneaking in.

>> No.22480875

Rolled 16 + 6

Sneak in and get up to Gertrude's apartment.

>> No.22480884

Check to see if we're still being jammed, chromatically or otherwise. If we're lucky, we just took out the vehicle with the jamming equipment.

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>Last post for the night, been up since 4am EST. Will continue tomorrow if thread is still alive

"Hilda, have the APC ready to go as soon as we're out of there," you say. "Don't want any of those fuckoffs following us."

Hilda nods, and hops back in.

You momentarily contemplate sprinting your way to Gertrude's room, but decide against it - not only would that attract far too much attention than you are really comfortable with, but you're not quite sure if the building is up to the stresses of a human breaking a hundred mph. You instead sneak by the suits in the lobby, a rather unimpressive feat considering how focused they are on exchanging fire with the police. Comms are still down, to your annoyance, but hopefully that won't be a problem.

The stairs are fortiutously unguarded - the agents must have heard the commotion downstairs or been ordered to come help. It's all the same to you, less people you have to kill to get your buddies out of the fire. Floor ten is similarly empty, though it is drenched with the smell of ozone and the carpet seems to stand on end. The door to room 48 is smashed down, and the apartment is rather messed up.

"We really need our fucking infosec guys to step their fucking game up," you mutter. "This is fucking disgraceful."

"Yeah, I agree," comes a familiar voice.

You turn around, and can't quite resist the pun. "Hey Gertrude, how's it hanging."

"Oh very funny," she responds. "I'd sock you one for that, but well, arms and all." She's hanging from her cieling by a rather distressingly short rope, bound primarily by her arms. "So, since you're distinctly not one of the HSers come to ravish me, would you particularly mind cutting me down?"

>What do?

>> No.22481215

"Well, I suppose this explains why you haven't been answering messages."

Cut her down and let's do the bug-out boogie.

>> No.22481225

Make sure it's her. If it's really Gertie, cut her down and sneak back to the APC.

>> No.22481233


Seconded, bug-out boogie indeed.

>> No.22481240

Knife her out, and shuffle her towards the exit. Don't give her a weapon until we get her in the car though.

>> No.22481305

"Yeah, yeah."
Cut her down, ask if there's anything she needs to grab, then get out of here.

>> No.22483527

Uh oh. Where'd OP go? The last response was a couple hours ago.

>> No.22483555

Read the first line of his last post.

>> No.22483731


Thanks for that. I guess I'll just sit here and watch the auto-refresher until tomorrow.

>> No.22485693

A nudge, so that this might live till the morning.

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Guess what the first result is when you Image Search for Cyberpunk Magical Girl?

>> No.22488893

The Bureau did warn us that someone was getting into our WAN.
We should update them that whoever we're dealing with, they've also got anachromatic jamming.
Maybe that'll light a fire under command's collective butts and give us more resources.

>> No.22488925

A job well done /tg/, a job well done indeed.

>> No.22491061

So, was Bowie really part of HS?
A botched NSA op?
Or an agent of whoever kidnapped Belinda?

>> No.22491126

My personal theory is that there is another, more secret, organization in the shadows. One that has manipulated the NSA, perhaps even given them anachromatic technology.

>> No.22493805

Yeah, probably.

>> No.22494221

I'd say that's pretty much a given. MJ12, anyone? Also, it's not NSA getting manipulated, it's DHS, as far as we know. The 'NSA' goon was acting like a DHS goon, and probably was one.

>> No.22494751

I have a strong feeling that Cthulu and his cultist buddies are behind this. But it's far too early in the game to tell.

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>And we're back.

"Just gotta ask you a quick question first," you say. She's probably not an imposter, but given all the fucking shit that's been going wrong today, sticking to protocol is probably best. You raise the WASP to her head. "Who was it that brought that fucking awful jalapeno carrot cake to the last get together?"

She gives you a level stare. "We don't do 'get togethers', Joey. The Bureau doesn't encourage contact between agents."

You nod, lowering the gun. "That's right, we don't." You immediately shoot the imposter in the foot. "But Gertrude never calls me Joey - she's constitutionally incapable of impropriety."

"Jooo~ey," she moans. "That huuu~urt."

"No, seriously," you shoot her in the shoulder, "you gave yourself away with the whole 'ravage' bit."

"Dammit," the imposter mutters. "I suppose I'm going to have to kill you, now, aren't I?"

