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Why is /tg/ so afraid of characters or concepts seeming 'fetishy'? Is there really such an epidemic of weirdos joining your group and using it as a venue to play out their fantasies?

I've been in many different gaming groups in my time and I've never once run into someone like that. I realize this evidence is anectodal but given how prevalent this "fetish player" scourge seems to be on /tg/ it seems unusual that I've yet to encounter this problem.

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I know I would accept any character that fit the setting as long as I thought the guy was not doing it for fetish reasons and it seemed like it would not cause problems for the game or other players.

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This, the problem doesn't lie in the concept itself, but in the player who gets visibly aroused by his character and related shenanigans. It's just skeevy, is all.

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This is what I'm asking about. You guys keep talking about 'that guy' who is getting aroused at the table but I just don't believe it exists with such ubiquity.

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Because we're confusing. Fetish fulfillment, Mary Sues, freeform powerwank, and "that-guy" behavior are things we claim not to want, but at the same time we have monstergirl threads.

Anyway, lesbo space nuns fetish dump is a go.

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Because trolls are quick to latch onto anything sex-related and turn it into a trolling contest instead of a proper thread.

Now, combine that with the fact that every person who posts here about fetishes in games is also a "denizen of the internet" and you should figure it out.

Also, some really obnoxious people who go into fetish RP gave the whole thing a bad name.

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Speaking of which, is Harem Knights still a thing, or has that died?

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Can't we have monstergirls instead? They're better wish and fetish fulfilment for me than Sisters with all their amour.

It's still happening; there was a thread yesterday. The holiday season has sped up the board, so there isn't one all the time I think, and maybe interest is waning.

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Because if most people put sexuality into a game, it isnt usually a problem, thus no one will talk about it

Its only when its a problem is when people will complain

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Well, OP opened with a Sororitas image, so I kinda went from there. And I'm kinda surprised that HKnights hasn't gone the way of modern fantasy yet and burned itself out.

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Oh fine, but can we have skimpier ones?

Writefags gonna write I guess. Modern fantasy might have less clear room for stories.

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It's actually a running joke, but newfags take it seriously.

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I've got some. I'm just going in order through my folder.

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The only reason it seems to exist in such a great number is because the people who end up causing these kinds of problems are the people who take it too far and end up becoming the subject of what essentially become 'old wives' tales'.

I have a barbarian character who has every visual quality in his appearance that would turn me on (if you -really- have to know, check the spoiler at the end), and yet - apart from some behind-the-scenes banter with my equally gay GM - not once when I describe him or show artwork of my character to the other players do I emphasize that fact. It's a matter that is put out of the way of the game, in the back of my mind during the actual session.

But even if that subject came up because of the game's tone, I don't write in all of my own personal turn-ons as qualities for my characters. If my barbarian were to be forced into a situation by someone that I would personally submit to because the idea of it turned me on, he would more likely try to bash the perpetrator's head in with his own two fists because he's no-one's plaything. Just because a character is an extension of some part of -myself- does NOT mean that the character is -just like me-.

The way I see it, it's part of the human condition - many people want to look down upon those who do not conform to a social norm, whether it is through pity, ridicule, or discrimination. Because there are people out there who are unable to suppress their sexual feelings at the gaming table, their fellow players have turned their backs on them and given us these stories. It's kind of sad, now that I think about it.

The character is a bear, as in a stout, hairy man.

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My friend, if you have not yet met this horrible beast, quit while you're ahead. This is one of those things where you'll regret delving any further. Ignorance is bliss.

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It happens, I promise. My groups are usually tame, with the obligatory dick joke. Furries cause problems, though. Not trying to stereotype, but it's consistently furries that try to do that shit in my groups.

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Well this is a nice collection.

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nice, more toonhammer

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It's even a problem for groups that are -entirely furries-. No, seriously, my GM made it so only about half of us could actually had anthropomorphic characters because he knew that 'furries tend to play furries'. It didn't really affect me either way, since I tend not to play anthro races for that very reason.

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This is tame, OP.

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What is this heresy!

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"This heresy" is Sister Kearys, a half-eldar fan character I took and wrote up in a short fic, and who I am also making into a "not-Celestine" HQ model.

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very original name!

