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And then out of the Darkness came a....Imperial Guard appreciation thread.... guys what do? Really though let appreciate the men and women of the guard who die for the Emperor!

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I like the guardsmen, people who play IG seem to be a lot less irritating than SM players...but that could just be a local thing.

I'd wish they'd make an IG themed videogame. The Space Marine game was some good mindless fun, but it'd be such a change of pace to play as a disposable guardsman.

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As in an IG Fps? That would be interesting, I could see how it might work if you could switch between being your average grunt and fighting it out to a General and controlling recruitment and squad consistency and things of that nature along with which battles to fight... That would be godly but damn near impossible to make or at the lest highly improbable

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Imagine : solo mode as SM, coop as 4 stormtroopers infiltration team.
Same places, but different game. As SM you just smash any opposition. You are as though as in the actual SM game, kill to regen life, etc.
As guard, you play a semi-infiltration game. You don't have any "shield" and you have old fashioned medikit to regain life. Kill what you have to, avoid as much as possible, use diversions and the fact that you are 4 men.

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You'd have to take a page from Battalion Wars, a hint of Brothers in Arms, and put a base coat of Battlefront on it, but it can possibly be done to the proper scale.

And if not that combo, it might give better scope of who an IG is.

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call of imperium:grimwarfare
You are sergeant lanius of the special kasrkin force, your job stop commie chaos lord redzov from releasing zombie plague on the citizens of united angelus sector.

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For the glory of KRIEG.

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That would be godly, while being able to fight it out as a Guard squad leader you can control what planets to assault, which to defend. As a general you can choose to bomb the enemy from afar and then blitz or just send waves of waves of guardmen at the enemy. The looses do add up however so that could be unwise for it can take months to reinforce regiments...Take what ever money i have left now...

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I was thinking something more along the lines of a squad based shooter. Something like Republic Commando.

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World of tanks the animu?

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yes, Girls und Pantsu

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yup, Girls und Panzer

cute girls doing cute things...in high school tank battles

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Or another idea is follow the plot of Gaunt's Ghost where you play a similar role as gaunt and get sent into to various worlds to infiltrate and root out the heretics on the given world

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By chance does anyone have the gif of the Basilisk firing, would greatly appreciate it if posted

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>people who play IG seem to be a lot less irritating than SM players...
Very much a local thing. At my current LGS:

If you play Space Marines, you're a faggot who needs someone to hold your hand
If you play Sisters, you're a desperate grognard who can't realize when to let go of the past.
If you play Inquisition without Knights, well, why not just play Guard at that point?
If you play Chaos, you're an emo faggot
If you play any Xeno race, you're a race traitor and deserve to be beaten in real life.

Luckily, there's only three IG players in like 12 local players, but goddamn if they aren't the most insufferable assholes to deal with ever.

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merry chirstmasus

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I always dream of some kind of 40k : total war.
You play either an Imperium crusade (SM AND IG, they are ally remember. Or even other part of the imperium), a chaos one (SMC, daemons and not-blood pact) and other races as normal. Factions aren't symetric at all.
You start with a full force attacking some disputed sector. You have to use this force to get enough ground to replenish it, you have to chose between allocating resource to direct warfare or to sustain the war effort on the long term.
As an imperial, you start with guard AND SM. SM are better at everything but are absolutely irreplaceable, so don't use them too quickly. You have to deal with civilians populations, that may product for you, be recruited in IG. You have to survey their faith, their tendencies to deal with xenos, or even be chaotic. Your crusade have all the imperium institutions, you will have to balance their interest as well.
As chaos, SMC are irreplaceable as well, but for late round of campaign you have daemons. To get daemons, you have to accumulate warp energy, either for battle, by converting populations, or sacrificing them.
Orks have use to human population too, to make stuff. But as the big boss, you mainly have to deal with your own orks. They will kill your humies slaves but if you prevent them to do so, they will start to found you unorky.Same if they haven't enough fight. Worst if one of your nob is too successful, he may want to be the boss after all.
That kind of thing.

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>tank battles
>cute things
>people generally get burned,exploded to bits or died from horrible wounds due to spalling inside the tank

wtf is wrong with you japan?

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a fantasy total war is coming if you havent heard it yet.

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Much appreciated kind /tg/entleman, and really we need to get the idea out for one of these games, I don't care which just as long as they do a good job with em I would gladly play as the IG against waves of nids and/or orks

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Here it's orks (well mostly because EVERY new kid start by orks) and chaos.

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sephiroth length chainsword? extended barrel lasgun? guard with a powerfist?

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The Guard equivalent of the the Blood Ravens who were "gifted" these relics. The only thing i can think of that makes sense for that image

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fucking magpies.

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Honestly my favourite part of the Imperial Guard are the elite Stormtroopers and Kasrkin and whatnot, because they actually manage to be completely normal (at least in comparision to Skitarii, Sisters of Battle and Space Marines) yet also pretty competent.

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Someone should wright a short story for them and make it official..They were blood raven scout who failed and formed a guard regiment devoted to "recovering" "lost" relics so that they can be recognized by the SM and perhaps be re-tested

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Them Stormtrooper boys aint nothing but a bunch of glory hogs I tell ya, in the Guard we work and die and then they swoop in and take all the credit. Bunch of toy soldiers they

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IG players appreciate tanks, so I'll ask this question here.

Why don't spoos maroon players like Predators? Are they just terrible?

Unrelated, Does no one take the special Anti-air whirlwind from Aeronautica?

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