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H-h-hey /tg/ can we have a /tg/ approved anime (i.e. fantasy themed animes) thread? I'd ask /a/ for recommendations, which is what I'm looking for, but I prefer /tg/.

Anyway, I just finished Louie the Rune Soldier, by the same guy who made Record of the Lodoss War.

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Louie is my favorite muscle wizard.

Also acceptable genre shows are:

Dragon Half

Probably others as well.

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Also, watch Ixion Saga DT, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica and Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu.

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Thanks, anon.
Slayers is one of my favorites, but I've already finished it.

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Still can't help it but to pray to Mylee and replace "Amen" with "This is against my will!" to this very day.

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magic knight rayearth

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Fate/Zero: Shadowrun, the anime. Kiritsugu is magical batman.
Moribito: Fantasy world written by an honest to god anthropologist.

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Full Metal Alchemist

just watched it and it had some of the best characters I've seen in a long time. Each of the characters gets fleshed out, and even the villains are fully developed as characters.

>Fullmetal Alchemist
How have you not watched this yet? It's a magic steampunk awesomefest.

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Spice and Wolf.

Come for the cute haughty wolf girl.

Stay for the cute haughty wolf girl teaching you economics.

Also, Slayers, Lodoss War. Legends of the Galactic Heroes for Sci-Fi, and the Fate series of Anime and Visual Novels.

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>>Fate series

I vote no for the early series. Fate/Stay Night was a valiant effort but it was cheaply made, poorly adapted, and riddled with problems. Best to start with Fate/Zero even if you miss a few continuity nods. From there decide if you want more.

Ooh, also Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Good mindfuck anime. A bit over-hyped, but still totally worth it.

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If there was a good mechanic for multiple timelines, I would run a game similar to this. There's a few good roleplayers in my games so I might give it a shot, but the whole 'Met your character before you were your character' might not work out so well.

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It's only a manga series (for now), but I recommend Maou x Yuusha. Has some parallels with Spice and Wolf, except it focuses more on macroeconomics, takes place in an NES-era Dragon Warrior game, and really pokes holes in a few RPG tropes (pic related).

Basically like a tabletop game where the players ignore the stock good-vs-evil plot in favor of influencing countries on a global scale and/or revolutionizing agriculture/warfare/etc, forcing the GM to scuttle his original plot and flesh out the leaders of entire countries.

Also notable because MaoYuu was first written on 2ch before getting published. That's an achievement on the scale of a random piece of 4chan writefaggotry suddenly landing a deal with major publishers and being reproduced as a novel with comic book spinoffs.

yes, i know, mangafox, but i'm in a hurry.

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I'd add Silent Mobius to the list of shows related to Shadowrun. It's magic/sci-fi cops hunting demons in future Tokyo.

Mah nigga. That's an excellent show that's not on the list. In a similar vein, Escaflowne.

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Ghost in the Shell. Which one? Doesn't matter. They're all fodder for a cyberpunk game.

Black Lagoon and/or Jormungand. Modern setting fodder, the characters in either one are remarkably similar to PC murderhobos I think.

Boku no Pico: hurrdurrhurr

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While not really anime, Wakfu and Adventure Time post Grimdark both have a special place in my heart.

I'm wondering if I should just start crying now or actually wait for Simon and Marcy.

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>It's only a manga series (for now),

You do know the anime premiers this Saturday, right?

im excited as fuck.

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I must second Beserk. The manga is fantastic.

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Enjoy your meat and potatoes.

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damn u /tg/ now I have to check out all these shows and here I had thought I was done with anime for good.

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The series is pretty damn good too, although I'm less enthusiastic about the new movies (mainly due to the shitty CG being a huge turn off)

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So, what's /tg/'s consensus on the following?

>The Tower of Druaga, both seasons.
If you haven't seen it, the show can pretty much be summarised as: "adventurers racing through a dungeon for ultimate treasure: the anime" or "Slayers 2.0"

I'd also recommend Outlaw Star.

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It's a visual novel, but Shikkoku no Sharnoth is a great read if you like steampunk and lovecraftian horror. The setting itself is great for inspiration in general. It explains enough to know what's going on, but it barely scratches the surface of the specifics. Sekien no Inganock by the same writer apparently goes into more detail but I've yet to read it.

It's to be expected, considering the protagonist is your run-of-the-mill university student.

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I'm having trouble watching it, because the animation is so lazy in places.

Is it worth it?

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Wait fuck what? There was a deltora quest anime? I read those books in elementary school.

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The series is alright, but the manga is much better. Berserk is a rather old anime, and the budget of an animation team is mostly "Fuckall".

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Can't beat Wakfu for memorable villains.

Second season was not quite as good, but Quilby was still pretty good.

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alright /tg/, where are some good places to watch this stuff online? Prefer subs, but I don't mind good dubs

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YKK and Shin Sekai Yori both deserve a mention as quiet, peaceful post-apocalypse environments.

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A sizable amount of anime can be found on Hulu or Crunchyroll if you don't want to fuck about with shitty aggregators who just direct link to random vids.

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Watching stuff online will get you poor quality, broken video links and limited view times.

