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Wiki Page
IRC Channel
>Server: irc.thisisnotatrueending.com
>Channel: #EVO

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things that need to be settled, the name of the new Knogos race. The travel speed of each race per day based on the map. A good description of each race.

I need to put all existing major features on the map, as well as catalog all the old powers from the previous game.

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I need to know if this race list has the most recent art, at the proper size for each race. I know there was talk of a redraw to the pusmals, and I think a larger picture of the gorrirog was around somewhere.

I need any key details that are important to playing the race listed with them for new players.

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What notrip has done is a perfect example of what I want out of the tribal intro. It lists a tribe's holdings, the symbol, the race and any modification to it to display ethnicity, etc.

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Some of you like bronze, and molden have a long intro story, this can either be included in several posts attached to the picture, or simply added in as text to the picture with an extended bottom. Your call.

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I think i'd rather set a link to this page. Everything is included. Previous stuff with corrections, symbols, start zone, biology, background...
I'll update it in measure as shit happens so it will still be good to go if you want to know the last shit.


Pic related: fixed the godamn chemistery!

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About the sizes. The tiny profiles are wrong but i think the arts are nearly in size with each other.
The northern tentouz is a bit bigger.
I think gorriog is slightly taller than a human (like an orc). I don't really know for suzumou. The koburrog may have the size of a 12 year old child.Correct me if wrong.

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If any player of the old tribes wishes to come back, now is the time. There is some fallout from the great sandoni swarm war. For the major factions or returning factions, a quick breakdown of developed technologies, skills, and resources would be appreciated.

No longer around/ Extinct---------
Zahrewi/ Zorastria- Lem- decimated by thickblood type creatures and the remnants absorbed into passing enclave navy.
Ry'Lai- Tentouz- Absorbed into the enclave and no longer located on this continent.

Surviving Old Major factions (( Former players of these factions are more than welcome to return, just speak up))----------
Hitangan/ Alphas- Gorrirog- Anon- kingdom in the mountains made of several merged tribes. Powerful fortresses, metal works, and trade. Have many warriors and a strange tool called the worm horn. Domesticated animals and Houyi allies.
Hu-raan- Koburrog- Notrip- Broke the curse of bad luck, masters of building and fashion.
Zarethedir- Pusmal- Onolkeshan- Powerful tribe of pusmal, but largely unaware of the surface world, were unaware of the Sandoni swarm war.
Zul-nul- Suzumo- Nad- Powerful tribe of suzumo, allied with the northern Gorrirog tribes during the swarm war, ulterior motives.
Zul-Nul Exiles- Wesper living within the body of the giant wesper creature "thickblood."
VietKoBurrong- Koburrog- NPC- Decimated over and over, only to rise again, scattered, broken, numerous factions. Experts at guerrilla warfare.

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Surviving old minor factions ((these will fade into the background unless the former players step forward))------
M'wa Dyp- Suzumo- Suffered heavy losses during the Sandoni war becoming a minor faction in a sea of many. Still lurking in their own home region as a group of traders and merchants, looking for a suitable new worm god.
Anee'imay- Pusmal- Suffered during the Sandoni swarm war, becoming prey for tunneling houyi and reduced to a small tribe of no further note. ((if the player of this tribe wishes to come back, I can rework that story))

Nad- Unless you have a preference, I may use this picture of Knixi as the Suzumo primary, as i dont know if there is much dimorphism between sexes of the suzumo. see above post.

All players can either choose to start fresh, reclaim their old tribe where applicable. If no one reclaims their old tribes by the end of this thread, ill move them to NPC status, leaving it open for them to return.

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I have two versions of the map, one for players, one for me. The player one simply shows the terrain, the player locations and territory, as well as major features such as cities or roads. Im going to use this one as the base. Factions with Red x's through their symbols have been negated to very minor powers and are no longer note worthy.

The second map is my map, it shows hidden wellsprings, surface deposits of metal or stone, areas rich in game, or oasises in the desert. Crossing the great desert is very dangerous for races that are not native to it. The Suzumo, Gorrirogs and Koburrogs are natives more or less to this hostile land, and can make do. The pusmal subsist in the dark underground, so the surface and it's harsh sun is a hazard to their soft pink skin. Water, shade, and resoruces are essential. Moving through a square is not enough to guarantee finding such resources. At the same time there are also hazards awaiting you.

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traveling- the amount of distance an individual of a particular race can cover in an average day vs a human. A human can cover realistically, at a 4 mile an hour walk, 50 miles in a DAY. not a daylight session, but waking up in the dark, and marching untill its dark again, for about 14 hours. That subtracts 10 miles of travel for time spent eating, resting, going to the bathroom, etc. so for metric, thats 6.8km an hour, at 80.4km a day.

A gorrirog can cover 80km a day, their are not particularly fast, but have a strong endurance and do not need to stop so often.
A Koburrog can cover 80km a day, they move with haste, and rest for short periods where shade is available.
A Pusmal moves at about 30km a day, due to a body geared towards living in tunnels, having to stay out of the sun, and being primarily a digging type creature. The pusmals are unaffected by difficult terrain.
A suzumo can walk at about 50km a day, but can fly 150km a day
A tentouz can float 100km a day, but are able to do so safely at high altitudes.
Tribal Knogos- this is up to nad.

Population is a resource in its own, effecting the number of projects and speed at which a projet is completed. I trust my players to be reasonable as their tribe grows. An unsaid balance between you, and me or IG as well as what you want in your fluff dictates what your tribe can or cant do. A massive population can do some impressive things, or if you want to grow, you need food, a steady food supply will allow it, either by trade or collecting it yourself.

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This thread is open to discussion or further evos that players wish to do. This plant, im making an offshoot into a beating heart plant. got some story and plans for it.

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Updated chart. Only needs info about knogos.

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I actually have a redrawn version of the suzumou race on my laptop. The picture of knixi is outdated, and doesn't represent the up to date appearance of the suzumou.

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If I may ask a question of you fine mentlegen, what is that purple shit in the north?

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They are the northern frills forests.

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That doesn't really explain anything ;_;

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Huge half-sentient purple trees that affect other creatures.

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So if you are new to these threads do you chose your own tribe or new creatures or what?

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Frillas are large spore producing trees that are sentient, but I think a large portion of most races are unaware of their sentience. The Frilla can grow to immense sizes and some have the ability to float/fly. They might be mildly toxic, but i'm unsure.

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You can either make a completely new tribe, or a subgroup from a major tribe, or take one of the minor tribes. The only restriction is the races, they're kinda fixed during the evo part of the games.

By the way, have we got the little resource icons to put up on the map yet?
We could add Sandoni Amber into the list of resources.

Also for the Suzumou size, I actually asked around during the first tribal, and the silhouette ones are the right size. They were confirmed by Nad back then to be small-ish creatures.

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speaking of silhouettes, we could use a new one for the Tribal Knogos once we know their name and Size. Any thoughts Nad?
The game wont start in this thread, but as soon as it does you are welcome to play. Indonesian Gentleman is the high lord of this game, I just wear the GM hat sometimes. It is green.

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Missing the part about Gorriogs having electrical organs.
Also, different Pusmal hives deal with the queen in different ways. In some, she's the grand-matriarch. In others, she's just treated as an enslaved baby-maker.

Just take one of the races from the list, and create a culture. Some examples of what there already are for differences in the same species: Dwarf-like Gorriogs in the western mountains, merchant gorriogs to the south. Roman-esque Koburrogs, Vietkong/saturday morning cartoon villian Koburrogs.

Frilla Forest. Trees that are mindbogglingly massive. Their leaves are purple. They are poisonous and release clouds of Hhaploid spores.

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Just realized that all six races here have larval young.

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Yeah, the size are good on the silhouettes.

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Talking about populations.
What starter pop may we have?
My guys are a very few, but i'm not sure how many that might be.

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Here are some map icons for you. I can make more and swap palettes for new items when needed.

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Their size is depicted in the drawing I posted in the earlier thread.
As for names, feel free to suggest them folks. I would prefer names that resemnle thir original name, which is why I suggeted Trogos, though I am not entirely fond of that nam.

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That is amazingly cool. thank you.
When I GM, i do not so much GM one game, as i do many small games that eventually connect. They do not really influence each other until players start to interact, which is why i sometimes operate off of variable time for each player. You are as big or small as you want to be within reason, but if you crave hard numbers. For a small tribe it could be 12 members to 80 members, sizes increase by doubles for some races, but keep in mind koburrogs reproduce quickly, so they may well triple or quadruple in size. they also die alot. A small town would be between 200-300, then up and up. as you increase in size, you increase in capability.

I dont let player's arbitrarily attack each other, so PVP is entirely consensual, but i will also take into account the situation, technology, etc. so rolling a 20 against a vasty superior force may still result in a crushing loss for you. Interaction with other players is also optional but must be stated at the beginning of the game. Hard mode is something I offer to people, in which I am more brutal with my results. being a Koburrog with hard mode...well, that is not a good idea.

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Knagwu is sorta my forerunner here.

something about Knogo is pretty pleasant and hard to beat. I am pronouncing it as K' (as in Know) no go, but all together.

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Behold, the might of the Khumar!
Since the dawn of time, the Khumar have lived in the mountains in the south east corner of the desert, digging caves in the cliff side and warring with each other. But now, a unifying force has entered the field of play.

