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Being a professional DM for money:

Is it even fucking possible?

How would one do such a thing?

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If it exists, I imagine it's a very small market.

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not if you're a corgi

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>Is it even fucking possible?
Yes, but not "to live on" money. I run demo games for my FLGS in exchange for a small amount of money and a discount / store credit / free product, depending on what's up.

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What if I'm a cat?

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And of people who actually have to pay to get someone to DM for them.

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fuck no, you'd bat the die around every time i roll

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Ahahahahahahahaha. Seriously?

Its like asking "can I be paid to be somebody's Mario Party buddy?" Or being paid to keep score for the guys' night out bowling game. Or paid to watch a bad movie and make fun of it, sitting on the couch in their basement. Or any sort of social activity, probably.

Even if there is a market for it, do you want to be spending time with the people who have to pay to pretend to have friends?

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There's a guy on here who posts an 'ad' every time there's a game finder thread. He charges minimum wage per person to play and always says he has two players and needs two more.

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It wouldn't be just "being paid to DM," it'd be "being paid to DM WELL in the system of the client's choice."


It boggles the mind as to why you didn't assume people wouldn't be paying for skill.

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A dm who thinks his skill at being a DM generally will not be worth paying for.

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lets not pretend the LP community of youtube doesnt essentially do this already.

If you could run drop in games over the net with production values to draw people in you could make a killing, but i doubt you'd see any money from the actual players.

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>It boggles the mind as to why you didn't assume people wouldn't be paying for skill.

What, skill in GMing? How the hell do you even determine that in the first place? Is there some secret, imaginary GM review board that rates GMs and reveals their scores to interested players?

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Pathfinder Societies usually pay well. My LGS has PFS stuff at least five times a week with the same guy DMing each game. Each group has 4-6 people and each person buys at least 50$ worth of goods each few months and that money sponsors the DM.

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Don't try it. You will end up GMing for the most godawful neckbears in the universe. Pic related.

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What is prostitution? What are escort (non-sex) services? What is you being retarded?

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>that sentence


Also, people pay for a lot of things. A skilled entertainer is often one of them.

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What is you being retarded?

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Was that a sentence?

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>A dm who thinks his skill at being a DM IS WORTH BEING PAID FOR generally will not be worth paying for.

Herp fuck me and my brain not working.

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If you had a good voice and creative games that were entertaining to watch, I imagine you could get money as an internet personality.

a /tg/ version of PewDiePie, if you will.

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I would never in a thousand years pay someone to DM for me, or play in a game where the DM was being paid to do it.

That shit just ain't right. I can hardly imagine a more soulless way to play.

They can do it for the love of the game or they can do it for love of cock. Nothing else.

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If I was in a game where the DM was a professional, I'd go out of my way to derail and generally fuck stuff up as much as possible.

And then I'd be all "Haha, well suck it up faggot, your next meal's coming out of the pittance I ponied up for this game. And no-one can do anything about it: I paid, I have a right to be here no matter what. Now, how much for a blow-job, you little whore?"

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You know, honestly? Not a bad idea.

I've got a good personality, I've got good voices, and I've got good players. We could make it happen.

I'd just have to learn how to make video-editing software work.

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And then you'd have payed to yell at someone. I bet your day would be made.

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>GM for money

No. Phrase your question correctly:

>GM for swag

Now we're talking. Last year I GM'd for WotC and got about $200 of books, and a hotel room. Didn't include food, but hey, I'm not really complaining.

This sort of thing happens at conventions. You won't find local stores (at least around here in the Far North) giving away shit to their GMs. My LGS offers a 10% discount if you GM for them, but that's it.

It's not hard to get into, but you'll be surrounded by That Guy. He's everywhere. At the breakfast table. At the lunch table. Out in the lounge. In game. At the pub. He's fucking everywhere. Just a heads up.

If you can GM for money, I've never found such thing. I'm not sure I'd want to. Maybe as seasonal work at a games store, but I wouldn't do it for 20 hours a week. It'd kill me.

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try to do homebrew and games that aren't standard DnD, as well.

Although DnD is fun, LP's of rarer games would be more interesting, I think.

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>You're already the boss of the game, get to make all the decisions, and are usually the biggest dick at the table

>"God damnit! I should be getting paid for this!"

The entitlement issues of western society knows no bounds... But only when they already have the power. If anything, it's your players who should be more demanding. I've seen too many good concepts ruined by a DM who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing

>Core only
>Psionics disallowed because I'm an unimaginative pleb who thinks mana is sci-fi
>order of the stick is so funny huurhuurhuur!

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wouldnt that be like someone who designs board games?

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I could totally see someone being paid to DM a game where the players pay a smallish amount to buy into what is assumed to be a well-run game with a lot of bells and whistles.

The sort of thing where you get to play in nice, clean, temperature controlled quiet room that has been set up for gaming. With terrain and figures already there.

I mean, think about this: when you buy a computer RPG or something, you're essentially paying a robot to DM for your own personal RPG.

The experience is different but you can see the value in paying for a higher-end production. Especially if you're the kind of person who has a job and a life, but would be able to justify spending some money for a good, fast-moving game of like-minded players that meets once a weekend.

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I miss my corgi.

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>>You're already the boss of the game, get to make all the decisions, and are usually the biggest dick at the table

>are usually the biggest dick at the table

Not sure if That Guy or just cursed with shit GMs all his life...

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could you explain the order of the sticks

ive never DND'd

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it's a webcomic based on DND. look it up, it's not bad.

