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Are Orks an actual threat?

In all the fluff I've read and what people talk about they seem to be the intergalactic irritant of every race but not really a bane or an actual powerhouse.

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Orks and tyrranids are the go to badguy mob in 40k.

Want your faction to fight anything but not make an actual impact on the "setting"? Fight Orks!

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Also ork thread I suppose.

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Orks CAN be an actual threat if left alone. Thats why the Imperium is so eager to stamp out any would-be WAAAGH they find.

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That's what I picked up off of them, me and my two bros just started 40k I'm ork, one is tau and the other is space muhrines

We were all talking fluff and it seemed orks have some neat backstory and some great individual characters but we never really have made a difference anywhere,


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I think Space Marine was the first bit of media to actually show the orks as a threat.

Before the ultramarines show up, the orks fucking OWN that planet. It had full Imperial Guard, now down to just a few survivors trying not to get eaten.

Then, as always, they switched to Chaos BECAUSE WOULDN'T THAT BE COOLER GUIZE!

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The Beast (A Legendary Orkish Warboss) nearly conquered the entire galaxy with his extremely huge Waaaagh.

Ghazghkull Thraka, the Prophet of Gork and Mork, is uniting the Orkish clans and plans on launching the greatest Waaagh ever and conquer all the galaxy in the name of the Gods.

The Orks are a threat but the problem is that their method of travel sucks and stops them from uniting their forces and rival the might of the Imperium. It takes an exceptional Warbosses to turn the Orks to gakatic wide menace.

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Orks are sometimes portrayed as dumbly aggressive and disorganized. However, played the right way, this is actually an advantage. Dumbly aggressive means they just won't quit, even if they get blasted into hamburger. Disorganized makes them very hard to predict. So hard, that its arguable that battle computers may not be able to predict their actions correctly 100% of the time, and may also predict their actions wrongly outright on occasions. The way I see a WAAAGH of orks is basically like a sea of locusts. They rapidly consume resources, burning through fuels and minerals fast and hunting down life forms and eating them, whether their edible or not, in roving huge mobs. Can you imagine the sheer destructive horror of a group of orks descending onto your planet? Ecology: totaled, bio-mass: cut by significant fraction. Economy: dependent on victory or defeat of defenders. Note that I know very little about the actual warhammer 40k mechanics, but I have read bits and pieces of the lore, so this is not an 'official' lore-based interpretation of them, though I still think it to be a good one.

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>In all the fluff I've read and what people talk about they seem to be the intergalactic irritant of every race but not really a bane or an actual powerhouse.
Someone has never heard of the Green Kroosade.

It's okay. They just won everything forever.

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I picked up on this, as I said we were all talking fluff, and they both pointed out orks just lack the organization to make a difference, and when they do they can be a nasty threat hence Grazkul Thraka, The Daemon killing ork(I can't friggin remember his name) ect. ect. ect.

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In a traditional D&D dice system mechanics mode, this would mean they never check morale and they destroy or loot sizable portions of treasure and resources for every hour/day/week/month/year/decade/century they are present in the area.

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They are a fungal infection, annoying as fuck, hard to get rid of, but not entirely threatening.

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Thread reminder.

The Orks are losing in Octarius. The Tyranids of Leviathan are ascendant and the Orks are shrinking in the face of the endless swarms.

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I'm wondering when the 'nids will figure out that Orks are essentially an endless supply of biomass that could be eaten forever if farmed somehow.

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Piscina IV
15 Hours
Rynn's World

Orkz excel at ruining everyone's shit. They hijacked a worldwide campaign for fuck's sake.

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Tuska the daemon killer didn't do anything meaningful.

He just pissed in the sea of piss that is the Eye of Terror and then himself became the piss.

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They are a big issue on Armageddon.

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I think orks must love nids, they love the sting of battle and the chaos of endless war so the nids must be the perfect foe.

The big ole fight that never ends.

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Well Kryptmann did already teach them farming...

>tfw the Milky Way is so hardcore we forced the galaxy trawling superpredator to understand agriculture in order to survive.

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He did actually help the Imperium on several occasions by stopping chaos forces in orbit during invasions.

That and he's probably my favorite boss just because he found in the end what all Orks aspire to, the endless battle.

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>but we never really have made a difference anywhere,
Launched a WAAAGH resulting in the first worldwide campaign to take a planet that could be used to launch a WAAGH on Terra.

