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This is how I fighter

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>no plate
>no large weapons
>not enlarged
>not charging
>not pouncing
F-, try again.

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Actually, he's a better Paladin.

Just in a world where humans don't get any magical powers (being cursed doesn't count).

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This is how you paladin

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This is how I ranger

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He can do a ranged disarm and double-amputation with one arrow.

If you've not watched Princess Mononoke, do it.

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One of my favorite movies of my childhood.

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But what about when a real dragon pops up?

Does he think it's just a really fucking weird windmill or what?

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this is how I disarm a trap.

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this is how i monk.

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If that's not how you paladin, then you've been playing DnD wrong for years and should speedily unfuck your shit.

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this is how i browse /tg/
>iciandom lifts.
Damn right I lift.

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you cretin! Don Quixote is one of the first functioning example of a character based solely on the "Rule of Cool"

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And this is how you blackguard.

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I know that, but if he thinks windmills are dragons then what does he think is happening when a dragon flies around?

"Oh, some magical witch cake."

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This is how I surprise round

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I am often fond of comparing Don Quixote to Kick-Ass. Same basic premise.

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Which hero in it? Or the eponymous Kick Ass?

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This is how i Black Templars.

>> No.22381155

Kick-Ass himself. That scene where he fights off those punks in the convenience store parking lot reached a level of awesome comparable to that of Don Quixote.

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This is how i Sorcerer

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What sort of weapons & armor would that Paladin use?

Might use the idea for a future character, if you don't mind.

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what's the story on that photo?

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fucker clearly pissed off Kojack

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This is how i post-Apocalypse

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This is how I Barbarian

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This is how i BBEG

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I'd have him figured for a ranger, actually. He's got an animal companion (Yakul), and is pretty damn good with a bow even if he does use a shortsword from time to time. He just has that curse that gives him super-strength and makes him mad, which makes him a more competent fighter than the average ranger. Maybe he's got a homebrew variant of the Barbarian rage power?

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This is how i Neutral Evil

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Yoh is how I synthesist.

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Thoes is how Dwarf

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This is how i Paladin

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This is how i Seneschal.

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I like you.

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This is how I Psion.

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This is how we should all storyteller

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This is how I sentient weapon

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This is how I Mechanicus

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This is how I warblade.

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This is how I antagonist.

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This is how I Arbitres

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>this is how I disarm a trap.

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This is how I power armor

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this is how i Cleric.

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But that trap still has arms.

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This is how I female.

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This is how I Summoner.

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This is how I Only War campaign

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This is how I druid with rage.

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This is how I rogue trader.


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This is how I Arbites.

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Who is this? Google only brings up Danbooru.

Pic related is how I summoner.

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u cancer u break rule 15 u faggot i report u bcos its teh only rule im aware of

This is how I Chaotic Evil.

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>dat face periscope
My sides are in orbit

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This is how I wizard

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Hong Meiling from Touhou 6, the image itself is a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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This is how I Shadowrun


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This is how I Improvised Weapon

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Hong Mei Ling, learn your touhous.
>How I swordsage.

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This is how I rogue trader

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This is how I handle the border between the good kingdom and the evil empire.

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"a thin black line"?

>pic related: how I Call of Cthulhu character

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this is how I Rogue Trader

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This is how I bard

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This is how I Hunter.

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This is how I rogue trader

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>Bring me a Chansey.
>Why sir?
>I wish to box it.

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This is how I Wizard

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Dear lord...

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This is how I party.

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I'm pretty sure this is precisely how Ares Macrotech works.

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This is how I Tomb of Horrors

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This is how I ring of invisibility.

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Cabin in the Woods, it's a spoof horror.

>> No.22381812

Cabin inna Woods.

>> No.22381819

Rolled 1

Cabin in the woods

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This is how I LARP

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Oldman would make a better Destruction I think

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where the fuck is this from?

>> No.22381881

Final Destination style?

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This is how I Monk

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Cabin in The Woods, a good horror film
Seriously, this gets asked everytime that .gif shows up

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This is how I Mary Sue.

>> No.22381928

hey /co/

still pissed bout it huh?

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This is how I Mutants and Masterminds

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This is how I sentient weapon
In fact, this is how I have sentient weaponed since my legend began in the twelfth century

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Doing it wrong. So very, very wrong.

>> No.22381951

Not that guy, but not all of us are. Those without any sense of perspective are badly bent out of shape, however. Business as usual.

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this is how I bard

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You give your shotatrader the dick?

>> No.22381995

Fuck off Excalibur, nobody likes you.

>> No.22381998

Remind me not to play with you. Out of fear.

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>that ending

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You're both doing it wrong.

>> No.22382030

nah, that's what rival trader does...

>> No.22382038


odd you would phrase it that way but I agree as well! it was a great ending!

>> No.22382051

Eh, calling it good doesn't really work. Because it's fantastic.

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This is how I Chaotic Neutral

>> No.22382075

I thought the ending was over too soon, it didn't exp-


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This is how I Sororitas.

