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Alright, /lit/ pointed me in the direction of you guys so I'm hoping you can help me out. Does anyone here read Warhammer 40k books? I've been wanting to read some good ones (preferably Space Marine centered) and was wondering if anyone could point me to some good ones? I've already read The Horus Heresy books.

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What you want is the Dawn of War series by C.S. Goto. They are some of the finer works available.

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Graham McNeil's Ultramarine series is pretty good. Gaunt's Ghosts and Ciaphas Cain are pretty good as well.



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Go here first to see which books are avalible.
Do you have any specific Marine Chapter you want to read about?
Oh, and try Legion of the Damned, I enjoy that one - even though they only appear at the end

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My friend said the Space Wolves would be a cool chapter to read about. I'm sure no book exists but the Angry Marines would be entertaining too.

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>check /lit/
>they didn't insult you
Huh. Must be Christmas.

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No. No no no no.

I suggest you buy any book by Christ Wright. He's an amazing author. Wrath of iron and Battle of the fang are both god-tier. The space wolf ominbus is pretty cool.

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My mother's run off with my Ciaphas Cain omnibus even though she has absolutely no interest in anything /tg/-related. Make of that what you will.

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I've never been there before tonight and I knew that it was risky shit trying to get a response from them that wasn't just walls of text about how I'm a horrible fucking person with awful taste in books.

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well, it's flash man, but in SPACE! anyway.

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Ciaphas cain is marty-sue garbage that contridicts the codex lore every fucking book.

Don't read that garbage.

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The Space marine battle ones are pretty good Rynn's World was a decent read. Also I found the Imperial armour books about the Siege of Vraks to be extremely Interesting until the last one kind of ruined it.

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If any 40k books is fine, then read some. Gaunt's Ghost (Take The Founding, The Saint, and the Lost), Ciphas Cain, Eisenhorn, and Ravenor. Deadman Walking is pretty grimdark, and Titanicus is fun, but fill with confusion in the later part of the book.
If you want Space Wolves, then there's an entire section dedicated to them.
I heard Battle of the Fang is a great read, but I don't know much else about the Yiff.

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>caring about things contradicting the codices

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Except that is just your faggot opinion. The codex are teh definitive source for all lore, and anything that contradicts it isn't 40k canon. You're a stupid shit to not understand this simple concept. If it contradicts the codex, then it isn't 40k that you're reading, but some shit with the 40k brand name on it.

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>If it contradicts the codex, then it isn't 40k that you're reading, but some shit with the 40k brand name on it
Sorry, I must have missed the part where you explain how that's a problem. You think being 'canon' makes fiction inherently better? Why?

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Alright, you guys disagree. Let's try to stay on topic. It seems that Space Marine books are dominate so I was wondering if there were any books based from a xenos race?

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I thought the way GW handled 40k canon was that everything is propaganda/ completely false/ the honest truth pick one?

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You stupid fucking nigger. People only read 40k novels BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING 40K. If they contradict the codex THEN YOU ARE NOT READING 40K. If you aren't reading it for 40k, which is unlikely and you should feel bad if you are, then I suggest you stop fucking being a fag. 40k is the greatest lore in existence, and if material contradicts the codexs then it is no longer canon and thus not part of the 40k universe thus you wasted jew tokens on that garbage.

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Of course they don't fucking do that. That doesn't make any sense. What would be the point of releasing subsequent rulebooks? Most of the time the rules stay the same, it's mostly the lore that changes. It's ALL about the lore.

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Dude relax, I think you're taking 40k a little to seriously. It's just a game not some holy scripture sent down from the heavens by the almighty God-Ward.

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>40k is the greatest lore in existence

Return to /v/ in victory, good tripfriend. You have pleased at least one /tg/ anon.

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So which 40k books should REALLY be avoided?
Also if some played Dawn of War would they be able to tolerate the Dawn of War series by C.S. Goto?

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Eh, dude was on last night arguing about DE 'cloning' or not cloning, it's worthless to try and argue with him.

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Yes, that's what they say. They doubtless don't want to have to bother reconciling it all, and the whole point is to provide a setting for people to have fun in, so they leave things pretty open.

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>greatest lore in existence

I never expected to ever find someone with such retarded opinions that i wished that person to kill themselves but you're the first to make me that reaction. What a faggot!

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>thinks it's a game

The tabletop is only a vehicle for them to produce the lore. They can't just say

>Oh here is this awesome l ore we have here everyone can take it

They need a cash crop to farm wheat, then bring the heat, and survive and eat, and lick the teat, to beat the niggers in this jew sub-human society.

And I'm still correct.

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Except they do not. Again, that is what retards who have never read a bolter and chainsword think.


Name one better lore. Just one.


Except I was correct. You were terribly wrong. Now you're starting again. Please just stop this.

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I just finished reading 'path of the warrior'. its a terrifying concept to loose yourself, but the book is tough to get into. i know they're space elves and given to emotions but by the emperor the main character is a little pitch at times.

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It gets awesome once he starts training in his aspect. I will say this, the first two "battles" are fucking terrible. Just terrible. Absolutely nothing is described. No awesome things happen. It's just so bland. The latter pages get slightly better.

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You are such a failure on this board, everyone now you're ALWAYS trolling, i bet you're a fat neckbeard piece of shit faggot in real life. Here's hoping you die on Christmas Day.

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>The tabletop is only a vehicle for them to produce the lore
This is good stuff. Ordinarily I'd mark you down for the /pol/speak (too obvious) but the rhyming suggests you're going for a genuinely deranged Charles Manson-type personality and I can go with that. 8/10.

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So anyways... back to book suggestions!

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I found the sample bit of that online so badly written that I couldn't make it through it.

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Why so hateful, brah?

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Right, anyone ordered any hardback reprint of the Horus Heresy series? Is there anything new, or is it just the same book in hardback condition?

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While I do not particularly like him either I think that is a little harsh. Remember our first rule, be excellent to one another. Wishing death isn't excellent... even if it is death for an idiot.

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Space Marine by Ian Watson is the only good 40k novel ever written. It's the only one I'd recommend to someone who wasn't a 40k fan. His other 40k stuff is decent, but not good.

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So say we all. Especially on Christmas. Wishing death on Christmas is a definite foul.

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A game is made to be fun. If a game is not fun, it's bad. If you continue to make your game not fun over several editions then you fail at your job.

40k is not fun thus it is bad. GW keeps it not fun and thus fail at their job. Fans of 40k are bad because they waste their money to play a bad game made by people that don't even know how to do their job.

I might be wrong and will accept that i was wrong and will apologize if someone can prove me wrong without insulting me.

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He was an actual legit writer before 40k, yes? That might explain that.

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>Except they do not. Again, that is what retards who have never read a bolter and chainsword think.

What the fuck does
>read a bolter and chainsword
If you mean the web forum, you'll find that the GW-approved 'everything is canon' stance is prevalent there.
If bolter and chainsword is supposed to be a genre like blood and thunder sort of, well, you're full of shit because every single fucking one contradicts every single other.

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Yes. From what I've heard, he mostly writes artsy, pretty 'out-there' science fiction and sometimes erotica, but I've never picked up his other stuff. Well received, so I hear. Friend of Kubrick, almost got him to make a 40k movie.

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Wrong thread brah. You want the 40k Argument General next door.

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Bumping so i can an answer please.

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No problem. Let amused, baffled toleration be your shield, and a single raised eyebrow be your sword, and though trolls surround you you shall not fall.

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Don't read the DoW series. CS Goto is almost universally reviled by the fan community, and his books are outright contradictory to established basic facts of 40K. Also, they're terribly written.

Eisenhorn is generally well-regarded, and a lot of people enjoy the Gaunt's Ghost series. Personally, I am a huge fan of Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Night Lords trilogy.
Both the tabletop and the lore are vehicles to push models. At the end of the day, GW is a model company first and foremost.

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fun is not objective

you cant say who has fun and who doesnt

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It's ok man. You meet a lot of hate on all the boards of 4chan, but here on /tg/ we should try and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Be excellent to one another and try to get things accomplished... even if that thing is only yo enjoy oneself.

Keep chuggin' on little dude.

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I suspect it's too subjective. What I read of Path of the Warrior was some of the worst published prose I've ever seen, but I've seen people here recommend it. For what it's worth I did see a bit of Goto on /tg/ and it looked even worse.

I think you can get pdf samples of everything from the Black Library website, though, so you can at least find out if something's bearable.

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>Name one better lore. Just one.

Only one? Really? Can I name, like, three or four?
>The Lord of the Rings
The entire thing is just fluff for Tolkein's languages.
>Call of Cthulhu
I think the fact that the lore's remained popular for half a century speaks for itself,

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At this point, Poe's Law is kicking in in full force.

I legitimately cannot tell if you're trolling, joking, or actually sincerely believe this.

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Except Yahweh. Remember that Nation Wars thread reffie?

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I'm not really a 40k fan but more a Dawn of War casual fan.

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(Not really, but mild suspicion. Dawn of War converts tend to know all the special effects of the setting and none of the foundation)

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Nah man, peace and love for all. Meat the haters with hugs, nothing stops them more than indifference.

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Even then, the books are bad. The first book largely covers the events of the first game, but the other two rocket off in their own wacky direction and have nothing to do with the rest of the games.

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>nothing stops them more than indifference
And cutting your legs off.
And clockwork Soldiers.

>> No.22213349

And being a trap
And a plague doctor stripper
And a Wereboar assassin
And horrible fog hive mind
And other such bullshit

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And stasis grenades. Nothing stops anything like stasis grenades.

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I remember about half of the things we have said.

You forgot riding Rape Train.

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>Call of cthulhu

Are you referring to the cthulhu mythos? Wow, you think that shit si better than warhammer? You abviously never read a SINGLE short story by HP lovecraft if you think it's better than 40k.

Every single one has the same set up. A no rmal portaganist gets a strange event. This leads up to a slightly more strnage event that then goes to teh final, "OH SO SCAURY" moment where some half-assed horror is vaugly described and then it returns to being "normal" except with some sort of "cover up" incident happening.

>lord of the rings

It is "good" but it is not "great'. Fantasy blows that shit out of the water in every area. It's far more epic, the warfare is better, the races are cooler, and the premise isn't fucking retarded.

If by "trolling" you mean proving you 'tards wrong consistently the yes, I am "trolling". However, you're just using buzzwords because you can't produce an actual argument. Your entire anal-devestation stems from the fact I PROVED YOU WRONG and you got butt-desetroyed like a little fag-GUT.


Yeah, I remember how you jewed the OP to creating the most bullshit thing ever, when you should have had your entire army wiped out. Don't blame me if I don't take shit sitting down.

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Speak of the devil

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>and the premise isn't fucking retarded.

>Spacefaring frog-aliens, possibly identical to a similar race in the science fiction game, came to the planet, possibly located in a hole in reality in the science fiction game, and shaped it to look like earth because Earth also was shaped by them because that pattern of continents is preferable to them for whatever reason

The entire premise of WHF would take a lot of posts, but it starts like that. (Source: WHFB 3rd edition rulebook and snippets from Realm of Chaos and later WHFB corebooks)
So how about no, that's pretty retarded. The start of the setting's history is a really clumsy attempt to reconcile the fact that it's a fantasy version of Earth with the fact that Earth exists in the 40k setting and they felt like unifying the settings at the time of writing.

