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We fall back into the Church immediately, Lancer grabbing Taiga and myself grabbing Ilya.

We get inside, and in the distance I can see a number of tentacled horrors spreading out to surround the Church. Berserker does his best to quell the flood and manages to hold all three of Avenger's shadow minions at bay. Avenger says something to him, and he immediately retreats back into the church.


"He knows my nature, but not my identity." He says simply. As he speaks, his form returns to that of the cloaked man. "he says none of us will come to harm as long as we don't try to break the perimeter before dawn. Apparently he wishes to give Archer sufficient time to escape."

"I see." Ilya says, looking away. "So Archer escapes with Rin, and now we're trapped here."

"Looks that way." Lancer says leaning against the wall. "Unless someone knows how to teleport I suggest we barricade ourselves in for the night."

I sigh, looking at the ruined doors. With Berserker and Rider helping me, we block the exits with some pews.

I discover that Kirei is alive, and Lancer used a small measure of his healing magic to keep him from dieing. Sakura's curled in the corner out of the way of the people trying to work. I take a deep breath as I look around.

"Well." Kirei says, struggling to stand. "I didn't really plan to have guests this evening, but I can show you all places to sleep if you want."

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"First I want someone to please explain what the hell is going on." Taiga says in a voice calmed by shock. "Shirou has Super-Powers, we're surrounded by demons, and apparently we're on lock-down because of what? An evil wizard? Where's Rin been taken to?"

"Nee-san was taken?" Sakura asks, surprised.

"Nee-san?" Taiga says, looking from Sakura to me.

It's at about this point that I realize Rin was the only one who knows how to cast a spell to erase memories.


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I think the plan we had was as follows:

>Step one: Give Taiga the cliff-notes version of events thus far, up to and including the whole 'magic' thing.

>Step two: Have Kirei call up the Pope and/or Hogwarts, let them know all the shit is hitting every fan.

>Step three: Have Berserker and Lancer set a defensive line to protect the others, and then Shirou, Rider, and Rainbow Dash break the line and go save Saber. We know they go to Temple, maybe we can beat Gil there and save Caster too.

I'd personally add comforting Sakura and Ilya, but that's just me.

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Copying my post from the last thread:
Broken Phantasm signal flare from the bell tower or something. We need Ciel here.
Also sit Taiga down and explain this bullshit.
"You know that dangerous stuff I told you I was involved in? It got worse. A lot worse. I was betrayed by someone I... trusted, to use the term loosely, and now Saber is in great danger.
Oh, Saber is a Magical Girl, by the way. Her power is Swords."

Also, welcome back. Did you have a nice Christmas? Get any groovy presents?
I got a lava lamp. Yeah, go ahead and be jealous, I understand.

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We can't pursue in this condition what with noncombatants in our midst and shadow beasts everywhere.

Bring Taiga up to speed (get Illya to help), justifying this as The Secret Kiritsugu wanted you to keep.

Also, give sakura a hug, because she's better now and need some encouragement

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Introduce Taiga to the magi 101.

And intro Taiga to imouto.

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Whatever we do we need to reassure Sakura that Rin is in no actual danger. We might want to call Archer a lot of foul things at the moment, but we do know that he doesn't want Rin to come to any harm.

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Plan of attack after the night:

If Lancer agrees, should it be safe to let Lancer and Rider go after Saber while Shirou goes after Archer?

Assuming Gil doesn't bring her back in the meantime.

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Ignore my post, as I endorse this man. If the two acting Servants can protect the vulnerable ones, teaming up with Rider for a joyride on her magical pony of pain sounds like a plan.

I particularly like the idea of giving comfort too - she's a big girl, but he still needs her little brother to be nice to her

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Fuck yes, Fate/Stay again!
I have a list of notes I made on the last threads. Should I just post it all here?

Oh, and I want to quote this post from the last thread for a potential plan:
>Gentlemen, I propose a three-step plan.

>Step one: Give Taiga the cliff-notes version of events thus far, up to and including the whole 'magic' thing.

>Step two: Have Kirei call up the Pope and/or Hogwarts, let them know all the shit is hitting every fan.

>Step three: Have Berserker and Lancer set a defensive line to protect the others, and then Shirou, Lancer, and Rainbow Dash break the line and go save Saber. We know they go to Temple, maybe we can beat Gil there and save Caster too.

Gil's on a motorcycle, so it is possibly that if we go with Rider, we can save Saber, Caster, and her bro-tier husbando before Gil gets there. Otherwise Caster's going to be pissed at us for sending Gil out after her, assuming she's still alive. We don't need one more enemy/one less potential ally.

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Oh, well. I should have read the thread first. I'm apparently a faggot who can't waste time reading posts.

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This seems sensible.

We've got a villain tag-team of Gilgamesh, Archer and Avenger - the more people we can have on our side, the better. Doubly important in getting a Caster servant - they can hack the Grail.

Avenger did a LOT of that already, so anyone who can counter-hack the Grail is a good ally to have.

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>Assuming Gil doesn't bring her back in the meantime.

He isn't planning to return her at all.

Assuming he's even thought it out that far.

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He did mention to look after Saber until he comes for her.

So he might bring her back if hes somehow not ready.

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>Alright, I think we have a solid plan of action.


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Fuck it, I'll post my notes from the last thread(s) anyway for future topics of conversation when AC-Guy's router inevitably dies.

About Avenger:

>Illya knows about Avenger, ask her EVERYTHING about him.
>Avenger keeps implying that Shirou is helping him somehow, and that we have some sort of connection through Avalon or something. Avenger also commented on how he's being non-linear.
>Ask Illya if she can, using her connection to the grail and the 3rd magic, see if we are in fact connected to Avenger and how/why.
>Avenger apparently gave us something, and he wants his "gift" back.
>Someone or something blocked out memories of Avenger during the fire 10 years ago. We need to get them un-blocked.
>Rin had a half-finished sentence on why Avenger looked like us, we need to tell her at some point that we have no clue.

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Archer said he killed Assassin last thread. Zouken's crest worm is not longer inside Sakura, and Zouken's body has (probably) been blown up along with his home.
Zouken's still alive probably, just hanging on by a thread. It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

Oh, remember this?
>"I get her." Avenger says with a smile. "I'll need some help for what I'm planning, anyway. The boy I recruited before simply isn't going to cut it."
Remember when Shinji called us after we beat his ass? "I found another way to get what I wanted from life, so I'm leaving."
Remember those tribal markings on the archery range? The ones that Rin said were imitated, as if a pupil did them?
Shinji wanted to be a magus, and now Avenger is stringing him along.

Talk to Rin about the jewel, and how we heard Archer say "trace...off", which is our trigger.
On a separate note, wasn't Shirou's trigger Trace on, not Trace off? Or is this just like Alturia instead of Arturia?

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We need to prep up a guilt trip speech for Archer, too. He's still attached to Rin, and Avenger said that he'd 'take Rin' if Shirou didn't turn up for the duel.

I think he plans to use a Magi's body for the next Grail. He already has Shinji, as far as I can tell, but Shinji's weaksauce circuits aren't enough.

Make Archer really wonder if having Rin become a hollow husk of a Grail-doll is what his ideals are worth

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Doesn't he use "Trace on" to start the projection, and "Trace off" to end it?

>> No.22241551

Did he? I don't remember hearing Shirou say "Trace off" at all, but if he does say that to end projections it wouldn't be the first time I've forgotten such details.

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"Trace off" is Archer-code for "I'm shooting a machine-gun made of swords at you now, prepare your anus" as far as i can tell.

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Wasn't there some plan to try and steal Lancer last thread, or am I misremembering?

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Our Shirou uses trace off.

I remember VN Shirou using Trace ON.

>> No.22241670

*checks previous threads*
Oh hey, you're right. Shirou uses it in the sixth verse.

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"Alright," I say, rubbing a temple as I think. "Let's start at the top." I turn to Taiga. "Alright. First of all, magic is real. It's an actual thing."

"So what, you're a Wizard?" Taiga asks confused.

"Kind of. I don't really have the level of skill or power you'd probably associate with Wizards, but that's beyond the point. The gist of what's going on is there's a sort of competition between Magi over some kind of powerful magic that grants wishes."

"Like a Genie?" She asks, trying to find something to latch onto.

"... Close enough. Anyway, the Magi are teamed with heroic spirits." I point at Rider, Lancer, and Berserker "To help them compete. It's complicated, but they're basically various heroes and legends from the past."

Taiga does a double take. "Really?" She hesitates, and appears thoughtful. "So what just happened?" She asks, gesturing around.

"Man, if you figure it out, let me know." I respond with a sigh. "Archer did something to betray Rin, and then other people got involved while we were trying to sort that out."

Taiga nods appearing lost in thought. Kirei looks at me. "Is this wise?"

"Well I don't know any magic to alter memories, so it's not like lieing or covering this up is an option."


"If you seriously suggest killing Taiga to keep the secret, I will slap you."

Kirei sighs dramatically. "Not what I was going for, but fine. What do you plan to do now?"

>> No.22241778


"First off, since you're the overseer, you have some way of contacting the church and the Magus association?" He nods. "Might be a good idea to let them know that things are kinda spiraling out of control here."

"Honestly, I think any 'corrective measures' they may take would be far more disruptive and terrible than the way things are already playing out." Kirei responds, leaning against the wall and frowning into space. "It's something to consider though."

I turn to Berserker and Lancer. "Do you two think you could hold the Church?"

"As things are?" Berserker asks. "Certainly, assuming Avenger doesn't manage to flank me. With Lancer's help...." He trails off, looking questioningly at Lancer.

