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I want it so bad!

I'm guessing hes the first dead? Like good old Nito?

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Looks more like Barlowe's interpretation of Sargatanas.

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I like that guess

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got pics of the 950k stretch?

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... Look under his robes. He's not made of dead people, he's... MADE... OF... BABIES! DOZENS OF BABIES IN A BIGASS TRENCHCOAT!

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Why do I feel an urge to paint it yellow!? Why do I feel that the mask is his real face!?

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here's the full update

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Finally a good pinup after the abominations that were the Leather Queen and the Sunstalker Dancer I was beginning to think Poots had lost his touch.

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what no penises?

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Do you think all them babies are castrated?

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It was merely in jest, as KD usually has giants dick tentacles everywhere.

On a more serious note, I get the feeling that the result of this KS will be a bit of a dissapointment.
I don't expect a bad game, per se, but rather one that won't live up to the hype.

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It's about skin and curves, proportions are overrated anyway.

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Its that guy on the throne made of arms with baby footrests! I love that guy!

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I hope you're wrong... I'm planning on getting all the expansions.

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even the gorn?

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I hate when Miniature companies use TITS and ASS to get funding/sell minis.

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I like it.
>inb4 attack on my maturity.

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OP here.
It works on some people. Sex sells no matter the format.
However I love the non-pinup models for this game. That's why I just posted the King. He's creepy looking in the best ways.

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Yeah, the King looks freaking stunning. I love that his neck appears to be made of hands holding up his face. Also, his body is made of babies and your argument is invalid.

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His ribcage is arms.

His crown is made of hands.

All arguments are invalid.

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>All these tits and ass and ugly monsters
>But I just want sharply dressed handome males

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I believe the ballsack is optional bit. You don't have to glue it on, you can keep him... smooth as a baby's bottom.

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I kind of missed the train on this game, can someone give me the skivvy? Do we have any idea how the game actually plays?

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tits and shit

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Don't be retarded.
The game has different phases where you develop your settlement and civilization and you fight monsters. From monsters you get loot that can help you in one way or another (making armor, buildings at stuff like that).

There probably is some char progression on your survivors, as you have sheets for all of them.

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Does that mean there's no in-depth knowledge of the game's mechanics available to the public?

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Ah, cool then. I wasn't really sure if it was a free for all game, or one where all the players were working together towards a goal, or if there was a GM-type player controlling the monsters somehow, or what. I have trouble finding useful information on the Kickstarter, it's gotten so bloated with stretch-goal updates.

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the kickstarter business model is fucked up

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And the survivor who's standing up and walking not giving a damn is the best one

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Love it.

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I came here to say this game is shit, dont waste your money.

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Monsters are on autopilot (AI cards decide their actions).
It's "player vs game" kinda thing, difficulty should be pretty brutal.

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Shitty idea sucking on the metaphorical tit of horny 12 - 30 year olds and in return supplying miniatures that will only be used as butt plugs

>inb4 pictures of semen covered miniatures
>you know it's going to happen

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It's stated to be for 1-4 players, monsters have AI cards that control their behaviour and represent their HP, so that a dying monster will become more predictable, but caould also potentially become a cripple or some sort of super death blow-spamming beast.

Monsters have levels, but we don't know yet how that works.

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If you can fit the King up your ass I think you probably deserve a metal of some sort.

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it's already happening - you'll want to check >>>/d/

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That's not saying much, I've seen photos of people jizzing on Orks. I think I've seen photos of people jizzing on EVERY 40k faction, come to think of it.

Except Sister of Battle. Which is odd, if you think about it.

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k/d/ is about the miniatures, not so much the game.

I want to play the game, but I don't pretend that it's guaranteed to be good. It would be much more interesting to run a full-fledged RPG in Kingdom Death than to play the game... but that's just a feeling.

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That'd actually require someone to play them first.

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>Except Sister of Battle. Which is odd, if you think about it.
Nah, it makes perfect sense. Cleaning up plastic after that kind of "treatment" is easy thing. Metal, on the other hand...

Don't ask.

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The system could be used for some /v/ material, I'll give you that, but it looks promising enough on tabletop.

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haha That would be pretty metal.

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I think most people are just in it for the miniatures. I'm only planning on getting the dragon explansion, because hold fuck that deal.

>8 inch dragon
>4 humans in dragon armor
>1 dragon king in human form
>digital artbook

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For once it actually sucks to live in continetnal Europe.

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so i read that you start out the game with your survivors naked but you actually physically put new armor and weapons on them does that mean you have to keep making new starter characters or is the armor and weapons going to somehow fit on all 4 different models

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Does anyone know what this art is of?

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Look at those pauldrons!

FUCK I have no money for this shit.

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There are armor kits with different torsos/head/arms/legs/hands. You put together separate miniatures and swap models, or if you're crazy, you magnetize.

But your gear is actually determined by your cards, so you can assemble as many or as few miniatures as you want.

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Just fyi, it's 1-6. Also, the base game has unarmored kits so there's enough models for 8 players, though he hasn't said anything about more than 6 players.

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Apparently each armor set comes with 4 of each.

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Not a Kingom Death-related question, but a miniatures one (as someone new to miniatures) -

Why do people say they don't want to paint theirs because they don't have enough practice? Will it be hard to get old paint jobs off and try again?

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why does someone with no arms even need paulderons?

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>1 dragon king in human form
Yeah, I'm not seeing that listed on the kickstarter description

You get four new figures representing each of the survivors wearing a complete set of that armour, but the figures are separated at the joints so you can mix-and-match to accurately reflect what you survivour is wearing. You really need to magnetise them which is going to be a cunt =/

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The human form was added in a recent stretch goal.

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I think it's harder to remove paint from plastics, but I've had no trouble stripping paint from my metal miniatures after leaving them in Pinesol for a day or two. I've probably stripped and repainted the same Carnivean about three or four times now, but I can definitely see improvements each time.

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no arms? I can spot like a dozen while just glancing over it!