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Not my character. I just stole the idea and the name and fluffed it out.

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A brief change of pace.

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Love those cosplays

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>they're better wish and fetish fulfillment than sisters with all their armor
>all their armor

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>skimpier armor for SoBs
>implying this is a good thing
>Implying power armor and combat proficiency is not a popular fetish on /tg/

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And now we'll have a fifteen minute intermission.

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Eh, whatever. Space coffee is still coffee, and I don't expect every detail to be exactly right in fanart. ESPECIALLY not in sexy fanart.

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I love Sisters of Battle. Added a squad of them to my IG army once (fuck the rules, they ride in a Valkyrie)

Totally worth it. Cheap as fuck, also.



Gotta love that.

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Not for me. That's probably why I play Pathfinder instead of Warhammer.

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I think the fact that they're powerful women is part of the reason I like them.

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Whatever floats your boat dude. Nuns, armors and flamethrowers are my biggest fetishes.

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Well, my HQ will have elf ears, Sororitas power armor, and a space wolves backpack and frost axe. I plan to run her as either a warding seer stand-in, a rune-priest stand-in, or as Celestine. Because I'm still not sure what army I want to run, but I really like Sisters and doing conversions.

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First of all, I lack deep knowledge of many things so this might be a stupid question.
But is it just me or is the symbol on her tits, and the one I see on a lot of SoB, the same symbol the Saints use in the Saints Row series?

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Blood Raven Sister?

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The only people who fantasize about nuns, in my experience, are people who've never met one.

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That is indeed the same symbol.

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This picture sickens me. She would be punished and demoted for such unorthodox and, honestly, disrespectful hair.

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It's the fleur-de-lis, quite an old symbol

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Yah, the fleur d'les or something

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You are an absolute dingus.

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What does the symbol mean then?
I assume it has some religious connotations due to Sisters and the Saints both using it what with Sisters being battle nuns and the Saints....well their name just says it all really

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I don't even think there were any nuns you could consider "young" at my grade school.

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You mean the trefoil, or the fleur-de-lis? It's a stylized lily or iris commonly used in French heraldry, and has been used on Sororitas armor since their inception.

It's also a common symbol in modern usage, including as the symbol of the New Orleans Saints and part of the Boy Scout emblem.

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I think she'd love to meet Seer Machion, half-kin of Biel-tan.
Don't think lesbianism will keep him off for long.

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French imperial symbol, Boy Scouts symbol, New Orleans Saints/Louisiana symbol, and more.

It has a lot of different uses and meanings.

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Looked it up on wikipedia since you kindly informed me of the name.
Thank you

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>New Orleans Saints
>Not mentioning the superior Saints' fleur de lis

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That was the whole point of the question.
I noticed that symbol and the Sisters was similar

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I wish I met one. Any good way to get their attention?

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Be a candle.

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They are really, really old. There exists not a single young nun. Trust me. They are fucking old, and fat, and usually have some kind of faint facial hair. I have seen PLENTY.

nuns are only sexy in our animus.

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Catholic grade/highschool
Church run hospital/hospice/nursing home

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Now that I think about it, the nun who taught me in second grade may have been in her thirties, still the only one you could consider young that I can think of though.

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In ye olden times it wasn't as bad, I gather. Ordinary farm girls and all. That and in other nonwestern cultures just any old girl might be a "nun" for a short time: Shinto comes to mind. I met a few cute mikos last time I was there.

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Tabletop games are fantasy and wish-fulfillment. We accept this and enjoy it.

However, there are certain aspects we do not enjoy. There are those who want to be brave, or charismatic, or powerful, or brilliant, or any number of things. We quite like those.

There are those who want to be more powerful than everyone else, who want to be sadistic, who want to be fetish fuel. These are generally not welcome at the table.

Some players fail to see the distinction and bring the wrong kind of fantasy to the table, ruining the fun of others.

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There are probably ways to could be a sadist without being overtly sexual.

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Yup! These things are all in the execution.

Selfish Warlock who falls to evil could either be brilliant roleplaying, or it could be annoying and clash with the party to the point of irritation and evil for the sake of evil. Barbarian lady could be a cool character of the guy with a musclegirl fetish's fap fuel, ditto for the Druid who goes barefoot to feel the world beneath their feet or the Cleric of a god of pain. The Wizard who wants ultimate power could be a great story of a rise to power, or he could be a powergaming jerk. So on and so forth.

