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So... my ex-gf has invited all of my friends to a party. And they went. They don't even know her that well, the little interaction they've had with her have been through me. (Needless to say, I was not invited)

So I'll be dumping some 40k pictures. One full thread minimum, most likely more... it's not like have something better to do.

Beginning with the "Xeno scum" folder.

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Harsh man. Anything a fellow lonelyfag can do?

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Are you the same Norway fag that quit school or something a while back?

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Just enjoy the picture dump.

Currently waiting for the family to go to bed, so I can get high... Can you make them go to bed earlier?

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A long time ago I had a awful split between me and a ex, she got back with her ex boyfriend and all my friends at the time knew them both.

What eventually happened was I got cut out because when ever I was around the two of them it would cause problems, probably because I kicked off or they did.

True friends will stick with you anon. But expect EVERYONE to sit on the fence and go along as if nothing happened. People will always look out for themselves and would rather loose a friend than not be invited out.

Hang in there, stay strong. Take some time to enjoy single life a bit

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I am. Still searching for work. Hoping for better luck when the Christmas holiday is over.

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We broke up a long time ago. And afterwards it seems like she has tried to all in her power to fuck shit up and "steal" my friends away from me.

A childish idea, to feel that someone is "stealing" friends, but... yeah.

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In other news, starting up a Ordo Xeno DH campaign.

I've always been running Ordo Hereticus, felt it was so much simpler. Easier to get the "feel" of the Ordo, if you catch my drift.

Any tips or advice for how get the feel of Ordo Xeno?

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Depends if your player's want more hack 'n' slash, or more investigative style games.

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Start with a Genestealer cult to test the waters. I always envisioned it as fairly close to Ordo Hereticus, as they are (somewhat) human and doing fairly heretical things, only trade out Chaos worship for Hive Fleet beckoning.

In either case, sorry for your loss. I know those feels pretty well.

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They seem to enjoy (never helps to ask... "we like what you already are doing" is the standard answer) that most of it is focused around investigation, but with it ending in a big firefight to take down the bad guys.

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Hmm... Genestealers are fun. Never been in a game that focused on the cults, only on the genestealer itself.

The loss of my gf was a good one, truth been told. Never been more depressed than when I dated her. Sorry for your loss though, it seems like you've had a hard fall.

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In that case, yes Genestealer cult would be awesome.

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Whenever I see this image, I wonder if the eldar and the rogue trader share there top knot secrets.

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I'm so close to buying a captcha pass....

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"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know."

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On one hand, I know what you feel, because the same thing happened to me once. I was actually going to say some stuff about true friends always staying with you, etc, etc, but I won't. Some time after my ex invited all my friends except me, I realized that this is not how it works.

It would be simplistic to call her a bad person for doing this - she's obviously still bitter after your breakup and by now she probably cares about your friends as if they were her own. Even though she didn't know them that much, to her, they represent the time she spent with you, and she doesn't want to erase all of it at once.

So be cool about it, humans are complicated beings. Wait a week or two and invite her, her friends and your friends to a pub or something. Show them you all don't have to pretend not to know each other just because you're no longer with your ex.

Just try to remember that we're all humans and we all have feelings, such as they are.

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Wisdom? On 4chan? Woah.

Thank you, I'll try to keep that in mind, and try your approach.

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Soon out of Eldars.

Orcs? Tyranids? Tau? Necrons? Any requests for what to dump next?

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Ehh, I've been without a real girlfriend in over three years. I've gotten used to the feeling now, especially since I moved to a college town far away from anyone who knows her. It hurt really bad, though, when it happened. Couldn't sleep for several days and smoked more than half a carton of cigarettes during that time (smoked an entire pack in one sitting even).

Funny thing, being sad fueled my creativity. My players have said they've had some of the most fun in any campaign they've been in, and my professors say that my essays are some of the most creative they've had the pleasure to read. Don't always get the best grades since they are "college writing" and not "creative", but hey!

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I'm glad you got over it. Heh, I can see myself in the "being fueled by sadness" thing.

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Orks please!

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Hah! Orks it is.

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It happens. Sometimes it's easier to think of it being part of a "tortured genius" aspect, but really it's how I deal with it. Take the advice of what this guy said:


No sense in losing a bunch of your friends over her. Maybe she's bitter and angry, or maybe she's jealous, or maybe she really doesn't want to forget. Just don't lose touch with who you may consider "bros". Don't burn bridges, like I did (napalm would be a more appropriate term), otherwise you'll end up like me: only one or two real friends, the rest are just people you know.

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Hey, Norwegian dude, if you don't mind me asking. Where in Norway are you located? I'm wondering if it's only my region that has zero gaming groups.

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I live in a small shitty town in Aust Agder. Not a too big a scene for rpgs here.

Pretty big in Kristiansand, Vest Agder. Even bigger in Oslo and Trondheim. In other words, where a lot of students live.

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Where do you live?

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Yeah, I feel weird after saying this as well. But after my next ex insisted that we stay at least acquaintances, and friends if possible, I can say that this is the more adult approach. Even though we both hurt each other, we can look each other in the eye, drink together, party together. It's much better like that.
Obviously, what I said earlier is not an universal recipe, you need to adjust it to your own situation and relationships with your friends and ex. But it's worth trying.
Oh and keep dumping, Eldar are my favourite and there's quite a few images I haven't seen.