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oh, i was hoping it was some shitty thing that DMs used to fuck with the players

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>some shitty thing that DMs used to fuck with the players

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>all my childhood life:
>"Do something you love, that way you'll never have to work a day in your life."
>work hard to get into a good university
>change mind about program, not enjoying it
>into new program
>more work, more interesting tho
>creeping feeling of unfulfilled potential in life
>see handful of successful friends going off to do something amazing
>only to come back
>and go back to their previous, dull, unremarkable life
>existential moment where not sure where I can find "purpose"
>don't know where to go in life
>maybe I should just relent and do what I love?
>like those tools in elementary school told me?
>were they right about something for once?
>maybe I should become a game designer
>I've seen the death of DnD as the dominant tyrant of the RPG world
>Reaper miniatures and dozens of small producers come up
>Kingdom /d/eath rise to nearly 1,000,000 dollars in funding
>maybe I could get paid to entertain people though games?

>see this thread

>Can I get paid to gamemanage?
>Get paid to do something you like?
>The entitlement issues of western society knows no bounds.


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It'll be ok, man. It'll be ok.

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No. Adventure Time is based off D&D.

order of the stick is based off people Rich Burlew encountered in his real life, but gave them no recognition for taking their likeness. And sits around jerking himself off whilst fans await another pile of puke about mary sue stick figures being the most politically correct form of good alignment you can imagine.

Just combine B^U face, with words words words, and penny arcade's egotistical self righteousness. And even then, you're only touching the surface.

If you like order of the stick, you are what's wrong with this hobby. Seriously. You should be ostracized, shamed, and have stuff thrown at you. Go cry to your precious Rich Burlew for comfort, and see if he does anything more then ban you from his forum and give you some snide remark.

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not yet

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I actually know a professional DM. Every player in his group gives him ten bucks for a game. His games last for two hours, for three to six players each. He runs about twelve groups right now. His apartment is fucking nicer than mine.

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>Is there some secret, imaginary GM review board that rates GMs and reveals their scores to interested players?

You're on it. Welcome to /tg/, otherwise known as the Secret Society; We have a blacklist and a whitelist of bad and good GMs, respectively.

Say a name, we have it written down if they've ever GM'd. Records for NYC are a little damp, though.

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that's $360, assuming he runs a game for every group more than once a week, he's barely making anything unless he also has an actual job.

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His players are suckers. If you tried that where I lived you'd be laughed out of town. Our university's Games Club was 150+ people last year.

Maybe you should get in on his Gamemaster nazigold.

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That is actually not a bad idea. Considering the amount of pedigree services that exist, I would love to have an RPGA-style DM's Guild where you take exams on your game, get judged, and pay me to tell others how good you are.

Of course we may also have to have practical exams. You will be paying my way to sit in on your session, read your notes, and do in-depth after action reports with every one of your players.

What are my credentials? Well I am a fish.

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you're assuming every group has 3 players. It's $720 with 6.

That being said, once a week for 12 groups of 6, he's making 36k a year which is not half bad.

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Your math is really bad. That's only for the absolute minimum. Which isn't typical. He easily clears 700 a week, not even counting weekend rates. I'm lucky to get 250 every two weeks.

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There was a guy who was sure he could do this over on RPG.net, and rejected all comments that it couldn't be done.

Suffice to say, he ended up turning up to when he'd advertised the game for, and sat there for an hour with no one turning up.

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I derped mah math and added an extra thousand. It'd be 35k rounded up

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>Getting paid 300 dollars for the Advanced DM examination
>Proctoring exams through Google+ with a whiteboard.

Fuck. Get someone who was a writer on various modules to sponsor the business and split the money half and half. If you could fool people into it you could easily clear a grand a weekend (the only time we would be proctoring the exams due to scheduling purposes).

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>oh your character got poisoned
>"please leave the room until you are resurrected. if you are resurrected."

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He's a srs pr0 though, if I wasn't cheap and poor I'd probably be paying him too. He's good at it. It's his job. He doesn't slack off. There's music and sets and all kinds of crazy shit. $10 for two hours entertainment is cheaper than going to the movies once a week.

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Dude, a minimum wage job WITH TIPS only comes out to like $600 a month. On a couple bad weeks, the guy breaking that in two weeks? That's doing pretty fucking well for sitting on your ass and playing games all day.

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>Implying DMs don't do this anyway

See what I said about power? Why the fuck would you pay people? And what dumb ass Jew wannabes are all these twats encouraging it? Isn't your hobby expensive enough without DMs wanting to charge for it? Do your mommies and daddies really have that much disposable income?

It's neckbeards like this that make me sick. Pissing away money to irrelevant shit, and get treated like garbage while they do. You got some serious mental issues and love to be gagged and bossed around like some BDSM faggot. Meanwhile, hard working, creative joes who want to impact the world in some positive way can't get a dime.

I'm honestly glad most of you are alone and God willing always will be.

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I bet he doesn't even pay taxes.

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I've seen on professional DM/GM in my time who did tabletop.

He had sets, full terrains, awesome layouts, handouts, etc. I got the "gift" of a 6 hour session with some guys I had never met until that day and we all had a laugh.

Apparently the fucker charges 15/hr/person. That day he cleared 90/hr and I had some gaming bros that I kept for a decade.

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Oh false Jaime Profito.

Just stop. The recent influx of avatarfaggotry has to stop.

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>paying 10 dollars do something you enjoy for an evening is the craziest thing I've ever heard
>mfw going to the movies
>mfw playing laser tag
>mfw going shooting
>mfw going to the bar
>mfw going dancing
>mfw buying video games
>mfw eating anything other than beans and rice

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>The recent influx of avatarfaggotry has to stop.

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I spend more than $10 a week on food for gaming.... and play in the shittiest games imaginable (I'm talking either People who are new to the hobby or people who argue all day with the DM about the rules that state that if you make a full move action you may draw weapons as a free action).
I show up for 3-7 hours to be pissed off with the people being there....

Paying the DM will make a series of things happen.

1) I'll pay a competent DM only. Should make the game better.
1) DM will allow anyone to show up for the Money
2)I will play in worse groups because the DM will no longer just say "Fuck you it's my game get the fuck out," Because they are paying customers he will just deal with it and make US deal with it.

Two cons to one pro....

not liking paying the DM....