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>ditto for the Druid who goes barefoot to feel the world beneath their feet

I've never pen and paper roleplayed, but feels like something I would do

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Your post sickens me. GTFO.

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I studied at catholic highschool, we had only male monastics. The horror ;_;

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>Well, my HQ will have elf ears, Sororitas power armor, and a space wolves backpack and frost axe. I plan to run her as either a warding seer stand-in, a rune-priest stand-in, or as Celestine. Because I'm still not sure what army I want to run, but I really like Sisters and doing conversions.

I don't understand what you're saying. Also a Space Marine backpack looks weird on Sisters, notice how theirs are much smaller

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Uh sisters can't get corrupted.

>> No.22305968

no one is loyal, everone is a heretic

>> No.22305983


Why isn't there more of her? I was kinda pissed she hasn't shown up in legit lore for a long time. She would have been a great hero to go with the Chaos Cultists they brought back.

>> No.22305987

Because sister corruption has been retconned.

>> No.22305991


>Ignorant of lore

She was official, so obviously they can.

>> No.22305998


>Sister corruption has been retconned

Which is bull-fucking-shit. I don't believe that for a goddamn second.

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Oh lord, does someone have this copypasta?

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Why do they waste so much time putting ornate gilding on their guns? Think off all the other guns they could have made if that manufacturing time was put toward actual functional products?

It's not like Xenos actually give a fuck about the pretty weapons and are like 'OH SHIT LOOK AT THAT SILVER SCROLLWORK THAT'S A SISTER WE'RE FUCKED!!" so don't give me some shock and awe bullshit answer.

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Rolled 20, 10, 8, 20 = 58

OMG Someone made a comic of that story! Where is there more!?

>> No.22306221


It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to be baroque as fuck

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>not trying to stereotype
ಠ _ಠ
Go play some Ironclaw, it's fun.

And deadly.

>generally not welcome at the table
That's not the point so much as that if someone brings that to the table and the rest of the table doesn't want it, it's like going to a G-rated movie and them accidentally showing Debbie Does Dallas.
Also, trolls trolling trolls.

Basically, offense against sexual morés is an easy way to drum up emotion for a "that guy" story and make it seem good.

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I like how that gun has hazard markings on it as if to say "WARNING THIS END OF THE GUN IS DANGEROUS".

That is actually practical.

>> No.22306255

How about squats? Can they be corru

>> No.22306265

Why do people waste so much time decorating their house? Think of all the other essentials they could have purchased if that manufacturing time was put toward actual functional products!

>> No.22306285

Why do people waste so much time putting paint on their models? Think of all the other minis they could've assembled if that painting time was put toward actual functional products?

>> No.22306291

tech in teh grim dark is all about doing something without understanding it and so it becomes superstition. No one knows how half of it works or else they'd be mass producing relics, so they do what little they know, and they don't change their plans.

Also, they're holy warriors, their weapons are for faith as well as battle, its not for the enemy it's for the one who wields it

or failing that, its a fictional board game and the designers want it to look cool

>> No.22306296

>It's not like Xenos actually give a fuck about the pretty weapons

>Ordo Hereticus
>fighting xenos
good job

>> No.22306305

It's actually quite simple. I swapped out the hideous Celestine head for a female elf head off a reaper mini, and modified a plastic space wolves backpack to accept a pair of metal wings... possibly Warhammer fantasy eagle wings. I also like axe-and-sword fighters, so I altered a frost axe to fit her left hand. The result is something that could potentially count as an HQ for any of the three forces I'm considering as allies for my IG force.

And I use Space Marine sized backpacks on all my Sisters, and I think they look fine.

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>> No.22306320


To be fair some SM chapters pretty their weapons up as well, the Blood Angels in particular.

>> No.22306348

The space marines actually fill a shock and awe role. They're full intended to be dressed as walking examples of Imperial imagery.

>> No.22306400

Oh, sisters, so many sleepless nights, at one time I even considered starting a sect devoted to worshipping the Empra and training my own gunslinger girls. It turned out it's illegal to let seven years handle a gun.