Lancer merely shrugs. "I don't want to die either, so of course I'd have to help."

"Onii-chan, are you planning something?" Ilya asks, concerned.

"Onii-chan?" Taiga asks, giving the two of us a look. I opt to ignore her for now.

"Caster has Saber, and Archer took Rin." I say to her. "If you all are safe I need to go after them."


"Actually, I was planning to take Rider." I respond, motioning over my shoulder at the tall blind-folded girl.

"Me? Why me?" Rider asks surprised.

"Well, 'Rider', I figured you had a mount of some kind we could make a run for the border on." I respond, looking out the window at the black semi-wall outside. "Either intercept Archer or get to the temple ahead of him."

Sakura walks over, slightly unsteady, and looks at me.

>> No.22241785


"That's Dangerous, Sempai."

>what say?

>> No.22241821

Of course it is. I'm Emiya Danger Shirou. It's right there in my name.

>> No.22241844

There's a fine line between daring and stupid, Sakura. Charging out there to confront Archer one-on-one? Stupid. Charging out there to snatch Rin out from under his nose with Rider's help? Daring. Sometimes, when your opponent has you in a corner, you have to throw aside forethought and do something just a little bit crazy. Don't worry, I promise I'll be okay.

>> No.22241847


>It's a subtle detail, but in the original, 'trace on' was a part of analysis magic that Shirou used to learn an object's form, and to use various types of reinforcement.

>'Trace off' was in the VN, for when projection magic was used. Think of it like this: 'Trace on' is like tracing a picture, and understand/improving it's form. 'Trace off' is like drawing an entirely new picture, from knowledge of the subject you're drawing.

>Many translations didn't notice the subtle difference, or didn't realize the intended significance of the change.

>> No.22241850

"I can't just abandon Saber. Or Rin. And even if I didn't care about that, we really need their help to fight Avenger.
It's a tradeoff. More risk now for an easier fight later."

>> No.22241851


"This war is dangerous, Sakura. We'll not be safe until this is over.

And I am not leaving Saber or your sister out there."

>> No.22241862

"I'm going to need a better explanation than that, Sakura. If you're only saying that because you're worried about my well-being, I appreciate the sentiment, but we're not exactly playing a friendly game of cards right now. I'm not going to sit here and argue with you about this. Rin is in serious danger, and time is passing too quickly as it stands."

>> No.22241870

>"If you seriously suggest killing Taiga to keep the secret, I will slap you."
Fucking Kirei. he probably will consider it. Watch him!

"Yes, it is dangerous. So are the people who want to hurt Saber and Rin.

Right now, a leftover from the last Grail War is speeding towards Caster, the woman who helped heal you. If I help her now, she can live on to save Rin, too. We need all the allies we can get to stop this madness, but that means I have to take action.

Stay strong for me, Sakura, and I can bring you your sister back."

>> No.22241878


"Yeah, sometimes being the hero sucks like that." with a straight a face possible, before smiling. "Besides, I can't abandon friends like that, especially not after I promised to protect them."

>> No.22241883

"I agree, but if we don't do anything and just wait out the night like Avenger and Archer-- Er, Rin's Archer-- want, then we'll lose Saber to Archer-- Er, last war's Archer. Plus, I pretty much sent Ar-- 4th war's archer after Caster. If she survives and wants revenge, I doubt she'll make things any easier for us."

"having two archers is going to be confusing. I'm just going to call last war's Archer KinKaiser to keep them straight."

>> No.22241884


Thats a little harsh.



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I can't help but wonder - is this a GM's means of saying to us "Youre all gonna die unless you're more cautious?" I don't think AC-guy is the type who hands out hints like this unless we're fucking stupid, but I can't help but wonder - is riding in on the magical pegasus with the S&M goddess as your only support really the best idea?

At any rate, have Sakura keep an eye on Kirei. Make sure she knows he's not to be trusted

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If I don't do it, then who will, Sakura?

>> No.22241930

Except we're talking about the Nasuverse here. If you always pick the safe choice, we're going to hit a dead end.

>> No.22241931

"Wait, is there something specific I need to know, or is that just a general statement?"

>> No.22241938

By all means he's pretty obviously telling us to get an explanation from Sakura instead of ignoring her. The information we get from Sakura will surely tell us with a clear conclusion that what we are going to do is in fact a bad idea.

>> No.22241948

>Leap into the street

>> No.22241976

Ugh, I thought this was dead.

>> No.22241983

>'Trace off' was in the VN, for when projection magic was used.

Actually, it was only ever used for an incantation for Reinforcement magecraft. He never said "Trace, Off" for projection, although he did use "Trigger, Off" for Nine Lives Blade Works.

For Projection, he ended his magecraft with "All Cut, Clear Zero".

>> No.22242001


It could also just be Sakura not wanting us to get killed.

>> No.22242017

Which is why we need to ask for clarification. Then if she's just telling us not to get killed we can unleash the bravado.

>> No.22242032

Being paranoid but daring is the best course of action in the Nasuverse.

>> No.22242043

Alright then. >>22241931 followed by any of the suggestions that explained us going.

>> No.22242045

We could invite her along. Maybe we should jokingly ask her if she has any combat training - perhaps get her to make a dish she's not good at and offer it to Avenger or Archer.

This would probably lead to a Bad End involving rape by Shadow Tendrils, but it ure would be funny

>> No.22242052

>So what's the consensus here? It went from decisive courage to sudden paranoia rather quickly.


>I could site sources and info, but I'll just go with this: Translation is rather imprecise, since it's more important to get meaning across that the actual literal words.

>The point is, the two forms were intended to be similar, but different, spells.

>> No.22242057

Seconding this. Does she know something here?

>> No.22242085


There's no translation involved..
only comes with reinforcement.

Technically speaking they're the same spell for Shirou anyway, and his incantations are basically superfluous.
His only spell actually begins with "I am the bone of my sword". Projection, Analysis, and Reinforcement are just fragments of UBW.

>> No.22242088

The paranoia is mostly us being a bit silly. Question Sakura about the intent behind her cutting into the conversation, get any information we can on the dangers of flying with Rider, and then we can make a decision from there.

>> No.22242099

Sorry, I'm tired, and tend to be paranoid/cautious when making serious decisions while in such a state.

Ask if Sakura knows more than about this situation, because otherwise I intend toGAR the fuck up, climb on Rainbow Dash and rescue Caster and Saber from Kinkaiser.

then we regroup, and plan how we take on Archer

>> No.22242112


I am actually inclined to go with vanilla UBW in dealing with archer.

>> No.22242117

>It went from decisive courage to sudden paranoia rather quickly.
Welcome to /tg/ questrunning! If you don't start your update quickly you won't get it started at all!

>> No.22242146



Shirou's not going to run.

>> No.22242159

The focus of our paranoia is not to do or to shy away, but the manner in which we will do.

>> No.22242170


Theres no real other way except charging up the steps of the shrine.

>> No.22242176


>> No.22242195

Bellerophon can only be used by Rider, learn to noble phantasms. You need a ridiculous Ride skill to even use pegasus without the golden reigns.

>> No.22242217


"Ha-HA! All I have to do is swoop in and save saber, and she'll definately agree to be mine!"
"Did I just get passed by a Stripper on a flying horse?"

>> No.22242218

Could Saber ride the Pegasus?

>> No.22242238


Servants cannot pass through the forest surrounding the shrine.

You still need to charge up the steps, even if you're in the air.

>> No.22242243

We hold the fuck on, dude. What, you don't wanna have your arms around the tall beautiful woman?

>> No.22242247

No, B rank is insufficient for phantasmal beasts.
>B: Can ride on most animals more skillfully than the average rider, but will not be able to successfully ride on monstrous/holy-ranked creatures.
Medusa's Pegasus came from the Age of the Gods and is on par with a dragon, and probably can't be rode with even A rank.

>> No.22242250

Assassin's dead, isn't he? Then we can just Bellerophon our way up the steps.

>> No.22242251

No, her riding skill is too low to ride divine beasts

>> No.22242279

Well, we're not going to reach a decision at this rate. You need to call it at some point. Going by
>>22242043 and
We've generally decided to ask Sakura if this is a "general" it's dangerous! or a "I have specific information that you don't have" it's dangerous!.

>> No.22242283



Still the only choice is to charge up the steps.

>> No.22242289

Do it! Let's get moving, try to reinforce Caster.

>> No.22242298

>What, you don't wanna have your arms around the tall beautiful BLOODSUCKER

>> No.22242301

Yeah, he's dead. Archer WTFpwnt him. No one cares about Assassin ;___;

Poor KinKaiser. He's just not prepared for the Sentai villains who dress like bondage models.

I think we'd need to sit on her lap. We'd have to trust her to pin us into position, but I think we can manage.

Besides, with Rider, you know your frail virgin body doesn't have the strength to last that long

>> No.22242323

You're intelligent, but inexperienced. Your statement indicates... two-dimensional thinking.
We fly in at several hundred feet up.

>> No.22242325


Her riding skill applies if shes doing it by herself.

If hes a passenger, say, with rider and not in control of the beast, that should be doable.

>> No.22242384

>dat pic
...I'll be in my bunk

>> No.22242431

"Sakura?" I ask, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Is there something I should know?"

She hesitates, and then trembles slightly. "I just.... I don't want you to get hurt."

"Neither do I." I respond. "I don't want anybody to get hurt."

"Sempai...." She begins looking away and figiting slightly.

I sigh, and pull her into a hug. "I can't just abandon Saber or Rin. Unless you expect me to abandon them after I promised to help?"