The Imperium narrowly prevents the world from being conquered. All they really do is advertise the fight to Orks everywhere.

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Is this correct? I'm not the op, these are my posts. They are my impression built on what bits and pieces I have read.

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Aren't Gork and Mork the mightiest Gods in 40k?

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Not so much that they destroy it outright as that they take it apart and make something else out of it. Sometimes that means an outhouse made of vacuum tubes, and sometimes it means a robot suit made of toasters. That actually walks and shoots and everything. Maybe it still makes toast, even.

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>that ork doesn't have the biggest boner while that nid chokes his shit

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With the morale thing you're pretty much right on the money, boyz leadership stat is how many boyz are in the squad.

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What you're forgetting is that Tuska's invasion of the Eye of Terror ended with him finding the Ork equivalent of heaven: Constant unending war, with both sides being brought back from the dead to keep fighting for eternity.

In other words, invading the Eye of Terror was more successful than he expected. More successful, from the ork perspective, than any other war they have fought.

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again, I think in fluff that we're an irritation they can't ever be banished ect. but I don't think they are powerful enough to bother the other gods.

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Anyone have pictures of ork in battle? I hardly have any and most are just orks getting stomped, but any are welcome.

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Becoming playthings of the Blood God is their equivalent heaven?

Ghazy is disappoint.

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I'm unclear on what their actual technology level is, so I supposed that they would destroy things they did not understand either because taking it apart and not able to put it back together, or because they fear it.

Could you see them chasing down every life form they can find in packs that eat it blood raw and kicking?

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You know that if an Ork invention made toast, their love of dakka would mean it produces toast faster than anything else you have ever seen.

Catch is, trying to catch the toast would probably rip your arm off.

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Yes, yes it is.
All they want is a fight, they don't care when, where, how, or why but they just want the goddamn fight.

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nah, they are fueled by the almost only and always present feeling of the most numerous race. They are the mightiest gods, because they fuel off of almost 100% of the warp energy trillions and trillions of heavy psykers emit

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>mfw in the next ork codex Ghazghkull and his boyz crash land onto Octarius just when things look their worst.

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you dont know much of orks, do you? Meks LOOOVE taking things apart, and sometimes putting it back together, and if enough bpyz are present, its bound to work

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This is beautiful

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I'd be surprised if they ever took Ghazghkull of Armageddon and away from his bff.

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From what I've read on Orks so far, it seems like this is the layout of your average WAAAGH.
1. Organize orks
2. cram orks onto single Space Hulk
3. launch space hulk into outer space
4. remove steering apparatus and use it for more entertaining purposes
5. crash on planet
6. kill everything that orky
7. repeat until the Imperium stops you
This is why I love orks. They don't care what happens, as long as they get a good fight out of it.

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Then the whathisname commissar shows up and Thrakka and him both go down in a blaze of glory killing eachother and the nids.

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>I supposed that they would destroy things they did not understand either because taking it apart and not able to put it back together,

oks technology works on common belief.
That's why red cars go faster and they can shove whatever ammo they want into most of their guns.

So if they take it apart, they ARE going to put something back together with it. It might not be what it originally was. It might even be shooting laser blasts now, just because they wires were pulled out of it and rearranged.

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Ders a ting ta make me rich.

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I still think it's awesome how Thraka and Commisar Washisname have this weird bromance thing going on.

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...He already is off the planet, left his second in command in charge and went to outer systems to stir up more shit, and the Commissar fella went after him.

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Ghazghkull left Armageddon you git

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Warhammer Orks are the comic relief

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8. because Orks reproduce while fighting, not all orks fit on that space hulk, making that world an ork world (maybe with slavery and economy, maybe just a bunch of orks fighting), thereby creating another potential waaaagh

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Fuck, really? When did this happen?

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Orks are like Tyranids, but less grimly depressing. Also vaguely Cockney

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Ghazghkull doesn't crash. He falls, with style.

Crashing is for two-bit no names like Nazdreg.

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More of an exponential respect/hatred for one another.I like both characters a ton and hope their story ends well, or at least in an awesome way.

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Yer Currency is Teef.

All you need is a fist.

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Go read 6e dude.

