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They never cease to annoy! All I see now is SM players taking allies from other Marine codices so they can get access to their codex-specific units like Stormravens, and talking about how they're going to incorporate the upcoming Dark Angels flyers into their armies when that codex comes out. Worse, they're painted in their main army's colors and markings (e.g. Ultramarine Stormravens).

Here's what non-SM players see:
*Waaaaah* we want unique units in our codex!
*Waaaaah* why don't my marines get the unique units that the other marines got? I'm going to use them anyway!


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We have arrived, and it is now that we perform our charge.
In fealty of the God-Emperor (our undying Lord) and by the Grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus upon the Imperial World of Typhon Primaris.
I hereby sign the death warrant of an entire world and consign a million souls to oblivion.
May Imperial Justice account in all balance. The Emperor Protects.

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You are Ultramad.

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If you don't like it, play a different game.jpg

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B-b-but your're a t-t-that g-g-g-uy

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Oh No!
Someone doing something that is completely within the rules of the game and that the game encourages people to do it

And they're going into lengths to assure that their armies feel like on cohesive army

What a dastardly and vile bunch

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You can do the same OP

Hell, SM aren't even that OP. If you want a nice OP combo go IG Chaos or Cron + anything

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I just... do they want their codex to have units that other marines don't have, or not?

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Don't blame them, blame GW. Specifically Ward, with his SM fetish.

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He's not talking about it being OP, he's clearly talking about it being annoying that every chapter gets its super special super units... and yet every chapter can use every other chapter's units.

What's the point if every chapter gets basically the same tools?

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It's like SM players actually DO want a single codex to cover all the chapters, despite claiming they don't.

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>IG Chaos

Pfff. Every point you spend on Chaos is a point you aren't spending on Ld9 Stubborn powerblobs, manticores, or vendettas. IG need no allies.

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What's the point if any given Codex can take units from another Codex?

Why not just give them one giant Codex for every faction within the ally matrix?

Besides Tyranids because fuck them no allies for you.

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GW needs to sell codices, that's why. Hence the whole Allied forces thing.

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Chaos players getting daemons back with extra daemons (fluffy or not) is nice. Guard too, since that's a part of fluff as well.

The rest I could care less about, marines helping marines. At least that explains the whole legion of the damned thing.

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Because you can't

You can get a little taste, and that does round you out quite a bit, but due to the force org limitations it's not like you can field two armies.

One fast attack means only one of these flyers (unless they can squadron) one elite means only one super whatever dick shit they have.

That's the real difference

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I don't mind taking allies, but painting them in your own chapter's colors is going too far.

I'm a fluff guy though.

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Its their army. They can paint them whatever colors they want.

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Yeah so? I see Eldar and Dark Eldar players doing the same thing all the time.

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Eh, I've run Blood Angel Assault Marines as my allies with Space Wolves and have them painted up like skyclaws. Does that make me a bad person?

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Would you be upset if I rolled out my IG nazi themed army if I were playing you despite there being no such army theme of such colours.

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Maybe it's a homebrewed chapter and their fluff says they have that shit.

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I'd feel like I was playing against a WWII army.

I wouldn't turn it down, but it wouldn't feel like a game set in the 40k universe and that would detract from the fun.

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Indeed I made my own chapter and for some reason it never occured to me i could ally whit for example Blood Angels so i can use that ONE squad of Death company that fits my armys fluff.

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hahaha oh wow

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Eldar and DE both actually make somewhat poor allies for each other as neither codex gives the other one what it needs.

They, however, work wonderfully if you give no fucks about troops and just want to create min deathstars.

DE want tough(er) scoring bodies - eldar don't bring this (herp a derp wraithguard - yeah how about not spending 500 points on 11 models). Eldar don't gain a huge amount from DE as the more unique DE units are CC based and DE shooting is still more or less what eldar already do.

Really shooting wise taking some scatter laser warwalkers in a DE army and a couple venoms in a Eldar army is the best you are going to do.

Plus the FaQ nerfed the whole Harliestar concept hard.

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I see DE taking Guardian jetbikes and Farseers all the time.

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Guardian jetbikes are kinda pants compared to reavers - they are taken because they are cheap and scoring, nothing more (same reason why yo usee rangers and pathfinders).

As for farseers, well everyone wants farseers because of runes of warding - best psychic defence in the game by a looooooong shot. Doom is also nice but guide is eldar only which really stops some really nasty DE units becoming godlike.

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