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>goblin king
>ripoff of Nurgle

pick 2. Have a nice day.

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Cry about it.

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He was SO much fun.
Chuckled like a bear in a beehive

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0/10 must try harder.

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Piss off, was a good movie.

And as far as bad guys go, I'd take another Goblin King over Lurtz any day. He does more than snarl and shoot Boromir with arrows.

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>every fantasy ever
>ripoff of Tolkien

pick both fgt

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>Goblin King
>every D&D boss monster I've played since I started the game
Pick 2. That guy was a bro till the end, even when the PCs exterminated him.

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I liked him too faggots, it just frustrates me that GW are too retarded to capitalize on their own great designs

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no offense, but honestly, not really. Nurgle himself, or his greater daemons, are at least 100X more disgusting, pestilent, and disease ridden. they are not close at all.

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pick one

>plays GW
pick both

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He was the most comedic part of the movie, which it needed badly.

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Wouldn't the goblin king be more in line with Slaanesh?

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He gloated and sang and tried to keep true to the book while the rest of the goblins snarled and derped around like idiots.
Respect the Great Goblin.

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>implying fat bloated monster is a characteristic exclusive to Nurgle

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It works for the Hobbit because the Hobbit is a fun story.

Unlike dour, 2deep4u LotR which was terrible as a film and overrated as a book (though I admit freely that a major part of LotR's appeal, being exotic and original, was spoiled for me by the hundreds of schlock fantasy ripoff notTolkien universes.)

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were his entrails hanging out of numerous holes on his body where smaller versions of himself were living? Did I miss that part?

fuck I missed that part.

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That is SOOOOOOOOOO 40k mang! Everyone is ripping of 40K!

Impolite sage for typical 40k fan

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Conan stories was written before Hobbit

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Oh look, someone who played Warmahordes, how cute.

Tell us again how you've got this great game, where you don't need as many models, or have to paint them?

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he probably can't afford the models. Let's all laugh! Let's all point at him and laugh!

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>implying GW invented every look ever

There's a big wide world out there, 40kfags. Explore it.

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wake up moron

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Fairy tales.

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>was a good movie
It was a movie, I'll give you that much.

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I'm not quite sure what you're implying. Is it that warmachine doesn't need as many models, or require painting, or the opposite?

You just come off as incoherent.

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What he really doesn't get is the 'selling points' that Warmahorde (or whatever) people always tell us, are the exact opposite way GW is trending. And they're following the fans, not the other way around.

And the fans love painting their shit up, all customizable. Even me, who generally isn't very good, and finds is one more frustrating delay between my army and the tabletop.

And the fans like having big hueg battles. It's not like Mega-Battles only started happening after Apocalypse came out, afterall.

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So that means, trying to woo us (40K fans) over with talk of smaller armies (less models) and not having to paint them, is just shooting yourself in the foot.

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This thread is obnoxiously predictable. Why did any ecen reply?

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He was too eloquent for Nurgle.

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But only 40ktards would make a thread this shitty and lame, and only a 40ktard would make a reply as shitty and lame as yours.

So fuck off, lame shitty 40ktard.

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>implying 40K doesn't own /tg/

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/tg/ was created because of 40k, but we've grown into something else since then.

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Now, now Warmahordes and 40k, let's all play nice. We all create interesting stories using our imagination and have fun with interesting models that we work long and hard on. We are all on the same team against furfags.

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>obnoxious vocal minority

They're no different to Strike Witch fags on /m/, really. They don't own anything, they just poop everywhere and stink up the place.

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Not happy that this wasn't a PDF.

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Great movie was great. Some of the finest entertainment I've experienced since LotR on the big screen.

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Perhaps, though he did have a lot of Tzeentchy stuff going on.

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U go anon! WE ARE LEGION!

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Don't get caught up over spilt milk. Wether you command warjacks, or dreadnoughts, we are on the same team. Weather Cygnar or the Imperium of mankind, we can unite to kill the furry hordes. A UNITED /TG/ IS A STRONG /TG/, DEATH TO THE FURFAG, MAY THEY YIF IN HELL!

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That just means we know how to destroy you as well.

And you don't want to make us do that, now do you?

*puts you in a cute little Eldar hat (IE: something tall and cone shaped) and gives you a pat on the butt as you tottle off to play.*

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fucking damnit

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Uh... yeah, Warmahordes games can put plenty of models on the table. The game just also scales really well down to small sizes. In any case, the selling point of Warmahordes as compared to GW will always rest upon the tightness of its ruleset.

