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Last thread autosaged.

This post will be a copy of the previous, with some minor adjustments:

"It's time for Spheres of Aether! I've compiled a new list of powers which I hope shows improvements to the usual list, but should at least be worth discussing. It will begin in the next post. For those who want the "usual list" to compare to, it's here:

The file is mechanics, but it's neither complete nor up to date so take it with a grain of salt."

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Lightning element master race reporting in

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This sphere holds the power of the fundamental elements. Earth, wind, water and fire are the traditional ones, but lightning - and electromagnetism - is also popular. These mages can manipulate their element in its purest form, and more powerful elementalists can even manipulate impure forms, though those stemming from life are beyond an elementalist's reach. An elementalist (sometimes called an evoker) can focus on one element or can benefit from many, but those who focus on one are far more powerful under its purview than are generalists in any. As they grow in power, many elementalists acquire physical traits associated with their elements. Fire can grant one a body heat strong enough to melt metal, lightning can grant reaction times exceeding any mundane person, and water can grant gills as well as a certain flowing grace, while earth gives a stone skin and stony countenance, and air brings flight. The greatest elementalists take on a form composed entirely of their element, immune to nearly everything.

The power of Thaumaturgy is the power to interact with the aether of the immaterium itself. A thaumaturge, also called a Wizard, can draw aether from the warp and shape it into nearly anything. As a wizard progresses, his arcane mastery allows him to create simple objects, then more complex machines which may defy natural law, and at the height of his power even living beings. A wizard holds many traditional magical powers, and can open portals to and through the immaterium, or scry the future by watching its ripples reflected in a clear surface. A thaumaturge is rather unique among the spheres in that his mastery of the aether allows him even to mimic the basic spells associated with other spheres, though the mightiest of their powers elude even the greatest archwizard.

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The almighty power to control and give unlife to the creatures from which the soul has escaped. The Death Sphere grants you the power to raise corpses and put them under your unwavering control. This power isn't limited to the corpses of humans, but allows you to raise animals as well. The most creative of Necromancers are known to even make creatures of their own in their wicked obsidian ziggurats and Necropolises, and as the Necromancer grows in power, his ability to control more and more minions increases. Necromancers can also catch and control souls, using them as fuel for their darkest magics and binding them into incorporeal undead or as power sources to dark devices. Experienced necromancers can even control their own soul, taking it out and hiding it away from the predations of potential enemies, and even tying it to the mortal plane itself so that they can reform if needed. Potent necromancers have some control over aging, and can revert corpses and objects to newer states or advance them into death and decay, although this far more difficult with living things.

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The sphere of blood allows its practitioners, the Hemomancers, to manipulate the liquid essence of their enemies. At its simplest, this sphere allows a hemomancer to boil a man's blood within his veins or draw it out through his orifices. But the Hemomancer does not only play with blood, he consumes the very life power held within it. His power grows not with practice, but through consumption of this seemingly limitless resource. As the Hemomancer grows mightier, only does not his blood related skills increase, but his intellect, lifespan and pure physical prowess as well. The great Hemomancers go by many names, but most, if not all, control entire countries under their iron grip, waging wars for endless blood sacrifices. So drunk on power, the narcissistic Hemomancers will go over any obstacles to sate their addiction and even further add to their physical and mental perfection.

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The sphere of mind is one of quiet meditation, but it holds great power. A mentalist can read the minds of both humans and animals, and can manipulate physical objects with a mere thought. The greatest can even control the minds of others, or leave their native body to live a new life in another. Invading the minds of other people is not without risk however, for if you access the mind of someone far greater than you, it can consume you, it can render you mad or even dead. This Sphere requires quite the dedication, but after all, the ability to manipulate objects at molecular level and controlling minds might prove worth it indeed, for then, only the imagination and power of the magician is the limit.

This sphere can not be chosen in the hunger for power, but only for strong moral and religious conviction. A holy paladin has great power over the human body, and can undo even the most grievous wounds. The greatest can cure even death. Holy powers allow a paladin to protect himself and his allies through mastery by making their bodies exist more powerfully than the magic which assails them, and to destroy such corporeal abnormalities as the sphere of Death creates. As the Paladin learns and his powers increase, his mastery of his own body becomes greater, making him physically stronger, and gradually removing his need for sleep and sustenance. The greatest paladins can even surpass mortality. The wielders of the Holy Sphere along with the anti-magicae are widely considered as the last bastions of defense for the less gifted people, for most other Sphereists are either consumed by themselves or fight each other for their own selfish purposes.

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The Sphere of Life grants the user varied control overall living creatures. These druids find manipulating plants, animals, and other weak minded creatures easy. They can cause near instantaneous overgrowths, the most powerful of them tearing cities apart with their strong vines intruding every crevice. They can grow jungles so thick they seem impenetrable, and beasts so large and fierce that armies flee from even one. Druids also take the qualities of those they work with into themselves, making them selves stronger, leaner, faster. The most powerful can change entirely into an animal or plant while keeping their own mind untouched, but most druids, even when experienced, have difficulty with a full transition and will be mentally influenced by the instincts of the creature they resemble. As a druid advances, he gains the power to create life, both within himself These lifeforms mirror the druid's power, either in size, or complexity. They would be able to weave new creatures in their jungle laboratories as they like, or they could craft viruses to ravage the lands of men. While their impressive healing powers are appreciated by most altruistic people, their ability to turn corrupt and cause pandemics that tremble the entire world makes them common enemies of the just. Of course, a path of balance is always an option, to walk in the middle, to have dominion over both specializations, but mastery in neither.

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The Void Crystal. This slowly growing, enigmatic and complex crystalline form is known to sap all magic with a mere touch. Those who choose the Crystal are unlike any other of those who were granted powers. They have no inherent power beyond a mere mortal, but they are immune to magic while they maintain the crystal on their person, and as the crystal grows it projects an anti-magic field around its owner. This quality makes it ideal to those who would hunt mages or protect civilians from their carelessness and occasional malevolence, but this is not all the void crystals do. When exposed to a dying mage, whether accidentally or because it has been fasioned into a sword and rammed through his heart, it absorbs his sphere, and everyone nearby is rejuvinated, growing younger in proportion to the mage's power and finding that the limits to their natural abilities have risen. For this almost vampiric feature, the anti-magicae are sometimes considered evil even by those who fear mages greatly.

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Eat my Anti-Magic field, assholes.

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Let me repost this, since it was at the end of the other thread, and dammit I'm not giving up on potential ZA WARUDO.

This sphere holds within the power of the very flow of time, constantly ticking away at life. Considered a difficult sphere to master, but with very considerable potential, it is a mysterious sphere that rewards creative use. Unlike other spheres, which seem to grow with power and intensity as the wizard matures, the Time sphere evolves in the opposite fashion. A beginner Chronomancer is capable only of very large areas of effect that quickly drain his energy, while a master of Chronomancy could stop time nowhere but an enemy's heart. They are also capable of slowing down or speeding up the flow of time with many of the same limitations. The greatest secret of Chronomancy is, of course, time travel. Generally considered to be the ability of only the greatest archmages, the ability to travel back in time is much sought after, but even archmages are heavily limited, as it seems causality doesn't like being messed with. At the absolute peak of their power, an archmage might be able to move back a week, draining their substantial magic reserves in the process. A beginner should consider themselves lucky to be able to turn back a minute. No Chronomancer is capable of moving forwards in time, though an archmage could slow his perception of time to the point where he could be back nearly instantly from his point of view.

(I'm bad with keeping things vague and generalized, but the idea is to keep the time sphere but without a lot of time travel except at very high levels. Still needs refining, but I just wanted to toss this out there to keep Time from being forgotten, because goddammit I want to toss out a fan of knives during time stop and get them to all hit my enemy at once.)

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Ok, how long it will take for Life Mage to travel to Mars with his Wizard buddy (teleport) and terraform it, using magical-bred weeds and bacteria?

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Razor is actually a pretty good example of what a Lightning Elementalist at the top of his power would be like.

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Also, in the last thread a group of mages has banded together and decided to make a utopia.
So far two things have been done:
A place where magic is unrestrained and mages can fight as gladiators for money or fame. The public is protected behind an antimagic screen.
>Void Golem
Void Golem is a peace keeping force in this utopia, that kills rouge mages. They can't be reasoned with. If you did the crime, you do the time or die. Its exterior is made by thaumaturges and it is powered by a void crystal. Still not sure how it works.

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It could be given life and created by a thaumaturgist, then infused with void crystals.

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Very well. What else should we add?

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The only problem is creating to to be Non-magical, or else my Void crystals will destroy it.

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Still no reply from Yaldabaoth. You think I actually managed to make him realize how dumb he was being and shut up? Probably not, right?

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Walled cities, with occasional crystalline bricks that have space to expand so that the walls repel magic. There would be a large no man's land outside of it under which further crystals are hidden so that no shenanigans may occur there.
Outside of that are wilds in which those who abuse their powers are banished, to kill each other and live in lawless banditry. If they're not killed by the golems instead, anyhow.

>> No.22246169

BAM! I'm gonna namefag for this thread

Thaumatergy is the way to go, I think.
So who's up for this Utopia?

Also, what about mechanical golems made entirely of Void Crystal?

>> No.22246172

This is becoming more and more like Mage: The Awakening. x_x

>> No.22246176

Wouldn`t the crystal dispel the animation spell?

>> No.22246180

Newfag, what did you end up picking last thread?

>> No.22246181

Hell yes. I'll get started on that right away. May take a long while. Void crystals don't grow easily.

>> No.22246184

So a sufficiently powerful Elementalist becomes an elemental?

>> No.22246190

Shaped by magic, animated by the void, both are connected with science.

>> No.22246203

It depends on whether or not the life given by the spell lasts after magic wears off. If the spell simply binds the soul to the body and then is done, then that's that. If it remains to hold it together, then the golem would die.

