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>Elf Ears Are the Rage Among Quirky Young Adults


How far must we fall?

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It won't be long now

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Ask /fa/ and /lit/.

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>inb4 cyberpunk distopia where body augmentations are all the rage and all we have is technologically advanced countries ruled by massive corporations

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This has been done as a body mod and not professional plast surgery for years, and is super common. It's also one of the most common DIY jobs/amateur body modder doing it for their friends at home jobs to end in necrosis and very serious health problems.

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>published April 7, 2011


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It's just cosmetic surgery. They can do what they like with their own bodies - so long as the individual is really sure it's what they want, and not something they'll regret a few years down the line, I don't see the problem.

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I knew it Shadowrun is becoming real. Here come the first people with the elf poser handicap.

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>It's also one of the most common DIY jobs/amateur body modder doing it for their friends at home jobs to end in necrosis and very serious health problems.

I'm not sure you should be eroticizing these things.

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>Anything goes
What could go wrong?

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Seriously, girls (and boys), you can mod your ears all you want, but if you don't have the figure and skin for it, you can't pull off the elf look.

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Could be worse.

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see >>22393777

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Good, hopefully they get infected and die

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Hey don't you judge him. That man is DEDICATED

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>How far must we fall?
Are you crazy? Body-mods are the beginning of either true cyberpunk or post-scarcity utopia!

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Was dedicated, anon.

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What killed him? Feline AIDS?

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An hero'd

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Well, I hope he has a good time in Gensokyo.

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I'd totally do that

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it used to be a woman.

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He's dead. Suicide.

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Why contain it?

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>elf ears

You mean orc ears, right?

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It's not cool. This won't lead to old men running the world.

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I'd believe it. Guy was all kinds of messed up, physically and mentally long before he ever started into body mods.

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Now if only I could get that second liver, so I could finally drink like a Dorf and not die.

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Within six months.

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Its funny because people born with that deformity tend to get surgery to have normal ears because of all the ostracizing they suffer.

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One of the few things I actually look forward to is the medical possibilities for body modification.

You think mangling your ears into a little point is cool? Wait til they can construct a bio-mass lattice to grow you a set of long, true elf ears that can wiggle and droop, just like your japanese cartoons.

Hell, if 4chan is around by the time it happens, I eagerly await the threads where someone starts talking about their body mods and the richfags start going
>No saving up for a month and just buying a whole new body, custom tailored to all of your fetishes
>Not being the little girl

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Eh. I knew a chick who had steel plates with screw fittings implanted under her skin on the forehead so she could have screw-on horns.

This isn't something most people are going to do anyways. What's worse, millions of women putting bags of saline in their breasts, or modifying your ears to look like an elf? They both say, "I hate who I am, so I'm going to cut my body up to change my appearance."

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What if it actually makes them happy?

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>What if it actually makes them happy?

Since when is happiness of prime importance?
There are more important things.

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Body image issues are one of the biggest dilemmas for people who don't have any other pressing issues in their life. For some, body image is the only issue in their lives, and they believe that by fixing it, they are fixing their lives.

There's a common cliche amongst the transgender community that life gets infinitely better after transition, but so many people fail to attribute that to them just simply getting their lives in order. They start eating healthy, taking care of their bodies, making new friends, buying nicer things for themselves that make them feel more attractive and pretty, and all of the sudden, they are happy, brand new people.

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It keeps depression away and depression kills productivity.

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...What the fuck?

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And this is why /tg/ is the best board.

Stay classy, elegan/tg/ents.

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Majority of people I've met with body issues have a ton of other issues too. They just find that their body is the easiest thing to change and one of the few things that they feel they have proper control of.

I'm too fat, I must be a beautiful skeleton is something I've found to generally equate to "I've had major sexual trauma in the past" not I'm content and bored.

I've seen the same thing with a lot of other body modification fans. There's often some underlying problem that they're trying to fix.

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The obligatory response from anyone who encounters a behavior they don't agree with that supposedly makes the person committing the behavior happy, is that they aren't "truly" happy, and that deep down they need some sort of therapy or friends and family to help them move past their mental block, at which point they can become nice normal people who ascribe to the values and behaviors of whomever is disparaging the deviant behavior.

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>not being a half fey catboy

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remember /tg/ if its an elf... its not rape

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>There's often some underlying problem that they're trying to fix.

