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because I'm half elf AND half human, I'll fit in everywhere!

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Yeah. Whatever. Go check if the humans feel like hanging out with you while we're busy being ageless and perfect.

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>Thinking that either side will tolerate you
C'mere skinny white boy, come hang out with us Half-Orcs

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Really now?

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I made a human so dedicated to "every one is equal", the vowed to kill Zerus.

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Half half-elf, half half-orc.

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Did he maintain his beliefs to the end, or did the realities of the world make him change his mind?

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All filthy abomination.

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Fuck you, my mum was a hag and my dad a human, and I don't fit in at all....I had to go find a monastery to be treated line a person!

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Better to be a half-elf, half-ogre.

Then I'm 1/4 of everything and everyone will love me!

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> Not haunting the dreams of buxom young farm girls

It's like you don't even hagspawn.

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still better than being Irish.

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Yeah, I'm sure that'll work out for you just like it worked for the white/black mixed-bloods in American leading up to and after the Civil War.

And the Mestizos in Spanish America.

Surprisingly worked out fine for French/Indian mixed bloods in Canada.

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> Laughing superior Elan, actual agelessness >that makes the little snot-nosed Elves seem >childish in comparison.

Ah, such futility/ Is there anything more pathetic than Elves that get their last "special snowflake" trait ignored? It already takes the slow things so many years to equal what a human can do, now that their lifespan is rendered pathetic as well, oh well.

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What in God's holy name are you blathering about boy?

here in Eberron everyone knows that half elves are a completely separate race from humans and elves!

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Not sure who my parents were and don't care. Demons stay "horny" around me. As do paladins. They're all "BACK FOUL CHAOS-SPAWN!" and I'm all "Hey if you don't want what I have to offer I'll just take it somewhere else, but I'm offering it at a good price."

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....I'm a girl, you twit.

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So? Have you ever TRIED girl on girl? Don't knock it till you've tried it. I'm assuming "haunt their dreams" means something sexual.

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He died trying to give an ooze a hug.

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What's with the super hung elf?

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A girl can dream, can't she?

>le tee-hee prostitute face

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In my setting? Shit, sucks to be you. Good luck being accused of espionage by humans and shunned by the mountain elves.

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......its porn

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....uh...maybe? And yeah, dreamhaunting is usually pretty sexual. You evber heard the term 'hag ridden'?

...yeah, it's like that.

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>wet tiefling
>notice the tiny picture of well hung elf
>never change, teej

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Oh god that's just perfect!

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It's like they don't even realize, or care, where the popsicle went.

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What's with the stereotype of tieflings being sluts? They're only *half* human, that should mean that their sex drive should be diminished too.

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Try being a sex object in a place where practically everyone is a raging full on pervert, for a few thousand years. Get back to me.

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Are you implying, sir, that there's something wrong with sluts? Especially slutty tieflings?

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Planet Earth, you mean?

>> No.22233689

Priestess tiefling disapproves of the promiscuous behavior in this thread.

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Actually no I meant like the inferno of lust, where literally EVERYONE is a raging full on pervert because if they weren't they wouldn't be there.

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...so earth?

>> No.22233725

You sir, I like.

Once you go human, you'll never need a new one

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What I'm getting at is that an average human is considerably more promiscuous than a devil or demon, thus tieflings should be like 'dead fish' from a human point of view. Sexually cold, that is.

>> No.22233731

Except when they die. Unless...

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Disapprove all you like, but we happen to find this behavior quite fun.

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>pic has no penetration and no nudity
>therefore not hentai

Now thats what I like to hear.

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Well in all honesty it has nudity, it's not like her clothes leave anything to imagination.

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Did someone say tiefling?
I need to don't have one in my collection yet

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Tight clothing is not nudity.

>> No.22233815

Some deities don't mind promiscuity in the slightest, as long as you are being honest about it.

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Did someone say tiefling?
I don't have one in my collection yet

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You see a dick/tentacle/finger/hand/fist penetrating any orifices? Be real here, the picture is sexually suggestive, yes, but its not hentai.

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I'm not arguing that it's hentai, I'm saying that you'd have to be willfully obtuse to say there's no nudity in that picture.

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Totally random thought i had while looking at this thread, has anyone ever seen an actual black elf? Not just black like dark elf skin, but actual human "African" features. I honestly have never seen it, but like i said earlier, completely random thought.

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Wasn't that dude in D&D the movie....

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No, the black dude in the movie hooked up with the elf chick.

>> No.22235216

wasn't she

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>Poor Little Half Elf Boy

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You kill them first so they're probably hiding.

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Why would you do that?

>> No.22237644

well fuck you then

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