Her body seems to melt to the floor, becoming an amorphic, bubbly mass of grey-brown slush, textured with a thousand scream maws. It lurches towards you, amoebic tendrils lashing out and solidifying into carapacian claws. The strike barely misses, passing just before your face as you throw yourself away from the apartment's kitchen, and impacts the refrigerator. Freon bleeds across the floor, and the creature rips the ruined door from it's feeble hinges, flinging it just barely above your head.

"Oh fuckdamn shitcunts." Your voice is somewhat disbelieving. "It's a fucking shoggoth. Of course it's a fucking SHOGGOTH."

"Tekeli-li," it roars with it's thousand maws. "TEKELI-LI!"

>What do you do?
>Ranged Attacks are 1d20+Intelligence
>Melee Attacks are 1d20+Agility

>> No.22494787

Rolled 3 + 8

Shoot the bugger.

>> No.22494836

Rolled 12 + 8

Shoot it!

>> No.22494848

Rolled 10 + 8

Shoot it in the face.

Well... the wiggly bit with the most eyes, at least.

>> No.22494875

Rolled 4 + 8

No melee weapons, and I do NOT want to stick body parts into that thing. We'll be shooting.

>> No.22494882

I'm new to taking part in quest threads, how does the writefag pick rolls? Average of first three?

>> No.22494894

Rolled 11 + 8

Bullet to the face! (-ish bit)

>> No.22494901

For me, it's highest of first three.

>> No.22494904

It varies per quest; I don't think this one's had it stated explicitly.

>> No.22494908

Who knows?, it's probably random. maybe he rolls for it.

>> No.22495132
File: 151 KB, 480x640, Joanna With Gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Highest of first three: 20!

Your training kicks in, and you remember the advice that your old handler used to impart on you - when in doubt, shoot it in the optics. You take aim at the thing that had been wearing Gertrude's face, and find that it is unfortunately lacking in optical sensory organs. So instead, you aim at the next best thing, the biggest of the maws that are descending upon you.

The WASP was designed for the type of person who would tuck away their weapon inside of a designer purse or suit - body guards, assassins, and celebrities with a particularly vehement dislike of the paparazzi. As such, it doesn't really have much of a kick, lest the celebrity break a nail when they're firing it down at the range.

It does, however, have extremely high velocity flechettes as it's ammunition. The round tears out the back of the shoggoths mouth, most likely cause a large amount of damage to it's internal structure (24 damage).

Unfortunately, these things have a nasty habbit of getting back up after they should have been put down. This one is no exception, almost throwing one of it's tendrils at you as it struggles to rise (+10 healing) from the ground. It becomes a bloody javelin, and while you are quick enough to keep from being impaled, it grazes your leg.

>Present HP: 36/40
>Enemy HP 86/100
>What do you do?
>Same roll rules apply as previous.

>> No.22495171

Lure it outside. I'm hoping that APC is packing a bit more heat than our little holdout pistol.

>> No.22495178

Quick question: do shoggoths need to consume the person they imitate? Should we still be looking for Gertrude or can we assume that she's already dead?

>> No.22495189


Agreed, nothing solves problems quite like overwhelming firepower.

>> No.22495207

You remember we're on the 10th floor, right?
We've got a long way to go if we're going to lure it where the APC and Hilda can hit this thing.

>> No.22495242

Rolled 16 + 8

Fighting retreat back to the APC. Bonus points if the DHS folks catch a glimpse - then we'll have an opportunity to SUPERBIA MAXIMA to gain some allies against the not-us.

>> No.22495251

>You remember we're on the 10th floor, right?
>We've got a long way to go if we're going to lure it where the APC and Hilda can hit this thing.
> 10th floor
> we've got a long way to go
So does the Shoggoth... if you catch my drift.

>> No.22495259


=Codex: Shoggoths=

Shoggoths are a rather nasty piece of work. A remnant of some civilization long past, they were originally construction tools meant to work in high r-state environments. Unfortunately, said civilization collapsed upon itself [REDACTED] years before [REDACTED]. Killing them is fairly simply - apply kinetic energy in massive quantities, and they just sort of pop.

They have several properties - shapeshifting, which requires a small sample of the subject's DNA, extreme resilience, regeneration, and incredible strength. Fighting one without Heavy Weapons is inadvisable.

>> No.22495275

You say we throw it out the window?