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Who would design an AI? It should be some trapped organic creature (Think wh40 dreads) or the computer better than anything on the Earth now (Asimo-like robots is are too dumb now, sorry robofags).
However, it could be designed by a blood mage with intellect enchanced by thousands of sacrifices.

>> No.22246225

Necromancers can manipulate souls of the dead now. So a mindless spirit could be used as an AI.

>> No.22246229

I always choose Void, with the notation that I would be a peacekeeper in conjunction with Holy and Thaumaturgists. It would be my duty to the society that my strength and longevity would be earned by my civil service.

>> No.22246234

So Void mages are the police of the utopia.
Now we have to decide jobs for everyone else.

>> No.22246241

All executions of mages would be held in a public manner in order to maintain the longevity of society, via the rejuvenating power of the void crystal absorbing the sphere.

The idea of an immortal society based on mage sacrifice is an interesting and disturbing one.

>> No.22246243

Stormlords would be batteries. Even mages need computer working.

>> No.22246251

>magical energy fueling everything
>I try and play vidya
>null the magical energy

>> No.22246258

Thaumaturgy all the way, who wants to create the nation of kickass wizard shit?

>> No.22246264

Just put your crystal away for a while.

>> No.22246269

Death mages would maintain the utopia via their dead drones. Their dead armies of maintenance workers would be kept staffed by this system:

Old or dying people would be able to sign up to have their body donated to the Death mage, who would raise it and utilize it for whatever was needed. Money would then be provided to that person's remaining family, esp. next-of-kin, and a special, honorable funeral would be held for all of those who donated.

>> No.22246296

Just thinking from last thread, if male homomancers have fashion powers and stuff what do female homomancers get?

>> No.22246303

This golem thing is going to require some thought.

So a body made thorough a combination of Element and Thaumatergy, with a soul from life/death.
Add in Void weapons, or embedded into the golem's bodies, and we have a winner

>> No.22246306

>So who's up for this Utopia?

By "utopia" you mean "giant circlejerk".


I didn't see you made a reply, scrub, i'll get to it. 4chan was just offline and I just discovered its' back up.

>> No.22246309

>So Void mages are the police of the utopia.
>Now we have to decide jobs for everyone else.

Hemos would be doctors, obviously.
I've been wondering if advanced hemos can do forms of body enhancements on others, kind of like what plastic surgery does.
Maybe rogue hemos do fleshcrafting?

>> No.22246317

Elementalists are varied, with pyromancers providing heat, hydromancers providing fresh water and geomancers providing fertile ground for farming. Don't know about the aeromancers, though.

Void mages also get a second job: in the city there is an a void generator which limits everyone's magic abilities, but still lets them use them.

>> No.22246320

No it wasn't

>> No.22246322

Hot lesbian action and mesmerization powers

>> No.22246331

While you're at it check this

And stop being a dick, dude.
We're supposed to be excellent to eachother.

>> No.22246333

>Life druids are gardeners and pest control


>> No.22246336

Perhaps the city could have quartered for each school of magic.

>Massive cathedral/temple for Holy and Mind to practice and meditate, generally peaceful. Located on the NE side of the city for sun praising.
>Underground facility for Death and Blood experiments, highly guarded. Located in the NW so Holy can on call quickly.
>Open forest or park for Life, wildlands expand as far as the eye can see. Located in the SE far from Death / Blood.
>Big combination Libratory for studying Elements / Arcane, open courtyard for practicing and possibly located on a seaside cliff for elements (Or maybe just have man-made pools of water for the cleaner look). Located in the SW to with the other destructive magics.
>Towering spire in the center houses the Void users who act as police, watching over the entire city. Also serves as neutral ground for a wizard council. Open air Colosseum at the very top of the tower.

Just throwing my idea out there.

>> No.22246339

Aeromancer do air conditioning and keep an optimal level of oxigen in the air

>> No.22246344

He has been a dick in all threads where he posted. Just report him for shitposting.

>> No.22246357

Which one was outlawed?

>> No.22246361

How would this city defend itself against the assaults of corrupted Life magi?

>> No.22246383


Probabily it was Yaldabaoth's home

>> No.22246384

I am not aware of any 'outlawed' magics you speak of. Perhaps it would be best if the Voidguard took you in for rehabilitation...

It's Time, I thought I'd put a reference in there seeing how it was removed.

>> No.22246400

Herbicides, man

>> No.22246401

Voidguard are too busy harassing the elementals.

>> No.22246409

There is someone trying to re-do time and make it more sensical - the rethought description is right under the initial posts. Thoughts?

>> No.22246413

I just lol'd at the thought of void police walking straight through a time mage's spells to beat the crap out of him.

>> No.22246421

>Against diseases and physical decay

The walls of the city would rust and flake away under the unrelenting assault and the citizens would be infected with sickness most vile.

>> No.22246428

non-corrupted life magi?

>> No.22246433

Void and time would end up having some really bizarre interactions.

>Time tries to go back in time
>void crystal nearby
>ends up going back to like three nanoseconds ago, collides with own body, explodes.
That's a problem. xD

>> No.22246434

Void police

Void police would be armed with slings that fire void crystal balls, fast delivery and largely nonlethal (but still hurts/can break bones)

The walls of the city would be policed by void guards with crossbows.

What government would the city use? I think an oligarchy of two from each sphere (including voidguard) and three civilian elected non-magi representatives would work best.

>> No.22246447

The city is protected against magic by void crystals. Last time I checked, your diseases are magical.

>> No.22246455

this always struck me as one of the worst CYOA games (if that's what we're calling them these days)

most of these games throw in some disadvantages or limits to make things more interesting, but this is just a question of "do you want to be super powerful, or super super powerful?"

and the threads inevitably devolve into a back-and-forth of "i'm the most powerfulest!" vs "no, i'm even more powerfulist, times 100, times infinity, times more than you can ever say!"

no offence, i'm not saying it's shit, but it's shit

>> No.22246464

Oh I must have missed that, I like it so far.
I had some ideas about balancing Time before such as being restricted to your lifetime (i.e. you revert to the age you were at the time, if you go too far you become nonexistent). This could also be a form of immortality but damn if it isn't one of the worst ways to do it.

>> No.22246474


Use this thread, man.

Also I'm not that PARTICULAR guy you're arguing with, (I'm the guy with the "you can't dodge bullets as easily as you say" and the "arcane got nerfed" arguments, I'll pick up a name, now. For these threads) but intelligence =/= knowledge, just because you're super smart doesn't mean you suddenly know how to do everything ever.

>> No.22246478

No need to defend against a non-corrupted Life magi, silly.

>> No.22246489

> (i.e. you revert to the age you were at the time, if you go too far you become nonexistent). This could also be a form of immortality but damn if it isn't one of the worst ways to do it.
You are no longer able to interact with the world in any way. All you can do is watch.

>> No.22246494

Oh fuck what the fuck? That post number shows as yaldaboths quote in the other thread

>> No.22246495

ITT: Massive circlejerk, the thread

>> No.22246500

If the entire city is protected by void crystals, how is magic use possible inside the walls?

>> No.22246504

I would have said the generic magocracy but I like your idea better.

>> No.22246505

no defend against the corrupt ones with non-corrupt ones

>> No.22246506

But our CYOA thread is even more betterer x 100 x infinity plus even more than the most could ever decided want to do look more like yours.

>> No.22246507


It's because you're retarded. The ghost of 4chan is trying to tell you that you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP and accept me as your master, faggot.

>> No.22246512

Void crystals suppress magic, but not necessarily 100%.

>> No.22246513

You do know you're always welcome to join us, right?

>> No.22246515


This game is great. These fags are playing it wrong. YOU DON'T START POWERFUL, yet these faggots are playing like they've been around for 100 years and master their powers completely.

>> No.22246525

Go chaotic stupid somewhere else.

>> No.22246527

Also guards would presumably have only basic training, so no huge anti magic auras

>> No.22246534

>implying the city isn't built many years in the future

>> No.22246539

The gaurds would be normals decked in Void Crystals. The Void Mages would cultivate them and such.

>> No.22246543

>thinks I want to start playing this LOL LETS CREATUTE A UPTOPIUDA feast-of-shit

If we actually started as if we, as our current selves, got these powers and went from their on the same timeline.
That would be awesome.

>> No.22246552

Exactly, a novice elementalist could easily take down a novice hemomancer given they have access to more right off the bat and the latter hasn't had time to absorb enough blood.

>> No.22246562

Doesn't stop me from trying.

>> No.22246576

>> No.22246577


>novice elementalist
>still has blood within their body

Did you even read the powers?

>> No.22246598

Psychic Master Race reporting in

I can now life up a small cat. One day I shall live out my dream of being Mace Windu. One day

>> No.22246609

It's not like you can instantly suck their blood out.

>> No.22246610

That's how i've been thinking of it, Without the Youaralllfaggsssss part.
People here are having some fun thinking about how things would go long term, considering we have already spent several several threads going over what we would do with the powers. ("hibernate" until powerful, bloodmage rampage, etc..).
Plus, the city wouldn't really be a "utopia". More a barely cooperating safehold governed by a council of wizards who scheme against each other more than Paranoia players.

You just argued that players don't start off as masters, now you are saying that a novice hemomancer could just rip a persons blood out of their body. No. They would have to spend some time draining them, and dealing with attacks coming their way.

>> No.22246611

Timefag here, came up with another idea for potentially balancing time travel. Instead of being forced to wait out the time after they travel back, instead they're forced to snap back to present time after a short period of time. Like a novice could stay five seconds in the past, and an archmage a day, but they always get snapped back to the present in a drained state afterwards. Thoughts?

>> No.22246612

>"Have you heard of Biomancer Elgrun?"
>"No, what's so special about him?"
>"He's the first Druid to specialize in plagues."
>"How's he doing now?"
>"He has every disease. Ever."

>> No.22246622

I...admit you have a point. If the sphere's powers were divided by Novice, Adept and Master, then the whole thing may be a little more balanced.