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i was assuming those don't move because its the ribcage but if they do

>be fuck huge giant king
>t-rex arms

just have your party trip him and walk away

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Yep. It's not the prettiest mini, but it'll add variety to the gameplay.

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Kings don't fight. They have people doing taht for them. But since the watcher is just a glorified bedsheet, I guess we're talking magix here.

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I dunno. I'm still holding out for the second gameplay video, personally, but I really liked what I saw from the combat video.

If I like the research/upgrade video as much... there goes my money.

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Hm, good to hear, even if it's not for plastic. Even the primer comes off easily after long enough? Do you have to re-glue anything?

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you'd stil have to paint the anus, though.

Also, note to self: Don't look into KD:M threads if you plan on fapping within the next hour.
Fuckin' Gorn.

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>There are armor kits with different torsos/head/arms/legs/hands. You put together separate miniatures and swap models, or if you're crazy, you magnetize.
It's actually like I'm playing Mordheim all over again!
>mwf magnetising EVERYTHING because of my obsessive tentency to both uphold WSW & keep maximum versatility in gearing my characters.

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Define "easily", I suppose. It's not particularly easy, but it does come off.

Paint will practically fly off of miniatures if they're metal. You'll be there for a week with a toothbrush on plastic, but most of it will still come off.

Glue should remain sturdy.

I'm horrified of actually doing this. I'm actually ALMOST considering buying a bunch of the armor set boosters just so I don't have to try with these small minis.

Oh, well.

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Now that this kickstarter is almost ending, I need to ask a few questions for those in the know before I drop my money.

How big and detailed are these miniatures? I'll probably not get the game (can't see me and my friends playing the game often enough to justify ordering it + international shipping) and just get the pinup miniatures. I've been looking around the kickstarter page for some info, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere how big the miniatures are, or size comparison of it with other common objects. I collect anime figurines like picture related. I wonder how these miniatures compare to them.

Should I get resin or plastic miniatures? What are the differences (other than the $10 difference in price) I'm retarded with painting, so I won't be painting any of them.

How much have you put into the kickstarter?

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why did that bastard has to do he kickstarter around christmas time? when I'm aready low on money? Why not in June or something?

I want this. I want this so bad.

>> No.22364640

If it frees you from the compulsion, I can inform you that even with magnetization, it's unlikely you'll be able to have every model perfectly match. There seem to be some smaller and random bits of equipment with no plastic representation.

I myself might magnetize a few heads, but most will be solid pieces. Too fiddly for hands prone to shaking.

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>why does someone with no arms even need paulderons?
For reasons!

>> No.22364664

The kingsmen are about 1 or 1 1/2 heads taller than space marine terminators. So quite huge. But since they are supposed to be friggin giants chances are most miniatures have normal tabletop size.

>> No.22364666

Yeah, I'm thinking that's an option as well. Just do some major weapon type variants with appropriate tiers for that kind of armor and be done with it.

I've got a few more days to figure it out I guess.

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That just looks fucking obnoxious.

>> No.22364704

quick google search showed them to be normal 32mm heroic scale. don't be a douche, learn to use searchengines.

>> No.22364715

>How big
Human sized are around 35 mm. Monsters like the Flower Knight and Watcher run closer to 54 mm, iirc. Then there's the big guys (Phoenix, Lion God, Dragon King, etc.).

>resin or plastic
Resin is more fragile with sharper details. Plastic is more durable, but (depending on what he goes with) tends to softer details, and it's also pretty shiny. You could always consider doing a quick prime and wash for them, though, which doesn't require painting skills.

>how much
Too much. I refuse to go over $500 though, because then my senses will kick in.

>> No.22364788

A few more days to decide? Are you considering extra armor kits, then? I'm probably going to skip that unless he adds an assorted option, because there's already enough for something like 40 survivors just in the base game.... I'm probably going to use the starting guys when the game finally ships until everything else is done and painted.

>> No.22364841

Good to know, thanks.

>> No.22364844

>Kingdom Death is a nightmare horror board game (in development) supported by a range of highly detailed 35mm scale miniatures.
so humans are slightly bigger than your average warhams infantry

>Should I get resin or plastic miniatures? What are the differences.
Resin holds details better (when casted right, I'm looking at you, GW). Plastic is more durable. If you're going for... um... a showcase stuff (we are gonna call it that and not delve into what you actually wanna do with them, okay?) better go for resin. On the other hand, you probably won't notice much difference unless they are painted properly. So in regard of..
>I'm retarded with painting, so I won't be painting any of them.
you might as well save and go for plastic anyway.

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Gorm. GORM, damnit!

>> No.22365221

Jesus Christ that thing is awesome.

>> No.22365232

>Are you considering extra armor kits, then?
Yeah, I am. I might have an OCD flareup if I don't make the miniatures match, but at the same time I'm completely unskilled.

>> No.22365250

damnit, now I want a model of the actual Gorn.

His attacks include: Slow Punch, Slow Half-Kick, Slow Hug, Quickly Adjust the Rubber Mask, and Invulnerability.

>> No.22365384


Kiiiiiirkk sssssssssSSSSsssss..!

>> No.22365386

I've got no interest in the game, but the King, Dung Beetle Knight, Lion Knight, and the Watcher all look amazing. Wish I could have them and not buy into the game.

>> No.22365416

And the Phoenix. Fuck. does anyone know if they'll be selling the minis individually and how much they'll cost? Probably a fucking arm and a leg.

>> No.22365423

You can.
there is a new $11 tier (for shipping) that lets you add any of the extras

>> No.22365425

Can you not do that? Just donate the amount for the expansions and not the game?

>> No.22365439

Oooooh. Thanks. I'm not very good at looking at letters was just paying attention to the minis. Also just saw the MSRP tags near the pictures.

>> No.22365455

Unfortunately, you will be out of luck on the Phoenix, but considering survivor levels get 2 plastics, you can probably find one for sale later. It's something you'll want to keep an eye out for when they ship.

>> No.22365516

Holy shit just noticed the size and price tag of the Phoenix.
Looks so cool though.

