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So, what new OC do people forecast for 2013?

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I don't know, what do you have planned spontaneously generate from the /tg/ hivemind?

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Some guy(girl) calling himself Abyssfag is building a system basically combining ASOIAF and the civil war. Honestly from the two threads (s)he made (s)he seems determined and it doesn't look half bad. I'm itching to see where he takes it, mystical civil war seems fun.

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Since most stuff is spur of the moment, there is no forcast.

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Hey guys what kind of results do you forecast from every single die and cardgame in the known universe?

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I predict something that a bunch of people will really like and just as many will really hate, leading to thread upon thread of emphatic arguing over whether or not said OC is shit or not. I also foresee the word "waifu" getting thrown around a lot.

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3D6 new Marine Chapters.

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You mean that "wall" thing with the monsters and shit? That isn't like ASOIAF except for the fact it has a big ass wall.

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Even more annoying mascots.

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Don't worry, I think you spelled it right.


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I'm pretty sure knowing /tg/, it's 20d100 new marine chapters, 1d4 new 'other army' "chapters", and possibly some new artwork for angry marines.

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I foresee something that will displace half-fae catboys' place in /tg/.

It will probably be more female.

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Rolled 1

This many new waifus.

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And still be male.

>possibly buirsl
Yes, captcha, possibly.

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Well then, this is shaping up to be a new year. Who will our one waifu be then?

I vote for getting a plant waifu among the ranks, a good flower or maybe a hardwood.

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If only it were possible to roll a 0. Ah well, I'll take a 1.

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Well, Dryadfag DID claim that he was coming back.

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let's not try and force it.

let come what may.

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Well, if we create the waifu now we can avoid any for the rest of the year!

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Good point, and if it is produced by Dryadfag I might be able to not be filled with unholy rage each time I view it.

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How about a whole plant setting?

Lilies and sunflowers are my waifus

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I'm still planning a quest that wants to be Valkyria Chronicles 3. I guess.

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I dunno, Dryadfag kinda bothered me last time he posted.

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will blue not got talked about now? has she been forgotten?

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>not having a portable waifu
I for one wouldn't mind a proper robowaifu, either. None of that Xeno nonsense, but just a proper robot.

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A setting in which no animals ever evolved and you are merely plants doing plant things? Photosynthesis based abilities? Political wars over nitrogen rich soil? Horrible inbred racism against dandelions?

I... I could go for that.

I didn't catch it then, what did he do?

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>Lilies and sunflowers are my waifus
>not gorgeous Ivy or Ficus
you sicken me.

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Magnolia master race here

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Hmmm... let us put it to a vote then. Too much of this messy mucking about nonsense, creating waifus at random. It's simply barbaric!

Who votes robot, and who votes plant?

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She's always seemed clingy to me.

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I like dandelions....

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>no one going for cypress
I for one like a girl who loves to get on her knees.

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Why not a plant-borg? A cyber-dryad, maybe. A Cyad, if you will.

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I... I can dig it.

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>cyborg plantfolk
This needs to be a thing we see more of

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So a cyborg plantgirl?

But what type of plant? And how does the droid work?

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You could do so many different variants.

An alurane inside a giant robotic flowerpot on mechanical spider legs that moves from place to place

A dryad with cybernetic prosthetic

A dryad made entirely out of mechanical components, but retains it's plant-like appearance, with glowing lithium flowers and fiber optic cables as vines for hair

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>An alurane inside a giant robotic flowerpot on mechanical spider legs that moves from place to place

Ooh I like that.

A mermaid type thing. Cyborg legs with a plant body. Half natural, half synthetic, all kawaii.

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>Cyborg Dryad
So Green Phyrexia

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Men.... I believe we have our new setting.

The droid runs on, solar power. Also the plant should be something simple, like cherry. She is always nervous of having to prune herself, and often forgets and begins to grow fruits. Whenever she does her friends always begin to use said fruit as emergency rations, to which she finds extremely embarrassing.

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makes sense

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I'm sort of planning on running a quest thread to flesh out my universal fantasy setting more. It would start /tg/ out as a member of a cockroach race I'm still fleshing out that had to resort to selling himself to slavery in order to pay off gambling debts.