If you stopped being a raging /v/irgin, then we'd have taken you more seriously.

>> No.22246646


Casual swine.

>> No.22246653

Sounds interesting but it kinda defeats the 'escape into the past' idea. Still, in that situation it's like phasing with the added bonus of trying to prevent dangerous things before you return to the present.

>> No.22246665


But I can boil it.

Did you even read that shit, nigger?

>now you are saying that a novice hemomancer could just rip a persons blood out of their body.


>> No.22246669

You still haven't answered >>22246331

Is it because you cannot concede that your stupid hemomancer god plan is bollocks?

>> No.22246678


Other elements, are you even trying?

>> No.22246679

Have you thought about looking at the sort of stuf warmachine caster Victoria Haley can do, time stuff is kinda her shtick in that game and balanced pretty well.

>> No.22246683 [DELETED] 

Heya, just poking around.

And leaving this here.


Also, which 'version' of SotA do you like best, this, or the usual one?

>> No.22246684


I did answer that you stupid nigger, go check the fucking thread you fucktarded sub-human swine. God damn you're so fucking stupid. You filthy jew swine.

I'm not even mad.

>> No.22246697

Heya, just poking around.

And leaving this here.


Also, which 'version' of SotA do you like best, this, or the usual one?

>> No.22246700

What am I supposed to be looking at specifically?

>> No.22246702

I'm finding it hard to believe you're not that Yahweh cunt who's been shitting up /tg/ lately...

>> No.22246704

You do seem mad, stop raging. I'm looking at the thread right now and all I see is your two posts to the guy about his floating tower. In case you think I'm talking about that, I'll copy paste the thing right here so you don't miss it.

>With the "I can dodge bullets" shit, I can tell you that the reaction time and speed it would take to dodge a bullet isn't something you'll have soon by absorbing people. The average speed of a 9mm handgun bullet is ~620 MPH, the average reaction time for a human is 215 ms, and the average speed of a human is ~14 MPH while sprinting. Let's say each time you absorb a human being you gain one tenth of their physical and mental prowess (this is too much already, really), you would have to absorb hundreds of people (I am not doing the math for you, but feel free to do it yourself) at the least to have be able to dodge one bullet at medium to close range, with multiple bullets the difficulty increases several times, so no. You would NOT be able to dodge bullets and shit "extremely early".

And those are just the bullets you can see, any attacks from a blindspot you cannot dodge from, really.

>> No.22246710


Wait, don't leave. How powerful can the hemomancer become? Like lets say I absorb the life-energy of 10 people. How much more powerful am I now than I was before? Give some example feats.

>> No.22246713


I have grown to like this one.

>> No.22246731

>can't read the fucking tripcodes

You're so fucking stupid.


Okay nigger. That and the increments aren't yours to decide, scrub so it's not up to you to say how much it's going to take to dodge abullet, or a stream of bullets.

>> No.22246733

Ok, Ok, you don't need to rage over it.
If you didn't explode every time someone said something wrong or that you didn't like, people would probably be a lot less hostile toward you.

So Blood sphere does pull their blood out, and can kill fairly easily. Still, a novice mage will get 1-2 spells off before you kill them, and the range of the blood boil/drain still needs to be codified (something general, not specific measurements)

>> No.22246736

At least he's acting as a hemomancer is said to in OP.

>> No.22246738


I'm not very familiar with this version, sorry.

>> No.22246745


Does the wizarding community frown on items other then ones skills and wits from being used in mandated wizard battles?

Because I find I like to keep something close to hand, no one expects the fire hydrant to the face cantrip

>> No.22246746

>implying you can't change the stuff in the 'name' field.

>> No.22246748


you are the most retarded retard I have ever met. Also "average" doesn't apply to me, scrub.

>> No.22246769


The hemo is the same as the old version. What would have happened in the old version? Give feats and examples. Physical perfection shold be atleast early DBZ level speed.

>Implying the tripcodes aren't the fucking same meaning it's the same password.

You're SUCH a fucking retard. Yes, things DID change in the name field, as you can see you nigger.

>> No.22246781

Surely at novice levels, that would require physical contact or at most a few feet. A novice wizard could probably throw off a few weak spells on the run or from a high place considering they're both at average human capacity.

>> No.22246783

Are you so narcissistic you expected everyone to have your actual tripcode memorised?

>> No.22246788


> (Original)
>The enigmatic and peculiar Hemomancy Sphere grants its user the power to manipulate blood. This full control over blood opens many possibilities upon living creatures indeed, which include but not limit to simply making the blood boil within their veins or drawing their blood out through their bodily cavities. The Hemomancer does not only play with blood, but consumes the very life power held within it as well, for the Hemomancer doesn't grow in power as he practices, but rather through this seemingly limitless resource. As the Hemomancer grows mightier, only does not his blood related skills increase, but his intellect, lifespan and pure physical prowess as well. The great Hemomancers go by many names, but most, if not all, control entire countries under their iron grip, waging wars for endless blood sacrifices. So drunk on power, the narcissistic Hemomancers will go over any obstacles to sate their addiction and even further add to their physical and mental perfection.

They're not the same.

>> No.22246794

Give us the vanilla version hemomancer thing then, please.

>You don't know the average reaction time and speed

Actually there's this great website that allows you to search things, I check on multiple different websites and they all gave an answer in the area of ~215 ms for reaction time and ~14 MPH for running speed. I also checked the bullet speed there. If you want I can give you the site, you may have heard of it. I hear the company's making great headways. http://www.google.com

>> No.22246795

Do you even have to ask?

>> No.22246804

Anything goes, there would be times when your magics fail you and it's good to keep a backup on hand.
You being a mentalist would use any objects nearby for your telekinesis.

>> No.22246806

Again, why don't you just report him for shitposting? Or for being underage, because his posts certainly show so.

>> No.22246811

I guess i didn't need to... still there's less 'jew' 'nigger' and 'knave' than before.

>> No.22246813

I already reported him.

>> No.22246826


I feel almost sorry for the Seer more then anything. The "Backup" is plans A through to Z pretty much.

I am almost curious if it is possible for them to fight at all in any place that doesn't allow the possession of fire arms

>> No.22246830


This isn't a sequel to it. Think of it more as a test group, to see how people think of new or changed Spheres. It's not handled by Fox, so he doesn't really know much about it.

>> No.22246843

Depends on a rate of power absorbtion, but you will be on the peak of physical perfection in about from ten to thousand kills.
Absolute memory and TACTICAL GENIUS.
Easily killing people with bare hands - gorilla-like strength.
Several times better reflexes.
Able to both outrun a horse and run for day long.
Coordination for chinese movie-like stunts.
Able to "turn off" the pain.
Very good senses, maybe even superhuman.

>> No.22246863

I see the Mind magic as more of a passive and subtle sphere, working things indirectly rather than confronting them. Read some thoughts to know the next move, control a person or two to setup a scapegoat or even use telekinesis to setup a trap.

>> No.22246896


Highlighting this

>> No.22246907


Nah nah Seers see into the future, but I can see that being pretty much the same thing. See into the future, avoid conflicts.

I never personally was one for the whole, mind control part of the T&T Sphere, I prefer the Telekinesis part, keeping the Telepathy to hand to make someone slip up.

>> No.22246909


Stop with the blaming.


The only difference is in the wording. Of course, the new one elaborates that the hemomancer can start with boiling blood.


You source your own claims nigger, and until you do they're wrong.

Well then he should've said what would've happened in the original, they're basically the same. Hemo didn't get any changes other than the wording is more elaborate.

Ha, no. Gorilla-like strength? Are you fucking retarded? After fucking 10 kills I should have "gorilla-like" strength, after 1000 kills I should be popping skulls two fingers and be faster than the human eye can track.

>> No.22246962

You can be that strong. I'm just going to sit right here next to you with my anti-magic field up. Have fun with that.

>> No.22247019

Turns out filtering is just as easy. hooray for built in 4chan x on 4chan!

>> No.22247020

Speaking of anti-magic fields. What happen when a lich or any other kind of mage that bse it's immortality on his magic happen to move too close to a void crystal or the void spire at the center of the city?

I mean, it might turn from "somewhat decent place for mages to live" into "deathtrap" petty fast

>> No.22247027

Yerp. 4chan X is the shit.

>> No.22247040

It would eat away at them until they die, or move away from it. It says that it eats away at mages.




>> No.22247050


>> No.22247057


Why wouldn't you have just been shot in the mouth?

>> No.22247062

Speed of a 9mm handgun bullet




Website for converting fps to MPH


>> No.22247065

Good point.

I don't want all my power drained away

>> No.22247077

Depending on how one went about it, Mind magic could do a lot of things.
Someone who focuses on Telekinesis would progressively gain more and more "arms" to manipulate things with, and more strength to use with them. Someone who focuses on the mental side would be more planning and manipulation.

Ok, first, get rid of the greentext, it isn't helping your case.
Second, what you are arguing is that you should be able to master your sphere faster "because".
The OP states that master Blood Mages start wars to keep themselves at godlike power. Use this as a scale for how many people you will need to drain.

>> No.22247082

They'd probably work the anti-magic fields into separate areas to be activated by a switch like a lockdown. The void spire could simply negate the magic of even the strongest wizards to keep them unarmed on neutral ground.

>> No.22247101

Dunno about you guys but even as a mage i'd still have mundane weaponry as a defence against those damned voidies

>> No.22247119

>voidies as an insult against the void mages
I prefer "The Soulless" myself.

>> No.22247133

I know I'm not one to talk, but I wouldn't bother with him if I was you. He's just distracting from the useful conversation of the thread.

>> No.22247134


Voidies is the preferred insult/nickname

>> No.22247146


>The OP states that master Blood Mages start wars to keep themselves at godlike power.

They start wars to become MORE powerful, not to KEEP their power. Big fucking difference bro.

