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/tg/ needs its waifus.

There are some people who disagree with this, and many of those people have a hard time understanding what exactly a waifu's purpose is. Many of them would try to persuade you into thinking that they are just sexual idols for lonely and frustrated men to focus their pent up energy upon, but that's like saying that the Venus de Milo is just a bit of pornography to masturbate to.

The various waifus of /tg/ have been masturbated to, drawn erotically, and some even have full blown sexual escapades in lengthy written formats, but the same could be said of the Statue of Liberty, the Mona Lisa, and Miss Chiquita. But, those three are above and beyond mere bits of smut, but symbols of various ideals.

The Statue of Liberty is literally Liberty given the form of a woman, the Mona Lisa was commissioned as a symbol of the devoted wife, and Miss Chiquita represents delicious bananas.

And, so too are /tg/'s waifus much more than mere women. They are symbols of factions, of games, of concepts that we all adore. By personifying the concept in the form of a woman, we create a focus not for mere sexual desires, but the highest order our love can obtain.

They are nothing to be ashamed of, and are something we should take pride in.

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Who cares? Fap to whatever you want, what does it matter to me?

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Is that

Is that gasmask going in her ass?

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>The various waifus of /tg/ have been masturbated to, drawn erotically, and some even have full blown sexual escapades in lengthy written formats, but the same could be said of the Statue of Liberty, the Mona Lisa, and Miss Chiquita. But, those three are above and beyond mere bits of smut, but symbols of various ideals.

But that's not what a waifu is you dumbass.

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waifags will do anything to justify their beta obsessions

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>overthinking porn 2013

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krieg girl sniff she own farts
a shameful death korps

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It's not outright porn; it's smut/cheesecake.

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you are waifu is shit

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Would laugh again.

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>Don't you see? We NEED an outlet for having sex with 40k!

No, anon. No, we do not.

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This is Krieg and Chem-Chan.

They are older than the Xeno/Drone and so on, but I dunno about Loli-cron.

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>making this thread while school's out and many people are off work
You brought this on yourself, OP.

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>Implying most of /tg/ wants waifus
>Implying waifus aren't cancer.

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i don't think anyone has ever jacked off to lady liberty though.

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You would be mistaken.

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it goes in the back of the bag on her hip.

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No matter how much shit OP is shoveling, you can't say there is something on this earth that nobody has fapped to.

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Nobody ever fapped to me!

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>They are nothing to be ashamed of
>and are something we should take pride in
Not really. It doesn't take much effort to have a waifu, nor is it anything worth shouting about.
I mean, it's cool to talk about your waifu with like minded individuals, but I think this thread is overstepping the boundry between discussion and HEY LOOK AT ME I HAVE A WAIFU WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ONE. It's just silly.

But I'm a waifufag, so I'll post my waifu and then disappear.

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Turn around

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>/tg/ needs its waifus

No, it really doesn't

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>implying OP didn't want this.

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>really doesn't

/TG needs to put its waifus on a pedestal, and obsess over the idea.
No more, no less, than distilled nerd fantasy. But the desperate horny Nerd Herd here needs it. Oh yes it does.

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A waifu is just a symbol for your personal view of the perfect woman.
Basically, you fall in love with a concept.

So fuck off. A waifu is far from being something universal. It's actually defined by being really fucking subjective.

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So what the fuck is Chem?
I heard that name in another thread and was told not to inquire further.

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Chem-chan. R63'd Chem dog, often spotted with a runty orc or Schlicktau.
Also has a furry counterpart called Chem-Rat that ruined Chem-chan much the way diapers ruined Xeno

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Xeno was ruined from its inception, because it's a generally terrible idea made only for waifubait.

And as has been proven empirically, waifus are shit.

The dumpster is that way.

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He was using /tg/'s definition of waifu, which is any vaguely female character that /tg/ creates.

Cultist-chan? Waifu.
Noh? Waifu.
Adopted Lamia Daughter? Waifu.
Xeno? Waifu.
Linda Redshirt? Waifu.
Commissar Fuklaw? You betta bereeve that's a waifu.

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I actually never cared much about Chem-chan (or Xeno, for that matter.), I was just sharing knowledge. Those who wish for others to languish in ignorance are villains most foul.

So go fuck yourself, you pretentious little douche.

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40k waifus are disgusting. Greenmarine is a good artist, but he's not THAT good. His women are... off.

Kingdom death, however. Those women are god-tier.