5 years later and disowned from his family and his tribe he has to find a way to make it in a world that's gripped with racial tension and on the verge of a war between dwarves and humans.

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Hehe, noice

>> No.22338415

the latter

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S-stop, they're not ripe yet.

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You know those Japanese clockwork puppets?

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I want to say apples, just so she can lactate apple juice as well as have them grow from her.

Yes, I know that's not how it would work but dammit, it's how it should.

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How do you like them apples, etc.

Still, yeah, I like the idea of them being something a little larger.

If this was /d/ I'd suggest bananas.

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>ents with tank treads and/or weapons platforms attached

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Hnnnnnng! By all that is good this needs to become a thing.

>Not wanting delicious cherry juice.

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Cyads and the plant-fey are the most important thing on this plane of metal because they still produce organic material. They produce things like Fruit, Flowers, and Leaves.

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So, are the fruits the only natural things that grow on the plant cyborgls?

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plantgirl orchard slave, wat do?

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Requesting the comic with blue. She grows old and dies. Weeping over a tombstone. Its real, I've seen it. Lost it once when I landed on some ransomware.

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Fruits and occasional like sections of plant matter. Like one arm is made of wood with a tiny tree sprouting from the shoulder.

D-don't look at i-it. I h-haven't been able to prune since we left the city.

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Were it for me, even the fruits would be robotic
and a wizard did it

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Now we just need to have an excuse for them to have cybernetics.

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Yeah, and the more plant matter you have the more important you are; those who produce fruits are like.... Jesus.

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it's sexy

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>first day of the new year and /tg/ is already hard at work making a new waifu/setting

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There's a story, I know that much.


No comic though. Not that I've ever seen.

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Ah, yes. karakuri ningyou was what they were called.

>> No.22338694

The entire planet is robotic and metal; natural life IS metallic in nature.

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Oh, and I think I've heard talk about commisioning a story maybe, but that would be either The Scraplootas Are Far From Finished, or Dat Blue Grot.

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Well obviously, but why do they get them in the first place? If we we are gonna make Mossy Millions the razordryad, we need a reason for her to get all cybered out, or are we just ignoring all logic and full Cyberpunk dryand setting? Because I would be down with that.

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Fuck, comissioning a comic I mean. I should learn to proofread.

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The setting is Mirrodin, or New Phyrexia
there, fucking solved, and MtG was lacking /tg/-made waifus

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pls no

>> No.22338768

How about this?
The Cyads are unique in that discovered some sort of organic plant material and can bond with it.

>> No.22338775

It's in order to filter out such small amounts of trace nutrients in the soil due to extreme depletion over centuries, or some similar shit.

Oh, you know you find Cherry-chan sexy.

Harlot! Letting others see your blossoms!

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So its like Gen 1 Bionicle, but even crazier and more mixed? I can dig it.

>> No.22338784

fuck you

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So, fucking MIRRODIN, or, even PHYREXIA?

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Both good sir... we have a fetish for both.

Rule #3 of /tg/, if we like something, we want to fuck it.

THe planet was filled with pollution over the centuries, and so they have turned to technology to try and fix their world (as druidic magic is failing the more plants that die). They now have tech plant cities, huge trees, hollow and glowing with electric lamps, dotting the landscape surrounded by toxic sludge.

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>good sir
you are sergalfag, your opinion is therefore to be ignored

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It was a simple line drawing. Nothing horribly complex. But damnit it got me right in the feels. It twisted inside my chest and hurt.

>> No.22338875

Wow. You're a wuss.

>> No.22338879

Who the hell is sergalfag?

>> No.22338885

Oh. Hrm.

I might have to have a look around the archives for that.

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You could even go even farther and have a giant assimilation-y monstrosity akin to the Flood, the Zerg, Tyranids, etc, but instead of being flesh, it slowly synthesizes the land. Think if the Borg and the Flood had a baby, with cables crawling across the landscape and slowly converting everything into machinery. In the end, it looks sort of like the shit out of

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Get fucked child.

