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For those of you that have even following Kingdom Death: Monster, the second gameplay video was post yesterday. Thoughts?

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It looks fun and accessible. Easily be able to play this with friends. Though knowing my friends it will be difficult getting them to give it ago.

Poots should have a stretch goal that includes a friend.

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The various mechanics actually look pretty interesting. I like that it's a co-op style boardgame, but it seems to have a lot of RPG elements as well. Like a deeper version of Descent.
Bumped my pledge to $358.00 based on it.

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So what's the backstory/plot to this thing? Looks cool as hell and some of the monster designs give me a bit of a Giger vibe if for no other reason than the psychosexual overtones. Gameplay vids look pretty cool, too, but I can't stand that guy's voice.

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My thoughts are "holy shit that's a lot of people that were waiting for the second gameplay vid because 50k in a single night WTF."

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Bumping this thread since the janitor deleted the recent one, I dunno why

Anyone else ignored the resin ladies and went for resin paul the survivor?

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No. I put in $210+ so far, just for all the plastic ladies.

I didn't even get the game.

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It looks freaking great I-
>$45 for shipping

I will wait until it goes mainstream and buy one.

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Why not get the resin versions?

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OK, so who here is getting the extra armor sets, which kind, and how many? I know I'm getting all of the gameplay stuff, but seeing as this is my first foray into miniatures I was thinking of getting some of the bulk packs should I want to use them as proxies for other games.

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This game is looking great awesome. The Hunt phase surprised me, I was expecting more of a bookwork set-up phase. I like the little to-and-fro play you do with the monster on the track.

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>looking pretty awesome.
That was a weird mix-up.

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And it allows the possibly of homebrewing a double-hunt, with your survivors in the middle and two monsters closing in from either side!

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Debatable how mainstream it's going to go. Might well be mail order only, and I can't see shipping that much stuff being much/any cheaper.

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Holy shitnuggets it's picking up for the last three days despite Poots obviously not having a Reaper-style 'one stretch goal after another' thing going on. I can see it making one and a half million easy.

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It doesn't ship until November. You're saving no money by buying it now, $200 now is worth a lot more than $200 a year from now.

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I can't speak for everyone, but like the earlier anon said, I was waiting for that second gameplay video to help me convince myself to drop $500 on a board game in one go.

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I was already planning on buying the game and all the expansions.

Now I'm thinking about going Survivor and getting fifty of those face stand thingies.

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Joke's on you, I'm not earning any money in the next year anyway.

Wait a second...

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So, how long until we see this playable on something like Lackey or Desperate Gods?

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>You're saving no money by buying it now
The expansions themselves will cost $225 more after the kickstarter is over, not to mention whatever the RRP of the base game is, and the lack of an easy survivor level pledge.

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And if it has to be shipped it might be even more than the $0 in-America, flat $45 everywhere else. Plus you get to be the first to play it, which is ultimate nerd-cred for any game.

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Kingdom Death: Monster? More like Kingdom Death: Monster Hunter, amirite?

No seriously its like Grimdark Monster Hunter: The /tg/ and I'm loving it.

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Well, to be fair, to get the game you need to spend ~$100, plus $45 shipping if outside the United States, or $30 shipping if in Canada.

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Yeah. Personally, I don't care about any of that. I've looked at the game, and from the gameplay videos, mechanics, and content that's been shown and discussed by the creator, I'm 100% certain that I will enjoy the fuck out of this game.

I wouldn't have spent a single cent on it otherwise, and because of that there was no reason to get anything less than all expansions.

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For me, knowing the major gameplay expansions are done was actually kind of a relief. Now I know exactly how much I want to spend.

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>For me, knowing the major gameplay expansions are done was actually kind of a relief. Now I know exactly how much I want to spend.
I agree with this. Between that and the second gameplay video, it pretty firmly cemented my pledge amount. Though I did pick up the new stretch goal, since it's got promo game content. I can't resist that.

Same reason I got Holiday Nico.

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I hope the promo events/whatever else are available online later, if only in text-form.

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Game looks solid, as long as it has (and keeps producing) tons of content. The characters seem a bit lacking in variety though, with only 2-3 stats, and a detailed health and status system. The gear might make up for that, but how much? Also breaking apart models for gear changes seems like a pain.

Also: DEM SCULPTS and DAT AESTHETIC. Debating on whether to rape my wallet with this now.

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>The gear might make up for that, but how much?
Most of the character advancement is said to come from gear, though it's clear that some will come from civilization advancements as well.

Poots has said a few times that revealing too much would be spoilers that he wants to avoid, but there was mention, for example, of character abilities that would allow you to peek at the next monster AI card.

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I was pretty much 90% sure of my pledge before the second video because the models at all these costs were worth it to me. The second the 2nd gameplay video came out I was further sold on teh game upped my pledge. I know it sounds bad but I hope we don't meet that many more goals, This is like my christmas present for this past year and this future year to myself I don't want to have to throw too much more money at the screen. *getting every Pin up just for display and all expansion*

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It'll probably meet another goal or two at this rate. It's now the weekend AND the last minute AND the second gameplay video was released AND there was another expansion which has a ridiculous amount of content to it.

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Yeah I know, I'd complain about the wallet hit but eh it doesn't cure anything, and i'm going to buy it anyways.

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Looks like a barrel of fun, but how much is this shit going to cost, exactly? Looks like a lot of high-detail minis involved.

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The game with no frills is around $100. The game with all ten expansions and all current content is closer to $500.

After the kickstarter, it will be closer to $800 or $900.

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$800/900 with the frills, that is.

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Right. The expansions themselves will cost over $200 more, and the base game will likely see a similar price increase.

>> No.22406090 [SPOILER] 

Yeah. Its mentioned that that was the major influence. Also, warhammer quest.

I'm going to be working on reworking the fluff, renaming a few cards, and proxying in EVERYTHING, so I can actually play with family.

My father would seriously love the gameplay in this, and I would rather not give him a heart attack by sending him up against pic related.

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I'll probably be working on an online solution (if a proper engine is available) shortly after the game arrives. I'm going with $420 dollars for survivor+all expansions, so the only things that will be missing are Nico's settlement event, and the Candy challenge scenario.

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Well shit, this game is going to be extremely niche.

>> No.22406122

I'm sure people would be willing to provide scans easily enough.

Hell, I would, though I'll probably be more interested in playing alone than online.

>> No.22406130

>Well shit, this game is going to be extremely niche.
It's still a more competitive price than the offerings of a company like Games Workshop.

Sure, it's expensive, but even at current prices, the cost per model is quite low compared to GW minis, especially when you consider the size of some of them, or the Survivor level extra minis.

>> No.22406132

>My father would seriously love the gameplay in this, and I would rather not give him a heart attack by sending him up against pic related.
Super Dungeon Explore is somewhat similar while work/parents safe (unless they are allergic to anime).

>> No.22406175

The flexibility of this site (http://roll20.net/) looks like it'd be for KD, providing the 'GM' has the game, and the time to integrate scans of the cards and pics of the minis into it.

>> No.22406191

pic related

>> No.22406203

Vassal would probably work pretty well for it too, it can easily do main and sideboards, it would actually be quite easy, minus getting all of the scans and information entered.

>> No.22406230

Yeah, but I remember trying and failing to use Vassal one time, plus the campaign setup of roll20 seems better for keeping a settlement going over weeks, months or even years.