Case in point: The Mexican Devil Woman.
Used to be a lawyer, Mother of two (I think), divorced and remarried, and extreme body-mod enthusiast. After getting out of a terribly abusive relationship, she started getting tattooed, quit her job, started getting piercings, sub-dermal implants, dental work, and all sorts of other shit all over her body.

This is a woman who tries to keep herself from getting her buy covering herself in spines and horns and cryptic imagery. She's not just someone who believes people can look more unique and different without being ugly or strange. She's a battered house-wife who buried herself and her trauma under thousands of dollars of frivolous modifications.

Now, this is not the case for all body mod types, but nearly anyone who takes it to the extremes of this woman or something like this guy >>22393877 is battling with something and tattoos and surgery are their weapons.

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>Hey /tg/! Just got back from the body clinic. What do you think of my +4 strength model?

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Is your body ready?

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Something this stupid and this voluntarily ugly needs to be shot.

And I thought gender "reassignment" surgery instead of pyschiatric treatment is stupid.

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for the record, your gif is half elf ears

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I don't think so, anon.

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Fucking hell. I went retarded while typing that.
>This is a woman who tries to keep herself from getting hurt by covering herself

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Don't worry anon, it's just that woman's stupidity infecting you over the internet. It's not permanent.

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Meh, I'd bang her. Wouldn't you?

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I'm so lonely I'd fuck a burrito if I wasn't so busy eating it.

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honestly, i don't hate this. she looks like i imagine she feels from that story.

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how big is the burrito and how flexible are you? you could do both

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That sounds dangerous, and either the burrito should be very long, or he should be a really slow eater or premature ejaculator.

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Ladies and gentlemen, 4chan summed up in one sentence.

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It seems bizarre to me that some people in this thread seem to be raging about someone they'll never meet having done something that will never affect them or anyone they know.

I'm all for people modifying their bodies, if it's yours why not make it look however you like? I mean barring I dunno giant razor blades worked into your skull or something equally dangerous to people around you.

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>It seems bizarre to me that some people in this thread seem to be raging about someone they'll never meet having done something that will never affect them or anyone they know.

New to 4chan?

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>New to the internet?

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I had high hopes for this thread too...

>> No.22395540

>new to humanity.

For real though, how enraged someone gets about something that doesn't hurt anyone and will never personally effect them seems to be a pretty good metric for how much they deserve to be trolled.
The beautiful thing of course being that they are pretty much self trolling.

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>doesn't hurt anyone
>contributes to social anomy

Your definition of harm isn't broad enough

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elf ears, wat do?

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wat do, indeed...

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By this point, they are generally, if not accepted, then acknowledged. People do things to themselves seen as odd by others, but makes perfect sense to them (at the time, at least)

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Head's too small.

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>Ugliness needs to be shot.
You first buddy.

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You know what you must do.

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I think the body is just too big.

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Oh it's this story again. Elf ears on a cute girl - yeah why not, Long elf ears on a cute girl - now we're talking.

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Both absence and excess of diversity can be harmful, I just don't think a few people modifying themselves poses a significant risk.
Keep in mind that as our cultural touchstones become more accessible even the people on the furthest extremes are likely to have more in common than they would have a hundred years ago.

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/fit/ here, and i'm mirin

>> No.22396197


If you broaden the definition of "harm" enough, every act you undertake harms someone. I don't see you crying about the irreparable harm to Florida tax revenues if you go to Disney Land instead of Disney World.

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>First Law AI

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A friend of mine has kind of elvish looking ears. She's really ashamed about this and always tries to hide her ears and thought about getting a surgery to make them look normal. Such cases.

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If full body rebuilds/transplants/whatever were possible, I'd go for one. Maybe a nice, curvy elf body. Go for the full, long wiggly ears like everyone is talking about.

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Drunken begging for pic's aside, I assume you already told her they look gorgeous? Or I'ma cut you.

>> No.22396304

Strictly speaking, they exist. Kinda.

Remember that chick that got turned into a "real life Barbie doll"?

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>Have slightly pointy ears due to genetics
>Wearing headphones hurts as fuck after a few hours
What are these people doing?

>> No.22396314

I told her that her ears looked cute and she threw a glass at me. Since she really hates showing her ears there are no pictures of her available to show you.