>> No.22338910

A Tau slut that's shacked up with Dark Eldar for some reason.

>> No.22338915

It doesn't exist. You might be thinking of

>> No.22338937

you could go even farther and simpler and make it MIRRODIN, or PHYREXIA instead of desperately pretending to be original by ripping off other ideas that actually work less well while being more common.

>> No.22338945

We had discussions of that once. Basically, a DEldar mindfucks a tau into being her personal little pet and the tau serves as her assassin so as to further add insult to injury when her target is killed by a lowly tau.

>> No.22338946

already done; but she lost her limbs

>> No.22338954

What is Morrodin and Phyrexia?

>> No.22338961

Goddamn, MtGfags are desperate for love.

>> No.22338965

In the Center of the Cyad's biggest city is the only tree in the world; created by the dying cyads being burried in the soil there.

Cyads have huge families, not only through things like parents and siblings; but also the massive family of what plant they've bonded with. (Perhaps have it so that getting a plant seed is some sort of mark of adulthood? And they're kept in giant libraries, cataloged by type and geneology?) So a young cyad who gets a seed from Weeping Willow 3 and bonds with it is Sister to any other Cyad who got a seed from Weeping Willow 3.

Are there dude Cyads?

>> No.22338981

The problem about the places you keep spamming is that they come with their very own aesthetics and lore that I really don't want to deal with.

>> No.22338995

that's not quite how it went; it was about a modified DH game in which a team of commorrites was supposed to sell a quad amputee tau pillow-girl to a rival house so that she could kill the archon with toxic farts or something.

>> No.22339017

>Are there dude Cyads?
I think we should do some massive sexual dimorphism and have male cyads be techno-ent tanks like >>22338533 said.

>> No.22339027

But you should want to deal with them, because they're necessarily better than whatever you have in mind, since they've been designed by professional artists and not by a handful of neckbeards.
two settings from MtG, worlds made of metal.

>> No.22339034

These sound like two separate DEldar tau entirely.

>> No.22339040

but I'd prefer her to be a unique occurrence.

>> No.22339061

Okay. Then a Sisters of Battle Tauslut.

>> No.22339075

Now all we need's a drawfag.

>> No.22339078

And phyrexians look nothing like cyborg plants, which is what we want.

Besides, I would rather just do Shadowrun with plantfolk if we are gonna go off existing settings.

>> No.22339080

Small adorable cyber-dryads worrying about their pruning regiments next to enormous techno-ents fighting against the horrible nanite hordes?

Imagine when they breed...

A-ah! Your pollon, y-you're covering me in your pollen!

I'm not sure if I should be aroused to disgusted.

>> No.22339082


I just found it. ;.; Dem feels all over again.

Right in the feels.

>> No.22339085

the term is "blueberry"

but expect MASSIVE amounts of diaper porn

>> No.22339090

>They impregnate externally
>Breeding through bukkake


>> No.22339095

We had a brief talk about a SoB who rescues a female tau fire warrior and eventually defects to the Greater Good

>> No.22339103

Ah, it's not blue, just something similar.

>> No.22339108

>phyrexians look nothing like cyborg plants

actually they very much do; they're not made out of clunky industrial-looking bits, they're made out of roots-like cables and sinuous matter that divides into leaf-like blades, they look like they've grown (which is often the case).
So, yes, they totally look like cyborg plants.

>> No.22339117

I can be down with that.

>> No.22339128

So, it's a plant world where males are rare, and absolute tanks, and breed by jizzing on as many females as possible?


>> No.22339136

Man I haven't actually seen any that wasn't either


But yeah I plan on drawing stuff for this.

>> No.22339137

And the males are several stories tall and far less numerous. This means a few male will gather around dozens (or hundreds) of females who wait in a pile for the breeding season, as males only produce pollen once a year...dear god what have we done? What have we created!

>> No.22339148

with a diaper?

>> No.22339149

This would be Phyrexians in reverse, instead of adding metal to themselves they want to add organic trees and flowers. And there aren't that many things that Phyrexians made that look natural.

>> No.22339152

"I only played Scars of Mirrodin block" powerup detected.

