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Sometimes, /tg/, you guys are really boring.

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>Sometimes, /tg/, you guys are really boring.
As you post *yet another* 40k diorama... this time, one we've seen literally a million times. Yes yes... siege of Horus on the Imperial Palace. Jesus fuck, I don't even play OR ENJOY 40k, and I know what that image is from!

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>you guys are really boring
>marines, marines everywhere
At least they have back banners and old-style orange highlighting.
I suppose that must have been made around the time that old 40k died and all the crumbling arches were replaced with dull, slab-sided concrete buildings.

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You post something different then.

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That's what I thought. Fuck off.

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I don't think that's Terra...

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I've never had firm confirmation, but what makes you think it's not? I thought it was pretty clearly a diorama of the siege of the palace. Isn't that supposed to be the Dies Irae here?
Either way, still a pretty badass diorama.

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Nobody else? People complain about so many repetitive threads and there's a lot of hate on BOTH sides, and I've noticed 40k gets a lot of it but nobody ever tries to have an actual comparison thread or discussion or anything. Yes I'm posting 40k because that's what I'm into but if you've got some good Warmahordes/machine or Battletech (I do love me some mechs) or anything else, I'd love to see it.

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Fukken saved, that's pretty sick. I can't imagine how much a pain in the ass converting that so perfectly was.
I'm a fan of Khorne as well and I'm working on this idea for a conversion army lots of counts-as, but I'm doing Berzerkers with crazy mutations like giant scary mouths with sharp teeth and maybe extra arms holding big weapons kinda like the Horrors of Tzeentch I've got a Defiler and a Soul Grinder I'm gonna make into something fuckhuge and scary, and all these other ideas.

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Jesus these are all so well painted.
This pic related here I think is an absolutely perfect paint job. I can't imagine these Orks looking any better, they are amazingly well done.

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Warlord Class. If it's supposed to be the Dies Irae then someone didn't do their damn homework.

But I am pretty sure that's Terra. Pre-heresy Imperial Fists and World Eaters outside a fuck-hueg gate? What the hell else would it be?

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Is this from the store in Düsseldorf?

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So I'm about out of pictures of actual dioramas so I'm just going to post what I think are the best minis I have pictures of. If you think yours are better, post em.


I thought it looked a little bit too big to be a Warlord, but it does look quite a bit smaller than an Imperator class as well.


Love love love the Khornate stuff, if you've got it please keep it coming.


I think so, it sounds familiar. But I don't actually know, I just saw the pic on here quite a while back and thought it was totally fuckin awesome.

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Welp. It most certainly is. The white blob in the center of the gate is Jaghatai Khan riding out on the goddamn roof of a rhino.
I haven't seen any good close up photos

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I that a Maus betwixt its legs?

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I know alot of you guys don't agree, but I love simplicity and a clean, neat paint job on models. That's why I love this one

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do people sell these? because the material cost seems pretty ridiculous.

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I like simple too. Thousand sons are my favorite because of how pristine they look

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Simplicity is great but base your models. For realsies. Once you start doing it you realize how shit your old stuff looks without them.

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It's always funny when Daemon painters try to cram in NMM surfaces where they don't belong. Mirror surfaces even more so. That dreadnought's arm undermines the feel of the entire diorama.

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Well, that's not mine, but I see what you mean. This is mine, clearly not too good, but I really like him alot, I've posted him a few times before on here

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>dat dire rat
what's NMM?

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Non Metallic Metal. It was the big new thing maybe six years ago. Instead of painting metallic surfaces with shaded and highlighted metallic paints, you paint them with very carefully blended non-metallic paints. Which is all well and good until it's applied to every possible surface without regard to the aesthetic of the rest of the diorama. At that point it's laughable technical masturbation.

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Wanna rage?
[spoilers]All in the garbage.[/spoilers]

Ultramarines Chapter from the 3rd Edition codex?
[spoilers]They changed the color scheme, [spoilers]all in the dumpster.[/spoilers][/spoilers]

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I was just about to ask if anybody had some higher res pics.


What I love about Thousand Sons is the very pristine, but still complex and intricate look.


That would fit in nicely with the Cthulhu Eldar which I will post in a sec here.


You simply must tell the origins of this model.


Anyone else think that kinda looks like Bilbo's face in Fellowship of the Ring where he flips shit when Frodo won't let him hold ring in Rivendale?

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That is awesome.

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I feel like this is what the original Mario game should have been more like.

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So is that like a giant Chaos Drop Pod, with spider-like legs to keep it upright?

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No idea about the exact origins of that unfortunately, I think it may have been a golden demon contestant.

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>Vulkan isn't even primed
>Being Salamanders is suffering

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What in the warp is going on here?

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The orange and black bits are the Tyranid's arms. The black and white bit is it's head.

