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Why is Leather Queen so perfect, /tg/?

>The fuck is this?
Kingdom Death: Monster. It’s a board game you play a bunch of humans who wake up in a cave, in a world full of darkness and monsters out to kill them. In an attempt to not die horribly, they band together and try to eke out something resembling a civilization in the nasty world they’ve been thrown into. As you build up a human settlement from the ground up, your characters (“survivors”) go out to forage for materials and kill beasts, and even using their skin and hides and shit for armors and weaponry. Eventually you’ll get too big for your britches, so to speak, and some asshole is going to try to take everything away from you at the end… Assuming you get that far, anyway.

>I looked this up and that’s too many titties, son!
To be fair, while there’s some pervy stuff in the game, the great majority of stuff you see on both the KS for KD:M and on the main website is either purely optional stand-ins for “regular” gamepieces that aren’t so pervy, or are for another game entirely. KD:M =/= the regular Kingdom Death game, for which the creator is still apparently at the pre-alpha stages.

Pins of War Interview: http://pastebin.com/jUbcjtqk
Wired Article: http://pastebin.com/2tgT3nPh
Poots on BGG (1): http://pastebin.com/kAE9WufF
Poots on BGG (2): http://pastebin.com/i6NJ9BN3
Poots on BGG (3): http://pastebin.com/cNjsHThi
Poots on BGG (4): http://pastebin.com/NgQGD1Pq
Poots on BGG (5): http://pastebin.com/Z9AwYYaC

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take your viral shit elsewhere

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You know, this makes me wonder if we're ever going to get a sickness-inducing monster in the game, or maybe even illness events ala Oregon Trail.

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Did they ever discuss how city building works in any kind of detail?

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The titties are fine. A better premise is if they became monsters and tried to rule the other monsters, sort of like jurassic park meets I of the dragon.

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Sadly, the only thing we have to go on are bits of the gameplay video anons had to screencap. Like so.

>look this up expecting a movie
>it's a vidya

Time to dig around for it.

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>nearly all female minis are exegrated sex sells type minis
>outrageous price and shipping
>did isay 45 dolar or so shipping outside 'murica ?

Do not want.

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The whole Over sexed mini / design is a real problem these days. i cant stand many games simply because "LOLOLOL BEWBS" approach puts me off.

Tasteful nudity is fine but goddamn chainmail bikini is just stupid

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>leather queen
pics? can't find this one...
I want the pin ups but my normfag gf would get pissy...

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Annnnd 3D Render.

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Why can't they at least give some VARIETY to their oversexed miniatures?

What about those of us that like hips further than the eyes can see, but want tits that are reasonable and sometimes even on the small side?

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Its that time again, where people attempt to discuss an unfinished game, and then get mad when they realize people are going to discuss the only aspects of the game worth talking about (the boobs).

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Well, so far, we don't have a whole lot to go off of other than tits and asses.

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Wait, can someone just post a link to the source material?

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No, gtfo of /tg/ you ignorant dickmongler.

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Or what you faggot? I mean, I didn't think you were that much of a nig-nog to actually come into a thread with the sole purpose of posting aboslute garbage. You reached a new low.

As I said, OP, is their a verified link that has all this information that I can look up myself, instead of having to read your biased posts? That and I want to see some uncensored tits.

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Look it up on kickstarter, God. There's a link to the main website. Not that there's much background info on there.

I'm slightly concerned for the game because the maker shows little sign of beng able to string sentences together.

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Then search it yourself? Why make someone else do something that you are too lazy to do?
Type Kingdom death kickstarter into Google, and voila

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It is because he is insufferable, if you haven't dealt with him yet. If he continues posting in this thread, it is already over.

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I believe mankind can only benefit from more boobies.

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You. I like you.

Ok, I'll shoot. Why is he insufferable? Because this is the one board where I don't pay attention to that bullshit, but my curiosity is getting the better of me.

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anyoen knwo what teh 750,000 and 800,000 stretchgoals are?

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If he doesn't post anymore, it won't matter. If he keeps posting, you'll probably see naturally.

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750k and 800k is in pic related.

The 800k monster is lame as fuck.

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Fair enough.

>> No.22207285

Is he actually going to use the dicktentacle version of that monster's splash? Or will he reveal with the puke on meganeko version?

No matter who wins, we all lose.

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Hey, guys, if a tripfriend is being disruptive, how about we NOT derail the thread with a discussion of how disruptive they are? The worst trolling is the trolling you do to yourself. See also TIDF

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The talk was already over. But thanks for doing exactly what you said not to do.

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Nigga, we are all EQUALLY faggots.

I'm more curious to know if he's even going to release the accompanying women that went with it.

>> No.22207359

Their design looked a little anime (in a non-offensive way), but they are probably another group of women that are more monster thralls/allies, since they seemed to be wearing fancy clothing.

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I came here for T&A, not shitposting. I see they have models where the girls' butts aren't properly covered; please tell me this has some in-game benefit.

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Seriously how the hell he got 800 k ?

Little kids must be like OOH TITS! I MSUT BUY THEM

97 or so percent will be painted in shit tier , what a waste of god damn money, fuckin 'muricans.

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I wouldn't say no to having them as an option separate from Sunstalker Infant at least. Probably not gonna happen, though, since that didn't happen for Lion Knight's White Speakers.

