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So what will happen when the Emperor of Mankind dies?

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That sounds like heresy, son.

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He'll either become a fifth Chaos God or be reborn into a new body, fresh and ready to crusade some more.

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The Golden Throne will probably stop working.

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His energies discombobulate, causing the C'tan shards to reform together and bring back the Stargods. Obviously.

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He will be reborn in the body of a Tarrasque, and his return shall be glorious to behold.

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There are a lot of theories. Some are extremely worrisome like him suffering a true mortal death and the Astronomican going it. This would unfortunately cause the entire infrastructure of the Imperium to crumble as Warp travel would increase in travel time and risk involved. One of the only reasons that the Imperium is able to withstand offensives from all sides simultaneously is due to its rapid respond time to events across imperium worlds through the Imperial Guard and Space Marines. Without the Astronomicon this would disappear the Imperium could possibly disappear entirely.

On one side a positive eventuality is the birth of a Star Child, meaning the Emperor's spirit is too ascend into the Warp, and realized of its mortal form become a true god. This would allow it to both maintain the Astronomicon, but more effectively fight against the Ruinious Powers.

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>implying he hasn't already

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6ED rulebook says he won't die until his mission is done and humanity are ready to ascend towards a pysker golden age.

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There will be nothing to prevent the true power of Mantarok from revealing itself.

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The Void Dragon will arise.

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>The Void Dragon ''Shard'' will rise


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It will probably be a simple feat for him to keep his soul intact in the Warp, so I'm guessing he'll become a Warp entity on par with the Gods of Chaos, possibly growing in strength from worship and absorbing the souls of humans.

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>The Void Dragon ''Shard'' will rustle for a bit, before a Friendly Neighborhood Overlord grabs it, apologizing profusely for the interruption while the Mechanicus stand idly by, confused.


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Oh, hey, /v/.

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Wasn't there an opening to the warp under the golden throne? And something along the lines of if it goes out then bad things will happen.

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Either of these is acceptable

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Yes. His magical butt is basically plugging the hole.

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he will just fucking die, he wont become a god, he wont become the star child, he is just a fucking heavy psyker. Also a second eye of terror will open, that he currently plugs.

Thats it

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An opening to a human webway Empy was building. The Golden Throne keeps it closed. Magnus betrayed Emps during the Heresy and let Daemons inside the webway. someone needs to sit on the throne and keep it closed. Empy is the only one who can do it without disintegrating like The Sigilite.

The Golden Throne isn't life support. It was never meant to be life support. It just has a few cursory systems installed.

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birth of the starchild

astronomicon stops working
warp travel impossible
empire disintigrates

complete repeat of the great crusades,unless someone else wipes out everyone by then
which is the most likely option

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yeah, he dead, there are just some last psychic cells keeping the lighthouse going

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ITT: Angry Xenos and Heretic

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Ah I gotcha. Just started getting into 40k not too long ago.

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more like puritan. The current state of the Imperium has to be maintained and the Emperor has to be kept 'alive' on the golden throne.

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If the emperor is so good, then why is he called the false emperor?

Imperium: 0
Chaos: 1

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If Chaos is so good, why are they called the Ruinous Powers?

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Been into 40k since 4th Edition and haven't read any non FFG books since.

That blew my mind while making everything fall into place.

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The Horus Heresy has two settings:
Batshit stupid for a minority
And holy fuck this makes so much sense

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Propaganda from the imperials.

If the empire is always so truthful, then why do they say the emperor is good?

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Because he is, heretic

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The rule book and daemon codex says that when he dies Chaos will consume the entire galaxy as it can flood in freely from all humans without his protection.

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If I'm such a heretic, then why do you worship a dead corpse on a shiny throne while real gods exist?

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And the Imperial Codex says he'll achieve Apotheosis

Codices are propoganda

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>And the Imperial Codex says he'll achieve Apotheosis

It doesn't. And it's the main rule book as well as the daemon codex, not that fucking daemons would need propaganda.

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Wouldn't imagine so, I mean some daemons can see into the future (or thousands of possible futures) right?

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''If the people need to be deceived, deceive them.''
Last time someone didn't do this properly, the Horus Heresy happened.

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>The Horus Heresy has two settings:
>Batshit stupid for a minority
>And holy fuck this makes so much sense

Can you point out examples of each?

Just curious.

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The emperor need to stay alive. At least until a tyranid invasion can consume it.
Tyranid + emperor psy powers = hilarity

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The Daemon Codex says the Eldar created the Webway.

Clearly that's utterly wrong and most likely the Codex was also wrong about the Emperor thing.

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They did create a lot if it. And again, it's also in the rule book.

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Space Maroons doing things like backflips
Dan Abneet making Rowboat Girlyman fucking badass

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Shas'o, pls go.

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>Dan Abneet making Rowboat Girlyman fucking badass
>Has him get beaten up and at the mercy of Kor Phaeron.

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I thought only Goto had backflipping Marines.

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He portrayed Guilliman as being a tactician, not a warrior, which in my opinion is the superior version of him. Also, he has some fuckawesome lines.

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>Leads one attack.
>Can only do this because of blind luck of contacting dudes on the surface.
>Almost dies during it.


Also it's said in the book that he's one of the fightiest primarches.

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No matter what, the following happens:
>Terra is swarmed by daemons
>the Astronomicon goes out
>can't make more Astropaths

>minor thing: no more Psyk-Out Grenades

Then depending on the theories, you either get a Chaos God of Humanity, a reincarnated Emperor, or a moldy corpse on a gold chair and the death of the Imperium.

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Why no more astropaths? They don't have any current link to the big e, even if they were created by him

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Astropaths have to get brain-zapped by big E. Its why most of them DON'T HAVE EYES.

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Astro-telepathy is restricted to people that have been Soul Bound to the big E. It burns out their eyes and fries most of their senses, but lets them send and receive transmissions across interstellar distances, rather then being limited to a few thousand kilometers like normal psykers.