>> No.22365567

Link to KS?

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So, how would /tg/ rank the expansions?

Here's mine:
Flower Knight
Lantern Festival
Dragon King
Lion God
Dung Beetle Knight
Lion Knight

>> No.22365741

>Lantern Festival
what's this?

>> No.22365794

Oh, uh - the King.... When did the name change?

>> No.22365882

>this mini
Jesus christ how horrifying.

>> No.22365900

the name changed? What changed?

>> No.22365954

The update said Lantern Festival expansion when I saw it.

>> No.22366067

Oh. Weird. I never saw that.

I'm concerned about how much The King is going to cost. He's undoubtedly one of the most impressive miniatures that KD has, but I'm on a budget and I do not want to cut into money I've allocated for things more important than gaming, like food, or rent.

>> No.22366204

I did happen to catch it right as it went up and then had to leave, so.... And yeah, I'm worried about price. I need this one (when I already know how I'm going to paint something, I have trouble saying no). But the Scribe alone is on the pricey side; not sure what all three of these cost together.

At least this is the last expansion.

>> No.22366237

>At least this is the last expansion.
This is the single biggest relief for me. There won't be more spending after this, I can simply steel myself, order everything, and be done with it.

>> No.22366241

Pah, who needs food?
Gorm (All hail the mighty Gorm!)
Dung Beetle Knight
Dragon King
Flower Knight
Lion Knight
Lantern Festival
Lion God

>> No.22366413

We don't really know what Spidicules will look like, right? Definitely not as spindly as the current prototype.

Also, it's funny to look at the RRP given for these awesome (and relatively big) models and compare it to GW. Tiny shitcast Bilbo and Gollum models for $35, anyone?

>> No.22366790

Flower Knight
Da King
Lion God
Dung Beetle Knight
Dragon King
Lion Knight

>> No.22367400

Holy Christ the game board is 2'x3' and the Phoenix is enormous. Plus
>dat twilight knight
This is so damned ambitious. I hope the game turns out at least half as good as the minis.

>> No.22367428

Even if it isn't too great of a game, I think most pledges come out to ~$5 per mini, which is very reasonable, with the painting guides and other cool stuff.

>> No.22367446

I am so confused, no one is putting Dung Beetle Knight on top. What is wrong with this world.

>> No.22367477

The Mighty Gorm's ballsack gazes into your soul!
Roll for sanity damage.

>> No.22367496

Jokes on you, I was already insane.

>> No.22367642

So does the extra $55 seem worth all the bonuses of the survivor level over just the base game?

>> No.22367664

I certainly think so, Aya, Paul, Adam and the other named Surivor + extra watcher and phoenix and other stuff, plus it helps you become a Herald.

>> No.22367762

Fuck that. I'm ranking ALL the enemies that are going to appear.

Dung Beetle Knight
Flower Knight
Dragon King
King's Hand
Lion Knight
Man Hunter
White Lion
Lantern Festival
Lion God

I still find it depressing that we can't somehow steal the designs of the enemy Knights' armors for the survivors' use. The Souls games spoiled me on that, I guess. Maybe when Poots starts work on the actual game? It'd also be nice if we got a picture of the Antelope already.

>> No.22367788

There's a picture of it somewhere, it's reared up on its hind legs and its ribs are splayed out like they were butchered.

>> No.22367841

That is true, I would like to become a Herald, but if I'm arguing with myself over $55 I can only imagine another $145 on top of that.

>> No.22367855

For minis? You get two extra, large, sickass monstrous minis, plus more survivors and more WHFB proxies.

For gameplay? Slightly more iffy. At the very least, from what Poots has clarified on clearly, you're getting an extra character class out of it due to the Savior mini's inclusion.

>> No.22367892

It quickly becomes a slippery slope, but consider it a big-budget purchase to last you almost two years (one year waiting, and one year assembling/painting all those minis; more if you magnetize.)

>> No.22367992

Actually, you're not getting a character class - Savior was already written into the base game as a possibility, he just didn't talk about it until adding the sculpt.

>> No.22368006

Clarification, you're not getting a character class you wouldn't already have. I phrased that poorly.

>> No.22368052

poor sunstalker

>> No.22368086

I want to kick in, but 11 months is a long time...

>> No.22368148

This is my Christmas gift to my future self. It hurts now, but that big box will be damned fun to open.

>> No.22368168

>its ribs are splayed out like they were butchered
Dammit, and there was me thinking it was just an antelope. This shit be too cool.

>> No.22368264

Went back to go take a look, myself. Huh, this is cooler than I thought from first glance.

>> No.22368359

Hells yes. I'm a big fan of the Lion God too. Looks mainly lion-like, but with added weirdness and in a badass pose.

>> No.22368469

Really hoping Poots gets some time to post extra pictures of that guy up. Everything about the sculpt is so well done. And then just thinking about how all those little lanterns on the base are in scale to the humans...

>> No.22368667

If they are that only makes sodomy-still tailwhip attacks even more terrifying/arousing...

>> No.22369134

That is a Twilight Knight that has deserted the order. Without an Archivist partner keeping their dangerous relics in harmony Deserters generally descend into madness. Ok, back to work for me!

>> No.22369184

yes get back to work! The second gameplay vid isn't going to upload itself.

>> No.22369430

Yes, schnell, schnell! That video is literally all that's standing between me and spending about $400 or so.

>> No.22369647

>Poots dropping in to answer a random question
Coooooooooooool. But yeah, the people demand videos!

>> No.22370117

>Twilight Knights have an Order

Inductees must be a hell of a lot of trouble.

>> No.22370186

their KS page is a cluster fuck. this game looks interesting. how much fuckin money do i need to give them for the base game and how much more money do all these extra minis cost after that?

>> No.22370300

It's like playing mordheim with metal miniatures all over again.
These are multipart models, yes, but they can only have one set up. Once that setup is chosen it is over. Buy more models !
Why do you think he is giving out so many armor kits?
Magnets will not help you here.