Khum ag uhn Khumar ag akwa Khumari, the Seed of Gods, has placed the four or so local tribes under his complete command. Their caves dot the sides of the sandy cliffs, their ritual bonfires leaping high into the night. Their tools may still be primitive stone spears and axes, but their numbers are large and always growing. And constantly thinning from ongoing infighting

United under the name of the god they share, the Khumar claim the entire world as their birthright. Every place beneath the skies is the domain of the Khumar, and as such they name no villages. They call the mountains they live in Arrak'dini, the Earthbones. Most of their cave homes are medium sized with an entrance chamber and a sleeping chamber, and reinforced with crude adobe bricks. The groupings of the caves are spaced out, alluding to the previously fractured nature of the Khumar.

Main Block E4
Sub Blocks C4, C5, D,4 D5

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Shit, left out the part where I say that I'm a Koburrog, didn't I?

I know the landmass I'm asking for is rather large, and I'm also requesting a larger than average starting population, but I feel it may be balancing if it requires that I also roll for tribal stability with every major action. That way even if I have lots of number and land, it'll still represent how fractured and decentralized the actual tribe is as a hole.

Does this seem agreeable? If not, I request Main Block E4, sub D5 instead.

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What race are you playing? I couldn't figure it out from the post itself.

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Some useful flags to show the DMs what kindof game you want to play:

Gamestyle (Story/Development /Combat)
This setting reflects focus of your experience, the pace, and type of hazards you wish to challenge. Bare in mind the Central Continent isn't civilized and is very dangerous whichever choice you choose. Also note that the game can dynamically change from one style to another.

In a Story Driven game, the DM will facilitate the encounters of individual tribe members. These members become Characters of Legends through achieving their personal goals. Choose this option if you're more interested in a game that moves at its own pace.

In a Tribal Development game, the DM will facilitate encounters of the whole tribe. The tribe attempts to cooperate together to build and protect itself. The pace of this game is regular compared to other players with everybody progressing at the same speed.

In a Combat game, the DM will facilitate hostile encounters. Whether by member or group, the tribe fights the whole Continent to survive. The pace of this game is unpredictable

Player Interaction (Open/Removed/Isolated)
This setting tells the DM and other players how open to other player interactions you are. Interactions should be between representatives of each of the tribe, or between named Characters should you wish. This setting is a flag to others and can be changed during game.

Open means that you freely welcome encounters with other tribes, and will pursue relations with other tribes. The nature of which could friendly, feuding, or fair trade.

Removed means that while you welcome encounters with other tribes, you won't pursue long relationships with them. Or if you do, it will be in the background while you focus on your own tribe.

Isolated means that you will concentrate on your own tribe. Any encounter you have with another tribe is minimal. You're tribe is either located on the other side of the Continent, or doesn't involve itself with outside influences.

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General Roll Result Table
A roll is called when the consequences of an action are uncertain. Examples are: experimenting with agriculture, hunting and gathering in unfamiliar terrain, landing the death blow on the terrible Ripper Tyrant! After 3 minor failures, you succeed in making the base requirements of your efforts. 2 minor successes are equal to a normal success. There are several different charts that explain these ideas. As re-posted everywhere try to use diplomacy rolls sparingly. DMs prefer the players to roleplay these interactions.

Dramatic Failure - The effort is completely wasted and terrible things happen.
>2 - 5
Failure - No progress is made, and you suffer a setback that prevents you from continuing your efforts
>6 - 9
Minor Failure - No progress is made, and you suffer an obstacle
>10 - 14
Minor Success - A little progress is gained toward your goal
>15 - 19
Success - A great amount of progress is gained, and you usually only need one of these successes
Dramatic Success - A miracle occurs or through great skill and luck you accomplished more than you thought possible

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As for me, I'll mark the territory of the Rakiz clans somewhere in the D3 desert with the Ecaz claiming that one oasis. Baring that I'll choose the undeveloped desert in C3. Makes little different as long as there's any kind of water source. I'll be running a small cult developing in the territory made up of members of three small suzumou clans.

They call themselves the Zamburaq. After their teacher Zambur started preaching some questionable doctrine, he was stoned and died. But his followers continue on seeking truth and the divine being among the shattered Rakiz clans. The Ecaz have horded an oasis to themshelves. The Corrino raid other clans and unarmed trade caravans . The Boro continues to wander in the traditional way critical of the others. All while the Houzi Brood stalk the weaken clans.

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This is the Tribal Sheet for the Rii'Dan. Am I doing it right?

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The Maajha are a tight-knit tribe of Knogos (or whatever), situated on the far Northern peninsula at B4, B6.

The tribe formed as a coalition of three families whose beach territories once overlapped; feuds and spats gradually climaxed as an all-out battle, in which Vaakfa of the Maajha family was proven to be the strongest male and the others fell behind him and adopted his name.

Now the three families have interbred. Most members of the Maajha are sandy-coloured, ranging from the common Knogo brown up to the off-white of the Northernmost beaches.

The tribe's current dwelling is a natural cave caused by a river that has since dried up to little more than a rock-pool adjacent to the mouth of said cave.

The Maajha language is designed to make the best use of their noise bladders; most words and names are disyllabic and contain long vowel sounds. (As I fill my inventory with resources, I'll include the Maajha names)

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Hastun tribal sheet.

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Oh dear gods, have I been gone so long my precious skulks are all dead. Tell me the fate of the Sama'Guchy. Did Kerp play with fire and kill everyone in the cave?

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Just on a different continent. In a couple few weeks, we should be back to East again.

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Can I have a tribe of slightly altered Plusmal on the island at G4? Just slight adaptations, slightly tougher skin because the queen eat wood. Teeth that stick out more and are sharper for eating the wood?

Would this be ok?

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Not sure about the island, but that'd work for Pusmals, as they breed tools instead of building them.

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Most Ecaz members come into the Zamburaq cult when their oasis can't support the new younglings. The sand-worm gives them these gifts and they trust the cult to care for them when they can't.

Raised in the cult, her Ecaz caretakers converted early in the cults history when Zambur still taught. From her earliest memories she has heard the arguments of the cult other various matters. As a Teacher herself she hopes to discern Zambur's orginal truth.

A male Apostle, like Zimzajz he was raised in the cult. However his caretakers were forced out by food shortages after a bad raid. He is fiercely loyal to his adopted family, and will broker no ill to them.

The cult has gathered few Boro members. They tend to ignore Ecaz and Corrino. It's said that only Zamburaq get a wandering Boro's attention.

Converted by some Apostles, this Boro ambitious member came with many of his siblings. They grew up as despots and nolonger wish to remain that way. In fact, they see the Zamburaq as backwards for having no land or properity. As a Teacher he says: Because the desert takes, we must also take.

Converted by Zamburaq himself, unlike Matka he doesn't wish for material things. Possiblely the eldest member, he does not preach but quietly rambles to younglings of the desert's great legends.

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The Corrino members come to the clan because they reject the raiding lifestyle. They see the Zamburaq as an opportunity to change the Rakiz territory for the better.

A Teacher originally from the Corrino clan, he has seen the lack of progress his people as a lession. Their warriors maybe strong but they have never solved the clans problems. If they could reach out to the other clans and get them to cooperate, the desert would be a much safer place.

A female Disciple also from the Corrino clan, she has seen how others of Corrino have retreated into meditation. To her suffering for the cause is noble. Kidsala is right, withdrawing from others isn't the answer. They must forgive old debts.

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Due to distractions and other stuff I was unable to really participate today.
Here is however the updated art of the suzumou species with a blank version of it included.

As for the tribal knogos name and movement speed, let's call them Kwago from now on. They are probably the speediest of the races on foot, though I am not sure.

I will do a more elaborative post on the Kwagos species as a whole tomorrow, as well as adding my tribe.

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To demand of onol and cawk.

So the pusmal are hive creatures.
They communicate by talking and body language but some basic info can be brought to the queen only by pheromones: food, phenotypes needed...

The queen can sentiently select the genes that will express in her offsprings to have different phenotypes. Pusmals have also a high rate of mutation due to the lack of a part of dna repairing systems. This allows them to discover new phenotypes over short times.

The queen can improve her ffsprings in an other way, by ingesting mineral and even metallic compounds.
She then needs a huge amount of food (meat or upflanzen) to produce sulphuric acid in addition to the normal chlorhydric acid. The minera molecules are then quicky carried by the blood system by haem rich enzymes.
Some unique genes are then expressed to the offspring to make him assimilate them to its bones, fangs,etc.

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Ask me if you want blank tentouz, because the two current versions are not really edible vith paint.
I have also a side shape of it.

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Meh, i should just post them.

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File: 3.48 MB, 1200x1680, Civsite.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Ancient tribe of Zarethedir with new symbol.
Not much has changed in the hives under the eastern desert. The reign of Perkunas ended after his death of old age and now the hives are free of the tyrant who ruled in the shadows. While most of his ambitions didn't succeed he managed to improve the genetic material of the tribe with his purging of the weak. Tunnels between the Orginal and second hive have been reinforced and now the two hives are well connected to each other.

So yeah. Zarethedir didn't manage to do much in the tribal age so i have quite balanced starting situation when compared to new players. Pretty much the only thing they have is mass. All this time they have been underground, growing and multiplying.

>> No.22362827

Ooh, thanks! I could probably draw some more icons to add to this.

>> No.22362939

My ideas ok?

>> No.22363023

Yeah, they make sense! Go ahead with your tribe of Pusmals, don't forget to make a symbol for them.

>> No.22363128

I have it here. G4

>> No.22363144


>> No.22363219

Yeah, well, got the big version? So maybe in the future it'll be shown in its full regal glory in the wiki...
Thanks beforehand!