That said, it might be possible to make astropaths by other methods.

That said: Isn't the big E dead anyway, and the golden throne is just the temple focus of the religion of billions of people and a thousand human sacrifices a day?

'Killing' him might be a good thing, as it would force people to move past using a soul barbaque powered lighthouse to navigate.

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No, he's still alive, though barely.

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You can become Soul-Bound to a Chaos God or poweful Daemon, I think.

Emps has a couple of cells left alive, and that tiny fucking tether is enough for him to focus his psychic energy into.

The sad fact of the Imperium is that it's really the best way things could be given what they have. The feeding of souls to the Astronomicon allows safe Warp travel (which is the best form of travel they have), the superstition of technology prevents a second Iron Men situation, the fear of witches stops widespread accidental daemon summoning...

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Oh god, I am retarded. I was confusing navigators with astropaths.

>> No.22245136


I wish The Navis Primer had given us more Navigator fluff. Sure, it told us more about navigating the Warp and a couple of families... but what about the Paternova?

Look at this shit: The Paternova is the leader, and most powerful, of all the Navigators. The Paternova lives in the Palace of the Navigators, in the centre of the Navigator's Quarter on holy Terra. From the moment he is installed, the Paternova never leaves this palace. The staff, soldiery and other retainers of the palace are all drawn from the Paternova's own House, and are replaced with each new Paternova. The chief among his servants is the Paternoval Envoy, who often becomes one of the High Lords of Terra, representing the Navis Nobilite on the Senatorum Imperialis. If anybody were to know the secrets of the Navigators' origins, it would be the Paternova.

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The chief role of the Paternova is his ability to somehow control, or amplify, the ‘warp sense’ of the other Navigators. This is a direct result of the extreme mutations they suffer during their ascension from one of the the Heirs Apparent. For this reason the Paternova is sometimes described as the guiding father whose powers transcend the warp itself. The importance of this link is demonstrated during the rare interludes between the reign of a Paternova and his replacement. During these times, all Navigators other than the Heirs Apparent suffer a considerable reduction in their ability to navigate the Warp. Were this state of affairs continue for long, much of the Imperium would collapse into anarchy, as ships would be unable to quickly traverse the warp, with many being lost completely.

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The Paternova can often live for a thousand years. When he does die, his successor is chosen from among the waiting Heirs Apparent, the most powerful Navigators of the Great Families. From the moment of his death, all the existing Heirs Apparent undergo dramatic change. They grow larger and stronger, and the mutations that characterise all Navigators become even more pronounced. They gain the ability to survive underwater, in poisonous environments and even in the hard vacuum of space. Their natural aggression is increased, and they are drawn into combat with each other. As each Heir Apparent is killed, those who survive change even more, until only one remains alive. It is this vastly changed and extremely powerful individual who becomes the new Paternova.

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As soon as the new Paternova is installed, the Navigators' powers are restored, though not all are restored to the same degree. Those Navigators belonging to the same House as the Paternova find their abilities enhanced, as though their blood tie enabled the Paternova to transmit his powers more effectively. Navigators belonging to the House of the old Paternova lose this benefit, and many Navigators suddenly find their powers greatly diminished. The reasons for this are unknown.

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You know, if you think about it, black ships can not possibly be worse than the warp, and if a psyker cant take that without staying stable than there is no way he will resist the warp messing with him/her

Atleast pragmatically, the psyker sacrificing isnt a bad idea

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Oh god. Navigators operate on a Highlander system.

>> No.22245158

They really play up the whole thing about navigators being barely human.

Navagator has evolved to Heir Apparent! He's learned Watergun!

>> No.22245161

Have Black Ships ever been targeted by Dark Eldar, Necrons, or Chaos?

They seem like great targets for such factions.

>> No.22245165


Navigators are fucking rad and yet they get almost no love.

>> No.22245176

what about the Illuminati and the Sensei E.?

>> No.22245180

Well im sure they have, but i believe they are heavily escorted and have heavy defenses of their own

>> No.22245183

Nah, when they opened the psi sheilding, everyone on board would probably be torn to shreds, as the alphas and betas fought one another and for their freedom. It would probably end with the possession of every soul on board and hundreds of k's around.

>> No.22245186

>they get almost no love.

Oh really?

>> No.22245199


Sensei were supposed to be genetically related to the Emperor. They could not die of old age and were all great psykers.

Illuminati were a crazy secret society comprised of those who had survived daemonic possession. They cared about the survival of humanity (not the Imperium) and the rebirth of the God-Emperor of all. They were known to work with Eldar.

Both are now non-canon, though either would make a good Dark Heresy plot.

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The Old Ones created the Webway. The Eldar just moved in and expanded on what was there.

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Thats... Silly

>> No.22245208

The was quite a few in inquisition war. They actually got a pretty good kill count too.

>> No.22245217


There's also an important one in the second Enforcer book.


And then the Necrons hop in sometimes to fuck shit up.

>> No.22245220

That's how 40k works. It's all silly, all the way down. It's fractal sillyness, each bit of sillyness built out of smaller silly bits.

>> No.22245226

Either the illuminati sacrifice the sensei, and the numen is bourn.

Or they fail, and the Eldar Rhana Dandra begins.

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>And then the Necrons hop in sometimes to fuck shit up.
Don't remind me.

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hm, I though they actually ended being canon, or is it just a way of saying "they MIGHT exist, nobody knows!" as to just reinforce the "conspiracy theory" idea (since the Illuminati believed that if the emperor actually knew about their plans he would just let go and die prematurly)

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Dolmen Gates are cool in concept. I just with Necrons still used Science! FTL.

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everything you have been told, is a lie.

including this.

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Why do you consider love silly?

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Is Alpha Legion still loyal to the emperor?

>> No.22245277


*the Emperor

>> No.22245279

Are you still loyal to the Emperor?