>> No.22406248

Rules look a little simplistic and not tactically minded enough to justify the price drop

>> No.22406264

True, that might be the case.
I haven't even used Vassal that much, but I made a Gears of War module for it to play with a friend at one point... something like KDM would be even easier, I think.

>> No.22406311

so what are the rules like? can someone explain them? I can't watch the gameplay videos for awhile, otherwise I would have already, and I want to know more before I pledge.

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Well, the new goal was met, wonder if poots is still awake to update.

>> No.22406353


Thank ye kindly

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>So what's the backstory/plot to this thing?

Short version: You wake up in hell. Everything around you wants to kill you. Final boss is death. Have fun.

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At first I thought this looked dumb (despite being a soda pop minis fan), but then I saw the soda bottle lantern. That shit is adorable.

>> No.22406421

New update is up, with the next stretch goal being the final Herald of Death bonus: get your pledges upped now anons.

>> No.22406424


Poots says the next goal gets added to Herald of Death pledges!

>> No.22406441

It's been suggested that there are things like the ability to look at (and possibly manipulate) the monster's AI deck, survival points to perform extra actions, consumable items and equipment that can be used on your turn, and possibly the ability to force or tactically use critical hits to weaken the monster and so on.

Unfortunately, Poots doesn't really seem too keen on sharing a lot of this stuff because he doesn't want to have spoilers.

>> No.22406453

Haha, so it was a Link inspired pinup after all, that's great.

>> No.22406458

I don't have 300 dollars to put down. Suck a cock.

>> No.22406469

You could always use Desperate Gods.

>> No.22406484

Yeah, I think the intros videos so far are overly-simplistic because Adam wants to avoid spoilers, some details are finished (needing playtesting etc), and adding all of the depth at once would be hard to explain in a way that made any sense.

>> No.22406487

No, you suck a cock.
15 of them.

$20 a piece.

>> No.22406497

>There are terrain cards. For instance the lion might favor hiding out in tall grass.

Where exactly is this tall grass growing among the stone face floor?

>> No.22406498

>Final boss is Death.

Capitalized due to proper name.

>> No.22406499

now, now there is enough cock for both of you to suck

>> No.22406507

>Questioning botany in the afterlife

>> No.22406514

pubic hair
gives a new meaning to the phrase "hiding in the bush"

>> No.22406518

It's hell, bitch, I ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.22406522

So, what other bonuses do you get right now if you've already put down $300 (shipping included?) into this?

The updates were so convoluted, I'm not sure what bonuses they're giving out anymore.

What perks do you get as a "herald of death"?

>> No.22406530

bitches be all over you

>> No.22406534


Weekends are actually bad for KS, not sure exactly why, but pledges usually drop a lot during the weekend

>> No.22406538

You get the manhunter and lion knight expansions for free.

>> No.22406539

I'm just saying this is the first I'm hearing about non-stone face terrain. From the descriptions, it seems the world is made up of nothing but caverns, crumbling pillars, and lanterns, with stone face flooring as far as the eye can see. I wasn't aware there was grass as well.
And I guess whatever the big game hunters live in. Mansions?

>> No.22406552

Yeah, there are terrain tokens that are used for some of the monsters. From the artwork and descriptions of the Lion, it seems to have some patches of tall grass that it hides in and drags survivors to.

>> No.22406554

You get the Lion Knight and Manhunter expansions for free, and if the stretch-goal is reached whatever those two silhouettes are .

>> No.22406556

>I wasn't aware there was grass as well.
stone faces grow grass beards faggot, g climb a wall of stone genitalia, then make weapons out of it and peg monsters to death

>> No.22406558

It doesn't look like survivors are even capable of growing pubic hair...

>> No.22406563

Herald of Death status is given to people pledging $300 or more.
Once you meet that threshold you get, for free, the following:
The Manhunter Expansion
The Lion Knight Expansion
Mystery new stretch goal

>> No.22406565

They don't start with it, perhaps?
[Day five: we finally got the 'Body Hair' innovation!}

>> No.22406568

>if the stretch-goal is reached
There's no if here, it went up by 5k just from the new miniature, and it's the middle of the night.

>> No.22406573

they do, they just shave it to create sweaters and the like

>> No.22406597

Why the hell would anyone _want_ pubic hair?

>> No.22406600

Wait, does that say Link comes with a new hunt event and new settlement event?

Damnit, brb, upping pledge

>> No.22406602

On BGG some guys mathed it out. If you get every gameplay expansions, and survivor level, it come out to about $6 a mini I believe?

>> No.22406616

That's actually cheaper than GW, but then, what isn't.

>> No.22406617

I use roll20 quite a bit, but I disagree with that.

Its card system is actually severely limited.

I think I would have an easier time porting it into Lackey then anything else.

>> No.22406621

Yup, it sure does.
Candy & Cola have game content as well, as does Holiday Nico.

>> No.22406623

Current biological theories are:
To protect the genitals (from cold, wind, debris, etc)
To hold onto pheromones for longer
To show one's sexual maturity (so you know whom to impregnate)

>> No.22406626

I've never tried making something in vassal. I'll have to look into it.

How much of a learning curve is there?

>> No.22406632

>Poot says give me more money
>everyone says ok

It's really amazing to watch and as people said the closer it gets to the finish the faster it is accelerating. Guys he could suddenly clock up 2 mil.

>> No.22406657

It depends. Frankly, making cards pissed me off to no end, and I still don't quite know how to make a proper hand.

I got something functional working, but it's still a little clunky.

Something like KDM would be much, much simpler to implement. No hands, a standard d10, and a few sideboards for the settlement.

But really, the cards are the hardest part.

>> No.22406664


>> No.22406680

I am also not familiar with desperate gods. I looked at the site, but it doesn't look like its modable?

downloading it anyway to try and experiment with it.

>> No.22406687

Don't fret, anon. These purposes are all vestigial, now. The dawn of the pubeless ubermensch is upon us!

>> No.22406688

You are forgetting pubes tickle the clitoris and labia.

>> No.22406698

I can't see it working well. There's way too much stuff with this game and a board that's entirely too big to have anything that would be remotely organized with an engine like that.

>> No.22406722

I am not into women; and this is for both sexes.

>> No.22406735


I can see what he's trying to do, but I don't want to drop $300 for rules which seem to have minimal player agency

>> No.22406746

That's all good. I just don't think they're as simplistic as you might believe. Gotta read in between the lines and all.

>> No.22406767


Combat seems like it should have the most possible depth, but even then because the AI has no expanding thought branches it looks like it'll turn into nothing more than a bumrush

>> No.22406776

>because the AI has no expanding thought branches


>> No.22406778

Moods could count as expanding trees, methinks.

>> No.22406784

So, if one was to hypohetically spend 300 dollars, what besides the Survivor Level Pledge are you picking up to make sure you have as much content available as possible?

>> No.22406798

I don't think that simply rushing a monster down is a good idea either, it's likely that a crucial point of combat will be manipulating the AI deck to remove certain cards or mitigate their effects to weaken whatever you're fighting.

>> No.22406800


Multiple decks, with different requirements to draw from them. So, the most aggressive deck can only be drawn from by either a bit of luck, or by going through another deck first.

