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I hate Victorian stuff.

I didn't use to. I used to actually quite like the aesthetic and themes, though I was neutral to steampunk, which for whatever reason seems to show up with Victorian stuff 80% of the time. But over time I have simply come to despise the entire aesthetic, under all circumstances, and I'm not really sure why - doubly so for steampunk in particular. Yes, I could point to how the themes of the era are never used in games or works with its aesthetic or time period, like crippling poverty, instead people favoring "I like ridiculously fancy dresses and newsboy caps," but it's deeper than any one minor complaint like that.

Am I alone in this? Do you usually like Victorian/steampunk stuff?

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I'm in a similar position OP. I like Victorian era shit but I'm not a fan of Steampunk.

I think the big problem is that it's now a case of Victorian=Steampunk for a lot of fags out there.

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I'm with you. Fags fucked it up, just like zombies. Whenever I use it, it's Dickensian child labor and toothless hookers everywhere to counter the top hats, corsets and frilly dresses.

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I hate the people, not the game/setting

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Newsboy hats are really nice, OP.

Otherwise yeah, I feel your pain.

That's why I stick to the 1920s, where the literature still does a decent job of remembering the horrifying duality.

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I quite dislike the whole Victorian and steampunk aesthetic, to make something steam punk under current connotations all you need to do is make something look like it shouldnt work, make it brassy, slaps some gears and capsules/canisters on it and wham, punk of the steam variety.

However I DO like the african hunter look (think van pelt, and that guy on the right in that picture). Id always imagined a nice living room decorated with wood paneling and animal heads on the walls with a nice fireplace being a cool thing to have/look at.

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I have seen steampunk done wrong in a variety of ways, steam punk is not about the tacking on of useless boilers and steam power to every devise one can find, it is about public and social upheaval due to the overabundance and revolution of energy technology in the form of steam power. When one does steam punk it should focus on political implications and social changes brought on by the steam technology, not the fancy dresses and shiny copper (though these are intrinsic and should be included for completeness's sake).

One of the few times I have seen it done extremely well is in the Jackelian Series by Stephen Hunt. It starts with Court of the Air, go check it out.

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Common knows how to wear that style and similar of hat.

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I like the victorian era history, never really was interested in the aesthetics of the clothes or such stuff, steampunk is a cancer on mankind.

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I think you're preaching to the choir here. I'm much in the same boat - love a good Victorian fiction, but can't stand the state of steampunk right now. Sure, the mix of Victorian style and mechanical bits and bobs is nice in moderation, as long as it's all still remotely functional. And yeah, good fiction tends to play off the exaggeration of a theme. But steampunk feels over the top, and the rabid members of the steampunk fandom who think that cogs and goggles can do no wrong... well, they need to die in a coal burning chamber.

I tend to approach it in the Dickens sense if we're sticking to the late 1800s, or bring the basic idea to the early 1900s, or advance it further into a pulp/dieselpunk flavor with 1940-50s stylings. But yeah in general, for every bit of exaggerated, utopia-like shinyness, there should be a deeper layer of dirty unrest building which threatens to tarnish the shiny exterior. Isn't that what a steam/diesel/modem/cyberpunk setting is defined by anyway?

Pic oddly related. Spiderman brought into a 1920s/noir type flavor. Styling as a mothafucker, keeps all of the trademarks of the Spidey suit, but keeps it more functional than unnecessarily stylish.

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I like victorian, and i like steampunk as STEAMPUNK, and i like steampunk as in ludicrous amounts of brass, gadgets that are overly complicated and clockwork mechanisms where they shouldn't be. I don't like it when they mix these things in fiction without a good reason, though; and i simply cannot dislike victorian fashion (ai, top hats)

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Steampunk can work when done right, but 95% of the time it is not done right. Usually pleople think Steampunkis just Victorian attire with some gears and bobs glued to it and them a thick coat of brass paint applied to everything.

Now Dieselpunk, that I can't get enough of.

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Generally victorian/steampunk is there so that wealthy people can roleplay as wealthy people.

I don't really hate it, but I can see why one would dislike it.

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I've been feeling the same way, OP. I can tolerate some light Victorian stuff, especially pith helmets, pipes, that sort of "safari aesthetic" but steampunk just shits me up the wall.

When I was a teenager, I used to love it, and I think that's the problem. It attracts a certain crowd, for whatever reason. Just as Sonic the Hedgehog attracts quadrautists, steampunk attracts people who have diluted it to such a point that I can no longer take it seriously.

It used to be about "what if?" scenarios that focused almost solely on "What if Victorian-era Britain had advanced steam technology as such as airships?" It incorporated a lot of classic sci-fi aesthetic and a lot of brass.

Now? Look at that picture, OP. It has become the proverbial fedora of fantasy settings. It's the easy way to be "cool" while everyone laughs at you behind your back because you actually look like a faggot. It's lazy, it's pulled in a million directions, it doesn't fit. It's a vision of the future for the whole "zombies" thing - people will obsess over it for a few years and run it into the ground. The difference is steampunk settings require a lot more buy-in and abstraction than the walking dead, so it never had as wide an audience.

I guess what really killed steampunk is the people who like steampunk.

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1 is best

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I like the Flintstones, it's pure Stonepunk.

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Noir Spidey is legitimately great.

but I'm a whore for pulp heroes.

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I know. It's one of my favorite renditions of a superhero (outside of, say, the medieval fantasy version of the JLA, the picture of which I cannot find for the life of me right now). Then again, I'm a sucker for bringing a superhero out of spandex and fetish gear and into a more plain-clothed direction.