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>> No.22245281

You should know that, Alpharius

>> No.22245283

I dunno, you tell me.

>> No.22245285

No. No matter what stupid shit people try to say.

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A primarch more fighty than the Wolf? Heresy.

>> No.22245307

That's just what an Alpha Legionnaire would say.

>> No.22245313

That sounds like something an Alpha Legion spy would say to divert attention away from himself

I'm watching you punks

>> No.22245314

Nobody knows, because their command structure is so dispersed. If you want to believe their HH book, they only sided with Chaos because that was the only way to defeat chaos in the long run (though at the cost of humanity as a species).

>> No.22245317

Or are we watching you?

>> No.22245321

Most didn't know that. They just sided with Horus because Alpharius told them too.

>> No.22245330


Yeah, thanks. I've read the HH and didn't know if the Cabal/Alpha Legion stuff was further explained in any other 40k shit.

>> No.22245332

Well true, but I figure a lot of legions did that. It does account for there being both loyalist and chaos Alpha Legionnaires; some of their cells know the truth, some just turned to Chaos.

>> No.22245338

No one knew the truth but the primarches though. And even if they did, the plan was to still kill the Imperium, so not loyal at all.

>> No.22245341

It really isn't. The Cabal is only mentioned in Legion, and other than that book and the codexes, there's only a few short stories about the Alpha Legion. Which is disappointing, because they're one of my favorite legions.

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It's funny how both factions are pretty much doing the same shit in pretty much the same way. They only seem to differ on why they do it.

>> No.22245351

I guess. But it's the difference between killing the imperium for the greater good (ending Chaos), or killing it because kill maim burn.

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Guys, guys. What if before the Emperor dies, the Adeptus Mechanicus finds a mind expanding drug that totally smells like the spice cinnamon that allows guild navigators to navigate in the warp by allowing psykers to look into the future. Maybe this drug could be found on a desert death world full of sand dunes and giant worms.

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The galaxy is still consumed by Chaos because of lack of Emprah shield.

>> No.22245409

Everyone knows the AdMech have a reserve Emperor in store somewhere
They'll just switch 'em out, noone will notice

>> No.22245414

So the Kwisatz Haderach is the Star Child?

>> No.22245417

The Admech would keep it for themselves or simply not get what the fuck it could be used for.

>> No.22245426

The God-Emperor of mankind is actually Leto II. You now know what everyone familiar with both Dune and 40K has known for years.

>> No.22245437

In the really early works I got the impression the Emperor was just a human man who was dying of old age, and it was retconned to be actually interesting.

>> No.22245459

Emperor dies, astronomican goes out, Imperium fractures into 100+ Little Imperiums, Eye of Terra forms and obliterates Sol and surrounding systems, Emperor's essence divides back into separate entities that ground themselves on the most faithful of His citizens.

Living Saints everywhere.

>> No.22245477

wtf? Do they fuck?

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>> No.22245485

>I don't know who to believe

>> No.22245530

If the Imperium crumbles, what would stop mankind to fragment into independent factions like >>22245459 suggested, still able to fend off xenos and daemons?

I mean, the biggest problem from a lack of Astronomican would be Warp travel being limited to a few lightyears (unless of course you want to end up in the middle of sub-sector Bumfuckis Nowherium), but it'd still be possible to operate on a limited scale (which considering the size of the galaxy, it's still a pretty big one).

Then, there's no Inquisition to tell you "You can't loot xeno tech", so what would stop 'umies to buy or steal Tau FTL engines and communication methods, and possibly improve their overall tech a little, for there's no Big Techpriest Higher-up to forbid slamming a heatsink on a Plasma rifle because HURR IT'S NOT ON THE STC'S.

Humanity would suffer a blow, and the mighty Imperium would be replaced by a bunch of nomadic assholes, but could they eventually achieve Fuck Yeah status?

>> No.22245582

The reason no one wants to put a heatsink on a plasma gun is that the soldering might accidentally form a shape like any chaos rune, and the gun may then be possessed.

That is why most scientific testing is forbidden, that and the science that they had at the peak of the dark ages was so advanced that people couldn't comprehend it; they used the AI for discovery. Why bother trying to discover something, when we could just look for things that are far more advanced?

>> No.22245598

Imperial ships with a navigator and no astronomican would still be faster than a Tau ship.

Tau ships are slow as balls at FTL when compared to human ships. Or eldar ships. Or ork ship.

The only reason that they have an empire at all is that their home world was located in the center of a dense patch of stars.

Both the Orks and the Eldar would stop dicking the humanity over on such a grand scale once the Imperium fractures. Orks only go on big ass Armageddon 2 and 3 style WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!s because we make such an unbelievably awesome target. When we stop being as fun they get bored and go else where. Eldar only dick us around when we colonies one of their old worlds or when the need a meat-shield. Once we stop being expansionist and prove a less useful meat-shield they fuck off and go back to using orks.

Chaos would still be just as unwelcome on most worlds, although many will be usurped with the slower response times of the Inquisition and the increased strain on the Adeptus Arbiters.

Growing threats will be the oncoming Tyranids and the awakening Necrons. Hopefully they and the orks will try to attrition each other into the ground an leave us alone.

Lesser xeno species start to carve out empires of their own now that the threat of extermination at the hands of humanity is a greatly reduced threat.

>> No.22245677

They question is, does anyone know where they left the backup emperor?

>> No.22245707

Sure I have him right....here


Guys? We might have a problem here..

>> No.22245729

>Tau ships are slow as balls at FTL when compared to human ships. Or eldar ships. Or ork ship.

Human ships are faster because they can warp jump.

With no Golden Throne, they can't warp jump. This means they are slower than the Tau and that means you're full of bullshit.

>> No.22245753

>Imperial ships with a navigator and no astronomican would still be faster than a Tau ship.
Speed is useless if you can't tell where you are going.

