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Thousand Sons tactics/discussion/art thread?

Something I never understood is why the Emperor decided it was okay to punish the entire Legion for doing what they were created to do. Someone explain?

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One of the important things to remember is that the Emperor was not infallible (in b4 some sort of reaction image with HERESY in it), he made a lot of stupid decisions.

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The Emperor understood that while psykers are all good and fine, sorcery wasn't, which is what the Thousand Sons practised.
Sorcery generally leads to nowhere other then corruption by the chaos gods.

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I know he made mistakes, but its pretty much as if he handed a kid a gun, and said "now don't you go playing with things you shouldn't."

CAPTCHA: sinful topoic

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Just a reminder.

The Blood Ravens are not Thousand Sons loyalists.

Abaddon confirmed them to be Black Legion. (Picture related).

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If that was the case, why was use of all psychic powers banned during the trials?

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90% of the traitor legions could've been avoided by the Emperor just sitting them down and discussing his issues with them.

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Probably to prevent slippery slope.

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How is that Marine crying through his helm? Why are his tears apparently made of sand?

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All is Dust

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Rubric marines.
They are literally dust, hence the battlecry "All is dust"

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Very true. Another question I have is, what kind of force did the Sons bring to a battle? Obviously there was lots of infantry and Psykers, but what about in an Armored sense? Predators, Land Raiders, Rhinos, that sort of thing.

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The real problem is the Wolves ignoring the edict because they were convinced their psychic powers really were different and better.

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Pretty sure that should be dedicated to Slaneesh instead.

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Don't even get me started on the things that are wrong with that legion.

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Furries and deviants?

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Body and Soul!

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No, tentacles are pretty Tzeentchian.

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Ultramarine arrogance, black templar temper, Super Sayain hair, and everything they have is better than yours, because its got a giant wolf on it.

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Just as how the Emperor was trying to weaken the Chaos God's power by wiping out any and all forms of worship across the galaxy (As many faiths indirectly/unknowingly worshipped Chaos as seen in The First Heretic) he too was trying to cute off their most direct link to the physical world. Only Navigators and Astropaths where exempt since a) Soulbinding and b) the Imperium would fall apart without them. The militant use of pyskers however was just too risky in his eyes, even for his sons to use. Already Magnus had unwittingly made a pact with Tzeentch long before the council of Nikea to save his legion from destruction.

Basically the Emperor was just trying to keep everyone else as ignorant as possible to what lies beyond the veil of reality and have everyone "Keep looking forward and believe in nothing except the Imperial Truth"

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Abs, you think all chaos belongs to you, to use to smash imperium.

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So, any tactics for sons?

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Also, the Emperor didn't punish the Thousand Sons for just continuing to dabble in sorcery, he punished them because Magnus shot himself through space like an astral Koolaid guy and burst into the Emperor's super secret laboratory via his own version of an eldar webway gate going "OOOOH YAAAAAAA". Instead of being able to warn the Emperor about Horus's impending betrayal, he ripped open a permanent warp gate right in the heart of the Emperor's palace, killing hundreds of the top human scientists and mechanicus adepts in the Imperium and destroying countless irreplaceable machines from the Dark Age of technology. Oh and forcing the Emperor to sit on the Golden Throne(even before he used it for life support) to keep countless waves of demons from spilling inside and potentially creating another Eye of Terror.

Then Magnus realized he dun goofed and left without a word back across space and time to his body to wait for his father's judgement. That is why he sent his fleets away and left Prospero open to attack, he knew he fucked up and was going to accept his punishment willingly until Ahriman was like "Fuck this noise" and started fighting back against the Wolves.

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Classy gentleman, that Ahriman.

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If the Emperor had just sat them down and explained the Warp to them, it would've solved a lot of problems.

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>"So ya, you know that whole 'there are no gods' and what not, I miiiight not have been 100% honest with you. Oh btw when you die your soul gets ripped apart and eaten by daemons."

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I can literally see Angron yelling "RAWR I WILL NOT BE EATEN BY DEMON!" and running off into the eye of terror to fight Khorne.

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My WIP. Thoughts?

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Wash your fucking hands.

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Pretty nice.

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Thanks. I lucked out and found some russian-made knock offs. Great quality.

Wash paints get everywhere, mayne.

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>Oh btw when you die your soul gets ripped apart and eaten by daemons

I don't think the primarchs would really care about this. Aren't they basically immortal?

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I post some pre-heresy sons.

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Because the Librarius program was created by Magnus, using his theories and practices, so it was feared that they might already be doing sorcery (as, indeed, some of them were) instead of just psykery.