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KoD women are kinda dull to be honest. Not enough clothing to incite my weird armor fetish and they are all practically the same proportions, one just has a ragged leather bikini instead of a studded leather bikini. Not to mention the fact that they can't be actual waifus on account of being generic class types and having no personality.

It's nice that you like them, though.

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Which art is Greenmarine's?
Or does he just generally do most of the 40k waifu stuff?

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They also tend to have an expression like they have indigestion.

It wouldn't kill them to try smiling.

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He does a lot of blueberry cheese, but I don't think he has a waifu of choice the way people like Culexus do. I could be wrong, though.

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>I don't want to feel weird for masturbating to my fetish

its ok OP, we understand

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>It wouldn't kill them to try smiling.
Knowing KoD, it probably would. And the death would probably be shit related.

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>And, so too are /tg/'s waifus much more than mere women. They are symbols of factions, of games, of concepts that we all adore. By personifying the concept in the form of a woman, we create a focus not for mere sexual desires, but the highest order our love can obtain.

I was going to upload a relevant screencap, but apparently it's already been posted elsewhere.
Instead, I'll just link to it.

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>best waifus

>> No.22229772

That's not how you spell worst

>> No.22229773

if my best you mean ntr space aids shit tier, sure.

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I don''t much care for them, but it's nice that Ribbonfag (does he even have another name? I really don't know) still has some fans on /tg/

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>hating ntr

Why? Hits too close to home?

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It's like you don't even know love.

>> No.22229857

Oh but I do, friend.

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You got the answer from the other dude.

Here is another one of the 'waifus' - Lolicron.

What bout Lolicron?


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If you expect me to list every female character /tg/ has ever made we could be here for a while.

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>herpaderpa you can't dislike my stupid fetish without being a beta

>> No.22229955

No, no. I meant, does Lolicron count as a waifu? If you're that anon.

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Dunno about the other guy, but personaly, I love me some happy endings. Even in my own sick fetishes that rarely have 'em. Don't look down on people for not sharing your particular brand of deviancy, for it's just as weird and irrational

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>every vaguely female character /tg/ creates
Using /tg/'s definition of the word, absolutely.

>> No.22229981

I can't fap to pain.
>And implying I have ever cared enough about someone to get cuckolded
Ha ha haa...

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I know you're saying that by /tg/'s definition all females are waifus, but I disagree. Blue/Noh etc are daughterfus more than waifus.

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Older then Loli-Cron too.

>> No.22230334

I miss Heavy-chan

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>> No.22230361

Have there ever been male waifus?

Like trap waifus?

>> No.22230365

Go to /a/ for that shit.

>> No.22230394

Once again, /tg/'s generalized definition, much the same way autist, faggot, and punk have all lost their meaning on 4chan as well.

>> No.22230443

This is for you, go back to shitting up /a/.

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No, because traps are the worst fetish

>> No.22230489

>armor fetish
>Has a fetish about armor, something men usually wear

Fuck your faggot fetish, they are drawn BEAUTIFULLY. That and their feet aren't fucking disgusting or not even drawn.

OP's art is green marine, >>22229709 That art is greenmarine. He draws tits nice but just not enough. To soft.

>> No.22230499

Not the WORST fetish. There are much worse.

>> No.22230507

>lost its meaning

Is it even an actual word? I was diagnosed with AS at a fairly young age, and I never came across 'autist' until 4chan.

>> No.22230510

/r/ing mona lisa rule 34.

>> No.22230518


It's a retard's buzzword.

>> No.22230523

I should probably warn you that the woman who posed for the Mona Lisa was a man in drag.

>> No.22230524

I want Greenmarine to do a picture of Blue...

This one's just not doing it for me any more.

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I wish you faggots would fuck off with your waifu trash. It's pathetic how low people will go so they have some idol to fap one out to.

>> No.22230547

okay, warning considered.

>> No.22230582

>It's pathetic how low people will go so they have some idol to fap one out to.
Why are you surprised?

>> No.22230606

Fuck you too buddy.

>> No.22230610

I'm not surprised. Just disappointed.

>> No.22230613

>This thread
Y'all mad

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I'm sorry I have a fetish for style and aesthetic pleasing designs, and that it disturbs you so dearly. Except I'm not, you classless boob.

Your precious little KoD girls look dull as fuck, holmes, just the same skimpily dressed titty monsters you can get anywhere, not to mention they lack proper muscle definition to justify them trying to satisfy the chainkini beserker stereotype they are all trying to achieve. Every single pinup looks all soft and shitty and faded out thanks to that feaux-animu style KoD is utilizing, too.