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I think the somebody earlier got it right, Thraka and the Commissar team up to exterminate a planet full of 'Nids

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i just hope they dont kill each other and thats it. Thats always it. I just feel that having them both die in their last fight is a.) fucking ass towards Orks, because they lose their prophet, and the imperium just some commissar, and b.) so clichee and so overdone that i dont even need to read that stuff

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They are both swarmy types but that's it.

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His name is Commissar Sebastian Yarrick.

His Eye shoots death and he has a Powerclaw for an arm. Also he one hands a stormbolter and owns a Baneblade.

The fuck do you forget this shit?

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>Are Orks an actual threat?
Yes they are actually. They almost ruled the galaxy more than once. Its only a matter of time until they get a waaaaagh big enough to take it over. They are the most powerful race when they get their shit together.

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yeah, that guy or whatever

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I don't into IG fluff

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6th? Ghaz left at the end of the campaign.

Orkish Valhalla was too boring for him, so he left to do better things. Yarrick followed with a Black Templar crusade.

>> No.22350456

there are other similarities. They land on a planet and strip it of everything they can, and even if they're defeated they seed the planet so the infestation continues

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Right'o boss

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>old man vs Ork Warboss
This is the stupidest fucking picture i've ever seen in W40k and that's some accomplishment.

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I really want it to end with Ghazghkull killing Yarrick and then left feeling hollow inside.

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Yeah, that poor ork has no chance at all.

>> No.22350483


That old man is surprisingly badass. I think he got surgery and shit done on him. If the imperium likes you, you get some nice shit

>> No.22350487

He then takes to carrying around Yarrick's body and chatting with it.

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30k Orks were the menace. From random nob choking Emperor, to Blackfang outsmarting frigging Primarchs. In 40k though, not so much.

>> No.22350508

not as if those pictures should beb taken as stylized propagandapieces or anyything

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Nah, he just treats it like he killed another badass warboss. Like, he gets all FUCK YEAH and carries around the skull. However as time goes on he starts to feel hollow, even when there are superior enemies to fight. It can't explain it, but a stronger enemy just doesn't attract him as much until one day it finally hits him.

His favorite enemy is dead.

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>From random nob choking Emperor

>> No.22350519

>Strongest and biggest faction
>Took more planets than any other faction
>Hardest to kill
>Closer to killing humanity than any other faction
>Can stand up to chaos
>Can bend reality to their will
Really op? They seem silly but they are the biggest threat to the galaxy besides maybe chaos itself.

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Big E got drunk and was dared to eat a door.

>> No.22350538

Didn't he already spare Yarrick once for exactly that reason?

>> No.22350547

It was mentioned that Horus chopped off the arm of a frenzied ork warlord while it attempted to throttle the Emperor.

>> No.22350550


Hm, you're right. Maybe have Yarrick die of a heart attack?

Or give him Alzheimers?

>> No.22350553

i almost cant believe that

>> No.22350556

A nob flanked Emperor and was choking Emp to death. Only with Horus' arrival he survived.

>> No.22350559

And one day, he takes the skull off the spike it rests on, gazes into the eye sockets and says
>Yew wuz the scaryest 'oomie in the who univoise, ya know dat? Now yer ded, and dare ain't nuttin' left woith fightin'

>> No.22350564

Are you describing the Necrons, anon?

Because that doesn't sound like Orls.

>> No.22350569


>E's dead boss ya di et.
>Ya...*sniff* we sure did boyz
>Boss whyz u got water coming your eye?
>It ain't nutin grot...it ain't nuttin

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Do human psykers have no power over orks or something?

>> No.22350585


Have Ghazghkull go through a crisis of faith when Yarrick dies. He becomes the ork equivalent of a hermit, landing on a feudal world or something and terrorizes a small village.

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It was actually said to be ATTEMPTING to choke him, not actually choking him to death.

>> No.22350592

They do but i suppose WAAAAGH field dampened Emperor's psyk or something. They were that fucking strong.

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Orks are like Tinkerbell. If you believe in them, they can kill anything

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So I am not completely sure about how it works but shouldn't gork and mork be the most powerful gods because of all the orks that believe in them?

>> No.22350630

I guess they would be, but they're long-term designs don't seem to get breaking shit on a cosmic level

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>Alone Emperor slew hundreds of them until a blast from an Ork plasma weapon opened his guard and one of the Ork leaders seized him. The tales say that the creature's strength was so great that as it took hold of the Emperor it buckled his armour. As the creature's grasp closed Horus stormed through the press of battle and the Ork's arms from its body with a single blow.
The Emperor got choked up like a bitch.