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*sets aside the Exterminatus order*

On this we can agree!

*revises the Exterminatus order*

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40k is bad on tg but it can always be worse... unless you have a /d/eviant fetish that isn't futa. That's rock bottom right there.

In any case sage for predictable thread.
Hey guys x looks like y from gw
Stupid gw fags
Buttmad everywhere from everyone
Rinse wash repeat

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Just saw this movie last night.
I liked orcs better when they spoke English, but with cockney British accents.

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Actually I'm pretty sure the goblin king was covered in warts and stuff in the book as well. I seem to remember him being fairly disgusting. Maybe someone can quote some of it?

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Like orks, roight?!

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>something tall and cone shaped
You're not putting a dunce hat on me, are you dad?

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>murder based on interests

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Yep, just like they did in the Lord of the Rings movies.

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You just don't like how the orcs all seemed incapable of not speaking in a way that doesn't seem rehearsed, since you'd like to see them act less stuck up and more natural in how their speech flows. It's ok.

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>cancerous /tg/ self-aggrandizement and boardism typical of Those Posters
>giving furfaggots any attention instead of letting them fester, let alone justifying their persecution complex bullshit
>posting guro
>speaking for the board
>*hurr durr acshunz*
>lolololol w r lejun
My God, it's full of faggotry!

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>Well.. wha, what are you implying here young man!

Are.. are you ACTUALLY implying that the entire Eldar race wears nothing but dunce caps!?

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The way I justified it to myself, is that if Orcs were elves once, then guys like the pale one, or the Goblin King, must be showing the strength of their heritage more than the typical orc does.

So better speaking abilities, physical abilities, etc.

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After dooming their race by having too much orgies, they'd better wear dunce caps.

>> No.22270564


Remember that the orcs were the only ones to develop things like gunpowder in the setting. They're not stupid, just assholes.

>> No.22270573


They're pretty dunce-y sometimes, to be honest.


They should have known better going up against the Ultrasues, aren't they psychic?

Eldar remind of the Monarch's henchmen in Venture Bros.

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really guys

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This thread is so bad

holy shit

>> No.22270596


Pretty much. Are we doing a 'worst threads of 2012' thing? I wanna win.

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Guys, how awesome would it be if Draigo found the One Ring? Objectively speaking.

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I think it's less painful to read than the Tau eyesight shitstorm from earlier. But then most threads are better than /tg/ Tau threads.

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Ah, but you see, Tolkien ripped off from 40k.

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We've been "something else" since day one. Our 8th thread ever was about x-com.

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I thought this was a 'make fun of the Eldar' thread.

I think I just ignored the OP altogether.

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The fuck does it matter? The people who hate either side are like 10x as annoying as the fans.

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I'm sorry, I'm a lost Battletech fag. So I know Warmahordes is a separate game, but c'mon. I mean when I first heard of it and saw it, I thought "oh simplified warhammer". I mean how fucking blatant of a ripoff can you be? I mean I hate warhammer, sooo fucking much. Just does anyone else get this? Does the name come from anything? Or is it really a big fuck you to warhammer?

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You've done well, son.

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I'm pretty goddamn sure that he don't look much like Nurgle.

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When you realize both games have almost nothing in common except for what?
The name of both games have war in the beginning? they're are very much alike

Seriously guys?
Warmachine vs WarmaHordes?
in (almost) 2013

holy shit guys

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WTF is Warmachine? good god you guys are confusing the shit out of me.

And I'm running under the assumption Warmahordes is similar to WFB. Since they're both fantasy war games and all.... involving the same horrid fantasy aesthetics.

>> No.22271215

No, no we're not, as much as you'd like us to be.

>> No.22271239

warmachine and hordes are two separate but compatible games commonly referred to as warmahordes.

warmachine tends to be more steam punk and hordes is more generic fantasy.

>> No.22271289

Well in that case I redact my previous statements. But fuck is the fan base confusing the shit out of outsiders with their naming conventions. Thank god its not actually Warmahordes, that'd be retarded as fuck

>> No.22271380

I think it makes sense. Warmachine is a game about war, and large machines. Warhammer is a game about war, and the symbol of Sigmar, an important character, is a hammer. I admit neither are popular, and I don't really like either game. But the naming makes sense.

Polite sage to avoid bumping one of the worst threads I've seen in a while.

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