Unless it would be something truly sperg worthy...
>I'd Pay $10 to be in This Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy8-NNlE80A Greenwood and Salvatore.... I'd pay to be there.(If it was 2nd ed. where I imagine they are at there best)

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Looks like someone forgot what a false equivocation fallacy is, and just let it run rampant all over your post! What a shame.

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>Dubs guy

I don't think you know how avatarfagging works. Also he GOT dubs.Back2/b/ newfag.

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Any businessman knows you get profit by cultivating a consistent base of customers. You don't keep the creepy sperg pissing on the jackets for ten dollars a week and losing four players because of it. You just kick out the sperg. And probably launder the jackets while the game is going on.

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You could probably get someone to feed you each evening they had you DM. So if you do it 3-4 nights a week getting free meals and maybe pick up minor cash DMing at a game store, can't see someone getting much more than that.

Unless you have something really special to offer or the area is really hurting for willing DMs. If that is the case than it would be more reasonable to make real (talking equiv to minimum wage 40hr/week) money doing it.

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What? like IRC games or any game anywhere that /tg/ has a member inside of? Real names or just online aliases?

>> No.22367374

Except it's exactly equivalent. It's the same premise, paying for entertainment, applied to a different situation.

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The only way I'd pay a DM for a session is that if I saw on the ad or whatever "You are buying my time, but I promise I will do everything in my power to ensure everyone at the table has a good time."

Because really, isn't that what it's about?

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If I were going to do this I'd setup an NDA and an enforceable contract that cost the player X amount of dollars for denial of service to the other players. I figure 5x the total cost of the hours we spent on your faggotry so I can kick back money to the players for their wasted time and still get paid nicely for the services rendered.

Of course small claims court would be a pain but not too bad for the payoff, even if I have to sell it to a bill collector.

>mfw your credit history is fucked over due to your assholery at your D&D game.

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Ed Greenwood playing a wizard

>> No.22367432

If I was rich I'd probably pay some imaginative kid to DM for me, providing he's gifted enough. An aspiring writer or something. Call it philanthropy.

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>Thinking Patrick Bateman's dubs ability matters to /tg/

I feel you may be in the wrong location guy.

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I call it statutory rape.

>> No.22367526

Philanthropic rape?

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>he hands you back your ten dollars and tells you to leave
>all the players talk about what an idiot you are as you leave
that was resolved quickly

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>mfw chris perkins is a bald little hottie

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We had a friend who used to gm a game of gurps for us. He was by far the only one with a strong enough grasp of the system to gm, but he switched colleges and lived an hour away. Every Saturday we would pool together some money as a group and pay for his gas/feed him. He essentially lived for free on the weekends for GMing.

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I don't allow Psionics because I don't like all that psiconic stuff on my game. It doesn't fit, I don't know. It's like monks. I didn't allowed them because they seemd retarded to me. I don't mind anymore, and i don't really mind psionics, but i won't read those books, and god knows those who ask me to play them don't do it because they want to be psionic, but because they are dirty tricksters. God, Alfonso, you are a cool guy and all, but on D&D you are a freaking asshole.

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A better question would be:
Would you pay for a DM?

Also a D&D themed bar with sexy barmaid and/or sexy DMs

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His teeth are so fucking white.

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'Got hired one time to pro DM. Me and several friends. We were hanging out in a gaming store where two of 'em worked, and in walked some soccer mom who wanted all the kids at a birthday party to play D&D.

So....we all planned on HOW we'd do it, and agreed that splitting the kids into groups would make sense, and having pre-rolled characters would speed things along. I made up spell cards too.

At the party, the games lasted about 30 minutes, with the girls losing interest first. We all tried our best, but a huge room with a high energy party wasn't conducive to a four-hour session. Honestly, it was about what we expected.

We had cake and punch, flirted with the moms a bit, and headed on out. We laughed we were able to put "professional gamemaster" on our resumes, as it were. Good times.

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I wouldnt pay for it.
I've DM'd most of my adult life, and my players have absolutely loved my campaigns- but I would feel bad charging people for something we're all supposed to chip in- as friends. Friends dont charge each other- or at least they should only charge the bare minimum if it requires resources/materials.

My friends once started giving me gas money/food during tough times so I could continue DM'ing- and that's cool.

Treat your DM's nicely, guys. Good DM's work hard to create an environment that's challenging and fun, but not enough to cause misfortune and angry players.

The current campaign I'm running is a fantasy-post apocalyptic -martial arts/sorcery-themed story about the nature of power and the means that people will take to bring order to a lawless wasteland.

>> No.22367953

>four hour session
Jesus, what were you thinking? Hour, at tops.

>> No.22367995

Perkins is a Bro Tier DM
10/10 would play in one of his games
>Even if it was in D&D: WoW Edition

>> No.22368026

Pretty much. Can't get kids to sit still for much. And you gotta keep it cinematic as hell -- no opportunity attacks, no rolling for damage, just orc/goblins/skeletons charging the characters and all the kids being heroic badasses chopping orc heads off or busting skeletons into piles of bones. And then confronting a powerful badguy after that or something and call it a day.

>> No.22368077

axe cop DnD edition

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He's been with wizards since they bought out TSR....(1997) so he was writing for 2nd Ed. D&D.
One assumes he was playing earlier than that...
I'd play in his games..

>> No.22368097

He was probably thinking of when he was that age, and would never want to play for fewer than 4 hours.

>> No.22368106


>That shit just ain't right. I can hardly imagine a more soulless way to play.

>They can do it for the love of the game or they can do it for love of cock. Nothing else.

I think it's actually quite reasonable. It's something they would already do for free, but perhaps don't have the time for. You're compensating them for their time.

You act like this is somehow different than any other time people do something they love for money. If you don't enjoy your work, you're not going to be happy with any amount of money you're being paid.