It's telling that he didn't call for the ex-Librarians to be purged, almost all of them resumed line duty in their respective legions post Nikaea, presumably because he at least had the foresight to see that having them around 'just in case' might be useful in the near future

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I would have used another bolter, but it looks good regardless.

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All space marines are immortal, in the sense that they were allowed to live as a normal person. They only die in battle.

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Why was this legion pretty much stuck with mark II and mark III armor?

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I don't know.
It's magical?

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Perhaps they were. AFAIK the Rune Priest's art was developed totally separately from the Librarius programme so wouldn't have been tainted by it.

If I remember A Thousand Sons rightly, the Thousand Sons formed bonds with very minor daemons to focus their powers, which was what originally led the Wolves, when they found out, to grass them up to the big E

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So what exactly is the difference between psykery, and sorcery?

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cool conversion, if you ask me.

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>that unthinned paint



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The upgrade process for the legions seems to have been particularly byzantine and haphazard.

A lot of the legions were stated to prefer the older marks though, and the Thousand Sons seem to have been quite fond of old things in general

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I wouldn't really call it a cry. More a statement, them being rubrics and all.

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Fine, the battle-statement "All is dust"

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Really it could be thought as more of a casual obeservation

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But only after making a Sadron style speech that makes everyone sit back and think "...fuck, man."

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You might want to give the golds a wash of devlan mud/whatever its equivalent is now, and then a highlight of silver and gold.

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Shit, imagine how quickly Astartes would outbreed Sapiens in peacetime.

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More of a battle-anecdote really.

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they wouldn't, Astartes have no sex drive, and even if the did their offspring wouldn't inherit all the added organs that make a space marine a space marine

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Psykery is using your own psychic talent to shape and mould warp energies to create a particular effect, whereas Sorcery is asking the warp nicely with rituals and sacrifices to create that same effect.
Understandably there is something of a blurred distinction between the two - using chants and props can help focus psychic powers after all, which is another possible reason why the Emperor decided to go with the full ban at Nikaea. It's an easy to step, particularly in high stress situations, to go from chanting to focus your mind to unwittingly making a deal without even realising that's what you've done

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True. For all the threads insisting that Astartes do or don't have cocks (despite lack of evidence either way) they all completely fail to take into account their complete lack of drive for anything but battle.

That being said, should offspring happen somehow, the children would inherit their genecoded upgrades. They'd be fuckin perfect Astartes candidates.

Hang on a sec, why don't they test-tube breed second generation Astartes and give them the implants rather than using standard humans, since that kills an awful lot of them?

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well if that's the case then the Thousand Sons legion, as described in the book "A Thousand Sons", was not practicing sorcery. The "chants" had nothing to to do with deal making, or appeasing the warp, their purpose was to allow the legionaries to transcend emotion, build barriers between their mind and the warp and reach a higher state of consciousnesses. The only act of sorcery was done by magnus early in the great crusade to halt the spread of the flesh change, but other than that there was no sorcery

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Swagfag Thousand Sons

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>That being said, should offspring happen somehow, the children would inherit their genecoded upgrades. They'd be fuckin perfect Astartes candidates.

What I meant was the the offspring wouldn't be born with all the super special organs, since from my understanding is that that the organs have to be grown from the dna of the Progenoid gland, and are then transplanted into an initiate

>Hang on a sec, why don't they test-tube breed second generation Astartes and give them the implants rather than using standard humans, since that kills an awful lot of them?

Thats a good question

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Because test tube babies aren't real humans, according to the imperium. Gotta be a human first. But apparently taking away everything that makes you human in the mental and some physical realms, still makes you human.

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Except they were, each member had their own little daemon that helped them to focus their powers, they just didn't realise they were daemons until shit went down in the razing of Prospero and they all started to mutate and shit

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oh yeah forgot about those, you got a point there. However; only captains in a certain group had those, not every legionary

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>Boob plate

What the fuck. It's a she? FUCKING SLAANESH IS EVERYWHERE.

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Just out of curiosity, how did the legion go about making the giant big Egyptian crowns they now have?

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its Tzeentch. God of change. Its bound to happen some how.

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Indeed so, Wyrdmake finding out about them brought about the whole Nikaea thing, but as you say it wasn't widespread or the Emperor would have done more than slap Magnus on the wrist at the time...

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If Thousand Sons are so great, why do they suck?

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You are wrong.

They also blow.

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They become better if you empty the dustbin first.

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tfw when you're reposted...

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It wasn't so much a slap on the wrist as it was a slap to the face, It would make a lot more sense to ban the specific practice of those daemon things, or at least go with the compromise presented by the storm seer. as opposed a total phyker ban

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