>> No.22230686

So even the most beautiful painting of the world, which women claim to be a symbol of feminine beauty, is actually that of a man in a wig?
Once again, males prove themselves to be superior. We even look prettier than woman when we scrub up and shove a wig on our head.

>> No.22230721

[Citation needed]
>Comparing an idealized drawing to real life
Yeah, nah, all you trapfags look like grotesque mockeries of the feminine form and act even worse.

>> No.22230736

Whether or not it needs them, /tg/ sure as hell loves discussing their waifus.

>> No.22230739

I like /tg/'s waifus. I do have a favourite, but most of them are nice.

>> No.22230771


Is this nigga srz? Show me ONE other female that looks THIS good.

>dat facial expression
>Dem hips
>Dos tits
>Feet. Just the feet.

>> No.22230781


A little small, but you get the gist.

>> No.22230782


why do I get animu vibes from this?

>> No.22230794

I don't like it.

Too animu, and way too exaggerated.

>> No.22230796

>dem hips
>dos tits
All of the girls from tKoD except the underage girl who has only slightly smaller assets.
>dat facial expression
the "rape survivor cowering at wall and crying" figure comes to mind
I don't pay attention to feet.

>> No.22230798

>I don't like it

Then you are gay. Show me something "better".

>> No.22230804

You can't not like this.
>dem feet

>> No.22230817

You can't accept that some people don't like generic hentai style exaggerated proportions and pandering?

I fucking hate tripfags every damn time.

>> No.22230821

>Horn halo has been done before
>Face is generic animu
>Body is generic titbeast
>Clothing not at all combat or survival appropriate
>Her right foot slopes wrong
>Posture is all sorts of fucked
>Thighs are so fat they curl over her stockings and her double thong is strained near to snapping
>Neckpiece looks all sorts of retarded
>High heels. Just high heels
-1/10 would not brave the perils of Kingdom of Fetish with.
>titcurtains that wouldn't protect against a windy day, much less a monster
>clothing not at all indicative of religious affiliation
>warhammer that her noodle arms couldn't possibly lift, much less wield effectively
>retarded shirtless sleeves
>High heels again
>Poor posture again
>Everything still looks all washed out and softened thanks to animu stylization
Even worse than hornhaloheel girl.

>> No.22230844

I don't have a foot fetish.
This is still way too exaggerated.
Titbelts look fucking stupid.

Look, I'm all okay with the fetishy, pandering nature of Kingdom Death, but it's just not for me. Chill the fuck out and accept that people have different tastes unless you really want people to start shitposting in your threads because you like something they don't.

>> No.22230860

>hating on something for being animu


>> No.22230872

The guy who does the illustrations for Kingdom of Death is from Hong Kong. That might account for the Animu feel.

>> No.22230882

Maybe some people dislike Animu.

>> No.22230893

I like anime just fine, but the style of KoD doesn't look good to me. Like I said, everything looks washed out. Then again, I have freely admitted that I have a musclegirl fetish, so to me skimpily clad warrior women not having muscles is a disappointment whether the art is eastern or western.

>> No.22230898

And those people should remain quiet.

>> No.22230917

It's alright. But it's just one flavor in all the possible ranges of VISUAL ECSTASY. I like vanilla ice cream, but I'm not gonna eat it all the time. Chicken is nice. I like pizza too. Variety is great.

>> No.22230918


>2edgy4me has been done to death
>if I keep raising the numbers it will be funny again!

I agree with your sentiment, though.

>> No.22230927


Hey, I'm not complaining. Anime tits are the best tits, art-wise.

>> No.22230947


Gah. I really, really don't like musclegirls. It's just...Not to spoil things for you, but they feel too male. As in, not feminine. (Same reason why I dislike futa.)

It's just really not my thing. I prefer girls to be slim/curvy, with the kind of fetishized bodies that only turn up in anime, manga or manwha. That's rather more like it.

>> No.22230951

I disagree, I prefer western styles of art. Anime tits are too hyper-sexualised and unrealistic.

>> No.22230975

It's a fine line for me. The musclegirl threads in /d/ do nothing for me, since it's all basically males like you said. I like the ones where the slight hint of masculinity enhances their femininity. A little ab definition here, the tiniest hint of a bicep there, some delicious back muscle, that sort of thing. When they become roided out freaks, it just looks gross.

