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What class is Doom Guy?

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Doom Guy

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Why sorcerer? Most of the shit he does is from equipment...wouldn't that be better represented by rogue or factotum levels for UMD?

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What book are we talking?

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I'd say he's a 200 pt PC, with disadvantage cap at -100 pts.

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I guess. I just don't know how else to explain his speed, his resilience and his balls.

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Epic Level Fighter. Lots of bonus feats, all geared towards speed and combat.

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He's a normal fighter but is basically warped into a higher being through massive amounts of demonic influence, death, and of course drugs

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He's a Marine

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Considering he died, kicked hell in the balls and then came back to life, wouldn't he technically be some kind of lich?

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More of a undead he doesnt have any lich like powers

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No phylactery, no lich. Deathless is more like it, since he doesn't look like a corpse.

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Generic brawler on meth, coke, and serious painkillers

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Naw homeboy's alive. He earned his soul AND his body back when he shit-kicked all the demons in hell.

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Clearly a Muscle Wizard; observe the expert manner in which he casts Fist.

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Ranger with favored enemy demons/abyssal/whateverthrfuckyouclassifyDoombadguysas.

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Speaking of Doomguy classes, anyone played the Doom: The Roguelike? It's pretty great.

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Sometimes, I really want to run a Doom rpg. With all the horror. All of it.

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I'd play it.

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More like Satan brought him back to life so he could escape his wrath (and it didn't help him).

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There is a doom the rpg somewhere on the internet, but I prefer DH rules to play it.

I would love to play a DH game where we all are Doomed Marines.

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Yes. It's probably the most entertaining roguelike I've ever played and I fucking love roguelikes.

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its the only roguelike i ever completed (even if on a easy).
It was awesome.
You made me want to go play another roguelike

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He is demons

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I still can't believe they managed to spin out a novel series from that game. He got a name and a bloody love interest.

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What's the medieval equivalent of a chainsaw?

I can score a crossbow as a shotgun replacement, got my fists of course, but I'm not sure what I could possibly use in place of a chainsaw.

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an axe

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Step it up senpai, he's got to be at least 300pts.

Nigga can run faster than a cheetah while he carries enough guns and ammo to fill a jeep.

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It doesn't have any spinny parts though

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>Hell is summoned through a rift caused by FTL experiment
>Hell infects and transforms the world around it, warping it into hellish new shapes, and possessing the base personnel
>all other marines in team go crazy and die
>Doomguy has superhuman powers, isn't affected by the influence of Hell, can even turn the artefacts of Hell against itself, and is seemingly able to recover/reincarnate from death

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>losing to Horus

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The warp ranger from the first quake kills an old god I forget his name the one of time and space I think.

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That was clearly a shovel reshaped into an axe

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I'm pretty sure the eversors are based off Doom guy, the whole ripn tear and going apeshit fits him to a t.

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I like to think that Doom and F.E.A.R. are set in the same universe.

Pointman is one of the first powerful psykers to fight for the good of mankind.

Doomguy is one of the first blanks to fight for the good of mankind.

Together they fight crime and demons.

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Only because he couldn't bear to RIP AND TEAR his favourite son and hesitated.

>hesitating in front of a clone doomguy who has a bunch of extra organs and stuff

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Even though Yog-Sothoth would've made loads more sense, it was Shub-Niggurath. Interestingly though Quake-Shub looks like a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath and not like Shub (although descriptions of the real Shub are hard to find)

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I am now imagining a space-fantasy setting based around ID Software protagonists and I am loving it.

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I'm seeing it as more of a Batman and Robin kind of relationship. Or possibly Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker

Also pic related to this thread.
Doomguy is an Ascension-level guardsman-stormtrooper with the pariah gene

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>Pariah gene

I still headcanon it as that he's so much fucking ball-out crazy angry that demons are scared of him

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It's scary how well that image works

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Well, if we were to make a party out of such characters, who would we use?

Doomguy for speed and blank, Pointman for psyker and slow time.

Who else works? Can't really say the wolfenstein guy - he's canonically Doomguy's granfather. Also Commander Keen's grandfather, funny enough.

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Hmm. The Hacker from the System Shock games for techpriest.

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Duke Nukem for being Duke Nukem.

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And I think we can top it off with Gordan Freeman.

So Doomguy, Pointman, Duke Nukem, The Hacker, and Gordan Freeman.

The ultimate team of ultimate destiny. Sort of like the dark heresy campaign equivalent of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Good comic version).

Could be awesomely fun.

Together they fight off demons, aliens, and demon aliens.

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That'd not an id Software game.

Let's make Parias the techpriest and Daedolon the group's psyker.

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I think classic FPS protags are better than just Id Software.

But they have to be human (no spess mehreens), semi-classic or clearly /tg/ related somehow.

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What about JC Denton. With a hilarious stealth pistol build.

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One Second let me dig this out....

There we go

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If we're counting Team Fortress as id Software, I'd recommend the Engineer for techpriest.

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Flynn Taggart. I actually loved that series even though it went rather ridiculously off the rails.

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If we're going ID/Apogee Games
Duke Nukem
Commander Keen
Snake Logan [Bio Menace]
Wolfenstein guy
Lo Wang
Nevada Smith
Major Stryker
Johnny Dash [Monster Bash]

I'm sure theres some I've missed

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Gauntlets of the necromancer, duh.

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I know it might not be welcome in an ID thread...but...Rise of the Triad was fucking awesome.

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BJ Blazkowicz is the wolfenstien guy they say he's doom guys great grand father.

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He kinda looks like Max Payne from first game

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If Max Payne tried to smile and someone managed to catch him in a military uniform while he was at it, yes.

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Some Gameshow Host
Billy Blaze [Commander Keen]
Stan Blazkowicz [DoomGuy]

Who did Billy shack up with and what happened to all of the friendly aliens and were the martian ruins just hell seen through the eyes of a 12 year old boy genius?

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