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I thought it was more like a Titan. Like how Imperator Titans have stairs instead of toes and all the infantry comes out of their feet?

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The legs don't look like they're capable of horizontal rotation, so I guess the legs are just there to help anchor down the Drop Pod.

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Most of those models were made by Ronin Miniatures before they were shut down.
The guys from Ronin are still around, they're called Kabuki Models google em. check out the Knights of Legend.

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I know that, but I've never seen a Nid have arms and a back look like that.
Is it just the paint job fucking with me?

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I think those are called dreadclaws, basically much better droppods.

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FW bits.

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He looks like he has some history, almost like a Player Character. Got any sweet battle stories?
Also, darken his axe a lot. Right now it looks just a little silly and out of place. And brighten his knife.

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Ok now it makes sense.

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How do people do that battle damage? Just carve out chunks with their knives?

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Sure looks like it, but it's awfully big for one plus Dreadclaws' legs don't bend like that.

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Its about a billion times too large to be a Dreadclaw. They are only slightly larger than normal Drop Pods.

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no offense, but model looks like a crab that had it's leg ends chopped off.

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Could just be a heavily modified one, Chaos do have Dark Mechcanicus after all.
That's the only explaination I can think of anyway.

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Are there other figs of the primarchs?

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I already posted the one pic of all the Primarchs together, the ones actually based off of the official artwork, but there are other conversions and sellers out there.

What I wouldn't give for this Magnus fig...

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Ha, I love this. If I wasn't so awful at art I might try it out.
It's such a funny/endearing combination of fantasy/collecting/art. It's like model trains.

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Why the fuck are those ARTILLERY pieces so fucking close to the front?

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Yeah that Horus looks better, the Emps not so much.


There is so much potential for some primarchs figs, just for the heck of it, like special editions for collectors, GW doesn't have to stat them, just sculpt them.

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Judging from the crater the thing is sitting in, it looks like it was dropped from orbit.

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You mean like what FW is doing, lots of patience and eventuall we'll have all the Primarchs.

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You fucking kidding me? FW made Angron??? Hell yeah I may buy one.

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I hope they do a full Exodite dino-riders army someday, then have them fights off a attack from the new Chaos dinobots.

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>what are you looking at? What are you waiting for? No, I'm not going over with you. I'm a lead from teh rear sort of commisar. Dont give me that look.

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he's 97 bucks
and some of his little spikes on that back part behind his head may break off in shipping
other then that he's my favorite model

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40K stuff is cool and all, but scale modellers do much better dios.

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That's pretty much a given. 40k dios can be interesting, but they're ultimately held back by the colossal faggotry that is 40k itself.

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They also scratchbuild some crazy shit.
This thing was built from the planes actual blueprints, and was at least as wide as one of my arms is long.

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lol, i wish drones were that good

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0/10, gotta try harder trolling man.

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>ctrl F
>no rape of an eldar

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You want it ? Than it shall be yours

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I play 40k and that guy is totally right. Stop being mad.

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nope. you take a piece of foam that comes from a blister, put a dark redish brown color on it, rub most of the paint off then dab it where paint chiping and damage would take place.
you clean it up, maybe link a few together. you then make a slight highlight color of the red brown and dabit it in the middle of the larger paint chips, while the darker bits remain on the edge, to give it a sense of depth. to further create the illusion of depth you do a very slight highlight on the armor where it borders the damage.
its all about the illusion of depth that makes it look like battle damage.

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And you can try salt weathering and hairspraying weathering pigments on top of the blister method.

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Pretty awsome plasma effect.

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I wouldn't go for salt weathering on an individual figure that's smaller than a Wraithlord, though. It works best on vehicles; salt crystals tend to be too big to work well on small targets.

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never did like this guy's work. Yea he's clearly an awesome painter but it reminds me too much of those guys who get a wizard or some shit airbrushed on the side of their van and think its badass

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>doesn't like stuff aibrushed on vans
get a load of this guy

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Jesus. I know I'm just being an ass, but I hate that the paint job is so fucking amazing, but the holes for the bolter are haphazardly drilled into the front.

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Actually, in person, it's not that awesome. 'Glow' effects look good in person, but 'reflections' don't. In the case of that comissar, the sword is supposed to be 'reflecting' the light from the plasma... Well, that unfortunately only looks good from the angles at which the pictures were taken. The problem with painted reflections is that they look 'wrong' in person. Reflections are not static in real life, and thus painting them in a static diorama looks incorrect when you view the model in your own hands. In picture form however, the artist is usually careful to only take pictures from the 'correct angles' so as to make the painted-reflection look 'correct'.

