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Group has been nagging about the system we use to play. some of them don't like it. I have given them a choice. They can play:
>Call of Cthulhu
>Eclipse Phase
>d20 Modern
None of them have voiced an opinion yet, but what does /tg/ think? Out of these, which one would you pick?

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Rip out the Cthulhu Tech lore and shove it into Adeptus Evangelion. It does everything that cthulhu tech tried to well better (at least in terms of mecha combat). If you don't want to rip lore than just go with straight Cthulhu tech, their crunch if a bit clunky but in my opinion the lore of the world makes up for it. As long as you stay away from some of the later splatbooks.

Have a nice day.

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I don't see Savage Worlds on that list, OP.

You better get some fucking Savage Worlds on that list, OP.

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If i can find a torrent of savage worlds I will look into it.

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That's my nigga.

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found. its barely alive. I will skim through it today. Thanks.

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Play Tenra Bansho Zero than report back on how it goes.

Every fucking poster on /tg/ says Tenra Bansho Zero is so fucking amazing but there hasn't been one single story time thread about it. Not one.

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Knowing what kind of campaign you want to run would be quite helpful if you want systems suggestions.

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If demonoid was still alive, I could show you SO MANY SAVAGE WORLDS torrents.

Try searching for Pinnacle Entertainment anyway.

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That's just it. I want to make something they can all enjoy, but they don't tell me a goddamn thing. Once they do I will take into account all of the suggestions here and construct a campaign. If not, I have some backup ones that should be able to fit into most of these systems with some tweaking.

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do you have a torrent or pdf download link? all I'm getting are books written in moon. I can't find a download.

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oh don't worry. the site lied. I have about 10 seeders. no worries.

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Call of Cthulhu is a fun game. And flexible. You can take the basic premise of CoC, and largely insert it into a campaign of a different setting and system as a "Halloween special" flavour scenario, even.

I'd recommend looking into the Delta Green books of Call of Cthulhu. They might be up your alley if you like action similar to the image you posted.

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the image is unrelated. I had to post something and I did not want to go on a hunt to find the wizard throwing up rainbows again. so i just used that. My group is all about action except 2 players, and i want the others to get more into RP. I know that CoC is not very action packed, and I like that. I will take time to read it more thoroughly today. Thank you.

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>Call of Cthulhu
Amazing. Everything about this is amazing. If they don't want to play horror, you could easily use the BRP system and the materials in the rulebook to run a Prohibition-era gangster game. If they don't like the era, get Delta Green.

Shit system, salvageable setting.

>Eclipse Phase
Excellent setting. Haven't played.

Great fun for homebrewing. Character creation takes aaaaaages, as you have to compose your own abilities and gear. Anything more complex than a laser pointer has to be assembled. Super easy to break the system completely if the GM isn't co-creating characters.

I guess if you have to play D&D, this is the version to play. It's still a fucking mess though.

>d20 Modern
I shiggity diggity.

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>Adeptus Evangelion

this actually sounds like a good idea. The best part of Cthulhutech is really the mech vs monster stuff. And it turns out mind breaking monsters from behind the stars vs humanity fuck yeah had been done with Evangelion a long time ago!

I don't know the AE system, but the lore should fit like a glove.

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>d20 modern

Awesome list, bro.

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When it someone gonna fix this image by removing that stupid USA decal and those MASSIVE shells in the foreground?

I can't do it. I suck.

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AE is based on the 40kRPG (Dark Heresy) ruleset.

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I'd go C-Tech

I really enjoyed our last campaign, which the GM modified really well to fit into our home city. We played an Investigation heavy campaign and it was great. should be coming back again to carry on soon.

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>mfw DMing CoC

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From my ersonal experience I would play again:


I don't like the class and level system of dnd/Pathfinder. And Cthulhutech is too fetishy for my taste, I like it darker and less rapy.

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What system were you guys using? If it was D&D 3.5, Pathfinder and d20 Modern are going to feel more of the same. Out of the other choices, Call of Cthulhu for horror, Eclipse Phase for made sci-fi adventures, and then BESM as it is a tool box, depending on edition. Also, watch it on BESM, or really any more point buy based system, as your players can, and will break things. I recall a use of the Own a Big Mecha perk in d20 BESM that let you have a roughly 1 billion character point mech at level 1, which is farily insane as characters are built on 40 character points plus whatever their class gives.

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Remove Cthulhutech and d20 Modern, for the love of god.

I'd vote for Eclipse Phase, but only if you're an amazing GM.

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I haven't played Eclipse Phase, so that would be my choice.

What, just because I like a system doesn't mean I haven't tried other. I've run most of those games as well as played them.

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Eclipse Phase.

You might want to suggest Legends of the Wulin instead of any of those, though.

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I've played a teeny bit of it. It's interesting, seems pretty light on the mechanics, pretty simple and straightforward. Has a pretty strange mashup setting.

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> run a Prohibition-era gangster game
I did this last year. Players were mostly a bunch of munchkin metagamers who kept expecting eldritch horrors to pop out at them, spending ridiculous amounts of time (and build points) on their occult hobby. All the other gangsters kind of looked down on them, though I guess there was some "don't mess with that guy--he's fucking crazy" advantage once in a while.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself immensely, as did the guy who figured out that it was, as I had said at the outset, just a gangster game using CoC's system. My favourite part was when the PCs stumbled across a wise guy who'd been fed through a meat grinder and came back to the don with a wild tale of what the aliens did to poor ol' Sloppy Joe.

That's a close second to the time they cast a spell of protection on themselves (sold to them by a con artist book dealer), and by a miracle of the dice managed to survive with nary a scratch a point-blank ambush by five gentlemen with Tommies. They were utterly convinced the spell worked... until Pete the Meat got run down by a Studebaker President. At this point they wised up and decided that the spell didn't work... well, it only worked against small projectiles. Still, that was marginally more true.

Damn, I miss that game.

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I'm running Laundry. It's basically CoC with comedy elements and less character death, owed to the fact that they have a whole secret agency with powerful mages, a counter possession unit, and intense psychological counseling to keep up their SAN.

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Hmm, that sounds interesting. Makes for the possibility of long campaigns, at least. I've yet to see a CoC investigator make it past the magic number of 4 missions. We even have a running joke about it in our group. It's like a cop being two days from retirement... you know the dice gods are going to fuck him over somehow.

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Just start reading...


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I'll see what I can do.

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Six seconds in photoshop later.

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Whoop, fucked that up a bit.

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Well I enjoyed that. Thanks. I will suggest it next time it's my turn to be GM.

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You are a fast reader.

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>yfw you notice the arm reaching for the soldier

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