Watching anything online is internet explorer tier tech heresy. Torrent it all.

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How can you be done with it for good? They make a few decent shows a year.

I'll add The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo for mostly peaceful post-apocolypse.

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Its not an anime but more people should read "Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou"

The premise is a bit different (centers around a robot running a cafe after a vaguely defined disaster) and not much happens (sample chapters include "Alpha gets a model airplane engine running" and "Some kids dick around on a beach.") but what it does well is
-has very nice art
-shows a different take on the end of the world; things are clearly in decline, but there's no Mad Max breakdown of society. Its a different take on post-apoc settings. There's problems to be solved, but its more trying to get by and less oh boy, biker gangs. More about a sense of wonder, less about terror.

I'm using it as idea fodder for any apoc-related games I run. Its got some interesting imagery and the ending is a big cocktease I'd love to unleash on players someday.

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The dub outtakes boost it to must see.

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Get the fuck back to /a/ right now and take your dialup and VHS with you.

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They've been up on the Hub. Kinda a snorefest compared to reading the books themselves.

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For newer stuff, I piggyback off my friend's Crunchyroll account. Their stuff is good even on the free area, but the selection is limited to newer works.

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I use Hulu and Netflix though I think some publishing studios (like Funimation) will show a few episodes online. Haven't checked specifics of them though.

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Afraid of the truth, anon? Haven't been to /a/ in over 2 years.

Unless you have no space on your hard disk (Is that even possible in this day and age? You can get 10GB to the pound right now.), you are assured better quality and less annoyance by torrenting this stuff. Almost everything suggested in this thread can be found in seconds, with a decent number of seeds.

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Good thing you came here first. If you asked this on, /a/, you'd get 5 posts of Boko no Pico, several insults, and a .gif of Hulk beating the shit out of Loki. If you're lucky, someone is kind enough to post >>22346658

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>Mfw not kidding
>Mfw it's a sad face

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>10gb per dollar
>Bought a 2TB seagate hard drive for 80 dollars on black friday
>25gb per dollar
>30gb per pound

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Every single time Griffith broke into song, Judeau and the captain of the Whale Knights said ANYTHING, Caska went on a cussing spree, Guts with massive homoerotic subtext.
>in a world full of tiny red objects

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You're /a/dorable. Also a massive f/a/ggot.

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>Legends of the Galactic Heroes for Sci-Fi

Seconding this, it's really great. Lodoss and LoGH are some of my favourite shows.

I'm nto sure if it's /tg/-approved in general but old cyberpunk anime like Bubblegum Crisis is also great.

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personally i recommend the dub due to korbo's voice causing my ears to orgasm

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also, season 3 fucking when

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Also, I hope you like food porn.

Food porn, wolf girls, and the exchange rate of silver and market stability of arms and armor.

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All we can do is remain strong, brother.

One day, the great Wolf will descend from the sky, covered in spice, and bestow upon us Season 3.

Then we will discover that we accidentally sold the rights to all of our crops for the next three years in exchange for it.

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you know it's amazing, my spice and wolf folder is in my porn folder, and yet there's only one nude pic in it

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see that's where you're wrong

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Wait, so it's seriously more about economics?
I haven't watched it yet, so I assumed when people put "I WATCH IT FOR THE ECONOMICS" in caps they were being ironic.

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That's actually weird, considering everyone and their mother and their mother's dog has drawn Holo naked. I'm not complaining about that, of course.

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I haven't watched it, but I believe the ECONOMICS are real. That said, it gets way too much hype for it, when Takahashi has been making ECONOMICS shows since the 80s. Dougram and Gasaraki are 2 of his more ECONOMICS related shows.

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economics and romance. but yes, it is die hard with its economics

also, i refuse to believe that lawrence did not tap that perfect heart shaped pillow of an ass

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The first plot arc revolves around the amount of silver in a certain coin, and the exchange rate of said coin.

When given the choice between focusing on the wolf girl and focusing on economy, it will either chose economy or wolf girl talking about the economy.

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There is an epilogue book out that shows him and her with kids so... yeah.
Untranslated though.

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I haven`t seen anything Takahashi`s made other than VOTOMs, although I plan to watch Dougram. Anything else I should look forÉ

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Is that this? Because I picked the picture up and had no idea what it was.

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damn near all the LNs are untranslated, it sucks

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Muthafuckin VOTOMS.

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As I mentioned before, Gasaraki. He also made GaoGaiGar, but that's not really related to the subject at hand.

That's why I'm trying to learn moon, if I can ever stop reading /tg/ books long enough to get back to studying.

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I don't recall, but I haven't gone through the whole set of scans yet.

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WAKFU isn't anime


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Well, I've already seen GaoGaiGar. It's fun, but definitely not related to this.

I browse /m/ quite a bit.

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It's french pseudoanime.

Still counts as anime for the purposes of anime discussion anywhere other than /a/.

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There is little to no fanservice in the show.

There is lots of economics and lots of romance.

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Mango Horo and LN Korbo.

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Let's see...some old favorites of mine are:

Chrno Crusade
Cowboy bebop
a few of the dot.HACK series
Read Or Die
Violinist of Hamelin

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