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I like the whole "Victorian England" style, I mean, that whole "Old British" atmosphere, complete with fog, gothic churches and stuff like that. I think steampunk artwork is okay as long as you ignore the fandom, but it's nothing special.

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When I first learned about Steampunk, I was like, "Wow neat, talking about steam engines with enthusiasts would be a great way to supplement my engineering courses!"

Nope. Goggles and top-hats.

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>mfw I go to post
>mfw it has already been posted by multitudes of people
good work /tg/

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Nobody in that picture knows what trigger or muzzle discipline is and it physically pains me.

Get out of my head /k/, GET OUT!

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Oh, Emprah, I see it too! MAKE IT STOP!

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Those are not real weapons you idiot

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Does it make a difference if they are real or not ?
By your definition they can also hold the guns the wrong way becosue they arent real weapons.

Sage for saging people for no reason.

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You ARE /k/ now

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I never really found a solid source for steampunk and what it's originally intended to accomplish. What I really did enjoy was taking the working parts of things and turning them into extravagant aesthetics. I don't mean just slapping gears and pipes on shit. That is what's turned me to shame my appeal. What I thought was really important with steampunk (and diesel, cyber, and whatever else-punk.) was taking the normally hidden parts of something and pulling them out and showing them off. Really emphasizing the engineering and workings of something. Turning them into a visual work of art but still keeping them functional. I think in retrospect though I was entirely wrong. Further thinking had got me to really realize that using the term "punk" better suited the annoying fandom. They were taking the working parts of things and turning them into useless features. I never really found what it was I was appreciating but I still like steampunk done wrong in the sense that it emphasizes the engineering and functional attributes or something. Let the fandom keep their steamPUNK shit.

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no, /tg/. You are the /k/.

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and then /b/ was the /k/

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Steamerpunks - a setting based entirely on british imperialism and poopy gears

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I don't associate the two under any circumstances.

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I still think Steampunk (The setting, not specifically the atheistic), can be really good, especially to comment on the utter disparity between the classes during the Guilded age, despite the amount of technological advancement.

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I love the outfits, the growing industrialization and the beautiful gap between rich and poor. Where the rich were rich and the poor were kept out of sight. Where they had horrible design ideas and made things gaudy in order to make them look "fancy". A time when children didn't waste their time in schools and and women remembered their place.

Had a gnome city like that in my most recent Pathfinder game. I did throw in some steampunk stuff because of gnome tinkerers

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I, happen to particularly enjoy the aesthetics of the Victorian era. I particularly enjoy the contrast between the lives of uncaring aristocratic dandies in lavish country manors and the lives of misrable common worker working on barely livable wages in a factory that would sue them if the were hurt in the workplace. However I much prefer the aesthetic of the Wild West over the Victorian style.

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I love Victorian stuff when its done right, but too often the Victorian aesthetic is applied to a very romanticized view of the era, and it becomes a silly utopia world with silly clothes and accents.

Steampunk can go suck a dick though

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The best way to enjoy Victorian stuff is to not relate it to steampunk. Victorian fantasy has a lot of potential for some amazing stuff but Steampunk is right fucked at this point and you're best off just ignoring it altogether.

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The only Steampunk I've encountered outside of Arcanum or pictures of nerds dressed in brass posted on 4chan is The Difference Engine, so no, I don't have any particular bias against the aesthetic.

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If you're gonna go the Victorian aesthetic route at least have the common decency to do what Dishonored dis and focus on how shitty things were for the peasantry.

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I can agree, although people who cosplay with half baked costumes like that are an insult. It's not like I cosplay myself, but I know enough about the fashion of the era to realize those people don't even look like shabby people attempting to imitate high fashion, they just look sad, and ignorant.

When you get beat out by the costuming department of a second or third rate 50's TV show that just didn't give a damn and had no money anyway, you've failed.

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That game probably has the best version of the Victorian-esque aesthetic I know of. Everything is grimy, except for the rich.

Did anyone else catch an extremely Russian vibe?

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That, and actually go to the trouble of having an ensemble that at base, resembles fashion of the era. I see people having clothes that are not composed of a series of clothing elements that a person would have used to put together an outfit on any budget, and it pisses me off.

There are very good references around, and even places that will sell you whole outfits that are historically correct for the 19th century.

Hell, there are places in Europe and the British Isles were a major category of fancy dress outfit is a relatively common possession for cultural pride and general cultural events. It is very possible to have an accurate outfit.

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Part of industrialization in Britain was feudal class boundaries dissolving. Terms like "peasantry" would be anachronistic and, furthermore, it seems the working classes in Dishonored were destroyed by plague rather than economic exploitation.

>> No.22331683


It was made worse by the economic exploitation. Half the point of the game was that the nobles and the rich were just twiddling their thumbs and having huge parties while the poor died in the streets.

>> No.22331695

The plague was caused by the nobles trying to solve the homeless problem anyway

>> No.22331706


Wait, what? Where did it say that? Am I just retarded and missed it?

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I never made it past the third mission because it was kind of shitty.

>> No.22331711

The Lord Regent admits to having released the Pendyssian plague rats on the populace in an attempt to kill the homeless and clean up the streets, but his attempts to clean up before it spread to the working class failed because people broke quarantine to be with their families during the panic.

>> No.22331717

This. You find a tape recording and play it over the public airwaves to beat the Lord Regent.