>> No.22495278

Go into hypermode and body-check/judo throw it out the window. It should pop on collision with the ground.

>> No.22495364

Altough luring it out, then stopping halfway to the ground by magicking us quick and strong enough to grab hold of something might be better.
If we weren't jammed we cold message ADS bitch to fire at it while both of us are still falling so it's definetely dead once it meets the floor.

Is this how you Shadowrun?

>> No.22495373

Rolled 16 + 8

Shoot at the Shoggoth and use Referer's Intuition to lead us to Gertrude.

>> No.22495383

That's pink mohawk, not black trenchcoat.

>> No.22495412

Honestly, I think we're fairly well in Black Mohawk territory here.

...or possibly pink trenchcoat, I can't be arsed to remember which is which.

>> No.22495426


It's got two ways down: Express, or coach.


>> No.22495435

Referer's Intuition to try to determine the best possible (most effective/least risky) method of disposing this fucking thing.

>> No.22495501

We already know how to kill it, which is lots of bullets. I'd rather use the power for >>22495373 's suggestion.

>> No.22495517
File: 187 KB, 850x526, Super Chibi Kawaii Moe Mode ACTIVE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You decide that the wisest course of action would be to beat a hasty retreat to the Armored Personel Carrier. You briefly regret having not attached the missile pods to the roof of the vehicle, as while jamming a rocket down this thing's throat would probably attract a hell of a lot of attention, it would also kill the damn thing really, really quickly.

You shoot out the window, and with your top speed, you throw yourself from the building. The shoggoth, not being the pinnacle of intelligence, follows you out fairly shortly. This was certainly one of your better plans, as while you may have taken a bit of a bruising, slamming into the other building (6 damage), the shoggoth was no where near as fast as you, and has crashed into the back alleyway (54 damage).

There is a minor setback in your plan, however. Namely, the whole fact that you slammed into the other building means that while you may have crashed right above a small ledge, said ledge is barely enough for you to keep your footing. The shoggoth also isn't quite dead yet, and is slowly pulling itself back up from being flattened to the ground (+10 healing).

You are currently six stories up, so while you could take some potshots at the thing with your WASP, it probably wouldn't do all that much to it.

"Mother.." you groan, pulling your face from a small crater "fucker. The FUCK did it have to be shoggoths?" You hug the wall, though the wind is getting a bit heavier than you'd like. "I fucking HATE shoggoths."

>What do you do?

>> No.22495553


>Shoggoth HP: 42/100
>You HP: 30/40

>> No.22495559

We're out of the jamming field now. Call Hilde for MAXIMUM FIREPOWER.

>> No.22495563

Try raising Hilda on the comm. If we're outside the building we might be out of jamming range. It's time to break out the railgun.

>> No.22495579

drop a grenade on it

>> No.22495585

Use perfect form and elbow drop onto it's squiggly form from all the way up here.

>> No.22495601

See if we're out of the jamming field, and call for backup from Hilda.
And fuck, try to bust open a window and get inside; we're going to fall if we don't.

>> No.22495624

This. If that fails, yell. Hopefully, she isn't on the far side of the building.

>> No.22495668

Goomba stomp the mother fucker while guns blazing.

>> No.22495688

Perfect Self.


>> No.22495740
File: 72 KB, 600x750, 1306997456849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's this whole thing with the thing being made of goo and mouths... I don't feel like jumping straight into that.

>> No.22495759

Yeah, um...if that fails to kill it, it gets a DNA sample and then it can impersonate us. How about no?

>> No.22495783

Look, I've watched a lot of anime in my time, and I know that METEOR DROPKICKS result in either immediate victory, or massive damage.

>implying it could even effectively impersonate us

>> No.22495849

Effectively enough to fool the DHS knuckleheads, yeah.

>> No.22495901
File: 549 KB, 905x798, Hilda Asleep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>First to three: CALL HILDA FOR BACKUP

You quickly attach magnetic anchor to the building so that your smallness doesn't get you blown away. Your arms free, you poke at the blue rose floating just outside of your vision, opening an encrypted channel over arcanochromatic wavelengths to Hilda. Communications isn't jammed out here - whomever set that shit up limited it to the building.

It takes a minute for her to pick up - she's probably blaring that annoyingly peppy Japanese music again. In the background of the call, you here something that vaguely sounds like "ME-AH-COO-ROO ROE-MAN-AH-SUE". Would certainly explain why she hasn't noticed the shoggoth crashing behind the car.