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I do somewhere.

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All current civilizations, plus a few past.

Being so far north, and underground, I don't think the Anee'imay would have been effected by the Sandoni swarms. Wouldn't hurt to keep the M'wa Dyp godworm on the map as well.

>> No.22363651

Path my queen took as she fled the old hive, The Pit.

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File: 3.84 MB, 1200x1680, PathsoftheNamelessQueen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my pic.

>> No.22363751

how can a river's both ends reach to the sea? which direction does it flow?

>> No.22363801

Bump. The legion of the damned is superior to dorf kingdoms. Fact.

>> No.22363860

It doesnt. Not that I see.

>> No.22364019

Nah, there's actually a mountain in the middle, and that's two rivers. One going east, and meeting another short river, while one goes south, and split into three. The mountain is question is on grid E3, coordinate H 10.

>> No.22364041

As my understanding it flows from north, splits, onepart goes in the see, the other part go to the jungle to finish in the sea.

>> No.22364206

IG, my "tribe" doesn't exactly have a fixed location, being a spread out community of traders and merchants. How exactly do you want to handle that? The most I want to start off with in terms of holdings are a few inns owned by the Yakush Clan, and the mansions of the Patriarchs that rule the Clan.

>> No.22364326

Eh, traders gotta have a HQ somewhere. Even if it is in the Hitangan capital or something.
Otherwise, your most active trading post could be marked as one.

>> No.22364404

I need some starting points on my washed up half starved queen too. Im trying to figure out where to post my back story on the wiki so that everyone can read it.

>> No.22364448

Eh, the backstory can go here, it'll be archived on foolz, and sometime later on we'll put it up on the wiki.
But of course that's the old, slow way.

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File: 4.01 MB, 1169x1637, MAH HOME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well..... I could take one of the islands around the southeast pennisulea as a home for the clan. That'll do. I even have an image. It's a gold coin with blood dripping down it, the gold represents the mercantile aspect of the Clan, and the blood is the exile. Now, seeing as how I'm running a big, huge trader clan, what sort of numebers can I excpect?

Also, I'd like for my playstyle to be Story and Tribal driven, focused on expanding the clans power and influence throughout other nations, and making a buck while doing it. And I'd LOVE to interact with other players. Negotiation of trade deals and some political power will be my priorities. As for Nutera, the homeland or the other exiles.... They only matter because the Yakushin control all trade to and from them. Prosperity for them might be beneficial for the Yakushin in turn though.....

>> No.22364575

>Ill go ahead and post here just in case.

There was a change in the Old Queen's temperament. She had become aggressive and pushy, making the pusmal dig and dig regardless of the integrity of the hive. She drove them to great depths and dangerous earth. This inevitably brought about The Collapse. The great Pluigal Matriarchy that had survived for so many generations died in only a short few minutes of rock-fall and lava plumes. But there was hope. A sub queen, still nameless, had been hatched recently in one of the few upper chambers that had been spared. Though weak and unused to command she made the most out of scavenging and what few workers she had left. She knew that the old hive was massive, but now crumbled and without true strength. So she took the few usable remains of what was left of Gullshik or The Pit, as is now known, and fled from her predecessors shame.
South, under the great desert, to fresh lands. These were fertile parts, near the sea, but already filled with the indigenous. She could hear them, could feel them, when underground, and her workers brought back stories of tribes of fire and stone back from the surface. The Under was littered with spear tips and pottery, charcoal and worked stone. These lands were full, and no place for a fledgling queen and her few escorts. She needed freedom and security. She needed isolation. But there would be a cost for such needs, The Starving.

>Part 1a.

>> No.22364608

>Part 1b

The Bay of Guraticx was unknown to the queen, but she would be forever changed by it. Constantly assailed by the noise of tribes on the surface she kept going south. And there she met a barrier totally unknown to her. She knew that she could not survive with the tribes on the surface, and so she decided to go onwards. Deep, cold and deep. She and her workers subsisted on the basest of lifeforms, rock lice and chemical bacteria and the occasional fungus patch. And thus her workers become smaller and dumber and they expressed the bio luminescence that was present in the fungus, known as Diamond Dust by some. But there was an end to this hardship. A blessing in disguise.
The starving queen noticed the rumblings too late to do anything but fear. Fear that she was doomed after all her hardship. But it was not so. Before she could tell the worker at the front to stop, it struck the wall with its mandible. Cracks, small at first appeared on the wall, growing down to the floor which suddenly collapsed. The queen and her workers fell down through the floor onto a sloped cavern leading to a dank pit. Though she tried to gain purchase with her stubby legs she slipped on the damp floor. Though the workers grabbed onto the walls they let go at their queens passing slavish in their servitude. As the queen slipped into the pit she believed everything was over and let out a wailing screech that her drones echoed. But it was overshadowed by a thundering from the deep.

>> No.22364622

>Part 1c
A great river of water came shooting up from the pit. Warm with heat from beneath the earth, and filled with minerals. The pit was a part of an underground river, turned vertical by volcanic upwelling and a layer of hard granite. It was also salvation. It brought the queen and her escort up and up and up to the surface of what is now known as Thousand Cuts Isle on the mainland. After awakening to a sore head and a handful of workers she hunkered down to the ground and listened. Though her delicate hide was being burnt from the fierce tropical sun, and her body ached with bruises from her long journey she released pheromones of relaxation from her glands and let out a long sighing 'huff'. Peace, at last.

>> No.22365562
File: 76 KB, 1266x535, Koburrog color palette.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uploading this again. Koburrog race generator.
Maybe I'll update it with eye shapes and shell shape differences. There's too much different that can be done with hair though.

>> No.22365996

could i get a write up of Plusmal biology and ecology. I don't want to write up a story for a tribe and have it be completely contradictory.

also a write up of regional flora and fauna. The most common things and a bit of their biology.

I don't want to go on about having my guys foraging for nuts and berries where there are only spores and carnivorous flower or wearing furry hides where there are only boney carapace.

>> No.22366348
File: 47 KB, 862x512, RacePost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will be starting a new tribe, the Ighqatar, of the Knogos race. Backstory will come soon, just grabbing a spot for the game.

>> No.22366395

Knogos are endemic to northern central.

>> No.22367066
File: 20 KB, 360x242, map icons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is true.

Made additions to the icon list. Considering changing the icon for springs, and using the old one for lakes.

>> No.22367694
File: 31 KB, 196x198, RacePost2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ok, I'll start here then

>> No.22368338
File: 67 KB, 1332x679, 1357076661514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heart's fruit. A juicy plant keep's itself warm in the cold northern climates by pumping fluid throughout it's various tubes, generating friction creating a motion and look similar to a heart. High iron content which it uses to generate a thermal reaction.

>> No.22368651
File: 3.89 MB, 1201x1681, empires.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to mention. some of these are for marking down resources in the modern age.

Updated composite map

>> No.22369750
File: 33 KB, 868x385, sandcoralusmal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump before bed.

>> No.22372611

Mid morning bamp

>> No.22372740

it seems like we are pretty solid and ready to rock. If no one objects, ill start the show in about 8-10 hours.

>> No.22372787
File: 31 KB, 263x200, pC8jf5t4eWCDKcMu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22372890


I am far from ready, and I won't even be around next week.e

>> No.22373288

alright, thanks for the heads up man. Primordial will resume in a week or so. Keep the ideas for your tribe hot, and feel free to work on em here.

>> No.22373320
File: 725 KB, 1812x2022, Species chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, at least we should figure out the speed and size okmf the Kwogos (this sounds a good name to me).
So i'd say that they are around the sie of a gorriog, maybe a bit smaller. And they speed would be 90km/day, between a gorriog walk and a tentouz flight.
Does it sound good?

>> No.22373330

Shitload of typos!

>> No.22373549

I'd say yeah, the Kwagos should be the fastest land speed due to their legs.
For the size, a bit shorter than Gorrirog, but only slightly, perhaps? Since some Knogos variants are like giraffes.

>> No.22373644

Well, that's about what i drew on the size chart. Hope no one misses the beige rectangle.

>> No.22373710

Who is on that island North of Old Nutera? And are the red dots the refuges?

>> No.22373750

Well if you look at it the Kwagos would be a little taller than the Gorrirog if they extended their legs all the way. Sounds good to me. Maybe up to 100 if that seems appropriate.

>> No.22373789

If I'm not mistaken that's the HQ of the trader Gorrirog civ.

>> No.22373961

Oh ok. I need to see what tech im going to have too. Any help or advice on how that works?

>> No.22374268
File: 193 KB, 737x429, TribeSheet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This ok?

>> No.22374589

To peeps wanting to take a look at my tribal generator:
Here's the link to the google doc. Save/Download it then extract the folder. Run the run.bat and look at the attributes.txt for more info


>> No.22375465
File: 260 KB, 1500x1400, Zu-nul info pic 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the Zu-nul info picture.

The Zu-nul grew in strength in the aftermath of the Sandoni swarms rampage trough the desert. They grew in numbers, and learned how to use the carapaces and blades of the sandonis as armors and weapons. Their godworm, Zhen-qual also gained massive influx of meat from the corpses of the dead sandonis, which allowed her to spawn more of her young, and generate more worm born warriors to aid her tribe.
These new wormborns were instilled with the reconstructed mind of Knixi, as the mind was constructed from the get go to be loyal to Zhen-qual, saving the godworm time and efforts.