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Everyone forgets that the 'punk' part of Cyberpunk means a focus on the dregs and outcasts of society, the poor, criminals, minorities and misfits. But everyone loves to miss the point so they can play the nobles going on adventures with fancy tech and ignoring the people starving in the street.

>> No.22331737


>Guilded Age

Please don't hurt yourself.

And yes, Victoriana has been ruined by steamfags believing theirs is the way. You see even in "historical" Steampunk it is no thing for a transsexual to walk around dressed in their gear and be completely accepted because once someone did it.

>> No.22331740

Do you think there's a decent way that you could run a campaign like this as a kind of assholish DM, where you make the players think that it's going to be rich people with fancy tech adventures and then pull the veil away and show them all of the shit that they've been ignoring

>> No.22331741


You missed out on an extremely good game then. Fair enough though, it's an opinion.

>> No.22331744

Cyberpunk is about the dregs of society going on adventures using fancy tech.

At least where Gibson and Stephenson are concerned.

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If you get the code for the Lord Regent's safe, you find a tape recording where he's rambling to himself about the part he played in the Rat Plague.

Basically, Dunwall was having a serious homeless problem after the flooding of the Flooded District and Hiram decided that the only way to resolve the problem before there was civil unrest over it was to eliminate the homeless, so he released several plagued rats that were captured for studying onto the streets of the poor districts.

He planned to have the rats rounded up and killed once the number of homeless had been cut down by half so that it didn't hurt the workers, but the quarantine zones that he set up kept getting breached by people trying to see their family members, so the plague spread out of control.

The whole reason why he hired Daud and the Whalers to assassinate the Empress is because she was about to find out about the true cause of the plague.

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Have them play as their superheroic steampunk characters as part of a telling of a serial. They also play as guttersnipes. Over time they learn that the author is stealing and romanticizing their tales of derring-do by adding flashy components.

Let's go raid the mad scientist/wannabe Dickens lab.

>> No.22331809


I even played the tape and didn't catch that. Of course, I don't remember anything playing so it may have just been an extremely unlucky bug.

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That is what bugs me more than anything, the steam punk crowd mostly just want to glue gears onto their iphones.
I want to build a steam powered rifle out of a broken coffee machine and then discuss the practicality of creating a victorian era pager out of a crystal radio and a portable news ticker.

>> No.22332147


Why would you use such an unstable contraption when you can just make an air rifle? Plenty of them, and they're completely period appropriate.

And I'm not talking little rinky dink BBs. Some can fire .45 caliber rounds or similar shaped ball. Even a few shotguns.

>> No.22332192

Because I have a broken coffee machine right here, and no better ideas for how to misuse it.

Air rifles were indeed baller though.

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world war one is all the diesel punk I ever need.

Steam went out for a reason, folks.

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Despite calling itself a "Victorian Era Sci-Fi", I think Dystopian Wars does Steampunk. The setting is about a War World caused by patriotism and imperialism.

It basicly boils down to a few assholes using techology that could create a wonderous utopia to destroy the world, just to prove who has the biggest steampowered dick.

I also like that it isn't all Victorian England as well

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I enjoy handlebar mustaches. That is all.

>> No.22332281

I like corsets, that's it. Dislike Steampunk, would rather Cyberpunk

>> No.22332453


Why not just play whatever game and get someone to sit around in a corset for you?

Seems like a plan.

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OP it is the same thing is applicable to many already existing cultures or settings. If it is fashionable it gets turned into an idealized magical wonderland. Meaning it get twisted out and only the pretty and positive things will be shown from it and all the bad but usually important parts removed entirely. If you can get past that and enjoy i good for you, if you can't you will see the shit.

Just like medieval japan was done in most animes. You do not fucking want to live there like, really fucking seriously YOU DO NOT! Compared to today it was hell, your entire life was meaningless, you could have died literally from one day to the other because of natural disasters, overwork, plague, animals or more likely you dick-ass-lord decided that he needs to try new katana out for decapitation so he executes half a dozen of people in all of his villages and if you do not go and stick your neck out for him to behead you happy and smiling your entire family gets put to shit as well. And this was just your average Tuesday.

And for living you had to toil 16 hours doing nothing but busywork not to mention working people, which constituents the vast majority of the male population, were walking around butt naked only covering their crotch.

>> No.22332538

So if there's hot vaporised water everywhere why the fuck are people only protecting themselves with goggles?
The psi of the steam required to lift something like an airship or fire a projectile would be enough to take someone's face off if a pipe popped near them.

Literally take their face off.
As in the scaling heat and the force of the steam would slide flesh off bone.

>> No.22332582

Only good steampunk things I've ever seen were The Half-Made World (amazing book) or some of the music (Steam-Powered Giraffe is a local band I adore.)

Instead, it's gluing gears to top hats and putting ugly chicks in corsets.

>> No.22332596

I loved Steampunk until someone pointed out how it isn't really a -punk thing. Now I am looking for something Steampunk that isn't just nobles flitting about.
As for the Victorian bits, I don't really care. Although more variety would be nice.

>> No.22332628

the goggles are not for the steam but for the smoke that comes from the burning of coal

>> No.22332652

Does /tg/ like crossdressing Victorian noble boys?

>> No.22332698

This thread only confirms to me that /tg/ is immature hipsters that hate things simply because they see them as popular.

Spoiler: It's really not, especially in 2012+1

Victorian aesthetic is fun, and steampunk is fun.

Go away.

