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So Saint Celestine is often depicted with wings... "Wings of Faith" if memory serves. What exactly are these? Can't be actual wings growing out of her back, as that'd make her a mutant, so is it a piece of equipment like a jump pack? Is it a psyker power? Or is it just a manifestation of the Big E's will?

Also, how would /tg/ go about adding a set to a fluffy "totally-not-Celestine" living saint?

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The wings are just for show. She's actually using a jump pack.

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I think it is like with the Blood Angel guys, fake wings over jumppack.

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Red Bull.

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Don't know OP.
Meanwhile, SoB pic dump

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Though we are not exactly sure all the possibilities you named are in the realm of what they could be. However the best chance is for it to be a Blood Angel style jump pack.

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So like the "Wings of Sanguinus"? Which is to say a psyker power? Cause I thought that wasn't kosher with Sisters?

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A drawfags 'realistic' version

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The 'ol angry sisters pic

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I chuckled

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Is that a power spanner?

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"Twins they were."

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And neat little GIF i found

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They're part of the Armor, which is the armor of Saint Kathrine if memory serves me right. I Think it's implied that they're mechanical

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>Battle Heels
Every time

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< somebodys attempt to improve them

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< on i added to a 'make your own order' thread a long, long, long, long time ago

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>What exactly are these?
Part of the armor, but remember that Saints are essentially Daemon Princes of the Emperor. They may evidence physical features otherwise odd that are "pure," if you consider the Starchild "pure."

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It would be pretty good without the madonna boobs. Still pretty good though.

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>Wings are Heresy
>Sanguinius up in this bitch

More likely a manifestation of the emps will but I can't see a wing mutation being cause for terminate on death.

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< more

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< my personal favorite

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Recently had a friend of mine asking what would happen if he shopwed up on a shrine world with the Winged mutation in Dark Heresy. I'm not actually sure on how to respond, as my initial response was conflicting views of angelic Sanguinius and obvious mutation= burning for heresy. Opinions?

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Too thin, idiotic pose. I don't know why so many artist forget that Battle Sisters are wearing armor, not dressed in yoga pants for a day out on the town.

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The model actually has no wings. So those wings aren't her jump pack.

I would imagine that they're basically a Warp manifestation - a magnificent living radiance born out of the raw convergent belief of the SoB.

I guess it should also be noted that, while Celestine was originally supposed to have a jump pack, further fluff on her and other 'living saints' seems to indicate that it's in fact the wings doing the flying. I would imagine that the jump pack has been entirely written out at this point.

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I like the jump pack

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can we please stop putting high heels on combatants?
also wtf is going on with the boob plates?

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<full animu

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The jump pack is very cool, I agree.

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Sisters were basically the original 40k cheesecake, so some leeway is usually granted

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handle too big for her had, and also has boobplate but almost good.

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In their defense, the Sisters seem to be as much symbol as they are actual warriors. Plus it should be ceramite, so whatever.

But yeah, it is a little silly, and the heels just make it idiotic.

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No armored corset hate yet?

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the marines have these fuckhuge soles so they don't sink into loose terrain and that's okay, these bitches would be cunt deep in sand with those soles.

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SUDDENLY: Sister of Silence

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and a segway into Adeptus Custodes

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more bling than ANY Ultra Smurf

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And an old-school one . . .

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Some of teh best conversions and paint jobs ive seen are these guys

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Who is this sister of silence?

And if the emperor didn't want to be considered divine, he probably shouldn't have kept his face awash in holy illumination at all times.

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Back on topic!

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I can see priests and the like going

"Meh, Wings are sorta ok"

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Two forces were tasked with guarding the empra: the Adeptus Custodes, responsible for defending the empra from attacks, and teh Sisters of Silence, responsible for the day to day stuff, like cleaning the throne washing behind his ears and what-not

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He didn't want to break the armor designers heart.

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If that is the average appearance of a sister of silence, the Emperor must have some terrifying grime growing on his throne.

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Sadly, SoS are the RAREST MODEL EVER. Mostly because there never was one.

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Anyone have a high-res image of the OP pic of Saint Celestine?

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You do know Custodes sounds more like that job right?

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Wow. You nearly killed me with that one.

That'll teach me to eat and 4-chan at the same time

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that must wrench the shit out of her elbow when she swings

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>/tg/ and SoB

I always love it when you talk SoB, you give love to possibily one of the most colourful and characterful armies.

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If the sisters of silence were psychic nulls/pariahs/whatever, surely blocking the Emperor's power by being close to him would be a bad idea?

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Sadly this: >>22205457 and this >>22205467 are the only pics ive ever found of Sisters of Silence .

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Source? (I know. Using real words on 4chan is heresy. I submit for sacrifice upon the golden throne.)

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I think that was the idea, they protected him from warp attacks

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They were not your basic null, they could control their dampening powers.

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dont know. harvested from a chan raid

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Sisters of Silence are actually rather easy to convert.

Use the lower half of the old DE warrior helmets for the faceguard. Daemonette or Hagashin heads, topknot from old DE warriors. Hagashin or old DE warrior bodies and legs.
Chaos marauder shoulder pads and cloaks. Add weaponry of choice and voila.

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fuck German 40k. Wyches of course....

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No, like fake mechanical wings.

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pic related is a relatively similar conversion to what I just described.

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who is this artist and why is this picture so perfect?!

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Man, I saw that from a mile away. I really need to get out of this hobby.

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Found this in the depths of warp.
I hate it when usa shops dont sell their shit outside, and this is teh only palce they sell it , fuck.