It also allows for more reflexive actions among the creature as it can draw from different emotions as a response to different actions

>> No.22406807

Copying this over from my BGG post:

>If you are going with the base game, I would probably recommend (in order of my personal excitement for them):

>Core Set $100

>Dragon King $30 (as stated, one of the best deals in the game, and offers an alternate 'starting' scenario for your campaign)

>Dung Beetle Knight $25 (One of the best looking minis, and seems to have some very nice innovations tied to it)

>The Lantern Festival $45 (Greatly lengthens the game, offering Watcher armor, and a few extra bosses)

>Sunstalker $45 (Adds an entirely new campaign to the game)

>Gorm OR Spidicules $40 (both are major game expansions that added armor sets to the game. Which to go with is based on your personal preference)

>Flower Knight $15 (is $15)

>This comes out to $300 total, which gets you the Manhunter and the Lion Knight expansions for free.

>If you have to pay international shipping, you can drop either The Lantern Festival (extends the campaign) or Sunstalker (adds an extra campaign) to pay for it, and still hit the $300 mark for herald of death.

>> No.22406818

>It also allows for more reflexive actions among the creature as it can draw from different emotions as a response to different actions
To an extent, that does happen. Enemies can be crippled and change their actions by damage or a loss of limb, and it stands to reason that harder monsters could have an altogether different reaction based on circumstance.

>> No.22406825


You know, I might do that and drop the Sunstalker while picking Spidicules. Really wish I could see more about the rules before I drop.

Is there any real reason to go for survivor instead of core set?

>> No.22406844


How does that work mechanically

>> No.22406847

I'm pretty sure Survivor comes with a few expansions and figs.

>> No.22406848

Double up on two of the best minis (phoenix and watcher). Plus some other stuff.

>> No.22406875

besides adam and anna

+ 1 extra Rawhide armor kits, two female and two male (unlocked @ 80k)
+ 1 Plastic Phoenix (unlocked @105k)
+ 1 Plastic Watcher (unlocked @185k)
+ 1 extra Phoenix armor kits, two female and two male (unlocked @200k)
+ A regiment of Kingsmen, x5 models (unlocked @$225k)
+ 1 plastic Paul the Survivor (unlocked @275k)
+ 4 Starting Survivor Heads (unlocked @475k)

>> No.22406879

It's in the gameplay footage, when you damage, you flip a hit location card to find out where it hit. If it's a critical (or if you do enough damage?) that location can be wounded, cut off, etc.

One of the cards that was shown for the lion was an attack card where it does a swipe with its claws. If its paw was missing though, it instead swings at the survivor with its bloody stump, doing no damage, but causing a little bit of insanity damage.

>> No.22406889

If all combat is 1-6 Survivors vs 1 Monster, and if Survivors are the only things that equip shit and stuff, why on Earth would you need a regiment of Kingsmen?

>> No.22406894

I don't think evolution gives a shit namefag.

>> No.22406899

This is good. Although personally I'd drop sunstalker and gorm/spidicules and get the Lion God cos that dude's very cool.

>> No.22406904


>> No.22406914

why do you need a second phoenix?

Because they are awesome

>> No.22406917

Because they're swag, I think.

Actually, there was a mention of patrols of them or something in the video, so it's possible you can meet more than one. Altough the fight mechanics suggest otherwise.

>> No.22406918

I love everything about the gorm expansion except the Gorm itself.

>> No.22406921

If Then statements.
>if hand missing
>then this attack

>> No.22406923


Is there any reason to have two phoenix/Watchers?

>> No.22406938

It's going to be a keeper of secrets for me.

>> No.22406943

Survivor does not get any extra expansions. It does get a FUCKTON of extra figs, and a couple of options (the KS exclusive starters, the savior, the two challenge scenario survivors)

>> No.22406945

Because swag.

In game? None as far as I'm aware.

>> No.22406953

Double phoenix fight, obviously.

>> No.22406962

>not a Lord of Change

>> No.22406964

that word is meaningless you cretin.

>> No.22406967

Officially? Practice for painting.

>> No.22406974

whoops i meant Lord of change.

>> No.22406979

First Phoenix is gonna be painted standard rusty red.

Second Phoenix is gonna be painted peacock rainbow gold

>> No.22406991

Gotta have a G-Rank phoenix after all.

>> No.22406995

I feel you my friend.
I feel you.

>> No.22406996

An ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery: "ribbon-tied swags of flowers".
Arrange in or decorate with a swag or swags of fabric.
noun. loot - booty - spoil - prey - plunder
verb. swing

>> No.22407000

Pick one.

>> No.22407009

The way you were using it is meaningless. You degenerate.

>> No.22407020

oh boy so begins the samefagging. Go back to the Philippines.

>> No.22407039

Its an acronym.
Well... it was. Its been bastardized in that companies now charge for it.
Its stands for "Stuff We All Get"
Real 'swag' is actually just those really shitty things they give out to every attending a con, or who stops by a booth, or something dumb like that.

This shit ain't swag, cause not everyone gets it.

>> No.22407044


>> No.22407046

I think I really am going to go with nothing but a quick coat of white, followed by a quick wash to bring out detail on these miniatures. They look so great as-is, and even Poots feels that, for his own miniatures, unpainted is just the way they are.

The whole marble statue look just really feels so appropriate for this game.

>> No.22407050

Of all the memes I've seen on /tg/, 'the word swag comes from the Philippines' is perhaps the strangest.

>> No.22407067

It doesn't come from the philippines. It is overused by failapinos who borrowed it from Nignogs who borrowed it from English.
None of them use it properly and the Failpino use of it is annoying and humorous.

>> No.22407083

Rolled 1, 5 = 6

testing rolling

>> No.22407091

You are a strange person. I think you mean swag being used as an abbreviation of "swagger"?

>> No.22407108

Oh its nice how you turn it around to it being about me, when it has nothing to do with me. No i'm not strange and yes its an abbreviation of swagger.

>> No.22407143

You said "nignogs" and "failpino" in the same sentence and did not seem to be attempting any form of irony. I'm not insulting you, just kind of head tilting. You must be an interesting person.

>> No.22407146

It can refer to a large amount of something positive, a type of rugged bag for camping or an arrangement of flowers and shit.
"I have a swag of coke."
"I have a swag full of coke."
"I hit my coke in the flowers of the swag."

>> No.22407151


Could you possibly be more obnoxious about being right? I don't think he quite understands.

>> No.22407155

Oh shut the fuck up you liberal cunt.

>> No.22407160

Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong
Under the shade of a coolibah tree

>> No.22407175

>You must be an interesting person.
I don't know, I just find him pretty pathetic.

>> No.22407179

Turned out he stole a sheep and then he drowned himself.

>> No.22407188

To get back on topic.

People post your lists of what you are getting. I'm particularly interested in those getting Herald of Death.

>> No.22407195

>not using spoilers
Still, at least he was swag. That's the main thing.

>> No.22407201

>Points out the ridiculous use of Swag by ghetto trash
>gets called pathetic


>> No.22407206

I am glad someone is aware enough of how the trolls operate to make such a comic. I feel like that when most hate topics come up.

Nobody is talking about pancakes.

>> No.22407231


I'm still doing the math and trying to figure out if I want more expansions or armor copies. I'm probably going to just end up buying both and spending way too much. Because Christ, these are good miniatures.

>> No.22407232

>hate topics

Please really? How do idiots like you even survive in the real world with all the mean things in it?