>> No.22368182

lol, hope he likes ugly girls, ugly trannies, or other homosexuals

>> No.22368203

Nooo....we hadn't planned on 4 hours at all. About an hour is what we figured. We got half that. The mom's were impressed nonetheless, and we each got paid $50.

>> No.22368235

>Chris Perkins Interview

>How did you come to be employed at TSR?

I've wanted to work for TSR, and specifically for the magazines, since I was twelve years old. I was a big fan of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game, and I liked designing my own adventures. (These early "adventures" are very humbling-it's painfully obvious now that I had no clue what I was doing.)

When the first issue of DUNGEON Adventures was released in 1986, I was immediately hooked. I started submitting proposals and adventures for the editors' consideration; my second proposal evolved into what became my first published work, "Wards of Witching Ways," which appeared in Issue #11. I was still a teenager when the adventure was published.

Over the next ten years, from 1987 to 1997, I wrote scores of new adventures, twenty-two of which were accepted and published by the editors of DUNGEON Adventures. By 1995, I had established myself as a "regular" contributor who could meet deadlines and turn over relatively clean copy. The editors began to approach me with special projects.

Whenever TSR released a new campaign setting, I would rush out and buy the new game, read it, and within a few days, draft a complete adventure for the editors' perusal. My first PLANESCAPE® adventure, "Umbra" (Issue #55), was created in this fashion, as was the magazine's first BIRTHRIGHT® adventure, "Seeking Bloodsilver" (Issue #59).

In 1995 and 1996, I was invited to Lake Geneva to meet with the periodicals staff. Like Alice in Wonderland, I was timid and dumbfounded. I was introduced to people-designers, editors, art directors, and cartographers-whose work I admired. My second and third visits to TSR were much more relaxed, and while I was there the overworked and understaffed periodicals department put me to good use, letting me sift through piles of articles, adventures, and fiction submissions. Both the publisher, Brian Thomsen, and the Editor-in-Chief, Pierce Watters, seemed to like what I was doing....

>> No.22368250

When Wizards of the Coast, Inc. purchased TSR, Inc. in 1997, the then-editor of DUNGEON Adventures, Michelle Vuckovich, opted to remain in the Midwest. When the position was first announced, I applied.

>> No.22368255

lol wut

>> No.22368768

>good voice
>creative games that were entertaining to watch

Yeah, no.

>> No.22368859

Why are you posting lies crafted just to upset people. Were you hugged as a child?

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File: 134 KB, 281x281, cat filing his claws.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are some pretty big and libelous claims. Care to back them up?

>> No.22369106

What is wrong with you? get the fuck out of this board

>> No.22369109

> $600 a month
> $7200 a year
What country do you live in? I assume most people on this board are in America, and in America that is far below the poverty line.

>> No.22369125

Working minimum wage puts you below the poverty line. Surprise. Millions of Americans are there. That's why we live four to an apartment.

>> No.22369154

Tipped workers don't get paid the true minimum wage.
Americans are encouraged by advice books and early morning "news" programs not to tip workers.
Because it is cheaper, employers are converting more and more of their jobs into tipped workers.

You don't know any of this shit because you've not fallen out of the Middle Class.

>> No.22369170

PewDiePie was a joke, although he does make money. If I were to use his name seriously, I'd say DM a game of CoC and scream loudly and irritatingly everytime something spooky happened. Then rake in the ad money.

I stand by what I said, however. At the very least, entertaining and informative videos produced by a charismatic DM would be fun to watch, I think.

>> No.22369252


So true, so true.

>> No.22369284

>Tipped workers don't get paid the true minimum wage
Many of them do, just not in wages alone. And if you don't you can claim it on your taxes and can ask employers to compensate you.

>> No.22369753

>DM for money
I don't know, man. D&D groups are the most common of all P&P RPG groups.

If you really want to take a stab at it, I'd say be open to any/all systems. Be ready to learn brand new games and their fluff/backstories in order to cater to your clients.

Just as an example, remember when Eclipse Phase came out? /tg/ was abuzz about it, but while a good number of us wanted to try playing this high-quality RPG that was free-to-download, nobody wanted to GM.

How many games out there have Forever GMs that want to finally experience being a player.

I'd fathom pretty much players of anything that isn't D&D, Pathfinder, or one of the 40K RPG games.

>> No.22370169


>Generalizing and being terrible
>Specializing and being great

A good paid DM could easily build dioramas, have voiceovers, and all sorts of prep done that then builds up over running the game.

With multiple games? That level of prep becomes difficult.

>> No.22371011

thats 360-720 a WEEK not a month
which is 1440-2880 a month
$17280-$34560 a year

>> No.22371039

I said $600/mo because the post I responded to said $600/mo for a minimum wage job.
> $17290-$$34560
That's more reasonable, but still around the US poverty line.

>> No.22371127

ITT: People describe Boomer without realizing it.

Some of us miss him.

>> No.22371368

I myself am a game designer in Montreal. I designed some interesting pen and paper role playing games and I used to run a club before I moved here to work for EA and I used to get paaid 5$ per player per game and the guys ordered pizza every time and offered me so I would not run any expenses. It worked fine as a side-line student job and it made me create more stuff for my game and I think more complex and well-thought adventures.

But I guess it would be hard to be paid to Game master DnD beacue let's face it, it's in everyone's library since the 80's and everyone is able to run such a game.

2 of my friends are still runnning clubs and getting paid for mastering games. One is an author and the other one is a game designer as well and they both master games that they also designed themselves (and as far as I know we use the same basic system). So yes, there is demand. But It's just a side line, really, and I think you really have to work your way out of the ordinary to be at least successfull.

I'm starting to run some games this semester again.

>> No.22371546

I've thought about this before I think it would be possible.
Practice several modules/homebrew stuff and create some standards.
Have some pre-made characters and a guild to making your own.
The trick would be juggling multiple games with divergent groups.
I think your best bet would be online DM-ing.
Art is cheap today so it may be a good idea to team up or forge bonds with a few drawfags for character portraits and stuff.