>> No.22370320

Magnets so small that you will destroy your models and become insane !!

>> No.22370349

There are comparison shots of plastic/resin.
Plastic loses so much detail it loses the point of being about pretty models.

If you want pretty models you buy resin.

>> No.22370367

>base game

>extra shit

>> No.22370379

Also, watch the gameplay video; it looks like shit. Run up to single boss monster, roll dice/draw cards and hope that you get lucky. I can't see how they're going to add any real strategy to it.

>> No.22370486

i watched the gameplay vid, the phase where you fight the boss looks pretty simple.

the minis look awesome and im kinda getting the feeling thats the main focus here (mini porn). that being said im still interested in seeing what is involved with the other "phases" in the game.

>> No.22370572

>main focus here (mini porn)
Yeah, that's pretty obvious

I have to admit, the settlement management seems interesting though I'm sure that the game is still going to focus on the combat.

>> No.22370607

The Lion God has a dick as tail

>> No.22373351

Can someone explain to me the proper procedures for handling Resin? I hear it's highly toxic.

From what I've gleaned over several threads you need to:
1. Somehow soak them for a night before priming them to remove some sorta residue on them, can someone elaborate on this?

2. When working with them you need a mask. Is one of those white surgical masks sufficient or do you need a full on respirator type mask?

Anything else I'm missing?

>> No.22373449

As far as I'm aware, the only thing you need to do before priming them is rinse them off. There's a powder on the surface that's used to release the miniature from its mold, so that it doesn't stick to the mold.

And yes, if you're doing anything like sanding resin, you should probably just put something on to try to avoid breathing it in. I don't think you need a full on respirator gas mask.

>> No.22374112

I am so excited to come back and find my question randomly answered.

>> No.22374133

Poots still hasn't finalized what kind of plastic he'll use. Don't know where the pic went, but there was a Trollforged pinup and it looked damn good.

>> No.22375501

Trollforged isn't fully plastic though it's a compound mixture of plastic and toxic resin.

>> No.22375631

Unless you are planning on doing lines of Resin debris like coke, you're not in any real danger.

Its just scare mongering like with Lead Miniatures.

>> No.22375678

If we're getting technical, synthetic resin is a plastic.

My point is, there's a possibility that Trollforged will be the 'plastic' option.

>> No.22378648

Who uses lead in their minis?

>> No.22378683

Forgeworld and Malifaux

>> No.22378723

Huh, interesting. Was thinking of picking up a starter box from Malifaux and some Cataphractii Termies... And I notice Holiday Nico might be some kind of metal-lead material too. Do you really have to be outside to work with lead minis?

>> No.22379147

I was just trolling. Sorry, didn't expect anyone to believe me. Enjoy malifaux.

>> No.22379346

1. Dishwashing liquid in (not hot!) water (like you're going to wash the dishes) and (gently!) scrub with an old toothbrush to remove mould release that will prevent paint adhering properly

2. Resin dust will irritate the lungs and cause damage over time, but with the minimal amount of cleanup that these minis should require just keeping them damp when you sand them will be fine.

>> No.22379375

>shipping if you're not in the US
bend over

>> No.22379491

They are *not* normal 32mm heroic scale. Don't be a douche.

>> No.22379560

The proportions of the one on the left seem far more normal than the ones on the derpmarine on the right.

>> No.22379566

>Plastic loses so much detail it loses the point of being about pretty models.

>> No.22379606

Why, god, why does it have to be cheesecake?

My GF would love the shit out of minis as detailed as these with kickass warrior women but all you get is whoreswhoreswhores or manfaces, manfaces everywhere.

>> No.22379719

There's no such thing as a decently kickass warrior woman that doesn't look like a man. Looking feminine makes you lose points in kickassery.

>> No.22379722

Not the guy you're quoting, but yes. The one on the left lost all the details on the hilt, belt, shoes. You also have to clean up much more and worry about bending.

>> No.22379836

Well that is just stupid and wrong.

I mean, I understand what you are getting at, but you don't have to completely expose the sexy qualities (boobs, butt, feet) of a woman for someone to find them sexually attractive.

>> No.22379867

Oh here we go.png

>> No.22379934

Hey I don't like them, but feet are in the top search results of people looking for porn.

(I didn't mention that the penis is well above most of those other qualities in search results, but I didn't want to derail the thread)

>> No.22380067

>implying penis will derail a thread more than feet

>> No.22380116

Feet are bland even for non-4chan viewers.
Penis is only bland for 4chan.

I stick by my logic.

>> No.22380193

There really is no point in arguing about it; if you have been around longer than a few weeks you would see how much of a sagebombing shitfest arises when people start posting pictures of feet fetishes.

>> No.22380225

Actually, the threads I go into don't get hit by foot fetish stuff. Maybe you just post in terrible threads?

On /co/, yeah you can get a feet thread. Heck even /v/ if you are stupid enough to go there. /tg/? Meh.

>> No.22380295


You're doing it. Stop doing it.

>> No.22380347

We're the only thing keeping this thread alive.

>> No.22380423

I, for one, welcome our chubby overlords.

>> No.22380488

I'll give you the hilt...but given the position of the (much smaller) hand relative to the guard I don't think that piece was cast from the same sculpt anyway. I can't for the life me figure out what you're talking about re the belt and shoes; all the detail is still there. Very slightly softer but nothing that would affect anyone not painting one to Golden Daemon standards. I think you're just getting thrown by the PVC being glossier. Mould lines are in sensible places (oh hai! Mantic and PP) so even if the resin ones are casts as cleanly as shown (protip: not bloody likely unless only a handfull of punter stump for them) it's hard to see why anyone who doesn't masturbate furiously at the sound of Poots' name would be willing to pay the massive premium. (Genuinely curious here.)

>> No.22380568


>> No.22380594

Now this isn't for everyone, but one of the things I like about a lot of the smut miniatures/art from KD, is that the women sometimes seem embarrassed.

Add 'humiliation' to the list of fetishes this game caters to.