>> No.22407236

I'm getting ever available gameplay thing except for the Relic Knights Crossover, and I'm considering getting some extra armor kits to complement the ones that come in the survivor pledge.

>> No.22407241

Survivor at $135
Dragon King
Spiderclouse (or whatever)
Lantern Festival
Beetle Knight
Flower Knight
Survivor Candy And Cola
+ Hearld of Death bonuses

>> No.22407242

>needing spoilers for something that's been drilled into the head of everyone living on the world smallest continent since birth.

The moral of the story is: If you get busted you might as well kill yourself and take everything of value with you.

>> No.22407261

Yeah, I personally went with both. I'm kind of thinking about dropping the extra armor copies just because buying one set instead of 5 is kind of a ripoff.

I really want to have 4 male and 4 female available for as many kinds of armor as possible though.

>> No.22407269

Australia is bigger than Europe you fool.

>> No.22407276

Hey, don't get me wrong, "nignog" is probably the most adorable way of referring to a black person I've heard, and I'm not even sure you mean a black person. It could somehow refer to Koreans possible. If I was a braver sort, I'd probably have my party fight "a band of Nignogs" in a deep lair of caverns and have them be "ambushed by Failpinos" on the boat trip back to the capitol city with all their loot.

>> No.22407280


Arright. Let me throw my blubborous body and my two cents in here.

"Swag" is what's called a plural noun, and it is also a mass noun. It is for something good, but you do not have a "swag of something" - it is not a unit of measurement or a specific amount, like a grouping. It is not interchangeable with other words like "head" or "pile." Allow me to explain:

You don't have odds and ends ofshit on your shelf; You have odds and ends on your shelf.

You don't have a swag of shit in your loot bag; You have swag in your loot bag.

>> No.22407288

You are more likely to encounter a rape scenario with nignogs than Kingdom death monsters.

>> No.22407290

Western Russia is considered a part of Europe's continental geography.

>> No.22407295

does anyone else see dungbeetle in the next herald of death goal?

i'm thinking maybe hmm. dungbine armor set? what do you all think?

>> No.22407300

By mass, population, or land area?

>> No.22407307

Yeah, there have been speculations of Flower and Dung Knight armor sets of some sort. You can see what looks like the beetle's horn on the figure on the left.

>> No.22407309

Who knows, we'll find out by tomorrow morning at this rate though.

>> No.22407317


The black people I know find nignog to be hilarious, simply because it's such a silly word. I'm partial to niglet for "most cute slur" myself. It's a hair step away from being nig-chan.

>> No.22407319

There is a number of conventions but yes if you include Russia it is bigger than Australia.

>> No.22407337

Its short for nigger noggen no doubt. Basically means dumbass.

>> No.22407340

>flower knight
>fucking flowers
>dung beetle knight
>enables agriculture
>flowers are agriculture
What if its some kind of combonation armor unlocked by beating them both?

>> No.22407361

I'm betting if you grow plants and eat them this enrages the Flower knight.

>> No.22407370


Oh, the meaning is pointless. It's such a silly, non threatening word that anyone trying to legitimately use it as a slur comes off more as more funny than insulting.

>> No.22407383

The meaning is interesting. Noggen is a word for a head. So its either means you have a nigger head or the intellectual capacity of a nigger.

Its a bit like Spook. The word doesn't make sense until you have seen a nigger surprise someone.

I wonder what jiggaboo means...

>> No.22407444

So is this game trying to be a tactical minis game, a co-op boardgame, monster hunter, an RPG or Demon's Souls?

A mash up of all those things? What are the chances that it fails on all accounts and is just a fiddly unplayable mess? You kids need to get burned once or twice before you wise up, I guess.

Sure glad I don't contribute to any Kickstarters.

>> No.22407467

You really think people are less polite in the real world than on the internet? On 4chan?

Man, I must not be hanging out with the right douchebags. I've had traffic accidents that got less heated than 4.0 versus 3.5 discussions.

>> No.22407474

If you'd watched the available videos and read the statements the creator has made about it, you would know exactly what this game is, exactly what it's trying to be, exactly what it does, and exactly what you'd be getting yourself into if you pledged to the kickstarter.

>> No.22407493

what do you have against kickstarter?

Besides, as your terminology suggests, that you are too old to understand it.

>> No.22407495

Well typically if I hang around non-white people i'm threatened with racial abuse and threats continually.
Maybe you never experienced this not coming out of your basement?

>> No.22407502

>mature game for adults


>> No.22407529

You know, it's funny, because I've put over $500 into this kickstarter, but I'm one of the people who absolutely detests the way Kickstarter is used for video games.

Here, there's a very real, very substantial cost involved with production, and it would literally never happen without a kickstarter to cover the initial production costs, so both pledges and stretch goals have actual meaning instead of being nothing more than an interest-free loan for someone who doesn't even need it.

>> No.22407549


When this game finally arrives on your doorstep (I predict at least 6 months late,) and you play your first game, and it sucks, I'm going to pop out of the box point at your disappointed face and yell, "HAHA!"

>> No.22407559

Also this guy has proved that he is able to produce superb minis and art.

>> No.22407571

My party will slay you and wear your skin.

>> No.22407580

If the game is complete and total shit (Again, I've looked at the information about it and made my decision based on that information, unlike you) then I've just purchased a large number of very competitively priced miniatures for other games.

>> No.22407583

How would I get in traffic accidents without leaving a basement? I mean, there are some possiblities, but I've never met Marvin Heemeyer.

Most of my friends at work are Mexicans or Navajo. and I've never gotten crap about being white from them. Hell, I even tend to make the occasional racist joke with the ones I trust. Of course, maybe Albuquerque is not the hotbed of racial tension you seem to inhabit.

>> No.22407605

Your excellent sense of humor may just get you through the disappointment ahead. Well played.

>> No.22407642

I don't really care american. you are pig disgusting.

>> No.22407691

We get the silliest people in these threads.

>> No.22407699

Can't stop the melting pot

>> No.22407710

How's that 45$ shipping treating you?

>> No.22407723

I don't care if America gets turned into Brazil.
It means my country and my quality of life improves.

>> No.22407733

Herald of Death

>> No.22407751

Oh, you're canadian? How's that $30 shipping treating you then?

>> No.22407757

I'm not Canadian. You are losing it anon.

>> No.22407766

I was just up there on vacation. Its a nice area. I can attest to certain regions being bizarrely racist for no reason, though.

Like New Orleans.

>> No.22407778

Then why bring up Herald of Death? Your shipping is still $45.

I'm Herald of Death too, and my shipping is free. See how that works?

>> No.22407782

>bizarrely racist for no reason
>Like New Orleans.

Did you get attacked by blacks?

>> No.22407783

>if America gets turned into Brazil
>tfw hue

>> No.22407792

The best things that will come out of this game:
New ideas
New understanding of what people want in a game
How to run a kickstarter campaign
Some great minis

The worst things that will come out of this game:
The game
People losing trust in kickstarter projects

>> No.22407795

Yes it means for the shipping I get compensated with 3 items worth more than the shipping.

If someone wants just 300 HoD and they don't have to buy something they don't want just to make up the HoD.

Or is that too hard for your brain American?

>> No.22407819

>If someone wants just 300 HoD and they don't have to buy something they don't want just to make up the HoD.
Yes, that's too hard for my brain because, as a sentence, what you've said makes no sense whatsoever.