>> No.22371576 [SPOILER] 

>Not being rich enough to pay players to play your game.
Picture kind of related.

>> No.22371647

$40,000 a year is $20 an hour
so if $15 an hour is below the poverty line...
>I thought I was middle class at $16.50 an hour

>> No.22371681

I'd pay for a DM who knows the rules inside out and can give an answer to most ludicrous situations instantly, knows storytelling, acting, voice acting, prop-making and is good in all of them.

It'd be exactly my kind of entertainment and if there would be someone who could provide me with really amazing games week after week, I'd happily pay for it.

>> No.22371689


16.50 can be middle class in certain areas. When I lived in Columbus 16.50 sounded great, had a really decent place, live was grand.

When I moved to the East Coast? Not so much.

>> No.22371703

Let's bring some facts into this thread:

household size: poverty line
> 1: $11,170
> 2: $15,130
> 3: $19,090
> 4: $23,050
> 5: $27,010

I was mistaken. Sorry about that.

>> No.22371721

>that feel when I get 600/month in disability payments
Thank fuck people love me.

>> No.22371778
File: 32 KB, 460x276, Frank-Gallagher-007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Only 600/mo
>Not supplementing income through hustling and fraud

It's like you just don't care.

>> No.22371799
File: 62 KB, 814x619, hustle and flow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600/mo
>Not supplementing income through hustle and flow

>> No.22371813
File: 18 KB, 326x228, Moe_Curly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600/mo
>not supplementing income through curly and moe

>> No.22371818
File: 33 KB, 460x276, gallagher family.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Hustle and flow
>Not straight hustling

>> No.22371833
File: 662 KB, 853x361, Gandalf-and-Bilbo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600 gold per month
>not supplementing income through Gandalf and Bilbo

>> No.22371837

If I had the ability to like, do stuff, I would just work. All I do is take psych meds and wish I were still smart enough to DM a game once in a while.

>> No.22371869


Yeah. Bullshit. If you sit around taking psych meds and are able to be on the Internet you can get a job.

Get off the dole and into a position. Fry cook, call center, any menial job. And quit your whinging.

>> No.22371874
File: 171 KB, 600x1112, Druid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600 gold per month
>not supplementing income through Making Plants Grow

>> No.22371896
File: 83 KB, 683x960, Halfling-Bard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600 gold per month
>not supplementing income by putting on an outstanding show...

>> No.22371901

>implying I don't rapidly lose every job I get
I'm worth nothing as an employee.

>> No.22371909
File: 14 KB, 286x300, skeleton girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Only 600 gold per mensem
>Not supplementing income through Selling Skelly Blow.

>> No.22371918


So you're being a worthless unemployable faggot on purpose so you can sit on the dole?

OR you could put effort into it. No one wants to go to work. No one wants to do shit at work. We suck it up, stop whining, and do it.

So again, stop being a faggot, get up off your ass and get a job you tugboat motherfucker.

>> No.22371962
File: 209 KB, 1000x528, PZO9067-Cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600 gold/month
>Not supplementing income through trudging through the snow

>> No.22371970


Dude, I can't drive. I can't remain emotionally stable over the course of a workday. I hallucinate even on the best of days no matter how many antipsychotics they pump into me. I have flashbacks at random times, and sometimes attack people if they are too near me when it happens.

No, I'll just sit at home, thanks.

>> No.22371979

Dang, that sucks.

>> No.22371985
File: 34 KB, 500x330, dragon-on-gold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600 gold/month
>Not supplementing income through slaying the greatest foe

>> No.22371994

It's pretty shitty. Worst part is not being able to DM anymore though. since sure as fuck no one else will do it

>> No.22371995


And yet you have the ability to sit down and spend all of this time on the Internet typing shitty posts and whining about you widdle 'mental illness'.

You know what? Your laziness and alleged 'issues' are just a larger sign of being a mistake. Perhaps you could allow yourself access to some sort of razor blade or other methods of error correction?

>> No.22372020

Oh, I have the ability to post on 4chan when I am stable enough to sit and read. Should I put that on my resume in bold, or what?

>> No.22372028


Your poor impulse control and whiny attitude would lend you to so many better locations. Perhaps you could find somewhere where people actually consider your weakness to be some kind of asset and not just some boohoohoo I'm so sad?

Get a job, and stop with your 'I'm unemployable' bullshit. That's just a term for lazy.

>> No.22372037
File: 503 KB, 680x526, a badass here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600 gold/month
>Looks like we got a badass here though

>> No.22372041


>Tired meme
>Doesn't get the joke

Just go.

>> No.22372049

This is what libertarians actually believe.

>> No.22372052


Eh, ignore the fucktard. I know what that shit feels like, and it ain't fun. Ignorant people just can't really realize that it's not about just not wanting to do it. It's about the fact you can't. Mental problems are just as real as physical, even if they aren't visible to the eye. And just as debilitating.

I know it does't mean shit, but you're not alone, and you're definately not a failure. You're ill, and that's just how it is. Accepting that is the first step into living with it. Even if you won't get better, it's still important to realize you're allowed to be sick. Despite the ignorant people.

>> No.22372057

>Doesn't get there may be more than One poster here..

>> No.22372063


No. It's what people who deal with the so-called "mentally ill" say. Mainstreaming has brought on such a me too attitude to mental illness that people sit on disability for decades because of bullshit illnesses. Of course those of us who have to actually deal with their messes get tired of the nonsense.

Suicide would be a great answer. Sadly if it comes to that they'll just find some other way to make themselves even more useless.

>> No.22372069


>Don't do anything to fix your sickness
>It's okay, it's forever, don't try
>It's okay to fail, we won't judge

Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah!

>> No.22372071

Yeah, I'm sure he hallucinates all day and attacks people because it's fashionable.