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Yarrick and Ghazghkull are Gork and Mork, or will become them as the Orks watch them battle together.

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>Emprah betta have mah teef.

>> No.22350666

So weird boyz are encoded with basic engineering ability. If this is true wouldn't that mess with their "rule of cool" type system when it comes to guns and machines?

>> No.22350672

...That says it grabbed him and Horus took its arms off before it could even start choking.

>> No.22350674

The orks' threat is once they have a foothold you can never really get rid of them and it doesn't take much at all for them to set up. In the looooooooonnnnnng game they might chip away enough to be "winning" but they're never really "losing", especially not with their perspective on war. On the other hand they might just stomp the planet flat and keep moving until they're really stuck in somewhere. See Armageddon for probably the biggest example of how things go with Orks.

>> No.22350689

Most days they're a threat on a planetary/system level. They can pose a threat that a planet/system will find threatening, but not a sub-sector. A WAAAGH is a sub-sector threat most of the time, though some can become sector scale threats. If the Orks as a race were to get their shit together, then they'd be a galactic scale threat, but that if is an unlikely hypothetical.

>> No.22350690

It was most likely a test.

Because Horus, who was not at the same level as the Emperor at the time, defeated the greatest Warboss during that Era and threw his broken body at the panicking Ork boyz.

>> No.22350691

Gork and Mork, like true orks, spend too much time bashing each other to care about much

>> No.22350695

I think that while mek boyz do have engineering encoded in their DNA, it's all based on instinct. Even if you gave them all the necessary parts to make a standard-issue bolter, they'd make something completely different and incredibly awesome

>> No.22350732

I think 'basic engineering ability' means that they know wheels go on the bottum uv a trukk and the dakka end goes toard da humies.

>> No.22350733

But Nazdreg and Ghazghkull are bros.

>> No.22350740


The thing is, and I don't know why more people haven't picked up on this yet, is that the works have already won.

They already rule the galaxy to the extent they care to do such things.

This IS their end game, it's a grimdark future with only war. What else do you think the orks could possibly want?

>> No.22350746

Dude, it buckled his armour and he was helplessly trashing in its grip. That's frigging choking.
Urrlak Urruk was the greatest as in having the greatest Ork Empire. Nothing says being largest or strongest Warboss. Besides being flanked and grabbed is different from 1v1 duel.

>> No.22350758

I still think my favourite ork "subgroup" are the Kommandos, because they're so different from all the other Orks. I mean, all the other Boyz are charging an Imperial fort, when suddenly there's five orks with knives and pistols right fucking behind you. Your final words are
"Orks... aren't supposed to be sneaky!"

>> No.22350770

With that logic, It means the Chaos Gods also have won.

>> No.22350788

Not quite right. They haven't killed big E yet, and they're far from corrupting every single living being

>> No.22350794

Well, Khorne maybe.

>> No.22350802

>Ork puts hands over his eyes
>Ork is now invisible to everyone
>Can walk into battle without being detected

>> No.22350809

>Now dat's Finkin' wit' WAAAGH! Boyz!

>> No.22350826

>he was helplessly trashing in its grip
Where is this said, exactly?

>> No.22350850

Okay he was standing still while Ork was choking him. That better? Not like he got survival instinct or anything.

>> No.22350852

The Galaxy is already their playground, regardless. Corrupted or not, all the beings in the galaxy feed them. They're immortal and timeless, nobody can touch them.

>> No.22350866

Fuck yeah, Green Kroosade! But that's a bit meta.

Economy: The orkish economy is based off teef, and doesn't require outside interaction to be stable. Victories just increase the amount of scrap/looted gubbinz available, meaning most orks will barter scrap for guns, etc. and use their teef on other things. As teef rot and grow at a speedy rate, poverty and inflation both don't exist.

The 40k universe as a whole is their heaven. War is everywhere.

>> No.22350868


In a way I guess. Although, "won" is something that probably doesn't make sense for chaos. Chaos doesn't want or need to win. If I remember correctly they're only pretty much concerned with being supplied with whatever emotion fuels them. It's weird, the same way I wouldn't say emotions like "hate" "fear" "lust" or "ambition" won, I wouldn't say their physical (psychic?) manifestations won either.