>> No.22380600

>face 10/10
>everything else 0/10

>> No.22380648

this but babies for the King

>> No.22380685

Hot glue anon, it's hot glue.

>> No.22380714

WHY ARE ALL OF THEM PIDGEON TOED that is an aweful thing... it costs so much money and people develope serious pelvic problems from this shit

>> No.22380840

Well, she is pregnant with giant monster tentacle.

>> No.22380905

You must be hard-pressed to find acceptable proportions among any miniature company.

>> No.22380918


The japs decided that pigeon-toes were uguuuu~, and now an entire generation of teenagers can't climax unless the girl has an orthopedic disorder.

>> No.22381008

The poor lass, her tights are all covered with wholes and ladders.

>> No.22381038


Damn it Captcha!

>> No.22381099

One more before I leave for sleep.

>> No.22381168


I wish that's what girls who put "Chubby" or "A little extra" as their body type on their dating profile actually looked like.

>> No.22381198

Minus the funny lion hat, face on her belly (preggo can stay) and dick eating appendage this is the hottest K:D creature/pinup/female.

>> No.22381465

But he has such a cute little smile!

>> No.22381548

>MFW poots doesn't give an addon option for a discounted all expansion option but adds new pledge levels that include all expansions at a discounted price forcing me to give up my $129 BF special that I spent hours spamming f5 to achieve.

I'll hunt him down if he does this.

>> No.22381618

It'll be even worse he'll put them up in pledge form but limit them and finally he'll add them in his normal vampire hours (4am or so) so when you wake up they'll all be gone too euros and you won't even have had a chance to pledge.

>> No.22381656

I was very intrigued when I came across the kickstarter and previews for this game, but after seeing that it is going the route that it is in terms of character design, I'm just backing away slowly and letting this one fall off the radar.

If they avoided all of the fetishy anime bullshit it would have appealed to a wider audience.

>> No.22381693

I think the rules should be adaptable to other less 'fetishy' or 'anime'-centric settings; plus some people find sex-horror interesting in a life/death mixing in a beautiful paradox way.

>> No.22381712

pinups=/= the game's design

Look at the models that come with the base game and the game expansions; anons stop fucking trolling.

>> No.22381802

Horrible Demon King or just a bunch of kids sneaking into a R-rated movie?

>> No.22381826

Here's a good overview of some of the game mechanics so far:http://www.scribd.com/doc/118387274/Kingdom-Death-Monster-Notes

Be aware: This was not written by Adam himself, so it may be somewhat inaccurate on certain game aspects, but I think it shows that this game is more about civilization+fighting awesome monsters than about big-breasted, scantily-clad females (though the penis-tentacles I admit my throw some people for a loop)

>> No.22381829

>Implying one thing can't lead to another.

Why do you think r-rated movies are restricted against children?

>> No.22381831

>adds new pledge levels that include all expansions at a discounted price
I'm pretty sure we'd still save money; those expansions cost a fuckton piecemeal.

Fuckton Piecemeal would be a good name for a band...

>> No.22381846

Also to add the anime asthetic you are referring to is partly due to the fact that they hire Lockmanlam a guy from Hongkong to do most/if not all of the art

and it isn't considered "anime" over there to their eastern eyes it is just normalish

>> No.22381883

again with "doushio" pose, KD.

>> No.22381926

When I first saw them I thought he had drills for arms. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed that he doesn't.

>> No.22381950

Planning for some Orky conversions?
(Or just conversions/ using other minis in general)
I know my Stikfa dino skeletons are going to be fighting them survivors.

>> No.22381973

She not chubby, she's fattened up.

She's the Dragon Sacrifice, remember.

>> No.22381991

this one looks more like "haters gonna hate"

>> No.22382049

Am I the only one who looks at this picture and thinks OROBAS!

>> No.22382251

>just a bunch of kids sneaking into a R-rated movie
10/10 clever anon.

>> No.22382420

Ooooooooh, $1120 to go until the magic million mark.

>> No.22382498

I believe you mean $815, anon.

>> No.22382510

holy fuck what it was 9000 away like an hour ago.

>> No.22382552

It's steamrolling ahead as new people jump on, and old backers pre-add for the million stretch goal; plus some in anticipation of the 2nd gameplay video.

>> No.22382577

Poots better be ready to be up 72 hours straight for the last 3 days because stretch goals are going to drop like the spirits of a sex slave seeing the her masters dungeon for the first time.

>> No.22382582


>> No.22382591

And... thats a million. Time to throw more money at the screen.

>> No.22382611

10/10 I facepalm'd

>> No.22382618

A new interpretation of the phrase 'money shot'; also Adam says the 2nd vid is at 98%.

>> No.22382641

he said The King will be the last one, because any more and he might not be able to fill the orders by the release date.

>> No.22382645

1 mil I came hard.

>> No.22382665

He said he's done with gameplay expansions but if that nigger doesn't double all the remaining undoubled armors in the survivor at the very least he's gonna have some hell to pay!

>> No.22382668

He said there might be some non-expansion 'fun' stretch goals, possibly the dice-ring alluded to earlier+ more art, or events, something easier to make like that.

>> No.22382675

If it's a fucking dice ring I'm going to be pissed.

>> No.22382705

Doubt it'll be, since he wanted a special monster to go with it.

>> No.22382718

What about a dice cock ring? Hmm? Hmmm?
Makes role-playing in the boudoir much easier, and sexier(though you may need to trim/shave to avoid pulling out hair)

>> No.22382738

Good. Dice rings are literally the worst thing to succeed off kickstarter.

If some tool shows up to my group with a dice ring and tries to use it in lieu of a dice I'll just pick up my dice and roll for him until he puts the retarded thing away.

>Roll dice ring
>No one can see result
>OH another 20! How lucky!
>30000 rolls later
>Wow, I can't believe how few natural 1s I've been getting!

>> No.22382739

Who's getting the Lion God ?

>> No.22382744

I dont know my ring size. I dont know how to figure out my ring size. I'm not going out of my way to find my ring size.
So I really hope it's not a dice ring.