>> No.22372079
File: 20 KB, 300x576, scientology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't believe in mental illness
>Welcome to the club
>you may never leave

>> No.22372088
File: 482 KB, 500x340, alwaysunny-job.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hur get a job

>> No.22372094

Ahhh, why the fuck do you post just a short gif?

>> No.22372097


Yes, he has no way to control himself at all. Now apparently he can spend hours browsing and posting on 4chan, but that ability to use a computer/decent content and grammar would be useless to any number of jobs.

Oh wait. Most states and plenty of countries have companies that would allow him to work from home as part of the ADA if that was an issue. Of course MUH ILLNESS is a much easier way to handle it.

And he's not to blame for his laziness. It's an illness. He's just another Chrischan breeding up.

>> No.22372099
File: 1.77 MB, 200x150, get a job.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*such a short gif

>> No.22372102

It was the best I could find.

>> No.22372109
File: 117 KB, 640x418, notenoughjobs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If every job opening in America was filled.... half of our unemployed..... would STILL be unemployed... there aren't enough jobs in America for all the unemployed we have...

>> No.22372116

>Try to get a job every day of the week and apply to every fucking job your city has. Never get even an answer from fucking anything, despite running your applications by people who know how to do them.
>Also, education? Fuck your education, too old/too undereducated/just not wanted.
>Live off of unemployment benefits and progressively get more and more depressed due to failing at life and worsening neurological conditions.
>"Get a job you fucking leech!"

I've actually begun to think that jobs are some sorth of a mythical creature and I need a special magic weapon to kill and grab one. It's just that nobody has ever told me what that weapon is.

>> No.22372132
File: 74 KB, 570x326, job openings vs jobless 2010-05-thumb-570x326-29516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At the end of May 2010 there were 3.2 million job openings, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the face of nearly 15 million unemployed, that's obviously not enough. And if you add in those other Americans not working because they're discouraged or marginally attached ("U-5"), then that number jumps to almost 17 million. Here's a picture of how the labor market changed since 2007:

>> No.22372146


Before you experience a mental illness, you can't really comprehend how it's literally not a matter of whether or not you want, but that you can't. That's all I can say. I used to think like that as well. I used to be a fucking straight-A's student, lots of experience and a bright future. I was well on my way to a good, employed life.

Then I got clinical depression and all the ugly shit that brings, and now I can't get through a day without cracking down. If I could go back to the normal, hardworking life, believe me I would. I've tried. Nothing's as easy as it was, despite starting at a much lower level than I once was.

Shit fucking sucks and it just gets worse.

>> No.22372158


Uhhuh. Your depression makes it horrible.

Stop being lazy and whining.

>> No.22372174


>Using 2 year old graphs
>Doesn't read BLS stats on hiring since Oct 2010

Wow. It's almost as if your argument is based on ancient data.

>> No.22372180

I like how all he does is argue how people are lazy and completely avoids the statistics showing even if they wanted a job there are so many unemployed out there that its damn near impossible to get a job because of volume of people applying for the same job..
>Someone pointed out something that contradicts my HURR DURR YOU'RE LAZY GET A JOB
>I'll just avoid it and call them lazy again.

>> No.22372203


Also, ignoring every professional, each more educated than him, who treat mental illnesses as an actual thing and research that shit.
It's like ignorance is a good thing!

>> No.22372205
File: 37 KB, 525x441, joltsu3912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 year old graphs
Doesn't read the bottom of >>22372109 where it says OCTOBER 2012

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey graph related
>From 2012 because you can't seem to read

>> No.22372208


So are you blaming your mental illness or the mystical "Just no jobs" fairy for your woes?

Sounds like you want pity and a job handed to you. Perhaps you could show up in a state for an interview, appropriately approach someone, and then not throw it out the window because your too 'mentally ill' to do things.

Sickening, as people with actual mental illness are sitting out in the cold right now, or living six to a home or in institutions or homeless shelters.

>> No.22372213

I played with a guy once who asked that we all chip in $5 "Like it was a real club" each time we played. He promised he would use the cash to buy things for the group.

Now, I'd expect the combined $25 to be enough for pizza or some snacks, but he wanted to save up and get something "special".

Four games later, he had a shiny new 40k army.


>> No.22372218

So, why aren't we talking about that guy who always whores out his game in the finder threads?

I heard rumors that one of the people playing in his game is playing an elf with maxed ranks in profession (slave girl).

>> No.22372227


>Best job market in nearly 4 years
>Still complaining about no jobs

If you have an actual mental illness you would be protected by the ADA. And there are benefits to hiring ADA-approved employees.

But yeah. Totally your 'mental illness' holding you back.

>> No.22372231

*hug* yeah, I miss my cat too, bro..

>> No.22372240

When was the last time you were unemployed?

>> No.22372245


That's just shitty. Did anyone call him out on it?

>> No.22372250



I worked my ass off to get my next position spending my (responsible adult) savings and then got my gig in that horrible evil job market.

Your point?

>> No.22372271

First: I'm not mental illness guy, and have a job.
Second: I applied for 63 jobs before getting mine. (with Prior service Military experience in the job field I wanted.... now I'm working at Kinko's.... because I couldn't find a job in my field as 4 years on the job experience and 7 technical school certs is "Not experienced enough)
Third: I do think it is unfair the way the Mentally ill are treated and I feel they need more funding.
Final Point: Stop telling people that are depressed that they are fuck ups.... All it does is reinforce the problems they have.
>I'm fucked up, noone likes me
>I'll Post on a board where I can talk about things that make me less depressed
> :(
See how that works? Stop being an asshole and word your criticism in a less derogatory tone and make it more constructive and maybe they will stop rejecting it and consider your advice.

>> No.22372286

If that's the only problem then I could help with that, problem is that you're probably on the other side of the ocean. . .
But a /tg/ YT channel would be awesome.

>> No.22372313


Yes, whining about your problems on an Anonymous messageboard is a great way to get sympathy. Or just get attention.