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Yahweh, why do you walk the path of rage? People have opinions and those opinions differ. You may have your ideas on what is better and it is just as valid as their ideas. Just chug along little bro. No need for such fits of rage. Only hugs are here.

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>Every single one has the same set up. A no rmal portaganist gets a strange event. This leads up to a slightly more strnage event that then goes to teh final, "OH SO SCAURY" moment where some half-assed horror is vaugly described and then it returns to being "normal" except with some sort of "cover up" incident happening.

There was a story in the black library 15th anniversary story collection that was exactly that but with an Administratum adept. It was by far the best story in the bunch.
Second best was the noir mystery starring another Administratum adept.

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Oh man, thanks. I really was having trouble telling whether you were trolling or not. Thanks for proving that you are.

>> No.22213437

>implying he didn't prove that a while back
He's good, but he's not subtle.

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Excuse me "hammer and bolter". I feel silly now.

Also it doesn't really matter what someone thinks, the definitive fact is that canon is the latest codex, and whatever contradicts it is no longer canon.


"Why do some Print on Demand titles have a Heretic Tomes logo on them?

Some of the titles in our back catalogue no longer accurately reflect the fictional universes of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 and would require extensive rewriting to bring them up to date. Rather than keep these titles on the shelf, we’ve decided to reprint them but make it quite clear that these books are not to be considered an accurate portrayal of the Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 universe."

Now while the BL faq says nothing about "canon", the fact that they can say that older books do not fit current 40k lore obviously means that books can contradict the highest source material(codeices) and thus be considered "non-canon" and thus not true. They can be seen as glimpses into a shittier era of 40k, but they can't be actually thought of as "40k".

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If i don't die readiing those books then they are the worst things i have read.

>> No.22213487

arent you the guy who doesnt know what mitosis is?

>> No.22213492

Except they've stated as definitively that none (or all) of the 40k material is an accurate depiction of the 40k universe. What they mean is 'no longer coherent with the universe as presented in current products'. And by that they mean 'squats and zoats go here'.

>> No.22213509

As important as the fact that 'canon' is never mentioned, you'll notice that codexes are not mentioned at all.

>> No.22213519

The ones about the poop and the Marines breaking wind at each other of course.

>> No.22213520

>Gets proven wrong again
>resorts to buzzword arguments

You stupid babby knave.


The old one's are never described, you fucking knave. Here is an excerpt from the lizard man codex, now prepare to eat your shit nigger.

"The creators of ther Lizardmen society were a mysterious, interstellar race known as the Old Ones. These aloof and mysterious beings wielded unfathomable power and intellect. They were able to twist the fabric of space and time to their will, and could summon vast energies that they manipulated in the form of devestating magical spells and powers. Borne within mighty ships that could travel unimaginable distances in a heartbeat, they journeyed to teh world, bringing with them their servants and slave-races. Of these creatures, the most favoured were the Slann. " Lizardmen codex 7th edition pg.4


You don't know SHIT about the origins of the fantasy universe. That and the fact that the simple fact is the races are the coolest out of any fantasy, it's tales are more epic, the wars are the most terrible and it is generally the most awesome of fantasy lores(except for how weak dragons are).

>> No.22213525

If you think Cain is a sue what does that make Gaunt?

>> No.22213533

In both settings the Slann were originally the old ones but have been separated. Dumbass.

>> No.22213537

Yes. He's /tg/'s resident professional shitposter and troll. We haven't had one for a while; honestly, the board doesn't feel complete without somebody to harden our skins against real trolling. /tg/ has grown soft and easily trollable over the months; hopefully providing a dose of asshattery will help.

>> No.22213539


Why do you have to do this?

/tg/ is the one place on 4-chan that tripfriends generally considered positive influences. Why must you take it upon yourself to ruin my favourite place on the internet?

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Go back and read the thread, nigger, do you see the word "yawheh" in any of those posts that was in teh discussion about "mitosis"? No, you don't you stupid nigger so why would you ask such a retarded question? Because you're fucking retarded.


And do you realize what updates the current version of warhammer fantasy and 40k? It's the codecies you fucking retard. Use your brain nigger. It's called CRITICAL THINKING.


No they didn't, nigger. Keep trying to make bullshit up, but no where did they ever recently state that. That doesn't even make fucking sense. How can the current codex not be teh current portrayl of whatever the codex is describing? You are so fucking stupid it is painful.

>> No.22213545

You strike me as either trying extremely hard to troll, or being extremely mad and miserable. I can't tell which.

>not even the person you're talking to, just making a very bland, simple observation.

>> No.22213548

I don't even see him anymore. I've set 4chan X to filter his trip. This whole thread just looks to me like a helpful thread where suddenly everyone started arguing over fucking nothing.

Which, I suppose, is pretty accurate.

>> No.22213549

Ah Yahweh... I'm thinking someone is projecting a bit. Did you not get what you wanted for christmas. Come over 'ere and get a hug from papa refrek. I promise I won't even dissect you.

>> No.22213551

> resident
Never seen him before in my long and storied career here. Seems like a shouty dumbass who hasn't realized that 40k's a shit setting with decent imagery which can be made into a decent setting with good imagery with creative "interpretation".

>> No.22213563

>It's the codecies you fucking retard
>Talking about a BL publication

>> No.22213565

This is /tg/. Some autist is always screaming about IT R NOT CANON THAT WEY GUISE! IT R WRONG B-CAUS NOT CANON!

>> No.22213574

He's a resident, but he only moved in very recently. Still unpacking his vast collection of assmillinery.

>> No.22213581


Yeah, but rarely so downright madly.

>> No.22213582

The Cain novels are amazing and anyone who holds a different opinion is objectivly wrong.

The only valid critiscism that I have against them is that the language tends to get a bit repeditive if you read a bunch of the stories in a row.

>> No.22213583


No they aren't nigger. I just posted the direct fucking source from the lizardmen codex you stupid nigger. saying "HURR DURR NO U IZ WRUNG DIZ IZ WUT IT IZ" doesn't mean shit, because you're a dumb nigger and I don't care about dumb-nigger logic.


Never read that shit. Made by Dan Abnett in the days when he could just make shit up. I know it's full of inconsistent garbage.


You are fucking cancer. The cancer has grown so bad that it thinks that IT is the original body, and not the divine ray of light that purifies its faggotry and retardation.


It was "ruined" the moment you arrogant nig-nogs started making bullshit up about 40k. Everything i've said is supported by GW canon. It's not my fault you're wrong.

>> No.22213584

Im fairly new to this board, but you strike me as the single most anoying and butthurt thing about it. Your arguments are purely thought out, seldom sourced and extremely emotional. What the fuck man.

>> No.22213596

Did you know you can actually set 4chan X to automatically hide all posts with a certain trip? It's fantastically useful.

>> No.22213603

I personally don't care about canon, and wantonly rip settings to pieces to take the parts I like and use them. I'm sure yahweh would go berserk if I really made a serious attempt to drive yahweh mad. Fortunately for him/her/it/they I don't honestly care that much.

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OP here again, trying to douse the flames. It's Christmas, let's play nice and all hate on the xenos scum.

>> No.22213606

i did not know that. Im gonna do that.

Why are you so little FUN? I mean... Dont you like being fun? dont you try being fun? Or reasonable, try being reasonable!

>> No.22213608

Ok. But why is stuff not being Canon a problem if it is enjoyable?

If you use the same metric to measure Star Wars then the Prequel movies are great and KOTOR2 is just shitty non-canon blather, and thinking that would would make you an idoit

>> No.22213616

You are being trolled by a raging imbecile, friend.

>> No.22213617

please dont take him who causes storms as representative of this board. he is the worst

>> No.22213618

>No they didn't, nigger. Keep trying to make bullshit up, but no where did they ever recently state that. That doesn't even make fucking sense. How can the current codex not be teh current portrayl of whatever the codex is describing? You are so fucking stupid it is painful.
Yeah, they did. Aaron Dembski-Bowden's evidently been taking a break from posting on fan sites, but within the last year or so he's reiterated that all of 40k is and isn't canon because dipshits like you keep sperging out in denial of the idea that a fictional setting might not have a concrete truth. Too lazy to look it up; check Bolter and Chainsword and/or his blog and/or his series of articles explaining 40k for that one site.

Mind you, ADB frequently sits in meetings with Alan Merritt, who is the official GW canon authority and who himself has said exactly the same thing before.

>How can the current codex not be teh current portrayl of whatever the codex is describing?
It is, obviously. But 'current' doesn't mean 'accurate'. GW doesn't rule what's accurate or not, because they're intelligent enough to realize such a ruling wouldn't matter for shit. 40k is a gaming setting, not a fiction setting. The 'truth' in 40k is whatever is convenient for whoever is running your gaming club's campaigns.

>> No.22213619

but... but... I jsut can't bring myself to leave it alone.

Why do people have to do these things?

>> No.22213620

I'm just trying to spread love brother. I think our tripfag just needs a little hug and love.

>> No.22213627

>seldom sourced

Except I posted two direct sources for my claims in this thread alone, straight from GW material. How is that "seldom sourced" when everyone else posts nothing? If anything I'm a god damn encyclopedia. I also like how you have stopped mentioning warhammer, or any /tg/ related things and made a post simply to say how much you dislike me. Shitposting at it's finest.


Except he is a mary sue who should have died the moment he fought a fucking genestealer lord. These are creatures who can move faster than SPACE MARINES in melee and have diamond hard claws, and yet cain somehow parries one of them with a common chainsword without being ripped to shreads. He also fights a chaos space marine bezerker, and an orc warboss and doesn't die. Yeah, he is the biggest marty-sue I have ever read. You know nothing about 40k, knave.

>gets proven wrong

Casual sub-human argument.jpg


Holy hell you're retarded.


The funny thing is i'm correct, and you are not.

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File: 218 KB, 697x791, madderthankhorne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been looking through the foolz archive, and it seems that every post you make is full of hate and malice.
Why don't you just calm down? I mean hell, it's Christmas.

>> No.22213638

so you dont understand mitosis?

>> No.22213641

>No they aren't nigger. I just posted the direct fucking source from the lizardmen codex you stupid nigger. saying "HURR DURR NO U IZ WRUNG DIZ IZ WUT IT IZ" doesn't mean shit, because you're a dumb nigger and I don't care about dumb-nigger logic.

You're not getting it. I'm not saying that within the settings the Slaan and the Old Ones magically turned into two separate races. I'm saying that in both original 40k and original WHF the Slaan were the Old Ones, and later retellings, which are generally framed less as omniscient neutral narrator facts and more as myths and legends lost to mortal knowledge, cast them as separate species.

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Or everyone could just ignore his existence so he grows bored of this thread and leaves so he can quit shitting it up with his flaming.

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File: 106 KB, 988x622, born to be kings we're the princes of the universe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone has to be the archetype of neckbeard rage for /tg/. I think he's doing us all a service by letting us distance ourselves from him and use him as a mirror for our own dark tendencies.