>> No.22339161

If we're gonna go full Cyberpunk with this, I think the previously mentioned apple/cherry Cyad should have one of them floppy mowaks made out of vines in which her fruit grows and on the other side of the floppy mohawk are some metal bits.

>> No.22339162

Nothing original, just a rip-off of what can be found in Mirrodin.

>> No.22339170

Each "city" (which is really a giant tree that survive the toxic slide and nannies, while having spare electric technology and what not) will have 4-5 resident males and a few hundred females. Once a year they have a breeding festival when all the males produce pollen. They will gather in the city center and perform the ancient breeding ritual, which mostly involves a lot of grunting.

>> No.22339175

but that idea sucks, you come up with a concep t (robotic dryad) and then try to reverse it by making it more like a regular dryad?
are you out of your mind?

>> No.22339185

Dude no

Diapers are p' gross in my opinion so I wouldn't enjoy drawing it for free.

>> No.22339186

I haven't played MtG for ten years.

>> No.22339207

The fuck is mirrodin?

Oh god it's perfect, Cherry-chan needs to have an 80's hardcore punk style covering up her nervous and easily embarrassed nature. Tsundere Tree-Cyborg.

>> No.22339210

You are a good person.

>> No.22339221


Yeah after looking at it a second time, I notice now it isn't blue. Still. Feels.

>> No.22339222

>they're not made out of clunky industrial-looking bits
Which is exactly what I want. What's the point of making a creature half-plant and half-machine if you don't play with the contrast between the two? Neon Jungle meets regular jungle.

>> No.22339227

>1980s style robotic plantpunk


>> No.22339236

No, he just has other gross fetishes (being killed by morbidly obese girls with a freakishly thin neck).

>> No.22339249

And vore

>> No.22339258

The point is to make her NOT half-plant and half-machine, but full-plant and full-machine. This way you get 50% more of each.

>> No.22339264

>implying you don't like vore

This needs to be created, it must be drawn. For the glory of cherry-chan!

>> No.22339266

I'm trying to tone that shit down.

>> No.22339268

Oh. Never mind then.

>> No.22339296

you don't have to, you know

>> No.22339310

>Giant ents sporting mohawks and buzzsaw arms
>Alruane secretaries with fiber-optic dreads in robotic flowerpot walkers
>Honey becomes a drug much like cocaine and girls willing to sell their nectar to make it are called "honeypots"

>> No.22339321

Forgot my face.

>> No.22339324

Yeah but that shit's creepy and gross and people don't like it.

And when you're obsessed with pleasing people as much as I am...

I'd just like to be able to draw for /tg/ and whatnot without people ignoring the thread or whatever because I have a reputation for being a disgusting fuck.

>> No.22339360

Throw in some "modempunk" and I'm sold on that shitty idea.

>> No.22339373

pls no

>> No.22339385


>> No.22339396

We also need a much better name than Cherry-chan.

>> No.22339428


>> No.22339460

Naming things really isn't /tg/'s strong point, is it?

>> No.22339474

Can you draw huge tau winning a blueberry pie eating contest?

>> No.22339500

Considering the naming conventions of most traditional games, that's not much of a surprise.

>> No.22339505

I can dig it.

>Huge amounts of graffiti covering the ends from generations of dryads painting them while they sleep.
>Showing your "fruit" is considered the height of indecency, so counter culture (the punk crowd) do so to piss of traditionalists.
>Night clubs in the root balls of the "cities", with tubers hanging from the ceiling the dryads eat to get intoxicated.

>> No.22339527


>> No.22339532

Fuck Modempunk. Hackerz was a terrible movie and you are all bad for not leaving that whole attitude in the bin where it belongs.

>> No.22339547

I like this, it sounds 80s

>> No.22339562

For your information "modempunk" has nothing to do with cyberpunk, it designates fitness sluts in high-cut workout outfits.

>> No.22339563


Yes, technically I can draw it. But I dun know exactly the reasons you want it for, so I don't know what aspect to accentuate.

Goddamnit I need to make a tumblr to seperate /tg/ requests from /d/ requests.