"Moshi-Moosshii," she says all too cheerfully, "Oh, wait, it's just Joey." Your eye twitches. "What's up boss? Something get between you and ol' Gertrude? Need another distraction?"

"You could say that," you drawl. "Grab one of the railguns and take a look in the mirror... I'm sure you'll figure it out."

"What do you-" she cuts off. "Oh. That. Yeah, that's something that would need killing, wouldn't it. I'll get right on that, hold on."

From your vantage point, you see the car's front door open up, and Hilda step out of the driver's seat, assault railgun in hand. Normally, an assault railgun's maximum firepower is 100 rounds per minute, each hitting with the approximate force of an old fashioned anti-tank rifle. When Hilda uses it, suddenly those 100 rounds are also on fire, which makes things much worse for the target. She gives it a ten second burst.

Needless to say, the Shoggoth doesn't really survive (120 damage).

>BRB Soup
>What do you do?

>> No.22495911

>implying we give a shit about those chucklefucks
>implying having them going after a doppleganger wouldn't make our lives easier.

>> No.22495954

climb down, send out an alert about a shoggath impersonating our coworker.

Wait, how did it know how to do that, I thought shoggaths were idiots? or is someone directing it?

>> No.22495967

Link back up with Hilda and use Referer's Intuition to try and figure out what happened to Gertrude.

It seems that not only our comms are compromised, but potentially our agents as well. Test Hilda for SHOGGOTH, and we need to figure out an alternate way of communicating with our team/HQ.

>> No.22495992

Let's not spread the word of Shoggoth infestation just yet. With comms compromised, it'll just send any surviving ones into hiding.

Wait, Shoggoths can't use magical girl powers, right?

>> No.22495998

No, because then it could confirm (to them) that we're terrorists, whereas NOT being impersonated, we can enlighten them as to what's happening.

I don't think ziplining back to the other building is really a viable option, so climb down and take the long route back to Gertrude's place. Then try to figure out just what the ever-loving fuck happened to the real Gertrude.

>> No.22496030

>or is someone directing it?
well, this is supposed to be cyberpunk, and you cant have cyberpunk without a major conspiracy.

so yes, I'm gonna say someone summoned it and is hunting us down, possibly playing us off against the government too.

Given the lovecraft presence, I'm gonna say Nylarhotep is just fucking around again due to boredom. possibly as a result of a side bet

>> No.22496265

Shoggoths are usually said to be a slave race, so some engram placed into its head probably did the talking and not the being itself.

>> No.22496268
File: 75 KB, 600x338, 1338078526642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>possibly as a result of a side bet
We are so going to pull a Henderson on that fucker if we're getting screwed with over a bet.

>> No.22496276

Have Hilda move the APC and the. Go up to Gertrude's while we get down from here.
We need to find out what happened to the real Gertrude.

>> No.22496300

Or you know, we can consult the ACTUAL Henderson.

He's one of our neighbors.

>> No.22496357

Even better. We should always seek to learn from our elders.

>> No.22496393

Nylarhotep bet Orz that he couldn't get a mortal to kill Hastur and succeed.

>> No.22496407

we still need to find Gertrude. let us return to the apartment and search for clues.

or just use Referer's intuition to find her... whichever works really.

>> No.22496494

Muh space ;_;

Ah well, this looks just as good, not to mention a lot harder to do crazy bullshit plans that go against the spirit of the thread in.

>> No.22496515
File: 56 KB, 360x580, Joanna 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fiddle with the mag anchor to change it to magnetic rappel hook - no point in standing up here admiring the corpse of the shoggoth. You do take a few photographs for posterity, however. Shoggoths are fucking annoying, and deserve no less than to be crushed under your heel, preferably in such a manner that they feel extreme pain before they finally die.

Descending the side of the building takes all of twenty nine seconds. The gunfire has ceased - apparently, the fuzz and the alphabet soup managed to get over their issues in the time it took you to kill that blighted creature. Which could be a problem if you want to head back up to Gertrude's apartment - you'll have to dodge both groups, and in your experience the NDPD is a hell of a lot more competent than the NHS.

Besides, why you may not be Referring right now, you're fairly certain that whomever left that stupid thing to replace her had it eat anything you'd be able to trace them from.