>> No.22407830

You have to be more clear anon i'm not privy to your amazing "anti-racist" thinking.
If you mean different hues? Well brazil has a multitude of racial classifications based on skin hue.

>> No.22407834

LOL, he's right

>> No.22407855

I am Brazilian

>> No.22407860

You understood it you are being disingenuous.

Poots stated clearly that the HoD option is meant to alleviate the shipping cost. It works out well for international customers. We buy 255 worth of stuff then add shipping and we get a lot of free stuff.

>> No.22407868

I think he's saying that, because he apparently doesn't like enough of the sets to buy 300 dollars worth of stuff, he's actually not paying shipping because he's getting three things he does want. So by getting less for the same price, he's getting more.

Seems legit.

>> No.22407869

Enjoy your terrible quality of life you hue hue hue mutant.

>> No.22407876

But you could use that $45 to buy even more minis

>> No.22407885


>> No.22407892

It would make perfect sense if Herald of Death only applied to people outside of the US... but it doesn't, so you're still paying that $45 extra.

>> No.22407907

Shush, he's using magic math, which our puny American brains are not equipped to handle.

>> No.22407910

I dunno, man. I think I'd rather have two expansions that I wasn't really interested in than pay $45 for shipping.

I guess that's just me.

>> No.22407932

brb, getting equipped.

>> No.22407991


Even if it does fail in every aspect of being a playable game, some of us still get some gorgeous miniatures to add to our collections for a fairly decent price given the quality.

I highly doubt this will fail completely as a game though. If you watch the videos, even if it does remain that simple and straight forward it seems like you could have a fun very light RP experience (depending I guess who you play with).

Oh and lastly I suppose, not all Kickstarters are a complete waste. Just make sure you find the gems. This is a good example.

>> No.22408044

Every single thing about this game seems to suggest a game that I would love to play, there's been a lot of information revealed, even with Poots avoiding spoilers, two gameplay videos and a ton of hints dropped around forums and kickstarter.

Everything revealed suggests a game that I'd love to play. The mechanics, the miniatures, the design philosophy, the influences, all of them are positive to me.

And, to top things off, even if the game somehow manages to be the single worst thing I have ever played, completely irredeemable even with any amount of house rules, the miniatures by themselves will have been a great deal.

It's pretty much impossible to go wrong with this one if you're at all interested.

>> No.22408139

My main problem is the sheer expense; even at its base price, the $145 price tag is a bit too much for me right now. Hopefully I can order it online later along with the story expansions.

>> No.22408468

Wait until he starts selling his shit on his website.
He sends minis with priority shipping option there


>> No.22408486

If you're planning to get all of the expansions, it's better to eat the $45 in one go, rather than pay full price for the expansions later.

Just saying.

>> No.22408512

Jsut look at this here

3 x Forsaker Pinup

Sub Total:
Order Total:

>> No.22408520

I dont think its especially expensive when you look at GW prices. And quality. I think you're actually better off shelling out some 170$ on this...

I really wish there was a lore compendium on their site though, goddamn I'm interested.

>> No.22408545

But at the same time, compare the kickstarter price of each expansion with the RRP. There's over $200 in difference.

If you're going to buy all of them, it's better to just take a $35 hit than a $200 one.

>> No.22408622

How much does the game + all expansions cost?

>> No.22408661

If you get just the game and its expansions, $365USD. This qualifies you for Herald of Death, so you get the other two expansions for free.

$55 more for Survivor, and another $50 if you want the pinup models that come with game content.

>> No.22408704

I honestly want to buy this game and expansions. I really do. But I am not a painter or modeler, I would pay the painter at my FLGS to paint them for me when I bought them. I am a board gamer, and I am interested only in the game itself rather than the models.

I just can't justify dropping $350 on this thing. There is not enough information on the gameplay. I could buy seven copies of Fury of Dracula for that price, for crying out loud. I absolutely adore the concept, but unless you are a modeler or tabletop fanatic and can afford to just eat the cost and repurpose the models if the game sucks then I can't see any justification for buying it.

Anyone else feel the same?

>> No.22408724

I did, but by the time the second gameplay video was out, and with all of the collected forum posts, I felt there was enough information.

Maybe you should have a look here? >>22406332

>> No.22408801

I noticed that as soon as he posted the silhouette and I was like, "Maybe... Glass Armor?" Didn't even put it together that Poots saying he really hoped we reached that goal and a soda bottle would mean a Soda Pop collabo.

>> No.22408831

Holy shit... I thought that immediately when I saw the hat, but I didn't even think "Hat+sword+wooden shield+messenger of COURAGE=Link"... I think I need to sleep.

>> No.22408859

>+1 insanity
Oh shit.

>> No.22408910

I recall reading that some survivors can become priests.

But there are no gods that would answer humans in Kingdom: Death.

So priests are actually insane. And give buffs to themselves and allies the less sanity they have.

Kind of amusing.

>> No.22408952

Oh my God. I love this. So they're essentially either zealots or crackheads on an adrenaline rush.

>> No.22409170

Shit, with the $45 fee I'd have to pay over a grand in my backwater nation's currency, an entire month's salary. Guess I'll wait to buy the game piecemeal (even though it'd be more expensive in the long run).

>> No.22409314

>Berserk Dem Hips Edition
>final boss isn't Griffith

>> No.22409760

Yeah and instead of paying for shipping why not just hire a private jet too fly there directly, have the jet pilot hire a limo, drive to Poots house, pick-up the package, return to the jet, fly back over to you, and then hire a second limo / white glove delivery service to deliver it directly into your hands?

>> No.22409821

I have no money for another week, i hope i can get everything in plastic when it gets released.
From what i gather, the limited ed stuff is just resin cast, and will also be out in plastic, other than the pinups.

I also hope for something crocodile/alligator related too.

>toiletries yearname

>> No.22409838

I said I wasn't going to spend more than $300 on this.

>> No.22409839

Just homebrew something for this swag-ass motherfucker.

>> No.22409872

I feel the same, and I've not seen anything to convince me otherwise.

I've seen far too many "amazing games" (traditional and /v/,) just fail to deliver in my time. Wait for it to come out, if it's good you can buy it. If it's bad, you can think back to this thread and laugh at the rabid people.

>> No.22409901

Every thread you post this trying too look for validation as though you're actually trying to convince yourself of this more than you're trying to help other.

Every thread you're either ignored or thanked by an Anon who has never painted a miniature before who you've misled into thinking this is a good idea.

Please stop.

>> No.22409918

Why don't you cry some more about it, faglord?

>> No.22409929


He would, but you seem to be doing it for him.

>> No.22409939

lmao fukkin epic told bro

>> No.22409993

who else is tempted to homebrew monster hunter monsters n gear?

>> No.22410013

The gameplay looks like utter dogshit. It's pure randomization steeped in a horrible aesthetic that's trying terribly hard for a "dark" and "adult" theme by adding tits and dicks to everything. It's understandable that you might want some jerk-off material miniatures, but you guys can't honestly believe that this will be a fun experience can you? You do realize it looks horrible and you're basing it off of a mental image of an imagined Monster Hunter/Dark Souls mashup and not reality, right? Tell me you all can't be this fucking dense.

>> No.22410029

Ah, good morning, United States, did you sleep well? Hope you're having a good weekend! No school today, right?