>> No.22339605

Motion carried, /tg/ new technodryad 80's punk rocker tsundere waifu will be forever known as Cyndy!

May the waifu be with you.

>> No.22339722

So, would she wear a small thong over each fruit?

>> No.22339918

Nah, I was more thinking most just pruned their branches so they didn't go fruits...

But dozens of individual lacy lingerie... I just don't know anymore.

>> No.22340024

So... Girl name?

>> No.22340042

no fucking idea

>> No.22340165

I know this isn't related, but

>tfw you love scraplootas writefaggotry so you try to write your own but it's shit and it just makes you depressed

Being solely an ideas guy is suffering.

>> No.22340242

Because why not? It is huge tau and it would seem pretty fitting if you ask me. It's not for any weird sexual purposes mind you.

>> No.22340591

No. Stop that.

>> No.22341219

We do not have a single tsundere waifu though. We need one, for the good of the board.

>> No.22341258

dryad cultist space marine tau nid chan

>> No.22341288

nothing but quest threads.

And if that isnt what we wanted, its what we're getting.

>> No.22341295

that's oddly adorable

>> No.22341349

Fuck, Marry, Kill

What do you do /tg/?

>> No.22341405

>No tsundere waifu
Do you even SWQ and every single spin-off?

>> No.22341427

well thank you


>> No.22341448

More shitty, forced characters like blue

>> No.22341453

To say it with the immortal words of Metallica...

>> No.22341475

Lacks cyborg, ninja and pirate components.

>> No.22341525


>> No.22341579

It's... it's beautiful.

>> No.22341689

Need more Dakka!

>> No.22342203

You guys are approaching this whole thing from the wrong angle, hot chick bound to a server rack!

>> No.22342676

it's so horrible, I kinda like it

>> No.22342794

well ok

>> No.22342814

So, in this Cyad land are there other races or is it just all plants all the time?

>> No.22342833

Actually I don't, because animu fanfiction haremshit waifu quests are ass.

>> No.22342877

My god... It's like /tg/'s version of Moetron

>> No.22342914

>By your powers combined, I am...CAPTAIN WAIFU!

>> No.22342917

Yes, the pure nanite clouds that share intelligence over a network. They are you classic borg proxy.

>> No.22342932

Colored version needs delicious brown and maybe some muscle and it's perfect.

>> No.22342952

is that what this thing is called now?

I though we should just call it okay-tan

>> No.22342962

So it's just plantgirls vs. the Borg? I feel like we can do better than that. Hell, I sorta just want to stat out a Cyad in Shadowrun.

>> No.22343033


>> No.22343056

Now draw Cyndy the Cyad

>> No.22343107

/tg/ -IS- the tsundere waifu.

>> No.22343121


>> No.22343132

Hopefully an end to angsty waifus.

>> No.22343141

I also heard about someone thinking about commissioning a Scraploota comic.
I don't think whoever that was decided on who to commission or was having a hard time deciding.

I think something like 4koma comic format could work well for the green text stories.

>> No.22343154

I would love to see a little 4koma comic about that railgun greentext

>> No.22343175

Which railgun greentext? I think there were three.

>> No.22343196


I hope someone does Scraplootas comics, I could have them published in The Traditional Gamer for all to see.

>> No.22343218


>> No.22343237

Someone is going to come up with a good idea.

/tg/ will praise it
And then take it for their own
And then shove as much stupid, terrible ideas in there as possible
And /tg/ will love their stupid, terrible bastardization of the original work.

>> No.22343268

A human girl raised by a tribe of pre-Dreadnought British steam warships.

>> No.22343272


This sums up everything /tg/ has ever made.

>> No.22343385

You forgot the part where one or more people go out of their way to irrationally state their resentment of said idea, condemning it to stagnate as resources will be used defending the OC instead of building upon it.

>socialism ohosell
that's right, chaptcha, they are commies.

>> No.22344137

This one
>Boss, boss!
>What ya get
>Dah new gurl
>What about 'er ya git?
>She's put mo dakka on ah wartrukz!
>Wat?! 'Ow?! et me see dat. Blue, wat ya doin' wif dat wartruk?
>Just making ah ahem I mean I'z maykin eet lost mo' shooty for dah boyz!
>Wat? Ya jus' put a big ting on it dat'z not how ya do it!
>But it's a railgun boss!
>See wut I mean boss? She's gettin orkier by dah day.