>Ok, first, get rid of the greentext, it isn't helping your case.

Those greentexts werenet' for you.

>Second, what you are arguing is that you should be able to master your sphere faster "because".

I'm not saying I should "master my sphere" i'm saying that I should get all the strength from a human in their blood energy. Thus 10 humans is the extra strength of 10 men. A gorilla does not have the strength of ten men, thus it's retarded to assume that tens of thousands of kills will have "gorilla" strength.

>> No.22247147

Average running speed




Average reactionary time





I've listed at the very least three sources for all of my claims, from different areas, happy now?

>> No.22247149

The Voidies
Sounds like a band name.

>> No.22247156

I meant no insult, just didn't know a decent term for them.

>> No.22247171

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And how there was one guy meaner than a carp
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a place called The Warp
In Middle Europe born and raised
On the academy was where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out praticin’ studin’ all cool
And all shootin some fireball outside of the school
When a bad Homomancer
Who was up to no good
Started being a faggot in my neighborhood
He got in one little fight and my mentor got scared
He said ’You’re movin’ with a cultist and a demon itn the Warp

I begged and pleaded with him day after day
But he packed my suite case and send me on my way
Ge gave me a pat and then she gave me my ritual
I put my robes on and said, ‘I might as well kick it’.

With DOOMRAIDER, yo this is bad
Drinking cocaine out of a champagne glass.
In bed with Cultist-chan from day to night?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.

I pulled up to the zone about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the Doomrider ‘Yo homes smell ya later’
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To settle my throne as the Prince of The Warp

>> No.22247172

That is now the name of their official band, holding concerts during Colosseum breaks.

>> No.22247178

Why should someone's complete strength be transferred by goddamned blood, man? It's not like you're absorbing their muscle mass. Blood =/= people.

>> No.22247182

Oh my derp. put a name in the email field.

>> No.22247203

> >The OP states that master Blood Mages start wars to keep themselves at godlike power.

>They start wars to become MORE powerful, not to KEEP their power. Big fucking difference bro.

>> No.22247223

Rolled 2, 3 = 5

Hey! That wizard is practicing dual magics illegally! Voidguards!

>> No.22247225

So I sat here thinking of what I can do, I had some ideas for Telekinesis part of T&T

>You can telekinetically propell any objects you are wielding as a melee weapon to high speeds, making anyone coming at you head on think once before being brained by a cricket bat being swung faster then what should be humanly possible.

>You can control the application of force on your telekinetic shove, consider this, instead of pushing someone away, if you can try concentrating your "Push" to a very small area instead of a large one with the same amount of force, the result? Mind Bullets.

>You can fly. Not very gracefully, but fly none the less. Simply lift yourself, or something you are holding onto and pretend you are playing Moonlander

I may be wrong of course, but I am trying to consider what is possible.

>> No.22247241

To be fair it does say 'add to' so i guess it would make sense to change it to 'to keep' would make it interesting, if in game perhaps have hemos be much rarer but usually pretty powerful and not a player orb?

>> No.22247265

That would make them more akin to the vampiric nature of blood magic, suffering if they don't get their fix. It'd be a good idea.

>> No.22247269

good luck
this >>22246322 says i get mesmerisation powers.

>> No.22247273

I've got Doomrider wrong...

>> No.22247320

Well, assuming that the average 9mm bullet does move at that speed, dodging said bullets isn't hard. All you need to do is not be in the fucking trajectory of the bullet. How do you do that? By moving out of the way by the time, that means you most likely had to already be in motion when the bullet is moving towards you. To dodge a stream of bullets all you need to do is just be capable of predicting the trajectories of them and then not being at the fucking palce where they will be.

Seeing as you're abosring the energy of humans, and that obviousy means that their might is yours 10 humans confers the reaction speed, on average, of all those humans. Of course it doesn't work like due to how diverse humans re in such an area, but the general gist is you'd be able to dodge bullets by atleast the 5th kill.


What the fuck does "running speed' have to do with this?

>> No.22247347


Except the OP didn't state that, you filthy jew.

>The great Hemomancers go by many names, but most, if not all, control entire countries under their iron grip, waging wars for endless blood sacrifices. So drunk on power, the narcissistic Hemomancers will go over any obstacles to sate their addiction and even further add to their physical and mental perfection.

He says ADD TO you stupid nigger not MAINTAIN.

>> No.22247357

Nothing more guns could solve, he could cover the entire hull in guns if he wanted to. It'd be hard to dodge that even without mentioning the crossfire.

>> No.22247396

Addiction implies a minimum threshold to be maintained, if it were to be compared to real addictions then there would be a resistance of sorts build up meaning that the bar would be raised over time and you'd need to use up more just to return to normal function.

>> No.22247416

That's pretty much how i've been seeing it. As a Telekinetic gets stronger they get more force, more precision, and more vectors of application.

How about this.
Blood mages use the blood they have taken to reinforce or enhance aspects of themselves, consuming it in the process. The more they boost themselves by, the faster their reserves run out. Blood mages can take blood from animals, but it is far less efficient. As they grow in experience, a blood mage learns new ways to strengthen themselves and more efficient methods of using blood, even effecting the minds and bodies of others.

With this setup, you could indeed dodge bullets from the start, but you would run out of power fairly quickly. Experience grants not more power, but more precision and control.

How does that sound to you Yallady?

>> No.22247420


Well, sure, but eeryone doesn't have infinite guns, unfortunately. And covering the entire gun with hulls doesn't change the fact that it would 1) take time to even construct the fuck fortress in the first place and 2) he would still have to know where I was.

>> No.22247439

Well i like it anyway.

>> No.22247446

Not all shots you'd be able to sidestep from, you would have to move and run, and I disagree with the complete power drain of a human from JUST their blood, you would get at best one tenth.

You also are not factoring in the reflexes required and the mental power required for dodging a second bullets, if you're fighting more than several people you would most likely be hit.

Also, you would still need to LEARN HOW TO DO SHIT before you actually do it. Intelligence =/= knowledge. I could have an IQ of 5000 but I still wouldn't be able to fly a goddamned jet unless I took training for it.

>> No.22247451


NO, an addiction implies something that he feels a compulsion to indulge, NOT some "OH HE NEEDS TO DRINK BULD OR HE IZN'T GUNNA LUZ HIS POWURZ!!11". It's obvious he is addicted to being powerful, not addicted to the blood-energy itself.

>if it were to be compared to real addictions then there would be a resistance of sorts build up meaning that the bar would be raised over time and you'd need to use up more just to return to normal function.

All that is your fucking speculation and is not even SLIGHTLY supported by ANYTHING stated in the OP. How the fuck can you build up a resistance to life-energy? You're just fucking retarded. I'll stop replying now.

>> No.22247460


It says you can get things down to molecular manipulation as you get stronger

So you can essentially severely fuck over a lot of people by manipulting the molecules of air and creating a vaccuum. Which would pretty much shit all over Fire mages since they can't fuel their fires without oxygen, and maybe over kinds of magic aswell

>> No.22247475


That's a shitty idea. THe hemo should keep his power level and only add more too it, which is obviously what they implied.


I don't give a fuck what you've written, obviously the blood energy stays within the hemo and he gains more power as he absorbs more. That's exactly what he said and that's what it is, you fucking 'tard.

>> No.22247499

ALSO, for all your mental and physical prowess, you will never be able to be immune to bullets, and you cannot dodge what you cannot see, meaning you'd also have to factor in having to always keep sight of your enemies weapon, your plan is fundamentally flawed there, you wouldn't survive past SWAT intervention.

>> No.22247543

I have an odd question; but I was wondering what sort of community these wizards of the spheres have? Are they all against one another or are there different factions that support one another or harrass different groups?

I think it would be neat to see what some cross-sphere mages do when working together; like a group of Thaumaturgists and Necromancers can create when working together.

Or Earth-rock specialists and Void dudes.

>> No.22247559

Would be plot points i suppose, Inter-mage politics

>> No.22247575

The point of this thread is to speculate about the game. It's a constantly evolving thing, which means that the pasta isn't perfect and changes can be made.

>> No.22247596

I'm making a /v/ thread soon with the "usual" list.

Want me to drop a link here?

>> No.22247606


>> No.22247610

Someone made a map with a bunch of factions and allegiances, but I didn't save it.

>> No.22247613

That was about the response I expected. Oh well.
How would you go about it? I proposed a hemomancer design that works on the principal of gaining power fast and spending power fast.
You propose a design based on gaining power without limit at a rate exponentially higher than any other sphere.
And before you say again that your version is justified by OP, It isn't, not totally that is. The OP gives a few points on each sphere and leaves us to speculate and change things.

You seem so angry, have a bear to calm you down.

>> No.22247623

>you would have to move and run,

Why would you need to move an run form a fucking bullet? It;'s not an explosive, tard.

>and I disagree with the complete power drain of a human from JUST their blood, you would get at best one tenth.

Says who tard? Blood obvioulsy contains most of the life in a human, which is why blood is called "LIFE-BLOOD" you stupid nig-nog.

>You also are not factoring in the reflexes required and the mental power required for dodging a second bullets, if you're fighting more than several people you would most likely be hit.

Unles yhou're fast enough to dodge the rest of the bullets. Their is no reason why a hemomancer who's absorbed atleast 10 huuman's energy should be able to dodge multiple simultaneous shots from a side-arm when the levels of power is stated to be "perfection" and "perfection" implies a fucking alot.

>Also, you would still need to LEARN HOW TO DO SHIT
>learn how to move

Are you fucking serious? You don't need to learn how to dodge a bullet if you're physically capable. The only thing that is necessary is being able to predict the trajectory and moving. Hemomancers can do that.

>> No.22247630


Its slightly outdated

>> No.22247672


Of course, but you're still wrong nigger.


Except the power of hemomancer revolves TOTALLY around blood, as opposed to another sphere which is around themselves. Don't fucking cry because a hemomancer wants power, that's the whole point of being a hemomancer 'tard.