>pic related

>> No.22213652

What are you even talking about, knave? I like how you're desperate to troll someone who didn't even know what was going on in the thread, or care, until I saw you shitpost for the 99th time in one hour. I haven't played warhammer even once, ever. I think its a cool setting, but I don't know anyone who plays it, and I'm not spending one red cent on a book when I can play my already-owned dice games and my x-box. Stop trolling. Open a window and smoke some christmas herb dude. You really need to calm the fuck down. No, seriously, being that mad for that long is actually medically proven to be bad for your health. High levels of stress shorten your life by seconds/minutes.

>> No.22213654

He's got a thorn in his paw and he thinks roaring will make it any better.

God, I hate you so fucking much. But I hate you more because you made me laugh.

>> No.22213658


Right, because ABD owns 40k, right? He hasn't wrote a single codex, and only wrote a handful of shitty books. I could care less what that faggot said on a fan site, the fact is the codex are the highest form of canon and anything that contradicts them is wrong. If Phil Kelly or Gav Thorpe said that, then things might be different. Name one campaign i've seen ABD in. He certainly wasn't in the latest. Basically, if you don't work on the RULES then you don't work on the CANON FLUFF which means you're not a head designer of 40k. Also faggot, you're going to need sources for all those claims you're claiming(especially the Alan Merritt shit).

>> No.22213668

Because he's trolling. You're on 4chan, you should be familiar with the concept by now.

He probably heard our once-proud reputation of being "untrollable", and set out from /b/ to test his mettle against our shining steel. He is unquestionably winning, judging by how fast this thread has accrued replies since he started posting.

Well, either that or he's the most insane 40kid I've ever seen, who has somehow become so permanently assinflamed to the degree that the ISS's delicate zero-gravity butthurt experiments involving the application of carefully measured degrees of analpain to mice need to recalibrate every time it passes over his apartment, costing the US Government billions of taxpayer dollars, which could probably be mitigated by using his rectumcrucifixion to power half of the Eastern Seaboard.

But what are the odds of that, really?

>> No.22213672


>Holy hell you're retarded.

I love 40k to death. I've played it more than half my life. It's setting originally written hastily as a homage to half a dozen classic science fiction novels for a science fiction wargame that the authors were sure would never succeed. It was pasted together with love and nervous laughter and the occasional splash of amateur european history. It doesn't take a genius to see it's not the sturdiest of settings, but it has a great heart.

>> No.22213673

>Genestealer Lord
Jurgen fucked with it because psyker abilities + blanks don't mix. In additon the Genestealer lord was putting more effort into keeping Cain between it and amberley's bolter/Jurgen's melta than it was putting into killing Cain.
Had just crashed landed from orbit, only thing can did was get far enough away from it for Jurgen to Melta it.
Flat-out stated that he got fucking lucky by managing to accidentally jam his laspistol up its nose.

I think you are missing the whole point of the Cain books. He is that one in a qintillion chance of a guy totally managing to luck his way to the status of HERO OF THE IMPERIUM. Have you heared of the Anthropic principle? Simply apply that to the number of people and heros the imperium contains and you realise what the Cain novels are about.

Really if anyone in the Cain books is a Sue it would be Jurgen, not Cain.

>> No.22213676

I've been on this board for years and this is the first time I've seen him.

And I thought /tg/ had some of the best trips around, even though most are gone now.

>DLFG...come baaaaaaack ;_;

>> No.22213680

>Also faggot, you're going to need sources for all those claims you're claiming(especially the Alan Merritt shit).

Anyone who's been into 40k for more than a couple months has been linked to Merritt's posts or a copy thereof. It's common knowledge. No, you don't get to shift responsibility back onto me by demanding source for it, you just get to look like a dumbass and I get to laugh at you because this is an anonymous imageboard, you're an asshole and I have no obligation to hold your hand.

>> No.22213682

A few of the good namefags are still around, and at least some of the drawfag population is finally starting to expand again.

>> No.22213686


Once these 'tards conceed the point, then everything will go back to the way it was. It's these retards who decided to make me unleash hell. IF YOU FIGHT WITH GOD YOU WILL BE EMBARASSED. This is the truth.


You forgot "full of logic", also.
>comes in to this thread, doesn't even MENTION anything /tg/ related and only talks about how he doesn't approve of me talking about /tg/ related material and proving me wrong

Fuck you casual nigger. I run this shit. I own this board. Get. The. Fuck. Out.



Fuck you stupid nigger. Get that through your god damn empty nigger skull. Modern fluff is all, and modern fluff is determined by the codecies.

>> No.22213687

She's still here. Last post was on the 24th.

>> No.22213694

>harnessing anal devastation as an energy source
Why can't we do this yet?

>> No.22213698

>I run this shit
Bahahaha you're so cute. I want to pinch your cheek and massage your fourth chin.

Most of /tg/'s tripfags are pretty good, this guy's just an exile from /x/.

>> No.22213700

MR RAGE is still kicking around.

Also we have the guy responsible for Dungeons the Dragoning.

really I usually don't even notice when somone has a trip on /tg/.

>> No.22213702

The time of old /tg/ has come to an end. The neck beards become too greedy, and dug too deep, from within the depth of crunch they found only rage. The trips, immortal and immaculate were driven to the brink by the never ending tide of fury that crashed against them. This is a dark time, when the fate of our board shall be decided. A time in which the last vestiges of those who wish for a better tomorrow must band together.

We must forge for ourselves a better tomorrow. Who is with me?

>> No.22213708

"Current" 40k is always full of holes because it always assumes the reader was familiar with the previous iteration, which itself was full of holes for the same reason. See all the 40k rulebooks that never explained the calendar system, for example. If there's a clear line between 'old' and 'new' 40k at all, it's Codex Imperialis at the start of second edition, which laid out just about all the basics in clear terms but also happens to include squats.

>> No.22213710


Same books, with some new artwork.

Still ordered them though. Between them and my four Horus Heresy Armies, I'm burning money like the Joker from the Dark Night.

>> No.22213721

>really I usually don't even notice when somone has a trip on /tg/
Such is the beauty of /tg/. If you want to know how horribly things go when that doesn't happen, check out /lit/.

>> No.22213725
File: 56 KB, 606x412, logitech-g15-gaming-keyboard-2007[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have my keyboard

>> No.22213728

I hope you realize that very few people are actually reading your posts.
The last time I tried to, my eyes glazed over and I achieved enlightenment. Thanks for that.

>> No.22213731
File: 113 KB, 720x720, tg's face when yahweh's around.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>completely standard thread about something /tg/ related
>anons: Shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>yahweh: huh? Whats this? A tape recorder? What the FUCK!
>anons: shut up fag.
>yahweh: A letter?
>anon's letter: master ruseman dot jpg

Who's really getting trolled here? I think /tg/ is trolling yahweh, not the other way around.

>> No.22213732


That's a nice adhominem you fucking retard. Too bad that doesn't work with me. Either post your source or your talking out your ass. I'll just be over here with my CONFIRMED PROOF for all my claims, watching you sling shit in "casual babby retard-tier land". '


Jurgen wasn't their, and amberly was doing some other shit. Regardless, he moved as fucking fast oas a genestealer lord, or it moved pathetically slow. Both aren't modern canon lore,.

The Khornate beserker did not crash from orbit. He came with the dropship that deployed the previous kornate mortal warriors. He didn't come from orbit, he was perfectly fresh. And cain somehow parried his attacks in the same speed without having his arm ripped off. Also, during the fight Cain is spouting nonsense at the beserker, so he can move as fast as space marines while talking. Nice marty sueness.

Space marines fight ork warlords and die, yet cain can somehow parry his attacks like it's a normal human hit and then continue that until jurgen gets a shot off? Okay that makes sense.

You're talking about rogue trader days? Well those days sare gone, faggot, and modern fluff is the greatest fluff to be concieved. You can't comprehend that? Then you're jewish swine. Get. Off. My. Board.

>> No.22213739
File: 603 KB, 2487x1652, 3raVb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man what the fuck is going on

>> No.22213741
File: 19 KB, 450x363, the_look_of_horror.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and my four Horus Heresy Armies

Pic related.

>No, actually, you heresyfags are okay, I just give you shit because I started 40k before all that and liked it better before, but I'm sure you guys all see something worthwhile in the heresy as a setting and that's just as valid as my beloved dark millennium classic-flavored 40k

>> No.22213743
File: 20 KB, 590x381, ces09-razer-mamba-mouse[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and my mouse

>> No.22213748
File: 47 KB, 288x442, dwarf gim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A bloody namefag? I won't have 'em in this fellowship. If we let them in might as well just walk into /b/ now and spare us the trouble!

>> No.22213749


I'd join in, but I have no idea how we'd acheve this. Still, you have mah axe.

>> No.22213754

No, he's a tedious manchild who for some reason tries to turn /tg/ into /v/. Which is weird since fatguys have always been pretty mellow - we're the most furry-friendly board for instance.
You can safely filter him since it's obvious at this point that he's (it's always a he, isn't it) never going to say anything witty or insightful. Stop showing attention and he'll wither away.

>> No.22213756

>exile from /x/

Fuck I knew his name sounded familiar.

>> No.22213762
File: 105 KB, 809x988, Kobold_Kommando_2_by_CommissarKinyaf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And my Kobolds!

>> No.22213764

>Posts a highly biased greentext that has aboslutely nothing to do with this argument, nor did I ever use 75% of the words in that "summary" of this thread

You forgot the part when I post sources for my claims, and generally prove you wrong and make you eat shit. Nice attempt at greentexting, jew. You're fucking pathetic sub-human.


I posted on /x/ once, nigger. Get your shit straight. I'm virtually unknown their.

>> No.22213765

Mostly due to some Soviet-era test ban treaties that haven't expired yet. After the Aнальныеболи experimental reactor suffered a containment breach back in the sixties, raining down charred rectum fragments over half of the Urals and costing thousands of lives, development of colondiscomfort power has been extraordinarily difficult to fund research in. Still, there is some hope the European IATER reactor may be able to make progress, and the Large Ass Collider out in Geneva has made promising discoveries in the field of high-pained buttdynamics.

>> No.22213768
File: 24 KB, 503x518, ruse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is another bad trollface if you want

>> No.22213774
File: 50 KB, 960x404, Gimli-gimli-11402527-960-404[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I never thought I'd fight side-by-side with a tripfag

how about side-by-side with a namefriend?

>... Aye. I could do that

>> No.22213776
File: 15 KB, 257x200, a side of side pain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22213779

but your sources are no fun on a fun related subject. They dont count on this board.

>> No.22213781


I'm a Kiwi, by buying only Forgeworld I'm saving money, if you would believe it. Still, I've spent over $2000 so far, and that's only for the 300 mk IV Marines I need.

And 30k will never beat 40k, in 40k you can make your own thing, in 30k the setting is more rigidly defined.

But Primarchs...

>> No.22213782
File: 109 KB, 560x560, star-wars-red-leader-patch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

red leader standing by

>> No.22213787

Oooooh. I get it now, you must be from /pol/. It's four(4) boards to the left of us.

>> No.22213788

unknown their what?

>> No.22213789

If we do not come together our way of life shall surely die! This is for our board!

Tripsfags, Namefags, Drawfags, and Anons. Sometimes we have been separated, sometimes we even hate one another. This is not that day, this is a day we look towards tomorrow. For once our differences do not matter, we are all citizens of /tg/. What we do here is not for a single man, it is for the board.