>> No.22332709


>Believing Steampunk isn't hipster as fuck

>> No.22332722

But steampunk thinks its hipster. Its just filled with social outcasts who like dressing up in cogs.

On the other hand I was kicked out of a gaming group when I played a working class revolutionary in a steampunk game full of people playing nobles...

>> No.22332724

> Not (100*20)+15-2

>> No.22332727

This thread is not /tg/s posters. Don't include everyone on this board in your idiotic attempt to prove yourself more reasonable, intelligent, or aesthetically in tune than anyone else.

It makes you look more stupid than OP.

>> No.22332737

Isn't the popular theory behind the reasoning of "people aren't humans until thirty days after their birth" in Jappo culture that it was a way of dealing with the high infant mortality rate?

>> No.22332745

>Still liking Steampunk
>Not reveling in gritty Dieselpunk
>Shiggity Diggity

>> No.22332747

Look man, opinions opinion opinions, some people prefer this some people prefer that. Some people hat this some people hate that!

For example I do not like the generic Victorian british steampunk things but each setting is somewhat different for instance I love the setting of Inganock even if it is technically steampunk fantasy even if it is just a lame background for a shitty ero game.

>> No.22332749

But steampunk is the epitome of hipster.
Every cog and goggle-wearing shithead loves it because they think they're doing something better than 'that boring old Tolkien fantasy'

>> No.22332755

is it really that popular? Where can i find examples of media with steampunk in it?

or is it just shallow cog ridden cos-play for the rich?

>> No.22332758


Except the single core complaint of this thread is "that steampunk was run into the ground". In addition to that, stop using LOL STEAMPOONK IS FOR LOSERS, especially on a board where that stereotype could fit for every single person here. Everyone is mad because they see it as overused, when it's not, and being overused shouldn't matter anyway.

Also, you created a character that specifically did not fit with the rest of the party, for the soul purpose of not fitting with the rest of the party, and are upset because your character didn't mesh enough for them to want you around? You're autistic as fuck.


This isn't the only thread I see this shit.

>> No.22332798

what's a better punk for the 20s
Diesel or steam?

>> No.22332810

>abandoning god-like stempunk for obscure off-shot no one relly cares bout
>using year to make a point

>> No.22332816

Nothing gets my dick harder than smug hipsters pretending the British Empire was sweetness and light and brought nothing but puppies and chocolate to those primitive savages in the phlogiston-powered happiness zeppelins.

>> No.22332820

The 1920's are considered to be the transitional period between Steampunk into Dieselpunk.

When given the choice? Always go with Dieselpunk, it's got more PULP!

>No one cares about Dieselpunk

Bioshock would like a word with you.

>> No.22332824


Steampunk is masturbatory fanfiction for white people yearning for their lost empires

>> No.22332826

None of those hipsters seem to ever think about the fact that it's VICTORIAN ERA.

Everyone bathed about once every two weeks.

>> No.22332828

The only setting to get steampunk right doesn't even use steam.

WarmaHordes Cygnar. Or "What would happen if Victorian England somehow worked out electricity."

>> No.22332832

It really depends on which aesthetic your prefer.
Do you want Victorian or Art Deco?
Imagine gangsters in small mechs.

>> No.22332836

>god-like stempunk

>> No.22332839

Actually the core complaint of this thread (as a seasoned /v/irgin) is that casuals are ruining the potential of the game, much like Cawadoody & Whorecraft have centralized their market niches by becoming black holes of creativity. The current popular (and by popular I mean majority) draw of Steampunk is Goggles, Corsets & mechanically improbable transhumanism; what /tg/ likes about Steampunk is the socio-cultural and political background, not so much the bastardized version that's about cogs & monocles.

>> No.22332842

>Everyone bathed about once every two weeks.

Well sounds like them smelly hipsters would feel right at home

>> No.22332850

>Imagine gangsters in small mechs.

>Frankie Gun-fingers
>Tommy Rocket-fist
>Eddy the Can

>> No.22332858

I think that's more likely to appeal to the neckbeards.

Something like this, though the problem is more that nerds like to fixate entirely on the image and escapism and don't even realise the actual implications of the setting.

It's like the zombie apocalypse loons that want an excuse to tape a chainsaw to their arm and wear random scrap metal without actually realising how shitty and dangerous it would be.

>> No.22332874

So what do you think of Dishonored /tg/? It has weird magic on top of steampunk and mixes it with the plague. It shows quite a bit of poverty too.

>> No.22332879

I want to run a game of Paranoia with Steam Era tropes. The high casualty rate will actually fit right in.

>> No.22332891

Steampunk is a white boy fantasy of a better era for white anglo man, when the white anglo man lorded over savage negro, devious muslim, vile asian, murderous german and slovenly slav and could kill them as he saw fit.

It's basicaly socially acceptable form of racism.

>> No.22332920


The fuck you say mulatto?

>> No.22332930


That's like saying killing dragons in D&D is idiotic because you have a vast spectrum of social conventions to explore in a fantasy setting.

Which is just as idiotic.

>> No.22332937

>Steam Era

I like that term. I'm using that term.

I wash my hands of Steampunk. Steam Era is my new descriptor.

>> No.22332939


Not entirely mech but it has been done at the 1880 and it worked bloody fine.

>> No.22332948


Ahh, an avatarfag.

Let us begin the reporting.

>> No.22332950

And women prancing around in the equivalent of underwear or men's clothes instead of massive impractical dresses and spine-deforming corsets.