>> No.22382750

I'm getting everything. Including the pinups and every 20 piece armor expansion.

>> No.22382757

But are you getting the pinups in resin?

>> No.22382760

Are you by chance Mr.$5000?

>> No.22382792

has Poots posted any new work in progress cg or prototypes of pinups such as the Primal huntress yet?

>> No.22382798


I'm paranoid about Resin being toxic, probably unreasonably so, and besides I fully intend to play with those pinups so resin isn't really worth it to me.

Also I forgot to mention I'm not getting the leather queen actually because she is just terrible.

>> No.22382805

Hoping to. Depends on the price of this expansion, though.

>> No.22382837

>implying having the Price is Right wheel on your finger isn't awesome

>> No.22382844

Resin in solid form as a miniature is perfectly safe. Resin in tiny particles, not so much, but you can wet sand, do it outside, and wear a mask for that.

But yeah, go with plastic for non-display. Just sharing some general info.

>> No.22382848

Resin isn't toxic unless you are grinding it up and inhaling it.

>> No.22382850

I would if I was in. Dude looks awesome.

>> No.22382863

That one was cut because of technical difficulties/copyright stuff :/
But I do like having the alphabet/elder Futhark and Tarot deck on my fingers.

>> No.22382927

>not grinding up and inhaling your minis
What the fuck do you guys even do with them then? Put them on a shelf or some shit?

Mind you, these days I only snort the KD and Dropzone Commander stuff, which gives a nice clean high. I've had some bad batches from geedubya. Finecast my ass. Sometimes I still have flashbacks.

>> No.22382945

What are you talking about?


>> No.22382957

The way Resin miniature addicts are often described its not far from the truth.

>> No.22382974

White metal's worse.

>> No.22382987

surely they've kickstarted enough funds to start regular production on atleast one model.

>> No.22383015

kind of wish he had better comparison shots of the resin and plastic. I get the impression the Twilight knight pinup one isn't the best cast while the Wet nurse plastic is a better example.
Just more comparisons would be nice.

>> No.22383035

He has started manufacturing them during the kickstart. He said the Kingsmen have started being produced I believe.

>> No.22383078

Ouch, snorting pewter is pretty hardcore. Or go old-school and snort lead for a natural high.

>> No.22383089

Part of the reason is he hasn't finalized who he'll be working with, and part is that models like the pinup Twilight Knight weren't sculpted to work well in plastic. Everything that's new in this KS should be better suited.

I agree on comparisons, but they aren't feasible, I guess.

>> No.22383121

That's how they did it in the 1800s, right?

>> No.22383140

The Romans were the ones who did lead though, especially those crazy emperors.

>> No.22383179

I thought he has finalized who he is working with. He has a resin expert from france and hes already begun plastic mass manufacturing.

>> No.22383201

>want survivor edition
>have to pay 200 instead of 155 dollars because shipping

Is it worth it?

>> No.22383242

Possibly, you might get more stuff added on for free in the next few days; if possible (perhaps by having some friends kick in) you should add enough to become a Herald, then the free Lion Knight and Man Hunter should make up for the shipping (if you don't absolutely hate them, of course).

>> No.22383251

Yeah, he's got the resin guy he's been working with, but is still looking at types of plastic. Softer PVC is most likely, but there've been talks with that guy who does Trollforged.

I haven't seen anything indicating he's started manufacturing for the game, since he hasn't received any of the KS money yet for molds.

>> No.22383268

If you can bring the total (including shipping) up to $300 you can get magic free minis to make it less painful.

>> No.22383291

So what you're saying is people like >>22382927 are desecrating a time-honored tradition.

>> No.22383308

No comment.

>> No.22383340

I'm kinda pissed that the herald of death is basically useless as an apology for expensive international shipping to me now, earlier in the campaign it was a good way too mitigate the shipping and incentive to push my pledge higher but now with all expansions I'm super $300 even without counting shipping so the fact that shipping is included is entirely irrelevant.

>> No.22383824

So is there any repository of information regarding the fluff or the gameplay? I'm curious for some context for these legions of horrorterrors and rape-bait.

>> No.22383847


>> No.22385070

I can fully understand why it would be hard to get the videos made while managing an ongoing Kickstarter... but I honestly don't understand why you wouldn't make them before launching in the first place.

>> No.22385117

He's doing it solo, and may not be the best organized person; plus he seems to be a perfectionist, and no-one wants to look/sound bad on camera.

>> No.22385196

Yeah, but.... he didn't have to launch the Kickstarter when he did, and could have taken all the time in the world to make videos beforehand.

>> No.22386187

Maybe it's an elaborate attempt to build hype.

>> No.22386884

youtube currently processing video 2


>> No.22386905

I'm new to this whole miniatures thing. So how do they sculp miniatures? Are they all modeled in 3D programs and printed with a 3D printer, then have their body parts cut off to be made into moulds for mass production?

I'd love to see more of their models like in >>22386187. Looks a lot more detailed than the physical miniature itself.

>> No.22386920


is he held up by a hundred babies? lol awesome
>spansysq suppose

>> No.22387103

"This video has been removed because it is too long."

What? No, fuck you, Youtube.

>> No.22387115

video removed because its too long WTH YOUTUBE YOU FUCKS
the gorm will fuck you up

>> No.22387126

It's a conspiracy! Youtube is trying to oppress the penis-tentacles.

>> No.22387238

> Creator Kingdom Death 4 minutes ago
>WTF youtube... WTF


>> No.22387243

can you upload the PDF? my browser is retarded and wont let me log in to download etc.

>> No.22387269

It should be viewable online. If not, I have no clue how to do such a thing, sorry.

>> No.22387279

>Presumably, a survivor can use only one shield.
first skyrim, now kingdom death, IS THERE NO END TO THIS INJUSTICE?!