>The OP gives a few points on each sphere and leaves us to speculate and change things.

And the number one point was that he GAINS MORE POWER AS HE ABSORBS BLOOD-ENERGY, not "hurrr u need bluud or uz gunna luz ur powurz" you stupid knave fool.

> you will never be able to be immune to bullets

Immune in teh sense that they don't pierce my flesh? Their is no reason why I can't become that powerful with enough blood-energy. The OP said "perfection" and I determine my own perfection, or atleast what "perfection" in the physical form is being nigh-invincible in all regards.

>you cannot dodge what you cannot see

I could EASILY hear the bullets, and predict their trajectories. That's also implying I wouldn't already be moving.

>> No.22247685

>Arcane isn't a faction


>> No.22247687


Which would you recommend for a first-timer: Time or Mind?

Because I would like to join whatever-is-going on, but have no experience on the matter.

>> No.22247726

Time is currently out of the question so your only option is Mind.

>> No.22247743

Mind is probably easier.

>> No.22247744

What about flaws?
>Elemental Flaw
Phoenix - every time you cross the line, your power lashes at you, burning, electrocuting and petrifying your convulsing body. The line is closer than you think.
Thaumaturgy flaw.
>They Watch - Scrying shows you things you don`t want to see. Conjured objects become more and more bizzare and hostile. And every time you walk through the Aether, you can walk a wrong path.
>Death flaw -
Living Husk - If someone said that being lich is not so good.
>Blood flaw -
Red Thirst - Every drop you drank gave you youth. Power. You don`t want to lose it. You need your blood fix. Now.
>Mind flaw
Open Gates - With time, you will find it harder NOT to use the power. Eventually, you won`t be able to shut your mind from thousands of minor overheard thoughs and you would strike at the targets before thinking about sparing them.
>Holy flaw
Sacred Law - Even minor sins should be punished.
>Life flaw
Same Blood - You have a mystical connections with everything you`ve created or enchanced. Their pain and death will echo in your soul.
>Void flaw
Hollow - With every slain mage, Crystal robs you of little part of your soul. Your connection with other humans become weaker and weaker, your dreams become dimmer. Unlike the blood mages, you don`t need to continue the killing. But you`ll find less and less reasons to stop.

What do you think, /tg/?

>> No.22247750


>Why would you need to move an run form a fucking bullet? It;'s not an explosive, tard.

If the bullet is aimed towards your chest or there are multiple bullets coming at you from different angles, then you would have to move.

>Says who tard? Blood obvioulsy contains most of the life in a human, which is why blood is called "LIFE-BLOOD" you stupid nig-nog.

It's called lifeblood because you need to LIVE with it, it's a common storytelling element.

>You also are not factoring in the reflexes required and the mental power required for dodging a second bullets, if you're fighting more than several people you would most likely be hit.

From multiples sidearms and differing trajectories, did you even read my post?

>Also, you would still need to LEARN HOW TO DO SHIT

Again you're not even reading the post and going straight to rage and insults, it was about you flying and making a stealth plane to attack that guy with the fortress

>> No.22247752


New thread with the vanilla list

>> No.22247778

Are we already in autosage?

>> No.22247790

189 posts. Far from it.

>> No.22247792

But what about sending a heatwave, as in microwave weapons? You would burn to a crisp, and it would work even in vacuum.

>> No.22247823

I didn't say he would lose his power completely. Basic blood-boiling and stealing are "free", and as you grow in power you need less and less fuel to do cool stuff. Also, blood mages can still "save up" stolen blood, and an experienced blood mage needs so little blood for powerful spells that they might as well have infinite reserves for that purpose.

I'm trying to work with you to make something that's powerful and fair in regards to the other spheres. If you would stop yelling at anyone who proposes any changes maybe people would listen to you.

>> No.22247825


>Of course, but you're still wrong nigger.

You're not the only one who can make changes to hemo, I quite like the addiction idea.

>Immune in teh sense that they don't pierce my flesh? Their is no reason why I can't become that powerful with enough blood-energy. The OP said "perfection" and I determine my own perfection, or atleast what "perfection" in the physical form is being nigh-invincible in all regards.

1.) There is a reason, physical prowess does not mean complete overhauls of your anatomical structure, no matter how strong or fast you are, your skin will not be strong enough to be impervious to bullets.

2.) That "I can determine my own perfection" is bullshit, it clearly means physical and mental power, or else someone could sprout goddamn faerie wings and a dragon's nose for a dick because that's their understanding of "perfection" and if you say that he never specified, then you've gotten yourself into a corner, you raged at that guy for half the previous thread for using his seer ability because it's "too vague", therefore you can't list "PERFECTION" as a reason because it is also too vague

>I could EASILY hear the bullets, and predict their trajectories. That's also implying I wouldn't already be moving.

Bullets travel just shy of the speed of sound, by the time you hear the bullet they would be so close that it would be physically impossible to dodge at that point.

>> No.22247892

Mind it is then. Thank you.

>> No.22247894

I love it!

>> No.22247904

>Bullets travel just shy of the speed of sound,

M200 CheyTac: .408 CheyTac cartridge.

Speed of sound~340m/s

More than 3 times the speed of sound

inb4 my autism is showing

>> No.22247922

>they could craft viruses to ravage the lands of men

Viruses should be outside of a druid's sphere, they aren't alive in the traditional sense. Many scientists today argue that they aren't alive at all, but rather a fluke of nature that happens to be able to evolve due to the nature of DNA and RNA. Viruses, due to how they behave and what they are would fit better inside the sphere of death. Bacteria and fungi would fit the sphere of life nicely for diseases though

>> No.22248033

>If the bullet is aimed towards your chest

But you don't need ot fucking run, nor do you need even move your legs.

> multiple bullets coming at you from different angles, then you would have to move.

Then you dodge each one in turn. their is no need to "run" all that's necessary is moving the body parts that are in the trajectory, or just finding a way so none of your body parts are touching a fucking bullet in the next 4 seconds.

>It's called lifeblood because you need to LIVE with it, it's a common storytelling element.

Because they fucking understood that blood holds the most life-energy in a persons body, which is why there a fucking class that revolves around it.

> it was about you flying and making a stealth plane to attack that guy with the fortress

Someone could've flown it for me. Add that to my enhanced mental powers and learning how o fly something would be child's play.

>> No.22248057

Seems a little silly to allow bacteria and funghi but no viruses though.

>> No.22248393

It's because of what they are. A virus is a protein coat, one nucleic acid, and a few carrier proteins. They do not eat, they do not breathe, they don't have any mechanisms for sexual reproduction; all they do is blindly inject the nucleic acid they carry into a cell. If they by chance hit the right type of cell, their nucleic acid is read by the cell's machinery and more viruses are created by the cell. They are below what scientists define life to be.

Bacteria have several types of nucleic acids that work in conjunction to form a very basic control center that governs the cell, which itself has many parts and pieces that do individual jobs all across the cell. Fungi are even more developed. Both fit our definition of life, they move, reproduce, and have a metabolism.

>> No.22248555


Except I'm not making changes, tard. Everything I've said is perfectly supported by the OP description. You're just implying more into than what was stated. Their is no context for the "addiction" you're claiming.

>, it clearly means physical and mental power

I'm so fucking glad you're realizing that. I really am. Then you should have no reason to assume that, on the pursuit of perfection, you get to a level that puts you well beyond fearing mortal weaponry. But, still, obviously a hemomancer can alter themselves as such a large influx energy would no doubt produce changes in the body of the hemomancer.

>your skin will not be strong enough to be impervious to bullets.

And who said that? Perfection, and the path to perfection in the physical form, obviously includes having a body that is nigh-invulnerable, and perfection in the mental aspect is having Omniscience. or atleast past the point where a certain threshold of force will not affect them. This this threshold should be relativity easy to obtain for the hemomancer to become :"immune" if you will, to "mortal"(i.e. weak) weaponry. You're just saying "NUH UH I DUNT LIEK DAT", while i'm saying "The OP description implies becoming far more powerful than you're "anti-wanking" them to be".

>by the time you hear the bullet they would be so close that it would be physically impossible to dodge at that point.

The only "phsyically imossible" is if the bullet was touching your skin and bullets aren't instantaneous. If you're fast enough you can dodge it, regardless of whether the bullet was already in motion by the time you heard it.

>> No.22248561

>555 trips

Fucking devestated, you jew.

>> No.22248570

>Then you should have no reason to assume that, on the pursuit of perfection, you get to a level that puts you well beyond fearing mortal weaponry

Made a typo. I meant NOT assume. Get that you negro? NOT ASSUME "invincible" armor.

>> No.22248583

Yes i know, i have done a little on virus biology, I'm just saying in a magic game i don't think it matters, as no one will go in to the depths of differentiating a bacterium or virus, because who the fuck is using mundane healing?

If it please you though, maybe viruses could fall under deaths control and the other two under life?

Sorry if that comes off arsey btw.

>> No.22249881

>Implying you can escape FRESH BEATS

>> No.22249892

Well if you link the thread they will.
You were talking about me, weren't you?

>> No.22249915

Sure is /b/tard in here.

>> No.22250031


Tell me about it. He's been like that for days.

>> No.22250041

Not to be petty, but you used the poorly edited version of the Life sphere.

The Sphere of Life grants the user dominion over all living creatures. These druids find manipulating plants, animals, and other weak minded lifeforms easy. As a druid advances, he gains the power to generate life, refilling the old and injured with new vigour or investing size and complexity into a specimen, however fantastical it may become. They can cause near instantaneous overgrowths, strong vines intruding and tearing apart every crevice of even cities at their most spectacular. They can grow jungles so thick they seem impenetrable, and beasts so large and fierce that armies flee from but one. Druids also take the qualities of those they work into themselves, making themselves stronger, leaner, faster. The most powerful can change into a beast or plant entirely while keeping their own mind, but most druids, however experienced, have difficulty with a full transition, their minds influenced by the instincts of the creature they resemble. They would be able to weave new creatures in their jungle laboratories as they like, or they could craft viruses to ravage the lands of men. While their impressive healing powers are appreciated by most altruistic people, their ability to turn corrupt and cause pandemics that tremble the entire world makes them common enemies of the just.