>> No.22245766

Actually, they can. Navigators date back to the Dark Age of Technology, from before the Astronomican.

>> No.22245779

You need to brush up on your fluff. Warp capable ships can enter the warp independent of the emperor existing or not. The astronomicon, however, would not exist in its current form, and jumps longer than 4-5 light years would be impossible.

Non-piloted jumps are a thing, the warp drive can sense the direction the warp is moving, at the point it is in in real space.

>> No.22245795

but not before the eye of terror, and all the warp fuckery that came with-it.

Still you can travel short jumps in warp without Astronomican. and even without navigators

>> No.22245800

They'd feed more people. He would never die unless he was killed. The 6th edition rulebook removed the "hes gonna die soon" mention.

>> No.22245817


Still canon.

>> No.22245836

Chaos happens. Say goodbye to you matter, your time and your space.

>> No.22245838

As test subjects in development.

Without the Astronomican working they can't navigate the hectic mess of the warp rendering them nearly useless.

>> No.22245843


Except it's not, retard.

>> No.22245870

>If the Emperor fails, then none will be able to stop the influx of dark powers
>none will be able

Then what are these guys? chopped liver?

>> No.22245877

>That feel when humanity dies Necrons will become the good guys.

>> No.22245878

The Emperor is reborn as the Starchild in the form of a Tau Ethereal and leads the Greater Good to victory

>> No.22245897

>> No.22245901


>> No.22245919

not even you believe that

>> No.22245945

Of course not, that would imply plot advancement which to GW is HERESY

>> No.22245953

Seriously, Pylons!


Of all the great races and factions in the setting, one douchebag of the lamest faction must be the one holding the enter setting fate on his rotting shoulders. It's not a team effort by the races to keep the warp contained, Oh no It's all THAT GUY's doing.


>> No.22245960

What happened to the rumors that the Tau are the Emperor's chosen Xenos race?

>> No.22245961

There's no matter or space or time, and Necrons have no souls. So Necrons will be nothing.

>> No.22245979

Nothing came of it.

>> No.22245989 [DELETED] 

The galaxy which the Necrons fought so hard for and saciferced EVERYTHING for gets wrecked by the warp. Daemons are eating their lawn!

Even if they don't have souls, floating inside the warp is not pleasant.

>> No.22245998

Maybe we will see in the next Tau Codex?

>> No.22246011

Well, maybe, but I don't think whoever started that rumour could see that far into the future. It only gained traction because of the new edition on the horizon and Tau being Battle Brothers with Space Marines.

>> No.22246053

Why the heck are the Space Marines and Tau battle brothers, again?

They better have a good explanation for that in the future.

>> No.22246082

So each army get access to the new psyker powers.
Also maybe because the Ultramarines declared the Tau honorable.

>> No.22246118

So if the Ultramarines say something, all other SMs must agree with them?

>> No.22246133

The Ultramarines are very well respected.

>> No.22246142

Of course, duh

>> No.22246167


Black Templars called, they just laughed and hung up.

The Space Wolves instead just faxed a crude drawing of Roboute Guilliman with a codex up his ass.

>> No.22246177

His corpse will be double teamed by his finest servants.
For the emperor.

>> No.22246183

The Ultramarines say "jump," and everyone else asks "How high?"

Two whole chapters? How scaaaaaaaary. And at the very least the Black Templars do respect them.

>> No.22246195

That's generally how it works.

>> No.22246212

>Two whole chapters? How scaaaaaaaary

I recall SW, BT and all the other guys who went "fuck the Codex Astartes" being well over the 1000 dudes limit. Black Templars are probably the size of 10 regular chapters.

>> No.22246217

Then the Ultramarines scold them for not consulting Codex Astartes chapter MCXLVII's diagram on Proper Jumping Height.

>> No.22246228

Black Templars are at max, six thousand.

>> No.22246237


> [needs citation]

>> No.22246242

Their codex. Upper estimates put them at 5-6 thousand. They are likely smaller.

>> No.22246398

the necrons are only souls, like a necromancer using the souls of the dead to power his skeletal hordes, that is what the necron lords do

>> No.22246408

No. Necrons are soulless.

>> No.22246439

If Necrons are soulless, why are they looking for a species to shove their souls into?

>> No.22246448

Minds. Minds and souls are separate. Otherwise Culexus Assassins would all be comatose at best.

>> No.22246457

They aren't. They want bodies to shove their minds into and to reclaim their souls.

>> No.22246471

How do they reclaim their souls if C'tan ate them millions of years ago?

>> No.22246473


>> No.22246490

By stealing other races souls when they jack their bodies.

>> No.22246520

The Dark Age gets Darker

The GEoM dies, ascends and takes his most faithful genetically pure human (Pure faith Talent and 0 Corruption points) followers with him. The Solar System becomes the Eye of Terra surrounded by an impassible Warp storm. The rest of humanity (99%) is damned and left at the mercy of a merciless galaxy.

None of the Astartes ascend. The Emperor has betrayed them as foreseen. Mutants (incl Navigator), Cyborgs (incl TechPriests) and Psykers are all denied Salvation as well.

This Imperium Remnant immediately fractures. Some try to restore the Imperium and pray for forgiveness while others who feel betrayed become marauders not much different from the traitor legions. This is a galaxy wide clusterfuck as Imperial ships clash with Imperial ships. Hidden Xeno races that hate humanity begin emerge from the rock they have been hiding under and begin to prey on man once more.

>> No.22246524


The Greater Good absorb a lot of Imperial worlds and Imperial tech. It's no longer majority Tau now, but the Firewarriors still maintain the largest and best equipped all suited force within. Even for the most xenophobic humans of this age, the Greater Good is definitely a Lesser Evil.

The DE and the Nids merge and create a new Hybrid race with the best characteristics of both: they like to play before eating your flesh AND your soul. They near completely own the webway and can attack virtually anywhere at will with infinite numbers and DE quality tech.