Glows are a different matter entirely (i.e. the casing of the plasma gun around the plasma-blue/white plasma coils), because glow effects work off the principle that the 'light source' is bathing that area in light. No matter which direction you look at it, it looks fine because the 'light glow' is bathing that area in an off-color light no matter which angle you look at it from (i.e. torch-light on a model's face).

I commend the artist for their attention to detail and for what is otherwise a phenomenal paint job. But the sword's reflection of the plasma-cells is an eye-sore if you were to view the model in person. I have seen a similar model in a paint-competition (that I had to judge, no less), where the entry was a LotR Arwin miniature where the sword in her hand reflected her face. Every angle you looked at it, except for the 'correct angle', made it look as if her sword literally had some random face painted on it.

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Probably right, havent tried salt on minis yet, used hairspray on the tracks, achieved something like this on the threads with mixed results.
Not diorama but found the work on the tank pretty nice.

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>forgot the image

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>40k isn't the best at everything forever
>Cry harder

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Yeah noticed that after looking at it again now.
It is the same deal with non metallic metal vs true metallic metal i think.NMM looks good only in pics and i find the effect cartoon like mostly.
Look at the lasgun at the back for example,that technique right there is what i am talking about.

On another matter got a very sick idea for my plasma guns, not sure if it will work though.
I bought some light blue luminous powder from e2046(has nice resin kits,would recommend them) and planning to airbrush it.
It glows a lot at nights but when it is really really dark so it may not be glowy at all at daylight.
Previous to that tried some highlighters and blue ink ,it was not bad but not very good.
Anyone got ideas for glowy blue plasma effect?

pic:unrelated but cool

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Indeed, you are correct. NMM has the same problem to it, as it's intended to be an artificial reflection. 9 times out of 10, the NMM always looks better in photos than it does in person. Most of the time it looks too 'ceramic'. There are exceptions however, as I've seen some really good NMM that was painted so that the only 'incorrect angles' you could view it from were from underneath the model.

Blue luminous powder sounds like an interesting idea... You could try a small amount of it out on some scratch model and see what how it works. If you know how to do some basic wiring, an LED bulb can work great for a 'glowy' effect.

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This is what i fail at most of the time, instead of trying some brigt idea on scratch model or bare plastic i do it right on the model.
Will ask mom who studyied some electricty on highschool if she can do something with the led ,good idea.

Here is another cool thing that is used by military modelers:pic related

Color modulation,will make more reasearch on the matter bt it is basicly airbrushing 3 paints from bottom to top, ak interactive sells them but not sure if theirs is worth the price.

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LED's are remarkably simple to wire. They have two connectors, neither of which matters for input/output. And all you need to do to make them turn-on is send a low voltage signal through one connector and out the other. Try it sometime. Just get an LED, possibly 2 wires, and a watch-battery. Voila, it will light up when the connectors of the LED are connected to each side of the battery.

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that piece looks so much better withthe bastion instead of the tower and without all the DA symbols, holy hell

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-1/10; know when you're beaten, plebs.

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THAT is fucking awesome. anyone got more pics of that from other angles etc?

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Any experience with fiber optic cables for lighting?
They look more realistic.

pic:a bit unrelated becosuei am out of OC to contribute but will be of great help for tank weathering.

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Bumping for the fiber optic tech for interest before bed.

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Why is Empy so small

>> No.22325919


So stoked. Looks way better than the one from Kabuki Models.

>> No.22325976


I definitely admire the technical skills of the modelers who can do stuff like that, but what draws me to stuff like 40K is the "How badass and over the top can I make this?" aspect combined with some very creative minds and the technical skills as well.

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I have the model of pic related back from the Ronin days when they just blatantly made their Primarch figs straight from the artwork before they were shut down.
I'm too nervous to paint it


I was wondering when you'd turn up.

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The guy in yellow on the left looks like his just pissed himself.

>> No.22326133

Such little Necron love

>> No.22326136

That one is definitely my favorite. I like the more human approach.

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>look at the contrast on my miniatures, guys!

I'm not a miniatures expert, but I can tell by the pixels that this has suffered at the hands of amateur photoshop skills to attempt at "improving" the end quality of his work. It seriously looks boyish and unprofessional, like something out of a magazine in the 1990's.

>> No.22326259

Post is Photoshopped pretty heavily. I can tell by the pixels.

>> No.22327842


I don't have a lot of Necron stuff. I'd love to see some good dioramas but all I've got is just a couple cool conversions.

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>I sage threads because I don't like someone who posted!

I didn't paint that dumbass, it's just a pic.

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/v/ - plz go home - u're drunk on NYE.

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Angry Justice Squad

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Guys guys, guys.


Chill for a sec. He brought up the pixels. He's GOT to know what he's talking about.

>> No.22330505


Let's post some more pics so he can try to guess if they're shopped or not.
Bonus points for imperator titans.

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