No one ever really pretended D&D was meant for anything more than killing dragons, though. Hence the name.

>> No.22332965

The Edwardian era was superior.

>> No.22332968


>Strictly female in the Victorian period

>> No.22332989

Hey, steampunkfags. Name one good steampunk movie, one good steampunk comic, one good steampunk book.

Prove our genre not to be shit.

>> No.22332991

Do you even compress, fellow?

>> No.22332994

>Wild Wild West
>Wild Wild West
>Wild Wild West

>> No.22332997

>Trigger discipline

>> No.22332999


>> No.22333008

I liked Boneshaker, though it was strictly popcorn fiction.

>> No.22333011

I'm sorry, but I just had to.

>> No.22333013

Not steamfag but
Wild wild west ,the comic in which there is a girl who is alchemist and shit is readhead and has glasses runs around makes mechs and shit, leviathan scott westerfeld?

>> No.22333024

>allah !
>allah !
>allah !

>> No.22333033


Comic: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Movie: No idea.
Book: There's a great story of the Industrial Revolution and a naval robotic factory in Manchester. One of the robots becomes sentient, starts causing issues. This may actually just be a story idea I had once, and if it is give me 365 days.

>> No.22333043

Does 9 count as steampunk or dieselpunk?

>> No.22333048

>one good steampunk comic

Anything steampunk made by French comic artists.

>> No.22333057

stitchpunk, they actually created a name for it
(closest would be diesel I guess)

>> No.22333069

so it is a genre without a real body of work to back it up?

I mean I didnt finish League and think ... 'man, that was some good steampunk' if anything its the borrowing of literary characters that is the stronger part.

>> No.22333078


I'm not a fan, just posted things that would be considered to have the concept. It's a very aesthetic drama, and is heavily used as the window dressing of the League.

>> No.22333082

Pretty much. It's originally based on like, a couple of books and some animes and JRPGs that basically just use steam-powered tech as a fancy looking alternative to regular sci-fi tech. There's not much of a coherent grounding for it.

>> No.22333097

yeh, i wasnt really attacking your selections or anything ... i just wanted to see where this whole thing came from.

I need to understand the hate, douche bags are gonna douche regardless of the amounts of cogs they don

>> No.22333126

Nobody has posted this yet, really?

Well it pretty handily sums up my feelings on this subject.

>> No.22333169

> stempunk

>> No.22333172

I see no harm done.
Whole bunch of hate on people who like it but that isn't exactly fair.

Unless it's Punk, we can call it victorian fantasy. That easy.
The Aesthetic and Culture of the time is what influences the style and setting, and those styles are cool with me.

Victorian Fantasy that I liked?
Final Fantasy XII(Also 6 and 9 for that matter). Yep. Balthier all up in this bitch.

One can hate on cogs errywhere, but in all honesty, it is just more self-abashing hate. We are all geeks here, why the hate.

Hating the style is fine, hating the people who like it, kinda petty and immature.

>> No.22333266

>hating the people who like it, kinda petty and immature.

But they're having FUN!

>> No.22333285


And yet Steampunk kiddies shit on every other form of fantasy not their specific SUPERIORPUNK.

Fuck em. The only decent steampunky shit was created years ago.

>> No.22333318

I can't really speak on that since I have never met one of these super-fans, but isn't that the case for every type of fandom?

They go overboard and start to alienate themselves from the larger social circles?

In that case, you don't really hate steampunk, you displaced your hate of fanaticism.

>> No.22333339


Then you haven't met many steampunk fans. They used to congregate at the FLGS because we had a guy obsessed with making airships. Airships in bottles, airship terrain, even an airship the size of one of the old GI Joe Aircraft Carriers for a DM's Eberron campaign.

Couple commissioned airships then became upset when they had to actually pay for the things. They then proceeded to shout down the establishment and how art shouldn't be so damn expensive.

They were the first steampunk fans I met. Since then I've run into them at cons, other shops, antique stores... They're all terrible.

>> No.22333361

>run into them at cons

This is a big annoyance to me. I've seen them cropping up at both AX and PAX, PAX FOR FUCK'S SAKE! IT'S A FUCKING VIDEO GAME CONVENTION, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?!

>> No.22333374

>But they're having FUN!

But it's stupid and immature FUN. There are better FUNs to have, why are they butthurt when I tell them that?

>> No.22333393

I think its because of Feudal society kids aren't as appreciated or protected. Feudal society is fucking hard, everyone has to pull their weight.

Its the same thing in Feudal Europe as well, kids led shitty lives. Only difference is that the kids are somewhat protected due to Christianity.

In Japan, only Buddhism gave a thought about the children. But Buddhism isnt the mass religion and Confucian ideals isnt kid friendly,

>> No.22333406 [DELETED] 

What, so people aren't allowed to have FUN unless they get a permission slip from you stating that the thing they enjoy has been offically approved to be FUN?

>> No.22333419

Go home, /mlp/

You're drunk.

>> No.22333427


>You know how people cry about aborting baby's because of their 'soul'?

>It turns out you don't get a soul until about one...or maybe six months, I don't know. Either way, you're just a little crying, pooing monster blob until you get your soul.

>> No.22333432


The brilliance of geeks are that we don't judge based on outer appearance. Oh yeah we may be wowed by your sweet Vintage deck, your set of meteorite dice, or your amazingly painted 40k army, but a guy could be sitting in a wifebeater or a three piece suit and still be cut in on the conversation.