The CEldar and pure DE wage a losing guerilla war against the Hybrids.

The End of the Orkoid Dormancy: Nid genetic infiltration into the Orkoids accidentally triggers the super-intelligence Cerebromorphosis that the Orks lost when their "Brainboyz" died out. The pervasive cry for Waaagh shifts into something more subtle. Even as the numbers of these super intelligent Orks or Krorks as they call themselves proliferate, something is calling them away. Rather than participating in the galactic free for all as the few remaining Orks do, the Krorks withdraw to the core systems at the heart of the solar system where they are building ... something big ...

>> No.22246533

>The DE and the Nids merge and create a new Hybrid race

Where did this come out of?

>> No.22246538

Bad fanfiction.

>> No.22246542

> The dreaded comathosis templum
> Send hospital drop-bed to stop foolish sorcery.

>> No.22246547

The Dark Age gets infinitely quieter. Without the Astronomican, there isn't travel for humans anymore. There's only occasional Orks drifting around on unguided space hulks and the webway races hanging around planets which have such gates. No more space wars.

>> No.22246558

what the fuck is this?

>> No.22246564

Everyone but the Imperials would be fine presuming >>22245836
didn't happen.

>> No.22246569

and to top it all of, this isnt even the dark age! The dark age was after slaanesh!

>> No.22246575

Starcraft. Protoss-Zerg hybrid

so good enough to write codexs for GW then

>> No.22246581

exactly. EX. FUCKING. SACTLY. The world wont end absolutely just because there is another eye without pylons, and nobody else cares for big Es death

>> No.22246588

Why, in the wake of the emperor's death, did the primarchs decide it would be a good idea to invest power among baseline humans instead of appointing a regent for the emperor from among the number? It says they wanted to avoid another Horus, but they sort of *needed* a would-be-emperor given that the current emperor was dead.

>> No.22246591

The Dark Age of Technology was way before Slaanesh.

>> No.22246604

It would totally end if what I referred to actually happened. It's not just another Eye of Terror, the whole galaxy is consumed by the warp.

>> No.22246613

>no space travel for humans

>> No.22246618

yeah, what I said was, that this wont happen. Probably the ramblings of some zealous Inquisitor that found its way into the codex or something

>> No.22246619

Gman basically became Emperor the second.

>> No.22246621

>The feeding of souls to the Astronomicon allows safe Warp travel (which is the best form of travel they have)

The other races have access to warp travel, so there must be alternatives that don't require Navigators. Maybe not as good, but surely warp travel wouldn't stop entirely.

>> No.22246629

That's from the main rul book, and it's also in the Daemon codex. It's canon.

>> No.22246632

Because for the Emperor it was about humanity. The Astartes, even the Primarchs existed to serve humanity and destroy their enemies not lord over them. Also the Emperor didn't like cyborgs, mutants or human hive minds either. He would use them but they weren't his chosen race.

>> No.22246640

People can do jumps without navigators anyway.

>> No.22246645

You can use sorcery. The Tau just kind of skip along the boundary of the warp.

>> No.22246648

Possibly. Old sources had Orks migrating at random via space hulk, but some of the things they do (Ghazghkull returning to Armageddon on the anniversary of his first attack as part of a carefully planned sector-wide campaign) aren't possible with that system and it's likely they're using the astronomican too.

>> No.22246664

They lose one in five ships when traveling the most stable warp routes with navigators (6th ed rulebook). Losses from jumping without navigators must be horrific.

>> No.22246689

Chartist routes (warp weather permitting)
Void abacus (archaotech)
Short jumps (Tau style)
Warp gates and other phenomena

Warp witches (daemonic sacrifice)
False astronomicans (short ranged)

>> No.22246718

oh man, thats STILL not worked out? Time for a new Ork Codex i say

>> No.22246721

>be Navigator for Rogue Trader game
>be fucking awesome at my job
>have some kind of archanotech thing in the ship that reduces travel time in warp
>roll so well we get to our destination in -2 weeks
>still wonder if that's even fucking possible or is GM just didn't give a fuck about fluff

>> No.22246729

Depend on the distance. Jumping without navigators means you won't be able to know anything before you emerge from the warp. A navigator can adjust your "trajectory" during the travel, without him you have to calculate your way before and hope the warp doesn't change too much during the jump. So you don't want to stay too long in the warp because it increases the risk. The best thing you can do is calculate, small jump, recalculate, jump and so on. I think that's what the tau do.
Also, I think standard psykers can poorly replace a navigator.

>> No.22246753

how to false astronomicon?

>> No.22246762

Kill a lot of dudes.

>> No.22246780

what, just sacrifice a load of psykers and we false astronomicon? That sounds fucking easy. Does the destruction of a craftworld make an astronomicon as well then? Quite a lot of extremely potent psykers die at once?

>> No.22246801

Nope, just got psyker(s) act as warp beacon. This will hurt / kill them if they try too hard (doing this too long or too far).

>> No.22246822

Yup, kind of like an Alderaan thing. Lots of pain and destruction, like a death scream, whereas the the Astronomican is more like a choir singing.

>> No.22246823

How do you think the Emperor does it? Lots of psykers. Burning witches for the Emperor's light.

>> No.22246859

As can the Stryxis and the misthound kroots

>> No.22246860

When a craftworld is destroyed that psychic scream only exists for a moment.

But imagine if you continuously burn psykers. Millions of them. Billions. Its like keeping a small fire going instead just a spark.

>> No.22246876

>post-apocalypse Imperium
>warlords burn eldar like fuel to keep their empires running

>> No.22246886

But if you burn 99% of the entire Eldar Empire than nor only do you get a big flash across the warp, it can even indefinitely clean out all the warp storm.

Minor side effects include the creation of another Chaos god that feed on your orgasms

>> No.22246920


Then we just have to build a furnace big enough to use Slaanesh v2 as Astronomican fuel.