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Maybe they are, but i for one am looking forward to this new series.

>> No.22382125

Actually, not that much... I'm sure the status quo will be returned in time, and think it will be an interesting change of pace in the meantime, plus issue 700 was one of the most exciting comics I've ever read. Still pissed about OMD, however.

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No. I do my fuckup teammates' jobs better in an elegant and timely manner.

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>dressed as a sister of battle

where is a drawthread when you need one?!

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He thinks they're Giants. Learn to Classics of European Literature.

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This is how I wizard.

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That's one of my gripes with comics, nothing ever sticks. I mean even when Batman kicked it some people had hope that Dick Grayson would inherit the cowl but NOPE!

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some things stick

>> No.22382236


Given that almost every wizard in that game is either insane, a maleficar or demon-possessed, its hard not to agree with her.

>> No.22382277

I meant to say nothing ever sticks when it comes to the A-listers.

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This is how I mystic theurge

>> No.22382298

This is how i Bard.

>> No.22382316

This is how I DMPC

>> No.22382327

This is how i That Guy

>> No.22382338

This is how I bring my horrible fetishes into the game.

>> No.22382343

He's not really a fighter, but it would be nice if fighters were as powerful as that!

>> No.22382362

This is how I 95% approval rating evil overlord.

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read some good comics where editors hardly get involved and the writer doesn't change every 6 months.

>> No.22382403

This is how I Only War

>> No.22382406

This is how I Ranger.

>> No.22382488

I already read this, but to be fair, X-men is one of those examples of things that stick more often than usual. For example Cyclops, the guy has been slowly going from straight-laced hero to disillusioned antihero to douchebag for years now and no one's moved to change that.

>> No.22382501

They're too busy retconning deaths.

>> No.22382535

Tell that to Changeling.

>> No.22382540

>implying I don't
Also, getting back on track, this is how I Bloatmage.

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This is how I Chaotic Evil Deity

>> No.22382662

What. The. Fuck.

>> No.22382700

It is..

>> No.22382736

He is pretty much z-list though.

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This is how I Fighter/Monk

>> No.22382857

And this is how I Monk.

>> No.22382870

How uncivilized.

>> No.22382909

this is how i familiar

>> No.22382955

Thats...thats mildly horrifying.

>> No.22382997

this is how i familiar, it warms your heart as it steals your soul
seriously so much adorable nightmare fuel in pokemon

>> No.22383013

Punching a Rathalos in the face tends to excite me. After so long of curbstomping people I felt I needed a change of pace, so to speak.

>> No.22383051


There's a follow up to it.

>> No.22383069

Need to see

>> No.22383075

>adorable nightmare fuel
this is how i only knock it unconscious, it'll be fine.

>> No.22383102

Here's his gallery.

>> No.22383142

This is how I magus

>> No.22383267

I always thought Neil Patrick Harris would make a good Corinthian....

This is how I wish rogue.

>> No.22383428

>baby mode marysue
>isn't older than the universe
>doesn't have 1.6 quadrillion skills

>> No.22383775

I will never have a GM that lets me play a wizard with an electric elemental spider as a familiar ;_;

>> No.22383812

This is how I BBEG

>> No.22384054

This is how I Artificer.

>> No.22385128

This is how i handle animal check

>> No.22385253

This is how I unarmed swordsage

>> No.22385416


How, exactly, does a swordsage attack into the past?

>> No.22385429


>> No.22385468

A class that can act retroactively would be interesting, if not for it being a bookkeeping nightmare.

>> No.22385491

This >>22385429
Fucking magic

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This is how I assassin.

>> No.22385550

This is how I beastmaster

>> No.22385743

This is how I summoner

>> No.22385775

This is how I druid

>> No.22389523

This is how I lose my character

>> No.22389539

This is how I Catachan Devil.

>> No.22389599

this is how I roadwarrior

>> No.22389613

This is how I GM

>> No.22389744

This is how I Ashwood Abbey Hunter.

>> No.22389757

This is how I paladin

>> No.22389810

I would post "whyboner.jpg", but I already know why...

>> No.22389828

I love this face so much.

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>> No.22390081

the pink adds a better background imo

>> No.22390086

this is how i wizard

>> No.22390113

I just like the knight.

>> No.22390155

me too

>> No.22390162


I think they're referring to the Ultimate Faction War threads that have been popping up recently.

Here's the latest image I made recently.

>> No.22390177

chin man

>> No.22390199

more emotive, but the blueish one go well with the standard 4chan background

>> No.22390206

or outline the outlines a bit more

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This is how I chaotic good

>> No.22392529

This is how I meta-npc.

>> No.22392721

This is how I knight.

>> No.22392771

This is how I barbarian

>> No.22394254

this is how i gunslinger

>> No.22394272

This is how I Inquisitor

>> No.22394308

This is how I Cuirassier,

>> No.22394393

This is how I Council of Elders.

>> No.22394408

This is how i druid

>> No.22394924

This is how I healer

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