>> No.22387301

its viewable online, but i wanted to download, using the download as pdf option, makes me log into facebook where the broswer open a blank page WTH

>> No.22387748


woop woop

>> No.22387771

>fist and tooth
>Lucky (crits on 9 and 10)


>> No.22387839


>> No.22387905

oh god i lold

>> No.22388034

>So how do they sculpt* miniatures

I've been seeing a trend with a few mini makers to design it in 3D to print using a high end (likely UV curing resin) printer. The model would likely be cut up before printing and the parts printed fixed up if necessary prior to the mold making.

>> No.22388073

Well, that's it I think. I've always liked what I've seen with this game and the first gameplay video, I've just been putting this off until the second gameplay video, just to be absolutely certain...

...now it's time to drop the $400.

>> No.22388079


Was that a troll from Warcraft 2 going berserk in the background?

>> No.22388090

Okay after watching the second Video, i'm even more sure of this Kickstarter. It seems really solid, and having multiple sessions make it more awesome.

>> No.22388138

Just out of curiosity, am I the only person who thinks that not painting these miniatures normally might almost look better than painting them?

There's just something about these miniatures in grayscale that really seems to fit extremely well for me.

>> No.22388174

I thought that too but maybe a primer coat and black wash would look pretty good on them. Personally i'm taking this year to work on my mini painting skills to do these models justice though.

>> No.22388204

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, a coat of white or very light gray, followed by a quick wash to bring out the detail. There's just something about the models in all the promo videos and shots, they just seem so... classy, in a way that really seems to mesh well with the theme.

That, and the fact that I doubt I could do them justice.

>> No.22388231

i agree with you, it looks arty and like ivory or stonework statues

>> No.22388300

Wait, the pledge just says you get the game, a t-shirt and two figs. Do you really get all that for 155?

>> No.22388418

The official and fan-created pledge guides both show it, so... yes. I guess the extra stuff was added later. Given the awesomeness of the phoenix and watcher, seems like a crazy good deal, although for the game it seems like you'd only ever need one of each.

>> No.22388440

Kingdom death is pigusting, you not like glorious GW? shame for dispray Emperor is god of /tg/

>> No.22388454

Yeah, a lot of it was added with stretch goals.

>> No.22388462

I fuckin' lol'd when the video suddenly paused for the 1 million dollars "yeeeaaaaaaaah!" Poots is a witty dude.

Also, when it started mentioning 'eating disorders' or whatever, did anyone else brace themselves for some fetishy weirdness?

>> No.22388499

Funny, I was just thinking how stuff like the Phoenix, Watcher, King etc made geedubya's chaos daemons look horribly cartoony and, well... bad. I'd put Poots' guys in charge of daemon modelling in a heartbeat.

>> No.22388977

God damn, I'm as excited as Poots at this point.

Apparently the 1mil stretch goal image is too large to even post. Damn.

>> No.22389003


>> No.22389012

>no nudity for scribe
>dead baby saddles ok

Neuuu Poots what are you doing you are being American.

>> No.22389022

There is like a kickstarter going on haven't you noticed?

>> No.22389029

Plastic version wont have boobs, my half shipped resin version of the scribe has tits.

>> No.22389032

>Neuuu Poots what are you doing you are being American.
Thank the jackasses who decided to get Tentacle Bento pulled from Kickstarter.

Poots more than likely doesn't, you know, want to fuck up the successful million dollar kickstarter. It's depressing, but again, you know who to thank for it.

>> No.22389036


Creator Kingdom Death just now
@Micheal Burns, the piece that covers her will be optional.

>> No.22389041

He's also running a mini's business for quite some time.

This is also a baseless argument since he clearly has time to send out purchased models to buyers, then he should also have time sending me a replacement since he didn't send me core parts with my scribe model.

That shit was $70 ffs

>> No.22389042

They are two different things. Bento had implied rape. Bare tits are just bare tits.

>> No.22389052

When he wasn't busy he sent me a replacement for a mini very quickly.

It sucks but you will just either have to send a reminder email or notify him after the KS.

>> No.22389057

>Bento had implied rape. Bare tits are just bare tits.
Am I going to continue this argument? No, I'm not. No reason to derail this thread, I've got spending to do.

>> No.22389088

Its not an argument.

because I won

Though you are right the people trying to police what is acceptable can burn in hell.

>> No.22389105

I've sent 3 reminders, he only replied to two of them. I've been waiting several weeks.

I'm not mad at him. And I realize the scribe was a very limited run, along with the small crew he has (like 4 people including himself) But this isn't the best of service.

Isn't stopping me from dropping 545 on the kickstarter, however.

>> No.22389109

haha that is hilarious optional non-nudity. This is going to cause certain peoples heads to explode.

Back on the subject of the expansion. THE ART is amazing!

>> No.22389126

Im still throwing up dropping ~400 or economizing to just over 300.

Now the decision time begins.

>> No.22389143

>Now the decision time begins.
Welcome to hell, friend. I might just sit back and wait until the Death Toll site updates with the last batch of content.

>> No.22389144

I'm getting the survivor level, with all the expansions, White Speaker Nico, and resins of lioness, leather queen and illuminated lady, you?

>> No.22389187


I guess there's also the holidays to keep in mind as well.

>> No.22389208

survivor, dragon exp and dung knight exp for certain.
Everything else I JUST DONT KNOW LOL. I have nearly 400 on it and my opinion shifts from either getting mostly pinups (in resin) or mostly expansions with the rest of my pledge.

>> No.22389239

I think i'll work it out by what I don't want first. lol.

>> No.22389250

i wonder what the relation of the twilight cloak and the twilight knights is? just convenient name or what. or perhaps watchers are one of the components of the relics that shield twilight knights minds from madness.

>> No.22389262

1,255 so far.

Merry Christmas to myself for this and next year.

>> No.22389267

Maybe a twilight knight is someone who has slain a watcher.

>> No.22389277

Money well spent.

>> No.22389307

Well then. I think I'll actually lay down 155. Fuck you Kickstarter, that's the rest of my tax return.