It shall be 1 AU wide, and named "THE BAG".

>> No.22246942

This is getting out of hand

>> No.22246978

That is very possible. One ork went back in time, and slew himself to get a second copy of his favorite gun.

Why didn't your party do that?

>> No.22246979


I see where you're going with this.

>> No.22247107


>> No.22247127

Ork codex.

>> No.22247135



>> No.22247142

We assumed interacting with ourselves from the past might fuck with the space and the times and whatnot.

>> No.22247254

but what if the emperor is the embodiment of universal man, man with the capital letter m, who is deathless, incarnate again and again in wast trillions of forms, and will, once his current form is truly wasted, be reborn trough humanity as a whole?

what if this universal man is himself the incarnation of the word that permeates all being and by which all that the senses perceive is created and caused, and, being endowed by mind, is himself transcendent

what if the death of this emperor form is the completion of the saviors sacrifice, and the source of true salvation of all mankind, death-transcending


>> No.22247272

How I see time is that there is no space time continuum, when you go back in time you are a separate entity to your past self, but of course this depends on the setting this is just my theory on what would happen if real time travel existed. If you go back in time and kill yourself, you won't disappear like back to the future, you will just create a separate time line.

>> No.22247287

>Emperor =/= Space Jesus

>> No.22247288

The emperor reincarnating throughout history is cannon right? Why would they think he wouldn't do it again? Or is this just something no one knows in the universe?

>> No.22247316

well we didn't see the need to risk it
and anyway we had pirates to deal with
and anyway w fight vs ourselves would end badly for everyone involved

>> No.22247318


>> No.22247339

Emps was born in 8'000 BC and kept masquerading as various historical figures, he never reincarnated.

>> No.22247353


maybe keeping him trapped in his current decaying form is a perversion and a decadent blasphemy


remember, do not fear death, we are deathless

>> No.22247359

all my wat

>> No.22247380

But it doesn't stop there. He was born because a bunch of shamans committed mass suicide rather than see their magic die from the earth.

>> No.22247427

They formed Emprah because reincarnation was becoming impossible.

>> No.22247440


so whats the ''theological'' definition?
isnt he the savior of mankind?

>> No.22247447

Glance through the thread
>He is already dead, no he isn't, heresy, Heresy!, Sound's like heresy to me, no you are heresy

>> No.22247454

He's more of a slumbering pharaoh.

>> No.22247467

The is also a place in the webway where time flows in reverse.

>> No.22247478

>/tg/ in a nutshell

>> No.22247512

Ixnay on the reverse time tunnel, do you want everyone outside the Craftworlds to know about it?

>> No.22247555

I am being trolled
There is no way someone got paid to write that
The things you are saying
They cannot be true

>> No.22247566

Its pretty old fluff, but its real.

Just take a breath and remember that 40k is parody at heart, not serious fiction.

>> No.22247571


>> No.22247591

I definitely wouldn't call it serious fiction, but parody isn't quite the word either. Old 40k has a distinctly neckbeardy quality to it where the authors just threw in bits from their favorite classic sci fi and then added whatever they felt like or whatever was on TV at the moment.

>> No.22247598

I'm fairly sure that shit has been retconned, or at least not referenced to since the olden days. In the newer rulebooks and codices they just leave the question of E's origins unanwsered.

Though technically it's not a retcon if they don't present a replacement.

>> No.22247616

So who were some of the people that were actually the Emperor?
Was he Jesus?

>> No.22247628


Also Alexander the Great and Winston Churchill.

>> No.22247631

Not referenced again, that how GW try to hide all the things they are ashamed of.

>> No.22247646

40k doesn't have retcons. They try to keep a cohesive image in every iteration of the setting, but it never invalidates what was previously written. You're supposed to approach it like historical texts, where some of them are true and others are myths, exaggeration or just lies. Which you choose to believe is up to you. I usually think the second edition codexes are the best depiction of the universe, the shit in Ward's grey knights book is all rumors and generally all the heroic bullshit of 5th and 6th editions is Imperial myth, and no more accurate than the Song of Roland.

>> No.22247649

It's not been retconned, but you're right; other than a few very oblique references which someone isn't likely to get unless they already know the fluff in question, it hasn't been mentioned since Rogue Trader days. Maybe early 2nd edition. Either way, it's quite easy to just write it off as a legend that floats around in-universe if it's not to your taste.

>> No.22247777

i take you never saw the image in the second edition were a space marine and a guard are drinking flagoons and being generly merry. The core of it is parody.

>> No.22247819

Old40kfag here
I think you're full of shit, have never actually taken a good look at the image you're discussing and are generally spouting garbage. Said image isn't second edition, neither of the figures are space marines or guardsmen, both are human mercenaries in powered armor relaxing in a scummy bar on a backwards planet. Rogue Trader was more of a roleplay-oriented setting than 40k has been since. What's a setting like that without some bars?

>> No.22247827

>Alexander the Great
Okay, great conqueror and all that

>Winston Churchill
lolno. The Emperor does not like democracy. Adolf Hitler or Stalin are much more likely candidates.

>> No.22247853

So Half-Eldar Ultramarines are still canon?

I do believe there was female Chaos Marines too bad in the old days

>> No.22247870

>So Half-Eldar Ultramarines are still canon?
Implying they ever were.
Guy was an astropath employed by the Ultrasmurfs

>> No.22247884

>The Emperor does not like democracy.
[citation needed]
And the Imperium of Man doesn't count as a citation because democracy as it exists today is too slow of a system to practically run a galaxy-spanning nation.