>Funny thing, being sad fueled my creativity.
Yeah, there's this book about Lovecraft by a French writer Michel Houellebecq that, while being pretty shitty as a biography, proposes an interesting thesis that all creativity is fuelled by the author rejecting some part of the world and substituting his own. Lovecraft, who was incredibly miserable in his life and rejected the world in its entirety, was thus the greatest and most creative writer of XXth century.
Pretty controversial, but worth a read.

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Trondheim, oddly enough. I can't find a single group. I may be looking the wrong places, though.

Then again, social stigma has prevented me from even looking around that much.

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Have you tried the forum on n4f.no? There is a board there for finding groups!

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... I did not know that existed, thanks, man!

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We tried to whole "be friends thing" in the beginning, then she pushed me away, then she wanted to be friends, then she verbally attacked me. Then she wanted to be friends again.

I've been trying to just "ride it out", but will try the approach you suggested earlier (I think it was you) and see what happens.

I'll look into that book. Big fan of Lovecraft's writings, and a look into him as a person could be interesting.

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Did you ever consider roleplaying through the internet? I heard its pretty easy, and i dont have anyone to play stuff with as well. If any of you are interested, we may just form a group and look around for a GM.

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No problem! Good luck.

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Used to do that before, but I don't feel that my English is good enough to proper roleplay in written English.

So I made my friends interested in rpgs, and now some of them are even GMing. It has been 11 hard years as a GM, but finally some of them are GMing.

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Your English seems fine to me. But fair enough, I suppose.
I've been thinking of starting something up online.

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I'm the same way, bro. I had severe, suicidal depression in my late teens and I wrote like a champ. Ever since I got over that I feel like my creativity took a hit

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Do you have Skype or anything like that? That way we could keep contact and let each other know if we find something (roleplays over the internet etc).

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This is one of the hardest feelings, but knowing she's excluded you means you're on her mind. Give it time bro, try your best and don't react to it. Losing someone you love is pain beyond anything and people who say otherwise have not felt it. Keep calm and post Harlequins.

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Wait. wait wait wait.

According to that picture there.
Space marines pauldrons have fucking pauldrons.


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Email field, my friend.

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Give it a shot anyway, I can't imagine too many RPers would hold an occasional typo against someone who speaks english as a second language. Throwing in an occasional Norwegian word could even be part of your character, a stranger in a strange land.

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The models actually do have pauldrons on pauldrons.

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We interrupt the ork dump a single picture, because your post reminded me of this.

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>Someone made a orky monowheel krumpin' machine

Dear god, that is my fetish sitting in that picture.

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Oh, while I'm posting ork pictures.

What language do orks speak? When they talk with each other? It's not like the whole race knows low gothic?

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This one is hot. I love orks and NIds. It's like peanut butter and chocolate.

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Ork of course.

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Sent invite.

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Grunts, slaps, belches, roars, and glaring.

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They speak Orkish. It doesnt differ much from 'Umie language except for the fact that its "hooligan"-ified and theres kits if grybtubg and scrybtubg.

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Dear god why.

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Soon out of Ork pictures.

What is next fa/tg/uys?

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For the model? To support the actual pauldron.

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I guess I can't say anything about the design.
Never put a Space Marine kit together.

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"spae marines" (as I named my folder, high as a kite, back in the day) is next, unless I get a majority vote for something else

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'nids. Hm.

I think I'll dump nids first, then space marines. My tyranids folder is quite small, but my space marine folder is... big.

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A vote for Nids

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25 tyranid pictures, then space marines (I think I have both chaos and loyalist marines in the same folder)

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I brutally raped an ex over this and apparently she was into that because she's a fucking psycho. She's an awesome fuck buddy now.

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Well... "don't stick your dick in crazy" is now my new motto in life. So raping her is out of the question.

... good for you? Or... Mayb-- Nevermind.

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Ok if your Ex is stealing your friends, either

A. They are trolling you
B. She is fucking them
C. You are an incredibly dull person to be around

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say it's A or B.
I hope it's not C because you seem like a cool guy OP.

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Have to leave for 10min. Please take care of this while I'm away. Don't get it wet, don't feed it after midnight... and for the love of the God-Emperor, don't let it escape.

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for the op!

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Death Metal?

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She has "fooled around" with one of my friends. When I asked him "wtf do you mean with fooling around" he didn't want to answer... so yeah.

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Straight up tell him "Bro's before Hoe's"
If he decides that she is better to be friends with than you, he wasn't really a friend to begin with.

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Yeah. I'm no longer hanging around with that dude.

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It's for the better.

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"First, your hair will never be as silky and managable as mine. Second the band with which you tie your hairnot you payed much to much for, it is simple Delvian silk where you had thought it Krootgut leather. And lastly, your seneschal wants to grip that topknot as he rams you from behind"

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I actually lol'd

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>'steroids or what'
I like you, anon.
Well, namefag anon.

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Holy fuck Cadian Blood was so good.

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glad i could be of use my scandinavian friend. As a committed wizard fo' life, I have no advice to give you, other than that sex seems to make all relationships a billion times more complicated.

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> the neekland

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God damn I hate captcha.

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would it be possible to get some crons next?

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Sure. Just have to finish up SM... and there is a lot left.

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Hmmmh, had a similar problem as you, except the vast majority of my friends basically laughed at her face and told her to get lost.

But seriously don't be bitter about it, just say what the other anon said and invite them all out a week or so from now. Seriously don't just play the "I don't give a fuck attitude, really HAVE the I don't give a fuck attitude" cause those friends who really do like you will stay with you no matter what.

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New thread: >>22252276

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reskinned ME3? thats ficking cool

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