>> No.22396333

Didn't she look like something that came out of a nightmare?

>> No.22396336

Better question is why don't you use in-ear ear buds instead of studio style headphones that hurt your ears?

>> No.22396340

mirin that bulk
10/10 would wrestle

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Why aren't you fucking her yet?

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The only problem with this is when you have a non-tenured or alternative job.

Highly regarded teacher or Tattoo artist? You're golden. Famous Band member? Yeah go ahead.

Low level corporate employee? You just ended your career in nations where it's too hot to wear hat's year round.

>> No.22396376

Well yeah, that's why I said "kinda".

I thing the nightmareishness was mainly because of what she transformed herself into though, not that it was botched

>> No.22396380

I do now. Which is also really uncomfortable because they're too short so I practically rest my chin on my desk while wearing them

>> No.22396386

I figured that'd be the case. Bummer, man.

>> No.22396392

Next thing you know all these young rascals will want to look like Space Marines

>> No.22396395

Extension cord.

Goddamn, anon, get it together.

>> No.22396396

that sounds a bit harsh on her end. I think she really needs to understand that something small like that isn't disfiguring, just different. reacting like that is way too much, and she needs some serious help, not for her body, but her ego.

>> No.22396402

I'm not paying money for something I don't need! Severe backpain is a minor price for my jewing. Actually, I couldn't find any when I checked the local electronics place

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Because we are just friends and I don't have an elf fetish. Also I have a gf and her bf is a friend of mine

>> No.22396491

>I don't have an elf fetish
That's disgusting, you should feel ashammed

>> No.22396493

>I don't have an elf fetish
Everyone on /tg/ has an elf fetish

>> No.22396497

i bet hose gained popularity after LOTR films
so after hobbit what will he have?
Surgery to make you shorter?
Or trasplant hair to your feat/bear?

>> No.22396505

>I don't have an elf fetish

>> No.22396512

>mfw I have no elf fetish

>> No.22396543

>Or trasplant hair to your feat/bear?
Why the fuck would I transplant hair to my bear?
Fucker has more than me already.

>> No.22396546

>Implying I have a disgusting elf fetish

Haha, jokes on you, I have a furry fetish

>> No.22396552

This man i like. Cmon you lazy fucks! atleast let's finish commercial space travel before I die, and a bit of progress on eternal life or time travel would be nice too.

>> No.22396554

Rolled 29

What about furry elves?

>> No.22396558

I dont have an elf fetish but my waifu has long ears alright.

>> No.22396567

You know it

>> No.22396569

Not even close, my friend.
If there's one place LOTR has no influence, it's body modification.

>> No.22396571


>not having a bald bear

>> No.22396582

>She want's to fuck

>> No.22396584

I like it.
Wouldn't do it to myself but what if all transhumanist pioneers wore elf ears?

>> No.22396602

What about the guys and gals with a dorf and Space Marine fetishes?

>> No.22396614


If you know her bf then it's all the easier to kill him. Your gf can be persuaded to do a threesome.

>I don't have an elf fetish

pic related

>> No.22396618

A whole new pair of earbuds with a cord shouldn't cost that much.

>> No.22396633

We, as a species, have to untangle our collective neuroses before we can advance.

Too splintered, too angry, too crazy to go to space. We can barely handle people being a different color than us, let alone co-existing on a chunk of metal hurling through space at thousands of miles per hour.

Once we can sort ourselves out a bit, then we can worry about space travel. We need to be safe, secure, happy, healthy, and sane on Earth before we ever worry about going to space.

So, I'm all for investing in medical science and allowing us, as a species, to overcome disease and mental illness, especially if it means we can all be the little elf-eared girl.

>> No.22396635

Where all the dwarf wimmen at?

>> No.22396636

I don't think you understand how much I like not spending money. I barely have a budget at all

>> No.22396650


You need to leave while you still can, before the disease claims you as well dear normalfag.

>> No.22396664


My fellow merchant!

I too feel the call to hoard money and refuse to spend it even when it will benefit me!

captcha: hamotes called

>> No.22396667

go to a gym and say you lost your ear buds, they'll probably have a box full of them, then just pick one you like and say those are yours

also, fuck yea wakfu

>> No.22396689

good lord, that fucked up anatomy

>> No.22396691

Oh hell with that, humans where made for finding out how the hell to survive off of a desolate chunk of dust, it's been our most successful answer to how to get along with each other: move the hell away.