It's like telling polio it needs to "conquer" America. They're just working on a wavelength totally different from military goals.

>> No.22350872

>Who wrote this account? Have them executed for heresy immediately!

>> No.22350883

That makes them a threat, but I'd argue that a win condition for Chaos is killing big E and running more rampant in the universe.

>> No.22350894

>Implying an Ork can hurt the Emperor

You crossed the line, Xenophile. You're talking about the Man-God who sent the Chaos Gods packing back to the Warp with his might.

How can you seriously think an Ork can hurt him?

>> No.22350899

Also Tzeentch is trying to get his staff back so he can reign supreme once again

>> No.22350905

>It's Waaagh, I don't gotta explain shit.

>> No.22350921

It is said that Tzeentch holds the gate between the Warp and Materium making sure that the Warp doesn't overwhelm the galaxy.

This shows that the Chaos Gods wish this drama to continue for their amusement and all exist for their entertainment.

>> No.22350923

In so much as a Bad Moon and a Proppa Goff can be bros. That said, they have worked together on multiple occasions.

Calling Nazzy the Snazzy a >two-bit no name

>> No.22350938

>It is said that Tzeentch holds the gate between the Warp and Materium making sure that the Warp doesn't overwhelm the galaxy.
I'm sorry, I've never heard that. I've heard the version that big E is holding the warp at bay.

>> No.22350967

I heard pylons were keeping it away... wait they actually are.

Thank your Robot Overlords!

>> No.22350972

The Emperor is Tzeentch is C'tans is All of Chaos is Gork N' Mork the entire time.

>> No.22351006

The waaagh! effect is grease, for the actual engineering ability of the mekboyz. That said, mekboyz tend not to be ones for planning, etc. and without the grease of the waaagh! effect, most things are unreliable at best and downright dangerous to use at worst (although often even with the waaagh! effect much ork tek is dangerous to the user thanks to "safety" being regarded as a soft sort of thought).

>Pixcee face
Yeah, Captcha, you're probably right. Eldar do think about safety.

>> No.22351065


>> No.22351076

I think every race thinks they're the one's holding back the Warp. Except the Nids.

>> No.22351108


I don't think the chaos gods are particularly concerned about killing the emperor, that's more of a goal that the renegade space marines chapters have. IIRC the Chaos Space marines sometimes have different or even conflicting goals with the chaos gods.

The lore throws around some heavy ass shit about myth, gods, etc. I know that the emperor was a hardcore materialist atheist, as in he didn't believe in gods, but he could understand the ultra powerful beings resided in the warp. But that wasn't necessarily godhood.

Apparently this whole notion offended the Word Bearers Primarch, who worshiped the emperor, and wrote the scripture that's used in 40k by the church. All the other legions are looking to resolve ancient grudges in a similar manner. It's kinda hard to say who's leading who when it comes to the renegade chapters and the chaos "gods".

>> No.22351176

orks too
and the nids simply think the eye of terror is going to be a fantastically delishious meal.
which it will be.

>> No.22351221

>chaos not concerned with killing emps
>Setting up a massive civil war in humanity with Horus aiming to kill the Emperor
>Sole focus of their group is raiding, and doing harm to the Imperium with the ultimate goal of its destruction
>Killing Emps will destroy the Imperium
So, yeah, there's that.

>> No.22351249


Fuck, that's incredibly sad

>> No.22351271

It's the greatest story never told

>> No.22351311

The Orks are the North Korea of Warhammer 40k.

>> No.22351341


I wish I had that image of the dude who looks like he's gonna disagree, then he pauses, then he starts thinking.

>> No.22351426

But that's not what Mal's doi...

>> No.22351484


clever, I chuckled heartily

>> No.22354007

>Spelling "orks"
>Not spelling "orcs"
>Fucking plebs

>> No.22354026

>Not knowing anything about the universe that spawned the /tg/ board in the first place.
Take off your tripcode, you're not worthy of it.

>> No.22354084

Make me, Daddy.

>> No.22354094


>> No.22354115

Not trollin'. Valid observation.

>> No.22354142

It's not at all valid since the spelling in warhammer 40k is and always has been "Orks"

But by all means, continue with your unwarranted pedantry.