>> No.22306401


>Pretty their weapons

Runes, wolf teeth and some random talismans. Maybe a skull here and there.

>> No.22306413


This picture is indicative of most women, not just Sisters of Battle

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>> No.22306427

No offense but most woman wouldn't be able to physically and literally rip out the still beating heart of a Tau through combat armor.

>> No.22306430

>> No.22306435


Think of all the tanks they could produce if they would not pray at the fucking assembly line.

OH WAIT. I forgot what game I am talking about.

>> No.22306444

But those eyes man...
She's seen things...

>> No.22306452

most women are weak-willed and don't know how to serve the Emperor, they don't deserve our hearts

>> No.22306454



>> No.22306467

Tau are pretty small.

>> No.22306477


Some, definitely not all

>> No.22306493

Tau don't have hearts. They are heartless, and so should you. Kill them without mercy.

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>> No.22306517

So I haven't read any of the Bolter Bitches' fluff.

Why do so many of them have white hair?

>> No.22306531

Posting these has made me wonder why I have a Tech-preist folder and a Daemonette folder, but no Sisters folder.

>Captcha: Cuthno appears

>> No.22306536

More importantly why do none of them have chocolate skin to complement their white hair?

>> No.22306541

they were created by white-haired fetishist

>> No.22306542

Dyed to covenant standard.

>> No.22306544

>> No.22306576

And they have created a white hair fetish and many since.

>> No.22306589

what order does your waifu belong to?

>> No.22306602

Dark Angels

>> No.22306607

Don't have SoB's as my waifu.

>> No.22306610


Not all of them do

The white hair supposedly comes from the unspeakable things they've witnessed.

>> No.22306624

The Sacred Order Of Lighting Shit On Fire

>> No.22306641

What the hell does hair have to do with that?

>> No.22306647

>doesn't have the purest being in universe as a waifu
Citizen, are you a heretic or a penis-less mutant?

>> No.22306665

I dunno who that is but if she is fighting chaos than she is impure by association.

>> No.22306676

quick someone post the sister/guardsman love story

>> No.22306678

There's your problem, Imperial scum.

>> No.22306705

Rolled 12

Shut up, GKfag. No one likes you.

>> No.22306706

I'd let her test my Ld with her Mind War anyday, if you know what I mean?

no wait, that doesn't work.

>> No.22306707


Shock can make your hair turn white, some Anon in another thread were this was brought up mentioned reading about the same thing happening to soldier during WW2.

>> No.22306722

Stress turns your hair white. Trufax.

>> No.22306729

>how kickstarter works
Have you already kicked your sister?

>> No.22306739

Wow you just admitted you knew I was a GK. That was pretty stupid. Now I have to purge everyone in this thread.

>> No.22306776

A Heretic, sir.

>> No.22306787

>> No.22306812

See, this is why no one likes you. That and you won't shut up.

>> No.22306841

>> No.22306854

>> No.22306894

No, that's bullshit. Hair is just stuff that's attatched to your body. It can't magically change color any more than your clothes can. You'd just start growing gray hair and the lenght of it that you had before that would still be the color it was. Not unlike what happens when you dye your hair and let it grow a bit.

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>> No.22306972

Sisters thread?
Sisters thread.

>> No.22306982



It's not the shock or stress itself but the autoimmune disease it triggers that does it.

>> No.22306989


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>> No.22307004

There was one here, sort of >>22304516

It'd be hotter if there were more.

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>> No.22307037

omg that tech priest gets to see new sisters naked all day every day?

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>> No.22307048

>> No.22307062

Odd question but why DOESN'T GW make female worshipers of chaos? Granted there IS that ONE model from warhammer fantasy but you can't really use it in 40k. If they made a Slaanesh Daemon prince or Chaos Lord look more like a woman along with the horrid mutations (claws, tentacles snake body, etc) the god damn thing would sell like hot cakes.

>> No.22307083

Dude has two cybernetics and suddenly he's a Tech-priest.

Get out of here, Feral Worlder.

>> No.22307090


>> No.22307103

Because its too adult for 40k.

>> No.22307115

To be fair, flesh is weak and if he was a truly pious follower of the Machine God he'd have no interest in it.