>> No.22410030

The gameplay videos really gave the whole thing away.
+1 would totally homebrew the whole thing, and make it faster.

>> No.22410082


I know it's hard to do things like understand reality and actually spend more than a few seconds thinking about what's presented to you. I know that perfectly rendered resin titties and hips have blinded you, but there's no need to lash out. I know you think you're a big boy; you don't need this game to prove it

>> No.22410368

Ive seen many posts saying its all randomized BS, thats there is no real strategy.
thats basically every fucking game out there that uses any dice whatsoever, anyway, the strategy seems to be in the character loadout and tactical positioning. during combat and the choices you make during the settlement and hunt phases.

>> No.22410423

>flower knight, dung beetle, phoenix, watcher, king, king's hand, kingsmen etcetc
>jerk-off material miniatures
Stop being silly, anon. There's plenty of awesome minis that aren't for masturbating to.

>> No.22410473


And to be fair, a lot of the females seem to fit the aesthetic? in a weird way. Like, EVERYONE is kind of showing skin or nearly naked. Those that aren't and are completely covered in armor? are inhuman monsters. I kind of like that most of the 'humans' in this are kind of savage and naked looking. Only the weathered veterans and experienced ones have good gear and clothing, and the females are nearly as clothed as their male counterparts, customary boob windows and stupid shit aside.

>> No.22410486


That's a flimsy counterpoint that needs to stop right now. It's extraordinarily subjective and nobody seems to have the capacity to understand that. Yeah, nearly all tabletop games use randomization. Not many implement mechanics where you instantly lose after a couple poor rolls in a row. You mention strategy. Yeah, overarching strategy should win out. That's clearly not the case here. You tweak some stat lines and pray the dice work out. By anyone with a brain's standards the gameplay looks shoddy as all fuck, and that's what makes these threads so ridiculous. Everyone heaps praise on it saying how great it looks when anyone who's played more than a few board games could tell you it looks like boring tripe. This guy is a pretentious artist, not a game designer. Praise the minis all you want, you cannot defend the gameplay.

>> No.22410492

Anyone with a brain read all the information that's available.

>> No.22410501


As a follow up, here's an idea: Play Munchkin, and every time you level up pretend you built a new building in an imaginary town. You're now playing a pre-release version of Kingdom Death

>> No.22410514


Hey this is a great post. Try taking a stab at elaborating in any sense to justify it next and you'll be well on your way to not being a total fucking mongoloid

>> No.22410522

>Link with DEM HIPS

>> No.22410536

It's been done repeatedly, even in this very thread. Do your own damn homework and educate yourself before you post.

>> No.22410583

I'm not sure I follow your line completely.
From what I've seen, there's some strategy in that you choose what to hunt and what equipment to make. Every game that uses randomization involves a little praying that the dice (or whatever randomizing method is being used) work out.

> It's extraordinarily subjective

Yes. It is, isn't it?

>> No.22410585


No, actually it hasn't. The only thing in this thread is the repetition of "it looks so good" with nothing beyond that. Let me repeat myself: this is all based off of your own fucking imagination, not what's actually been shown. I've seen all the bullshit that's been released on this game, and am using my fucking brain to form an educated opinion. You are not.

You have fucking NOTHING. You can't be a flippant little fuck to mask that

>> No.22410621

No magic = no buy

>> No.22410647

You can leave the thread now.

>> No.22410676

Berserk became shit when non-apostles got magic. So no magic.

>> No.22410677

Wait wait.. I'm curious what he sees as flimsy game design and want him to elaborate

>> No.22410722


You're not clever for taking a line out of context. The info tries to make it seem strategic, yeah. It does this by presenting a bunch of fiddly shit that may or may not be useful because hey all of the crucial stuff is random as shit. Learn to parse and critically think about things.

>> No.22410727

>Using the rupee equivalent of a penny to decorate your money pouch.

That's like the definition of tacky.

>> No.22410741

>critically think about things.
Or in other words criticise things just for the sake of it.

>> No.22410757


What about magic weapons

>> No.22410767

So do you guys think we'll actually make the 1,200,000 stretch goal? Seems to be at 1,196,000 and there are only about 56 hours left. I'm guessing most people who added for the lantern festival and the 2nd gameplay video are tapped out now and we'll probably see a significant slow down going forward.

Shit sucks but I guess I should be happy with what we've already got.

>> No.22410801

Considering the fact that it's gone up 46000 overnight since the addition of the Messenger of Courage, yes, it will definitely make it.

>> No.22410804

I wish I could share your optimism.

>> No.22410817

Why, exactly? The stretch goal happened late last night, and we're almost at the next one already. Why WOULDN'T it hit it?

>> No.22410822

In fact, while this conversation was taking place, it's at 1,197,000 now.

>> No.22410837

Actually it's still in context..

I'm still not really following what you there. Can you cite anything specific from the two gameplay videos?

What are your thoughts on "Shadows Over Camelot" and the Knizia's "Lord of the Rings" ?

>> No.22410840


You want me to elaborate then fine. Let's start with the basics. He spends an entire video essentially showing off how early on two bad rolls in a row can lead to your character instantly dying. Even if it was only one bad roll, you would be in awful shape. So, the first clear point is that early game you are completely at the mercy of the dice and the randomly drawn AI cards. Your victories aren't going to be won through strategy but luck. The way AI cards cycle and get repeated does not change that they are still done so in a random order, and a couple bad dice simply end it for you. Likewise a couple lucky dice can win it instantly. If you take joy in winning by luck alone I can see this being fun I suppose. So is Monopoly in that sense.

But let's go further. The more recent shit. In an attempt to appear as though there's some semblance of player agency you have the settlement, crafting and gear mechanics. As I said this is clearly just fiddly crap that doesn't look as though it will counterbalance the randomness. Poots tries to pitch it all as a "puzzle" within the overarching game. That's a joke. The major encounters and events that decide what happens to your characters are still heavily randomized. Didn't research a specific trait that would counteract this random encounter? Hey fuck you then. Besides, this could, metagame wise, play out one of two ways. There are enough random events that you simply can't plan for any given one and you're just flying blind. Or, there are so few that it's predictable and you follow the same path in terms of research and gear every time. "I need this monster bait for an encounter I know will happen, but we never got the chance to make it. Oh well."

You can see him TRYING to add depth to it, and that's what's fooling you. The problem is he keeps drifting back to randomization being too heavy a factor negating it all and turning it into a fiddly mess instead of an elegant strategic amalgam like he wants it to be.

>> No.22410843

Please stop artificially increasing your pledge only to drop it just to win an internet argument...

It's not fair to adam if the money made drops $1000s of dollars in response to people dropping their pledge at the last minute to what they actually want to play, especially if he locks in stretch goals.

>> No.22410867

>Please stop artificially increasing your pledge only to drop it just to win an internet argument...
What? Are you retarded or something? The amount of money pledged has been constantly going up pretty much since this started, and it's been going up all night. What the hell is so unbelievable about the fact that it's continuing to rise?

>> No.22410870

>I'm still not really following what you there.
herp. I meant "I'm still not really following what you're saying there."

>> No.22410881


Furthermore, he's so painfully aware of this that at the end of his new video he feels it necessary to explain that sometimes this will lead to some really fucking unfair game sessions. How should you handle that? "Learn" from your experience. Yeah, learn what random bullshit you may or may not see.