>> No.22344451

Oh, that one!

You left out the ending though
>You's put a railgun on it? Dat's a real bad idea.
>Why, boss?
>Well nows it can only go on da train tracks, when it could turn before.
>*Sigh* Oh Boss

There's also the one where they shoot deamons/warp horrors onto a hive spire and launch war bikes that burst into flames.

>> No.22344544

Whoops. That was my favorite part of it, too.

>> No.22344565

Blue is my least favorite OC.

>> No.22344642

Then who/what is your favorite /tg/ OC?

The greentext stories were a pain in the butt to track down and make sure the ones that weren't too closely parodying something else were easily accessible from the wiki.
A lot were already there, but not all of them. Now just most of them are.

>> No.22346028

Are you going to have an article on Time Wizards in it?
I still find it hard to believe we actually got workable rules for that game.

That was one of my favorite things to come out of /tg/ in 2012.

>> No.22346035

What if Cyndy was, like, a fake dryad?
All wood and leaves and fruits and flowers on the outside, all wires and gears and pistons and beep-boop on the inside?

>> No.22346927


>> No.22347274


>> No.22347611

No, thats terrible. We may as well make a phyrexian at that point.

>> No.22347842

No, because that's not at all how phyrexians work at all. They're biomechanical, not mechanical with an organic outer appearance.

Jesus christ what is it with you guys and wanting her to have only one or two cyberlimbs at most?

>> No.22347922

Because contrasting designs are much more interesting than a generic dryad that is totally robotic on the inside even though you can't see shit.

>> No.22347954

No, contrasting designs just look lazy as hell, they don't require any creative work to make two opposite ideas work together, they just consist in slapping one onto the other in a clumsy way.

>> No.22348026

Not to make it look good it doesn't. Not to mention your idea will look no different than a regular dryad in execution.

>> No.22348102

there are still other ways to make it look better than "dryad with robot limbs". A biomechanical design, for example, or a dryad really overloaded with implants to the point that you can't distinguish where it begins and where it starts.

Contrasting designs look lazy; something that looks lazy looks almost necessarily bad.

>> No.22348203

Now you're implying I meant a cut and dry "symmetric asymmetry" type affair, which is not what I said at all. Of course the implants need to be integrated so mellifluously that its damned near impossible to tell where implant ends and dryad begins, but if you don't capitalize on the dryad aspect of it then what's the fucking point?

>> No.22348244

That's why it requires the sections that grow, the wooden bits that grow fronds and then fruits. Such as between the joints, or possibly on organic arms.

I mean in the setting all of the organic life is slowly being turned mechanical due to nanite swarms, any part that shows as metal would be due to accidents and exposure to said nannies. It shouldn't be regular, but be in the shapes of wounds almost.

>> No.22348269

Hence the option to make her look like a real dryad on the outside.

>> No.22348300

Your setting is just supposed to make the idea of a cyborg dryad plausible, it's crap in itself; but you don't need to make this idea plausible, so stop mentioning that clusterfuck altogether.

>> No.22348303


Seconding this, however given the plethora of threads of late, we must try harder to eradicate them.

>> No.22348308

>make her look like a real dryad on the outside.
And once again, what's the fucking point of calling it a Cyad if it's not Cyber meets Dryad?

>> No.22348313

There will be some bit of retarded fluff or model in the new Tau Codex that will become a meme.

That or GW will somehow go the whole year without a Tau or Eldar Codex and someone will start a "decades alone" meme.

Relic Knights will release and someone will start making image macros of miniature cleavage and asscracks.

Dystopian Legions will slowly grow more popular and the yelling about it being viral will grow even louder.

Someone will do something perverted with Reaper Bones.

Star Wars:Edge of the Empire will come out and people will make fun of the fact it uses seven different special dice.