The Zu-nul have advanced in other fields as well. They have dug a large network of tunnels and chambers underneath the sand, reinforcing these tunnels with their "cement" (sand usmall excretions) that make them structurally sound. These tunnels house the wast majority of the Zu-nul population where they also store their food and resources.
The Zu-nul routinely conduct hunts and raids across the desert, bringing their kills back to the crag where Zhen'qual resides in. These kills are not for the tribe, but to honor their godworm and sustain her. The tribe itself subsists almost completely on the gillworms they breed in their underground lakes.

>> No.22375503


The Zu-nul are suspicious of outsiders, though their relations with the Hitangan tribe of the mountains aren't entirely cold. They trade with them in limited manner. They however hate Koburrogs with religious passion, due to ill encounters with the firemane race in their past, though they do occasionally trade with the northern koburrog races. Other, often nomadic small suzumou tribes are forcibly converted to the Zu-nul, or killed for being heretics, and then fed to the godworm, so they would be in union with it's divine flesh in their after life.

The Zu-nul activity is thinly spread across a large area, their hunting parties, raiders and traders moving swiftly across the desert in search of prey and other usable resources for the tribe. The only territory they really hold is the crag in where their godworm is located. They have many hidden burrows spread across the desert, disguised as sand dunes, most of them located alongside the road that the koburrogs of the north built. These burrows house supplies and serve as shelters for their hunters and travelers.

The Zu-nul heavily use young sandworms to aid them in their hunts. These adolescent sandworms are spawn of Zhen-qual, and they are responsive to the summoning rituals (Dances and calls that cause vibrations that draw nearby worms to the source.) of the Zu-nul tribe. These worms are rewarded with a portion of the kills for their aid.

>> No.22377005
File: 20 KB, 321x292, Stusval.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22378376
File: 43 KB, 600x500, 1328864-JSLDS0I.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stusval Queen. Her starvation has exposed her sexy quadbutt.

>> No.22379511
File: 39 KB, 1288x968, happy pusmal queen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But queens look like this.

>> No.22379593

Is that a queen? Isn't it rather a drawbro's redrawing of your previous picture. I think he thought you meant that the green one you coloured was the queen.

>> No.22379881
File: 149 KB, 1256x615, race template.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is everything cool on this?
It has been many generations since the Dvargen came to this Holy land, promised to them by the spirits of Queens Past. Travelling beneath the endless sands is but a legend told by the elders, their fabled exodus from the Land of Culling where kin killed kin.
The Dvargen are a simple people subsisting in their underground hive and foraging both below and above ground. They fashion clothing from gathered fibrous roots wound together to warm and protect themselves and produce an alcoholic beverage called Bruu, a product of fermentation of a mash consisting mostly of local plant matter, used for ceremonial purposes. Their queen is a mother, monarch and spiritual leader believed to be to the conduit through which the spirits of the past may speak to the living. She rules by providence of being privy to the knowledge and wisdom of all the elders most importantly The Queens of the Past who rule the spirit world as they ruled in life.
Socially they function on a Caste/Clan system. There are many clans who specialize in single tasks, weavers, Diggers, above ground gatherers, below ground gathers etc. Newborns are divvied up among clans by need of the Hive and accomplishment. If the Hive is in need of weavers more distinguished weaver clans receive more infants than untalented ones. New clans are created as needed.
The purple coloration is from their ritualistic consumption of the purple Bruu.

>> No.22379960
File: 14 KB, 725x501, plusmal alt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also an alternate plusmal I made

>> No.22380299

Thanks, that pic's gonna be helpful in developing my tribe.

> each glyerua
Hmm, a name for my tribe?

>> No.22383756
File: 193 KB, 642x822, junglefever3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22383901

Gm guy here. You are doing it right.

>> No.22385099
File: 146 KB, 800x600, 800px-Rock_cut_Stupas%2C_Bojjannakonda_Monastic_ruins%2C_Andhra_Pradesh[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The PBF (Pusmals by Fortune) live deep underground and near the surface in rock-cut halls and forts. They are ruled by a wise queen, who recently gave birth to three daughters. The tribe celebrates their arrival, but the queen wonders how she will divide her territory. Only time will tell.

>> No.22385332

Apoe fixed his tribal gen, now it generates a txt after quitting!
It's actually generating members for a tribe. Change the attributes and it'll fit yours, maybe.
Only thing you need is java.


>> No.22385854

New version, Now it has names!

>> No.22385881

Question for OP... Where/how did you make this map?

>> No.22385939

OP didn't make the map. It was made by a player.

>> No.22386015

Well to be honest the most recent version is made by JSCervini, who is a pretty swell dude.

The first iteration of the map was just some green and blue blob from MSPaint a player made. Then it gets split into three. Then it gets prettified by yours truly and gets another continent. And then another player refined it, and then came the wonderful JSCervini version.

>> No.22386061
File: 1.05 MB, 1500x919, PEG World Map new.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong map IG. JSCervini's map was the second one. The map in question here is the third.

>> No.22386065

Ah, a bit of mistake, JSCervini made the outlines, while Onol made the terrain and cool stuff.

welp, ninja'd.

>> No.22386227
File: 7.92 MB, 2856x1750, World Map Mk4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I remember learning by using tutorials from the cartographers guild and also by learning while doing the map itself. This is first map i have ever made so i took me huge amount of time and there still is some parts i'm not satisfied with. I can't remember what tutorial i used but i would say that best way to learn is by going to the cartographers guild and see for yourself. I used photoshop CS6 for making this map.

Here is the latest version of the map but i still have some things i need to alter a bit.

>> No.22386555

I like it.
I actually need to make a map for a setting of my own, that's why I was curious... I have C6. though I haven't taken the time to learn it.

>> No.22386830

For a first try, it's fucking great.

>> No.22387039
File: 6.62 MB, 239x214, borgasIV2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And it looks good on an actual globe.

>> No.22387548


I love me some Continental drift.

>> No.22388744
File: 32 KB, 800x600, 1354654067009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump before bed.

>> No.22389632
File: 45 KB, 247x192, bordle style.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22390421

That was a first try? I seriously need to sit down and pore through the Cartographer's Guild so I can get better at the texture bits. Got the general gist of outlines and continental drift down. Just need to it look less... drawn?

>> No.22390796

I think that was onol's first try.

>> No.22392951


>> No.22393881

so many bumps

>> No.22394144
File: 307 KB, 913x554, Hu-raan infochart2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Improved Hu-raan infochart.

Eventually I'll get to weapons and armor.

>> No.22396759


I will leave on vacation tomorrow, and I will probably not be the following week. I hope you guys will have fun in my absence.

>> No.22397449
File: 395 KB, 900x1200, Methan Chimney.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Updated methan yashed.

>> No.22397783
File: 49 KB, 393x700, 1269333120629[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another bump, I'll be hosting DnD so I'll be absent today.

>> No.22400424
File: 24 KB, 1288x968, Joorod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22402268

How the mighty have fallen. Are the joords bigger or smaller than proper Bords?

>> No.22402538

I don't know how tall actual Bords are, but Joorods are supposed to be about four feet tall.

>> No.22404094
File: 61 KB, 1288x968, Stusvalqueen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Correction. This is my queen.

>> No.22405458

Hey guys, when's the first thread going to be made? Just want to know how long I got to brainstorm a civilization.

>> No.22405520

Probably next week, we're sorta waiting on Nad.
In the meantime, feel free to brainstorm as much as you wish!

>> No.22405583

Game's starting up sometime next week. Don't worry about joining in late though.

>> No.22406913
File: 387 KB, 1024x768, 1339194199628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22408218
File: 261 KB, 881x998, kingdom forces.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These guys right here.

>> No.22409583
File: 38 KB, 215x215, EpiGolem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feel free to come to the IRC anytime if you have questions about the game or the races, there are always some people in it.

And bumping.

>> No.22411450
File: 14 KB, 520x314, kill it with fire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the memories...dear fuck the memories.

>> No.22412271

Is that really you, Gorrillion Rupees? If so, I was worried that you wouldn't notice this.

>> No.22412288
File: 44 KB, 944x466, Herp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok i just have to make sure people knows. The pusmals that have four eyes and extended back of the head are Foreman class pusmals that like their name suggests are more evolved pusmals that lead the less intelligent workers. Foremen are rare when compared to numerous workers who actually "normal" pusmals.

Unlike foremen who actually are intelligent the workers know (more like care) only how to do their job. Of course this is how it is in normal "primitive" hives and how different tribes work is all up to their evolution/culture. But the main point is that Workers are the "normal" pusmals while foremen are specially evolved phenotype to act as leaders and such there might be hives where there are no foremen at all.

>> No.22412292

>ancient gear golem trace

I see what you did there you lazy artist.

>> No.22412807

Well seen.
It was for the vyrii game. And it was a good alternative to drawing without a mouse.

>> No.22413160

Laptop touchpad?

>> No.22413447

Yeah. Tell me about lazy. ^^

>> No.22414705

This is the kind of stuff yall need to include in the introduction

>> No.22414816

We're not proffesionals, but we try. Thanks for the tip though.

>> No.22414854

No prob. Just helping make sure everything runs smoother come game time.

>> No.22415415
File: 82 KB, 800x600, 1034608-D17GAR2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what this thread is for. Ironing out the details before things actually start up.

>> No.22417935
File: 97 KB, 792x480, ibetthelemdidthis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22418439
File: 9 KB, 328x272, Goodshow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a gentlemanly log'ead

>> No.22418619

The Marajha, are a deeply philisophical people, or at least their queen is. Obsessed with truth, Queen Driptaiya (drip-TAI-yuh) has had her workers and foremen collect hundreds of tomes, books, and tablets on the various faiths and beliefs of the world. Some trading with the Enclave exposed her to the Tomorrow War, and while she hasn't decided if she believes it, she is probably one of the few non-Lem who at least understands the concept.