>> No.22354173

That is until the next version of Codex: Orks is released

>> No.22354181

I find it amazing that you have the mental capacity to even input a tripcode.

>> No.22354182

Unwarranted? Such spelling was unwarranted to begin with.

>> No.22354192

I've been here a while, bud.

>> No.22354201

Irrelevant. Vent your frustrations to people who care.

>> No.22354211

That post had nothing to do with how long you've been here. You are severely retarded and should seek medical help immediately.

>> No.22354399

>Knowing nothing about 40K
>Trips but no name
It seems /tg/ isn't exactly the kind of board you would like to participate in. Without any bit of disdain, /v/ or /b/ would fit your mentality and habits much better.

Sage for off-topic.

>> No.22354440

About Commissar Yarrick and his possible death, you folk need to remember one thing: the Orks as a whole think he's unkillable. Now, think about those red truks...

And, for added evidence, here is the old Yarrick paintjob. Notice the greenish tone of his skin.

>> No.22354500

Ironclad dreadnought in drop pod with two heavy flamers.

>> No.22354521

mfw Commissar Yarrick is an undercover ork.

>> No.22354539

>and the nids simply think the eye of terror is going to be a fantastically delishious meal.
Enter the Eye.
Primary enemy suddenly becomes Daemons.
No Biomass to harvest.
Even the teeming masses of beastmen and cultists can't compensate for the losses of things that don't exist.
Tyrandis overcommit and starve like Nazis in a Russian blizzard.
Universe saved.

Archon Giant Face doesn't need your thanks for fucking a hole into the galaxy. But he will accept it anyway.

>> No.22354574

I think the idea is more that he's fought Orks so long and hard he's becoming an Ork.

He already uses an Ork power klaw!

>> No.22354591

>We were all talking fluff and it seemed orks have some neat backstory and some great individual characters but we never really have made a difference anywhere, ever.

You are so, so misinformed.

>> No.22354636


>Random Nob choking Big E

Because, of course, theres no possible way that was some kind of twisted loyalty test on the part of the Emperor.

>> No.22354640

It's like that
>Orks wreck shit
>Duty calls: Yarrick must kill the orks
>Yarrick kill the orks
>Suddenly, CHOPPED ARM
>Yarrick yells "No, I must kill the orks"
>And the Waaaaagh! was like "No, Yarrick, you are the ork".

>> No.22354650

Dammit, meant to quote

>> No.22354824

>Yarrick Never dies
>He just keeps on fighting
Orks wet dream

>> No.22354917

>'Es goin' ta frag us!" said the boyz

>> No.22355088 [DELETED] 

I remember seeing an excellent photoshop of Ginjo into Ichigo's class early on in the series.

So well done it's almost like he'd been there all along.

>> No.22355158

Alas, poor Yarrick...

>> No.22356288

>that's some Nietzsche shit right there

>> No.22356349

Wait if all the Orks think he is unkillable doesn't that make him unkillable?

>> No.22356404

I believe that was what he was getting at, yes

>> No.22356412

Holy shit that means he is actually unkillable. Christ, it must feel amazing to have that kinda power.

>> No.22356434

Nothing ever changes in 40k.
No race actually changes anything ever. Although I would venture a guess that Orks and Nids get to be whipping boys more often than other armies along with the Guard maybe.

If someone needs to job it's usually them that get to do it.

Like all the other races though, the way it works is they don't really operate to their full potential without unusually good leadership.

This allows the player to project himself onto the setting as the really good leadership.

So like, in the Ork case, especially stupid Warbosses or mobs without actual Warbosses present are mere fodder. But the Players army is not because it's got a Badass, surprisingly cunning leader, whose triumph you vicariously experience through 40k.

But if you want an example of Orks getting out of hand, look at Armageddon. Sure that's a sttalemate, but only because resources are continually poured into it. Sometimes, the Orks make temporary headway through the million monkeys hammering at a type writer strategem of sheer luck and persistence.

Either way the whole system is a massive bleeding sore and drain on resources that could be used elsewhere, both from local sources, and from other places diverted to Armageddon.

>> No.22356476

Itz got a brutally kunnin leader, like Mork.