"Wha- Of course not!" She answers, shocked.

"Then I guess it falls on me to be a hero then doesn't it?" I ask, resigned to my fate. I turn and begin to walk away, looking at Ilya as I pass. "Keep an eye on Kirei." I whisper so only she can hear. "Don't trust him." She gives me a very slight nod.

As I begin to open the door I hear Sakura. "Sempai?"

"Yes?" I say turning, as rider continues past.

"Come back safe."

"Of course." I return, as I step outside into Kirei's back yard. "So how are we getting there?" I ask Rider, who smiles.

"Like this." She responds, cutting her hand and drawing something on the ground. "Avert your eyes." I do so, and a bright flash happens. I turn and....


"You have a Pegasus?" I ask, finally gathering my thoughts.

She smiles, and after helping me past my awkward, fumbling attempts to mount it, we take off into the sky like a shot. I hear some kind of a screeching noise, and I see shadowy forms rising up beneath us.

[ ] Try and out run them.
[ ] Mid-air combat.

>> No.22242448

[X] Try and out run them.

We're in a hurry, let's get to our location. Though I would definitely not be opposed to throwing some swords behind us at whatever is pursuing us.

>> No.22242455



>> No.22242456

Alright, then its time to kill your boner.

Prepare for GIGA-WORMSLUT.

Her specialty are handjobs.

>> No.22242458

>[ ] Try and out run them.
As much as I love me some dogfightan, now is not the time.

>> No.22242459


>> No.22242463

[x] Try and out run them.
Though some chaff wouldn't go amiss. Unlimited Cutlery Works?

>> No.22242468

>[ ] Try and out run them.
Come on Lancer/Berserker! Help out!
...Fucking hell. They're going to follow us and kill us in a guerenteed bad end. RAMPART PARANOIA TIME!

>> No.22242469


>> No.22242472

>[ ] Mid-air combat.

If Rider goes full speed, we'll either end up falling to our death, or we'll get caught because she slows down to prevent us falling.

Lets Ace Combat this shit.

>> No.22242475

Ancient Pegasus + Bellerophon + Rider's skills = you better have an anti-fortress noble phantasm, son.
Either option is certainly our victory, but let's flaunt it.
[X] Mid-air combat.

>> No.22242483 [SPOILER] 


Ah, shit, wrong image.

There you go.

>> No.22242485

I know this board doesn't have ID, but I'm changing my vote to Midair Combat.


>> No.22242486

Sprung from cages on highway 9,
Chrome wheeled, fuel injected and steppin' out over the line

>> No.22242493

Providing the shadows are after US (and not Sakura, Illya and Taiga), I say we [X] Try and out run them.

Fuck you, Shadow-Things. I've got a Goddess by my side! Nothing can stop me from reaching the finish line!

If the Shadows re attacking our little group, then we engage, but not a moment before

>> No.22242500

>dogfightan on a Pegasus
>LITERAL aerial jousting
>not posting the ultimate aerial joust music

>> No.22242503


Why fight?


>> No.22242510


We JUST went over that the Nasuverse rewards heroism.

Never forget: choosing not to fight gets you eaten by landsharks.

>> No.22242525

That was my second choice. My third was Bunker Shot or Comona. It was a tie.

I lvoe every Ace Combat OST. Even Assault Horizon.

>> No.22242532


The shadows are servants.

>> No.22242533

But we've ID'd our prize - rescue Caster and Saber, then regroup.

Every second we delay by fighting Shadow-Beasts is a second Gilgamesh could be murdering Caster and taking Saber.

>> No.22242540

And even tragic or horrific events happening to your servant are a good sign, so long as you yourself do not suffer any injury!

>> No.22242545


We can't fight everything here to the shrine.

Mission piriority is the rescue of saber+issei

>> No.22242553

But there's a difference between suicidal choices to avoid dead ends and suicidal choices that lead us into dead ends.
Fucking hell if I know the difference, but >>22242533 is what we're going for. We can't waste time.

>> No.22242563

>Fucking hell if I know the difference
As a general rule, acting stupidly heroic when a girl is involved is expected of you.

>> No.22242565


And? Bellerophon is as defensive as it is offensive, Rider slams Arturia into the ground with it so long as she doesn't use Excalibur.
Bring an anti-fortress Noble Phantasm or you're fucked.

>> No.22242578 [SPOILER] 

My only problems with Assault Horizon were the lack of Strangereal, and the sheer IDIOCY of the CRA system.
Have a Flanker, because Flankers are fucking awesome.

>> No.22242579

[X] Try and out run them.

Yays after weeks of catching up on sup/tg/ im contribootin

>> No.22242580



>> No.22242587


Gimme my 4,5,0 remaster, not that which is AH.

>> No.22242590


Gae Dearg only applies to a magical defense. It would still merely be a B rank spear strike to a dragon-level pegasus. It would bounce off his skin.

>> No.22242598

>acting stupidly heroic to save Saber, Caster, and Souichiro-bro-sama
Okay, we're safe then.

>> No.22242612

The singer? It's Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, the English voice of The Major.

>> No.22242616


And Issei.

He stays at the shrine too

>> No.22242624

"Go!" I yell to Rider, and she nods as we take off across the sky.

"Where to?"

"The Temple." I respond. "We know where Caster took Saber, I have no idea what Archer's planning."

She looks behind us, and tells me that the shadow-things were starting to dissipate. Apparently they can't go too far away from their summoner.

It takes us mere heartbeats and we're crossing the river. We arrive almost to the temple itself, and suddenly Rider veers off-course.

"What's wrong?"

"There's some sort of boundary field around the temple, hostile to spirits like myself."

"The stairs." I respond. "Only gap in the defense." Rider nods and takes us in low and fast. we dismount inside, her Pegasus opting to hover in a low circle over the courtyard. The entire place is quiet and still, only noise made is a couple of crickets somewhere by the waters behind.

"Where do we look?"

[ ] Inside the main temple.
[ ] Search the courtyard for clues.
[ ] The Pond out back.
[ ] Inside the residential areas.

>> No.22242630

So, how are we gonna play saving Caster from Gil, when we're the one that pointed him at her?

>> No.22242640

[X] Search the courtyard for clues.

We're at the courtyard already and if there's been a battle here we might see something.

Very cleverly.

>> No.22242644


Honesty is the best policy. She'll find out, and it's not like we don't have just as much reason to be pissed with her as she will to be upset with us.

>> No.22242647

>mfw the US government destroyed the vast majority of their F-14 fleet upon their retirement in order to make it harder for Iran to get their hands on spare parts for he F-14s THAT THE US GOVERNMENT SOLD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE
Smooth move guys.
>[ ] Search the courtyard for clues.

>> No.22242650

>[ ] Inside the main temple.
By beating him to the temple.
If Gil beat us here we're fucked. He's got us trapped if he's at the stairs when we escape, unless that barrier is only one-way.

>> No.22242665

Hmm, Archer did kill Assassin, so we should've seen something on the way in. Even if it's just a Kaladbolg made explosion

[X] Search the courtyard for clues.

>> No.22242667

Rolled 3

Check for signs of battle then head for the temple.

>> No.22242669

Pretty much. It got him out of our hair, but we need to save Saber, and Gil will run off with her if we don't. We save Saber AND Caster AND Souichibro (AND Issei, if he's in danger).

[X] Search the courtyard for clues.

We're gonna Scooby Doo this shit. Roll perception, bitches, I'mma Investigatin'!

>> No.22242678


Id say residential area.

>> No.22242684

>Searching the courtyard?

>DC 15 Magecraft.

>> No.22242688

>[x]Search the Courtyard

>> No.22242690

Rolled 12


>> No.22242692

Rolled 18


>> No.22242693

Rolled 10

We don't got this.

>> No.22242694

Oh right, archie did say he maimed souichiro. First place caster would go

>> No.22242697

Rolled 9


>> No.22242699

Rolled 11


>> No.22242707

Nubum saves our fails

>> No.22242721

4 fails 1 win.

Well, depending on our base magecraft, which is probably shit or possibly even negative.

>> No.22242725

And here I was expecting to roll a 1.
Thank you RNG.

>> No.22242736

>destroyed the vast majority of their F-14 fleet upon their retirement

>> No.22242783

Rolled 3

Don't invoke it's name! It hates its name invoked!

This would seem logical, but I'm not one to turn down the opportunity to investigate further. more info == more power, in this game

>> No.22242784

I close my eyes and get a feels for the area. "Something's.... off." I say after a minute, trying to find words to place on my disquiet.

"How so?"

"There's magic here, but it's.... it's like two different people are both trying to paint the area with different colors." I respond after thinking about it for a long minute. I let my instincts guide me over to the stairs, and look down. "What do you make of this? It looks like some light scratches...."

Rider leans in curious, and takes a sniff. "Blood." She responds after a moment, running her fingers along the edge. "It feels like a magic circle, the kind used to summon servants."

"You're sure?" I ask.

"Positive." she responds, swallowing heavily.

.... Was.... was she salivating? "Alright, that's weird. Maybe Assassin's Master summoned him here?"

"Maybe. Or Caster was summoned here." She shakes her head. "the blood felt fresher than that though."

>What now?

>> No.22242789

Fuck off, dice!

>> No.22242795

>So, how are we gonna play saving Caster from Gil, when we're the one that pointed him at her?

With MAXIMUM TROLLING obviously.

>> No.22242804


Residentials. Check for innocents.

>> No.22242809



I'll bet you dollars to Dragon Dildoes that Captain Rape-Worms helped Archer take out Assassin, and this whole fucking thing's a trap.