Steampunk kids, like most 'fashion-leaning' geeks, develop their own style to ostracize. No real fashionable people would be caught dead in the stuff they consider high fashion, but I've seen them mock openly others who aren't in the same clothing.

It draws the worst types.

>> No.22333436

>Going to cons.

No Wonder.
Someone Said that it attracted a certain kind of fan. I can totally understand that. But don't let the fans ruin anything for you. If you are interested in something, go for it.

Fuck how everyone else takes it.
I like steampunk. To hell with all the rest of the people who do, if they cause some sort of negative image on me or whatever.

Cool people are cool, Uncool people are uncool. My take on it.

I bet the problem is that they are all theater geeks as well. Being a former amateur theater dude myself, I can say for a fact. It attracts loud, exuberant and attention hungry folk, just by virtue of what it is.

Is theater bad? Nah.
Due to the huge emphasis on costume, and love for victorian europe I don't think for a second that these roleplayers and cosplayers aren't runoff from that, and something that isn't often taught well in theatre is modesty and reserve.

So while the setting attracts a certain crowd in quantity, the setting itself should remain untarnished.

And cons are where the dregs go. c'mon...

>> No.22333447

Also everything gets a soul, you can't win, Vegetarians are as morally bad as everyone else.

>> No.22333448

While I am also beginning to become fed up with steampunk I'm finding there is some interesting things coming out of it.


Fucking chap hop, son.

>> No.22333450


I live within walking distance of one of the largest gaming conventions in America. People spend thousands of dollars to jump a plane and spend a few days of fun and frivolity.

Not all cons are created equal.

>> No.22333471

It's a bit like in Shogun really. Sure, Burakutorn sees all the people getting horribly tortured, beheaded, starved, enslaved, crucified, boiled alive, and made to commit hara kiri, but on the other hand he gets to fuck lots of hot japanese women and hang out with Toshiro Mifune, so he decides he loves the country. After all he's not getting boiled alive.

>> No.22333516

Steampunk done right.


>> No.22333541


That is terrible. If that's the best they can offer for the genre I don't see a reason to continue.

>> No.22333560

Nigga, they did better in the 50's.


>> No.22333576


>Believing steampunk kiddies know anything before 1980


>> No.22333604

You know, I don't mind Steampunk fashion. A man has every right to glue gears to his hat. But I am pretty sick of London in Steam Sci-Fi fiction.

Surely we could branch out to other places like France or Italy or Turkey or Australia or China or America. Hell, Steam America doesn't even need to be the Wild West, you could set it in San Francisco or New Orlens or New York

>> No.22333608


No one seems to care much about the US in fiction of the time unless it was about the West.

Though Gangs of New York done in steampunk would be humorous.

>> No.22333619

Spiked Helmets and Militarism > Top Hats and High Society.

>> No.22333628

To be fair if you're going to PAX and hoping to meet people who aren't insufferable wankers you're probably wasting your time.

>> No.22333632 [DELETED] 

>Steam China

Already being made into a movie due to new generation of Kung Fu film directors.

>> No.22333636

The problem with Steampunk/Retro victorian stuff is that 95% of the time it's british imperialism with aristocrat characters. It whitewashes how horrible those people were and the thousands who slaved and died in their factories to pay for the excess and debauchery of the elite

>> No.22333638

>wild west
Which reminds me. How have we been arguing about Steampunk for so long without anyone bringing up Deadlands?

>> No.22333643

Also worse than Gangs of New York done straight.

>> No.22333648

And the other 5% is this glorious motherfucker right here.

>> No.22333655

>Steam Murrica
Make it Steam US Civil War

>Steam China
Already on the works. Thank god for a new generation of Kung Fu film producers.

>> No.22333667

I like 1970s Britain

Punkpunk is the best

>> No.22333674


I prefer Memepunk myself.

>> No.22333681

Heh, never knew Frazetta did Flashman covers.

>> No.22333699

Has anyone read leviathan by scott westerfeld ?

I got kinda intruiged by the concept but couldnt be sure if it was a teenager book , stick steam and cogs and we are steampunk thing or an actually good book.

>> No.22333733

Are you sure about that?


>> No.22333740

Because Deadlands would fall under the genre of The Weird West?

>> No.22333765

Including steampunk. It's not just straight weird west like Pale Rider

>> No.22333802

The problem with most presentations of steampunk is that it's about rich people being rich without repercussions, going so far as to be the heroes of the setting. Not to say it cannot be done properly it just simply isn't. Another issue is that steampunk in general is unclear as a setting because the tech is uniform in appearance but wild in capability.

>> No.22333819

Its a teen steampunk book...

...where the tech hardly uses steam at all (i.e. Clankers use shit powered by combustion of fossil fuels, Darwinist machines just...eat.)

>> No.22333843

>rich people being rich without repercussions, going so far as to be the heroes of the setting

Because that hasn't worked before...

>> No.22333898

Imagine if it was Batman and his rich friends fighting no one of particular import because there are no real problems. He never sames an innocent because all plots involve either him accidentally finding trouble and trying to save himself or facing personal challenges from yet more rich people. This is steampunk. No tragic back story because his parents were steam and steel magnates, who only died recently giving him an inheritance he can waste. Yeah, that's pretty much what I am talking about.

>> No.22333908

So, the silver age basically?

>> No.22333915

Desings dont look half bad, got anymore like this?

>> No.22333917

Old Batman was that.


>> No.22334021


>> No.22334073

Much appreciated.