>> No.22372320

>Someone feeds you feces for 4 years
>This month they feed you spoiled rotten meat just smeared with a little feces
Less shitty doesn't mean it isn't still shitty.

>> No.22372368


Uhhuh. You should definitely just stop trying. I mean, why try?

Or you could stop your whining and get shit started.

>> No.22372390


>Blaming everything but themselves for their failures

Wow. This generation is great.

>> No.22372394


Take a hike.

Or read the bloody sticky and correct yourself.

Fucking tired of this bullshit in /tg/. Only two fucking rules and idiots from /v/ keep shitposting their ironic edge everywhere. It's not so hard to actually contribute something that actually has some worth.

>> No.22372403
File: 50 KB, 400x400, 1313027761294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw all i do is get paid $2100 a month by the government to do nothing.

>> No.22372411


>Doesn't like the whining, simpering masses
>Must not add to the board.

You have no idea who people are outside of a given thread. But please keep your assumptions going.

>> No.22372418

Or you could just stop being an asshole and shut the fuck up with your ignorant-ass opinions.

>> No.22372425

why do you get 2100 when crazy anon only gets 600?

>> No.22372432

I can tell you're 12.

>> No.22372433

>implying a low point in an economic cycle is an individuals failure
>inb4 get a job I have one but fuck hate it.

>> No.22372437

Because he's lying and/or trying to stir shit up? Just throwing that out there, it might not be true.

Or he might have an exaggerated case of the 'spergers.

>> No.22372446

Doesn't change the fact that this thread was effectively ruined by dudes making themselves feel better by ridiculing others.

>> No.22372455

GI bill pays my tuition and books AND THEN pays me $2100 to do whatever I want with.
All I have to do is attend 12 credits of college Which is practically nothing.

>> No.22372476

You're an idiot. You had to hold a gun for the fucking white man to get that benefit, and 12 credits of college was actually work when the bill was written

>> No.22372477

>ruined by bootstrap faggots
Fixed it for you.
Also some dude actually did try to advertise himself as a professional GM, I don't think anyone was pathetic enough to actually take him up on it though.
I mean, what kind of That Guy would be so godawful as to have to pay for a game?

>> No.22372482

I have real Aspergers, I've been in an unpaid internship for 3 years and I don't get half that.
Of course, according to some people here that's still too much. Poor people can't have refrigerators!

>> No.22372485
File: 307 KB, 968x634, BOOMERS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22372490


Someone's upset about the evil military.

>> No.22372491

Why so racist?

>> No.22372503

Man, you're an ass.

>> No.22372506


>Allowing yourself to blame the faults of your parents for your failures
>Not owning up to failure and fixing it

Yep. Sounds right.

>> No.22372518

It's not about you being so bad you can't get games otherwise, it would be about wanting to play with a DM of a much better quality than those around you

>> No.22372534

What? I've met two or three That Guys, and none of them have ever had to pay a guy to run a game for them.

Or is this the "bootstrap faggots" thing? In which case deal with it, the "fuck you, got mine" attitude doesn't fly with me

>> No.22372537

>implying no one wants to go to work
>implying professional sports players on $27,000,000 a year don't want to go to work

>> No.22372543

>Implying Holding a gun for a living isn't awesome.

>> No.22372550

I don't care how good you are, it's not worth paying for.

>> No.22372556


>Implying the 27 million/year athlete wouldn't rather spend the next year getting paid and fucking supermodels while riding on the backs of elephants snorting coke through a mammoth ivory straw
>Implying you wouldn't want to get paid to just sit around and do your hobbies all day.

>> No.22372559

By that logic no form of any entertainment is ever worth paying for.

>> No.22372565

>herp derp takan orders and shootan brown kids

>> No.22372570
File: 452 KB, 784x477, More_Dakka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22372577

Beats workin' in customer service

>> No.22372582


>Believing brown children matter
>Believing killing them isn't improving their life by several ranks.

>> No.22372589

Isn't the entire point of RPGs to be a social thing? As in, something you do with friends?

Also your logic's flawed: most of the time you've already paid for the RPG rulebook unless you pirated it (and if you did that and you like what you see, why didn't you support the writers?)

>> No.22372597
File: 44 KB, 526x572, wait a sec are u trying to culturally enrich me again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> support radical feminism and multiculturalism to the point where your sons are unable to find wives and keep families
Wow. I don't know why I'm surprised -- this is 4chan, after all -- but still.
> your entire race may be in danger of extinction
Why, hello again Anders Brevik.
> export all the industry and farming work overseas
> export all the farming work overseas
America produces shit-tons of food. Ever been to Iowa or California?
> create a system that redistributes wealth to your generation from your own children
Social Security was created in the 30's. It was one of FDR's programs. The baby boomers were the offspring from WW2 veterans.

Do you seriously believe in all of that?

>> No.22372599


You're paying someone, in essence, to run a module for you. You are 'supporting the writers'.

>> No.22372603


Dr. Lane Craig plz leave.

>> No.22372610

You're probably right, but if I was being paid $5000 a minute when on the pitch playing a game (yes, they do train, but lets base it on the match) I'd be fucking raring to go to do something I'd be doing ANYWAY but being paid insane amounts to do it.

>> No.22372622

>running a module
ahahahahahahaha, even I could run a fucking module for nothing

>> No.22372629


Did you write it? Playtest it? Build models and make handouts for it? Then play on.

If not, learn to understand the post kid.

>> No.22372630

Having just spent a year working exactly 40 hours a week the entire way you actually earn between ~$740-$820 a month depending on how the pay periods fall on that month. I was also paying for my own apartment with water taken care of so all I had was electric(pretty cheap by myself) and $50 internet bill. Without factoring in food I would end the month with ~$20-$30. Factoring in food I was in the hole and usually alternated months on what bill I wanted to pay atm. After having a roommate I can determine that splitting everything 50-50 gave me enough breathing space to save up money and not end negative for the month.