As a result of this library, Driptaiya is probably the most well-read person on the planet when it comes to philosophy and theology. There are many sages who would give their left arm (or tentacle, whatever) to visit her vaults.

What does she personally believe? No one knows, perhaps nothing, perhaps she's not come to any conclusion. Whatever it is, no doubt that, in her daughters she'll finally have someone to talk to.

>> No.22418942
File: 81 KB, 725x501, Marajha Worker with Pickaxe-slash-Shovel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot picture. Herp derp.

>> No.22419247
File: 76 KB, 883x626, pusmal hive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone should post how pusmals work here in the thread. I didn't understand the new method.
For now, old method of running pusmals: Breeding new castes.

>> No.22421738
File: 17 KB, 800x600, Bord remake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22422289

Such lovable fascists, these bord.

>> No.22424703

Mein Bordle
Bordle SS

>> No.22425254
File: 21 KB, 766x304, 1335731265915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the desert ramel. Unlike it's western counterparts, it does not grow very large. About the size of a donkey.

>> No.22425255

I'd say similar should be said for the Suzumou and their wormborn.

In fact every species should get at least a paragraph or two explaining what base-line biology and society are like for new players

the little blurb in >>22352360 just doesn't cut it.

>> No.22426518

Unfortunately, even quickly explaining the Suzumou can get a little tldr.
Someone, correct me if I'm wrong about anything.

Suzumous are essentially parasitic wasps which require sandworms to lay their eggs in. A worm of any age will due, but will usually mean the death of it. There is a special case with elder worms. The godworms have gaps in their exoskeleton large enough mature Suzumous to enter and occasionally live inside of.
On the walls of the chambers within the bodies of these massive worms are nerve patches which the inhabitants can use to interact with the massive creature by creating contact using similar patches on their tongues. The worms themselves use the connection to influence them.
Some chambers are used to house the eggs and developing larvae of the tribe. The godworms are capable of making a neural connection to some of these larvae and develop their bodies and minds with the aid of specialized hormones in order to create a sort of avatar.

>> No.22426923

Ayep. I think Nad also mentioned in the IRC that sometimes Suzumou can parasitize other creatures as well, but will ultimately result in said animal dying. And it would be viewed as heresy. And they won't get the godworm link.

So far the only other thing that has been parasitized by Suzumou and survived is the Cho-Wespar hybrid, Thick Blood, which had communicated with the 'heretics' via radio.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the Suzumou can communicate via radio.

>> No.22427167
File: 344 KB, 3704x688, wesck chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what Nad thinks about that, but it bugs me a bit. Suzumous and wespars split off from each other at the beginning of desert evo. Long before radio-based communication was introduced.

>> No.22428360

Already tried to explain it.
So, the queen works a bit like ants. The queen gets fertilized by a male (or more) and keeps all the embryos as a gene pool. Then she can act on the in two different way.
1) Express wanted genes: The embryos have all the genes but the queen can act on them to differentiate them. The more males the queen meets, the more variation she can groom.
2)Add them foreign matters: The queen can inject foreign matters to the embryos as long as she "program" them to use it in their body.
The more tough materials like metals and rocks require her to produce sulphuric acid in her stomach, it digests almost everything but husts the queen who's stomach can't barely bear the acid.

One more point is on genetics: the DNA is less repaired so it mutates more. Then they can bear more new forms.

Is that clear enough?

>> No.22428380

Convergent evolution?

>> No.22428782

Basically it changes nothing compared to the old method. It's just an explanation of it we tried to come up with in the IRC because Pusmals were a bit too rule of cool.
The one thing that may change it that imporing males from other colonies can increase the diversity which is, i think, for the best.

>> No.22430785


The radio wave communication was never actually evolved in the game. It was added after it, to explain how the wespars communicated, if I recall correctly. I might be wrong though.

Anyways, it seems that I will have a stable internet access during my vacation, so I will be able to participate in the game, to some degree at least.

>> No.22430875
File: 72 KB, 493x494, heraldry3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22430897
File: 124 KB, 546x366, Bordle_improved.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perfect, let's start!

>> No.22431212

You know what would be cool?

A completed, full evo chart of ALL the creations made so far.

Starting at the beginning, going to EVERY end.

>> No.22431253

Well, look in top of the wiki, you have it for two of the three starting creatures worem and fus, i won't post it because it woud take 30 minutes to upload. The third tree is not made yet, it's a lot of work.
These three creatures are part of the animal reign. There is also the upflanzen reign (slightly musculated plants) and the fungi, and of course bacteria.

>> No.22431305

Those are horribly outdated, and are going to be eventually taken down. A full chart of any lineage from beginning to end will be huge. Too big to upload to the wiki.
Also difficult to organize.

>> No.22431364

Why not update them?
Or make something to browse whithin different trees.
Here's a good inspiration: http://tolweb.org/tree/
Of course it would be preferable to make it in the wiki.

...Just ideas...

>> No.22431421

Welp, that'd probably take our own wiki outside of 1d4chan, and frankly, the sheer immense size of the challenge makes it daunting.
Maybe once Primordial is over and done fo'realz (AKA we reach some time beyond Space Stage- dare I say The Big Crunch? ...nope, not daring to), we can trawl the archives for every piece of information and put up the complete history of Borgas IV. Maybe even polish some parts and add missing holes in the fossil records.
But it'll take tons of effort to do so.

>> No.22431492

Oh yes indeed...i think we should stick to this coming tribe party.

>> No.22434214
File: 16 KB, 401x515, 1335282377015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time for the extended blurb on Gorriogs and Koburrogs. Tweaks may be made to these to better describe the two races.

Gorriogs are a race native to the massive desert which covers over half of Central Continent. Like nearly all other Glund descendants, they undergo complete metamorphosis (live birth as larvae, develop into pupae, and then emerge as toddlers).
They possess a wide field of vision of about 270 degrees (perception covers the infrared and much of the visible spectrum, as with most Glund descendants), electrical organs similar to the Hunter's Organ in an electric eel, and a partially externalized skeleton.
While not uncommon, Gorriogs are not necessarily aggressive creatures.

Koburrogs are a very distant relative to Gorriogs. They are a species which can be called a living fossil, as they've been around for several million years while experiencing little change. They are small and fairly low on the food-chain. Koburrogs usually have twins or triplets, which are born as larvae.
They have the same externalized skeleton and perception which extends into the infrared as their relatives. An issue which has repeatedly caused them to revert back to the stone age time and time again is a slight lack of foresight along with some remnants of herd instincts.

>> No.22434404

Rushed at the end in order to bump the thread.

>> No.22434952

> all the way to the Big Crunch
Holy Shit, let's do it! Maybe even find another universe and have them migrate there!

>> No.22435168
File: 289 KB, 800x600, Sandworm attack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Under the searing hot sun, a scene that has repeated itself countless times over the eons, unfolds once more.
A group of unwary koburrog hunters, are ambushed by a still adolescent sandworm, who was resting under the dunes, hidden from the heat of the day. The koburrogs are defenseless against the ravenous worm, whose continuous growth demands an endless supply of food.
After devouring it's first victim in few moments, the worm chases after the remaining two koburrogs. There is no use in running, for the beast's keen sense of touch allows it to detect the frantic vibrations caused by the fleeing koburrogs.
The scene is over in minutes, and the worm burrows under the sand once more, leaving only the discarded weapons as evidence of what occurred.

>> No.22438055
File: 28 KB, 600x800, Gorrirog art update.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bumbing with a gorrirog art update

>> No.22438097

As always, Nad, you're the best.

>> No.22439249

For generations the tribes fought each other, spilling blood on the very ground where they now gather, but no longer will that be so. In a low, box shaped tunnel, nearly two hundred Koburrog gather in anticipation. They wait to hear from their leaders, but mostly they wait for Khum. Khum, the son of God. They call him a Prophet, a wise leader and a brutal warrior.

Whispers sweep through the tunnel, starting at the back and moving quickly to the front. The sea of Koburrog bodies begins to part, making way for Khum. He is large for his kind, his skin a pale shade of grey and his head shaved. In his right hand he carries a flint tipped spear, in his left a large sack.

As he makes his way to the front of the room, the whispers turn to shouts. The whole tunnel is bathed in excitment as the horde of Koburrog begin to chant wildly. Khum makes it to the front of the tunnel, sunlight at his back. He raises his spear, and plants the butt firmly in the ground. The sack opens, and three heads spill onto the ground.

"Khum is of Khumar!" He proclaims.
The horde cheers.
"And the Khumar are of Khumari!"
Invoking the name of their God brings them all to a frenzy.
"Khumari gave us the World, so let us go and take it!"

With a screech, Khum leads the horde from the tunnel. Their path is set for war. Their destination is conquest. They will not stop till the very corners of the earth are under their control.

Khumari goz akwa Arrakis,
Ag Arrakis Khumar tahk!

can i write too?

>> No.22439446

But of course you can, we welcome such writing.

>> No.22440600


>> No.22441323
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Queen Driptaiya names her daughters: Ranja, Saiya, and Putripka. They grow under their mother's care, absorbing her wealth of knowledge on philosophy and religion. They are lucky to have such a wise tutor.

>> No.22441871
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Yehuwa had been stranded on this rock for days. The sandworms surrounded it and periodically rammed it or tried to clamber atop. He had used his flint knife to cut off the probing tongue of one of the creatures. While disgusted, this became food and helped to ward off starvation.