>> No.22396698


>trying to be DEEP

>We can barely handle people being a different color than us

You know its not the fucking color, right? You also dont know shit about human nature yet think you got it all figured out.

>> No.22396699

Nonsense, just go with it
Sadly, I am not a full jew, the Steam sale still managed to claim 7 of me money

>> No.22396723

MOAR pics of human mods
dont make me go to /b/ its a scary place

>> No.22396733

it'll probably start out as minor modifications, with elf ears and the like. It'll be like getting a tattoo: unusual, but not too frowned upon (good luck getting some jobs, though).

But then you know what's gonna happen: the furries will hear they can have actual fur.

That's going to go one of two ways: either the marketers who have so much control over public reception nowadays are going to decide that this expensive modification should become a popular one, and it becomes accepted in society. Just a couple of cute catgirl celebrities might be all it takes.

Either that, or a public backlash, and fursecution becomes a real thing.

Personally, I'd like to either be a cute elf boy, or go full fantast alien.

>> No.22396744

i know that porn

>> No.22396749


>> No.22396753

Extra limbs and more insectlike features for me. An exoskeleton would be neat
We all do

>> No.22396754

and chuck norris trasplanet his beard onto his punch, or his punch into a beard you never know for sure

>> No.22396780


You can also track periods of social unrest to an inability for disparate and non-complimentary groups to move the fuck away. It's reason #2 we need to be working nonstop on space colonization - we've run out of places to fuck off TO.

>> No.22396785


>chuck norris joke

get back to funnyjunk or 2006

>> No.22396786

>Chuck Norris

Please, just go.

>> No.22396807

So that is what a female ork looks like. She just needs the tusks and teeth.

>> No.22396810

yeah, that'd be cool. Maybe I could finally find a cute thri-kreen gf

>> No.22396817

You are wrong dear...ehm..elfanon?
We have bangy things that can make our countries go kaboom, the only reason we dont use them is because we have no other place to go. When we colonize the Solar System we cna produce bigger bangy thing that will be bale to make planets go kaboom.

>> No.22396821


>elf ears, tails and fur

>not getting enhanced eyes or superhuman muscles

>not saving your money for cognition upgrades

>> No.22396823

Nonono, not that far from humanity you furman!

>> No.22396838

I know right?

>> No.22396843


We could build planet crackers right now bro, just there is no need for them.

>> No.22396858

> implying that cyberpunk conspiracies are anything but containment

dude, i'd be swimming in a neuropozyne-free paradise if it wasn't for those assholes, but now everyone is ass-deep in the grey plauge or juiced up on nanobots.

>> No.22396860

That is an awful lot of specific reasons, I can't help but notice 'because I don't want to fuck her' wasn't among them.
Embrace your desires anon, nibble on those fae tips as you rail her.

>> No.22396892

you don't like Thri-kreen?

>> No.22396894

I would think M.A.D. could still apply between planets. Planetary effects of mass nuclear explosions where the #2 reason for not glassing each other for the Soviets and Americans, but having shit thrown back for number uno.

>> No.22396911

we shadowrun now?

>> No.22396916

I do, but that's straying too far boy. If it's another race entirely made up of thri-kreen I'll go for it, but an altered human? That's disgusting

>> No.22396917

extra limbs or other controlled stuff that could actualy turn usefull is very far away.
Today bodymorphs just warp flesh in crazy ways color it and let it heal in strange shapes.
What you are talking about is messing with nervous system. We dont know a shit about it, not even how the fuck it works, so 200 more years until we will be able t add stuff to it.

>> No.22396920

Rolled 2

>nibble on those fae tips as you rail her

'Scuse me, I just need to go and.....rearrange the bookshelf in my room. So, uh, if you hear lots of squeaking and grunting, don't come in.

>> No.22396923

Actually, this is what the typical female ork looks like.

>> No.22396929


>> No.22396959

Well we already have artificial limbs that work to a certain degree, so it's not impossible. Of course, making an entirely new set of nerves and grafting it onto the existing nervous system is almost impossible
You're a strange, strange man

>> No.22396974

>neo-neo-nazis get cognition and performance upgrades, start preying on appearence modded transhumans

>whiteaboos like argentinans can finally become white

>the feminist womyn can finally become pangendered biromantic cissexual genderblack panwoymn

>furries finally get to be fucked up talking foxes with eight tits

To be honest, if augmentations can really make you stronger or smarter we will actually see a master race.