>> No.22247899

>Tell me why you think this character is anti-democratic
>But ignore the feudalist project he spent thousands of years and billions of human lives working on

>> No.22247920 [DELETED] 

>Playing Rogue Trader
>Large group, have nearly every roll covered,
>Group elects me to design the ship, have reputation for minmaxing in the past and no one wants to die in space
>Make amazing ship
>GM won't let us name it "Texa$"
>Paint "SURRENDER AND DIE" on the side of the ship
>Encounter pirates
>Destroy their engines
>Board them, they surrender, guess they thought we were buffing
>Stick them in a cargo bay
>Vent them into space

>> No.22247925

>thousands of years
The Great Crusade only lasted 200.
And I will concede my point if you explain to me how a system as slow and inefficient as Democracy could practically run a nation-state of hundred of thousands of worlds without turning to some kind of feudalism.

>> No.22247930

tyranids would be less of a threat because they are being drawn in by the astronomican

>> No.22247936

It couldn't. But the Emperor was a feudalist back on Terra, too.

>> No.22247940

>implying the people knows what's best for them.

Only a retard could believe that the Tony Blair or David Cameron is a better leader than the greatest psyker in the galaxy because the voters said so.

Also every Imperial world is ruled by an aristocracy. Democracy is considered heresy.

>> No.22247943

I thought the commonly accepted theory was that the Tyranids are running from something?

>> No.22247947

/tg/ fanon

>> No.22247967

It's one line of speculation that was blown completely out of proportion.

>> No.22247970

Except feudalism isn't exactly the more efficient system. The more efficient system would probably some kind of federal state letting enough planetary independence.
So as decentralised as feudalism, but with local democracy.

>> No.22247982

Emperor dies, astronomicon burns out, humanity isolated and the other races pray upon them in their helpless state.

Necrons eventually spread and make enough pylons to prevent chaos from doing anything meaningful ever again in the matterium and re-establish themselves as the premiere galactic power. Eldar go extinct, Nids either lose interest or get drowed in gauss fire, Every ork spore in the galaxy evaporates, and the Tau die in the mud as the insignificant worms they always were.

All of the creations of the Old Ones are wiped from the galaxy and the Necrons either get bored and go to sleep or find/remake organic bodies to live in once again.

>> No.22247997

>every Imperial world is ruled by an aristocracy. Democracy is considered heresy.
"As long as the tithe is paid and the enemies of the Imperium is rejected, a planetery governor may rule his way in any way he sees fit."
All it would take is one governor to decide to implemented a voting system for the office. It's not impossible and no where does it say it's heresy.

>> No.22248012

Implying Democracy is slow and inefficient ...

Democracy isn't heresy, and some imperial are democratic. It's just that the imperial institutions are aristocratic, having some influence on imperial worlds.

>> No.22248017

Good point and more damning than mine were.
But from the outset, violently uniting humanity under one ruler isn't in keeping with any kind of democratic ideal. And the guy chose to let everyone call him Emperor. Sure is democratic in here.

>> No.22248022

>Also every Imperial world is ruled by an aristocracy. Democracy is considered heresy.

No it isn't, as long as the tithe is paid, they don't give a shit. There are several examples of worlds of varied political systems.

>> No.22248048

Why would the tau die? wouldn't they continue making technological leaps?

wouldn't they just fold the now separate human clans into their greater good?

Nids would probably just scatter to other directions, or break themselves on the orks

the orks would win every planet they are on and possibly fight the necrons for galactic supremacy.

The two factions I see surviving in fortified enclaves are the Tau and Dark Eldar in commorgah

>> No.22248059

It's not fanon, it's in the codex.
But the codex lists several other theories.
/tg/ talks about it like fact instead of one of many theories.

>> No.22248084

>Emperor dies, astronomicon burns out, humanity isolated
Actually, every single human in the galaxy comes down with a bad case of the daemons according to 6e and (I hear) Codex: Chaos Daemons

>wouldn't they just fold the now separate human clans into their greater good?
No because they just got fucked by the daemonified Gue'la in their own territory.

>> No.22248094

The imperium demands :
- have a governor
- pay your tithes
- register and give me your psykers (nobody like them anyway, but so much for equality and individual rights : not for psyker).
- don't go all xenos or chaos
But you also have the aristocratic influence of "interstellar" imperial aristocracy and from imperial institutions.
Also, the Imperium can take over any planetary government if it's seen necessary for the imperium.
So you are at best a human-only democracy for non-psyker, IF the imperium don't say otherwise.

>> No.22248121

The Imperium also demands adherence to whatever unspecified high laws the Adeptus Arbites enforce and cooperation with the Adeptus generally. There will also be lower-level requirements depending on sector and segmentum government.

>> No.22248138

List of probable people who were the emperor

At least one Egyptian Pharaoh
Alexander the Great
At least one of the Ceasers
Genghis Khan
Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed
Merlin or King Arthur

>> No.22248154

He can't be Genghis Khan as Khan is currently Doombreed.

>> No.22248162

Possibly currently Doombreed.

>> No.22248180

Probably currently Doombreed

>> No.22248194

Greatly depend on the presence of imperial institutions on the planet too. Feudal worlds probably don't have much arbites presence I think.
Oh, and I forget : have some kind of religion that may be taken as a variation of the imperial cult but can be as vague as the local ecclesiarchy can tolerate.

>> No.22248208

>the orks would win every planet they are on and possibly fight the necrons for galactic supremacy.

Orks are that strong? I got the impression from /tg/ that they're terrible.
Man, I like the 40k fluff, it's fun in a terrible kind of way, but I don't really get into any of the games associated with it.
Most of my 40k knowledge comes from these kinds of threads.

>> No.22248213

Debatably currently Doombreed?

>> No.22248217

He's the emperor undercover.

>> No.22248229

Interestingly enough, 6e says that the Emperor is worshipped as a God on "nearly" all thee IoM's worlds.

>> No.22248236

That's because he's worshipped as an ancestor on Marine homeworlds.

>> No.22248254

But still, the vague wording leaves the possibility open.

Implying that wasn't GW's point

>> No.22248264

Add Kim Il-Sung to that list. Even dead, he is still the leader of North Korea and everyone worships him. It's basically Warhammer 2k edition.

>> No.22248302

Good point.

