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So /tg/. I'm thinking of getting back into Wallhammer Faulty Kai after a few years of not. Dusting off my old IG units. I have...acquired... the 5th edition IG codex and errata and put together a tentative list. I'm probably going to play several games on vassal before actually playing in RL, so as to get an idea of what works and what doesn't before actually going out to buy shit.

So yeah, I put together a list, what do that Taci/tg/generals think of it?

Company Command
Regimental Standard
Master of Ordnance (Dat 30 point pie plate per turn...)
2 Bodyguards
Chimera with Extra Armor

Two of the following (bracketed):
[IG platoon command squad, vox caster, platoon standard, Chimera with extra armor

IG squad, vox and flamer, Chimera with extra armor

IG squad, vox and flamer, Chimera with extra armor

Conscript Platoon, 50 bodies]

6x Armored Sentinels with Lascannons for AT duty

2x Hydras with extra armor and camo netting for dealing with enemy fliers because apparently those are now a thing.

Oh, and am I understanding the rules correctly in that the Hydras can fire at aircraft at no penalty, but because they lack the Interceptor rule that fire at any ground units needing 6s no matter the BS?

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So troll threads get 200+ replies but an on topic board related query for help gets nothing? Fuck you /tg/ I will keep bumping until I get some help here.

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IMO the conscripts are dead weight. I'd drop them and take something else, or beef up the IG squads with those points.

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They're mainly there for tying up the enemy in assaults and hitting things with sheer mass of firepower. Why do you think they're not good?

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I feel for you, but I think the simple fact of the matter is a lot more of us can respond to an inane topic confidently than can reply to stuff about wargames. Certainly, a good number of fa/tg/uys should know their shit about war games, but EVERYONE knows trolling.

I personally don't know jack about war games, other than that I would probably suck at them and get mad at all the money I spent, and possibly assault the guy I was playing against and go to prison.

Do you know what they do to guys like me in prison? Because I certainly don't.

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You can play 40k and Warmachine/hordes on vassal for free, if it's any consolation.

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You've already got guardsmen for that, and they only cost a point more if I recall correctly. And they won't get shredded to pieces quite as fast. I don't really see the point of using them over something that serves the same purpose for a marginal point cost.

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Regimental standards and Voxs really add up the points and aren't as great as you'd believe. They really take away points better suited elsewhere.

The Bodyguards are completely redundant and the Master of Ordnance is way too expensive for what ultimately ends up being a risk. Any Regimental Adviser only "works" at higher point costs.

Chimera are cheap enough but getting extra armor on them is (almost) pointless.

Conscripts are cheap, but racking up that many conscripts is a *very* bad idea.

Hydras are nice if your meta is very DE or Flyer filled but useless otherwise.

Relying on Sentinels for your sole anti-armor is rather risky.

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>for a marginal point cost
Err. That is, for a marginal difference in point cost.

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Fair enough. I can always use the points spared for MORE IG SQUADS.

Why isn't extra armor worth it?

I wanted it to be a general list that can take on whatever it needs to, and I figure I might end up vs flyers, hence the hydras.

What would you suggest for additional AT?

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Repeat after me, " I will not pimp out my it with anything except more guns."

Scrap all the conscripts and uprgrades and pack as many chimeras and melta/plasma/las/autocannon as possible.

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>Why isn't extra armor worth it?

Even last edition 15 points for what it offered was a tad high.

Still, as of last edition it meant that even a decent glancing roll would have still meant a Crew Shaken.

In this edition what you pay for is the lack of getting a "3" on the damage chart. Where last edition this meant that a glance would almost have no effect, this edition means that a glance is still a missed hullpoint and there's nothing you can do about it. Getting pen'd is the only way to get on the chart so that means you're not going to get the 2- from a glance, add to the fact that you'll see 1+ for just AP 2 and P2 for any AP1 means that even pretty bad rolls from anti-armor are going to ignore your purchase a lot of the time.

So what it really boils down to is that you'll either get glanced to death or generally get ignored by any decent anti tank so your purchase is a moot point.

