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/tg/, I'm geting into the Sisters of Battle. I've heard they have a 'main' 500-point and 1000-point army that people agree is their best, but I can't find it through Google. Could I please get it posted for me?

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Celestine and a squad of Seraphim are usually considered mandatory. As is Jacobs for the faith points reroll and battle conclave unlocking.

Personally i don't use Jacobs, but most who do put him with a squad of mixed death cult and crusader, and it makes a good blender squad. Usually modeling the death cultists with one power axe and one power sword, so they can adjust the type of power weapon attack according to the target.

Exorcists are mandatory, at least 2. Most people like running a Retributor squad with four heavy bolters as the third heavy choice. Usually put with with that 100 point wall and quadfire cannon for AA and rending when the faith roll kicks off. Some like running 3 exorcists. Some nutters run penitent engines, but your mileage may vary with those.

Two or more Dominion squads are very popular and useful, usually with melta's and an Immolator because the transport can scout along with them.

Celestian squads are a waste of points usually.
Most consider mechanized armies dead, but most still grab rhinos with the troop squads to help survivability and give your opponent something else to fire their anti armor at besides your exorcists.

Allies are helpful to help out with long range firepower and/or close combat.

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Also Sisters of Battle image dump. Till i get bored or something.

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I so want this to be an actual choice. It'd be awesome!!

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Sisters are such a popular army as you can see by the absolute TORRENT of people rushing to post in this thread!


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i bring you something better.

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I mean just LOOK at these background options!

They're awesome! Who wouldn't want to play such a wonderful army with such rich background fluff!

*cricket cricket*

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If you cannot come up with a list on your own, you do not have what it takes to play Sisters.

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I so want this image to be real.


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just print it then

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thats really fucking terrible, my god

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Ah well, i'm getting bored now. So i'll finish this off with one last image.

Once you see it, you'll cry heresy!

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That's Gee Dubya Baby!

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Just dropping this here.

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>Sister Evelyn
>Not Sister Kaerys
Do you even /tg/?

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So her Order cuts their ears? Well, that's not too out there by Imperium standards, but I wonder what inspired such a tradition.

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What's so terrible about it? I think the ideas are pretty usable, if basic.

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Just like me be patient and wait for the plastic sisters.

They will come..


here take a look.

captcha :orkgss

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I don't know where it was originally from, but I was under the impression that there was some argument whether this was a Sister called Kearys or Evelyn.

And I don't particularly care to know. I have her saved as "Kearys", I wrote a fic using the same name, and I'm sticking to it because the original source probably isn't something I'd enjoy reading anyway.

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Has ANYTHING on that list been released yet? Unless you want to wait till 2014/2015 i'd so go ahead with the with the metal models.

Besides, that way if plastic sisters are ever released, you can be all hipster and say 'i had sisters before they were cool' and such.

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>Plastic battle sisters
>Sisters of Battle Seraphim / Patronica Squad
>"Patronica Squad"
>Sisters of Battle Prioress Lazarea Verata and Sister Superior Magdalenia
I'm sensing a new codex release here, what with two named characters and apparently an entirely new fast attack option.

>Imperial Agents Deathwatch Kill Team PL
Please tell me this will be an Elites option available to go in with Sisters.

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Also seemed to show another option/variant on the Exorcist.

I'll be happy with just a 2nd troop choice option.

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>Has ANYTHING on that list been released yet?

No, besides no one on /tg/ honestly believed it. Just hoped it would be true.

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Mountain Orcs: Azog

they got the name of a unknow antogonist that wasnt in the book right so i will say it can be legit.

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Admittedly it was Bolg in the book, who was the son of Azog. But still, it's possible someone was watching the production video blog.

Just not likely.

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Can't understand people that don't adapt lists to their opponents? Are Sororitas really so limited?

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One (weak) troops option. Mostly terrible elite options. Hit-or-miss heavies. Brutalized unique vehicle options. The only things redeeming about them are Exorcists, their Fast Attack choices, and (some of) their HQs.

Also, scouting multi-meltas.

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List tailoring is nto a cool thing to do.

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It's looked down upon?

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Cant say it is a general rule, take it like a gentlemans code of honour.

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So if i'm fighting a Terminator heavy enemy, and bring lots of plasma guns, this is looked down upon?

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Absolutely bullshit. That's the whole point of options in a codex.

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No dont take it like that ,ofcourse you are going to make changes according to the opponent in order to not get crushed by OP kill all lists.
The problem is making an exact counter that will only work against that specific army with that specific units and strategies.

for example if you know opponent is going to get melee orks and tailior your army to include flamers and flamer tanks everywhere that is not very cool and wont be very much fun to the other side now would it be?

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Cody is that you?

It's Dawson

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Okay that's a fair point. I'm not the other poster btw, they mad.

So If you had a lots of Terminators and you saw that I had 6 plasma guns in my 2 veteran squad from across the table, would you feel that this would be an appropriate preparation on my part and a tactical challenge what for you, or overkill and unsportsmanly?

Sorry for my poor english!

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Ofcourse no problem at all.Infact bring a leman russ executioner too.

I would look at you awkwardly if you put 3 leman russ executioners on the table tough .

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Okay then!

I guess Its best for me to find a balance. Thank you for answers, and i sound more Somali as the night goes in haha

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Some people have a huge hard-on for being able to take on every army with that one list and they try to impose that line on thinking on everyone else.

My opinion is that if you know what you're going to fight against beforehand, it's only sensible to field troops that are more suited for taking on that army. Your opponent can do the same, so it's not in any way unfair.

Tweaking your list prior to a game once you've seen what your opponent is fielding is, however, faggy.

Some people do. But if he has a boner for terminators and uses them a lot, isn't it really on him for being predictable? I mean, invoking some gentleman's honor there is a bit bullshit since you know the guy likes to field terminators, so being honorbound not to exploit that knowledge effectively means limiting out the means to counter the guy's army. It's reverse cheating.

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OP here. Thank you!

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>implying I don't field three squadroned Russ Executioners with plasma sponsons

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Be my guest, love to see the face when plasma sponsons hit 1 and your tank gets blown up
>laughing guardsman

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so adorable! i want to just pick her up and squeeze her unwholesome xeno cheeks! ^O^

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Dont' play them

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