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I just got this book, /tg/. It's an RPG meant for running animesque settings, much like a rules-heavy BESM. Really crunchy. It was originally made by a team of Spanish and Japanese gamers; the Spanish edition was translated to French and then English.

First impressions:

-Uses d100, three different checks.

-99% of the art is fantastic. I mean "I want to print this out as a poster" fantastic.

- The amount of options you get at character creation is ridiculous. It's point-buy (but you can guide chargen using archetypes), so you can make pretty much anything. The power level is adjustable - you start at a relatively normal fantasy power level but can make a campaign that lets you advance until you're godlike.

- It has a built-in setting which didn't really catch my eye, but you can ignore it if you want.

-The layout seems really good at first; everything is compartmentalized by eye-catching divisions, tables, etc.

- On the flip side, the editing is TERRIBLE. It really doesn't matter how pretty and easy to understand each table and characteristic is if they're not arranged in order.

I'm talking things like the ability lists not being in alphabetical order, so you start with "Ambidexterity" and then it jumps to the totally unrelated "The Gift of Magic" in one paragraph. It makes reading the book a massive chore.


And that's it. I actually haven't finished reading it yet, but I'm thinking of GMing a game with it and trying it out. . Has anybody else played with this before? Any comments, warnings?

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Ki / Dominion and Magic are revamped in some of the newer books. Make sure your players understand the rules before they make a character. If you plan on running the premade published adventure be sure to tell your players to be thorough and careful, because if they miss certain things they can end up fighting battles against stuff 2-5 levels higher then them.

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>Ki / Dominion and Magic are revamped in some of the newer books.

Really? Like, add-ons, or a new rule system for them? Is it worth buying them?

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I'm a player of the minis game, primarily Wissenschaft.

Are there rules for those mecha they use? Goetia or whatever. That thing is amazing.

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I actually liked the setting a fair bit, mostly for the absolutely batshit bonkers take on Christianity.

Though the random use of Spanish demonyms is funny. Also I think one entire national data entry in the main worldbook was accidentally left COMPLETELY UNTRANSLATED from Spanish.

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No, but download? Yes

Because time magic

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I have not bought the Magic book, Arcana Exxet, but I do have a copy of Dominus Exxet, which focuses on Ki and Martial mastery. If you have any players interested in martial arts, ki abilities, or being able to use a guitar's strings to attack, Dominus Exxet is a must buy. With that being said it has some goofy stuff in it. The Dominus Exxet book very much revamps the Ki system and Martial Arts.

I hear that the arcana book makes magic simpler but I cannot confirm nor deny that.

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Unfortunately the only copy of Arcana Exxet on /rs/ is the Spanish language edition, so neither can I.

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Oh, I can read it. Let me check.

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I jelly.

Here's hoping somebody eventually puts up English-language versions of both.

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I actually have the whole collection and have been playing anima with in and outs for three years, I'm Spanish myself.

I'll answer any questions, but I'm not so sure about download links.

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Eh, if they're in Spanish uploading them wouldn't help me anyway. So what's added in Dominus Exxet? Does it add any new Ki abilities or make Ki abilities a bit easier to build/qualify for?

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That's because it's never been translated. Shit sucks

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Ohhhh. I thought it'd been translated by now. Well fuck.

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I always found Anima's height/weight table a bit comical. Even subtracting 1 for a female character you can be a nearly-eight-foot human mountain if you're making a power-based fighty/tanky character.

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Good book about Wuxia. Lots of good references that led to me watching around 10 movies in the past week. You can consistently find typos throughout the book, from beginning to end. Missing words, misspelled words, lack of punctuation. But somehow it doesn't injure the understanding of the rules. I like it.

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I've been running several campaigns, the current one approaching 2 years of weekend get-togethers.

>>Psychics are broken as fuck against martial characters.
>>Magic is more broken than psychics.
>>Properly equipped fighters rape mages with their dual-wielded, +10 swords of teabaggery
>>If the players outnumber the enemy, get ready for focus fire. If the enemy outnumbers the players, it's a target rich environment.

In all seriousness, it gets a lot easier when you learn to skip the combat table.

Also, don't allow guns more complex than a revolver.

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Want a few excerpts? I have the english version.