>> No.22397002


>What you are talking about is messing with nervous system. We dont know a shit about it, not even how the fuck it works

Just because you are an idiot dont assume everyone is one.

>> No.22397022

>Finally become white

What are you implying about my white brethren?

>> No.22397037

What we have that is bigger of termonuclear bomb?
The largest thing that was build was Build by soviets and could wipe stuff on a surface of an island but nothing more.
I Doubt currently even if countries desired they would be bale to pruduce a single nuke abe to crack a planet.
AS size growns a lot of problems arise.

>> No.22397042

I, for one, don't.
Entomophobia is a bitch.

>> No.22397046

>Black man with semi-asian features
Am I seeing things?

>> No.22397084


Using modern materials sciences, we could build an EFP on a Tsar Bomba scale. Should be enough to cause major crustal plate deformation. But again, these are weapons you only use if your worst enemy is on a planet that's not the one you currently inhabit.

>> No.22397097

>Black man

Clearly you need to get your eyes checked, anon.

>> No.22397114

He should stop tanning

>> No.22397120


I always thought the reason no one made any bomb bigger than the Tzar bomb was because they were actually worried about cracking the planet. That bomb helped push disarmament talks because both sides realised that they were getting a little to over zealous with the yield sizes and instead wanted to start unilateral limitations just in case.

>> No.22397123


You know that fusion weapons are infinitely scaleable?

The soviet Tsar Bomba was set for 100 megatons, eploded with about half of it and was exandable to about 250.

The only reason they didnt use it because the independet warheads of a MIRV can do more damage than a single big bomb especially when their shockwaves collide.

There is no technical issue with building a city sized fission bomb and cracking the earth till the mantle and make a 50 kilometer tall lava fountain by why would anyone finance and build one except for James Bond villains?

>> No.22397133

ok you actualy got me there.
Still attcking new nerves with new signals that our brains wasnt supposed to elaborate is quite difficult.
We would to add another portion of the brain.
maybe if we add extra senses or arms to little children and plug them into their brain they could grow accustomated to use them. but unfortunately only nazis and japs(711) were allowed to do this awesome things.

>> No.22397136

That's a funky line of reasoning.
But humanity as a whole has more than enough firepower to render the earth completely uninhabitable. (Some rumors state we even possess enought to destroy the earth 3 times over.)
You don't have to toss down a single huegxxl bomb. Just toss several smaller ones.
Also, velocity does wonders. A tungsten rod dropped from orbit has about the same impact as the Hiroshima bomb, with zero explosive payload.

>> No.22397137

>Over 9000 hours in MS Paint

>> No.22397140


Imagine him running around naked in the snow,

>> No.22397151

I'd rather not

>> No.22397153

No, it was set to 50. The original plan called for 100 but they scaled it back on purpose.

>> No.22397159

we are wasting our time on 4chan.
of course evryone here is an idiot

>> No.22397163


Thats what I said, moron.

>> No.22397175

Dude, Argentina is pretty damn close to the south pole. They would have the same evolutionary pressure to be white (for vitamin D) that the Europeans have. Stop posting Africans and calling them Argentinian.

>> No.22397190


Hi, Argentina.

>> No.22397200

Hiroshima bomb IS SO TINY

>> No.22397204


>muh islands

black people plz go

>> No.22397216

just read wtf A EFP is
wow awesome

>> No.22397227

Be cool man, white people are watching. Don't you want them to let us in the club?

>> No.22397228


how to remove baguette

>> No.22397229

No need to be so angry bro. You said that it was set for 100 and blew at 50, that could quite easily be interpreted as suggesting that it detonated at half power due to malfunction.

>> No.22397240

You made it sound like exploding at 50 megatons instead of 100 was an accident, like with Mike's extra large explosion. I was clarifying.

>> No.22397244

i hared when americos produced a non-nuclear-bigger-bomb-on-the-world and called it Mother of all bombs, ruskies produced an even bigger one and caller it Father of all bombs

>> No.22397260


Ah, Rods From God. Deployable tomorrow, nearly impossible to defend against, killier than Killboy in a bomb factory. Nothing like a kinetic kill weapon to say, "Fuck you, and everyone within several blocks of you."

