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If the Emperor didn't massively overreact about EVERYTHING, the Horus heresy probably wouldn't have happened, or the Imperium would have been in better shape afterward.

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You don't understand.

Everything HAD to happen that way for humanity to continue to survive. It's all part of his plan.

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Yeah, and if he'd used armoured hippos instead of spess mehreens, humanity would be vastly stronger and the heresy wouldn't have happened. We know this.

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So.. the Emperor.. has a vast, unknowable, and impossibly intricate plan.. stretching so far into the future only he knows when it comes to an end. And this person lives in the warp you say?

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The plan where he ends up a corpse with the soul of an all powerful psychic sitting in a chair holding a portal to hell closed until the chairs life support systems finally fail and his body completely dies while his Empire crumbles with him unable to lift a finger to do anything against his people being giant retards?

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I don't know. WHH seems to demonstrate quite well that the HH didn't need to occur.

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Not even that, he just treated anyone doing things he didn't agree with as an act of defiance and cried like a big spoiled child.

Take what happened to Manus for example.

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>still thinking THERE IS NO HOPE FOR MAN
>6th edition

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Hey, nobody said it was a GOOD plan.

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Oh wow, it's THIS discussion for the 283572398057th time.

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He works in mysterious ways.

Thanks to his sacrifice and continued endurance on the Golden Throne , Humanity will ascend to a golden age as more pyskers are born and they all achieve their full potential.

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Having sex with everything?

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Yes. Even the Necrons.

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No, but I'm sure we'll commit some strange act in such a scale that we'll give birth to the fifth Chaos god, and humanity will become Eldar Mk2.

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congrats on figuring out why the Horus Heresy series was a terrible idea from the start.

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Warhammer its the steroids universe, normal logic dont work in the emprah.

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Especially the Necrons.

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Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment.

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FYI, The Necrons were active in the Horus Hersey. Trayzn said he is friends with the Ultramarine Primarch.

There is high chance that the Emperor met and interacted with Necrons.

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Didn't some of the new necron fluff say someone had "a large man in bronze armor" in his collection? What if he has Leman Russ?

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Personally, I'm curious how Buddhism would be perceived in WH40k, given it focuses not on divinity of gods, but on attaining enlightenment.

The Emperor could easily be the Buddha, who was above the gods, and free of the cycle of death and rebirth. One's goals are to deny self and embrace compassion for ones fellow man - while avoiding the temptations of demons... such as xenos, and chaos. Those who spurned the Buddha were forced into lower life forms, if their karma was too low - and would become greater things if the karma was high - but over all, one should strive to neither create nor destroy karma - IE: Exist, do your job, and meditate upon the Buddha...

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He is a schizophrenic demon made from the souls of multiple psykers.

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I think it's Vulkan or Khan personally
Implying it's a primarch and not a captain or some shit

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"Sounds like heresy. execute that man immediately."

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I wonder if whoever it is, is dead or just chilling.

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Sigmar is the superior god of humanity.
The emperor used warp magic to rebirth himself a god in a similar ritual as to one note in the liber chaotica for spawning demons. Sigmar just willed himself to ascendancy, through action and fortitude

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Or Corvus Corax.


>Lone Primach just chillin' with Necrons

Who wouldn't read that?

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"That is not dead which eternal lies..."
Obviously, it's a mecha-cthulhu.

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Most of the imperium is very close to eastern spirituality. They have a heavy animistic streak , old things grow spirits, ancestors are revered and the self is not worth much in the face of humanity.

The imperial cult would just rename Bhuda The Emperor.

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"Sup Trazyn"
"Sup Khan"
"What'd you do you today?"
"Not much, just fucked up some Catachan, you?"
"Same old same old, your food still sucks".
"Shouldn't you be like, worried about the IoM or something?"
"Nah, the Big E and the Chaos Gods some kind of final smackdown shit planned. Wolf times as Russ said and all that. I got another couple millennia to chill, speaking of which, you talk to Vulkan lately? I hear he almost ran into his legion, boy that'd would've been awkward."

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It could be a lost Primarch.

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>Vulkan has turned himself into a Necron

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I want this to be canon now, or at least a tv show.

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You make a good point, actually! One should honor those above themselves, and be obedient to kings and lords and, always, follow the Emperor. Your life is transient, there is no shame in dying - only that you lived well and as an example. Poverty is a good thing, as it leads one to realize that goods are an illusion - that this entire reality is an illusion - and Chaos is merely demon-kings trying to tempt one away from truth.

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Didn't Khan get lost in the Webway? What happened to all the other Primarchs? I know Russ and someone else went into the Eye of Terror for no reason, Vulkan "MY PEOPLE NEED ME"'d out of the Salamanders, Lion El Johnson is in a cave, Rowboat is in stasis in eternal agony, Horus got destroyed, Sangi's dead, Alpharius is everywhere, Conrad is dead.

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The standard imperial cult already believes in reincarnation or a Calvinistic sense of pre-judgement. The standard belief runs along the lines being born a abhuman or mutant is a reflection of a corrupted soul and xenos are irrevocable tainted souls condemned not to be human.