>> No.22348351

The setting never really got banged out much further than "cyberpunk dryads" from what I saw. Like I said earlier, it sounds more like something that could fit somewhere in Shadowrun than something that warrants its own setting. I mean fuck, if kobolds-as-pangolins can be a thing, then so can Cyads.

>> No.22348382

I never really meant for it to be a fleshed out setting, this is not where near a complete enough idea. I am just trying to offer justifications behind my own horrible fetishes on why things should be a certain way.

D-don't pick my fruit. T-they're still green.

>> No.22348412

I just want a Cyberpunk dryad, justifications be damned.

>> No.22348414

But it is; the cyber part is the inside.

>> No.22348438 [DELETED] 

Alright you bunch of cunts, I'm going to draw you that dryad, but I'm going to do it on MY fucking terms.

>> No.22348453

And therefore not apparent in pictures, which is all that could possibly come of this.

Here you go, here is your cyber-dryad. It totally has wires on the inside. TOTALLY.

>> No.22348461

Cyberpunk 80's Punk Rocker Tsundere Dryad.

>> No.22348470

Alright you bunch of cunts, I'm going to draw you that dryad, but I'm going to do it on MY fucking terms.

After I take a shower.

>> No.22348479

I love you. (But if you are, be sure to add the fruit and someone picking them... her embarrassment will be so delicious...please)

>> No.22348483

No diapers, dammit.


>> No.22348508

No one ever once said that. Being embarrassed about someone violating a social norm or being insecure about something does not a tsundere make.

>> No.22348515


>> No.22348517

Please let the cybernetics be noticeable, otherwise we'll just get a normal dryad.

>> No.22348532


>> No.22348536

I know this, but I believe /tg/ needs a tsundere waifu. At the moment they are underrepresented in the ranks.

>> No.22348543

Cmon, dude, fuck. Just draw more cultist or Xeno diapers and leave poor Cyndy alone.

Better yet, do some Warhammer High diapers. Goddamn, that would be a glorious shitstorm.

>> No.22348545

I know, that's why I am asking nicely, and offering to suck your dick.

>> No.22348562

You have Idranel already. And Taldeer.

>> No.22348669

Agreed. We came up with Cyrads, we can do this.

>> No.22348707

Yes, they are two out of roughly thirty. And Taldeer isn't very popular.

Maybe we could make Cyndy Yandere, do we have any of them yet?

>> No.22348882

Cyberpunk Dryad?

Simple; really. With genetic engineering, it'd be easy enough for plants to be 'wired in', and for a tree to even have genetic alteration done to it. Think, even, growing out vines to be ethernet cables, and the sort. Living computers.

Now imagine a dryad done up the same way.

>> No.22348947


>Better yet, do some Warhammer High diapers. Goddamn, that would be a glorious shitstorm.

Do It. Those fuckers are spamming threads like there's no tomorrow. Three in the last few hours. Give them hell.

>> No.22348999

No, their waifus are boring, but I'll suggest it over at Omuchan, those idiots usually like to draw boring characters in diapers.

>> No.22349247

That's what I've been saying! I want a goddamn treebitch jacking in to cyberspace and surfing the Grid, goddammit!

>> No.22349266

>those idiots usually like to draw boring characters in diapers.
Just be sure to repost it here if it gets done. The butthurts will be grand.

>> No.22349278

Better idea:

None of that -dere shit at all.

>> No.22349319

Has it really come to this?

We're using technomancer as a weapon?

"If you don't do X, we'll get somebody to draw horrible fetish porn of your waifu!"?

>> No.22349349

/tg/ has been weaponizing for years. This is a mere extension of our birthright!

For the board!

>> No.22349352

Diaperfags gonna diaper, may as well get them to diaper for the greater good than for evil.

>> No.22349367

Making a deal with the devil? The devil in this case being a bitter Frankish artist with moderate but overall squandered skill, only notable for drawing shitty 40k diaper/misogyny/guro porn? You're setting yourself up for a fall, /tg/. Just saiyan.

>> No.22349396

mercenary would be more accurate

speaking of which, you can always pay me to do it; otherwise the request might just never get drawn by the omuchan guys, they might be too focused on drawing a seven-hundredth pic of Rukia pissing herself.