>> No.22397271

>Paris from 100 miles away

>> No.22397288

infinitely scaleable
Surely yo are not an engegneer.
You cant scale something without consegunces.
Some process start working differently.
For an atomic bomb you need to concentrate all mass in a blob in ashort time.
If you scale stuff getting it concetrated is much much more harder.

>> No.22397306


Let me guess, they were just going to drop Boris Yeltsin, He was so pickled that anywhere he hit would have been wiped off the map from the vodka fuelled firestorm.

>> No.22397309

No. That was back before really good guided missiles existed and bombs were hard to accurately aim. Thus, they made them as big as possible so even if they missed hitting the target dead on (Hiroshima had that happen), it would still take it out.
Once ICBMs were produced, you didn't need 25+ megaton bombs anymore, since you could aim more directly at the military target.

>> No.22397315

>more harder

I know someone else who has something in common.

>> No.22397317 [DELETED] 


>> No.22397325


>> No.22397333

im too lazy to do math but i doubt what you are saying is true.

>> No.22397339



>Virtually all thermonuclear weapons deployed today use the "two-stage" design described above, but it is possible to add additional fusion stages—each stage igniting a larger amount of fusion fuel in the next stage. This technique can result in thermonuclear weapons of arbitrarily large yield, in contrast to fission bombs, which are limited in their explosive force.

>> No.22397347


They had ICBM capabilities when the Tzar went off. They were probably trying to find a way to turn Cheyenne mountain into Cheyenne lake.

>> No.22397363

Yeah, but everyone knows the Tsar bomba was just dickwaving.

>> No.22397381


It worked. Scared the crap out of both sides quite well.

>> No.22397395

sorry for derailing the thread.
Could we go back about howear modification is reatard?
Also i admit i was wronng.
Captcha landau, ivisiem Great name captcha

>> No.22397406

>not thinking modification is the future
My hearing is augmented.

>> No.22397412


They had more than a GIGATON of ICBMs pointed at NORAD.

Also, everyone talks about the Cubam missile crisis but no one knows about Able Archer, despite it was the closest point ever to nuclear war.

>> No.22397413

you should know that /tg/ stands for Derailed Threads.

>> No.22397436

Bitch please, there are so many "closest point ever" to nuclear war.


Blah blah blah cracked blah blah, I know. Its worth a read though

>> No.22397437

to express how sorry i am enjoy this anons

>> No.22397456

There is no g in derailed threads though.

>> No.22397475


Those are mistakes and errors. Able Archer wasnt.


>> No.22397494

Not really, what he said before was true. The Dickwaving was impractical and silly, it didn't really "frighten" anyone.

To unabashedly steal from Wikipedia as to the reason bombs shrunk:

The Tsar Bomba was the culmination of a series of high-yield thermonuclear weapons designed by the Soviet Union and the United States during the 1950s (examples include the Mark-17 and B41). Such bombs were designed because:

The nuclear bombs of the day were large and heavy, regardless of yield, and could only be delivered by strategic bombers. Hence yield was subject to dramatic economies of scale;
It was feared that many bombers would fail to reach their targets because their size and low speed made detection and interception easy. Hence maximizing the firepower carried by any single bomber was considered vital;
Before satellite intelligence each side lacked precise knowledge of the location of the other's military and industrial facilities;
A bomb dropped without benefit of advanced inertial navigation systems could easily miss its intended target. Parachute retardation would only worsen the bomb's accuracy.

Thus certain bombs were designed to destroy an entire large city even if dropped five to ten kilometers from its center. This objective meant that yield and effectiveness were positively correlated, at least up to a point. However, the advent of ICBMs accurate to 500 meters or better made such a design philosophically obsolete. Subsequent nuclear weapon design in the 1960s and 1970s focused primarily on increased accuracy, miniaturization, and safety. The standard practice for many years has been to employ multiple smaller warheads (MIRVs) to "carpet" an area, resulting in greater ground damage.

>> No.22397500

Yeah, but who cares? Even at our peak we never had enough nukes to do much more than glass some cities, not even come close to wiping out a sizable percentage of the human population or anything.

>> No.22397507


>> No.22397535

The biggest thing that stopped those mistakes from ending the world was the people monitoring them didn't really want to end the world.