For the board!

>> No.22213792


Except why did I prove you faggots wrong multiple times? "At what point does proving claims through sourcing direct codex material" not consitute as insightful? Just stop shitposting, jew.


That post has NOTHING to do with anything /tg/ related, or the OP's original topic. Why are you shitposting?


Off-topic "so fhunny" jewish shitpost.


Quality shitposting right here. Has NOTHING to do with OP's original topic, nor anything /tg/ related. It's you faggots sucking dick as you try to have a little circlejerk. Take this shit to /b/, faggots.

>> No.22213794

...says the namefag. You're not the OP, you're not storytieming, you're not creating OC. What possible reason you could have to have a name?

>> No.22213800


why the fuck do you have 300 legionary marines.

i mean i have about that many regular gw marines but fuck man, that many forgeworld dudes is excessive

>> No.22213801

so what did you guys get for christmas? I didnt get anything wargaming related, but I got a bunch of pretty cool graphic novels.


>> No.22213804

Namefags on /tg/ are treated a bit more laxly. As long as they're not actively being fucktards, they're considered to be OK.

>> No.22213806

>anons: shut up fag.

>> No.22213808

>whining about off-topic posts on /tg/
Wow. I really never thought I'd have to say this, but lurk moar.

>> No.22213812
File: 27 KB, 348x400, 12182897-the-man-mongolian-closeup-smiling-at-the-camera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's a nice adhominem you fucking retard.

If you're going to use these pseudo-intellectual high school debate club latin jargon words, you better at least know what they mean. An ad hominem is an attack directed at the speaker instead of at his argument, implying that a weak speaker's argument must be weak without addressing the argument itself at all, like this example:

>Using words like "ad hominem" just proves what a desparate dumbass you are, misusing them doubly so. I know evoking a tone of rationality and enlightenment is the aim, but you're failing abysmally and instead I'm convinced that you're borderline illiterate.

"This is common knowledge" is surely some other logical fallacy but nobody gives a single shit because not only is it actual, bona-fide common knowledge, but this is 4chan, not debate club, not a "civilized" forum, this is the back end of the internet and, again in case you missed it, nobody gives a single shit.

>I own this board.
No, you don't. I'm sure /pol/ or /x/ or /int/ or /sp/ or /k/ or whatever retard board you hail from taught you that entering with assertions will mark you out as an "alpha male" and cause all of us "beta males" to bow to you, but no, you don't own shit. Nobody owns shit here except for gratitude they earn.

>> No.22213814
File: 338 KB, 1456x1038, 1316064538282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22213821

>no fun

I don 't care what you think is "fun" nigger, the fact is I PROVED YOU WRONG. When the fuck is "HURR LETS HAVE A CURCLEJURK DAT IZ FUN" become what passes for /tg/? It doesn't, nigger. Your homosexual dicksucking has nothing to do with traditional games, while I, have posted about tradtional games this entire time.


Except i'm currently discussing, or was discussing, /tg/ related topics, thus their is no reason to go to /pol/. Why are you off-topic shitposting again? You're not posting anything about traditional games, nor are you replying to OP's thread topic.

>> No.22213822

I have storytimed; I have OC'd. I have payed my dues to this board to the best of my abilities, but... it is not enough. I am a single name is a sea, a single ragging faggot against the storm. Anon, will you not join us... will you not come with us towards tomorrow?

>> No.22213828

Alright, you're becoming at least slightly faggy now.

>> No.22213829


I'm doing 4 armies, the Sons of Horus, Death Guard, Emperor's Children and World Eaters. Each army is 2,500 Points. Each squad is at full strength (20 Marines). For the Heresy, you have to go big.

Also as I'm the only one collecting it, I need multiple armies to lend to opponents. It's a lonely life, refighting the Heresy...

>> No.22213831

shut up fag.

Its important to be fun in order to be right on tg

>> No.22213832

>complaining about off-topic posts again
Man, you are just making my day.

>> No.22213834


Start a new thread. WHy the FUCK would you make an offtopic post that has nothing to do with OP's original Topic you stupid nigger, nor is it /tg/ related. Go fuck off nig-nog.

>Doesn't even reply to teh /tg/ related things in my post, such as him requiring sources for his claims, and instead starts to nitpick about the usage of adhominem

Before you shitpost any further, whree are those sources about about ABD and alan merritt?

>> No.22213840
File: 75 KB, 977x432, Remember to be the best fatguy you can be.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It can get annoying if they're using the name for no reason. But that's just me being autistic.


Man, I swear to god I've got de ja vu or something going on, because I remember hearing the exact same thing from somebody else, years ago.

Abandoning /tg/ isn't going to make it better. We have to be better anons.

>> No.22213841
File: 73 KB, 1194x552, 1289885820082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

going off-topic is /tg/ related.

If you are going to stay here at least learn somthing about the place you are shitting up with your less and less amusing attempts at trolling.

You only got replies because it has been so long since /tg/ has had a troll people around these parts have to takes some time to remember they exist.

>> No.22213842

Oof. Jesus.
On the bright side, every scrap of money given to Forgeworld is a scrap of money promoting a better future for 40k. They're the ones writing good shit these days.

>> No.22213843

Well, I also got a bunch of clothes, nothing exciting. How bout you guys?

>> No.22213848


No it's not nigger. That's what you think sub-human. /tg/ is TRADITIONAL GAMES not


Stop shitposting your garbage. No one cares what you think is fun. I don't come here for "faggot-anon's idea of fun shitposting" I come for "TRADITIONAL GAMES" and everythigng related to it.

>Posts nothing about traditional games or OP's orginal thread topic

Nice shitposting, please leave.

>> No.22213851
File: 41 KB, 580x350, u got trolld.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anons: Shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>yahweh: NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER... hey wait a minute
>anons: shut up fag.
>yahweh: somethings jewy here... I'll look over their and see...
>anon's image-post: TRICKED AGAIN exclamation point dot jpg

>using a JEWISH GOD's name for your namefaggeries
>calling other people jews
>using 'their' instead of 'there' repeatedly

>anons: shut up fag.

>> No.22213852

I got a chair that can acually breathe. Very helpfull since I live in a tropical climate without air conditioning.

>> No.22213853

>Before you shitpost any further, whree are those sources about about ABD and alan merritt?

The Bolter and Chainsword, Warseer, /tg/ and ADB's own blog, for things ADB has posted.

The Merritt post was IIRC on the old Black Library forums originally, if you remember those, and widely quoted on just about every 40k forum ever.

Jump on a dickpile, you made me spill the beans on the big secret.

>> No.22213856

read your post again. anything tg related in it?

what did you get for christmas?

>> No.22213858


>making offtopic posts that are not /tg/ related

>implying a single person (without administrative abilities) can decide what is and isn't /tg/ related

>Knowing nothing about /tg/

nobody loves you, go home and cry gravy tears

>> No.22213860

>going off topic is related to traditional games

holy fuck you're retarded.

This isn't random you stupid nigger. Go to /b/ if you want to post about whatever you want. On /tg/ we post about TRADITIONAL GAMES you stupid nigger. I dont' care what some circlejerk shit-post filled thread you screencapped, nothing in the faq says shitposting off-topic garbage is acceptable on /tg/.

>> No.22213864

how does a chair breathe? How does that work? im interested

>> No.22213867

>On /tg/ we post about TRADTIONAL GAMES


>> No.22213868
File: 354 KB, 999x669, mwahahaohwow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whining about shitposting and being off-topic
Ahaha, holy shit

This is some seriously Pavlovian shit. It's like every time I hit f5, I get enjoyment
I'm sorry everyone, I couldn't stop responding to the troll even if I tried

>> No.22213869


Christmas hasn't really "happened' for my family yet: that's tomorrow. But I'm with my dad, who's a jew: we're inviting some friends to have dinner with us, b/c they don't want to be with their families.

>> No.22213870

>gives names of forums and blogs, but no direct links that prove his claim

Your point is wrong. You haven't proved shit. SAYING "HURR EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT IT IZ EVERYWHERE GO LUUK IT UP" doesn't mean it exists and that your claim is sourced. I mean did you even graduate high school? Who doesn't know how to debate on a fucking third grade level?

>> No.22213871

I think it just means that there's decent air circulation, so as not to build up butt stank.

>> No.22213874
File: 2.68 MB, 400x225, 1345316705945.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22213884

do you get Hanuka stuff too? Or do only children get those?

I really dont know a lot about jewish tradition

>> No.22213886


True. And the Heresy line finally gave us the first real (non-fan) Rules for the Adeptus Mechanicus, with more on the way. Skittari forces, Dark Mechanicum and Warlord Titans here we come!

>> No.22213890

You've provided pages and paragraphs, but you haven't actually mailed me a copy of the Lizardmen army book. I'm too lazy a shit to look at the one I already own, so I guess your citations don't mean shit.

Pro tip: there isn't actually a magical law that defines how to cite a source. On 4chan, 'look it up you lazy fuck' is usually on the kind end of what you should expect.

>> No.22213894

>on /tg/ we post about TRADITIONAL GAMES

Just checking, but... how long have you been here? Have you looked through the archive? Like, at all?

/tg/ involves
>thri-kreen erotica
>random setting homebrew
>dwarf fortress
>Bard Dads
>freeform roleplay threads
>And also traditional games, maybe, if /tg/ is feeling particularly on-topic that day.

>> No.22213895

>anons: shut up fag.

>> No.22213897

You're using Jew and Nigger as Insults.
You don't know about what it means when /tg/ activly takes a thread off-topic
You think that the Games Workshop offical stuff is the superior 40k canon
Yet you imply you are a /tg/ veteren.

Your newness could not be more obvious. Go now, and troll no more.

>> No.22213898

>makes anothe off-topic shitpost greentext that doesn't summarize anything accurately

One day you might make a witty response to me, but today is not that day.


Sorry, faggot, but no one cares what you and your circlejerking boyfriends do. On /tg/ you post about traditional games you sub-human. Go read the FAQ sometime.

>> No.22213903

I insist on correct terminology.

>> No.22213907 [DELETED] 

Maybe you haven't realized that in this thread we're now engaging in the highly traditional game of publicly ridiculing assholese who tramp into our community and take shits on the sidewalk.

>> No.22213911

this post right here. It has nothing related to traditional games in it, just complaining.
I think Spess marinez r gud.

>> No.22213913


/tg/: Anything goes. We don't even need the other boards.

>> No.22213921

Anon. you dun goofed. I demand that you recind your mistake

Monstergirls. Not furries. It is an important distinction.
Both are heresy. But only one of them is the good kind of heresy.

>> No.22213922
File: 6 KB, 390x470, ahahaohyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, I'm actually crying tears of laughter right now

Have you even lurked /tg/ longer than five minutes?
/tg/ doesn't have moderators, and its community ignores whatever rules they object to.

>> No.22213924

Maybe you haven't realized that in this thread we're now engaging in the highly traditional game of publicly ridiculing assholes who tramp into our community and take shits on the sidewalk.

>> No.22213925

Monstergirls or furries, my boner can't tell the difference.