>> No.22307127

Hey, you aren't me!

>> No.22307135


Because GW doesn't make female models outside of Eldar, DE, Daemonettes and Sisters

>> No.22307141



>> No.22307145


...There is a hermaphrodite god with hermaphrodite minions that used to run around almost completely naked in a setting of ultra violence.. But an Armored woman is too adult?

>> No.22307148

>> No.22307172


What about the female models in the Fantasy line?

>> No.22307193


>> No.22307197

And those they don't even do well, with a few notable exceptions. Heavy-bolter chan is decent, and the Sabbat-pattern helmets are okay. At least they're not the deep-sea fanglyfish head Celestine's got on her.

>> No.22307203

Have you not seen the current Daemonette models?

They're actively trying to make them as unsexy as possible.

>> No.22307220

>> No.22307234

Just use Kingdom Death models if you want a pretty female HQ.

>> No.22307300

Because then they'd try to copyright "sex" like they tried to copyright "halberd".
>used to
Because they're trying to cut it out?

>Why do people fear 'fetishy' characters?
>Sister thread? Sister thread

>> No.22307321


I was only talking about 40k, they're much better about making female models in Fantasy, even Tomb Kings have one, which is something I wish Necrons had copied.

>> No.22308084

So yeah, like I said earlier, some Reaper minis are rather nicely sculpted. You just have to sift through them to find one of the good ones. I'm really liking Valloa: nice, simple, and easy to get a clean transplant.

>> No.22308107

And with this, I'm running real low on safe for work Sororitas that aren't already up.

>> No.22308137

>> No.22308152

>> No.22308157

My Dark Heresy sister does. Ease your mind, brother.

>> No.22308201

>> No.22308258

>> No.22308317

And I'll end on one of my personal favorites.

>> No.22308330

Where are the bugs?

>> No.22308369

>> No.22308551

>"What is with your armor? You look like a slut."

"This armor belonged to my father (who was a greater man than you) and I honor his memory in wearing it. Any further disparaging remarks about it will result in your useless head being removed from your shoulders."

>> No.22308570

That happened.

>> No.22308604

i wasn't plannign on fapping tonight, but if you insist...

>> No.22308615


> "This armor belonged to my father"

I need a new pair of sides!

>> No.22308656

I don't need new ones they just need to stop moving on their own.

>> No.22308862

>> No.22308950

Damnnit man, this is the third time this week.

>> No.22309682

>more chaos sisters

>> No.22309795

that inquisitor and guardsman are two of the most unintimidating people i have ever seen. which makes me laugh. but i would bang the sister

>> No.22309920

She's the commissar's wife, as I recall, so no luck there.
I want to know where they got/how they made that plasma pistol. That thing looks sweet.

>> No.22310009

very awesome. i would like to get a hold of one of those bolt guns too. i think they sell them online not sure about the plasma.

>> No.22310178



>> No.22310182

I'm pretty sure there's a thread archived on suptg where she posted most of those pics and some costume advice. I don't remember the title though.

>> No.22310279

He made it. He is into some serious costuming stuff. He has recently working on a huge Mass Effect project for Comic Con this year.

>> No.22310343


>Talking about Komissar and his wife
>Know him as Komissar from an Imperial Guard forum
>Read all his shit

Dude is pretty serious. Started his own cosplay forum, I think.

>> No.22310560

Kommisar is my fucking hero!!! Didn't he sell one of his Commisar outfits?

>> No.22310702


I don't know.

>> No.22310871

>> No.22310884

>> No.22310892

>> No.22310906

>> No.22311144

sir, that image happens to be propoganda, designed to recruit guardsman from the hive-worlds. The sister pictured got written permission from her cannoness to wear her hair down for the occasion.

>> No.22311509

>> No.22311511

i'd argue that the 40k style is more late baroque/rococo in presentation. specifically in rococo's tendency of ADD MORE GUILDING AND SHIT.

>> No.22311559

i'd argue that the 40k style is more late baroque/rococo in presentation, specifically in the rococo doctrine of MOAR EMBELLISHMENT!

>> No.22312109

Gilding is the word you're looking for.

>> No.22316821

I think he wants there to be more guilds in the 40k universe.

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