It was night and he looked to the sky. A brilliant collection of silver streaks fell to the ground below. So many ancestors returning once more to the world.
In the cold and black, an ejected cargo container finally entered into the atmosphere, the drag finally pulling it down to the planet's surface. Along the way the container ripped open and disgorged it's contents onto an unsuspecting population.

((this is a small fluff event i have been plotting forever. The event is pure story, that may perhaps allow +1 rolls for individuals effected by these devices, which is capped right not at one per tribe))

>> No.22441960

Rolled 12

Do we roll? If so, count the one I make now. It looks like we roll 1d14, am I right?

>> No.22441966


>> No.22442054

Tremors and augments oh my!

>> No.22442157

Bord stuff should really be saved for significant rolls in-game, like the Nad'lun medallion.

>> No.22444170
File: 37 KB, 800x600, Raygun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22445365
File: 53 KB, 492x566, vietkoburrong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They will burn down your women and rape your cities.

>> No.22446752


What are you planning with this ng?

Anyways, regarding the map icon things, do we have enough of them? I think that wood would be a good icon, because in the desert, it is pretty rare, not to mention that actually usable wood is pretty freaking rare in borgas 4 in general. Most of the plant types aren't woody, or grow in a way that makes harvesting wood from them hard. This is actually a good topic of discussion in general. How do the races of the world acquire their wood?

Also, there was discussion about hazards, like sandstorms, houyi broods, sandoni swarms, wespars, quicksand , volcanoes, sandworms etc.
How should they be represented in the map?
Also, we realized in the irc that a sadnworm could be a potential threat to any settlement not founded in hard and rocky ground. A settlement or a camp founded in sandy ground is under the threat of sandworm blowing trough it.

>> No.22446830

Well, remember that the Frilla regularly shed bark. That's what was used to make the Hitangan-Hu-raan road. There's Frilla in Central. If I'm not mistaken, a Desert plant descendant makes iron pillars for their trunk.
We can trawl the archives for woody resources.

>> No.22447320


I forgot that thing about the frillas.
I am now wondering if the frilla bark is thick enough for one to shape it into poles and such things, in order to make spears. Primitive spears could have been just long and sharpened shards of frilla bark.

The kaskus trees with iron trunks are probably pretty hard to shape for the tribals, without more advanced tools.

>> No.22447477

The pillar kaskus grows those in segments, though. So you'd get stout pipes a lot. Also, some of the spiked cho has tough leaves, can be used for roofing.
Also, don't forget that there are lionlike sand usmals which can blend into the desert real efficiently. Beware invisible predators.
Another source of building material is obviously sandworm scales and titandoni shells.

>> No.22447634


Alright, so there are some usable wood sources even in the desert. This is good.
What are your thoughts on the hazards ideas, and how to represent them in the game?
Should it be done by similar icons as the resources are represented with, or in some other way?

>> No.22448109

I think there are persistent hazards that can be discovered, and passing ones that are encountered but not necessarily there twice.

I would like to bring back the travel distance mechanic, though i would prefer if players tracked the movement of their numerous scouts. Sometimes it becomes like air traffic control. The thing i would tack on is every travel roll is also with a hazard roll. depending on where you are going, if you choose to cut through known dangerous territory you would have to roll anyway. Places like roads are known safe and would require only a very low hazard roll to be safe.

As for the augmentations, they are for pure flavor. I plan something like each tribe finding a set amount and them being something interesting, not game changing. The Central game is littered with religion, living god like creatures and legend. I love the aspect of abandoned ruins from koburrog empires past. These would seem like either curses or blessings depending and only effect the individuals that get them. It might allow for a small bonus depending on the action of the individuals.

Imagine how an ancient tribal member would react to suddenly being partially or fully coated in metal, or getting a magic eye that can see like a hawk, perfect memory, the ability to block arrows or dash like the wind, to have a mighty metal arm given by some powerful spirit, god or devil. Its very fluffy. These things could make them rise to become leaders, or exiles, or outright killed, if they are unable to defend themselves, but what if they can defend themselves too well?

>> No.22448119

contining on hazards, there could also be known areas that are hostile, like vietkoburrog zones where troops roam freely, houyi territory, sandoni wastes, etc.

>> No.22448129

sorry, one last thing i want to bring back are NPC factions. I have a thought of greencoat koburrogs fighting browncoat koburrogs, and how you side with them, or dont, help or manipulate them could greatly alter the course of your own tribe, as there will be a victor out of this.

>> No.22448410


Sounds good to me.

Regarding tracking the scouts and perhaps the movement of troops and so on, we should perhaps make some light rules to it.
Also, for hazards and such things, we could just make a roll chart, so that the gm's wouldn't have to deal with such rolls. Maybe only nat 1 and nat 20 rolls could warrant attention of the gms in hazard rolls.

So for example, a player is scouting some area, rolls for hazards, and compares the result to the chart. Saves the gms from the effort to come up with results every time.

Perhaps a scouting act could work like this:
First, the player decides where he wants to scout, and rolls for the success of it. 1-5 roll could mean that there is a hazard, 6-10 means that the scouts are slowed down, 11-15 would mean that their travel goes on peacefully, and 16-20 could mean that the scouts discover some useful resources on their way.
Of course, the nat 1 and nat 20 rolls would get some special attention and results.
So, if the player gets hazards, he would then roll and compare the results to the chart, which would then indicate what type of trouble he is in.

These could be basically just random encounters related to scouting. There should be other hazards, that are either always present in certain areas, or move around the desert. Some resources should also be fixed in certain places, and finding them wouldn't be a dependent on rolls.

>> No.22448480

Hmm, good idea. Maybe for the 'danger zones', so to speak, there is a definite chance of meeting said area's hazard if rolls are less than 5. So for example, in a heavy VKB zone, you'd probably meet hostile VKB under 5, while below 10 but over 5 just nets you some not-so-hostile VKB or something. Meanwhile, in a Sandworm Danger area, below 5 would get you a Sandworm encounter. Kinda like that.

Also, regarding rolls, I think now there's 6 definite roll types:
1 - critfail
2-5 - bad luck
6-10 - meh tier
11-15 - minor success
16-19 - definite success, or success with bonus
20 - the awesome roll

>> No.22448763

Ah, i can finally get in back (some know what i'm talking about).

For the resources, we should consider things that we don't need most on earth. For example, my guys will surely enjoy latexish materials for some waterproof needed or chromium powder so have better teints. There are some resources that will definitely be considered depending on the needs of every tribe. But yet,when a tribe digs in the rock, it shouldn't expect to only find iron/tin/lead or silver/gold tier metals. There are much metals. Half of the atoms are metals. By example you could find arsenic in the ground and if you look its use in ancient rome, it has very interesting properties.

In the encounter part, i think that the
Just some ideas. 2-5 tier is good to say there is one and then the gm should only roll a dice with the same tiers (maybe not considering nat 1 or 20) to determine the gravity of it. Because making tables including every hazardous creatures for every region of every continent...

>> No.22449229

Nah, it's more like "if your scout is in a Sandworm Danger Zone and he rolls a 1 he would get a Sandworm to the face" kind of deal, rather than a whole table of predatory animals.
Of course, outside of danger zones, the nat 1s would probably be GM discretion. We know where the beasts are supposed to roam.

>> No.22449281

And jungle is danger everywhere.
So, what do we still need to set up for the game yet to be playable?

>> No.22449427

Hmm, I think it's ready, I'll put up a thread tomorrow (as in, in about 12 hours) because it's quite late. I'll link it when it goes up.

Before that, have we got the species blurbs all ready and set? Link the finalized blurbs in this thread, please.

>> No.22449489


It seems we have most of the things covered. Perhaps info chart about existing tribes and also starting post with image that has noob friendly info about the game. The starting post is the most important post as it will be shown all the time.

Do we still need fine detailing with the resources?

>> No.22449643

I think we're good with what we have here, but it will be to consider with new tribes. For example when the mountain gorrirog empire roll for mining, the gm knows they are intrested in iron and stuff like that. But when the Hastun will roll they will be maybe more pleased by other kind of stuff and have a limited interest for iron because it's too damn heavy.

>> No.22450748
File: 33 KB, 500x330, road.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's only if you're talking about the handles of the shovels used. The road itself is paved with stone.

In places where wood is unavailable, it will require using something else instead, making long trips to a forest, or trading. Bone can replace food for tool handles. Animal fat, plant oils, or tightly bound grasses can be used for fire. For construction, there's stone.

>> No.22453284
File: 13 KB, 246x400, 1355239136720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22454454
File: 1.92 MB, 277x193, black man transforms to plane.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna take it right in to the DANGER ZONE!

>> No.22455459


>> No.22456225
File: 170 KB, 601x531, pusmal miner copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The spade/pickaxe is the primary tool for the Pusmal miners of Marajha. Forged from ores found deep beneath the surface, these handy tools can dig or pick the rock below. By these tools and honest sweat is the rock-carved metropolis formed.

>> No.22456336

The bioengineering aspect of the pusmals would allow you to breed pickaxe hands if you didn't know.

>> No.22456428

wat... This changes everything...

>> No.22456532

But metal hurts the queen, and yours seem to be lovely. But horn-like pickaxe would be neat.

>> No.22456653
File: 12 KB, 200x200, bill%20withers[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Metal hurts the queen? Perhaps she's more of a blues fan?

>> No.22456678

All your workers actually are girls too, they are partial clones of the queen after all.