>> No.22349415

Everyone must fall eventually. We either die heroes, or see ourselves become villains.

>> No.22349450

Worst part is he is far from the worst thing on the board right now.

>> No.22349587

About that, since I'm one of the rare drawfags who doesn't get showered in undeserved praise for drawing bland PCs, I'd like to hear more precise criticisms on my works.

>> No.22349603

Well for starters you are pretentious as fuck.

>> No.22349625

I forgot what you wanted besides 'dryad' so here is a big hunk of wood

>> No.22349642


And what is the worst, because no matter how shit the WHH shit is, there has to be worse then it.

>> No.22349652

I... I is sad.

You sir are a tad pretentious, in addition I do not find you attractive enough to ravish thy loins. That fact alone does not make be overly fond of thee.

>> No.22349674

Since when is my attitude a part of my work?
And how exactly am I pretentious? Because it's one of the only things I try not to be.

>> No.22349701

why are you sad, is it the fact there is no dick fruit

i added dick fruit

>> No.22349762

S-someone fetch the sidesmith. My sides just left the stratosphere.

>> No.22349785


Incestous Sidesmith?

>> No.22349875

Seriously, though, I get the "pretentious" thing a lot, but people never explain in which way I'm supposed to be pretentious.

>> No.22349899

im gonna assume they wanted the dickfruit

mission success

>> No.22349924


>> No.22349926

Well the whole "apparently I'm the only drawfag special enough to not be loved unconditionally" shit you were doing earlier.

>> No.22349985

Heres one take on a Cyad:

>> No.22350016

Oooh, that. It's not because I'm special, it's because I antagonize fa/tg/uys often enough to make them relativize the importance of my contributions to their board, and their inherent quality. You guys are usually so grateful and hyperbolically appreciative when you get something drawn that you seem to actually end up not noticing how actually good or bad a drawing is in itself. Like, as if drawfags were good guys and that whatever they did was necessarily good as a consequence. I never got as much praise from /tg/ as when I was awfully bad at drawing but didn't act like a dick.

>> No.22350057

I dunno, I think drawing something for someone for free is pretty decent, and if the person likes the result it really doesn't matter what I think about the quality. Someone just spent time to make someone else feel good when they didn't have to, and that seems fine to me. If they wanted harsh but honest critique, they'd go to /ic/.

>> No.22350076

Its more of a courtesy thing. You don't bitch about free bread in the bread line, even if it's a bit stale. That and the average fa/tg/uy doesn't into art.

>> No.22350091

You can redeem yourself in our eyes, if you deliver on this >>22348947

>> No.22350122

/ic/ is extremely slow, and only for professional-level artists, every time I got there I simply got ignored.

The problem is that even if it starts off as a courtesy thing, it often turns into a delusion.

>> No.22350184


I want his dick fruit.

in my butt

>> No.22350255


>> No.22350327

Well men, we have welcomed in the new year of creating ourself both a new husbando and waifu.

Let us usher in the time of Cydny (hime-samae) and Barker, the tree slut.

>> No.22350347

Don't forget Waifu-tan/Captain Waifu.

>> No.22350459

I don't think she counts as much as a waifu as just normal /tg/oc

>> No.22350494

thanks for having fun guys, and welcome to 2013!

>> No.22350528

2013: the year of Cyber-Dryads, frankenwaifus, and dickfruit.

Lets roll.

>> No.22350548

Honestly it seems to be shaping up to be a good looking year.

>> No.22350668


The best year.

>> No.22350684

It's gonna be the BEST. YEAR. EVER!

>> No.22351936 [DELETED] 


Aye! For the Board, and death to WHH Faggotry!

>> No.22352815 [DELETED] 

Having a bash at this for fun, hope you don't mind a second image.

Might post the finished version if I get around to it later.

>> No.22353334

I doubt so.

>> No.22353401

No if I do something about it.

>> No.22355903

I've got a good feeling about this year.

>> No.22357490

Me too. Someone else did another Cyad, too.
Now we just gotta wait for Technomancer's hopefully non-diapered take on it.

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