>> No.22213931
File: 1.06 MB, 1000x1125, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The difference is if you had a book you could look up the direct page I cited and see it is word, for word accurate. Here you go faggot, i'll evne post the picture for you sub-human nigger.

What i'm doing is far different than what your'e doing. You're just saying "hurrr durr it exuists cuz i sayz so now go look for it" while I give you THE DIRECT PASSAGE AND PAGE FROM THE BOOK that anyone with the book can look up. Now shut the fuck up you stupid nigger.

You haven't proven that it isn't nigger. 40k codex canon is the offical canon source, and only a 'tard thinks otherwise.

>> No.22213933

>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>anons: Shut up fag.
>anons: shut up fag.
>yahweh: Alright wait a minute somethings funny here.
>anons: shut up fag.
>yahweh: (retarded I'm so mad every word is spelled wrong retort)
>anons: shut up fag.
>yahweh: what's this? A record player?!
>anon's image post: OUTWITTED AGAIN exclamation point dot gif

>anons: shut up fag.

>> No.22213934


Hanukkah, hun, and it varies. My dad's family isn't very close: when it comes down to it, my dad and I are pretty tight. So we get each other little things.

It's nice to talk to people about it though: Hanukkah was about two weeks ago.

I still celebrate Christmas with my mom and my sisters, but she called me a failure a few days ago so I'm a bit butthurt.

>> No.22213939

Mine neither, which is why I keep a carefully cross-referenced checklist on my person at all times to determine if any given pic or fictional character goes above the 20% line, so I know when it's okay to start fapping.

>> No.22213947
File: 14 KB, 730x563, Traditional_Gamers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22213948

What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of being too lazy to open your image. Guess your source isn't real at all. Like my obligation to spoon-feed you what is, I say again, very common knowledge.

>> No.22213950


That doesn't mean you're not an off-topic shit-poster.

>our community

As if I care what you faggots call yourselves. You're wrong and I've proven you wrong and you faggots don't even have the decency to CONCEEED like intelilgent human beings. You're the lowest tier imaginable. Nigger.

>> No.22213955

well, i mostly like Mithra stuff (esp. Kedama - catgirl + reasonably musclegirl? Yes.)

>> No.22213958

Yes yes, you're right. Can you go home now? I'm sure you can find a board where "nigger" is an insult.

>> No.22213961

Please for the love of the gods of dice gaming and the soul of gary gygax tell me that I'm not the only one who's in stitches over the whole 'shut up fag' thing thats driving yahweh mad with rage?

>> No.22213965

could you at least stop saying nigger all the time? jesus, shut up, fag.

>> No.22213967

It's not just you. Why do you think this thread's still going? He's long since passed the point of sincerity and is simply generating lulz.

>> No.22213969

>CTRL + F salamander - 0 results

You all sicken me.

>> No.22213970

Once again:
>tripfag and small-time troll
>calling someone an offtopic shit-poster
>and then he calls someone a nigger again
It's like Christmas came early!

>> No.22213971


... That sounds delicious right now.

>> No.22213972

>Too lazy to open up a thumbnail

Are you a nigger? What kind of fat sub-human can't even open a thumbnail? Are you really serious? Roman, is this you? You fat jewish it makes sense you can't open up a fucking thumbnail you sub-human swine.

Holy shit you have reached maximum retardation. I don't think youc an get any more retarded. Please don't prove me wrong. Welp, you've proven yourself to be the most retarded 'tard on all of 4chan, you should be proud.

>> No.22213974

I conceed that even though you are a troll you are completely correct in that you are keeping to Games Workshop's version of the 40k canon.

Can you please leave now so I can go back to enjoying /tg/'s version far more?

No you won't because you are a troll.

>> No.22213975

>you faggots

>> No.22213979

>doesn't even realize that the entire point was that he was mocking you

Oh my god, I am literally laughing out loud. I'm going to wake up my roommate laughing.

>> No.22213981


>> No.22213982

Wait, are you guys still arguing with him? I thought we agreed to do that whole "brighter tomorrow" thing.

>> No.22213986

>implying that jewish is an insult
>implying that nigger is one either

>> No.22213987


>> No.22213988


Salamanders will get their rules next year with Massacre. I for one look forward to getting a Vulkan model.

How many of you will get your chapter/legion's Primarch? Even if only for a display piece?

>> No.22213990

I think we might be making progress.

Unless it is a cunning ruse designed to keep us here longer. If that is the case it only further proves how new he is. Once a thread gets this off-topic it doesn't die intill the post limit is reached.

>> No.22213992

>>22213982 See: >>22213868
We're not arguing with him, we're laughing at him.

>> No.22213993

We're not arguing anymore.
This is something more like taunting one of those caged zoo animals. It's hilarious! You poke it or throw a crust of bread at it, and it starts freaking out!

>> No.22213995

Jesus this thread makes me realize how much I love you, /tg/.

Merry Christmas. Merry. Fucking. Christmas. I adore you all, may you all have a wonderful holiday season.

>> No.22213997

It has moved beyond arument and into riddicule and off-topic hillarity. Nothing to see here. Reclaiming the glory-days and all that.

>> No.22213999
File: 108 KB, 324x307, Screen shot 2012-08-13 at 3.51.48 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.22214001

>yahweh: I wonder what I'll get. It's certainly better than whatever those fags at /tg/ are getting. Because I'm a super ultra duper special snowflake that could never EVER be wrong about ANYthing.
>yahweh: I wonder what this card is?
>le open le card
>card: Shut up fag.

>> No.22214005


It's always an insult. I just feel like proving you stupid faggots wrong, and I did, multiple times today. It feels really good. Especially when you start shitposting. That means you're anal-devestated.


Those books are garbage. I read the first one, and I like them fighting hoardes of orks, but the space marines died WAY to easily. I also hated how they fucking white knighted liked faggots when the marines maleviolent took some gear from the ghost ship. The Marines Maleviolent should have fucked those pussies up. I read the second one, but holy fuck it was bad. So the dark eldar(not 5th edition dark eldar) get together all the baddies who hate the salamanders, and guess what the fucking marines maleviolent leader is there. What the fuck? And a space marine squad gets trapped in cormorragh then getting killed in painfully weak ways. I hated how the rest of the "company" goes to rescue them. I liked the dakir stuff, he was pretty badass as a librarian, but the rest was shit.

>> No.22214006


>> No.22214015

>not using the superior space-marine one

>> No.22214017

wow. This thread was starting to make me feel bad. But you rallied supurbly /tg/.

I am proud.

>> No.22214020

nobody cares what YOU think about the books.

havent read em, are they any good, /tg/?

>> No.22214025


10/10, only because you got trips and the copy-pasta was unexpected.


He is talking about the novel you stupid nigger.

>implying they are not

>> No.22214030


The retard train just doesn't stop with you, does it?

Why don't you just crawl back into whatever fetid hole you came out of and leave the Who's in Whoville, you dirty old Grinch.

>> No.22214032
File: 67 KB, 550x495, chaos up in this motherfucker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, looks like this thread has been derailed by some mad faggot. Thanks to those that actually helped me out. Merry Christmas and good night!

>> No.22214033

>implying that's not exactly what I was implying

>> No.22214037
File: 90 KB, 525x203, How I keep my browsing of tg enjoyable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, okay!

People, people, people!

You're all talking with this Yahweh fella, ye? You think you can't really understand or find him likable, ye?

This is what you should do. Just trust me, ye.

1. Go to settings
2. Press on the "Filters&Highlights" option under Advanced
3. Press on edit an pic related should pop-up
4. Copy Yahweh part to remedy this particular threads madness.
5. Remember that it's case sensitive and you need to check the "hide" box for this to work.

Happy Yule, everyone!

>> No.22214039

OP, wait. Stay and help us laugh at him.

>> No.22214043

Woah, woah, calm down. You're actually getting butthurt from the troll.

>> No.22214044

shut up fag

>> No.22214049


That's nice, faggot, but what makes you think it's okay to shitpost? What makes you think I was referring to YOU when I made that post, and not, you know, the fucker I replied too?

>> No.22214058

I am going to say this in all caps so that the small letters don't confuse you.



>> No.22214059


I already did that. But it's like tapping the sides of a fishbowl to freak the fish out, I just can't stop.

I really need to filter Vroom though.

>> No.22214060

Ah I see, carry on then. It's odd though, he seems to feed on it. Kind of like a leech, except for stupidity and fecal matter.

>> No.22214061

you should make a whole new thread with this to get maximum exposure

>> No.22214063

>anon the DJ: Alright here at /tg/ radio we have a special song dedication going out to yahwehhhhh~!
>DJ anon: ALRIGHT THEN, heres' Anon and the furious asses with 'shut up fag'!
>yahweh: le-tear-face dot jpg

>> No.22214064

>what makes you think it's okay to shitpost
The same could be asked of you, tripfag.

>> No.22214068

Let us all remember, after all, that tonight

The Jewlord of Jews was born.

>> No.22214070

Nobody cares about those questions you asked there

>> No.22214074

Havn't read them personally but I do like the Salamnaders as a chapter so I will ahve to check them out.

>> No.22214075

I know. I've even written other original variations before, but I didn't feel like wasting effort for the same effect.

>> No.22214078


You mean to say "mad faggots". It's atleast 2 people, even though their is some serious samefagging in this thread.

>> No.22214086

I think you misunderstand. The Mad Faggot the OP is referring to is you.

>> No.22214097

shut it

>> No.22214100

>doesn't realize that OP is referring to him
I can't even tell if you did that intentionally or not, but I don't care. It warms my heart either way.

>> No.22214103

He actually thinks we're mad, and so he's extracting lulz from the process too. It's like an overunity wheel of hilarity! Yaweh chuckles at his perception of our being asspained, we chuckle at his incompetence.

>> No.22214105

I only count 1. Some cunt who I really hope is a troll. He is the one using a trip. Can you please point out the other one?

>> No.22214113
File: 1.76 MB, 550x400, Harmony.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>on-topic: /tg/

>> No.22214114

he doesnt think that. there is no indication that we're mad

>> No.22214116


Except I do not.


1) You are not everyone 2) That doesn't change the fact you shitpost constsantly.


This is /tg/, which means TRADITIONAL GAMES, not /FC/, which means FAGGOT CIRCLEJERKS. I don't care what you and your lovers do, stop shitting up this board with your shitposts. Post on topic, all the time, or don't post at all.

>> No.22214122
File: 108 KB, 800x572, tg trolls yahweh AGAIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you so mad? Could it be that you've been tricked over and over again by....



>> No.22214124


Referk? He is actually "alright". No, I'm refering to the posters who were proven wrong multiple times but not only didn't conceed the point, but started shitposting violently.

>> No.22214129

Hey, hey fucktard! Do me next I want to be the target of that torrent of shit flying out of your mouth. Seems like fun and so far all you've done is ignore me. Come on, I know you want to after I ended up screwing you over in that one Nation Thread.

>> No.22214132

isnt making a post JUST to talk about shitposting shitposting?
GW models are overpriced

>> No.22214134

>post on topic, all the time

I prescribe one Lurk Moar, taken anally.

>> No.22214135

Nah, man. I just pop in and slightly nudge the people to use the filter. Little by little, bringing relief to the thirsty, you know?

