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Can we have a list thread? I bought some paints but no models. I want to be absolutely sure I get the ones I want before buying and painting them.

I've never played tabletop wargames before, nor have I ever made a list. This is my first try at Dark Eldar (1000 points).

Archon with agoniser, blaster, ghostplate, haywire grenades and shadowfield - 140 points
20 Kabalite Warriors, 2 upgraded to Sybarites with ghostplate - 220 points
4 Incubi - 88 points
2 Raiders with splinter racks, night shields and torment grenade launchers and 1 Venom with envenomed blades and night shields - 240 points
1 Razorwing with night shields - 155 points
6 Reavers, 2 with Grav-talons - 152 points

I'd keep the Archon and Incubi in the Venom, the Warriors in the Raiders, the Razorwing razoring and the Reavers bladevaning.

Suggestions? Ideas?

List general.

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The Agoniser really took a hit with 6th, being ap3 and all. I would recommend either saving some points and going with a Venom Blade, or ditching the Ghostplate and upgrading it to a Huskblade for the ap2 instant-death killyness.

Are you sure you want Night Shields on all your vehicles too? You get a 5+ jink save just for moving. Those points could go towards making your Warrior squads a little less lackluster. Maybe adding a special weapon or a Venom Blade to the Sybarites?

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Maybe I'll replace the Agoniser with a Venom Blade to save 15 points. What about the blaster? Should I ditch the haywires for phantasm grenades?

I at least want Night Shields on my Venom, since it'll be what gets my melee into, you know, CC, so it would be worth it to have NS... right?

If I drop the NS from the Raiders, I gain 20 points. If I drop the ghostplate from the Sybarites, I gain an additional 20. This means I could give both a blast pistol and venom blade. If I don't take the pistol, I could give the Warriors a couple splinter cannons.

Should I keep Night Shields on the Razorwing, or swap for some weapons? That's the most confounding part to me.

Also, should I consider dropping some of the Reavers for Hellions? Frankly I'm not sure it'd be that great, but I kind of like Hit and Run. What about Scourges?

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Wolf Priest with Melta Bombs, Runic Armor, Wolftooth Necklace, Saga of the Wolfkin 150 pts.

Rune Priest with Terminator Armor, Chooser of the Slain 130 pts.

Bjorn, the Fell-Handed with Plasma Cannon 270 pts.

Wolf Lord with Wolf Claw (x2), Runic Armor, Space Marine Bike 195 pts.

Wolf Guard Pack (5 Models) with Terminator Armor (x5), Frost Axe, Wolf Claw (x2), Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Chainfist, Assault Cannon, Drop Pod 300 pts.

Wolf Scouts Pack (5 Models) with Meltagun 85 pts.
Iron Priest with Cyberwolves (x4) 110 pts.

Blood Claws Pack (10 Models) with Meltagun, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist , Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Missile Launcher 250 pts.

Grey Hunters Pack (10 Models) with Meltagun, Power Axe , Rhino w/ 2 Storm Bolters 215 pts.

Blood Claws Pack (10 Models) with Flamer, Power Sword 175 pts.

Grey Hunters Pack (10 Models) with Flamer, Plasma Gun 165 pts.

Thunderwolf Cavalry (5 Models) with Storm Shield (x3), Wolf Claw, Plasma Pistol, Mark of the Wulfen 380 pts.

Skyclaw Assault Pack (5 Models) with Flamer, Power Axe, Mark of the Wulfen 125 pts.

Fenrisian Wolf Pack (10 Models) with Cyberwolf 88 pts.

Long Fangs Pack (5 Models) with Heavy Bolter(x2), Plasma Cannon(x2), LasPlas Razorback 200 pts.

Long Fangs Pack (5 Models) with Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher(x2), Lascannon(x2) 160 pts.

This is an old list, and I already have a lot of changes to do:
1. Dropping the extra storm bolter from the Rhino
2. Dropping 2 Thunderwolves
3. Added a Vindicator

I mostly want help with my Terminators and making them efficient at killing elites and Big, tough units.

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>Four HQs


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Space Wolves. That's how. Each HQ slot on the FOC gives you two HQ choices.

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post-6th edition, a second primary detachment.
pre-6th edition, wolfity wolf wolf spehsul snowflakes.

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I'd honestly swap the Wolf Claws for another Frost Axe and the Assault for Cyclone. The Cyclone really is just personal preference but I'm 100% suggesting the Axe for Claws. The fact you're getting rerolls during both Hit and Wound is WOLF WOLF WOLF as hell, but I really think a second axe is going to help in regards to what you want to be attacking with them.

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Wouldn't Power Fists be better? x2 vs. +2 and all that.