>> No.22334140

That kind of aesthetics is not Steam-punk, it's Clockwork-prep.
It shouldn't really be hard to figure out that it's neither particularly steam related nor punk in the slightest.

>> No.22334183

It's just Sturgeon's Law.

There's good Steampunk out there if you look.


>> No.22334212

the more i look at them, the angrier i get

>> No.22334232

I like victorian settings, and aesthetics, but if you don't have both sides of the coin, then i'm not interested, and as for steampunk, well, it attracts a lot of idiots, who only want to play rich and fancy, i can enjoy steampunk, but likewise it has to acknowledge the shitty sides of industrialism, not only progress and abundance, because that's not available to everyone.

So in large, i tend to stay away from steampunk and victorian settings and the people who like them, because they're often utter wankers.

>> No.22334240

The Difference Engine is the only good steampunk I can find.
Everything else just seems to be rich shitheads in airships having fucking adventures.

Cyberpunk will always be superior.

>> No.22334291

Because Difference Engine is just cyberpunk with mechanical computers.

>> No.22334315

It was an attempt to show the "-punk" thing Gibson and Stirling had inadvertently set off could be applied to any setting.
It backfired and gave us the shit Verne-wannabe tripe that "steampunk" is today.

>> No.22334428

You know the problem with steampunk?
The lack of punk.
You know, it's a setting based on motherfucking industrial revolution and I barely see any ludite killing robots, people throwing sabots to tax mechanical calculators, proles refusing to be drafted into airships or Oliver Twist with bionic limbs...

>> No.22334460


"Retribution Falls" by Chris Wooding is actually quite nice. More Punk than Steam in that one.

>> No.22334483

Nah. Past The Difference Engine, steampunk was never really about punk.

The problem is a complete lack of originality on the part of the artists or cosplayers or what have you.
The dominant aesthetics have been chewed up and regurgitated more times that you can count.

>> No.22334508

Steam powered augs could be interesting.

>> No.22334540

I think Dishonoured did a decent job at it, personally. The music boxes, for example. Combatting magic (representing past superstitions) with the music boxes that the Overseers carried, which were literally music made out of math.

>> No.22334543

>I used to like something, but then other people started liking it, so I had to start hating it

>> No.22334566

Disliking things isn't as good as liking things.

It's easy to find something fun about steampunk, and people seem to enjoy the hell out of it and get a lot of joy out of the costumes and stuff.

What would be the benefit of having them stop? That some hateful curmudgeon doesn't have to see that other people are out there having fun?

>> No.22334571


"Look at these people, having fun. Pfft."

>> No.22334577

Except that's not the case.

To me it's a lot like anime. When I was growing up there was the odd, decent anime I didn't mind.

Then the shonen garbage started shuffling out and that was the association.

And now it's moe garbage.

Needless to say something good can always get ruined by faggots. Steampunk/victorian settings are no different.

>> No.22334581

i dont dislike it. i just have absolutely no idea what the fuck its all about.

live and let live though.

>> No.22334585

>I used to like the potential something had until people slashed and burned the entire landscape and now there's nothing left and it sucks

>> No.22334586

>Things were one way
>And then they changed when it got popular
>And now it fucking sucks and I hate it.

>> No.22334592

Maybe it's not FOR you then?

I can't go around saying Sex in the City and The Big Bang Theory and... fucking Dora the Explorer sucks because NO ONE intended them for me.

Can you not understand that maybe if you don't enjoy something that maybe, just maybe, you're not the target audience?

>> No.22334593


I guarantee you haven't kept up with any anime season that has come out in the past ten years

>> No.22334596

what are the decent animes?

and the shonen garbage/

>> No.22334608

I guarantee it's Ninja Scroll, Akira and some super obscure "saga" of the original dragon ball.

>> No.22334618

>i dont dislike it. i just have absolutely no idea what the fuck its all about.

>live and let live though.

Good for you. Why should it bother anyone to see other people having fun with something harmless?

>> No.22334633

>shonen garbage
FotNS was published in Shonen Jump
Are you try to say Kenshiro is garbage faggot?

>> No.22334637

>what are the decent animes?

The one's that my big bro used to watch when I was a kid and I was like woaaah and mom was like you shouldn't be watching it but he was like heh it's cool just wait until she goes to bed so we waited up all night and then watched his tapes and played with legos and it was the coolest thing ever.

THAT was when anime was good.

>> No.22334640

>Typical butthurt weeaboo making the argument that there's exceptions to the rule while simultaneously posting a shit, run of the mill animu

You cancer always fail at making good cases for yourselves.

>> No.22334685


I could name Nichijou, Daily Lives of High School Boys, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, and Joshiraku for comedy, Shinsekai Yori, Shiki, and Madoka Magica for more serious tastes, and keep going by genre, but what exactly is the point? You've made up your mind and you are not interested in changing it

If nothing else, though, I kindly ask you to not confuse your willing ignorance for expertise on the medium

As an aside, though, 90% of everything *is* shit. That's just how the scale of quality goes, and Sturgeon's Law makes no exception for anime

>> No.22334697


You weeaboos really do have the worst tastes known to man.

>> No.22334703

i like both of those, i am no anime fan though, nor a hater of anime though

>> No.22334741

>I read about these animus on /a/, that makes my opinion on them worthwhile


>> No.22334746

But yet... you're not actually saying what YOU like.

You're risking nothing.

Disliking things vocally while not expressing your own, potentially vulnerable interests, is cowardice.

