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This is my current ork army. What should I add? I have 40 dollars to spend.

>> No.22401441

That warboss is looking pretty lonely get some nobz

>> No.22401462

Thanks, thats what I was thinking.

>> No.22401476

Needz moar boyz

>> No.22401535

>13 Boyz

>> No.22401599

I had 10, but I sold one off for 5 bucks. Then i got the 4 pack blister.

>> No.22401642

stick them in the trukk and drop em somewere they can do some damage and then tank shock something after they duck out and make sure every nob in that team has a power claw because fuck anything that gets into melee range with you and a waaagh banner,

>> No.22401676

>13 boyz

>> No.22401694

>I had 10, but I sold one off for 5 bucks. Then i got the 4 pack blister.

>> No.22401712

you should have 130

>> No.22401715

OP is a git.

>> No.22401717

They have blisters?
Jesus, I can't find any online?
>13 Boyz

>> No.22401736

Buy the Assault on Black Reach orks on ebay so your number of boyz isn't embarassingly low.

>> No.22401741

>Two nobz pointin' out not enuff boyz
>weedy git makez ekskuzez

You'z mukkin' about

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Buy a crap load of mantic orx for cheap, as logn as you don't mind not being able to play at GW stores you can fill up on them.

>> No.22401752

>tfw 13 boyz

>> No.22401773

Oi, youz a git! Ill raise a big waagh and crush yer grots good an' proppa

>> No.22401798

It's like you really don't get the point of Orks at all.

>> No.22401821

I like making money, its a bad habit I think I will wait till i get 60 bucks and get two boxes of boyz.

>> No.22401825

Av' sum Gork an Mork OP.

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>> No.22401858

thanks, Always look to
Gork and Mork for guidance.

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The answer is always: MOAR DAKKA!!!

>> No.22401871

That's still only enough for a mob.

>> No.22401878

Fair enough.

>> No.22401960


this. where are your lootaz?

>> No.22401970

yep, i need to find a way for my ork force to be able to take on all foes. I have a plan to loot several Leman Russ Executioners.

>> No.22402017

Purely to take on the Gay Knights of course

>> No.22402021

Lootaz or Nobz.

Although the bomma would be tempting as IMO it's the only good flyer.

>> No.22402048

Im buying 4 Messerschmit 262s and orking them up.

>> No.22402146

I use ork mobz of 10, more strategical (Im blood axes)

>> No.22403669

Strategy nothin! Boyz in squads of 10 are only good for trukks, and even then they are better in 12s. IF you are footsloggin' the boyz, they need numbers, 20 boyz MINIMUM on foot, 30 if you can.

If you are Blood Axin' then I suggest looking into either finding a download of Imperial Armour 8, (for Big Trakks and Gunwagons), or looking into some Guard Allies, for the proper tank spam. While looted vehicles look attractive, they have a lot of give and take to them that makes many people wary of how useful they can be.

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