>> No.22456780

And the only male is a shota drone. Oh the possibilities!

>> No.22456785

Find, then there's a Digger Caste, who have rock-hard horns on their face, by their noses are the halls of Marajha carved.

The Retriever Caste are a branch off of Foremans, skilled in diplomacy and negotiation, the better to secure their Queen with the books she desires.

The Nurse Caste care for baby Pusmals until such a time comes that they are old enough to work (about 4 weeks).

>> No.22456800
File: 40 KB, 244x298, 6a00e008dca1f088340120a8f54c72970b-350wi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The queen friggin love Fats waller. It is known.

>> No.22457139

This I really don't get. How does that work with putting the best worker traits from mutations back into the gene pool.?

>> No.22457302

Grabbing back the mutations. But the thin for this to work is to exchange some genes with other hives, ants and bees do that.

>> No.22457401

But if they're all non-breeding female, all of the desired traits are in just that single generation. Unable to be passed on.

>> No.22457430

He makes a good point, wouldn't it be better to have breeding males *and* females, so that traits could be passed down?

>> No.22458046

Namefagging for now

The queen already has all the genes in her DNA, and it was already said in >>22359393 that she can sentiently select which traits she expresses in her workers. The only males capable of sex are the drones, and recombination is needed for new queens. This is good for gene flow between hives.

Looks like there's still some creases to be ironed out, but molden got away.

>> No.22458135 [DELETED] 

Also none of the pusmal players' backstories are conflicting with established biology thus far.

>> No.22459088

Also none of the pusmal players' backstories are conflicting with established biology thus far. I'll try to make a complete primer on pusmal biology and ecology tomorrow.

>> No.22459226

YES! I love you! Make sure you get their sizes too. I think someone said that the queens are quite large, but im not sure how much.

>> No.22460647

Allright guys, I'll just be waiting for that smoothed-out Pusmal biology blurb, and then I'll launch a new thread.

>> No.22462091

Im soo excited!

>> No.22463841
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>> No.22464779

Bump. What's missing from the Pusmal bio blurb?

>> No.22466059

Everything, I just woke up.

>> No.22466802

Hello, i'm back to help.
When eggs are fertilized, mutations can hapen to females AND males even if it is not expressed to them.
One important thing here is that phenotype is never the reflect of genotype. Especially here.
Now trying to find hints in that:

>> No.22466825

Get in IRC molden

>> No.22467824

Here is some stuff about the suzumou.

The suzumou are small, communal, wasp like creatures, who reproduce parasitically. They require a host for their eggs, this host usually being a sandworm. The suzumou have a powerful stinger which contains acidic venom, that they use to melt trough the hard shell of a sandworm so they can deposit their eggs inside the worm's flesh.
They can alter their venom's acidity, usually only releasing the acidic substance while they bore trough the shell. The other part of the venom is a neuro-toxin, which causes temporary paralysis, and semi comatose state in the victims. As the venom fades from the victim's body, it will wake up and be able to move again, unless the suzumou sting it again.

The suzumou are very lightly built, though resilient for their size. They can fly relatively well, although not very fast. They communicate trough body language and chirping, the orange wings play a large part in their communication. All their 4 wing pairs have bioluminicient veins, that play into their communication.
Differences between genders of suzumou are subtle. Females usually have larger abdomen, where their eggs develop, while males have leaner one. Males also usually posses more armor plating, and larger wing muscles.

Most suzumou tribes of the desert use adolescent worms to breed. They track these worms down, paralyze them and lay their eggs in them. Then they will continue to follow the worm until their young burst out of it's flesh. This process is quite harmful for the young worms, and many die because of it. These small nomadic tribes revere the worms, and often conduct elaborate rituals to honor the worms and to appease them.
Few, lucky tribes have found themselves a godworm, in which to live. Due to the rarity of the godworms themselves, these tribes are few and far between, but they are often most powerful and influential ones, as they can stay in one place, and build up strength instead of being forced to be nomadic.

>> No.22468023


The relation between the godworms and the suzumou is complicated, and not entirely forged by evolution. The godworms themselves are mostly born out of side effects of the sandworm genome, and most of their traits are derived from functions that serve other purposes in young worms.
The godworms use the suzumou as their pawns, and means to survive longer. They feed on the sacrifices the suzumou bring to them, and they allow the suzumou to breed in their flesh.

Sandworm have extremely adaptable biology, and they can extend some control over it. If the environment of a larval worm favors strength, the worm will start growing stronger than normal, whereas if the environment favors cunning, the worm's brain structure will adapt to this. There is of course a limit to this "self evolution" but it allows larval worms to survive in a wider degree of environments.

Some worms, usually the smarter ones, learn to extend greater degree of control over their biology as they grow, which allows them to survive better, and even fight against their ever present growth, to some degree. Adult sandworms are intelligent creatures out of necessity. Dumb worms die to starvation as they grow larger and larger. The sandworms that survive to adulthood have managed to learn how to plan out attacks, where food is easily found, when to hibernate in order to conserve energy and so on. Only the smartest and luckiest ones of these worms will be able to become godworms, as they succeed on acquiring food even after their ever increasing size made movement for them increasingly difficult.

The control over their own biology is quite apparent in the godworms who utilize the suzumou. They alter their bodies to quite large degree, forming chambers where the suzumou can breed in and communicate with the worm. The wormborn are another example of this control, as the worm consciously grows it's own nerves and veins into the developing suzumou, so it can alter the embryo to it's needs.

>> No.22468184
File: 77 KB, 883x626, 1335382979940.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here we go, final version. In case of conflicts with earlier info, refer to this one. Pic has some old art.

Intro and bioengineering characteristics
The pusmal are bioengineering hive creatures who evolved underground. After a volcanic toxic gas event in the evolutionary phase some queens became genetically unstable due to damaged DNA repair systems and started producing defective children. After the worst was over it was noticed that it could be somewhat controlled what traits could be expressed in the workers.
The queen's DNA contains all the traits the hive has, and the queen can sentiently initiate alternative splicing and other technicalities to influence the phenotypes of the workers. Once a year, the queen enters an instability period. During this "that-time-of-the-year" the queen produces mutated males through unstable meiosis. The ones that survive will then fertilize her during the rest of the year to integrate these mutations into her gene pool. This is a chance for players to roll for new traits into the queen's gene pool. To keep up with conventional tech, metals can be introduced to workers by giving them an ability to absorb tough materials and incorporate them to whatever pickaxe- or armor-like bone structures they might have. This is up to the player.

>> No.22468185
File: 206 KB, 1800x600, Worm sizes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The godworms, due to their communication with the suzumou, start absorbing and storing traces of the thoughts and memories of their subjects. These traces allow them to better understand both their subjects, and the world around them. They can also learn how to manipulate and transplant these memories to the suzumou, using them to influence them.

Combined with the control over their own biology, and this memory manipulation, the godworms can alter their own developing young, and transplant memories to their minds, which can potentially help them to survive into adulthood. In fact, most of the current godworms are born from earlier godworms, who transplanted memories and information to their minds while they were still developing, that ultimately allowed them to survive long enough to become godworms themselves.

A thing to note is that the godworms play a very minor part in the overall sandworm populations, and evolution doesn't really affect them. Mos sandworms live, breed and die when they are only around the size of a big snake, lucky ones survive to grow larger, to the sizes depicted in this picture >>22435168
Only very few reach the "adult" size, and out of these few, only one in a hundred becomes a godworm. Evolution only affects the young worms, as they are the ones who do the most of the reproduction. Godworms are just a side effect of the numerous adaptations of the younger worms, which help them to survive.

>> No.22468224
File: 115 KB, 1550x665, 1357250646853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pusmals have haplodiploid sex determination. An asexually produced haploid male drone fertilizes the queen, who then produces a single batch of a single phenotype of diploid female workers. To ensure the continued existence of a hive, a diploid queen larva will be born when the queen is nearing the end of her lifespan, whether it is a natural death or through stress hormone response when the hive is under attack. Occassional exra queen larvae are rare and can be used for colonisation. Queens grow and lose much of their mobility once they settle down and start their job as a head of the hive.
As the drones are only used for sex, they can be used as diplomats and to enable gene flow between hives. Think of medieval princesses (princes in this case).

>> No.22468256
File: 58 KB, 1155x626, 1357405418043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Castes & basic culture
"Worker" as a biological term refers to all pusmal who are neither drones nor queens. A caste on the other hand is cultural. A caste can include various phenotypes e.g. the digger caste may include individuals with extra hands or trunk-like bone formations in their arms to whack rock with. The caste system in a hive is up to the player.

Pusmals are very plastic, so the caste and phenotype makeup of the hive is entirely up to the player. There are some default phenotypes to work with after the end of the evolutionary phase.

Foremen: the intelligent phenotype, directs other workers. May also work as general purpose workers, scholars, anything.
Diggers: these strong individuals can carve through rock with their tough trunk-like bone pickaxes. Stupid.
Surface scouts: fast, features camouflage, fins to help with heat dissipation in the desert and limited night vision.
Soldiers: an offshoot of diggers with enough intelligence to understand tactical orders.

And that's it. Now we're only missing some art at least for young queens, drone boys and default scouts & soldiers.

>> No.22469229


>> No.22470830
File: 35 KB, 800x800, knogos family.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is some stuff about the kwogos (and to some degree, other knogos species.)