If I were to make a whole thread, it'd be like crashing on somebodies wedding while shouting "This is how you can stop extra-marital affairs!"

Bit of a downer, ye?

I only do this when needed, right?

Right. Glad to make that clear. Keep being excellent, people.

>> No.22214138

It is impossible to circlejerk without using a trip.

Unless you are using some definition of the term devoid of any relation to what it is supposed to commonly refer to in internet forums.

Please continue to be asspained. You are actually making my night.

>> No.22214141

thats a shitpost again following your definition.

>> No.22214147

Doesn't have a trip.
>I'm refering to the posters who were proven wrong multiple times but not only didn't conceed the point, but started shitposting violently.
Man, I wasn't even posting in this thread until I flew to your butthurt like a moth to a flame.

>> No.22214149

>gets destroyed in an debate
>Starts off-topic shitposting about how much you're laughing about losing an argument
>thinks that doesn't imply butt-devestation
>Will continue to shitpost

>> No.22214150
File: 72 KB, 400x306, whatthefuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinks I'm alright

The fuck am I doing with my life.

>> No.22214154

Ssh! He thinks we're all samefagging.

>> No.22214162
File: 50 KB, 600x427, 1326084738909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Post on topic, all the time, or don't post at all.

As several others have posted to point out, you're not exactly a shining example yourself. In fact, you've devoted entire posts to discussing the fact that others, in turn responding to your off-topic shit, are themselves off topic.

>> No.22214166

I know! It's like being told by Bill O'Reilly that you're a force for good in the world!

>> No.22214167

quick, tell me what you got for christmas, or if it havent happened yet, what you are expecting

>> No.22214175


I'm sorry Refrek, his approval has made me filter you.

I'm sorry. Maybe another day, another place...

>> No.22214177


He does have a trip, it's just not a secure trip you fucking tard.

>wants to be wrong

What the fuck? Who actually begs to be proven wrong. I mean that means that you are going to be intentionally retarded simply to get my attention, and that is the most sub-human thing i've seen all night.

>> No.22214178

> diddn't concede the point

Please refer to

We are well and turly past whatever the supposed point was. This thread had simply derailed into the much more amusing pasttime of feeding from your rage.

>> No.22214194

I can't take it anymore. I'm laughing so hard my parents are banging on the floor upstairs and yelling SHUT UP DOWN THERE! down through to me in the basement.

>> No.22214195

My condolences

>> No.22214199

we are martyrs keeping this shitposter from other threads. he should shut up though, the fag.

>> No.22214215


You're "alright" in the sense that you didn't shitpost. however, I made that post before I saw how extra retarded you became. I'm still reeling over the fact that you want to be proven wrong simply to be proven wrong, and think that is a desireble outcome. Truely, you are cancer.


Of course, I could just take of my trip. Not saying that having retards "filtur" me is somesort of bad outcome, i'm simply pointing out a flaw in your "logic".

>> No.22214218

Trip refers to tripcode.

If they don't have a tripcode then they jsut have a name, and are thus, not using a trip. Hence why we have two terms. Namefags and Tripfags to differentiate the two.

Once again. You ain't from around these parts are ye?

>> No.22214223

Shit, I can't stop giggling

You realize that not one of your "insulting" comments have actually enraged anyone at all?
We're just laughing at you now.

>> No.22214232
File: 32 KB, 333x342, herniated sides pt 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually wait no I misheard them, they were yelling SHUT UP FAG!

>tfw even your parents hate yahweh and they don't even know what the fuck is going on in here

>> No.22214237


Finally, I can leave. I'm glade you faggots saw reason and finally CONCEEDED THE FUCKING POINT. This never would have gotten this far if yiou would have just admitted THAT CANON MATERIAL MUST NOT CONTRADICT THE CODEX. Holy shit. Then you faggots starting making more and more bullshit that I also disproved and lead to this shit-storm we call a thread. Just calm the fuck down and act like humans you filthy niggers.

>> No.22214238

but you dont take of(f) your trip. So logic prevails.

>> No.22214239
File: 1.18 MB, 1883x1816, seppuku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, don't go! I can change!
I'm expecting a new external hard drive and probably some splat books!
I suppose that's alright... Fuck... no... I'm still depressed. Just gonna commit suicide. See you all later.

>> No.22214243
File: 120 KB, 444x342, don't abuse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shitposting violently.
Let me tell you, I never wore a name until other posters told me too after I contributed some moderately notable OC. I still only attach the name to posts I'm particularly proud of.
>shitposting violently.

>> No.22214252

arent you galde you can leave? so glade.

>> No.22214256

If I want to read about space marines being gods I'll read that one dark angel book again. The Salamander books show the Salamanders as they are supposed to be portrayed, as the most down to earth chapter. They are friends of the imperial guard and will protect humans before anything else (apart from another battle brother, but its much closer than any other chapter). They are ok with guard duty, and they are not super powerful all the time.

Im near the end of the second book, and looking forward to the third. I enjoyed the first book more so but mostly because I get tired of the dark eldar. I dont enjoy reading about the dark eldar so thats a personal opinion of mine towards it, but if you like it/dont mind it then the second book will turn out better for you. I personally didnt enjoy Dakir so much in the second book but thats because librarians can only be taken so far in my eyes. My the appearance of Vulkan He'Stan is by far the best part for me. I would recommend both the first 2 books, i cant vouch for the third since its in my backlog currently.

>> No.22214258


Wrong. having a bunch of shitposters wank their stupidity to hell and back is the foremost example of a circle jerk.

>> No.22214262

Everything with the 40k logo on it is canon, and all of it is lies.

>> No.22214266

>implying anyone conceeded points
>implying I'm not going to hunt down each thread you post in and harness your butthurt
>implying that calling someone a "filthy nigger" is insulting on 4chan

>> No.22214269

Yeah, but you're not storytieming *now*, you're not OCing *now*, you have no reason to use name *now*.

>> No.22214270


Novel wise, the Salamanders have 2 HH novels coming out next year: Scorched Earth and Vulkan Lives.
And I am a Kiwi, so more of a Hobbit then an African American.

>> No.22214274

oh god. Why did no one think of this earlier?

Requesting a dump of all the "The Codex Astartes does not support this action" images everynoe has. I don't have any unfortunantly.

>> No.22214275

Then why are you on /tg/? Seriously, a simple perusal of the catalog or the archive will show you that this level of shitposting is pretty much standard for /tg/. Almost every thread is, on average, like this.

This really is not the place for you.

>> No.22214278

Ok cool, you hate me again. I'm in the clear again.

>> No.22214279

And you're just a shining example of quality postage? What planet are you from again? Fagtardspergishitpostia?

>anons: shut up. fag.

>> No.22214283


If you werne't anal-devestated you would have said "wait, their is no reason for me eto continue shitposting about how much I am "laughing" or "giggling"." No, you would have just STOPPED. You are obviously mad. Calm people dont' shitpost.

>> No.22214288
File: 1.17 MB, 1701x1080, thebrodexastartes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22214299


But you're actually hilarious!

Anger and laughter are separate emotions, you know. Just like people laugh without a hint of rage at Bill O'Reilly, or that one Jack Chick comic about D&D, even though they're trying their best to be serious!

>> No.22214302

>thinks shitposting is "harassing".

And the two people, or one samefag, I originally "debated" with did do their own faggot version of conceeding.


As you can see.

>> No.22214304

Oh, I got ya. I see your point, but my laziness supersedes the amount I desire to be liked on this board. I'll just leave it up and not care. I need it for several regular quest threads I either run or participate in. Putting it up and taking it off would take far too much effort.

>> No.22214310

Who is yiou? Did they post in this thread? The last time I checked everyone's name here except the few who use trips, is ANONYMOUS. I'm glad you've discovered an entirely new emotion called glade.

>> No.22214316


I dunno bro, you seem pretty tickled to be "calm", so I guess you're shitposting.

It's okay though. I'm sure there's a diamond... somewhere. It's probably the posts calling you a fag though.

>> No.22214321
File: 12 KB, 355x84, Alert!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22214327

>implying he's not shitposting
>having eight penises growing out of his right ear
>not even noticing

>> No.22214331

And I just unfiltered you too. Just take it off, for the autists. Think of the autists.

>> No.22214332

>hurrr becuz i say iz laughing dat meanz i iz

You can say whatever you want, but your behavior(i.e. continous off-topic shitposting for no reason) indicates EXTREME levels of butt-hurt. If you weren't you'd have just done something else other than continously repost how much you are "laughing", which isn't /tg/ related at all.

>> No.22214335
File: 244 KB, 1200x800, laughingmantiswhores.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's too angry to read my post

>> No.22214339
File: 217 KB, 1200x1713, 1336696820281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a very good reason though. We were saving the rest of /tg/ from you fro a few more moments while we greatly enjoys ourselves watching you flail about.

In the interests of keeping you here longer.

I continue to maintain that /tg/'s 40k canon is vastly superior to Game's Workshops.

Pic related. Second best chapter in all of 40k bringing down the fury.

I'd post some of the best chapter but unfortunantly the Reasonable Marines don't have much art.

>> No.22214342

Would you like me to post a video of me laughing at your posts to show I'm actually laughing?

>> No.22214344

>for no reason
"I'm drunk, it's christmas and I'm bored" isn't no reason, it's three.

>> No.22214352
File: 51 KB, 826x667, thecodexastartesdoesnot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22214354

>nitpicks about a typo
>fucks up on "you"

What the fuck nigger? If you're going to nitpick you need perfect grammar. That and you can't be a faggot, and you're wrong on both points.

Also, nigger,

>who is you
>who is

You stupid nigger, look at my tripname. Of course everyone is using anonymous, they're not using a trip you stupid sub-human swine.

>> No.22214359
File: 40 KB, 532x338, 6861665259_55b341be24_z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22214366

Nah, you can filter me if you want. I won't hold it against ya bro-non. Remember our first rule, be excellent to each other, and today I'm gonna be excellent to you and just offer up some smiles.

Tasty... delicious... cream filled smiles.

>> No.22214371

>implying he wasn't talking about one of your typos

Check the post he was replying to carefully.

>> No.22214380

'Im glade yiou thikn so, prenz fagtrad of spergishitopia. But you know what peo-pal say wehn you strt talkung, rihgt? They say

>shut up fag.

See what they've done is made the first part of your name, which is fag, sicne yuor name is Fagtard, or Fatgard or Ftagtard von sperginspoofin, and shortened it to a nick-name.

>> No.22214381

>Post on topic, all the time, or don't post at all.

Oh, you're one of THOSE. Look fag, no one cares what you think, not us, not the kids at school, not mom or dad. Shut the hell up, lurk some more, and maybe you won't be so godamn stupid

>> No.22214382

>/tg/s canon

You stupid nigger, there is no such thing as "tradtional game"'s canon, their is a canon in a traditional game called warhammer, and if you're posting on a board about traditional games, you'd usually use it. You are not this board, nigger.

>> No.22214387


>acts retarded to troll

>> No.22214388

Okay, now you're just trying too hard.

>> No.22214396


>> No.22214398

/tg/'s canon is better tho

>> No.22214402


Hmph. I don't like you... But Merry Christmas.

No homo? All the homo.