Fooking Archer set us up by meta-gaming.

>> No.22242815

[X] Inside the main temple.

Oh yes, let's follow Heaven's Feel exactly. Past True Assassin's summoning and into the bloodbath

>> No.22242820

>[ ] Search Inside the main temple.

>> No.22242827


Urgh. Zouken's still in the game.

Fucking dick sticks.

>> No.22242832

Ah, Rider. Still terrifying in your own oddly endearing way. Bloodplay an't my thing, woman!

Make a quick joke about promising to cook for Rider if she controls her drooling, and then ask "how Fresh?"

Assuming nothing happens after that, head into the residential areas. We *may* run into Issei, but with any luck we'll find the people we're after

>> No.22242845


Hassan's a bitch, who cares.

>> No.22242848


[x] Shout for Caster / or and Saber

Read the mood guys, whoever is behind the eerie silence here knows that we are here already. So we can also straight out invite him to come out instead of entering a fucking temple with hostiles at night.

>> No.22242853

Not quite, we've got Rider with us this time. Assassin only got Saber due to an affinity match up in his favour. Rider beat his ass. One of my favourite scenes in the game.

>> No.22242862

Residential areas.

>> No.22242864

Rolled 12

Fuck this shit.

Rolling: how well we roll determines how well Shirou that SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE

>> No.22242870

...Y'know why not?

>> No.22242872


>> No.22242877

Main Temple.

>> No.22242889

Changing vote for this.

>> No.22242893

3 temple, 3 residential, 2 holla ?

>> No.22242897

Problem is, we don't have Saber, and my emotions may be getting in the way here, but I don't wish such a fate on Rider.
›[x] Check the temple

>> No.22242898

Rolled 11

You know, I like this plan.

Protect us, goddess of S&M and magical flying horse-birds! I'm gonna cast Summon Nearby Baddies And/Or Allies

[X]Shout for Caster and Saber

>> No.22242900


We didn't get an "eerie quiet" though.
We got "quiet + distant crickets". The mood of storytelling says that what we should infer is that we are too late, and NOBODY is here.

>> No.22242924

My Hero sense says after Zouken, but Bellerophon is awesome so before Caster and Gil

>> No.22242937




>> No.22242945

Please only roll when ACGuy asks for it.
You're kind of being annoying.

>> No.22242952

ya know, it's probably within Shirou's abilities to move AND shoot...er, shout

>> No.22242972


you lost me

>> No.22242988


I am a bit drunk right now, and wondered if SHirou would notice something like a summoning as being Plot Important. Thus, leaving it up to chance.

Still, I will refrain

As discussed before, Rider has her awesome mount out, which grants all sorts of amazing bonuses to her.

Besides, she's someone very much in touch with her dark side. I don't think she'll be quite so easy to corrupt

>> No.22242995

weird, I'm sure I hadn't dropped my pants

>> No.22243008

Heh, Rider Alter.
Either "Great, a palette swap. Was something else supposed to happen?"
Gorgon. run

>> No.22243014

After a moment's hesitation, I turn to Rider. "What if we just yelled?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what if we just yelled? Yelled for Caster or whatever to come out?"

".... Would that work?"

"I have no idea, but this place it starting to weird me out. I mean, can't you feel it?"

Rider gives me a weird look. "No, no I don't. You talk about the mana flows and weird feelings, but all I'm getting is that it's dark and quiet."

"TOO quiet." I respond. Turning to the temple. "OI! You can come out now."

I'm greeted by silence.

"Caster? Saber?" I ask the shadows cast across the yard, raising my voice slightly.

"Well, that was productive."

"It was." I respond. "The crickets stopped."

"Crickets?" Rider asks confused, while I feel a stabbing pain in my chest.

[DC 16 Don't Die check]

>> No.22243018


Or White Rider.

>> No.22243019

Rolled 7


Shirou? Dying? Pff.

>> No.22243020

Rolled 18


>> No.22243024

Rolled 1



>> No.22243027


God DAMMIT dice.

>> No.22243030


>> No.22243031

Rolled 9



>> No.22243032

PHEW Saved the day AGAIN.

>> No.22243034

Rolled 17


>> No.22243038

gg guys

>> No.22243040

C-c-c-critical failure

>> No.22243047



It was a good run while it lasted.

>> No.22243052

>"It was." I respond. "The crickets stopped."

>"Crickets?" Rider asks confused, while I feel a stabbing pain in my chest.
KI ki ki kikikikiikikik KIIIII!

>> No.22243057


>> No.22243059

Rolled 11

I'd be okay with this!


>> No.22243060

Soooo, I'm new to quests. Crit fail cancels all success?

>> No.22243063

A lot of good Avalon did in 40 dead ends.

>> No.22243065


Avalon only works when in a contract with Saber.

I am not up to speed with this roleplay thus far but it is apparent that Saber is not with Shirou and in need of saving. Probably Rule Broken, which destroys the contract and makes Avalon a trinket.

>> No.22243070

Unless a crit success cancels it out.

>> No.22243072



Unless you have a crit.

>> No.22243079

Rolled 19

I hate you so much.

"Crickets?" Rider asks confused, while I feel a stabbing pain in my chest.

WHELP! Does Rider know CPR? Cuz I think I recognize the onset of a heart attack

>> No.22243080

Oh wow. I mean she's pretty damn good looking normally but that...
She's fuckin' gorgeous.

In this specific quest, yeah.
Different quests work things differently.

>> No.22243084

It still works when not in a contract with Saber, it just is not as effective or powerful in that situation.

>> No.22243086

please look away while I roll 20d1

>> No.22243090

Yeah, Archer Traced Rule Breaker. And threw it at Saber. Because we let Caster Rule Breaker HIM in the first place.

>> No.22243093

so close!

>> No.22243095

Rolled 8

I have failed /tg/

I will now commit sudoku.

>> No.22243097


It has no effect at all, actually.
From Fate/Complete Material III World Material
>Q: Archer's greatest defense is "Rho Aias", but if he were the same person as Shirou, shouldn't his greatest protection be "Avalon"? In the Rin route, Archer knew that the holy sword's sheath was inside Shirou, so wouldn't the Heroic Spirit form of the Shirou that "knew" that the sheath was merged with him be Archer?
>A: Avalon’s power won't work if Saber's not connected to it. It's a different story during the Grail War, but all it does when Saber isn't around is make Shirou's magic attribute into "sword". Also, after the Grail War is taken apart, the line between him and her will be gone, so it's best to think that his image of "Avalon" also disappeared.

>but all it does when Saber isn't around is make Shirou's magic attribute into "sword"

>> No.22243098

Pretty dumb move on our part all things considered. NOT our proudest moment.

>> No.22243107

I reach out and grab rider by the arm and roughly yank her sideways. she opens her mouth to yell at me, but it cuts off when a knife hits me in the fore-arm where her heart was a moment before.

It hurts, more than a little bit.

"Fuck me!" I gasp, jumping backwards as the second knife barely misses my face.

"Not till we're married." Rider responds. I shoot her an incredulous look. "Right, bad time for jokes." She responds apologetically. I feel a second knife hit me in the shoulder while I'm distracted. "Shit, TERRIBLE time for jokes." She says as we both turn our eyes forward and I pull the knife out of my forearm. Luckily as sharp and smooth as the blade is, it comes out rather painlessly.

Standing halfway across the courtyard is a man wearing some sort of tattered shawl, with a bone-white mask on his face. the mask seems to depict a skull not quite human, twisted in a insane smile.

He looks at us, and all I can do is sense killing intent.

[DC 16 Combat check]

>> No.22243108

Rolled 10


I shall chance one last roll, on the off chance of a 20!

I know, eh? She's still a goddess even when an anti-Hero, so imagine her without the regret and rage clouding her.

I'd get down on my knees and worship her ardently, in more ways than one

>> No.22243113

Rolled 5

Then how did Kiritsugu use it to save Shirou after the 4th grail war? Saber was gone at that point.


>> No.22243114

Rolled 8


Cast the dice once more!
Apparently it was just a flesh wound.

>> No.22243115

Rolled 19


>> No.22243116

Rolled 16

Time to not die.

>> No.22243118

Rolled 8


>> No.22243119

Rolled 10


Fuck, archer was right. Hormones are gonna get us killed.

>> No.22243120


Well this isn't looking good.

>> No.22243121

Rolled 20

>"Not till we're married." Rider responds.

Lets kick this guy's ass.

>> No.22243128

Rolled 19

Oh yeah, I totally called that likely situation

>> No.22243133 [DELETED] 

Rolled 7

I repeat...

>> No.22243137

The crit demands that we turn our Shirouswag upon Rider!
All hail the mighty crit!

>> No.22243138

Well, that wasn't as horrifying as I thought it would be.

Rider believes in sex after marriage? Who knew.

I'd roll, but I saw a few 19s and I'm not gonna risk it.

"Who are you, stabby man, any why shouldn't I skewer your ass?"

>> No.22243140

Rolled 9

Thank GOD you did not link to >>22243107
As the Sexy faceless god of rolls, I appoint you as a demigod of Sexy faceless rolls. As long as you're not >>22243024

>> No.22243142

>Then how did Kiritsugu use it to save Shirou after the 4th grail war? Saber was gone at that point.

Avalon wasn't used to save him, it was just given to him. Kiritsugu probably used normal magecraft to save Shirou, as he wasn't dead.
Kiritsugu may be a pretty shitty magus but healing isn't extremely complex, especially when he was taught by the Einzberns, a thousand year old white mage family.