The Kwogos lack a proper comparison to earth creatures. They are omnivorous, bipedal creatures who live in large pack like communities which are composed of mated pairs and usually ruled by the eldest females while the physically slightly stronger males usually protect the pack.
The ancestors of the knogos species resembled amphibians, but the modern knogos species are more akin to the dinosaurs of earth. They have, rough, somewhat rubbery skin, that is covered by a thin layer of oil. They communicate vocally, and trough body language, which is mostly done trough their facial expressions. They can emit wide range of noises, with the aid of their lips, tongue and most importantly, trough a bladder like organ on their forehead, which amplifies the voices they create.

The Knogos species breed somewhat like amphibians. Their eggs are covered by a thick, rubbery and translucent membrane, and even thicker layer of slime, which both protect the developing embryo. Unlike amphibians, the knogos species protect these eggs, carrying them in a "pouch" they form by folding their tail against their belly. The underside of the tail excretes nutrient rich slime, which keeps the eggs moist, as well as delivers extra nutrients to the developing embryo. The number and size of the eggs that are laid depends on the knogos species. Kwogos usually lay 1-3 eggs, which are roughly the size of a human fist.

The eggs develop quite fast, and the larvae emerge from them in few weeks, or in about a month, depending on the species. The larvae will remain in the pouch, (which can be formed by both females and males, allowing the parents to both care for the young) growing while feeding on the nutrient slime of the parent. The larval knogos resemble tadpoles, to some degree (they never have gills though), but due to their quick growth rate, this resemblance vanishes in under a week.

>> No.22470838

The young knogos remain in the pouch for 1-3 months, depending on the species. At this point, they resemble miniature adult knogos. They will be still carried by their parents for many months, as they are still growing, It takes about 2 additional months for the baby knogos to grow strong enough to travel alongside it's parents, and, depending on the species, it will take 2-7 years for it to fully mature.

Kwogos young reach physical maturity in 5 years, but their mental development continues on for almost a decade. The quick physical maturation is due to the fact that the Kwogos are somewhat nomadic, and thus, the young need to be able to move with the pack as quickly as possible.

>> No.22471049


Some additional stuff.

The Knogos are endothermic, due to their more active lifestyle demanding a stable body temperature. They maintain their body heat by micro vibrations in their muscles, especially their large leg muscles.
Knogos species often migrate to evade the cold season, but they can also enter a state similar to hibernation if they need to. The survival tactics against cold depend on the species and the particular population.

Some tall knogos populations spend their winters in the warm fuzzy forests, others move to the south. Some social knogos breed migrate to south, while other populations of the same species dig a burrow for themselves, gaher food in it and hibernate inside of it, in large pile to conserve their body heat.

The hiberneation of knogos species is more akin to the one of bears of earth. They will wake up from it relatively easily, usually due to an external stimuli or threat, or due to hunger.
The knogos species can stand against the cold relatively well, their rubbery skin has insulating fat tissues underneath it, and the oil layer covering it keeps it from freezing.

>> No.22471440
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>> No.22471479

Perfect, thanks for these.

>> No.22471664

I'm not Onol, silly ng

>> No.22472151
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Ng, you have shown the true nature of pusmals, as the dream consuming monstrosities they are. Creepy, small eyed pink freaks, with slimy skin and human hands, building their hidden empires underneath the soil.

Btw, what is the accurate size of the pusmals? I always imagined them to be very small, but in the size chart they are around the same size as the suzumou, which are about as tall as 5 year old humans.
Are you telling me that these freaky things are as tall as toddlers?

>> No.22472273

Really, the size is as variable as how many fingers you can breed for them.

>> No.22472385

Nad, could you illustrate a queen for us, you master of art?

I swear dude, if you got some serious art training, you could go places. The next Wayne Barlowe.

>> No.22472429

Pointers for that, young queens aren't that much different from others until they settle down and grow more... queenlike.

>> No.22472873
File: 20 KB, 800x600, Pusmal adult and young queen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here is an adult and a young queen.

>> No.22472981
File: 71 KB, 833x490, brainbug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22472983
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Maybe as Larva they'd look like others, but their basic structure is completely different.

>> No.22473067
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You are the king.

>> No.22473238

You heard what he said, Nad. Unfortunately, there can be only one.

>> No.22473531

That is a horrifyingly accurate comparison.

Nad is Aragorn, what role shall you take NOTRIP? That of Theoden? I call Gandalf.

>> No.22474385

Fortune, you may want to hop into the IRC. We're discussing biomes.

>> No.22474935
File: 2.93 MB, 1200x1680, 1357127406781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I claim Gimli!

Ok, biome map. It's realy global, it could be subdivised. By example the forest regions of the north are scattered by meadows.
The "coast" regions don't reflect the whole place the shore takes but the area under oceanic climate. All the inland regions have a continental weather (except desert being desertic, south being tropical....)
The red lines diffrentiate the season systems.

>> No.22476812

I'm getting bored, when in the Hell is the game going to get started?

>> No.22476968

Not sure. IG said that he'd start the thread once Rignel made the post about Pusmals.

>> No.22477015

They were talking about friday on IRC.

>> No.22477630

Shit. I have to work friday. Might be able to catch it though.

Nice Pusmal bio by the way.

>> No.22477843

Test bump

>> No.22477844
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Expanding on the Dvargen culture

During the Exodus the simple and single minded workers found it difficult to survive along their grueling trail. However, The Foremen with their quick thinking and ingenuity found themselves in greater and greater standing. While the workers dwindled the foremen subsisted and when time came for the Dvargen to settle in their new home it was the Foremen who were left to carry the brunt of the society. Workers still exist, though, as the exclusive handmaidens of the queen. While the Foremen, with their stone tools and guile, can do just as well if not better than any simple worker as obedient servants the queen sees none better than the Worker.

Likewise the line of Dvargen Queens have been unusually inert mutagenicaly. Foremen reign as the dominant mutation in numbers so much so that they may hardly be considered a mutation in this society and mutations are typically not so drastic offshoots of them.

Those mutations of mention are The Dextrous Mutation with long spindly fingers for fine manipulation. They find themselves amongst the foraging and weaving clans. The Boney Armed mutations have hard shovel like protrusions that land them among the digger and soldier clans. The Thick skinned mutations have tough protective hides that keep in moisture. They are adept at travel above ground and defenses. Finally the Long leg mutations who find little use beyond traversing above ground as foragers.

>> No.22478224
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No matter. Games average about 3 to 4 threads, each lasting about a week at a time.

>> No.22478368
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(long legs not pictured)

Their clan system works as thus.The Queen Directs and drives the whole society and government and religious leader. All are unquestioning of her wisdom and her divine link to the will of the the Queens of the Past. Serving her directly are her single minded handmaidens often involved in religious duties like the production of Bruu.. Advising and mating with the Queen are the Elder Males of the Clans. Clans are Families designated a single task for them to accomplish and contribute to the hive. Clans are Created when a need must be filled for the hive. Clan Leaders are chosen when a male distinguished himself above others in a task the Hive is in need of a clan for. An Elder male organizes, raises and sometimes trains each clan member beneath him. The genetic seed of each clan is derived mostly from the Elder male. Genetic seed also comes from lesser males. During the Queens yearly phase she produces several males of varying levels of mutations. The Males are tested and chosen by the Elders to serve as lesser males within the clan to offer options among the clan's lineage for the queen to tweak and manipulate. New Clan Leaders and Replacement Clan leaders are chosen from these stocks of lesser males. Undesirable Lesser males are banished from the hive. Lesser males and to an extent Elder males work along side the female drones of their clan. Female Drones who achieve distinctions often find themselves accepted among the same level of social standing as lesser males.

While the Dvargen have a handful of useful mutations that comprise several major clans genetic baseline Foremen with the aid of tools find themselves often on the same level as those adapted genetically to a specific task. Many Clans accomplish their goals with no distinct mutations in their lineage.

Pictured is a hierarchy chart and several tasks with their major Clans and what mutations predominate in their lineage.

>> No.22479491

Oh, my MS Paint-fu is weak... I've grown too dependent on the pencil and Photoshop.

>> No.22479528

Goody. I am probably going to fail horribly. But it will be fun times.

>> No.22479593

Mine is even worse. My tribe is going to be minimal, probably the opposite of the Dvargen. Just trying to survive where they are probably going to be super political.

>> No.22479814

That's the spirit! Sometimes failure can be fun on its own. Look how popular the Kobburog are.

>> No.22480601

Added a little blurb to the top paragraph of the wiki page. It really needs some tidying up. Think you guys could help me some time with that?

>> No.22481146
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Here is something I am going to use later on. It might be fun. Stusval Seeker.

>> No.22481559
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Since I had the free time. Here are various Dvargen in their traditional woven fiber clothing. Stuff is like Burlap.

>> No.22484459

A little notice about "female drones"- there are no female drones. Drone is not a (biological) worker, it's a male.

>> No.22486024
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>> No.22487173


>> No.22487361 [DELETED] 

Rolled 17, 12 = 29

The game, you guys!

>> No.22487451


>> No.22489384

Rolled 19, 13 = 32

Bump if we're going to keep this thread going.

>> No.22491146
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floating tree anyone?

>> No.22494399

wording gets complicated in a hive society with castes and clans and mutations. I'm using drone as the English intended descriptive of a multitudinous worker class in reference to the numerous Female workers among a clan regardless of mutations. Drone being specific to males is a bit confusing.

likewise for more clarification, in the first post when I say worker i mean the unintelligent nonmutated members of the worker caste and not all "workers" in general which would include the foremen and the diggers and so forth.

Its not that i don't understand the biology its just that the specific words for specific things is muddled either on paper or in my head.

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