Seeing you without Gertrude in hand has Hilda just a little bit worried. You'd hold her up to suspicion of being replaced like Gertrude as well, had she not used her power. High R-State contructors that they might be, Shoggoths don't have the same tricks you magical girls do.

"Well," you tell her, "I think I know why Gertrude wasn't answering my messages."

Hilda winces, "Did she...?"

The unanswered question hangs in the air. You honestly don't know. Yet.

>What do you do?

>> No.22496554

wait wat?
brb off to read the first thread again.

>> No.22496576
File: 244 KB, 850x834, Confused OP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I... beg your pardon?

>> No.22496591

The shoggoth probably had to have come into contact with Gertrude in order to get a DNA sample. Check the Shoggoth for clues of this meeting. Maybe use Referer's Intuition to force a clue to materialize?

>> No.22496594


>> No.22496620

Use Referer's Intuition to find Gertrude; she's likely still alive if Belinda's captors had gone to the trouble of capturing her.

>> No.22496641
File: 206 KB, 717x581, 1327157084169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that image
Well, if I can cause one image to take a life of its own in this thread, I can do it again.

Anyways, if going through the inside is too much of a pain, how about the outside? Fire escape, magnetic anchor thing, whatever.

>> No.22496695

Actually, we also need to know if the DHS were aware that Gertrude was a shoggoth or not. It'll pretty much confirm whether they're the instigators or the pawns.

>> No.22496729

Yeah, we need to be able to sneak inside to see the DHS's reaction to finding out that "Gertrude" is missing. We need to see if they freak out or go JUST AS PLANNED.

>> No.22496736

If DHS can manipulate minor cosmic horrors, I'm a little worried about what they have in store for us later.

That is, if they are the guys behind this.

>> No.22497083
File: 701 KB, 850x1202, Joanna Intuition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You frown. You've had enough of this horseshit, you're skipping passed the boring investigation and getting straight down to the stuff that you need to do. Your Form fills you, and your sould burns brightly with the fires of plot contrivance, permitting even your basest guess to be correct. As the pseudo knowledge floats through youur mind, waiting to be called upon, the words REFERRER'S INTUITION flash across your mind's eye.

"We're done here," you tell Hilda, "Home Sec clearly isn't holding the leash on that - if they were, they would have disposed of us with a car bomb in the APC."

Hilda looks confused. "Is this a guess, or...?"

"Intuition," you state. "Home Sec's not the type to hold the leash on an extranormal entity of that level without proudly showing it off in the field. They're not subtle enough." You close your eyes. "They'd sooner throw it at the ghost of Bin Laden then use it for anything other than brute forcing things. Infiltration on even this level is beyond the scope of their operations."

"Then it's the NSA?" Hilda asks, remembering your message from earlier.

"My gut tells me no," you say, "and I've learned to trust it. And it's telling me where we can find Gertrude." You get in the car, and beckon for Hilda to follow suit. "It's on 29th street, a few blocks down from where it becomes Ford's Ferry."

Hilda blanches. "You don't mean..."

"Yeah," you say with utter, the magic leaving you. "Arkham International Airport."

>What do you do?

>> No.22497137

Get her to drive, phone in for more backup meeting us there.
Also, music for theme:

>> No.22497152

Might as well head there. If the rest of the team has been similarly captured, that's probably where they'd end up too.

We might want to also change up our urban camo. DHS will probably be looking for a Tesla now.

>> No.22497301

And we finally have an excuse to get Hilda off her pink kick for awhile.

>> No.22497668
File: 367 KB, 850x706, Amy and Carmina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As the car starts up, you poke at the urban camoflage to change it into something else - with all the crap that you've gotten into, you somehow don't doubt that the alphabet soup will be looking for a car matching your's. As you make your selection, a little buzzing fairy floats across your vision, demanding that you listen to it.

"Hey, listen!" it says. "Hey, listen! Hey, listen! Hey-"

You silence its incessant chattering by poking at it. Amy's face comes up, and squeezing into view is Carmina. You don't doubt that whatever the reason it is behind their decision to call from the same line, you wouldn't approve of it in the slightest.

"Jooo~ey," Amy complains, "why'd your message have to be so rude?"

You frown. "First, powers, both of you."

"Why," Carmina asks, "did some shoggoth replace Hilda or something?"

"Powers first," you order, "Explinations can wait."