>> No.22356528

nah, ya git, itz got a kinningly brutal leader, moch like Gork

>> No.22356581

I stil think Ghazghul could kill him, since he's managed to capture him, and only set him free because it's just not a WAAAGH! without Yarrick

>> No.22356657

Lissen here ya grot, itz got a brootally kunnin leader, like Mork, an I'll krump ya proppa if ya don agree

>> No.22356671

>In all the fluff I've read and what people talk about they seem to be the intergalactic irritant of every race but not really a bane or an actual powerhouse.
as long as everyone gives them some routine skirmishing they won't organize a huge WAAGH and take over the whole place.

>> No.22356744

An orc campaign is basically a galactic-wide pub crawl.

>> No.22356766

Isn't it beautiful? You put a boy in a box and all the guardsmen, MUHREENS and Tau just walk past it. They think that that box has always been there.

>much erect

Yes captha, I like it too.

>> No.22356810

The emps does some really fucking weird shit sometimes. He's also slightly demented due to the fact he sees everything happening at once

>> No.22356822

Not even them, because they have an end goal, the orks don't give a shit and the grimdark universe all they could have ever wished for.

>> No.22356873

No, the Chaos gods have won because the only true Chaos gods are Gork and Mork.

>> No.22356957

The Lexicanum describes it as a combination of "aspects of a mass migration, a holy war, a looting party and a pub brawl, with a bit of genocide thrown in for good measure"

>> No.22357255

Orks are masters of disguise.

>> No.22357420

>> No.22357489

I may be alone in this, but the thing about orks is that they and daemon princes are the only things I would actually want to be were I magically transported to 40K.

>> No.22357502

>It's alright men, it's just a barrel of "Not An Ork", radio in the all clear.

>> No.22357538

Praise da humie emprah

>> No.22357592

>Wut da zog is you doin?
I'z makin Bush noises, now shaddap afore ya blow me cover!

>> No.22357599

>41st millennium
>wanting to be anything other than Orks or Daemon Princes
You, sir, are a man after my own green heart

>> No.22357653

My sides have made impact with Callisto, the fourth moon of Jupiter!

>> No.22357697

>Oh yuz betta all shout
>Yuz betta not die!
>Yuz betta be green I'm tellin' yuz why

>> No.22357716

>I may be alone in this
I highly doubt that. Orks are pretty much the only things that are happy in the grim derpness of the 41st millennium

>> No.22357803


>> No.22357816

What the fuck am I doing, I forgot mah image

>> No.22357883

Ork space marine!

>> No.22357908

Ya know how some orks paint themselves blue, for good luck? They're trying to look like Ultramarines

>> No.22357922

>Telling bad posters to go to /v/
Please don't. Its this attitude that turned /v/ into the place it is.

>> No.22357924

Exactly! Nobody knows orks like me, the renegade chaos god.

>> No.22358015

Avatarfagging is against the rules, you know.

>> No.22358052


>> No.22358069

10/10 would not see until too late

>> No.22358074

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.22358099

Would elect to office twice

>> No.22358193

The Orks aren't interested in ruling or exterminating everyone else. They just really like fighting. To that end, the Orks have already won forever. They are having fun, they rule whole worlds, and, when they do manage to set themselves to any goal, they usually win.

Given that Orks appear to reincarnate, at least according to their own beliefs, I can see why they're happy to go on like that. Try playing PlanetSide 2 and imagining yourself as an Ork; there's no real victory, the only reason to fight is for more dakka, and if you die, you get to come around for another go. For everyone else, who isn't more or less impervious to pain or unafraid of death or what have you, that shit is terrifying, but... Well, for you? It's a game.

>> No.22358240

So life for Orks is like a never ending FPS multiplayer match?

>> No.22358271

>> No.22358290

Exactly. Imagine Borderlands with its whole murderhobo-ing for better dakka and culture of casual murder meets Planetside 2 with its massive battles meets Mechwarrior with its massive scale and you have the life of an ork.

>> No.22358343

>Imagine Borderlands
And now I want Borderlands style GorkaMorka game.

>> No.22358384

The pirates expansion is supposedly very vehicular and BL2 is already about as orky as any game will ever get.

>> No.22358401

Um... Gorka Morka is already a Borderlands style game. Because (and get this), Borderlands was really just "Orks: The Video Game".

>> No.22358419


my sides!

>> No.22358452

Well I would like one with actual Orks.


Hrrm, may have to look into modding BL2 now.