Let me let you in on something; what's he's saying is not ok. It is the fucking definition of BAD GAME DESIGN. He clearly does not know what he's doing. It's artificially complex and still suffers from severe and unpredictable gameplay. You cannot justify that by saying "it fits with the dark tone" or "I like that kind of brutal gameplay." It's cognitive fucking dissonance. Stop trying to justify bad design. This game reeks of it.

>> No.22410884

There is no need for name calling. I want the 1,200,000 stretch goal as much as anyone but I'll retract my statements and complaints if it's just causing you folk to go into the pledge manager and start pledging insane (and temporary) numbers just to make me eat crow.

It's not fair to Adam and not my intention.

>> No.22410897

>There is no need for name calling.
There's no need to be a faggot and accuse people of inflating their pledges just because they point out the fact that the total amount pledged continues to rise, either, but you felt the need to do that.

>> No.22410902

You are really an unpleasant person.

>> No.22410911

So sayeth the troll.

>> No.22410934

This game has a very Dark Souls vibe to be.
Definitely a positive point for me.

>> No.22410963

> He spends an entire video essentially showing off how early on two bad rolls in a row can lead to your character instantly dying.
You do know that you can spend a Survival Point to negate an attack right? And you start off with at least one.

Furthermore dying doesn't seem to be that much of a setback, seeing as how your settlement has at least 4 more people to replace dead characters with. At the very least it means you can completely wipe at least once and not have the game end there and then. The big 'advancement' mechanic seems to be equipment, which can be given to a fresh character, and 'veteran' characters that survive multiple fights only get more survival and insanity points.

Death doesn't seem to be that big a deal.

>> No.22410995

unless you grow really attached to your "elvis mc badass" in which case his death only makes you feel bad and makes it more fun when he dies.

>> No.22410996


That doesn't change anything. It's like a badly designed roguelike on autopilot. Eventually you'll make it through because the right series of random events happened. You input was trivial.

>> No.22411057

>Your input is trivial
I don't know much about the rules yet but I can tell you that arranging yourself so that two survivors are on each side of the lion will give you much different results than arranging everyone in front of it.

>> No.22411084

Not that anon, but... as I recall the video made that sound like it was always the best option, i.e. a no-brainer.

Personally, though, the thing most off-putting about the gameplay description is the campaign-ness of it. Getting people together for that many seqeuntial games ain't necessarily easy.

>> No.22411115


The way I'd like to fluff Survivors dying and being replaced with new Survivors using the exact same gear is basically the Curse of the (Un)dead. That way you can continue your character, and not mutilate the model in the process trying to unassembling it..

>> No.22411118

>genuine russian vodka
>made in Latvia

>> No.22411126

its not neccesary at all, players can coem and go, but the survivors remain, and could happily be played by anyone., though a continual group would be different, bringing new players in randomly to swap old players also works fine, as there is no "roleplaying" and they could mix-match equipment willy-nilly.

>> No.22411137


For that specific aspect of the gameplay, yes. In fact it's such a damn no brainer that there will obviously be cards that actively discourage it by saying "if there's a character behind the monster it hits them." More randomization you can't account for. Either monster AI is so predictable in its attack patterns that you go through the appropriate motions and hope the dice rolls bear out, or it's randomized and you just crawl up its ass...and hope the dice bear out alongside the card draws. Fun fun.

>> No.22411171


>> No.22411197

There's discussion in the video regarding positioning to gain advantages. I don't see the lack of strategy you're seeing..

As a game designed to be player versus board, it's pretty common to have it be hard mode. In a sense, it's the nature of the beast. It's one of the reasons why I asked you of your opinion on "Shadows Over Camelot" and the Knizia's "Lord of the Rings." Even "Pandemic" taunts the players with its difficulty.

> learn what random bullshit you may or may not see.

..I can't tell you how much random bullshit will pop up in all manner of games that one may or may not see. The "fog of war" happens even in real life. I'm not sure how you go about it but if nothing ever blindsides you, I wish I had your eyes.

> It's artificially complex and still suffers from severe and unpredictable gameplay.

I kind of expect it to be unpredictable when I have no experience with it..

>Stop trying to justify bad design.

I'm mostly trying to understand your PoV and provide counterpoint in order to help qualify it.


I can think of quite a number of games you'd hate. I'm going to chalk it up that this gameplay type is simply not for you. Thanks for taking the time to discuss your opinion though.

(If you reply to this, I might be a while since I'm playing Stalker Online in another window and and moving out collect some artifacts..)

>> No.22411258

But given that it appears to be an ongoing story of a settlement, how easy is it to persuade people to join you in playing Chapter 5: The Anteloping?

>> No.22411292

>how easy is it to persuade people to join you in playing Chapter 5: The Anteloping?
I wouldn't know, ask your own friends.

But really, there'd be no problem. Survivors are more of a resource than "This is my one super-important character." Sure, names are encouraged so that you become more attached to them, to make losing them more disheartening, but in the end they're all interchangeable. It might be a bit harder for someone new to the game to fight the ultimate rapelord, but there's no real barrier to them jumping right in.

>> No.22411320


Not a single bit of that is justification. I already stated that the way this is presented reeks of just being poorly thought out, and is ultimately exemplary of bad design. Randomization isn't inherently bad as a concept. An encounter that's completely randomized isn't bad in an of itself. It's bad when it produces something you have no way of dealing with or are forced to rely entirely upon good luck to beat. Randomization should serve to mix things up and present you with something that's unexpected, but you still have the capacity to deal with by way of your own ability. Using multiple dice for a single roll immediately changes things because suddenly you have averages to work off of when considering numbers. This game uses single dice. Having a variety of skills and options to utilize to maximize efficiency is good. This game has equipment as a bunch of numbers and minute effects that pad your base numbers to hopefully counteract the random attacks you'll experience.

That's what's not sinking in for you people. That's the subjectivity. You can't say "well almost all games use randomness and dice." No shit they do, it's all about how they're used. What's been shown with Kingdom Death is a blatant lack of understanding with this stuff. It's a simple minded approach desperately trying to be complex and just making a mess of itself. No fundamentally sound concepts have been shown, only ideas that have terrible implementation into the actual gameplay.

>> No.22411355

So characters are sinners woken up in hell? Needs some sort of a system for perks or skills, resembling memories of their past. Some wake up without memories and tend to be pretty normal or good, but they don't remember anything. Other wake up with limited or full memories of previous lives and tend to be bastards or traitors with useful skills.

>> No.22411370

And you're missing the hints about the other aspects of gameplay that, while not directly stated, have been strongly hinted at. Usage of survival points at key moments, manipulation of critical hits to disable powerful enemy attacks, abilities that allow players to definitely peek at and possibly manipulate the enemy AI deck, consumable and usable items with various effects, and so on. All things that have been briefly touched upon at one point or another, and all things that add more depth to the combat system.

But whatever, keep telling everyone else how they just don't understand and how "it's really just run at the monster and roll dice, really! You've got to believe me, you all know nothing!"

>> No.22411385

Nah, characters are non-entities written into existence by the scribe to grow and multiply that they may become food for the monsters of the King's Land according to Adam.

>> No.22411389

Not necessarily, though it might as well be. It just seems that the Kingdom Death world is just one with a rather malevolent deity.

When that's how your world is, I guess it pretty much is hell anyway.