If anyone is interested here is teh link ,it is only 8 dolars (minus the base)

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But they flap in the games and stuff.

I see them more as a divine symbol manifested by faith.

Not real wings, but not mechanical ones.

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So /tg/

Are SoB Viable? If so

How do I use them well? I want to purge some Necron filth from my local store.

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Part three implies a part one and two. Got them?

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Even though it's be perfectly fine for a Blood Angel to have actual wings sine their Primarch did.

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found em


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Silly mon-keigh wait for the new codex and new plastic kits,
Dont spend hundreds and hundreds of dolars on man-faced german cannon ball team minis.

And in game terms they are good as allies, nothing else.

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Game animations have no relevance. Bolters don't don't fire like machine guns either.

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With the White Dwarf codex they have pretty much one viable list that goes along the lines of
2-3 squads of sisters with meltas, flamers

1-2 squads of Dominions with meltas/flamers
1-2 squads of Seraphim with inferno pistols/flamers

1-2 squads of Retributors with Heavy Bolters
1-2 Exorcists

Mechanize Dominions and Battle Sisters if needed.

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But they do.

Gyrojet rounds act like machine guns for the first phase of firing, then the jets kick in at the end.

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Good luck against Crons, seriously. I really like the Piano Tank/Seraphim/Repentia combo, with Celestians stuffed into Rhino's or Immolators.

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thats really quite perfect

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>mechanize ,

nope.avi thanks to flyhammer 40k the 6th ed is your vehicles will be a joek and death traps.

Useless against a full mechanised guard list for example ,her str3 sword wont do anything.

>get lots of power armoured heavily priced girls footslogging
Wont work either,will die before getting close to battlecannon,plasma fire.

Onyly thing they are good for is getting celestine and compulsory things as allies to your existing army, guard or space marine.

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>nope.avi thanks to flyhammer 40k the 6th ed is your vehicles will be a joek and death traps.
mechanizing sister squads is only if you necessarily need a troop choice to zoom ahead.

mechanizing Dominions is for Immolators and their weaponry

Apart from that....a list quite similar to the one I posted there was doing pretty good at some tournaments according to a few other SoB threads we had. I don't remember the exact list, but it didn't stray much from the frame I posted.

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While that's not the exact set up, what he's listed did very well in two major tournaments.

What you fail to realize is that all-rounder lists do very well in tournaments when facing off against a majority of armies that have been tailored for flyers.

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Well, I did some digging and found a passage that describes the Wings of Faith:
>"The wings confer the same effects as a jump pack, and allow Celestine to make use of the Hit and Run rule described in the Seraphim armylist entry."

So it seems the wings themselves are doing the lifting, and NOT a jump pack, and they don't seem to be integral to the Armor of Saint Katherine. I'd be tempted to call them a literal manifestation of faith.

So I'm probably going to cut the jets off a marine backpack and mount a set of eagle wing bits to it.

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The GW model doesn't have a jumppack anyway. It doesn't have wings though either.

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I like it. Looks very sensible.

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4 minutes in google. Lazy scum.

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Say a question for anyone that played sisters. Did one of their faith powers let them have strength 5 or something? Think its kinda cool that they can match space marines in strength, even for a short while.

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Yeah, and it kind of annoys me that the mini is so... lackluster. Thus, the customization with the wings and a head that doesn't look like a deep-sea fangly fish.

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Advance Wars 40K?

I'm throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening!

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/tg/, what do you think of my putting female heads on Grey Knight bodies to use as Sisters of Battle?

>> No.22210554

Then you have really tall SoB in proper augmented power armor but still having S3/T3. Maybe kit out a Celestine retinue like that (since they're the most likely to get into close combat), but I wouldn't bother converting your non-HQ squads.

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Does anyone else miss giving Eviscerators to fucking everybody?

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I'm just using some Sisters and Celestine as a non-canon fluffy stand-in for Grey Hunters and a Rune Priest, allied with flier-happy IG.

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I've always wondered what the Sister in this image was praying for. Safety in battle? Strength and courage to face what the next day would bring?

Really, though, all I think she'd be praying for this Christmas is a home. That and for her not to be melted down and re-cast into Kaldor Draigo. Either or.

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>> No.22213077

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>That and for her not to be melted down and re-cast into Kaldor Draigo.

That's not a choice, that's a guarantee.

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>> No.22213207

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Make a Saint Sabbat model.

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Um... what was so distinctive about her that you could tell them apart? I mean, mini-wise?

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does anyone know where the whole photo of this can be found?

i saw it once before as a super high-res sprawling image with custodes, sisters of silence, and the emperor all in one shot

can't find it anymore though T_T always cut up!

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Strong psykers can ignore the powers of pariahs like Sisters of Silence.

In one Horus Heresy story (the Voice in Tales of Heresy) a psyker communion has telepathic communication that is strong enough to be heard by Sisters of Silence.

Further, one Sister of Silence meets her future self who has been deprived of her null abilities and made a psyker using some unknown process who warns her about the future being terrible. She actually describes the "present" 40k but no one in Heresy Era believes her.

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Is that an Eldar in Sororitas power armour?

Holy fuck thats heretical.

>> No.22215923


>implying the Sisters of Battle haven't been eldar all along


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why i d ont see a sister with christmas hat.
She is the most perfect tg material for wearing a santa hat!

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God Horus Heresy books are so fucking awful.

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Bowl-cut, black hair, form fitting power armour with a bared right arm. Bright green aquilla wings that are obviously supernatural. Power sword. Servo-skulls orbiting around her. Wears garland of flowers.

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