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Cultist-Chan thread? Cultidt-Chan thread.

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but wouldn't you change her if she asked?

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Yeah! How do you like it, bitch? Not so funny when you're the one being drawn in a diaper, is it?

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Stop being mean, Xeno, or you'll get another drawing like that too!

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I'm not afraid of you!

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Hwee aaw-ree gooing to purgee thuuu for kay-ooohs!

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At least she doesn't look like she has teh downs in that pic
Unlike you

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I said stop it!
Naughty Xeno!

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That's it! Everyone's getting flayed!

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And you're getting spanked and diapered!

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Hey man, I just got here! Don't I get a first strike?

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Incoming help, sir. You'll need it.

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who is forcing all the badly drawn drawfag stuff

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Apparently Xeno is channeling the Lady of Pain.

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it's time to "Purge" if you know what i mean.

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ITT: technomancers unholy return and errybody gettin mad.

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I'm more concerned about Xeno's sudden, violent outburst. I think that fancy hat is getting to her.

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>implying I ever left

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Get over here dammit

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>implying you're Technomancer
Prove it by drawing Cultist soiling herself.

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with pleasure! Is she supposed to be wearing a diaper?

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Please. If you really are that wretched being, please. Don't do this.

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Leave mai waifu alone, goddamn Blood Faggot >:C

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If it's just seeing it that bothers you, I can spoiler it.

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>technomancer returning making new terrible art.
welp sounds like old /tg/ is officially back, the good and the bad.

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She Shall be "PURIFIED!!!"

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As I said, I never left

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But does it have to exist at all? Your artistic skills could be better put to use in other avenues. Less distirbing ones. It's New Years, mate. At least wait until next week or something.

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and then newfags learn, oh how the newfags learn

i'm calling this before the years out this may be a sign of jim profit returning and the second apocalypse.

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whipping out a sketch doesn't require skills, but fair enough, I have more urgent stuff to do anyway.

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Figured as much. Faker.

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N-no purge?

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I already have a few sketches done from a month ago, if it "existing" is the problem.

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>ever being anything more than a deprived, bitter Frankish git who wastes his moderate talent on subpar 40k misogyny porn

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Yeah, hi, I'm a newfag, and who the fuck is Technomancer?

YOU SIR, know what you are doing. Came here for the Cultist-chan, so keep calm and carry on.

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Does anyone know where Cultist's Mark of Khorne is? We can clearly see the other three here >>22328535, so no worries about that.

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Sole of left foot.

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So, can she use the kick of Khorne?

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just above her pubic mound.

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It would seem the Mark of Khorne is upon her very sole.

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It's kind of funny that the best place to see that is in cultist-chan porn

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lets be reasonable

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lets not

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Leaning heavily toward the unreasonable side.

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This picture is all wrong. The artist messed up the placement of the mark of Khorne. I almost didn't post it because of that

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I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to find the mark of Khorne.

Something else keeps drawing my attention...

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A disgraceful mistake, but otherwise a very acceptable picture. I'm feeling very unreasonable indeed.

>captcha: which lategame

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This picture has lots of tits.

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I think we can still be a bit less reasonable.

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All that girl on girl sexing leads to babies.

Wait a minute...

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do you even Slaanesh?

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My small collection is out.

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For the love of god moar.

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He was one of the best /tg/ drawfriends of the olden days and then he simply disappeared. He drew curvy women like nobody's business.

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I agree, I love tits. They're lovely animals.

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I think I fixed it?

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for the love of god moar.

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So, corrected Chaos Mark equals non-spoiler. LOGIC.

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Makes sense to me!

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It's 3 AM. My bad. If people are at work and on 4chan right now, they're probably in Europe. So it's probably not my problem. But my apologies if you're a European who is at work and lurking a thread obviously devoted to the sexualization of a female character and are scared of big ol' titties on your screen.

Ban me if you want.

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I'm just making jokes. I see a funny, I say a funny.

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Oh. A lot of people have been giving me shit today, so I'm sorry for getting pissy at you.

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It's not like moot likes spoilers being used to hide porn in blue boards anyway.

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He has a da page, and he finally got around to doing the commish I ordered a year ago.

He's just busy with irl and 4chan name/art/trip fagging dropped as a result.

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So Cultist corrupted the sororita and now they are in lesbians with each other? Am I following that correctly?

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Hey, neat, a blank version to shoop a diaper into!

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It's LCB but with lesbians and with chaos.

I need to read the new ToBlood book for BC.

Hopefully it has some khrone based cuteness.

You know, ritual killing some psykers on your wedding day kinda thing.

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I... can't quite tell if this is 63d or not.

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Lesbians Cays and Bisexuals

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Love Can Bloom. Really bad Eldar on Assassin romance story.

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It's a touching story.

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This thread is extra heretical. It must burn

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>The actual name is "Great Tits"

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From doodleordie
It's the armor that feeds on spleens from "great destiny man"
DoW cultists say "augh my spleen"

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Which is also dubiously canon.

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Except its not.

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Doodled up some moe cultist.

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oh no?

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That's called a reference, sweetheart.

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>Taking 40k lore seriously
>Actually reading it
It must be sad being you.

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Sorry, but it looks like an emo vampire. Stilln not as bad as Edward, but..

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Spoilering Porn arguably makes it worse as you are breaking two rules at once(NSFW content on a blue board and misusing spoilers) instead of one (the former).

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I never said I was taking it seriously, just that there is no evidence that LCB is canon, just a reference to it due to his name being used.

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I changed my board colors to violet, so it is fine don't worry about it.

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>Cultist-Chan thread? Cultidt-Chan thread.
>Seems legit.

>Xeno thread? Xeno thread.
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

Waifu double-standards? On my /tg/?

It's more likely than you think!

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My techpriest threads never ever go anywhere

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What a shame.

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that is absolutely disgusting

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Funny, because I love AdMech, both lore and cheese varieties.

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This image frightens me.

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The Machine Spirits are willing..

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So, why can't cultist-chan have huge tits?

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why would you even want that?

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>tfw posts deleted
>tfw can still see them thanks to auto-update

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