>> No.22231009


Is this going to turn into a -4 STR thread? Because that weightlifter and polevaulter that get posted every time are pretty good arguments for fit women.

>> No.22231012


> Hyper-sexualised

I actually enjoy that part, to tell you the truth. Western art tries to 'smoothen' things out too much: To the point people look oddly stylized. Like - A distant example - Wonder Woman...She's dressed like a patriotic stripper, but she generally has a very chiselled appearance. Attractive, yes, but distant.

While I'm hesitant to name any specific show, just look at something like...I dunno, Highschool DxD. The girls are ridiculously hot, and the sex appeal doesn't have to 'inferred'; It's right there.

>> No.22231015

Is there a problem here?

>> No.22231028

Western art is a lot more varied than just comic art. Which is most of the reason I prefer it, animu looks WAY too similar and follows too many of its own stereotypes.

>> No.22231032


Do you even lift, Traya?

(But seriously, she's not meant to be attractive, is she? She's as old as your grandmother.)

>> No.22231047

I wouldn't be opposed to it.

>> No.22231049


Ah, we'll just have to agree to disagree on that. Western art - Well, comic and pin-up art, anyway - feels like it strives too hard for realism, or for stylized characters.

Anime/manga has a distinctly more unique 'feel' to it...Not to mention that it's more sexualized. (And fetishy, especially when it comes to the outfits.) Then again, I'm Asian, so my perspective might vary.

>> No.22231051

Muscle is what gives a woman nice firm curves. Lifting shit and not taking male hormones or cutting for the sake of ugly aesthetics makes a woman look feminine not masculine.

>> No.22231055

Well, Nihlus and Scion maybe-rape her, so somebody found her attractive.

>> No.22231056


>> No.22231058


I fucking hate jews.

>> No.22231064

>thinks you need a foot fetish to appreciate feet

Yeah, the tit belts is are... eccentric.

And just for the record, while I will accept you have different "tastes" you should be aware that only my tastes are good.

>> No.22231065

No one mentioned pedophilia anywhere.

>> No.22231074

>you should be aware that only my tastes are good.

Every day I wish that tripfags would be banned more.

>> No.22231083

Responding to him only spurs him on. If you want him gone, then just ignore his sperging.

>> No.22231084

Female character =/= waifu.

>> No.22231089

On /tg/ it does.

>> No.22231092


It's like that guy is a parody of himself. It's so sad to watch him try so hard, you know what I mean?

>> No.22231098



Anyway, back on topic: I like female characters, which are sometimes described as waifus. Does that make me a waifufag? I really love Blue, but as a character, not for how she looks.

>> No.22231110

No idea what is going no, so have some cheesecake.

>> No.22231123

I always thought waifu meant a fictional character you are so thoroughly romantically attached to that you go as far as to swear off actual women. Off course, the constant tongue-in-cheek declarations of "X is mai waifu" to express one's appreciation of various female characters that the term has lost it's meaning.

So no, but also yes.

>> No.22231124


>> No.22231133


Also square eggs.

>> No.22231135

>AssCreed 2 Multiplayer porn
Well shit, I honestly didn't expect that.

>> No.22231137

No, it does not. /tg/ is one of the good boards. If that word is ever used, it is dine so ironically.

>> No.22231140

I think this is a case of being unfamiliar with something, and only noticing broad generalizations.

It's sort of how people of one race think that their race is filled with a variety of features, while other races have very little variation.

In other words, Eastern art has a wide variety of styles, and even limiting it down to just anime/manga styles still allows for a wealth of variation. But, since you only give the style a passing glance, you think they all look the same.

Yes, I am calling you ignorant and uncultured, but not in a bad way, just in a very baka-gaijin way ("baka-gaijin" means "nice tourist").

>> No.22231145


Can female characters in quests be waifus? Because I totally have a thing for Mio, the cosplay waitress in Joker quest.

Bizarrely, it seems that everyone involved goes out of their way to avoid the lovely, available and/or charming girls the PC meets on a regular interval.

I just don't know any more, guys.

>> No.22231146

Only their love can overcome square eggs

>> No.22231149 [SPOILER] 


And that's it for my little dump.

>> No.22231153

>it is dine so ironically.
Or to discredit a female character you don't like.

E.G., Cultist is waifushit. Cultistfags go home.

>> No.22231159

Joker Quest is literally a waifu quest with the occasional giant robot fight.

>> No.22231164


>There are some people who disagree with this, and many of those people have a hard time understanding what exactly a waifu's purpose is.