Heavy weapon squads will always be the best IG anti anything involving armor or high T.

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>Why isn't extra armor worth it?

It only works on penetrating hits when your opponents in 6th edition are far more likely to be seeking mass glances to kill your vehicles.

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I see. Done and done.

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I know almost nothing about IG but if you plan on keeping the conscripts you could always get chenkov and take full advantage of them (maybe even get another platoon).

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I recommend Russes. 14 armor is sexy as fuck with the new glancing rules. Exterminators aren't bad, but if you're using Hydras you got the autocannons covered. Punishers can pile on wounds really well and can wreck light armor, especially with Pask. Eradicators seem to fit a more aggressive list, such as a veteran one, since you can roll around and eliminate cover saves. Executioners are good, but expensive. I personally think the Battle Tank and the Demolisher are the best. Make sure you wrap them with your infantry.

Drop the sentinels and add heavy weapon teams with lascannons to your platoons so you can give them the "bring it down" order to make the shots twinlinked. It's cheaper, and armored sentinels don't have much use now that they can be krak'd to death in assault. If you want to use sentinels, I think scouts are the way to go since you can outflank them. They will die, but you can at least make a good distraction and hit side or rear armor.

I personally like the Master of Ordnance, but I usually have pretty good luck with templates. Sure, the template scatters no matter what, but a str 9 template for 30 points a turn can really help if you're fighting a horde army.

I have yet to use Manticores, but I've seen them really bring the hurt. They're only ap 4 but if you get more than one template down you can pile on the wounds.

In a platoon list, I think Chimeras are only good for keeping company and platoon command squads safe. I'd drop any other ones.

You may want to consider using Col. Straken. He can give units nearby counterattack. He's no slouch in close combat either. Special weapons on your command squads couldn't hurt since you can take 4 of them.

Take Commissars for your platoons.

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Oh, and read the 1d4chan page for IG tactics. It's pretty helpful.

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Alright OP. First things first...

Drop the IG squads in the Chimeras. Get Veterans in Chimeras instead.

Also if you're gonna take Conscripts, take Chenkov, he gives them Send In The Next Wave for an additional point cost, but it's pretty stinking awesome to watch your opponent uselessly fire at your conscripts.

Also Armored sentinels are pretty sucky. For anti-armor, you don't need to take Vendettas but I'd recommend something else. Medusas with Armor Breachers?

Alternatively, stormtroopers with Meltas are sweet. Marbo is ALWAYS worth it.

Hydras are pretty useful.

Also, drop -all- the extra armor. I assume that this is for 1000?

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Same person. You need more troops as well. Especially for the Guard, if your transports get destroyed then you're at the mercy of your opponent.

Furthermore, I occasionally go on Vassal if you'd like someone to help you out!

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This man know what he is talking about +1

Vets in chimeras are the way to go or 20 man squads for objective holding and fire sponging.

As for anti armor i will suggest vendettas,leman russ with lascannon and for artillery definetly manticore.With the new barrage rules you will eat through enemy vehicles in no time.D3 str 10 largeblast,what can you ask for more ?

As said drop sentinels,they will be a liabilty with the squadron rules and die quickly to glancing fire.

Marbo is your friend, demo charge will destroy any vehicles and priority enemy units.

As for hydra,well i wouldnt bother ,it takes your heavy slot and 1 on shooting land is very irritating.Get aegis defence or vendetta.

Only thing i will argue against is stormtroopers with 2 meltas,most of the time that squad wil worth more points than their intended target ,and they will die a glorious death.

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Oh and if your palying group allows it some forgeworld units can be a nice addition too.

Hades breaching drill is an incredible weapon, only 50 points,accompanied by veterans(you have to pay for them ofcurse)and creates a huge melta blast when it emerges from the ground, blowing chunks of enemy.

Other than that sabre defence platform looks nice,and you may try laser destroyer too i guess.

As for the flyers Thunderbolt and lightning fighter looks very versatile instead of getting vendetta.

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