>> No.22389390


>> No.22389405

What's really killing me and making me upset is the choice I have between trying to magnetize miniatures of this size with my low skill level or paying ~$300 extra for more sets.
God help me.

>> No.22389410

So I'm fucking sold from that second video, and decided I'm going to get the basic game plus one of the smexy pinup/pinup-like options. My heart's set on either Leather Queen or Holiday Nico. One is the best looking one while the other one adds to the gameplay. I need help deciding, /tg/.

>> No.22389443

You will have to go to old pootsies if you need another hit of armour sets each game.

Seriously consider maybe a combination of magnets and blu-tak?

I've used blu-tak as a quick magnet alternative and it has worked in table top games.

>> No.22389466

mfw I've dropped $200 on this kickstarter, and I don't even get to have the game (all $200 went to all the plastic pinups)

And after watching the second youtube video, I really want to drop another $155 for the base game.

Fuck this kickstarter.

>> No.22389469

I want to get Nico, even better the uncensored one where she shows crotch but... that mini he won't even get around to making for a long time.

>> No.22389477

Blu-tak might work, I'd imagine it wouldn't look too good and would get messy with frequent use though.

Another suggestion that I liked was using some kind of pinning system, that could work as well.

Has anyone here used magnets on miniatures similar to this? How difficult is it, especially for someone not very skilled with this kind of thing?

>> No.22389497

I can't bring myself to buy a single pinup in plastic I must get them all in resin!

>> No.22389500

Wait, wait, what the fuck. That's going to be a separate release?

>> No.22389504

After being one of the tards that dissed this game for whatever reason in the past, I am now very excited for it after seeing that second preview video.

It seems like this game might be the one that finally gets my friends with no traditional gaming background into traditional games. It looks easy enough for a group of new players to pick up so long as one person (me) thoroughly understands the rules.

>> No.22389535

I don't see how much better resin will be.

I've been collecting lewd animu figurines for years, they're all PVC, but still looks good for me.

The differences are minimal too, from the plastic v resin comparison shots they've shown so far.

>> No.22389538

He said something like holiday Nico is the most "kickstart" of all the options. Funding it is basically going to make it happen and he won't be able to have it done till after the KS work is done.

>> No.22389549

Well at this scale which is smaller than anime the difference is volume means resin minis are supposedly the closet to the master batch.

For me I like ahem the full figures of the pinups so I want the volume of their bodies to be full.

>> No.22389589

Once I started to make a portable mini 40k board out of Epic figures and sheets of magnetic sheets the flexible kind.

It had a strong adhesion and its very thin. Maybe try that?

>> No.22389597


It's not that hard to magnetize. I'll see about doing a thread with a how-to-magnetize at some point. The process tends to be quite forgiving.

>> No.22389612

That's good. I've got some experience, but with larger miniatures that allow for larger magnets.

My biggest concern is that the smaller miniatures will push the process beyond my skills.

>> No.22389670

Aw, geeze. In that case, Leather Queen it is. November's an agonizing wait as it is.

>> No.22389678


You just use a smaller drill. To get a center mark, you just draw a few lines using a very thin marker and then cross them (I'll show in a thread later -maybe in two weeks once my school schedule settles down a little bit.)
Make the hole just a little bit bigger than the magnet, or just a little smaller and use a hobby knife or razor blade to widen it a bit. This allows the magnet to drop out during test fitting because you want to make sure it will fit flush. If it's too deep, just put a small amount of putty to fill, test fit while it's still soft, then glue it in with super glue (apply with a blunted toothpick or other stick-like device) when you're sure it's fine.

>> No.22389695

I'm sure I can find a good tutorial for the smaller stuff, or catch your explanation later or something.

Due to the fact that I'm already planning to spend almost $500, I might as well just take your word that it's not much more difficult and that I'll be able to do it.

If not, oh well.

>> No.22389704

Here is a pic of a magnet sheet. You peel off one side which is adhesive then stick it to your mini part. All you need then is a thin metal surface.

Easy peasy.

>> No.22389726

oh I forgot to make the magnets. You use a hole puncher.

>> No.22389816


I use rare earth magnets and embed them into the model so it fits flush. It's a little more work but the fig looks nice for it.

>> No.22389836

It sounds like a good idea for bigger miniatures but for the little ones and people wanting a faster easy option. I think magnet sheets might be faster and hardly noticeable.

>> No.22390056


Dunno. I have the 1mm rare earth magnets I use

>> No.22390079

Just curious, how do you create a hole in both pieces large enough to accommodate the rare earth magnets?

Do you use a pin vice and hobby knife to create the cavity? Or is there a more efficient way to do so that causes less damage to the pieces?

I only ask because the only time I have used this technique was years ago when I was in to 40k and wanted a customizable Carnifex, so I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to magnetizing things these days.

>> No.22390138


The process is the same. A pin vice and bit. The hobby knife is sort of optional. What manner of damage are you speaking of?

>> No.22390179

Looks like my damage is totaling to $555 I guess I'll sleep on that for a day or two and then steel myself to go through with it. That's an uncomfortable large purchase for something like this.

>> No.22390201

I'd recommend the magnet sheets options for people that haven't got experience making holes for magnets.

>> No.22390239

I suppose "damage" was a rather dramatic term to use. What I meant to ask was is there a way to magnetize pieces with rare earth magnets that does not require deep or wide cavities in the miniature to accommodate the magnets?

I figure that 1mm rare earth magnets might work, but I have never worked with such a small magnet scale before, so I am not fully confident on their ability to hold miniatures of this scale together reliably until someone tells me otherwise.

>> No.22390253

I saw a possible pin and ring system that I think is magnetised somewhere.

>> No.22390255

Also rare earth magnets will hold these minis together no question.

>> No.22390279

Excellent. Thanks for the advice.

>> No.22390296


None that I know of. I haven't seen any rare earth magnets any smaller than 1mmx1mm

>> No.22392448

The Twilight Knight, a free add-on to... something.

>> No.22392460

The Twilight Knight is free for everyone getting any physical item, just because Poots loves the character so damn much.

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