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It adds a lot of stuff, in order:
-New battle options, mostly minor things like how far a it of Force X sends you flying, cool things you can do when you reach 200+ attack like undressing your enemy without harming him or making the damage delay a few seconds ninja style, etc.
-It adds a shitton of new martials arts, with three levels each. Basic level is something most can get at lvl 1 and barely gives a bonus, intermediate level (slightly weaker than the regular martial arts in the basic rulebook) and master level (basically you need to ve lvl 6-7 to get them) that are the Hollywood version of that martial art.
-A lot of new options for techiques and abilities, i.e. nemesis which is more or less the opposite of ki. Too many to mention them all, although a good number of them is just making old ones better.
-New advantages that imply that your character has the blood or hax beasts in him, from simple things that descending from the aeon of fire enchacing your fire attacks and making them cheaper to basilisk's essence (your simple contact is poisonous, the closer it gets the harder the roll agaisnt the poison is, having sex is the biggest bonus), the eyes of the parca (greek/roman mithology) that make you able to see the weak point of every enemy, etc.
-Ars Magnus, which are special fighting styles and abilities, most of them cost ki, some of them only have it on its requirements. They range for simple things like making you the perfect bodyguard to impossible weapons like Ivy's swordwhip (Soul Calibur), weapons that transform as you see fit, or even musical instruments.
-There is also summoning with ki, but it's very expensive and more limited than proper summoning.

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Neat. Can't wait for the translation.

Sure, but...I thought it wasn't in English yet...?

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Dominus Exxet is in English pal.

Although it seems we cannot agree on what is translated or not. Let me search for a few links.

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Oh I thought you were on about AE rather than DE.

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OP, if you do GM, invite me.

I'm Sleeping Dragon on the sup/tg/ IRC, and am on pretty often.

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Arcana Exxet's been translated for a few months now bro. It's even out in PDF.

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oh well then lol

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Yeah, latest one we're waiting on is Promethium Exxet, the sourcebook for Artifact creation.

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I kind of like how, for a setting that smacks of JRPGishness, katanas aren't wanksauce.

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I remember downloading this a long time ago, at that time I didnt know of the "templates+skill system" (aka mabinogi) or whatever so when I read it I was soo confused, I only knew the dnd 3.0 that my history teacher taught me.

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Yup, it's what I never got from all the bashing here. If it was that intentionally weaabo, katanas wouldn't be weaker than longswords.

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They DO have higher Presence, but that just means that it's (slightly) harder to transform one into a rubber chicken with magic. Other than that they're basically the same damn thing as a longsword, yeah, with slightly less physical break protection and slightly more magic defense.

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Did they ever add any more thematic weapon proficiency packages?

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You can just make your own. 5 weapons for 50 points.

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I know, but I always thought they were cool and wondered if they'd ever come out with any more pre-gens.

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Someone did a while back - if you check foolz the links should be there.

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Just checked, no dice.

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The fuck, I tried like 20 different search permutations and this never came up.

Oh well. Thanks, dude.

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You're welcome - I just searched for "exxet".

The trick being that I recognised some long post I made in that thread.

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One day Anima, one of this days I'll find a group that won't collapse to petty drama and make that one Elan-based character that's been on my mind for a good while now.

One day.

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Well, I've been reading the book and I'm pretty interested, but I've *also* read the threads on the foolz archive and in a lot of them /tg/ seemed convince it's a total clusterfuck when actually played.

Can anyone confirm this?

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Oh nice, DE has stats for samurai armors and a few good new weapons on top.

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Yes and no. It's not a TOTAL clusterfuck, but character creation is kind of involved and if you're not big on Rolemaster style combat tables Anima isn't the game for you.

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Oh. Well, "kind of involved" is a far cry from "unplayable clusterfuck".

Mayhap people just couldn't stand the layout? The book's organization is pretty shit-tier.

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The layout doesn't help, no.

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Oh nice, an advantage that lets you attack and defend without it chopping the shinola out of your Ki Accumulation.

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Holy shit, and Anima thread.
And a link to english Arcana Exxet too.
Is it my goddamn birthday or something?

Yup, it must be my birthday, because Arcana Exxet is the best thing ever.
And holy shit, if you specialize in Invocation and take get a Sheele familiar via the Familiar advantage then playing a full Invoker or Warrior-Invoker is actually viable without min-maxing to hell and back.

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Why are the Sheele all so fucking adorable?

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A natural defense mechanism? I mean, what normal person would try to kill a 6-inch tall adorable fairy?

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Sounds legit.

Meanwhile, I amuse myself with how increasing levels of power turn your combats more and more into Dragon Ball Z ultradestructive boomfests.

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>-99% of the art is fantastic. I mean "I want to print this out as a poster" fantastic.

You fucking disgust me. You're a cancer and a blight.

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