Carmina flits off screen faster than the camera can follow. Amy rolls her eyes, but complies in short order - picking up a chocolate bar in her hand, she stares at it and it splits perfectly along the lines by which it's supposed to be broke. Amy comes back on screen a moment later, with what appears to be a copy of Hilda's favorite Japanese comic book - the one about the bunny princess - signed by the author.

"Sorry I took so long," she deadpans. "It took a second for the guy to sign it."

You nod. "Gertrude, though, not Hilda. Meet us at Site 001, ASAP." The two are off screen as soon as you say that, leaving you with the responsibility to hang up.

The rest of the drive goes uneventfully, minus Hilda freaking you the fuck out with a song about the wonders of tentacles and the abominations that have them. You're a bit of an cephalaphobe, if only because you KNOW what happens when a magical girl and a tentacled monster meet. The Airport itself is fairly empty - there are a few construction crews around. Amy and Carmina, of course, are already there.

>What do you do?
>Enter New Vehicle Description.

>> No.22497730

Get Amy and Carmina properly armed with sidearms and whatever primary weapon of their choice.

Disguise the APC as a one of those airport utility trucks, and start searching the areas most likely to be holding a captured magical girl.

>> No.22497754

>"It took a second for the guy to sign it."
>the guy
>Naoko Takeuchi
Amy confirmed for shoggoth.

>> No.22497755

A wise decision.

>> No.22497794

Maybe its a remake.

>> No.22497927

Greet them, quickly explain situation.
Car: Ford Pinto

>> No.22498066
File: 3.05 MB, 2592x1944, Urban Camo Is Neat Like That.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Climb aboard our majestic vessel, girls," you invite them into the seeming utility truck, popping the rear door open. "The Bureau gave us a lot of toys to play with."

Amy and Carmina get in. Amy begins to immediately salivate over all of the delicious, delicious weaponry that logistics have provided you all with, most especially the Goldberg Terminator locked up in the back - it's actually kind of frightening, the way she's rubbing her cheek against it and proclaiming "Mama's here." Carmina tosses the comic book up to Hilda, and outfits herself with one of the Colts and one of the B&H T4 Coilguns. Hilda squees upon seeing the signature, immediately opens up to one of the middle pages, and turns a bright shade of red.

"Carmina..." she growls. "You realize this is blasphemy against a classic, right?"

"But I thought you liked that one," Carmina replies. "That's the one about the moon princess, right?"

"Yes, but..." She sighs, and incinerates it. "Just... open it before you go grabbing it, okay? I did NOT need that mental image."

"ANYWAYS," you interrupt before things go into certain territories, "Why don't we get this show on the road, shall we?"

Tossing a glare at Carmina, Hilda starts driving around the airport, careful to avoid too close scrutiny from the workers. Not much has remained standing from the incident that week ago - the control tower's still there, as is the A branch of terminals, but between you, Belinda, the NSA team, and the giant monstosity of a fucking octopus managed to level the place pretty badly. You imagine that the hidden bunker the cult used for their rituals is still there - it was damn well reinforced - but getting to it under the debris would be problematic.

>What do you do?

>> No.22498184

Whoever took Gertrude probably excavated a way into the bunker for us.
Go to where the entrance to the bunker was, and see if it's been re-opened.

>> No.22498208


What >>22498184 said. But if it isn't.

Sneak into airport, obtain map, and find any hidden entrances.

>> No.22498410
File: 391 KB, 850x611, THEY BLEW IT ALL UP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Hmmmmmm...." You'd say it takes you a moment to think about which of the locations is the best fit for the type whom throw around shoggoths, if it wasn't so painfully obvious. "Hilda, take us into the remains of the main building. I'll tell you when to stop."

The bunker was located near luggage pickup, if your memory is right. Fortuitously enough, none of the construction workers are there at the moment - it's either too early for their shift to begin, or they haven't gotten to clearing this area out. Probably the latter, if the lack of equipment is any sign. There are a few bits of fence in your way, but between the APC's mass and Amy's Form of Sharp, you get through quickly and silently.

The mound of debris doesn't look like it has changed since you were last here, but to be fair, you were more concerned with fighting cephaloGojira than looking at the destruction it was bringing in. Hell, the NSA agent's assault railgun is still there, buried by where the Bunker was hidden. Not much use without a charge though.

You grab one of the Assault Railguns and step out of the car. Carmina and Amy join you - Hilda stays behind to keep it ready to run on a moment's notice. It doesn't look like anyone has been doing much in the way of excavating the site though.