>> No.22411515


When you're about to get fucked you use your get out of jail free card. Disable the widget the monster uses for his big attacks. It's only meaningful if you've got to put thought into it. These threads are orgies of stupidity because people laud the gameplay; imaginary, idealized gameplay they've concocted in their own minds. The videos contradict that and show off a child-like attempt at complexity. It's fucking stupid, there's more bad than good shown, nobody can put forth a meaningful argument otherwise, so cut it out.

>> No.22411525

Yes, yes, we get it, you don't like what you've seen, you completely refuse to acknowledge any other facts that have been shared by the creator of the game, and you're having a grand old time shitting up the thread.

You can go now.

>> No.22411542


How about fuck you cunt. I've laid out the god damn facts while all you've done is said "it's out there hurr I don't need to explain anything look it up yourself." My shit is fucking grounded son. You shit doesn't even exist.

>> No.22411543

This game could turn out to be a buttom masher like hungry hungry hippos for all I care and I'd still be happy with my pledge since I'm in it for the minis first.

If the game sucks it's win and if the game doesn't suck it's a bonus win but that's hardly important. I imagine many other people are in the same boat as me.

>> No.22411556


Won't know that until we see the whole thing in full detail. Yes, it has some questionable parts, but I would withhold my judgment until you see the rule set proper itself.

And you are (most likely) not going to back this anyway so why do you care what others do with their money? Scoff at their assumed stupidity and move on, my good man.

>> No.22411566


Same, i'm mostly in it for the figures so I can swap those parts around and make some cool custom minis for D&D and other games.

>> No.22411570

>I've laid out the god damn facts
No, you haven't. You've laid out your own imaginary version of the game where features that its creator has already discussed do not exist, shitting up a thread that you have nothing to do with in the first place.

>> No.22411584


>> No.22411615


Make a fucking argument. I have based EVERYTHING off of what has been put forth by the creator. You are clearly dumb as a fucking brick and apparently some sort of illiterate parrot who's learned to work a fucking computer. I fucking DEFY you to make a compelling argument for the game beyond vague statements and how you totally like the concepts and the minis are so awesome yeah. Because you can't. I have given specifics. I used my fucking brain, you're using your dick.

>> No.22411621

This is the part where you leave the thread.

>> No.22411667 [DELETED] 

Behold my ultimate form.

>> No.22411680

Another anon here and I have a question: What is your agenda? Do you want anons to not pledge to the KS? Do you want anons to say that you are right?

>> No.22411699

>needs to kill three strong demons to make fancy armor

>> No.22411706

>merged Knight armor complete with Dungbine and Flower helmets

My life is complete.

>> No.22411742

Have limited monies to spend on this so pared my pledge right back. Thankfully I'm going in with 2 buddies to get the 3 x Survivor set @ $400 and with shipping it works out at $155 for Survivor for each of us which is only €120. :D

I'm definitely getting the Dragon King but I'm not sure whether to get some of the limited pin-ups (especially with challenge scenarios) or more expansions (the Flower Knight is really good value). I reckon I'll go for the TNA and sell it on in a few months for profit. Christmas Nico is one, anyone know what the other ones are?

I can feel a Playboy-like 'I bought it for the gameplay' excuse coming on...

>> No.22411753

Thread is at the bump limit guys made a new one.


>> No.22411777


Idiocy deserves criticism. You don't pretend you're aloof and move past it, that's the mindset of an asshole psuedo-intellectual. You argue in hopes that maybe it will spark some modicum of critical thought. It's a bad looking board game, and shouldn't get the mindless support that it is. It's reinforcing bad concepts, bad design, and is alltogether silly. Jesus christ people just be more critical of your shit and more intelligent with your money. You could go out and buy three or four brilliant games for what this joke will cost you. You'll remember the asshole from the tg thread when you're playing the game

>> No.22411793

>You'll remember the asshole from the tg thread when you're playing the game
Well now, I think that's the first correct thing you've said all thread.

>> No.22411804


It's pitiful if you genuinely believe that

>> No.22411826

>It's pitiful if you genuinely believe that
You're right. You're not very memorable, just another troll.

>> No.22411850


Don't pretend like it's rolled off of you you aren't impressing anyone. Try to fucking take something away from it all

>> No.22411887

>Not a single bit of that is justification.

I wasn't trying to justify... See:
>>Stop trying to justify bad design.
>I'm mostly trying to understand your PoV and provide counterpoint in order to help qualify it.

>It's bad when it produces something you have no way of dealing with or are forced to rely entirely upon good luck to beat.

Oh I agree but I don't see what you're seeing as completely random. It's like a wargame, where you improve your changes through maneuver but your results may vary. Certainly being better equipped and experienced will help.

I can't say if the game works or is broken based on what's shown so far but it seems to work okay -yet the details that are only hinted at could break things.

>When you're about to get fucked you use your get out of jail free card. Disable the widget the monster uses for his big attacks. It's only meaningful if you've got to put thought into it.

Similar to the Merlin card in "Shadows Over Camelot" actually. Like the Merlin card, there are different ways in which you can use that "get out of jail free" card. It's a judgment call on how to use it.

>These threads are orgies of stupidity because people laud the gameplay

Wait. I thought you were complaining earlier that these threads were nothing but people cheering for tits and ass? Well... I guess it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I'm not discussing this with you to change your mind. I think I understand where you're coming from. I'm going to go wash up and get some sleep. Thanks for sharing.

Just refreshed the page before posting..
> You could go out and buy three or four brilliant games for what this joke will cost you.
Well, I think it has potential and I'd like to see some diversity, so I put some money in it. I've bought many games that are considered popular with the BGG community. Some of which have characteristics that match what you don't like about Kingdom Death.. Time will tell if it stands up or not.

>> No.22411943

Wait... I get this for free, but I need other expansions to use it? Damn it. No Gorm, and no Dung Beetle Knight.

>> No.22412273

So your ultimate goal is to criticize?
You think I am an idiot to spend money on this and you are free to think that of me. Anything else?

>> No.22413684

Insanity is a double edged sword.
Insanity actually counts as ARMOR against anything that would cause brain damage.

Take too much brain damage, and you start developing disorders which give you less control over the Survivor, and makes them do stupid shit, like devouring all of your consumables. INCLUDING THE PARASITE RIDDLED ORGAN THAT EVERY MONSTER DROPS. FUCKING RETARDS.

However, if you have too much insanity, certain settlement events will cause them to go apeshit and fuck up your settlement, and some monsters have things that specifically affect insane survivors.

>> No.22413818

>two bad rolls
>video starts
>bad roll, bad result
>bad roll, survivor dies
Yes. Clearly that shows that rolling badly only twice kills you.

I'm sure nothing happened at all during the time lapse.

>> No.22413863

It takes a MINIMUM of 3 settlement phases (roll 1d10 for each lantern year that has passed. If its 21+, you jump into a nemesis encounter) before you face a random encounter. If you fight any monster during that time, the 'timer' resents.

Yes, fighting nothing but random monsters will leave your fate to the dice and you will eventually die horribly to it.

Thats the ENTIRE FUCKING POINT. DON'T DO THAT. You have to go out there and hunt them YOURSELF, which is NOT randomized, and even lets you choose the difficulty level of the monster you fight. This gives you far more control over what you are fighting, and makes you far more likely to survive.

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