>> No.22358495

the only thing you miss is the accent.
that game even has oddboyz!

>> No.22358525

Just paint Brick green and he's a warboss. Thats how close it is.
>Gets pissed that the Rogue Trader kills his favorite squig, so he raises his own WAAAGH and plops down literally just outside the giant killy death gate.
>Has his very own special "punch them until they die" fighting technique
>favors right flash boomy guns or his own fists with nothing in between
>Kills his own men for no real reason because there's always more
He even has grots and nobs (midgets and goliaths) and his very own deffkoptas for fucks sake.

>> No.22358532

In BL2 I'm playing Gunzerker with a green skin and the Orky helmet they give you by default.

>> No.22358556

>Gunzerker only
>Gunzerkering (dual wield) duration multiplied by 100x
>Guns have the fire rate of Vladof, hit like a TORGUE (yes in all caps) and have the magazine size and precision of Bandit weapons
>Max amount of ammo multiplied by 1000x

Done, more or less.

>> No.22358561

Don't forget the 20% chance of every gun blowing up in your face.

>> No.22358568

Anymorew from this artist?

>> No.22358598

>Gunzerker only
Wrong. Gunzerker is a flash git, Maya is a weirdboy, Zer0 is a kommando, Axton is a nob/tankbusta, and the Mechromancer is a mekboy.

>> No.22358622

Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is pretty damn Orky. Mr Torgue is basically Hulk Hogan if he were a CEO.

I can find no fault in your logic.

>> No.22358630

The only reason BL and BL2 didn't use 'actual' orks/orcs, was because they would have been sued for copyright infringement. And they needed to put sirens in the game to fulfill the sexy femme-fatale trope.

>> No.22358668

I also forgot to the part where he has you take out a rival WAAAGH by swapping out their banners and killing their warboss, just like orks do it, and how he loots goddamn everything and even calls dibs on doing even more looting at the end of the game.

I also forgot to mention how Brick is hands down my favorite character.

>> No.22358678

Brick's not a warboss... He's a Goff Warboss.

Each character is basically a representation of a different ork clan (and Ork species) in some way shape or form. Brick is a Goff Warboss, with some shooting-minded attitude thrown in. Gunzerker is a Bad Moon Nob. Teena is a Deathskull Gretchin. etc.

>> No.22358692

My nigger

Brick also has the best voice in the game. He is also the manliest.

>> No.22358715

>Brick's not a warboss... He's a Warboss.
The point still stands. Borderlands is an orky as fuck franchise, particularly where the raiders are concerned.

>> No.22358730

Tzneetch's end game is to unite the orks into a single entity.

>> No.22358739

"This one time, I punched a guy." "Is that it-" "Yep."

>> No.22359022

Shadow in the Warp motherfucker, ain't nothing coming through when we around!

>> No.22359034

/v/ here. Just want to thank you fine folks for the warhammer threads we have been getting on /v/. Best threads we had in years. It got me into the games and lore. I got me some Orks coming in the mail too.

>> No.22359090

>40k threads
>best threads of /v/

Wow... one board's trash is another board's treasure...

>> No.22359199

They always say a board is worst at talking about its own subject.

>> No.22359231

I got sick of Bush jokes back in '02.

You sir, you are a better comedian than all of the American Comedic Industry combined.

>> No.22359242

It's just that 40k is such an abysmal subject to begin with.

>> No.22359422

What? Where can I read that?

>> No.22359578

>> No.22359819

This makes me wonder what kind of amazing things a huge waaagh would be able to do. Could enough orks brain blast a planet to bits if they were all drunk on war?

>> No.22359860

Foot of Gork makes me think yes.

>> No.22360150

I'm confused. What on earth are you doing in this thread then?

>> No.22361269


This is an important point. Orks may or may not be a "powerhouse" in comparison to other races; they may or may not be on their way to ownership of the galaxy. But they are happy, and whenever they try to fight and kill non-orks they are pushing toward a future in which there is nothing but orks--that is, a future in which EVERYONE IS HAPPY. And everybody else resists this. So whatever else orks are, they're the good guys, and any group of whom this can't be said is on the bad guys' side.

>> No.22361276

Telling people that he doesn't like sandwiches in a sandwich shop.

>> No.22362586

Wut da zog ar ya talking bout? Orks be the biggest an da strongest.

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