...OK, so I went overboard tweaking stuff... Say if I messed up too badly, will you?

>> No.22250157


The fuck fortress? lol. Something tells me the whole chard corpse thing left an impression. ^.^

Also, I never implied that the floating fortress of doom wasn't an end game item. That's why I don't consider your life worth a scratch on its walls. Quite simply that scratch is more then your life is worth to me. ;)

>> No.22250508


Personally, I like this one better. It seems a lot smother, streamlined and logical.

>> No.22250655

/v/ rejected us.

Get in there!

>> No.22250693

Did the other thread autosage or get deleted?

>> No.22250699


>> No.22250706

Deleted, there was someone that got butthurt

>> No.22250725

But they were right, though. CYOAs belong on /tg/. I don't know why Fox decided to bring it over to /v/.

>> No.22250745

Reporting in.

>> No.22250759

I'm here.

>> No.22250761

I'm here

>> No.22250773

I'm here to bandwagon.

>> No.22250784

I'm here

>> No.22250794

I'll be back later. New Oyasumi Punpun chapters y'know.

>> No.22250822


>> No.22250825


Sir, your name... is wonderful.

>> No.22250947

So, what happened in the thread on /v/?

>> No.22250971

Guy got butthurt, reported and then mods happened

>> No.22250985

What, Yaldibritches strikes again?

>> No.22250990

Yadelboof and bloodking became villainous hemomancers, while a plague mage threated the universe. Meanwhile, other mages started an alliance.
So far there are:
4 Arcane
1 Fire
1 Water
1 Lightning
3 Necromancers
1 Geomancer
1 Holy
Sorrym if I forgot anyone.

>> No.22251016

Always with the villainous homomancers. You would think that violent gang rape by multiple alliances at once would cause them to give up.

>> No.22251019

No, it was someone else

>> No.22251022

I'll join that, put down 1 biomancer.

>> No.22251042

IIRC there were 2 biomancers but i might be wrong

Biomancer=Geomancer more or less, instead of moving chunks of earth you move errr.... Chunks of life?

>> No.22251064

Well, I'll just play neutral for now. I've got a lot of popcorn handy while I watch the show, and if EVERYONE held hands and sung kumbaya together things would get boring way too fast. ;)

Not to mention.. I've got catgirls. What else do I need?

>> No.22251066

And for making things clear, it would be 3 geomancers in total

>> No.22251070

Yep, two biomancers now

>> No.22251096

The utopia for mages, where will that be located? I vote for underwater. No hemo assholes can reach us, it lets life geomancers make aquatic animals, and it stops non-magical people from trying to attack.

>> No.22251099

Void mage here. I'll probably be chillin' somewhere in/around your fort. No need to worry about me, I just want to watch the world burn far, far below.

>> No.22251128

Somewhere in the Warp. Much safer there and far away from the shitty physical realm.

>> No.22251134

I'd suggest shaping a piece of land inside the warp, they won't get us anytime, plus maximum freedom for building.

And even pockets of custom physics law on demand!

>> No.22251159


Hmm.. someone that disrupts magic all around him in a flying fortress that's only held up by magic. ... What could go wrong with that? ...

Want to just communicate vie crystal ball instead? I can have one of my catgirls fly over and give you one.

>> No.22251168

You forgot the Void guy. He was good.

Also sup guys.

>> No.22251169

>shitty physical realm
No offense to elementalists, geomancers and biomancers, but I really don't like static reality.

>> No.22251181

If he keep the crystal in a safe place there wouldn't be much problems...
Plus we can't leave him on Earth with the other two crazyguys

>> No.22251208

My vote for this. Guarded portal, that sort of thing.

>> No.22251223

Wouldn't having the utopia in the Warp mean that only Thaumaturgers can come and go as they will? What is we had the underwater place then have a permanent(?) portal to the Warp palace? Then everyone can come(even Void bros) without destroying our utopia.

>> No.22251232

Antidotes, antidotes everywhere.
And void crystals.

>> No.22251234

Nah, I won't disrupt the entire castle, just whatever's around me.
I'll manage it somehow.
If that doesn't work, scrying crystal-o-vision is acceptable.
Voids like myself just need a bro to ensure that we're not royally fucked. xD I can make myself useful.

>> No.22251246

Holybro, I was looking for you. Since you're holy and all, I was going to ask you a question. You've probably seen just by looking at my castle that magic I practice is "unconventional". No objections to your faith?

>> No.22251247

I'll help with any underwater operations you might have in mind.

>> No.22251273

An alternative is escaping to another planet and terraform it to our needs.

>> No.22251290

Should thaumaturges be able to banish things to the warp? They're already kind of powerful but without being able to do that there's no way for them to make that image happen.

>> No.22251302

Well, they can create portals.

>> No.22251314

I'd be more than happy to help with that as long as people don't fucking wreck everything.
Excessive destruction on the planet will be met with extreme measures.

>> No.22251339

My Nigras! Glad to see you all made it!

>> No.22251351

We must not be familiar with one another. Or at least, I haven't been paying attention.
Are you bothering anyone? Hurting anyone? Enslaving anyone? If not, I don't really mind.
You're free to do as you please, but not at the expense of others. And we can of course try to discuss thing civilly if there are any problems.

>> No.22251369


I'm neutral remember? I explained to the other Hemomaster that his life wasn't worth a scratch on my fortresses walls and you want me to risk the whole freaking thing?? Do you know how long it takes to build a freaking flying fortress from scratch and people it with demonic catgirls with maid uniforms?? I mean, the uniforms alone took ages! You don't think they sewed themselves, do you?? No one ever appreciates the effort that goes into pure genius! no one! They just assume it's all easy! Well it's not! It's blood sweat and tears! and even then it can all crash down in an instant if some random void mage isn't careful with his crystals! I'm not as young as I was when I first started building this thing you know, and you want me to risk scrapping the whole thing on a whim??? I think not good sir! I mean, my back still hasn't recovered from lugging everything together in the first place! No. Nope. No way in hell.

Like I said though, communication? Even sharing a few catgirls? That's fine. ... Just don't mess up their uniforms! -.-

>> No.22251387

My understanding is that we just need enough space for a couple cities or so, if an entire planet is an agreeable means to an end for everyone, then so be it.

Is this directed at me?

>> No.22251402

Making a arcane construct for sewing isn't exactly difficult.

Plus a pocket of accelerated time with the plant for the fibers can quickly supply the prime material

>> No.22251403

I thought theurgists(calling holy mages theurgists from now on since it's the same thing) must abide the vow of abstinence.
There are two theurgists here?

>> No.22251420

I thought it was me, since I'm the guy who usually posts Solaire (or a little bit of Reimu) in the /v/ threads. Maybe I should adopt a name?

>> No.22251460

>must abide the vow of abstinence
No one ever said that. Besides, that doesn't mean one can't let others enjoy themselves. They didn't take a vow too.

>> No.22251463

It wouldn't hurt.

>> No.22251480


Why... I...! ... ... ... GOD DAMN IT!
*Hurries off with a grimace to start writing notes furiously*
Good day sir!

>> No.22251510

I suppose there are now, haha. And I'm not sure if all holy mages are all united under one religion, or if there are several paths within said hypothetical titular religion, or if holy mages are just all covered under a reigning doctrine that isn't necessarily religious. So, I'm just going with the assumption that a vow of abstinence is prevalent, but not necessary.

And yes, please do.

>> No.22251574

It... appears my two posts were deleted. For no reason. The gist of it:

I'd pick Element/Fire. I just wanna burn shit.
Although, people seem to ignore the positive sides of fire. Like purging bacterium from food, refining metals, giving light, etc. I mean, I'm fine with just burning shit, it's just something that bothers me.

>> No.22251575

So, would anyone care to be interested in hearing how a Seer stops a good old fashioned evil as fuck necromancer from ascending to lichdom?

>> No.22251628


Go for it. Though Seer got merged with Thaumaturgist in this setting, so it's a lot easier then it used to be. ;)

>> No.22251651

True, but this story is using the vanilla version, so this guy only has future sight. Also, there's a Chronomancer, so I'm not sure if those exist anymore. Oh well.

>> No.22251665

And so begins the tale of the slightly reluctant Seer.

The worst thing about being a Future Sight user wasn’t being able to see your own future self constantly dying unless you did something about it, or finding out about how your spouse cheated on you before she actually did it. No, the worst thing is that the future is constantly changing, not only because you have the power to change it, but because other people do too. Not only do other people have the power to see into the future and alter it in response, but you’ve got those bastard Time Mages who constantly jump back and forth, stopping and altering the flow of time to the point where I get a migraine trying to keep track of it all. So I don’t. I have a nice gig in this town, and the people appreciate the use of a guy who can predict the weather with utter certainty and whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Simple stuff like that, I’m fine with watching out for. The big stuff, like the outcomes and battles, I stay the hell away from. But, if there’s something about me dying, I pay attention, since I like to live. Luckily, the nice thing about the future is that little Butterfly Effect thing. I once got a vision of a rogue Hydromancer running rampant through my town, throwing icicles everywhere, killing the local populace (including myself), being a general bastard. So, what did I do? The dumbass enters the town by leaping on top of the stone gate at the entrance of the town. So, I chip off a chunk the top, and wait. Don’t change a single thing other than that. So, of course, the Hydromancer is rolling into town, thinking he’s hot shit, announcing his arrival like he’s some villain out the village elder’s children’s tales. He, just like I saw before, jumps up on top of the gate as his water elementals march through the streets.