>What do you do?

>> No.22498455


apply elbow grease and dig up the entrance.

OR we could use explosives to blast our way in. make sure to use the explosives sparingly. after all, we only want to blow the bloody doors off...

>> No.22498457

See if our communications are still working here.
Then start looking around; there's got to be a way into the bunker.

>> No.22498467

On a hunch here, let's check the air traffic control tower.

>> No.22498540

What do we have in our inventory?

>> No.22498713
File: 557 KB, 1100x733, Cyberpunk Magical Girl Quest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Hey, Amy," you call the other girl over. You point at the place where you're fairly sure the entrance to the bunker is. "Any chance that you can do that thing you do with the sharpness to get this junk out of the way? The bunker's right below it."

Ther other girl's eyes light up with impish delight. "It would be my pleasure," she responds. "Just let me set down little Arnold over here - wouldn't want to accidentally shoot it instead of cut it."

That's probably a wise decision, considering the other girl's tendencies. She sets down the Terminator, and clasps her hands together - you can almost see the pinkish aura of her soul surround her as she invites her Form into herself. There is a quicking in the air, almost as if a gust of wind passed by, and the rubble distintegrates into a fine sand. Scars scratch the tiles beneath it now, and one in particular crumbles away from the wear, revealing a hidden staircase.

"Good job Amy!" you tell the other girl.

Amy's down the ladder first, and follow shortly behind. Carmina, of course is waiting for the two of you at a rather large set of stone double doors, the inscription engraved upon which is the same as you remember. Mostly meaningless gibberish, there to make the cult look a bit more impressive to the average paranormal investigator, but really nothing special. There use to be an alarm seal on it, of course, but the NSA fools tripped that when they declared themselves in charge of the investigation.

>What do you do?
>[Check Inventory Field Too Long]

>> No.22498741

:Welcome to THE BUREAU, Logistics Devision
:Verifying user...
:User Verified.
:Welcome Agent 029.
:Accessing Requisitions for Operation: Bunny...
:>Sidearms Accessed
:4x Braun and Hammer Wasp
:2x Smith and Western Colt
:5x Tactical Knife
:2x Tactical Machete
:>Light Weapons Accessed
:5x Braun and Hammer T100 Bullpup
:2x Golberg A17 Urban Assault Coilgun
:>Medium Weapons Accessed
:3x Smith and Western I19 Assault Railgun
:3x Braun and Hammer T4 Tactical Marksman's Coilgun
:>Heavy Weapons Accessed
:1x Goldberg 'Terminator' A100 Heavy Railgun
:1x Braun and Hammer T500 Heavy Machinegun
:1x Boeing Light Missile Pod (Vehicular)
:>Vehicles Accessed
:1x Ford and General 'Bulldog' Armored Personel Carrier
:>Miscellany Accessed
:5x Standard Toolkit [Multipurpose]

>> No.22498774

:>ERROR: You have 5x Braun and Hammer WASPs.
:>Database Revised.
:>ERROR: The Missile Pod is back at Victor Charlie Alpha
:Database Revised

>> No.22498832

We've already got a Wasp with us. Take along a pair of Tactical Knives and a S&W I19 Assault Railgun.

Check to see if anyone's put up a new alarm seal, or any kind of detection magic, on the doors. And if there's any technologically based alarms, too.

>> No.22498933

We already got the bullpup.

Lets enter the bunker. Carefully.

>> No.22499019

If the name ReADS doesn't mean anything to you, it's a case of mistaken identity.

>> No.22499052

Bullpup's a good decision for CQC. Let's do a dynamic entry. Amy cuts the door. We boost all our stats and jump in. We'll be able to see pretty much anything, and then hit it in range or melee if it becomes an issue.

>> No.22499197
File: 184 KB, 800x616, Gertrude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Last post of the night. Gotta be up early tomorrow. If the thread is still alive, we'll keep on chugging, if not, next thread will be Monday at 7pm EST.

"Amy, stand back. Have 'little Arnold' ready to fry some fucking shoggoth ass if that's what they've got down here," you say. Amy get's this lovely little smile that you have long sense learned means that she takes a great deal of delight in the idea. "Don't fire if it's humanoid though - might actually be someone important." Reluctantly, the other girl nods.

"Carmina, off to the side - kneecap them if it's a hostile human," you order. The girl nods, a bit more crisply than Amy. "We'll need to get some information out of the enemy hostiles if they can actually talk."