You pussy.

>> No.22334800

I don't have to, because clearly I don't watch animu and you do.

So naturally I already have a leg up on taste. I could say literally anything and still come out on top.

>> No.22334826

Well, you are arguing about taste on the internet so you're sort of already at the bottom anyway.

>> No.22334831

Boy, talking to an anti-anime troll has proved to be an absolute waste of time. Who could have predicted this turn of events?

>> No.22334837

I like your style.

>> No.22334852

A master ruseman.

>> No.22334894

>I don't have to, because clearly I don't watch animu and you do.

I don't, I'm not the dude who shat out a list of gibberish names. Anime doesn't work for me, the art is cool, but the jokes and pacing and stuff just doesn't click.

I just hate haters. You guys fucking suck, and for no reason. You're all chicken shits who won't risk their own neck. You just take swings at people who have enough balls to put something out there, and actually tell the world that they ENJOY something.

You're the faggots who say "I like everything but country and rap" That doesn't mean anything. Not a single thing. You're still not actually saying WHAT YOU LIKE. You're still just saying what you don't like - which is not the same thing.

You're hiding behind a mask of judgement, in order to conceal your own weakness (which you are ever painfully aware of). Go ahead and keep your shield, faggot. Touch nothing, and be touched by no one and die alone and sad having nothing but a list of things that you don't like.

Scared little bitch of a man.

>> No.22334919

You seem visibly upset.

>> No.22334927

Steamboy for a movie. Last Exile might count as a steampunk show....

>> No.22334943


>> No.22334953


Guy who shat out list of "gibberish" names here. A part of me wonders what he would've resorted to had I not mentioned two anime he could've easily recognized from a casual glance at /a/. The other part of me recognizes that conversing with him was a waste of time in the first place

That said, for you in particular, I would recommend checking out things by Satoshi Kon. Paranoia Agent, Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, and Millennium Actress are all excellent

>> No.22334967

I'd recommend him some valium, and you a noose.

>> No.22335262

i liked tokyo godfathers and i liked the first half of paranoia agent.

Im the guy who said he liked ninja scroll/akira. So, whats the rub there? Are they considered gateway or, 'tourist anime fan' animes?

>> No.22335391

>So, whats the rub there? Are they considered gateway or, 'tourist anime fan' animes?

Assuming you are referring to the movies and series I recommended, I don't know. They're just very good movies directed by one of the men I most admire

Assuming you meant the two anime I spoke of when I considered what would've happened had I not said Madoka and Nichijou, again, I don't really know if they're considered "gateway" anime as I don't really keep up with what people think about stuff like that. To me, if it's on western television and has an English dub, it's gateway anime

I just felt like it would've been slightly more entertaining had I forced the guy to google one of the series I listed before insulting them rather than regurgitating whatever last year's trolls on /a/ were saying. This, however, was proven wrong as >>22334967 was not even slightly entertaining, so alas

Actually, upon rereading your post you are probably talking about ninja scroll and akira when. Truly, my early morning reading comprehension has failed me horrifically, and now I am too lazy to delete all that shit I wrote

Anyway, probably, if only because they're old and well known. I've never watched them myself, though, so I find it hard to speak of their quality. Really, it's asinine to use 'gateway' or 'tourist anime fan' as a jab at an anime's quality in the first place since Cowboy Bebop existed, but trolls gunna troll, after all

>> No.22335430

>cowboy bebop

see i like that too, samurai champloo and mindgame. I suppose its cos i dont really actively look for anime and so i dont feel i am an anime fan, that and i never go on /a/

>> No.22336779

not enough punk in steampunk
victorian shit always sucked.
since when sexual and social repression were cool?

>> No.22336796

>I hate Victorian stuff.
It rape and kill you family?

You have some issues that you probably should deal with befor you starts suicide bombing victorian buildings and rage out at furniture and what not.

>> No.22336815

>I would recommend checking out things by Satoshi Kon.
The late Satoshi Kon.

>Paprika, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, and Millennium Actress are all excellent.
Few examples of some of the rare actually good anime (adaptations) out there.

>> No.22337015

My feelings on the topic.

>> No.22340959

The Russian vibe was because they retained that element of grinding serfdom, which was dissolving in England at the time, and the nobles' oppression force felt more like Cossacks on stilts than bobbies.

Also, they made the people far more reliant on wealth they were literally tearing out of their environment at terrible cost, rather than mercantilism and colonization.

>> No.22341028

Its not, like, hard to write words. Even if it seems like a big, scary amount.

>> No.22341066

No they're good, but they often were peoples gateway into anime. They popped up in blockbusters and stuff on VHS when we were kids, and were some of the first shit shown on TV.

Or they were like, the thing your big brother was watching that you shouldn't watch because it's a cartoon - but it's a cartoon for adults. So you watched it anyway and WTF SNAKE IN A PUSSY?!

>> No.22341163

Guys this talk is old, we should talk about the genre of fantasy that is a new discussion.

captcha:edges folklin

Because talking about the fantasy genre for the first time is for edgy folk

>> No.22341226

steampunk isn't punk

what the fuck is punk about a bunch of upper class aristrocrats living idle lives of leisure and going on adventures when bored with fantastical technology

>> No.22341304

these fucking idiots aren't even wearing their waistcoats properly.
Buttoning the lowest button is for plebs and insophisticunts

>> No.22341347

>I just hate haters.

Man, you are NOT going to like it when you have to put on some big-boy-pants and go out into the real world.

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