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[2500p] (2483)

HQ - Warpsmith (125)
+ Aura of Dark Glory

HQ - Lord (175)
+ Juggernaught
+ VotLW
+ MoK
+ Blind Axe
+ Sigil

Troop - CSM (215)
+ 5x more
+ 2x Plasma
+ Champ w/ Combi Plasma
+ Rhino

Troop - CSM (210) [220]
+ 5x more
+ 2x Melta
+ Champ w/ PF
+ Rhino

Troop - Cultists (118)
+ 10x more
+ 2x Stubber

Troop - Cultists (118)
+ 10x more
+ 2x Stubber

Elite - Helbrute (100)
+ Reaper AutoCannon

Elite - Helbrute (100)
+ Reaper AutoCannon

Elites - Terminators (485)
+ 2 more
+ 4x LC
+ 5x MoK
+ CHamp w/ PF
+ Icon of Wrath
+ Land Raider w/ EA
+ 5x VotLW

'FA - Heldrake (170)
+ Baleflamer

FA - 5x CSM Bikers (160)
+ Champ w/ Power sword
+ 5x VotLW
+ 5x MoK
+ Icon of Wrath

HS - Maulerfiend (125)

HS - Vindicator (135)
+ Demonic Possession

HS - 3x Obliterators (237)
+ 3x MoN
+ 3x VotLW

>> No.22406866

HQ- Rune priest, wolf tail talisman, divination -105
HQ- Rune priest, melta bombs, divination -105
HQ- Rune priest, divination -100

Elites- Lone wolf, chainfist, storm shield, terminator armor

Troops- x10 Grey hunters, x2 plasma rifles, MOTW, wolf standard -185
Troops- x10 Grey hunters, x2 plasma rifles, MOTW, wolf standard -185
Troops- x10 Grey hunters, x2 plasma rifles, MOTW, wolf standard -185

Heavy support- x6 Long fangs, x4 missiles, x1 lascannon -150

for 1200 points

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1. You have no speed. Good luck getting to objectives.
2. Why a single lascannon?
3. Rune Priests cannot take the same psychic powers.
4. I'm not sure if you can take a Standard in every unit (at least, it doesn't make logical sense)

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Yeah, but Frost Axes are WOLF WOLF WOLF.

You are right though, the only time a Frost Axe is actually better than the Fist is if they're not in Termi and can actually get an extra attack.

>> No.22407024

>4. I'm not sure if you can take a Standard in every unit (at least, it doesn't make logical sense)

You can.

On a side note, Wolf Standards got slightly better because it applies to overwatch too.

>> No.22407032

Well then what is the best anti-elite and/or anti-armor loadout for them? My squad is already WOLFED TO THE WOLF WOLF with each of them getting a custom loadout.

>> No.22407035


6 x 35 plague zombies

1130 points

what should I do with the other 870 gentlemen?


>link to zombie miniatures I may use because fuck paying gw prices for 210 minis.

>> No.22407062

any thoughts on what the best inquisitorial henchmen band I can put together for 45 points is?

I was thinking laser ape and two bolter warrior acolytes for a tank buster (lascannon at 25-48", multimelta at 1-24") Acolytes out front to soak the first two wounds.

>> No.22407105

Blight Drones and a Nurgle Daemon engine to please the Papa Nurgle.

>> No.22407173

The above is pretty much what you're getting.

You could swap one more Axe/Fist for TH/SS if you really need that strong defense and initiative advantage in subsequent turns, but the fact that you pay a lot more for them than vanilla assault terminators means they add up fast. They're also only providing a major advantage in I (again, assuming more than one TH/SS) if you're up against another elite squad and if you really need another set because you're afraid of some MC than that MC should probably be getting longfanged to death instead. I really think one is plenty though.

Wolf Guard pricing really worries me when thinking of keeping them in one squad. Still, cyclone, chain, one TH/SS and fists/axes are probably your go to comp for the most part. You usually don't want too much diversity (who am I kidding WOLF WOLF WOLF WOLF) but the fact a lot of the terminator assault weapons are pretty much the same template with another rule means that one will probably do you some good "just in case".

So really, beyond the claws and assault you have an optimal set up.

>> No.22407273

That's pretty surprising, considering so many lists run nothing but Hammernators or WolfClawnators. A solid 300 points is expensive, but even, and I doubt I could change much to drop the cost without losing some power.

>> No.22407363

any tips? I recognize that 45 points isn't a lot I'm just curious on thoughts.

>> No.22407369

Wolf Claws (on their own) are amazing. Rerolls on hit and wound at AP3 plus two CCW? That's shit is going to wreck anything MEQ and below. The issue is that, if you take them en masse you're not going to be doing much against other TEQS, MCs, or Armor. They're just beefed up claws and that's not as hype as you'd think. You don't have the option of saying fuck you to whoever you want like other terminators do (granted I haven't math hammered or field tested how much better both rerolls are now but still). If you can TH/SS you're going to TH/SS and if you have to choose between claws or just taking fists you're going to see fists every time.

TH/SS are always going to be the best assault terminator load out, but we simply pay way too much for them. I shiver at the thought of their price when grouped together.

>> No.22407482

That is true. I do not have the points nor the cheese to run all Hammernators. Regardless, the only things I could imagine swapping are thw Twin Wolf Claws for twin Power Fists or the Frost Axe for a Power Fist.

>> No.22407722

OP here, made some changes to my list:

1 Archon
*Venom Blade
*Haywire Grenades
+125 Points

20 Kabalite Warrios
*2 Splinter Cannons
+200 Points

4 Incubi
+88 Points

2 Raiders
*Splinter Racks
+140 Points

1 Venom
*Envenomed Blades
*Night Shields
+70 Points

6 Reavers
+152 Points

1 Razorwing
*Night Shields
*14 Missiles
+225 Points

TOTAL: 1000 Points

What do you think?

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