>> No.22214409

/tg/ has its own 40k canon. If you weren't so ass-wrekcingly new you would know that.

I bet you can't even name the chapter in the mage I posted. Or know who Fuklaw is.

>> No.22214411

I'm going to bed; this better be either in archived, or still here when I get up.

>> No.22214414


Then you will want a another website. Sorry but /tg/ like most boards, is a mixed bag of all things. No one has to do what you want to do. No one has to be what you want it to be. Don't like it? Then you can freely leave.

>> No.22214416

>nitpicks about glade
>glade is an obvious typo of "glad"
>nitpicks about it while making an error himself

Just stop posting, knave.


That insult was pathetic. And you did nothing but come into this thread with the sole purpose of making that ashitty insult. That has nothing to do with traditional games or this thread's topic. That is the picture perfect defintion of "shitposting".

>> No.22214419

Using 'their' instead of 'there', AGAIN!

I'm laughing so hard my sides... oh fuck, I just realized my sides went INTO THE WARP! And I don't have one of those field generator things to protect myself from the chaos demons of TROLLMORE! FUUUUU---!

>> No.22214421


This is for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iau-e6HfOg0

>> No.22214425


No it is not. Traditional games is a board about traditional games, and whether you faggots shitpost off-topic garbage is your problem.

>> No.22214430

Yes good Sir Anon, all the homo.

Merry Christmas to you all (except Yahweh), and to all a good night.

>> No.22214434

>This never would have gotten this far if yiou
>this far if yiou
muh sides

>> No.22214439

Yahweh, you're a little kid screaming at the ocean. Your lungs will give out long before the ocean changes.

>> No.22214450

So it IS about off-topic shitposting? Or its not? I'm confused. Enlighten me oh super special all knowing snowflake of knowledge.

>"/tg/ IS a board about traditional games, AND whether you faggots shitpost"

So wait, are we supposed to be talking about shitposting? Or not talking about shitposting?

>confused cat dot jpg

>> No.22214453

>their is a canon in a traditional game called warhammer
Warhammer's actual 'canon' is less solid than /tg/'s version of it. If you don't understand how that could come to be, you maybe should find a gaming group and spend some time considering the nature of fiction and the purpose and process of developing a gaming setting.

>> No.22214454


"Traditional games" doesn't have it's own "traditional game canon". It's you idiot faggots who ignore the actual fluff, and what you idiot faggots think is irrelevant. You're wrong, and saying


Isn't convincing anyone of anything.

>nitpicks about grammar

Filthy casual babby knave.

>> No.22214469


I LOLed. That sums up Yahweh so well.

>> No.22214475


Ad Hominem. Classy as fuck, Yahweh. Classy as fuck.

>> No.22214482

If I said it was "your problem" do you think I was referring to the board, when in the same post I said they are two differnet things? Use your fourth grade reading comprehension, nigger.


Their is no "/tg/ version". Their is a "massive retard" version, and that's what you use and you're wrong. That's why no one outside of you and other illiterate 'tards thinks like that.

>> No.22214490

Seriously, Yahweh, we had a mod who thought like you. He got fired for it. /tg/ will not change to what you want it to be, you'll be better served somewhere else.

>> No.22214491

Goodnight, guys! It's been fun, but I'm off to bed.

Since there's only two people samefagging the entire thread, I guess this means you'll have to take up the slack. Good night!

>> No.22214513

> and that's what you use and you're wrong

Actually, I always argue for a more straight-faced interpretation of the setting and I think Angry Marines and the like are kind of stupid. Doesn't change the fact that there is a /tg/ canon. I just choose to ignore parts of it, like I choose to ignore parts of 40k, like the authors of 40k encourage you to.

>> No.22214520
File: 276 KB, 512x512, 1271677975561.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will put up with personal insults but do NOT insult /tg/'s 40k canon. you will nto survive the ordeal.

>> No.22214525
File: 97 KB, 358x222, DraigoDullSurprise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Stop trying to force us to comply with 40k Canon. Because then we have to accept that Kaldor Draigo's exploits really happened.

If you are correct, then we shouldn't be allowed to create our own Marine Chapters, as they are not part of the canon. Or any non pre-made forces for any race in 40k. I like that I can create stuff like the Black Comets Space Marines and Caorst Panxers Imperial Guard, which may not be in amy book, but are fluffed up and fleshed out for their tabletop battles.

Now you may call me Nigger. Can Hobbits be Black?

>> No.22214535

I haven't been in 4th grade in a long time. It might take me a while to dig up my old reading comprehension from way back then, so I'll just retort with this.

>My super secret retort ninjitsu! I'm going to kick your ass with it after doing a bunch of needless mental gymnastics flippage all over the board for absolutely no reason like I'm a narutarded OC character from a certain anime themed series! Here I go! I'm ready to kick your ass now and if I can stop talking and flipping for long enough I'm going to actually do it, so I hope your ass is ready to be kicked, because heres the final attack for the final boss that is the BBEG of this argument that we've been having for the last 59 and a half hours of filler episode! Are you ready to get your ass kicked for absolutely no reason?! HERE WE GO! HIIII-YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

>anon's super secret special power of argument ending attack! SHUT UP FAG jutsu!

>> No.22214541

>believing "nigger" to be an insult

>> No.22214558


>I guess hobbits can be black.

>> No.22214575


Okay, faggot. No need to shitpost.


Well, it's not like there is an actual debate going on. Unless you're still debating the "canon" thing, in which you'd be wrong.

>> No.22214593

i think it's gochou_(kedama) tag on 'boorus. There are pictures and link to a site.
i don't even need boners anymore, they're just -that- aesthetically pleasing.
also great pose/*ahem*anatomy study for weeabooanimuart

>> No.22214594

>using faggot as an insult
>on 4chan

>> No.22214597

I'll give you a quick rundown of the things that /tg/ knows are superior to the offical canon.

Blood Ravens constantly steal relics from other chapters and call them "gifts"

Angry Marines are always angry. All the time.
Reasonable Marines are a chapter of marines that take a pragmatic and reasonable approach to their duties as protectors of the Imperium.
Angry Marines are ESPECIALLY angry around Pretty Marines.
Pretty Marines are bishonen.
[by order of the inquisiton name is redacted ]is horrible writer
Imperial Guardsmen are incredibly fucking badass.
Doomrider and cocaine go very well together.
Commissar Fuklaw will not compromise on his principles. Even if confronted by the Emperor himself.

>> No.22214608

You realize his response post is going to be something like:
>you are a sub-human negroid faggot
>traditional games cannot have canon for they are simply table-top childrens' toys

>> No.22214612

yeah but if he is going to stay around to shitpost he should at least know somthing about the board he is shitposting on.

>> No.22214617
File: 264 KB, 600x387, Frown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuklaw is Dredd?

>> No.22214622

No no no. He's the kind that think's that table-top children toy lore is sacred, and we're a bunch of heretics for not rigidly adhering to it.

>> No.22214636

>yahweh: 5001st post with badly spelled over the top bullshit
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.
>yahweh: NO U!
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.
>yahweh: What?
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.
>yahweh: This better not be one of those god damn-
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.
>yahweh: Adeptus mechanicus, what the fuck is wrong with my I-phone?
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.
>le slow pan back into the distance. Le gunshot. Le sudden flying birds.
>anons: stop shitposting, shitposter.

>> No.22214642


Oooo, thank you anon!

>> No.22214644

Fiddlesticks, the thread started autosaging.

Oh well, fun while it lasted.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

>> No.22214650

archive it! quick! Then any time yahweh shows up we can post links to it and annoy him!

>> No.22214654

Except /tg/ is Totally Gay; faggot circlejerks are always welcome around these parts.

>> No.22214666

Okay, let's settle this canon shit. It's the only "on topic" thing being discussed.

"Everything" cannot be canon, for that's like saying "yes" and "no" are both true - or that Tau have hooves (actual GW minis) as well as feet ("Xenology"). Where contradictions arise, one source is obviously either wrong or supersedes the other. George Mann - the Head of Publishing - has made it a little bit clearer than Marc Gascogne, who is "just" an author. The following is from the 2008 GW Annual Meeting, where he was confronted with this very question:

"further conversation, George emphasized that Black Library’s main objective was to “tell good stories”. He agreed that some points in certain novels could, perhaps, have benefited from the editor’s red pen (a certain multilaser was mentioned) but was at pains to explain that, just as each hobbyist tends to interpret the background and facts of the Warhammer and 40k worlds differently, so does each author. In essence, each author represents an “alternative” version of the respective worlds. After pressing him further, he explained that only the Studio material (rulebooks, codexes, army books and suchlike) was canonical in that is HAD to be adhered-to in the plots and background of the novels. There was no obligation on authors to adhere to facts and events as spelled out in Black Library work"

>> No.22214675

No no no, he's a troll that says whatever he thinks gets a rise out of you. He's not mad, he's sad.

>> No.22214684

>Those 666 god trips

Someone ARCHIEVE THIS SHIT! My powers are growing.


For you, maybe, you sub-human swine. But you don't determine what this board is about, the fucking people who created it do. THat's why it's called TRADITIONAL GAMES.

>> No.22214686

Have you lost your mind? I mean, really lost your mind? Do you not get it? It was never about what was canon. I don't even play warhammer, or care what specifically is canon (though many ideas both official and not official are cool to me), it was ALWAYS, ONLY, and exclusively, about annoying you with 'shut up fag' and 'stop shitposting, shitposter'. That was all I cared about, and I've been laughing, HARD, for about 3 hours now.

>anons: stop shitposting, fag.

>> No.22214687

What the hell happen to this thread, this doesn't look like book discussion at all.

>> No.22214696

I'd archieve the thread for posterity, oh great and divine and powerful and super specially super tripfriend, but I don't know how to archieve.

>> No.22214709

shut up, fag.

>> No.22214716
File: 52 KB, 800x547, 1355978410124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no direct link
>no access date
>not even a website title

Nobody will take you seriously if you don't cite with Chicago-style footnotes and a works cited page.

>> No.22214720


So you just got anally-devestated for no reason? And you think shitposting is funny? Further proof that you're Casual Cancer. Leave you stupid knave.

>> No.22214726


Yahweh, the racist jewish Tripfag arrived and shared his insights into how Canon had to be rigid and adhered to at all costs, which I for one will not do, because of Draigo.

>> No.22214733


Go look up the games workshop annual meeting in 2008, nigger. Here is the entire summary here



Casual swine.

>> No.22214738

You realize that I, the master ruseman, have lured you into a complex situation where now not only is my utter total mastery of rusery demonstrated by your constant responses to me, it will be 'archieved' forever, and any time you show up with the yahweh trip people will start saying 'shut up, fag' to you repeatedly in any thread you post in?

>anons: stop fagposting, shit.

>> No.22214741


I don't care what you will or will not do, you're just wrong. And that is your problem, nigger.

>> No.22214763


So you're saying you're going to shitpost, just to shitpost, because you think it is:


Get The Fuck Out.

>> No.22214767


I'm the world's first example of a Hobbit-Nigger. Thank you for giving me this elevated position. Maybe Sir Peter will put me in the last Hobbit Movie now.

>> No.22214773


>anons: fag up, shut.

