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So, /tg/, I was playing Dresden Files last night. Without going too much into the storyline, I was preparing a ritual to summon the protectors of the Alamo in San Antonio. I was a warlock, and my companion was an evoker/ritualist with the White Council, when we're jumped by a Red Court vampire. It claws the evoker in the shoulder, and he starts blasting it with lightning. (I advised fire, he didn't really listen) Now, I'm a full wizard, evocation/thaumaturgy, but I'm not very good at evocation. What I CAN do pretty well is brew potions.

I had a potion I prepared in the second session, that gave a temporary increase to physical strength. I blew a fate point and spent the entire session finding rare ingredients to strengthen this spell. It was kinda of my, "OH SHIT" plan. I drink the potion, which gives me an additional +4 to my might skill level, and I proceed to beat a red court vampire to death with my bare hands.

Well, we're all having a good time, but the GM looks over at my and goes, "It's your turn. You haven't cast a spell yet, what do you want to do."

I looked at him, and yelled in my best tally-ho voice, "I CAST FIST!"

The room lost it.

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