Why did Kiritsugu give Shirou Avalon? Who knows. Maybe he planned on having it save Shirou, and learned that it's powerless without Arturia.

>> No.22243158


>I'll give you this one, since the other guy rolled before I asked.


>PFFFT- What's that? A thinly veiled excuse for my favorite reaction image?

>> No.22243161 [DELETED] 

I bear my tripfaggotry proud. I will own my failures and successes.

Can we bring this guy into the fold? I think a Nat 20 deserves some cred.

And yeah. We're aiming for an "everybody lives" route, but a Rider is fine too. Woan's got a fine sense of humor, at the very least

>> No.22243174


I bear my tripfaggotry proud. I will own my failures and successes.

Can we bring this guy into the fold? I think a Nat 20 deserves some cred.

And yeah. We're aiming for an "everybody lives" route, but a Rider is fine too. Woman's got a fine sense of humor, at the very least

>> No.22243183



>> No.22243192


Might be worth a point or two on the hidden affection stat.

>> No.22243207

We might need a temple of followers and priests instead of demigods if everyone gains some right to be sexy faceless gods/demigods of rolls

>> No.22243211

hidden? If we get some downtime with her, Sakura's gonna have to beat her back with a stick

>> No.22243216

guy that rolled a 1 can be the choir boy

>> No.22243221


The one I get to molest?

>> No.22243231

>Sakura's gonna have to beat her back with a stick
Or we take the favored solution of shy quiet (and secretly kinky) girls in harem anime. Can you say "threesome"?

>> No.22243233

...Of course.

>> No.22243234


>> No.22243235

I stare at the man.

"Who?" Rider asks.

"Given the fact that he's capable of hiding from us magically? I'm guessing an Assassin." I respond.

"I thought Archer said he killed him?"

"He might've lied. Also, this wasn't the Assassin last time I was here. Did killing him open the slot for him to be re-summoned?"

"Grail wars don't work like that, else they'd never end." Rider answers. The three of us spend a long moment staring at each other, when I suddenly feel an urge. I project a trio of knives- his knives, as they're made for throwing- and launch them. I'm rewarded with clangs as the hit the blades he sent through the air.

"What?" The man hisses, looking at me more intently. "Master, we should withdraw. This is a battle we won't win easily."

"Perhaps they can be reasoned with." a voice responds.

A familiar voice.

Zouken steps out of the shadows behind Assassin. "Hello Shirou. Perhaps we can take a moment to chat?"

>What do?

>> No.22243242

Rider reaaaally doesn't want people to remember that time she "mana-drained" Shirou

>> No.22243245



>> No.22243251

...Should we bluff/threaten and say he has until the 4th war's archer arrives? Try to get what he knows about Caster and Saber?

>> No.22243254

Jam a blade down his throat.

>> No.22243257 [SPOILER] 

>Can you say "threesome"?

Because they certainly can

>> No.22243258

Hey, Rider? Sakura's free and the source of her misery is right there

>> No.22243267

"Rider, say hello to the cause of all Sakura's suffering."

>> No.22243269


You people do remember that does nothing to Zouken, right?
His soul worm is elsewhere.

>> No.22243271



Then broken-Phantasm him in the face.

>> No.22243272

NO. and NO.
...If this wasn't blatant metagaming then I'd say THIS.
(...wait, is it metagaming? Do we know that Zouken did it?)

>> No.22243274

"You're a dick and I'm probably going to kill you for what you did to Sakura, but I suppose I can put that off for a few minutes.

Talk, now. What's happened here, when did you get Assassin?"

>> No.22243275

um, maybe I should delete this. I didn't think everyone else would go with stab Zouken. It's probably a bad plan

>> No.22243276


Oh, hello boner. Fancy meeting you here.


Agreed. Let's sick Rider on him. She can use her Mystic Eyes on him and turn him to stone, right?

>> No.22243284




>> No.22243289

Conjure Caldabog and brepare to Break the fucker in his face.".

"Sakura chatted with me well enough about her home life. Eat shit. I don't nogtiate with monsters."

THIS. Let the creature Sakur summoned with despair mete out suffering in kind.

Also, fuck assassin. No one likes assassin

>> No.22243290

Cooler heads, prevail! QUICK!

>> No.22243294

Can we stop and think about this?
We're walking a fine line here.

>> No.22243300


>Agreed. Let's sick Rider on him. She can use her Mystic Eyes on him and turn him to stone, right?

Only affects people with a Prana rating below B. B can be petrified if they do something wrong, A is only diminished.

If Tohsaka has A (she's not petrified) and Shirou has B (he gets petrified if he loses his concentration), Zouken sure as fuck has A as a 500 year old magus.

>> No.22243301


"I don`t think so. No negotiations with a guy that has a HAPPY HAPPY FUN TIME Torture chamber beneath his house.

Rider, kill him, I´ll try to fend off Assassin on my own for a short time. After Zouken is fishbait Assassin will be a piece of cake together. "

It`s risky, but there is no fucking way we`re letting Zouken alive or even give him the chance to get away.

>> No.22243303

Did Rider have a catalyst or was she summoned solely as a similar person to her master?

>> No.22243306

"All I care about are where Caster and Saber are. Unless you can tell us something relevant, this conversation is over."

If he has nothing to contribute, then >>22243267

>> No.22243308



>> No.22243309

Why? We know he rules the household with an iron grip, and we know that Sakura suffered scary-as-fuck domestic abuse there. Plus, parasites in the nerve endings are never a sign of a loving gradnparent.

Why shouldn't we attempt to kill this fuck? Even if he doens't survive, we could dispatch Assassin easily enough.

>> No.22243310

Do we know IC that Zouken planted the crest work in Sakura?
KinKaiser is on his way here, we've lost too much time already. we need to ask him where Caster and Saber are, then GTFO

>> No.22243317

" A quick moment"
Prep to maim in an instant

>> No.22243318

if you and I have something to talk about you better make it quick

>> No.22243319

Because in the time it would take to kill him, KinKaiser will arrive and kill us? We're on a VERY tight schedule.

>> No.22243323

We know Sakura was abused. I don't think we know about the worms, but we DO know that she was abused thanks to Kirei.

>> No.22243326


>Why? We know he rules the household with an iron grip, and we know that Sakura suffered scary-as-fuck domestic abuse there.

At Shinji's hands. Shirou never knew anything about Zouken, Kariya, or Byakuya.

>Plus, parasites in the nerve endings are never a sign of a loving gradnparent.

For all he knows, that's how matou magic works. He wouldn't be wrong.

>> No.22243332 [DELETED] 

This is probbly the best action. Get the information we need, make false promises when necessary, then murder the fuck out of Zoen and his Servant.

We know that Sakrua suffered domestic abuse at sShinji's hands, that there was a history of sexual abuse, and that a magus put evil parasites into her nerve-endings to endanger her health and leave a kills-switch in place.

ltting Shinji live never was this usefl. he told us all we need t know to fuck this bastard up. even if it doens't kill him, it setshim back some. Fuck assassin

>> No.22243333

As much as I want to murder the FUCK out of Japanes Rapeworm Clint Eastwood we can't take him down right now.

>> No.22243335

"No." I respond more calmly than I feel.

"Why not?" He asks, surprised.

"I know what you've done to Sakura." I call the swords to my hands as I begin to move. "I don't negotiate with Monsters."

Assassin moves between myself and a very surprised Zouken, throwing more blades.


>> No.22243339

Rolled 13

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

>> No.22243344

Rolled 9


>> No.22243345

Rolled 16


Well, I'm still not sure if Shirou should make such a conclusion based on what he knows, but let the battle commence.

>> No.22243347

Rolled 14


>> No.22243349

Rolled 18


>> No.22243350

This is probbly the best action. Get the information we need, make false promises when necessary, then murder the fuck out of Zoen and his Servant.

We know that Sakrua suffered domestic abuse at sShinji's hands, that there was a history of sexual abuse, and that a magus put evil parasites into her nerve-endings to endanger her health and leave a kills-switch in place.

letting Shinji live never was this useful. he told us all we need t know to fuck this bastard up. even if it doesn't kill him, it sets him back some. Fuck assassin.

We can infer enough. The Matou are not kind wizards. Fuck him up.

>> No.22243356


>> No.22243358

Hey Boss, can you guide us on just how ready to kill Zouken our Shirou would be?

>> No.22243360

>So of course the vote starts to swing while I'm typing.

>For the record: Shirou doesn't know all the details, but he knows that Zouken did nothing to stop Sakura from getting raped, if not participated. Also that he's the one who implanted the crest worm designed to torture and mind-control her.

>> No.22243369


>> No.22243373


Eat shit, you old bastard. I WILL PROTECT THOSE WHO I LOVE! AND I HAVE NO LOVE FOR [email protected]

>> No.22243374

>Not finding out where Caster and Saber are
>Fighting Zouken right before KinKaiser arrives.
There is not enough lube in the world for what's awaiting us.

>> No.22243375

Guys, I knowthis is being meta, but really, do you think we're going to do anything to a living shell that Zouken is controlling by proxy? We're already injured badly. Also, Saber and Caster are already clearly gone in one way or another.

>> No.22243377

>Also that he's the one who implanted the crest worm designed to torture and mind-control her.

Welp that's enough to set Shirou into
assault mode.

>> No.22243378

>Assassin throwing daggers
>Daggers are like tiny swords
>Trying to kill a guy who is 101% swords using more swords

How cute

>> No.22243386

yfw Zouken's current body is mostly Souichiro

>> No.22243392

>We're already injured badly

Shirou does not play by grim 'n gritty rules until SWORDS START JUTTING OUT OF EVERY INCH OF HIS BODY.