>> No.22248305

Yeah, Orks are the most numerous race in 40 k and would have won a long time ago if they werent waring amongst themselves. This of course is a matter of change if more Tyranids come or the necrons wake up.

all in all though, the orks are the most successfull race until now

>> No.22248307

>King Arthur

Why is there an unimportant 5th century Welsh warlord in this list?

>> No.22248348

king arthur was a real guy??

>> No.22248375

its actually not the fact that they are numerous, its the fact that they are so prolific.

They breed all the time by shooting spores everywhere, don't really need to eat that much due to extremely efficient photosynthesis

So the constant breeding mixed with not needing any infrastructure or supplies and being as strong as space marines (physically) they are there.

>> No.22248417

Although democracy wouldn't in itself be considered heresy, it would certainly be considered to invite it.

From Inquisition War:
>Signs of laxity were everywhere: in the continuing beautification of the cities with mosaics and fountains, in charity towards beggars, in the peace and prosperity of the planet, in regulations for the benevolent conduct of brothels, in the ever-rising standard of cuisine, in the abolition of laws allowing the torture of suspects, even in the pronunciation of the local dialect of Imperial Gothic.

>> No.22248435


>Citing a piece of fluff probably older then he is.

>> No.22248442

Under situations of unusual duress or a previous record of rebellion. It is commonly stated that most worlds do not have much contact with the wider Imperium, and as such, it would be impossible for them to have such a large hand in planetary affairs for so many worlds.

>> No.22248464

The fuck does that have to do with democracy?

>> No.22248479

also the WAAAAGH field pretty much replaces every need of infrastructures, ensuring that technology never breaks down, comunication is held up and the hirachy is kept.

not to mention the convinience of oddboyz or the difficulties of getting rid of them once they started sending out spores on your planet

>> No.22248485

Democracy leads to nice things, nice things lead to pleasure, pleasure leads to slaanesh.

>> No.22248509

>Democracy leads to nice things
Because under a democracy, nothing dickish can happen right?
Or the fact if you have any other type of government, the rulers must make their lives a living hell for everyone including themselves, right?

>> No.22248525

>Democracy leads to nice things

>> No.22248538


>> No.22248568

this is so democratic they voted without even saying anything

>> No.22248731


Astropaths are D grade Psykers, not all that good and more importantly not as resistant to warp sheniagans as one would hope but still good enough that a quick blast of Searing Holiness make them stable(ish).
Which makes them too valuable to become Empra Chow (the tasty Kibble your nascent divinity would pick if he were capable of articulating himself.)

Afterwards they are turned into space telephones, disposable ones at that.

...I am not kidding, Astropaths probably are supplied to ships measured in kilotonnes if one are to believe the novels, Gaunts and ork boys live long fulfilling lives compared to BL Astropaths.

>> No.22248967


That is garbage.

The real reason noone puts a heatsink on plasma guns is because the adeptus mechanicus is full of hidebound lackwits that would have problem making a fork if they did not have the schematics for it, and who are all to eager to kill anyone else that would want to try.

There canonically are plasma guns that dont run the risk of barbequing their operator, but the admech cant manage to mass produce them because by and large they are a collection of religious paranoids who care far more for their mystery cult than they do for tech.

There are Leman Russ factories on Mars that shut down during the Horus Heresy and that remain down because the admech is to ignorant to get them up again.

>> No.22249018

What happens when they get their brainboyz back?

>> No.22249105

Wasn't the line something like, "we don't know why they're coming in such large flocks, wouldn't it be creepy if there was something worse out there guys?

>> No.22249217

What are the other galaxies like? I mean the ones not overrun by nids. Unsourced speculation welcome

>> No.22249331

It is the most busiest place of once balcanistic, now allied lifeforms, who saw the Tyranids from afar and came to the conclusion that they need to pull the chainsword out their asses and need to prepare against them.
Andromeda, a good place.
a place without people who act agressively as if a chainsward is occupying their rectum.
A place where they actually grab the problem from the roots.

>> No.22249356

>There are Leman Russ factories on Mars that shut down during the Horus Heresy and that remain down because the admech is to ignorant to get them up again.

What sauce can you provide to prove even single word from that?
How the fuck would that something be allowed? A good factories closed down? And how do you know they even exist there

>> No.22249395

Pretty much

>> No.22249397

The mechanicum has sent probes. The transmissions they recieved back were basicalle ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ.

>> No.22249439

Thought so, I read the nid codex a couple times over about 4 years ago.

>> No.22249444

Except this happen in our galaxy.

>> No.22249604


>> No.22249660

well thats a fucking theoretical question, and hard to answer, because what exactly would those brainboyz do? Can they control the Orks psychically? Probably not, because 1.) Orks arent finished creations and dont really have a built in leash yet and 2.) the WAAAAGH is a whole new problem.

Would anybody aknoledge the authoroty of some gitz with the physical strength of big skinny snotlings? Probably not.

so i dont think anything would happen but the slaughter of brainboyz

>> No.22249662



Also known as the big book of Admech Horus Heresy fuckups.

>> No.22249699

mars is full of unused, corrupted and lost factories

>> No.22249771


You never know.

After all the Koronus Expanse us home to the Free Gretchin Armada, admittedly it currently consists of one Kroozer.

I like to believe that they went full communist with Commisars, Comrades and a full party secretariat.

>> No.22249823


>> No.22249900

Weren't eldar pirates in 1E?

>> No.22250274

Pirates and mercs.

>> No.22250318

I kinda prefer that version more than space elves to be honest.

>> No.22252369

The probe wouldn't have made it out of the galaxy yet, and since it could only communicate at light speed, it can't be that far away either.

>> No.22252383

They were space elves then too. That was actually their name, Space Elves.

>> No.22252465

Bull shit. Show me your proof.

>> No.22252528


>> No.22252586

Oh sweet Jesus. My whole life has been a lie.

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