>> No.22397536


Uhh, we did.

Enough to destroy all major population centers and the resulting dust would have caused a huge famine. Plus societal collapse and stuff.

>> No.22397541

I have taken your suggestion on board, and found the topic interesting.

Have an adorable bunny

>> No.22397555


>> No.22397576

>Those are mistakes and errors. Able Archer wasnt.
Except it was. It was a nato excersie that the soviets MISTANKENLY thought might be cover for the real thing.

>> No.22397586

I wonder which is cuter, Corgis or bunnies.

>> No.22397606


But that was the PYSOPS point, to mistake them into mistakenly think it wasnt a real attack but they were mistaken in the soviets taking it too seriously!

>> No.22397617

Hmmm. Close call.

>> No.22397633

>dat musclegirl

My reaction

>> No.22397664

Why not crossbreed em?

>> No.22397669

>Typical game of bunnies and burrows

>> No.22397670

I admit, it throws the flight 007 debacle into a new light

>> No.22397671

Always Corgis.

But I'm biased, being an owner and all....

>> No.22397683

sounds like someone can't into irish

>> No.22397704

>"hey /tg/ people are getting elf ear surgery"
>elf ears
>jew spending habits
>planet breaking weapons
>black people
>nuclear arms
>almost ending the world
>bunnies vs. corgis cuteness fight

>> No.22397705

waiting for true cyberpunk body mods

>> No.22397728

I think a Corgi would make a better companion, but bunnies are cuter.

>> No.22397738

Never change.

>> No.22397748

Elf ears are more functional anyways.

Don't believe me? Put your hands behind your ears and cup them into elf shape. You'll find you hearing has improved because they're better at catching sound waves (Or something like that I'm no physics guy)

>> No.22397757

Yes, but you can dress up corgis.

>> No.22397764

Turns out that nuclear weapons are very fucking interesting, moreso than any fetish taken to far.

>> No.22397765


>> No.22397768

>published April 7, 2011

OP's photo is from 2001

>> No.22397769


You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the /tg/ Zone!

>> No.22397771

Pfft, the Russian Navy has had elves for years.

>> No.22397772

Yes, but it makes them more directional. Without the ability to swivel your ears around, it isn't as handy.
And since we aren't a prey species, we lack that capability.

>> No.22397781

>implying you can't dress up bunnies
someone never had a childhood

>> No.22397796

Nothing that MORE BODY MODS can't fix.

>> No.22397805

but not moreso than corgis and bunnies

>> No.22397808

>the real reason hitler invaded Russia

commie elf slave wat do

>> No.22397819

That's more gross, less cute.

>> No.22397822

Free her. Slavery is immoral.

>> No.22397841


>> No.22397842

I actually asked /k/ about private ownership of Nuclear weapons and they were very against it.

It was surprising, they didn't seem to want nukes.

>> No.22397846

Now, we did the "Elf Slav wat do" thread a few days ago, give it a break

>> No.22397848

Actually, that just has to do with your hand+ear combi being bigger.
Elf ears, due to their pointed shape, would be better for directional hearing. But for best effect you'd need to be able to point them into various directions. Same Idea as cat ears really.

>> No.22397849


elf slav, wat do?

>> No.22397854

Moe hitler girl, wat do

>> No.22397865

>russians previous war strategies have been to let nature destroy their armies as they retreat farther into their own territory inhospitable to normal humans

suddenly everything makes sense

>> No.22397868

>Elf slav

Oh god, you got me.

>> No.22397874


Give her the Lebensraum

>> No.22397877

Annex her Sudetenland, if you know what I mean.

I have no idea what I mean.

>> No.22397883

>commie elf slave wat do
give them some democracy, pic related

>> No.22397892

> slowclap.jpg

>> No.22397899

Hitler was a total tsundere

>> No.22397900

There you go, folks. Elves are Russian. The evidence is clear.

>> No.22397904


There is a counter for that.

>> No.22397909

I'd love to hear their arguments for why not

>> No.22397931


Elves cat tolerate alcohol.

>> No.22397937

This thread went to strange and interesting places.

>> No.22397939

Dogs make the best extensions of the Executive branch.

>> No.22397957


>> No.22397967

After passing through topics, a thread on /tg/ will eventually reach critical mass and begin to fly through different subjects and interests faster than a heroin addict with ADD.