>> No.22243449

I doubt it. We arrived here quite quickly, in narrative time, and although we waylaid enough in shouting for the people we were after, it wasn't THAT tardy. Besides, killing folks off-screen when we've made effort to aid them would be narratively unsatisfying.

We bother Zouken, kill Assassin, and then we resume our search

>> No.22243478

Alright. Now how are we going to deal with KinKaiser? After this battle we'll have a weakened Rider, a stressed squishy Caster, and--
Actually, Saber should be just fine in theory if Caster supplies her with Prana.
Saber alone won't be enough to win at this point unless she Excaliblasts KinKaiser with Caster's aid.

>> No.22243481

until we hear a motorbike trying to do stairs

>> No.22243483

I spin the blades in my hands, easily deflecting the daggers away ass Assassin charges me.

I don't even slow down, reinforcing me legs as much as possible before launching the twin blades as a pair of exploding Phantasms. I get only a brief glimpse of the shock on Zouken's face before he's obliterated by the blast.

I land and spin to face Assassin, reading another projection. I didn't need to bother, watching him frantically dodge around Rider's chain before making a wild dash for the stairs. I throw a few knives that he counters before he fades from sight, and I let out a sigh. "We should find Rin and Caster." I say, taking a step forward on shaky legs. I'm surprised by a hand on my shoulder. "Rider?"

"First blood?" She asks, surprisingly gentle.

After a long moment I nod. "Yeah."

She slides in, putting an arms across my shoulders and giving me a light squeeze. "First one's always the hardest." She says, and then sniffs. "Your blood....."


"It's weird. I-" She hesitates. "Shit, Assassin. you might have been poisoned."

"Shit." I respond, thinking. "What should we do?"

"I can suck it out." Rider offers. Perhaps slightly too enthusiastic for my liking.

I do feel a bit shaky, but that might be the adrenalin. And maybe the apparent vampire in front of me.

But... can I afford to risk it? I mean, I doubt Rider would hurt me. Plus, we might be for another fight with Caster, or that Archer when he arrives.

[ ] Suck.
[ ] No.
[ ] Ask her about that 'Marriage' thing.

>> No.22243494

>[ ] Ask her about that 'Marriage' thing.

>> No.22243498

[x] Ask her about that 'Marriage' thing.
Also, isn't she still contracted to Rin? Shouldn't she be able to sense her location?

>> No.22243501

She ain't gonna hurt us.

[X] Suck.

We can ask if this is a Marriage ritual once she has started to suck.

>> No.22243502

Rolled 18

>[X] Ask her about that 'Marriage' thing.

>> No.22243505


[x] suck and ask her anout the marriage while shes halfway through.

>> No.22243512

Rolled 55

>"We should find Rin and Caster."
Yeah, I know you meant Saber and Caster, but still.

I'm... I'm on the fence on this one. I'd say it's way too late at this point (and it's impossibly to suck out poison faster than the heart pumps blood), but that's RW logic.

We need to find Caster and Saber before Kinkaiser arrives.
Rolling percentile. 1-50 suck, 51-100 search

>> No.22243517

ffffff dice, not waist those like that

>> No.22243520


>castar x rin

All my money, AC-Guy.

>> No.22243524

>[ ] Ask her about that 'Marriage' thing.
By way of "I'm not really into blood-play, but when you're courting a Pegasus-riding vampire i suppose it doesn't pay to be picky".

>> No.22243529

>[ ] Suck.

>> No.22243537


>Wait, what?

>The fuck? I just checked word. It's Saber there, and I copy+pasted. How the flying fuck?

>> No.22243545

As it is written, so shall it be.

Castah, mana exchange!

>> No.22243554


It's meta knowledge that no Hassan we know of uses poison, but is this even the same Hassan that we know of?

[X] Suck.

>> No.22243556

Out of curiosity, a show of hands. Who picked suck just to gain Rider points and not to get poison out?
(And am I being way too paranoid about KinKaiser arriving so soon, or is everyone just ignoring the rapidly-approaching Bad End?

>> No.22243563

Illya didn't swallow, and it worked out for us.

Afterwards, we should ask her to handle the poison bit, assuming that won't fuck with AC-guy's scoring mechanism. I want to earn me some Rider points, and if we can get out of poisoning, all the better.

>> No.22243578


'tis a sign, AC-Gguy!


>> No.22243581

Seriously, we need to leave ASAP. Our goal is not here.

>> No.22243583

I'm going with
and mention the marriage thing. Because I think it's a good idea and I want to see her do a blood spit-take

>> No.22243596

I want the Rider points, no lie. A stoic, intelligent Amazon whose fierce appearance belies a love of literature and who (HNNNNG) works in a library in Hollow Ataraxia. Sign me the fuck up.

Seriously, though. We just scared off Zouken and Assassin, and now we've got to deal with being poisoned (I'd not risk making assumptions about this).

Once we get rhough all this delicious character-building, we can go back to our mission and FUCKING SAVE SABER/CASTER

>> No.22243602

>blood spit-take

Yes. All of my yes.

>Pic related, Shirou's face

>> No.22243604

>(I'd not risk making assumptions about this)

It's pretty obvious she just wants our blood. No Assassin in Fate has ever used poison, and if they did, it wouldn't be of a type so simple you could just suck it out.

>> No.22243611

>it wouldn't be of a type so simple you could just suck it out.
Well, a human couldn't sure. But shes got like A rank (blood)sucking ability.

>> No.22243616

>No Assassin in Fate has ever used poison
Something to remember. Holy Grail Wars NEVER actually go by the rules. There's always hax and bullshit involved.

>> No.22243622

>implying it's only blood she's A Rank at sucking

>> No.22243627

Dick. He means dick

>> No.22243635

"Wait, sudden thought." I say, buying time to seriously think it over.


"What was that marriage thing about?"

"What?" She asks, genuinely surprised. "That was a joke. Mostly. Besides, I thought you and Sakura were a thing?"

"Not exactly." I respond. "We're friends, and frankly I'm trying to shelve the relationship drama until after the war."

"Wait, she's that lovestruck and you aren't shacking up?"

"Am I taking advantage of the emotionally vulnerable rape victim?" I ask, incredulous. "No, no I am not."

"Huh." Rider says surprised. "I'm not sure if I'm disappointed in your lack or hormones or impressed by your moral standing."

"Maybe she's just a friend."

"Shirou, *I* would hit that." she shakes her head. "Now come on, let me suck it and stop wasting time."

"As soon as you explain 'mostly joking'."

She sighs, irritated. "Honestly? don't know. You're not ugly or anything, and you're a nice guy. I've just never honestly never considered romance a priority long enough to really consider it. Besides, with all these other girls vying for your affections, how would I know that you had time for me?"

"So you're saying you're not interested?" I ask, feeling slightly relieved.

"I didn't say that...." She says, clearly thinking. "I'm saying convince me. Convince me it's worth it, and I'm yours."

"It can't be that simple." I respond thinking over the various girls.

"It will if we let it. Now let me suck your blood already." she returns, clearly agitated.

>Yes or no?

>> No.22243648


Dammit, Ac-guy.

All my hopes and dreams, shattered.


>> No.22243657 [DELETED] 

Ilya also looks like a little girl.

>[X] Suck like a garden hose, woman. I have people to save and I can't do it poisoned

>> No.22243658


"Go for it. Make sure to spit not swallow, I never thought I'd hear myself say that.

And a point in my favor, people always say that I devote too much of myself to other people, though I think they might say that as a bad thing."

>> No.22243659



>> No.22243664

>Yes, but make it a quickie

>> No.22243665 [DELETED] 

No, find Saber and Caster.
*gets outvoted 10-1*

>> No.22243674

No, find Saber and Caster.
*gets outvoted 10-1*

>> No.22243679

What does an incredibly nasty British steamed suet pudding have to do with it? Is that, like, her favorite food? Should we buy her some next time we're at the store?

>> No.22243681

This is even a choice?


Even if we're losing time with this, we don't need Rider all distracted by her raging bloodlust.

>> No.22243692

While I feel for you, I think we only get punished for doing fucktarded things (like shouting for Caster/Saber aloud).

i think we have to earn death-by-Gil for extreme retardation

>> No.22243695

>Suck like a vacuum, woman. I've got people to save and I can't do it poisoned.

>> No.22243697


>> No.22243707


[x] after we find saber

Then let her do it in front of saber.


>> No.22243725

I know, I can't help but be paranoid as fuck though. The easiest way to make sure everyone lives is to hurry up and save them before KinKaiser arrives, which isn't happening.

>> No.22243732

This reminds me; if we bad end, will there be a Tiger Dojo?

>> No.22243737

Relax, after this little distraction we'll go back to searching...

or collapse from bloodloss and wake up in the church tied up next to the other corpses

>> No.22243787

Well not if your going to yell at me about it, be nice then you can

>> No.22243825

So i'm noticing something. I think our Shirou's fear-response is to flirt relentlessly, because it seems like we always end up doing it when we should be panicking.

Not that I'm complaining mind you, Rider is most certainly in the running for the Best Girl trophy.

>> No.22243832



>Saber`s, Rin`s, Sakura`s faces when

>> No.22243842

Yes. Then after she starts:
"So is this some super-intimate ritual thing that'll forever bind our fates to each other?"

>> No.22243862

"Alright." I respond, holding up my arm and pulling my shirt off the two cuts.