>> No.22251691

“People of this lowly village, meet your new master! Bow down in tribute to me! Do not worry, for I will rule you as a wise king from my palace of ice and you will live in pea- Ohhhh shit!”
The dumbass twists his ankle from the chunk of stone that I took out a week earlier. Hydromancer falls off the gate, lands right on his head and snaps his damn neck. All the water Elementals just collapse into puddles, which was a bitch to clean up. The local populace weren’t actually surprised by the whole thing, they knew what had happened, they knew what I did. Like I said, it doesn’t take much to change the future. Just the right knock in the right place. Well, most times. Sometimes, it takes a lot more than just a knock.
Speaking of knocks, my current current situation will, hopefully be solved by another one. Well, more like a shake. I guess I should backtrack. About a year ago, I get a vision of this entire countryside getting turned into a necropolis. The particular Necromancer that is the cause of this is one of those bastard Necromancers that seem to be convinced that because you control the dead you have to be an evil motherfucker. He was, you see, a follower of the old guard down to the disgusting ritual that turns one into a lich. Even though, you know, modern necromancers have found ways to transform into a lich without slaughtering babies or whatever the hell is necessary for making that evil potion. But no, this Necromancer wants to do it old school.

>> No.22251703

Fine, I tell myself, I’ll just fuck up the ritual with a well placed rock for him to trip on. I love pulling shit like that. But the problem is, the Necromancer knew of my existence, and he was planning for it. He fortifies the area of his ascendence with at least 50 skeletons while he travels around the continent gathering the materials necessary for the ritual so I couldn’t sneak in there and screw up the whole thing before he attempted it. So here I was, trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get into a small cave guarded by numerous undead. I ended up climbing the nearby mountain, looking for an alternate entrance, something the Necromancer overlooked, anything to help me get in. But dammit, there was nothing. No back door, no secret tunnel. Nothing. Only the front door, and the bony gentlemen guarding it would not take kindly to my presence.
I do this for almost a year, trying to find ways into the premises through the local underground tunnel system, but coming up to a dead end each time. I even tried just rushing the place a couple times with some weapons that I got from the local blacksmith and backup from some strapping young lads from the village who thought they would be heroes for stopping a Necromancer’s transformation ritual.

>> No.22251713

That's because this is a half-done game that sees only sporadic development as well as a CYOA.

>> No.22251717

Unfortunately, as I got more men for the job the more variables there were. I couldn’t save everyone who went in there with me. I tried it with a small force of men but the skeletons were too numerous and we were driven back. And as we were driven back, I saw that the Necromancer had set up something not unlike a security system. A series of skulls with glowing eyes ringed along the upper corners of the cave tunnels that the Necromancer could simply look through and check if I had meddled with anything. Now I was stumped. How the hell was I going to stop this? If I had known about the system earlier, I would have simply done a bit of traveling and asked this old friend of mine who was also a user of the holy light, and would have stopped at nothing to stop this rogue Necromancer. But unfortunately for me, I decided that practicing too hard on my abilities would cause nothing but trouble. At this point, my abilities were more like senses for danger, not something that would allow me to look at any point into the future. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Unfortunately, I only had about a week left to do something. I hiked back up around the mountain again, looking for any structural weaknesses in the roof of the cave, maybe just send the whole thing crashing down around him. Growing frustrated, I started to curse in anger at the Lich, even though there was no way he could hear me.

>> No.22251737

I really like your writing style. This is going to be good I can tell. ^.^

>> No.22251738

Quick warning: This story has a semi-bad case of Deus Ex Machina.

“Damn you! You just had to pick this place to make your goddamn transformation didn’t you? Just had to ruin everything! Well, fuck you, I’m out of here! This place can rot for all I care!”

“Damn me? Why, what have I done?”

The gravelly voice nearly made me jump out of my skin. I looked around wildly, trying to find the source of the sound. No one was there. I began to shout.

“Who said that? Where the hell are you? Show yourself!”

“You know, you’re not a very good seer, are you? I mean, you should have seen this coming, shouldn’t you have?”

At this point I was getting even angrier. Who the hell was this voice to tell me what to do? Out of sheer frustation, I kicked the rocky wall near me. A pair of eyes opened on the rock.

“Hey, there’s no need for violence!”

It was a good ten minutes that I woke up again after screaming and blacking out. There was a man looking at me. Well, it was sort of a man. It was kind of, you know, made of rocks. I was going to scream again, but he cut me off with a question.

“So, trying to stop a Necromancer from transforming, eh? Tricky bit of work that is. Especially for one with abilities like yours.”

At this point, I wasn’t so much scared as mad. I didn’t care who the hell this rock man was, he wasn’t going to talk down to me.

“Well, for your information, I was trying to find a spot that I could use to collapse the roof onto the cave when the ritual was being held.”

“Well, that’s a fine idea, but why didn’t you just come up and ask me? After all, I am a geomancer.”

>> No.22251743

Did you?

>> No.22251750

A Geomancer. Of course. Men of the earth who maintained absolute control over the land around them, some even manipulating the local plant and wildlife. This one seemed to be more of the rocky type, a wizard who grew so in tune with the earth that he became one with it, gaining a rocky body and immortality. Unfortunately for the art of geomancy, there were very few practitioners spread around the world. Fortunately for me, I had just met one. And now I had a plan.

The next few weeks were somewhat easy, as my plan had been set and now all I had to do was wait. The plan itself was simple enough. On the night of the the transformation, the Geomancer would cause an earthquake at the exact moment the Necromancer transfers his essence into the phylactery. The Phylactery is shattered, the Lich is destroyed, and everyone goes on living their lives without becoming skeletons. Or rather, becoming nothing but skeletons. Yeah. Anyway, it was just yesterday. The day of the transformation, or rather the day before the night of said transformation. Since my part in this fight was done, I was simply getting a bit of shopping done for the house.

>> No.22251759

Suddenly, a flash of precognition.
The gargoyle atop the chapel next to me was loose, and it falls.
I am crushed under the weight of the stone.
The vision over, I make a small correction to my course, turning about eight degrees to the right to avoid the danger. Passing by the church, I make my way up the street, and another wave of precognition hits me, much stronger than before.
A man is there, next to the church.
He then hits me across the head with a club.
The vision is over.
There is the man, standing under the shadow of the church. I call out to him.
“I know you’re here for me. Who sent you?”

“Who do you think?”

Damn, so it was the Necromancer. Oh well, not too hard to rectify. I pick up a pebble and chuck it at the gargoyle. The extra force causes it to wobble. It falls. I watch with an almost bored look on my face as the gargoyle is falling toward the would-be assassin, about to end his little attempt on my life. But something is wrong. The Assassin is gone. The gargoyle smashes into the pavement with a crash, but no one is hurt. A voice comes from behind.

>> No.22251767

“Really, is that the best you could do?”

I wonder how the hell he done that. No one can simply teleport like that. True teleportation requires concentration and a period of waiting for the spell to take place. There was no light show from the teleportation either. So either this man has mastered a new power that I was yet unaware of, or.... of course. He simply moved out of the way of the gargoyle by stopping time. The Necromancer had hired a goddamn Time Mage. A club strikes the back of my head. I hit the ground with a thud, and everything goes black. I hate Time Mages.

The next thing I know, I’m surrounded by skeletons. The Necromancer is standing in front of me with a smug look on his face. Not only could he not feel satisfied enough with “foiling” my plans, but he wanted me to be there as he ascended. No matter. The Geomancer was still going to bring the entire place down. Except I’m in here with them. Now that we’re all caught up, I can focus on the problem at hand. Namely, the fact that I’m trapped in a cave with a time mage and a soon-to-be-Lich surrounded by skeletons, and it’s all about to come down in about ten minutes. How did I not see this coming? The Necromancer hiring the Time Mage should have been easily visible to me, since it was, after all, pretty much a direct threat on my life. And then I see it. A bag filled with bluish crystals. I don’t know how he did it, but the Necromancer got a hold of void crystals. That’s why I couldn’t see the future, anything he was doing at all. He must have had it when he hired the Time Mage. My attention snaps back to the Necromancer. Oh god, he’s going to make a villainous monologue. He’s so old school evil Necromancer it hurts.

>> No.22251772


If I can manipulate things on an Molecular scale with my powers? Can I pull individual atoms apart?

>> No.22251775

“So, you want to stop me, hmm? Tell me, Seer, what can you see in your future? An army of bone sweeping over your little village, killing the insignificant little insects that call themselves people within? Your corpse serving my will, throttling the life out your neighbors with your own hands?”

“Actually, I see your body crushed by the cave we’re in and myself walking right out of here. And the Time Mage dying with my hands around his throat.”

“Well, good to see your sense of humor hasn’t abandoned you. Shame I can’t say the same of your intelligence.”

I look at him. Another precog flash.

The Necromancer is starting the ritual.
The roof starts to shake.
Stalactites fall from the ceiling.
A particularly large boulder crushes him and the Phylactery.
The skeletons shake and fall apart.
The Time Mage stops time and runs out.
I look up to see a rock crushing my head.

I snap back to the present, the Necromancer has begun the ritual. I don’t have much time. I have to look into the future again.

>> No.22251792

At extremely high levels yes.

I see myself running out of the cave.
There are rocks falling all around me.
One instantly crushes my head.
Okay, dodge left.
Another one pins my foot, I die.
Then dodge right.
More rocks fall.
Left, right, right, left, duck, jump...
How am I going to remember all of this? Got to try anyway. I’ve only got one chance. I pull away as hard as I can and get out of the skeleton’s grip. There’s still a bone arm holding on to me. I make a lunge for the bag of void crystals. Pulling some out, I throw them at the time mage, getting a clean hit in. While I won’t be able to see what’s coming, the Time Mage won’t be able to pull any shenanigans. Got to remember the order of the falling rocks. The roof has already started shaking, and the necromancer has been shaken out of his trance. I run, and I look back to see a boulder crush the Necromancer as he screams. Well, that’s one problem down. Back to the issue at hand, which is avoiding getting crushed by huge boulders. Let’s see if I remember everything.