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The Necrons have access to Webway

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Its going to happen like in childhoods end and you know it.

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Corvus also went into the Eye.

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Thus, abhuman/mutants are being punished for prior wickedness, burning bad karma by their wretched state. Makes sense. Even they can earn enlightenment by being sufficiently willing to amend (IE: Die for the Budprah)

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That would be an elegant solution to all the fighting. Mankind's suddenly 'yeah, we're pretty much on a whole other plane, now'.

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Problem: Buddhists don't believe in the soul.

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So? It's WH40k, we can fudge on, you know, reality.

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>Angron is angry forever.

>Magnus is plotting to kill the Imperium

>Mortarion is a Daemon prince

>Khan was lost in the webway

>Lorgar is meditating

>Dorn is dead and they write their names on his skeleton


>Fulgrim is trapped in his own mind

>Lion is taking a nap in a cave

>Perturabro is a Daemon prince

>Russ went into the EoT

>Konrad was assassinated

>Sanguinius was killed by Horus

>Ferrus Manus was killed by Fulgrim

>Rowboat is in stasis

>Vulkan went somewhere for no reason

>Corvus went with Russ

>Alpharius is dead or may be alive, thought that may be his twin or one of his legion members pretending to be him

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Blame everything on that bitch ass religious fuck Angron. He found Chaos on Cadia and pretty much off and worshipped it outright. Angron wanted to prove to Big E that Gods did exist and took the Primordial Annihilator as that proof.

Also, why is no one talking about the Cabal and it's two outcomes the Horus Heresy? They predicted that if Horus won that mankind would go extinct in the next couple thousand years, taking Chaos with it in it's entirety, leaving the warp just to be the warp. The other is that the Emperor wins, which plunges the Imperium into superstition and religion until the the Emperor is born anew.

Are Illuminati and Sensei still cannon?

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Anyone read the latest Abnett Inquisition book, Pariah? It sounded like Eisenhorn was hobnobbing with Alpharius/his twin. Or maybe just an Alpha Legionnaire idk.

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think you meant Lorgar, rather than Angron

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>yfw Alpha Legion just wanted to destroy Chaos for good and make the Galaxy a better place.
RIP Geno Five-Two Chiliad

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Oh whoops, yes Lorgar, thank you.

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Everything's still canon. Unless geedubya has specifically declared it not to be, but I'm not aware that they've ever done that.

This also means that Fantasy and 40k take place in the same universe.

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The words of power seem like a big enough ploy to draw the attention of a Primarch, and the counter inquisition, the cognitea, seems like something the alpha legion would have a finger in.

and the cabal had a guy named Gramaticus. The cabal probably has ties to the cognitae,

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I refuse to believe it. Just let Fantasy be and let 40k be.

Gramaticus is the coolest person ever. He fought on Calth, in the Napoleonic Wars, WW1, and was one of the fucking Argonauts. What have you done in your life?

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Khan got lost in the Webway, and one of the older pieces of Dark Eldar fluff stated that there was a Homunculus that had a huge human, even bigger than a Space Marine, as his captive, where he tortured him every day, and yet he had still not broken.

It's basically implied that the Dark Eldar have Khan, and make him their bitch daily.

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Fantasy is a daemon world with in the warp, and 40k is a world trapped within a bottle on that world.

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back in the day this was good trolling but after years of "40k and fantasy are in the same universe lel" it's lost it's edge

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You can keep to your headcanon, anon, but don't pretend you're not going against the designer's express wishes.

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In the HH novel "Legion" (also written by Abnett) it was common for EVERY Alpha Legion astartes to refer to himself as Alpharius to outsiders. Even several of them in the same room.

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It isn't trolling, it is a running joke, hinted at in fluff like the liber chaotica. Internally they are separate universes thematically but in a meta way they are the same.

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>hinted at in fluff
>they are separate universes
See >>22210442

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Gramaticus confirmed for Timelord.

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NO IM ALPHARIUS. or am i omegeron?


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Fair enough. I guess the revelation that he was conspiring with a Traitor Legion is bad enough.

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that would be the obvious answer so the shocker would be a fucking primarch.

Eisenhorn is on that powerlevel. He can kill legionnaire marines with ease and has a daemon prince/former demi-god capable of raping titans bound like a puppy.

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Cherubael is probably gay for Eisenhorn at this point.

But yeah, Eisenhorn fucks up traitor marines/one can assume regular marines easily. There's a part in Pariah where he john woo movie slashes a word bearer's head in half like it was nbd.

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Instead of 20 Primarchs, why didn't the Emperor make an army of them? It's essentially just cloning himself, right?

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Nah man, he and Ollanius Pius/Persson are Perpetuals. Some kind of race of Immortal humans. It is hinted that all Perpetuals know each other well.

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I think he always was.

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Ravenor seems really, really, really outclassed.

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Alpharius please stand up

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You'd think that, but he also has an advantage: THE POWER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND WHEELCHAIRS

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