You creep over to the side of the door, readying your Bullpup. The other two move into their positions, their weapons at the ready. You count down from three, and kick the door open.

A bolt of lightning leaps out from the pathway, and you come face to face with what is no dout Gertrude, who is looking a bit dishevelled and little worse for the wear, but is otherwise uninjured. Upon noticing that it's you, rather than, say, whoever it was that wound up kidnapping her, she gives you a bit of a sheepish grin.

"Ahehe..." her voice is barely audible, and she's just a little bit pink. "Sorry, Joanna. Thought you were someone else there for a moment."

>What do you do?

>> No.22499310

Powers check. Demonstrate that we are who we say we are.
"So, who nabbed you, and are they going to be back?"

>> No.22499317

Check if Gertrude is okay, and finish sweeping the bunker. Once that's done, get her back to the APC for a debrief.

>> No.22499409


Power check from everyone. No doubt she's wary of us as well.

>> No.22499738

We are sure that shogs can't do magic shit, right? I mean the entry implies they can't, but people aren't supposed to be able to block the Spectranet or what ever it's called either. Not to mention some powers could conceivably be faked, for example an Amy poser shape-shifting their hand really sharp.

Also Gertrude did just shoot lightning at us, even if it was a perfectly reasonable mistake to make.

I say we should burn a RI to be sure that none of our companions are shoggs, if only because the thread's ending anyway.

Also requesting data on teammates, their preferred weapons, and their Forms (preferably with an example or two of how they can use it).

>> No.22499776


Our companions have already shown that they aren't shoggs, who evidently can't do magic aside from shapeshifting.

>> No.22499863

That's why I asked if we were sure.

>> No.22500383

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time Joey has fought a shoggoth.

>> No.22501116

She's been in the bsuiness for 25 years, after all. Probably a safe bet.

>> No.22502611

I'm actually kinda surprised they just left Gertrude here unguarded.

>> No.22503443

Pic reminds me of this >>1453860

>> No.22503453

Pic reminds me of this >>/w/>>1453860

>> No.22503772


>> No.22504061

Who says she was unguarded? I would be unsurprised if she was, and they let their guard down enough to let her take the immediate guards down. We've just seen her do her magic, and we (the group) can confirm who we are with a little magic.

What we need to wary of, is if she's been compromised, much as I hate to suggest it.

"Don't worry about it, I'd probably have done the same thing."

>> No.22504766

So, I'm trying to guess the characters' canon appearances judging from the pics (assuming they're not just random).

Joanna has short black hair and glasses?
Hilda = Mami
Gertrude = Zero Saber
Amy and Carmina = Nanoha and Fate

>> No.22507059

Considering each image is renamed to be "So-and-so [extra descriptor].jpngifpg", I'd say they aren't random, and you're right.

>> No.22509007

Oh yeah, didn't notice that.

>> No.22509858

Can we get Codex entries for our squaddies?

>> No.22510885

Since this is still alive, feel like giving us a hint as to WHEN more will be?

>> No.22512325

Is OP dead?

>> No.22512360

Possibly. In the mean time, come engage in "Magical" Girl Quest over at >>22509238

I'm pretty sure they're run by the same guy.

>> No.22512699

=Codex: Joanna Constantine=

Fuck off.

=Codex: Gertrude Jahn=

Platonic Form: Electricity

I am a rather private person. I prefer not to share personal information over the net, even if it is secure. For more information, ask me in person, instead of looking me up online.

=Codex: Hilda Rheinbeck=

Platonic Form: Fire

Hilda Rheinbeck is quite clearly the best girl, and any attempt to dissuade the general consensus from this opinion shall be met with deadly force. She will neither confirm or deny her status as a "giant fucking weeaboo," and will flash fry the next person who accuses her of being such.

=Codex: Carmina Burana=

Platonic Form: Speed

Keep your hands off of Amy, or I will cut you. That is all.

=Codex: Amy Nakamura=

Platonic Form: Sharpness

Very interested in making friends with other people, preferably such that [Friendship] is best viewed from orbit. Best Friend Status is currently occupied by Carmina - others vying for that position may or may not wind up with multiple fractures.


These Codices were almost completely useless. That's what you get for relying on people to fill in information about themselves.

>Next Thread: Monday. 1/14/12, 7:00pm EST

>> No.22514326

Did someone archive?

>> No.22514374


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