Rider grabs my arm and pushes her lips against the cut. She's surprisingly gentle, for all her eagerness. She spends a couple of seconds on my arm, before pulling back with a quizzical and somewhat dazed expression. She then slides into my lap slightly, grabbing my arm and putting her face to my shoulder where the knife struck me.

I do my best to ignore a lot of things. I try to ignore the hair dangli9ng across my chest, the feel of he breath and he tounge on my arm. The fact that with the way she's kneeling I could probably catch an eyeful over her shoulder if I leaned forward just a LITTLE.... And the fact that she probably wouldn't care.

I can't decide whether I'm proud or disappointed in myself as I look up at the moon, full and beautiful in the sky.

After several seconds, Rider leans back. "That was weird....."

"Yeah, I know." I respond, tugging my shirt back into place.

"No, I mean there was no poison. I was just smelling your blood." Rider explains as we stand back up. "Your blood is WEIRD."

"How so?"

"It's like.... you can kinda feel a person through their blood." she explains. "An evil person would taste slimy and gross, while a good person might taste, well, good. Young people full of potential, while old either worn or well developed. But you... I got nothing."


>> No.22243867


"I mean like there was nothing there. Like instead of a well made and cared for desk, it was one of those cheap assembled ones made out of saw-dust. Except that would taste cheap and flimsy. You tasted like nothing."

"Is that... bad?" I ask, mildly concerned.

"I have no idea." Rider responds, wiping her lips off. "It doesn't make any sense though. What kind of life could you live to feel empty without any kind of taint from disappointment or sorrow?"

I don't have an answer for her, looking away. "Well, let's not get too off track." I say, walking away. "We still need to find Caster and Saber."

"Right." Rider responds, following me. "By the way, what did you mean when you said it was weird for you?"

".... Really?" I ask, she just looks at me curiously. "You know.... You, in my lap, putting your mouth places?"

She misses a step, letting out a rather unladylike 'snerk' noise, blushing slightly. "If it makes you feel better, not even my intention."

"Yeah, whatever." I respond, letting out a sigh.

[ ] Main Temple.
[ ] Residential Area.
[ ] Lake
[ ] Split up.

>> No.22243872


[x] Troll the shit out of her
[x] "P-Please be gentle. It`s my first time. "
[x] Blush like a maiden in love

>> No.22243879

[X]Residential area


>> No.22243880

Guys, just a suggestion. We should leave as soon as we have an opportunity to after the blood thing is over, which, by the way, feels like a stealth bad end.

>> No.22243887

Residential area.

>> No.22243888

Nothing? Not even SWORDS?
[ ] Residential Area.

...Zouken's not here. True assassin left. On a scale of one to ten, how retarded would it be to call out for Saber and Caster again? 2, 3? 17?

>> No.22243891

[X] Main Temple.
Time to take a level of temple raider
Praise be to Olidammara

>> No.22243892

[X] Residential Area.

>> No.22243919

Somewhat offtopic, but is the anime any good?

>> No.22243928

It's good for introducing you to the Fate/Stay Night. You're better off reading the Visual Novel though.

>> No.22243932

No, but the VN is fucking great.

>> No.22243937

Then I shall check it out.

>> No.22243939


>> No.22243950

I stand corrected. By the way the choices are presented, it seems we're railroaded onto finishing the areas. Carry on for now, although the second Gil shows up we may want to consider vacating the area.

>> No.22243971

Just so you know, AC-Guy has repeatedly said that
>[ ] other
is ALWAYS an option

>> No.22243977

We can always write in our own choices, but we're NOT leaving until we find Saber and Caster.
and then watch as Kinkaiser reverse rapes/gangbangs us.

>> No.22243993

>[ ] Main Temple.

Seems like Caster's style to set up shop there. Lets check it out please don't be Souichiro's mutilated corpse

>> No.22244002


>You aren't really being railroaded, choices presented are just the ones most likely to occur to Shirou.

>So Shirou is less likely to run away from a situation where a friend's in danger, but also sees certain choices as rather binary.... even when they aren't, or he shows extreme disdain for one set of actions.

>Given that I tend to list the most likely choices, I can see how it looks like that. Unless I say otherwise, 'other' is always an option, and the only time I'll 'veto' or ignore an action is if I honestly think you're trolling or you've gone wildly off into crazy land as far as character actions go.

For instance, Shirou is unlikely to just up and decide to rape and/or kill one of his friends.

>> No.22244004

[x] Main Temple.

>> No.22244011

>So, it looks like Residential's winning?

>> No.22244015

>For instance, Shirou is unlikely to just up and decide to rape and/or kill one of his friends.
Now Shiki on the otherhand...

>> No.22244017


I'm guessing that we are either going to get saber alter or we are going to find that caster has made saber her servant and put a white dress on her

>[x] Main Temple

>> No.22244028

>crazy land as far as character actions go

Leave temple, leave city, find shiki, tag-out, get maids

>> No.22244032

Oh, Archer threw Rule Breaker at Saber, so she's already Caster's servant, although we're at... relatively good terms. White dress is still possible though.

>> No.22244036

Only if it's a maid.
Or if Arihiko actually managed to get with Akiha. Then he's required to murder the dude. It's the big brother code.

>> No.22244062

"Let's check the residential areas." I say, and Rider follows me. Feeling like we wasted enough time already, I decide to run.

That, and I'm trying to redirect some bloodflow.

We get there quickly, and begin searching as quickly and quietly as we can.

[DC 12 stealth investigator check]

>> No.22244071

Rolled 11


>> No.22244081

Rolled 7


>> No.22244085

Rolled 1

Now HERE is where shit gets real. We risk death at the hands of the legion of kung-fu monks that inhabit this temple if we fail this stealth roll.

>> No.22244088

Rolled 13


>> No.22244091

Rolled 17


>> No.22244098

Oh god.

We're going to be attacked by ninjas now aren't we?

>> No.22244100


>> No.22244102

Rolled 19

And then suddenly we trip and fall, rolling into the kitchen and knocking over every single pot and pan.
At least it wasn't in combat.

>> No.22244103

Rolled 12

You're first into the monks

>> No.22244116

"Rider, I'm going to start punching the walls. There might be secret passages."

And then Shirou subscribed to the Doomguy school of detective work.

>> No.22244131

Tonight has just been plagued with bad rolls, huh?

>> No.22244149

Alternating between failing horribly and succeeding gloriously, yeah.

>> No.22244152

Rolled 13

I'm just glad the bad rolls are outside of imminent life-or-death situations.

>> No.22244175

>kung-fu monks
Wrong country for that. Most we need to worry about (other than the Grail War related dangers) is a kid with a rat-tail and 99 problems (ALL of which relate to bitches)

>> No.22244184

Rolled 17

get out

>> No.22244227

I slip open the first door, and see nothing but darkness and sleeping people.

The next two are the same. The fourth door is some sort of a kitchen, where one of the monks seems to have passed out over a table sneaking in a late-night snack.

The next door I hear something that sounds like a broken fan. I hesitate, almost waiting for my eyes to adjust before realizing it's Issei's room. I slam my head into the door-frame and let out a sharp breath as I attempt to escape with my sanity intact. As I leave the door-frame and keep moving, I hear a startled 'huh?' from inside.

[DC10 Can't get spotted check]

>> No.22244232

Rolled 1



>> No.22244236

Rolled 6


>> No.22244240

Rolled 10

You fucker.

>> No.22244242

Rolled 20


>> No.22244243



>Nice try, motherfucker.

>> No.22244246


The fates have shattered!

>> No.22244249



>> No.22244252


>> No.22244255

Rolled 19


>> No.22244264


>> No.22244265


>> No.22244271

Bitch we're so stealthy we make Snake look like the fucking Gecko Ninjas.

>> No.22244310

I press my feet down, focusing on my legs, and I leap. As I twist in midair, I see Issei turning his head from looking the other way to back towards where I was. I put down a little heavily, but I lean into the wall as his head comes back around.

That's when I notice that he doesn't have his glasses on. I could dance naked in front of him and he would never know I was there. I lean against the wall and slim my profile a bit more, and a few moments later, he sighs, blushing slightly, and shuts the door as he retreats inside.

I let out a sigh, as Rider appears next to me. "You're terrible at this stealth thing."

"Did you not see what I just did?"

"You have amazing reflexes and instincts. This doesn't automatically make you good at sneaking." she teases. "Honest guy like you's probably never done this before."

"I have.... just not often." I respond.

"Whatever. Try not to set off any alarms."

>Continue search here? Or move to a new area?

>> No.22244315


>Official Shirou-Sneak-Theme:

>> No.22244317


Looks like this place is clear.

Can we focus and see where we sense magic?

That might point us to where to head to.

>> No.22244320

Search Issei's room. Because really, what could go wrong?

>> No.22244321

Search here some more.

>> No.22244327

Search the fucking temple already.

>> No.22244345

But will he ever do the exploding chair thing?

>> No.22244351

>because what could go wrong?
We find Issei pleasuring himself in front of his secret shrine to Shirou while stabbing voodoo dolls of Tohsaka and Ayako?

>> No.22244361

[X] Main Temple.
I wonder what Issei was doing up at this time anyway. I really thing that someone part of the student council should be getting more sleep.

>> No.22244372

Temple raiding time

>> No.22244380

Writing a creepy Schezar/Van hurt/comfort slashfic?

>> No.22244388

"Come on, let's try the main temple." I say, Rider nods and we go inside.

We look around, and I try to find some clue as to where Caster might have taken Saber.

[DC 15 Search check]
[DC15 Listen check]

>> No.22244396

Rolled 4, 20 = 24


>> No.22244399

Rolled 17, 3 = 20

Do you want 1 or 2 d20s from us? If you only want 1 than just take the first.