>> No.22251824

This one is pretty good. Not sure about the lack of time but I know it's cut because of balance so do what you have to I guess. I don't like generalist elementalists that much but putting the elements together in one sphere is really just book keeping mostly, and it's fine. The little changes in powers I like basically all of, and the names I think are better since it keeps other names for practitioners.

>> No.22251828

The story ends a bit abruptly. Sorry.

Right, left, left again, two dodges to the right, jump...? No, fuck, duck! Alright, jump over this one, and I should be home free. And finally, like the light at the end of the tunnel, I can see stars. I’m free. I actually survived. Suddenly, the time mage runs out of the cave behind me. How the hell did he get out? No matter. Time for a little payback. I run at him, and before he sees me, I tackle him to the ground. Looks like the bastard isn’t used to his targets being able to fight back. Well, let’s show him what a mistake that was. My hands close around his throat, and I squeeze as tight as I can until he stops struggling. Well, I thought I was bullshitting when I told that to the Necromancer back in the cave, but maybe I was telling the truth and I didn’t know it. I guess these powers are more useful than I thought. Maybe I should practice a little more, so I can avoid a clusterfuck like that.

>> No.22251833


>I can create explosions with the power of my mind

Man fuck Pyrokinesis, I am a walking disaster area

>> No.22251845

And that's the end. Let me know if it's good or bad.
Or if you have ideas for me to write about. I'm bored, so I just might try it.

>> No.22251854

>If it please you though, maybe viruses could fall under deaths control and the other two under life?

Yes, this is what I suggested.

>> No.22251872

You will be, if you train long enough.

I like your style, kid.

>> No.22251901

Alright, how about this? I am the Astoran; because I like to portray Solaire, who hails from Astora.
I'm generally not one for names, for I prefer my idealism be remembered rather than a name. But it will suffice.

I liked it.

>> No.22251932


Over all I really liked it. There were a few rough spots, but you already noticed and commented on them yourself, and the story really should have ended with him back home safe and sound instead of just at killing the time mage. Wind down and closure's an important part of the story over all. Other then that, I really liked the word choice and pacing for the majority of the story and would encourage you to write more. You have a knack for it.

>> No.22251967


>> No.22251973

Thanks. I wrote it last night, and I probably could still do a "true" ending. A little bit of an epilogue.

>> No.22252063


Sounds good to me mon!

>> No.22252176

I was thinking of having each kill raise the cap on physical stats and giving an ability to make unarmed attacks lethal. Some of these concepts seem to have been "phased out" of the main branch though, and I don't really know the reasons for that.

It's a good derogatory. I like Fox's "antimagicae" for a general term, though. It got removed when I rewrote Void but that's more because I forgot to put it back in than because I didn't want it.

>eeryone doesn't have infinite guns
muh second amendment

Would make sense that arcanists could have a home territory in the warp.

>> No.22252184

Let's try an epilogue, shall we?

So, here I am. Just got done strangling a Time Mage and crushing a Necromancer under a cave. I start walking back to the village, to my house and my warm bed. Honestly, I am fucking finished with these big crazy threats and villains. Leave the big bad evil guys too the dipshits who shoot lightning or whatever. Myself, I'm gonna go live my semi-normal life. Who knows, maybe I could find a wife, get some kids. As I'm pondering all of this, a voice comes from behind.

"So, I take it you succeeded?"

I whirl around. To my relief, it's just the geomancer.

"Yeah, although it was a little hairy. I was in the cavern when you caused the cave-in."

"Oh, I know. I was watching through the rock. Nice bit of footwork going out of that cave. And the void dust on the Time Mage was genius."

"Wait a fucking minute. You could see me? You knew I was in there?"

"Of course I did. I'm a geomancer, I know all that goes in within my own mountain. What kind of geomancer would I be if I didn't?"

"But, you knew I was in there. And you still caved the whole place in! I could have been killed you idiot!"

"But you weren't, were you? Tell me, if you weren't trapped in that cave and made to look into the future, would you still be intent on once again using your powers as it looks like you are now?"

>> No.22252288

Gotta say, I love this incarnation of the Time sphere. Time travel is "super high level hard to do" shit and there's still plenty of potential for ZA WARUDO.

>> No.22252292

This map exists too.

>> No.22252300

I was dumbfounded. How did he even know..?

"Wait, so you almost killed me just to teach me a lesson? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Well, I do quite literally have rocks for brains, so maybe that has something to do with it. Or, maybe I'm just wise beyond your comprehension. Or I could just be crazy!"

He throws his head back and lets out a laugh that's a little too unsettling for my tastes. Not to mention that he's somehow getting rocks to emit laughter.

"...Okay, well I'm just going to go now. Please stay the hell away from me and my village."

"Oh, please, unless your village has some delicious minerals under it, I'll keep to my mountain, thank you very much. OH, watch out for the molemen that make their homes under your town!"

"..Was that serious or a joke?"

"You'll never know! Ahahahaha!"

His rock body collapses, and I'm alone again. Fucking Geomancers.


Well, it's been a couple weeks, and nothing bad has happened yet. Plus, I've been talking to that nice girl who runs the fruit cart at the market. A thought just occured to me. I could look into the future to see if she and I actually... Nah, some things are best to leave alone.

The End.

>> No.22252302


>> No.22252342

So, is that better for an ending?

>> No.22252393

Thanks for bringing it to attention, I missed this post, and was just wondering about the Time sphere and how to deal with the idea of novice wizards abusing time travel everywhere (everywhen, rather).

Also, Holybro will be out for a few hours. See you later, guys.

>> No.22252463


Honestly the Geomancer came off a little too obviously as the voice of the narrator. A short talk with the Geomancer makes sense all things considered but the insights would have sounded a lot better if they had come from within IMO.

I did like the little end bit though. It gave a nice bit of closure while indicating that life still goes on.

>> No.22252464

Void Mage here, you're all faggots leave me alone.

Yeah it's funny to hurl lightning at me because it disappears, but if you do it one more fucking time, I SWEAR to existence I will turn you into nothingness.

>> No.22252467

Some folks want to drop it into ye olde times rather than just "real world but MAGIC" as has traditionally been the default assumption.

>> No.22252485

Still tough to balance when it comes to any actual gameplay and might be too narrow of a gimmick for a fun game, but I suppose it works okay for this sort of thread at least.

>> No.22252567

Yeah, true. I just wanted the geomancer to be some crazy old guy that was also incredibly wise. But yeah, he still reeked of Deus Ex Machina. Oh well.

>> No.22252764

The sleeper has awoken...

Anyway, is this set in a medieval period with magic, or modern day with magic?

>> No.22252768

So... does holy do shields still, or is it like some sort of antimagic aura type deal? Just what the hell do they do other than heal?
And are you guys playing this somewhere?

>> No.22252811

You better turn the planet into Dune.

>> No.22252824

Join the steam group. Spheres of Aether Tabletop.

>> No.22253032

There's a game soon but it's kinda sloppy with the canon. My intent with holy defense was to make it non-specific but not necessarily a physical surface that you hold in your hand and can bash people with, which is how a lot of folks interpreted "shield" as.

>> No.22253269

option a

>> No.22253358


The Test game we run is A, but we plan on B.

>> No.22253826

So with have established that T&T

>Can create a vacuum
>Can cause Nuclear explosions
>Can sheer away almost any material imaginable through molecular manipulation
>Can kill someone from 50 paces with mind bullets, possibly at even longer range
>Can fly
>Can crush objects with extreme pressure
>Can turn almost any thing he gets his hands on or is even in sight of, into a deadly weapon.

And this isn't considering what the Telepathy part of this sphere can do

>T&T High Tier Power

>> No.22253835

So you can't stop physical attacks, or you can? Is it just rendering the self impervious to change or what?

>> No.22254092

So I went ahead and begun writing the awakening of a T&T dude:

I just had the weirdest dream.

I was in my room, pushing buttons and flipping switches. I felt oddly gleeful, as if I'd been released from a prison or burden. More odd than that, however, was that I wasn't using my hands. I would press against the switch, feeling the dust and cold plastic, even tough there was no piece of my body there to feel anything with. I would increase the pressure, and the switch would bend downward slowly, and finally snap to the other position, filling me with undescribable joy.

>> No.22254104

There was more to the dream, but all I can really recall was making things move with my mind, and how happy I felt doing that. Everything felt more real, as if my self was no longer constrained within my body.

The happiest state I've been in a while gets shattered by the alarm clock. Suddenly I feel really pissed. Not to mention lethargic. I don't want to get up, but the electronic bastard keeps blaring at me. Somehow it enters my mind I could just tap the button with my mind, like in the dream. That's total bullshit, of course, but sure, I'll give it a whirl.

>> No.22254129

I start to focus on the aural offender. The muscles on my face grow tense as I stare intently at that mocking digital face. Two minutes pass, I know because I wasted my time staring at a fucking clock like an idiot. Frustrated, I get up and slam the little shithead silent.

With the incessant beeping gone, my nerves calm down a little. I was doing it wrong. In the dream it felt effortless. Natural. Maybe I should give it another try?

>> No.22254152

With a sigh, I fold a sheet of paper and have it stand upon the nightstand. Rather than concentrating too hard, I begin to sway my head, and my hands, trying to have the flow of motion extend out of my body. Predictably enough, the paper does indeed fall, from the gusts created by my movement. I grunt and choose to forget about it, setting on my usual morning routine. Every second I waste on this crap is a second more until I get my morning coffee.

That's all I have so far.

>> No.22255677

Not to be a nuisance, but could someone give me feedback on >>22250041?

>> No.22255785

It's good. I've adopted it. Also changed a bit of weird wording that was still there from the previous version.

>> No.22255835


Neat. I had a mental block after a while, so thank you for sorting that out too.

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