That person is you OP.

>And, so too are /tg/'s waifus much more than mere women.

But they aren't women if they only exist in your heart.

> By personifying the concept in the form of a woman, we create a focus not for mere sexual desires, but the highest order our love can obtain.

More like self pretentious losers who can't cope with non-perfect women or the fact they have no social skills and weigh 300 pounds. What they experience is not love but a self induced hate and what might be considered a protest against the real world that they have shunned or been shunned from socially. It's either a pipe dream for those looking for love they'll never have from their "perfect woman". The problem seems to be the general ineptitude of those throwing words around such as "waifu" to mean something they don't. So next time before you make a big announcement that is completely wrong and irrelevant to /tg/ I suggest you get educated on proper definitions and information on the subject first.

>> No.22231167

>implying objective quality
On post shitposter-nazimod wars /tg/, I'd question even a statement of subjective quality.

>> No.22231173

That's just...pathetic.

>> No.22231181


In joker quest, everyone and everything you love will die. Also, the main character is a murderous psychopath, who is unfazed by an escalating chain of murders.

>> No.22231194

Almost nothing on /d/ does it for me, except maybe the monstergirl threads, but the fact that I have to look through page after page of futa shit just to find it annoys me.

>> No.22231200

It's kinda like the /tg/ equivalent of /v/ calling games they dislike casual or artificial difficulty.

>> No.22231272


Yes, the PC kills about three people a week.

Think about that. Three people a WEEK.

>> No.22232483

Not really. At least, not to the same extent as /v/ does.

>> No.22232601


Wait, why does she have that tan pattern?

>> No.22232619

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YtwPPsBKGQ I'll just leave this here. Hopefully I am not too late, hopefully.

>> No.22232654

Bondage ropes.

>> No.22232784

That video helps illustrate that what a waifu is on /a/, /v/, or /b/, and what a waifu is on /tg/ is somewhat different.

/a/ and /v/ are basically media boards, which means that they have plenty of fictional (and non-fictional) women to attach themselves to. /tg/ doesn't really get a whole lot of that, because the few things we subscribe to that actually have characters in them tend to have nearly all-male casts with only a few token females thrown in for the occasional splash of color.

40K is a setting where 99% of people are men. D&D novels tend to feature a male protagonist, three or four male buddies, and a token love interest just to make sure we don't think the the protagonist is gay.

And Magic has this interesting thing where the picture on the card is nice, but no one really cares about it because its p/t and CMC ratio are far more important.

/tg/'s waifus are primarily original characters, or characters dramatically shifted from their original forms.

If /a/ or /v/ ignores a waifu, nothing happens, because that waifu lives on forever outside of 4chan.

But if /tg/ ignores a waifu, SHE DIES.

>> No.22232828

Mai waifu.

>> No.22232868

Survival of the fittest. If she can't appeal she goes the way of the Kiwi.

>> No.22232918

She goes on to live a happy life in New Zealand?

>> No.22233178

She becomes a hairy piece of fruit?

>> No.22233225

Did you know that you can eat kiwi fruits without peeling them first?

>> No.22233289


>> No.22233348

Peeling them? I've always eaten them more like a boiled egg.

>> No.22233750

I came for Waifu discussion. I left with kiwi fruit.

>> No.22234069


/tg/ everybody.

>> No.22234109

I don't think I ever jacked off to the Statue of Liberty. Something new to try every day I guess

>> No.22234185

I guess so. /tg/ surprises me every time.

>> No.22234964

Yes. Havent gone back since.

>> No.22235069

So wait, you just eat the skin? It's so horrible.

>> No.22235088

My dad once told me that the skins of fruits and vegetables and whatever are where all the nutrients are, so I was to eat them even if I didn't like them. Still haven't bothered to see if this is true or not, but I did try to eat a watermelon rind on more than one occasion. Tastes bad man.

>> No.22235126

Don't tell me you tried eating a pineapple skin. Please don't tell me.

>> No.22235815

>watermelon rinds
>pineapple skin
okay, I eat orange skins, but they're soft and the pith actually tastes good.

While we're on the subject of fruit, can anyone tell me what the rest-of-the-world-equivalent for pic related is? They're kind of like oranges but the skin is much softer and easier to peel, the flesh itself is softer and the segments come apart from each other easily.

>> No.22236323

Every single game someone on /v/ likes has been called casual garbage by someone else on /v/.

Every single female character someone on /tg/ likes has been called waifushit garbage by someone else on /tg/

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