>> No.22244401

Rolled 15, 4 = 19


>> No.22244403

Rolled 11, 13 = 24

This will be deadly.

>> No.22244409



>> No.22244410

Rolled 7, 10 = 17


>> No.22244421

Rolled 20, 15 = 35

We found it.
I don't know what else is here other than Caster and saber, but we found whatever was here.

>> No.22244428

I'm turning dice off before I waste more rolls ;_;

>> No.22244457


>> No.22244538

We search the temple, and I follow my instincts. I see a small corner where it looked like someone had been messing with some sort of enchantment.

"What's that?" rider asks, pointing as a small object.

"It looks like a tie." I answer pulling it out. I stare at it for a long moment, before realizing why it looks familiar. "Souichirou-sensei?" I realize with a start.

He's here, and he's somehow connected with whatever magic is going on here. If he isn't Caster's Master, he probably knows who is.

"A lead at last." Rider comments, and I hear a noise in the distance.

"A motorcycle?" I wonder aloud. "did he really arrive that quickly?"

"Shirou, how could you hear a motorcycle? the only way we could hear him from here is if he drove it half-way up the stair-" She hesitates. "I hear it too. Hmmm...."

"Well, he's either seconds or minutes away, depending on how stubborn/impatient he might be." I respond.

>Now what?

>> No.22244555

Hide and wait until he finds everyone, keeping ready for a badass entrance in case he tries to hurt anyone?

>> No.22244573

Check out the back.

>> No.22244582


The mental image of Gil trying to maneuver his bike up a staircase is hilarious.

>Now what?

Attempt to use tie as dowsing rod.

Or, have Rider do the same.

>> No.22244604


Shirou has a magical magic nose.

Lets try to do that.

>> No.22244641

We stand at the top of the stairs and tell Gill he made you wait and should have been here sooner

>> No.22244651

see >>22243030

>> No.22244658

Well, this sounds like a good idea.
Let's race to the fair maiden.

>> No.22244681

Follow our nose, wherever it goes.

And by that I mean we should finish our sweep before he gets here. Unless he can sense something that neither we nor Rider can, we'll probably be able finish searching before he catches up.

>> No.22244684


[x] DIPLOMANCER! your way out also known as MAXIMUM TROLLING!

>> No.22244687

>Alright, so the current votes are:

>Let Gil do as he pleases: 1
>Go out back(?): 1
>Magic Bloodhound: 2
>Taunt Gilgamesh: 2.

>> No.22244695


>Alright, so that's one more vote for the bloodhound one, and....


>I have no idea what you're voting for.

>> No.22244701

Changing my 'out back' vote to 'bloodhound'.

>> No.22244706

Another bloodhound here

>> No.22244715

Basically its "Troll/Taunt Gilgamesh".

>> No.22244736

>Magic Bloodhound

I vote for that too

>> No.22244764

I hold up the tie. "Time's running out."

"What do you suggest we do?" Rider asks.

"Use the tie somehow?" I respond, examining it. "I really have no idea what though. If I had any talent at thaumaturgy, I might be able to set a tracking spell of some kind, but...."

Rider nods, and then stares at it. We listen to the distant sounds of a motorcycle attempting to do something it shouldn't be able to. "Alright, so.... I have a good nose?" she suggests weakly.

"Actually, you might have something there." I respond, holding it up.

[DC17 spellcraft]

>> No.22244770

Rolled 16


>> No.22244778

Rolled 4

Unlimited Smell Works?

>> No.22244779

Rolled 10

so... close...

>> No.22244780

Rolled 9


>> No.22244796

Rolled 3

Can we save this trainrewck that is 4chan dice?!

>> No.22244803

Rolled 19


>> No.22244808


>> No.22244816

Where was that roll 5 rolls ago...

>> No.22244858

I enhance my sense of smell with some focus, and then take a small sniff, trying to catch a scent.

This was a mistake.

I smell my own sweat from a long, hard day. I smell the coppery tang of my own blood. I smell Rider next to me, a strange mix of exhausted sweat and a shockingly calm demeanor. I smell the years of incense burnt in the temple, countless people marching thought. I smell the burnt wax and candles, and I feel my brain completely overwhelmed and over stimulated.

Somewhere in that mess was the smell I wanted, but I have no way of knowing which it was.

I'll need to try a different tactic.


>> No.22244865

We know where Issei is, right? Go knock on his door and ask where Kuzuki's at.

>> No.22244878

Fuck it. Lets just investigate the lake out back, thats the only one of the original three places we haven't searched.

Plus, that way we won't be cornered in a building if we happen upon Gil.

>> No.22244892

Check the lake.

>> No.22244898


Do it together?

Shirou + rider should be able to triangulate.

>> No.22244907


You know what? This is actually a workable plan.

>> No.22244911

Doesn't really help when Shirou doesn't even know what he's looking for.
...Really? I just think that if we do this, we'll end up killing Issei off somehow.

>> No.22244916

Tell Rider she smells nice. We could ask Issei, though he might wonder what in the hell we're doing bleeding in his temple. We could check out the lake where we haven't looked yet and look for any signs of fighting or so on. I say hit the lake quickly, there might be something new there.

>> No.22244941


All we have to say is that he needs to stay in his room and that Kuzuki might be in danger.


And people said telling him was dumb.


>> No.22244954

>I smell Rider next to me, a strange mix of exhausted sweat and a shockingly calm demeanor.
...Rider doesn't have pheromones?
That's fascinating.

>> No.22244978


Its his tie.

He was injured.

His blood is all over it.

Rider will smell him a mile away.

>> No.22244995


>Actually she does. Shirou was kinda overloaded with other input, and distracted by the situation at hand.

>That said, this Shirou does apparently poses an insane amount of self control, able to easily master advanced reinforcement techniques, completely resist Ilya's mystic eyes while drugged, and perform a manual mana-purge while suffering a seizure.

>In all honesty, I've put zero thought into how people smell, other than a passing mention like 'being close enough to smell perfume'. I'd guess Rider would smell.... Good? I don't spend a lot of time thinking about these things.


>Shirou was smelling his own blood in that bit. There's no blood on the tie. Sorry if that wasn't clear, it's 4am here.

>> No.22245012


You mean he was almost killed by archer (critical situation about to die) and he still managed to keep blood off his tie??

>> No.22245020

The man knows how to take care of his tie, it might be silk, and it's a bitch to remove blood stains from silk.

>> No.22245031

>I'd guess Rider would smell.... Good?
Rider female. Shirou male. Your assumption is correct. This is due to pheromones.
Can Shirou reinforce other people's bodies?

>> No.22245043

Speaking of which, it's 8am where I live. This thread started just before I was going to go to bed.
Bitches love the ties. He doesn't get blood on it if he can help it.

>> No.22245050


We have no idea what happened there.

Honestly, from the placement (near a ritual casting site of Caster's) I'm guessing that she stole one from him for some reason.

I think that this tie isn't the tie he was wearing during the attack. Assuming he's wearing a tie at all, it being in the middle of the night.

>> No.22245059

Well, we don't know if he had a run-in with Archer or not. I'd be leaning towards not, because the temple is remarkably intact, and nearby structures tend to fall apart when Archer goes full kill-mode.
Also consider that when he's got Caster buffing him, hes perfectly capable of beating the everloving hell out of Servants if he can close the gap.

>> No.22245082


>No, he can't. For three reasons: First, he needs to be intimately familiar with the subject at hand to do it. Second, the magic is a million times more complicated than regular reinforcement, in part because he needs to constantly maintain it and monitor it. It's already extremely difficult for him to do on himself, he would need to be psychically linked to the second person, and maintain physical contact the entire time to even hope at doing it.

>Third, and most importantly, Shriou would have to force his prana into another person in order to do it. Forcibly invading some else's magical system is the entire basis for how Kiritsugu's Origin bullets work.

>> No.22245087


As an aside, im basing it off what archer told caster when he butst back into the church: that he killed assassin and injured souchirou.

And since assassin is fone, im inclined to believe his words.

>> No.22245091

>Alright guys, keep talking plans or whatever, feel free to bullshit off of page ten if you want.

>I'm gonna go get some sleep, hopefully I can run this again sometime in the immediate future.

>> No.22245095


Actually, his exact words were that Assassin was dead, and that she might save her Husbando if she hurried. He never implied anything about him getting hurt, just some kind of danger.

>> No.22245126

Something just occurred to me.

How the fuck did Caster not realize it when Archer invaded her turf and murdered her Servant? Did she seriously not set up some sort of spell to warn her in case the temple was attacked while she was out? I mean, she's fucking CASTER, it should be trivial to set up something that lets her know when a servant busts down the door to her house.

>> No.22245260


Ok, remember that in the HF route TRUE assassin appears inside fake assassin and rips his way out.

Perhaps when Archer was blowing up Sakura's house he sensed that TRUE assassin was being summoned in false assassins body.

So it was more like "Assasins dead and your husband is going to be threatened by TRUE assassin so hurry back if you don't want him to die."

>> No.22245369


>insane self control

I guess you could say he has a Mind of Steel

>> No.22247944

We COULD ask Issei, but that would involve getting ANOTHER person without self-defence training involved in the little clusterfuck of Future Us, Solar Exalt On A Motorbike and All The World's Evil. Issei might be able to tell us where Souichibro is, though, which would be nice.

We have to act fast. Gil is moments away. We should rouse Issei (apologizing for breaking and entering, but get a general location on Souicihrou), and then chec the lake, briefly. Skeddaddle at the first sign of something golden on a motorbike

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