>> No.22397979

>Tall, pale skinned humanoids

>> No.22397984

fixed the pic for you

>> No.22397996


>> No.22398024

>Slavs are elves
>Elves tend to favour druids

Of course... it all makes sense now.

>> No.22398025

>elf ears
>Not cyber implants and whatnot
Do you even the glorious evolution?

>> No.22398054

>am enjoy this anons
great site.
My city wont stand a chance

>> No.22398096

Nice namefield.

What are you doing, anon?

>> No.22398126

Beautiful, anon.

>> No.22398132



How to train your bonded animal properly.

>> No.22398141


That spillover to /k/

Absolutely beautiful.

>> No.22398193

I imagine him squaking like a bird and being very excitable about what ever he sees on the internet.

Then he shits over the side of the desk and begins typing by slapping his face against the keyboard.

>> No.22398207

>Picking a bear as your animal companion

>> No.22398218

Yes, he is a slav.

>> No.22398242

Feline animal companions do seem to be the best choice; they come with the most weapons and best stats overall.

>> No.22398262

That raptor from the Monster Manual III is unambiguously the best.

>> No.22398322

Fleshrakers are silly, and I think it was monster manual 2.

>> No.22398349

As a man with naturally pointy ears I find this disgusting and disturbing.

>> No.22398371

>Then he shits over the side of the desk and begins typing by slapping his face against the keyboard.

I think I've met some posters here on /tg/ that probably do the same thing.

>> No.22398411


remove lembas REMOVE LEMBAS

>> No.22398471



>> No.22398665

Steam is run by the top Jew hunters in the history of mankind. They know just how to lure them out into the open and then publicly strip them of every single hidden jewish coin stitched into the jew robes.

Their tactics also work on non jews but with a far more devastating effect.

>> No.22398672

learning to type

>> No.22398716

There will always be civilian casualties in the war on baka jews.

>> No.22398743

My exgirlfriend got this done. Looks ridiculous.

>> No.22398750

>Not going solomid or feeding

>> No.22398767

Did you ever cum on her ears?
Be honest.

>> No.22398773

Orcs came from mutated elves.
Old men already pretty much run the world, with a couple old women for variety's sake.
> Wait til they can construct a bio-mass lattice to grow you a set of long, true elf ears that can wiggle and droop, just like your japanese cartoons.
I intend to do exactly that.
>No saving up for a month and just buying a whole new body, custom tailored to all of your fetishes
So, Ghost in the Shell, but with more petty applications? I'm in.
Disregard emotions; acquire oneness with the Machine God?
Eh, the normal mindwave headband from the same company is better. It has games.

>> No.22398800

>So, Ghost in the Shell, but with more petty applications? I'm in.
Think Transmetropolitan. The whole setting is pretty muchthis

>> No.22398818


>uploaded to a client that throttles your speed to 50 kbps


>> No.22398821

>Wanting elf ears
>Not cat ears

>> No.22398939

Meh. Wake me up when they can make me a long pair that will twitch and perk up around attractive women, and includes built in erogenous zones.

Ear boners for the win.

>> No.22398984


You know you'd just wear a hat and then go home and jerk off your ears.

>> No.22398999

I love /tg/.

>> No.22399231

I don't look good in hats.

>> No.22399386

You probably don't look good with veiny cock-ears either.

>> No.22399400

>Drew Hayes
Rest in peace you dirty bastard, rest in peace.

>> No.22399482

>People worrying about engineering people and engineering weapons
>Not Engineering cute weapon people

>> No.22399539

Come along and sing a song
And join the jamboree!

>> No.22399898


I'll just leave this here.

>> No.22399941

>"It was just something I thought would be fascinating," said Jordan Houtz, who underwent surgery for her elf ears. "I wouldn't go as far as saying Trekie, but definitely Lord of the Rings -- all the sci-fi kind of stuff. It just fits my personality."
>Lord of the Rings

>> No.22399965

So what can we do? Get Dwarf Beards?

>> No.22400037

>Implying with the Hobbit that won't become popular with ladies too

>> No.22400097

I demand yaoi of him and VARRANT OFFICER SCHRĂ–NDINER

>> No.22400111

Anyone that puts sci-fi and fantasy in the same category are -dead- to me.

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