>> No.22214785

>long overly complicated analysis of a GAME's LORE.
>long overly emotional demand to be taken seriously
>long overly emotional denial of being buttmad anally devastated or otherwise in severe need of proctological care

hmmmmmm. Which to post now....

>> No.22214787
File: 141 KB, 439x332, could be.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would I bother to follow your links? I've sobered up now and it's quarter after three in the morning. I need to wake up in five hours. Besides which, Alan Merritt is head of GW's IP. Not head of publishing, not head of the studio or forgeworld. Merritt determines policy for handling the intellectual property of Games Workshop and coordinates how all of the above interact with it. When he says there isn't a truth in the GW settings, I think I'll believe him over the black library guy. And he has said it publicly years ago, and others (ADB) in direct contact with him on a professional basis claim that his policy is the same to this day (more recently than 2008, I'd add).
Try looking it up; I'm unfortunately still too lazy to find links. Or maybe ask /tg/. Since this is, as I said, common knowledge, I'm sure someone will volunteer to help you.

Stay butthurt, good night, merry christmas and welcome to /tg/.

>> No.22214799

I'm not sure if you realize this, but in an anonymous community, consensus is law.

And nobody here has sided with you from what I can tell.

>> No.22214805


In this interview Marc Gascone, the guy who made the "everything is a lie" bullshit, further elaborates on codex material cannot be contradicted.

"Such facetiousness aside, well, we have two main aims when preparing fiction for
publication. Obviously, it must be written and edited to a certain standard. But it must
also fit in with both the spirit and the detail of the Warhammer world, and not contradict
the current version of the tabletop game. If most of the details were wrong we'd just
confuse all of our readers."

Another proof about canon. God DAMN i'm awesome!

>> No.22214817


>long greentext
>anons: shut up, fag.

>> No.22214821


Yeah, okay filthy nigger. That makes no sense. Your Shit doesn't exist. Go take a nap, you're getting cranky.

>> No.22214838

>concensus is law

Okay faggot, you try and enforce your "law" when that is no where in the faq and just you stupid sub-humans making shit up. I don't give a fuck what you retards think unless it's proven, and it's not. It's just your faggot opinion, which is utterly worthless.

>> No.22214844

Where are the Mods when you need them?

They got rid of Xeno, surely they can purge others...

>> No.22214847

>thinking a GAME using MINIATURE MODELS "exists"

Damn, if I weren't laughing so hard I might actually feel some pity for you. Actually no, fuck that. I don't.

>> No.22214853

All of your sources have to do only with policy for the generation of new content for the setting and nothing to do with how the staggering quantity of conflicting, pre-existing documents are handled.

>> No.22214855


You are telling me. I wish half these shitposting scrubs could be banned. The mods should stop this garbage. Cancer should be removed.

>> No.22214862


Well yeah, but this is 40K. Sue is the average for main characters here. Heck, every single codex is filled to the brink with Sues.

>> No.22214867

>He thinks we have mods still
Lurk moar.

>> No.22214868

>implying fagweh wouldn't be the VERY VERY FIRST person they kicked out

>mods: shut up, fag.

>> No.22214875

>Can't even crack my trip, so resorts to adding it into his name field
>He doesn't even TRY to mimic me

You can't even fool retards, knave. What is the point? To offend my honor? You certainly aren't, nigger.


No they don't nigger. This is modern GW canon policy, I don't give a fuck what you think it "applies" to. It applies to all GW material. What it says, goes.

>> No.22214880

There's the Eldar Path series, which has a couple of books focusing on Eldar and Dark Eldar. There should be a Cain novel featuring Tau and Tyranids out somewhere in January if I remember correctly.

>> No.22214885

It's called SATIRE, you mindless dungheap.

>> No.22214895


You know he is more likely referring to you?


Like Kaldor 'I carved my name into Mortarion's Heart' Draigo?

>> No.22214896


Nope. That's not what a sue is. Ciaphas cain is a sue since he goes beyond what a human can do simply because sandy Mitchell wants his super spechul commisar to do in his shitty plot. Oh add that to the fact that Ciaphas cain is some god who can get whatever women he wants and everyone loves him and he is so great and perfect. It's marty-sue tier.

>> No.22214901
File: 37 KB, 300x348, yhvh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Taking thy Lord's name in vain
O accursed one! Thou hath finally commited the ultimate sin in profaning thy creator!
In deriding me, the lord of all creation, thou hath lost everything.
No longer dost thou have anyone to cling to, nor any thing to when in need.
What dost thou think thou can accomplish by thyself?
But remember this...
Humanity is not strong enough to live without one to cling to or rely on, just as it cannot live without one to loathe and one to despise.
As long people continue to seek my salvation, the will of the universe will recreate him, again and again and again......

>> No.22214906


But you're not fooling anyone, so you could have just as easily done it while anonymous. It's not "satire" it's shit. You're a shit person. If you grew up where I grew up, you'd be fucking dead.

>> No.22214915

Please for the love of the emprah tell me this thread is being archieved? I'm DESPERATE for EVERYONE to know about my faggotries, and this thread is my coming out party! HURRAY! now I can have my super special sweet 16!

>nevermind that I'm 37 and live in a rundown mobile home complex in bumfuckslyburg, nowhereland.

>> No.22214922

>offtopic bullshit

Okay, faggot, that has NOTHING to do with modern GW canon policy. Stop derailing this thread. I must end it. You are not helpin.

>> No.22214926


And yet you are fine with Kaldor Draigo, an even bigger sue who does even more impossible things (walking around the fucking warp), yet is in a Codex, so automatically must be canon and better?

>> No.22214930


That's cool, you knave. You know their is a clear diffrentation between you and I, right? You're not even witty. Just go commit sudoku.

>> No.22214933

You seem to think I care if they know its not you. And if you're so high and mighty and perfect and powerful, why do you even care that I'm imitating you? Isn't imitation the most sincere form of flattery?

>could it be that maybe, just maybe, theres a nonzero chance that your anus is in pain?

>> No.22214937


Hey, at what point did I say I liked the grey knights? I fucking HATED the entire shit. It was garbage. The worst shit I ever read, but that doesn't mean I excuse sany mitchell's bullshit either. Matt is a terrible, terrible writer. So is sandy mitchell.

>> No.22214940

>using 'their' wrong, AGAIN! for the 9th time in this thread!

>> No.22214952


I just know you're highly retarded, and such simple facts would be too large for you to grasp on your own. That's why I told you, bro. I helped you out. Now go commit sudoku.

>> No.22214959


And yet Matt is canon, whereas Sandy is not, by your line of reasoning. You disregard Gaunt's Ghosts and everything BL have ever done, and prefer the canon from Ward's shitty codex's.

If you could choose, what canon would you rather have?

>> No.22214967

If I'm so retarded why do you keep desperately asserting that I'm retarded? Why do you keep feeling the need to defend yourself from my supposedly ineffectual attacks? Why do you keep feeling the need to post that I'm a retarded fag?

>your proctologist is calling you, its about the ass pain you're in and what to do about it, shall I transfer him to your cellphone, m'lard?

>> No.22214968

>Now go commit sudoku.

I...I did! And I completed the puzzle! Do I get a pat on the back from you?

>> No.22214972


It's not MY fault that he was allowed to fuck up a codex TWICE. For all that it's worth*and it is worth everything), I just disregard his shit. However, GW canon policy is what it is, and you can't refute that.

>> No.22214974
File: 370 KB, 1132x1599, YHWH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dost thou not realize the futility in thy efforts?
The thread that thou posts in has already been derailed.

>> No.22214977


Because you wouldn't realize it if I didn't tell you, jewish swine. You know what, i'm done with this. I don't need to reply to some sub-human nig-nog who jews it up and is a casual to the highest degree.

>> No.22214986


>Hates the canon, but defends it zealously.

This is comedy gold.

>> No.22214991


I realize that, but I need the last post and I wish you NIGGER FAGGOTS would stop posting in this thread. Let me FINISH this. Calm the fuck down. Go grab some ice.

>> No.22214998

Aha! I found something, hold on everybody, wait just a minute here, our friend yahweh might have actually been RIGHT on several points.

>elaborate discussion regarding canon in 40K featuring head writers

>> No.22215001


No, I defend the canon "policy" and I don't "Defend", I simply tell the trough on what is. Whether I hate it or not doesn't change its canon status. If I could(and I can, later) I would re-write the grey knights to make them better, but currently my hands are tied.

>> No.22215008


>Has Jewish Trip Name

>Antisematic Statements

Are you self-hating? Or a closet fag who likes to ride men dressed as a Nazi?

>> No.22215010

This is now a mortal kombat thread.


>> No.22215016


I'm always right, chucklehead. Did it take you this long to realize that? Proof jews are sub-humans. A white human would have understood my greatness from the fourth post.

>> No.22215020

I wasn't aware that the fiction or fact of an objective statement was related to its trough quotient. Tell us more, o great logician.

>> No.22215027

>jewish trip name
>Thinks the entity known as "yahweh" is solely jewish

You stupid sub-human, go read a fucking book. Also, the "modern" swine known as jews are differnet from the biblical jews.

>> No.22215038

Well thats just an awesome opinion, rabbi swineberger.


>> No.22215040


I won this shit. I destroyed each and every faggot who tried to oppose me. The lord is unstoppable. My will is law.

>> No.22215062

OY VEY! I'm lost, am I on /pol/ or /tg/? Nevermind, I'll just fag up whatever thread I happen into with my absurdly restrictive uninventive "trough" that I have "archieved" and lord it over "yiou" fags.

>anons: shut up, fag.

>> No.22215069


There is so many logical falicies in all of your statements. Are you from the American South?

I wish my haters were as half as entertaining as you. It would make our WHH threads more fun.

>> No.22215081

You going to respond to this again for the 9999th time, fagweh? I know you're ass furious over "Their".

>> No.22215105

Thou hath compared thyself to thy creator, and in doing so invoked its wrath!

I condemn this thread to the damnation of 404, and thou shalt burn with it in the hereafter.

>> No.22215127


This thread has been archived, so we can laugh at your shittiness forever more.

cry more.

>> No.22215151

And don't forget to repeatedly end posts with 'shut up, fag' and perpetually remind him of his utter total defeat here.

>> No.22215172

You know, I think we have won. Yahweh hasn't replied for nearly quarter of an hour. Maybe he has gone, and we are triumphant. Hopefully.

>> No.22215184

With any luck he'll cast himself into the warp, where the mind-erasing horrors of chaos will consume his soul forever as a delicious sandwich of butthurt and ragetears on jewish rye.

>> No.22215236

Alright well just remember the three magic words to make fagweh run shrieking in terror back to his masters at the traitor legion of sperglordius shitpostia, in segmentum faggotus omega-beta, and they are "shut up, fag".

I gotta sleep, got a family thing and I woke up way way way to early.

>> No.22215274

>Those books are garbage. I read the first one, and I like them fighting hoardes of orks, but the space marines died WAY to easily.

Hold the phone, a space marine book where the space marines aren't shielded by ludicrous amounts of plot armor (but merely ridiculous)?

Shit, I need to read those books.

>> No.22215924

>since he goes beyond what a human can do

.... so like every single space marine ever? Or do you believe a hundred individuals, even if super enhanced, turning the tide of a global war is anywhere near possible?

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