Basically what I'm trying to get at is I want that man's job. I'm one of four forever DMs who cannot currently DM because I work at walmart and don't get saturdays off.

>> No.22372640

>I'm one of four forever DMs
just what do you think forever DM means?

>> No.22372646


Yes, but if given the option to work or not work? Few would choose to work.

>> No.22372651

Technically yes, because I write my own campaigns.
Also fuck you.

>finders orcrok
Oh I wish I could Captcha

>> No.22372664


Then why don't you go out and put yourself out for pay? I mean your stuff must be amazing.

I expect an average of 5 rapes per 'module' in your games.

>> No.22372672

I play once a week in a gaming group and we pay $7 a week to cover the costs of a delicious home cooked meal. It's not for profit though, we're all buddies. Any money that's left over goes towards awesome things for all of us to do (last year we subsidized paint ball out of the extra petty cash)

Back when I was in high school I got paid by a local gaming shop to run D&D for people about once a month. I got a cut of the profits, was a pretty sweet deal.

>> No.22372687

>tfw I have a pretty good job considering no edumacation and easy job requirements, but everyone around me is a fucking idiot and have zero, i repeat, fucking zero money saved, so I always have to bail them out with my moneys.

My moms apartment burned down and she didn't have any kind of insurance. Gonna be fun having to pay for all her shit!

>> No.22372742

Someone make a new thread. This one's been Saged to hell (if not back).

>> No.22372822

People that never get the chance to play and are always zoned into DMing because no one else wants to do it. There are four of us like this in the circle of players in my town due to work schedules. I figured you could extrapolate something to that effect but I guess not.

>> No.22372992

Wait a minute. Either I'm giving anon entirely too much credit or there's a subtle irony to that pic.

Using an image of Cuzco crying because he has lost the plush life he felt entitled to, to lament someone calling you entitled. Clever.

>> No.22374127

>refuse to DM
>wait for one of the other 3 forever DMs to start up a game
>or encourage one that will be played Sunday

>> No.22375228
File: 71 KB, 501x576, 1349080892517[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only 600/mo
>not supplementing income through leveraging escrow

>> No.22375303

Libertarians don't believe that. They recognize illness, and to some extent the obligation of the public to absorb health costs. Most of them argue, however, that without the threat of malpractice suits and insurance scams that the costs would actually be manageable for most folk.

>> No.22375428

I would definitely listen to a game podcast. The ones PA and whoever and WOTC did were fantastic listening material.

>> No.22377565

I know a guy who get's paid to DM, he has like 6 groups of 5-7 players each. Said he makes about a thousand a month.

>> No.22377586


>> No.22378166

Draco from Dragonheart!

>> No.22378251


This is a idiotic argument. We've all played with great GMs and shitty GMs. There is skill involved, just because you can't objectively rank it doesn't mean it isn't there.

>> No.22378268



>> No.22379755

And the dog from Silent Hill 2

>> No.22379838

But you can get someone to DM for you for free.
Name a situation where you can go to the movies for free.
Name a situation where you can play laser tag for free.
Name a situation where you can shoot for free.
Name a situation where you can drink for free.
Name a situation where you can dance for free.
Name a situation where you can play free video games.
Name a situation where you can get food for free.

Oh, guess what? You can't.

>> No.22379855

Professional DM here. Living in glorious Scandinavia, you can get a job for a youth center for a massive pay. You count as a "specialized teacher" which means you make ~thrice the standard pay for untrained labour.

I only play 12 hours a week (4 different groups) but I do make ~2600$ a month just being a DM (bearing in mind that the minimum wage here is ~20$/hour and I make ~56$/hour.

Well... fun... like everything else it does become a job but on the bright side, if I am feeling flat one week I can always just throw a few dungeon crawls.

If you have any questions, feel free to fire away

>> No.22379928

>Name a situation where you can play free video games.
What is The Pirate Bay?

>> No.22379929
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To even be able to DM for a living, you need to be fucking good at running games and dealing with strangers on a very intimate level.

If you can manage that, then you need to find a place where there's even a market for it. You need a neighborhood where there are numerous groups of people who are in need of a GM, have the money to offer, are willing to spend said money, and can actually show up on a regular basis to play.

Even if you somehow miraculously get all of that and there isn't already someone doing that job, be prepared to spend a ton of money on gas and travel to reach all these clients on a regular basis.

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And then thread died I guess. Oh well, bad timing. Ill stay around for a little while, checking in if anyone has anything. Adding tripcode

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Bandwidth costs.

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how much is that in real money?

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Get a better ISP.

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>can i be paid to be somebodys Mario Party Buddy?

Yes, yes you can. Its called "Two best friends play"
Welcome to the 21st Century

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Unless he tells us what part of Scandinavia he's in, which is three different countries each with different currencies (while accepting the euro), it's impossible to tell. But if those figures are in the US amount, then pic related.

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Be really, really good at it. This includes being likeable and the games being fun.

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Rolled 10


Holy fucking shit, varför har inte jag tänkt på det här?

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I've been bribed into running certain campaigns for like £30, not sure I could make a living off of that.

Also I have no fucking clue why you want to do that, DM'ing for random shitfucks in public places at conventions was not a particularly good experience.

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Thats like saying you would never play a computer game the programmers are paid to create

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Anyone can become a DM, and run a decent game even if it's their first time, as long as they take input from their players and are on sociable terms with them, why would anyone go out "looking" for one, unless it's gonna be like playing with fuckin Terry Pratchett or Christopher Lee.

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This kind of stuff would only really happen with someone paying you to do it for an event or LFGS, and you'd need to be a DM of significant renown.

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I pay my GM books. If he wants a book and its not an unreasonable expense for me I'll usually make it happen. This has been our arrangement for almost ten years.

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Contacts. As in people, which may or may not work themselves (friends, family, teachers) getting you employed, either at the same business as they are, or by asking one of their own contacts to do the same.
Or take a third option and start your own business.

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