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I'm sorry, bro. Even using the pinup models has no in-game benefit.

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I'm sorry, are you somehow against Tits? Tits are the light and the way. Repent, rejoice, and have a merry Titsmas!

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This thread is more evidence of why Scripty left us. Pull yourselves together men!
I didn't think I'd have to say this, but are you really that offended by beautiful minis and a great game concept? I love it when all the minis I could pick from are amazing, if not entirely realistic. It's a game.

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Now who's Scripty?

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I want more male minis with cool clothes

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The game looks interesting. And I want some of the expansions.

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Shapely women are real. You just need to believe in them believe in yourself. And don't forget dem hips.

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While I do love the titties, this would be nice.

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BEST survivor

Everybody is flipping his shit and he's all apathetic

I will totally play as him

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>talk was already over

Why the fuck did you have it in the first place?


Because he is advertising this product, I would assume he would be glad to give out additional information on it.

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This all gives me hope a Busty Barbarian Bimbo could cover the costs after artist commissions...

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>doesn't know threads get flooded with cries of VIRAL if you link the product in OP
>doesn't know how to google
>is a tripfag
No surprises here. 1/10, made me reply.

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A BBB Kickstarter, that is.

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>>inb4 Snape kills Sanguinius
Well he is advertising.
It doesn't make it viral, just a commercial.

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Okay, an honest question:

Are there any female miniatures in this game that aren't bimbos with humongous asses that blot out the sun?

Because honestly, the miniatures are gorgeous. The monsters are great.
But I can't stand the giant asses and the clothes. But the fact that they are tagged as "Pinup" gave me some hope, so... are there?
With pictures? I only found that Rawhide Armor thing, which wasn't all that impressive.

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This is a sample of what the "regular" minis look like.

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I find the obsession with scat and fetishy nature of the game a bit much, but I have never tried to derail the threads over this. The game's not for everyone, but I'm glad you guys are having your fun.

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They should get better clothes, goddamn

>> No.22208058

Fortunately there are other options that are quite swag.

>> No.22208083

But what's the problem? People it's now mortal offended be boobs or something? I see girls in the street with a lot more provocative robes (and I'm not complaining, dem leggings).

>> No.22208154


Obviously not the ones you posted


Look fag, you may enjoy walking araound with your graphic tshirt and your shorts or pants full of zippers and white sneakers but I'm a very fashionable person

And those clothes are disgusting, no sense of fashion at all I'm don't even care about the females, they can go naked or wear a bear coat for all I care

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>hating on the Silk

>> No.22208202


But if a poster specifically asks for a link, their is no reason why he wouldn't post such. Your criticism is invalid.

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WHY IN HOLY HELL has nobody captioned this 'gay pride parade' yet?

>> No.22208336

...although we need to add the swag silk armour as well.

>> No.22208337

Because people have samefagged "Oh man brah can you link me to this awesome project xD" conversations in the past. Fortunately, you are genuinely a massive tool so we were able to sidestep that issue perfectly.

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>no sense of fashion

Dont think thats what they were going for when they stripped the materials for their clothing from huge nightmarish creature that was just trying to kill you minutes ago

>> No.22208543

>implying >>22207969 and >>22208058 are not highly fashionable

>> No.22208583

Because that doesn't make sense.

>> No.22208601

You mean the fact that they're in male-female pairs? Pah, a small detail.

>> No.22208684

Also the fact that they don't look very gay pride at all.

>> No.22209142

That's like half the game. I hope they put up at least some hints about how city building works

>> No.22210056


Yeah highlhy fashionable


>> No.22210088

/tg/, home of fashionable neckbeardery

>> No.22210127

Bah. Your sense of style is from another planet, anon.

Hopefully that's the X-mas gift we're getting tomorrow.

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Yeah, highly intelligent.


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>> No.22210482

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Welcome to the Internet. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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I'm tired of people bitching about shipping in every Kickstarter thread. Basically, unless you're an Amazon that can afford its own warehouse in every country you ship to, shipping is fucking expensive.

I did the math during the Relic Knights KS and it's basically $20 for something the size of two Warmachine starters and goes up from there.

>> No.22210701

I wasn't going to pledge, but my mom wants to paint some of the pinups and insisted I get this for her Christmas present.

>> No.22210826

Dear fuckin' christ, so much asspain in here. This board is utter shite sometimes I swear. The one-dimensional attitude towards style and choice is fucking annoying, all people do is just troll the fuck out of each other. This is why its been forever since a /tg/getsshitdone has occured. So much angst, ignorance and arrogance. I tolerate everybody elses shit but what I like gets a moment to shine and BAM! fuckin' trolled and derailed. Don't like it, leave it. Do you feel like you're going to change any minds, opinions or tastes? Do you think that only 'muricans can appreciate T&A? 1/10 Not butthurt but bothered by the stop liking what I don't like shit. Is it not "realistic"? Sure. Is it fun and appealing to what matters most, me? FUCK YES. I don't buy this for you're broke ass.

>> No.22211094

It's ironic because KS is through Amazon.

But heres the thing pay 300 bucks and you get your money back in bonuses. The 45 shipping pushes you to that mark.

>> No.22213809

>14k on Christmas Eve

Sweet mother. I'll now be shutting up about KS's ever losing steam.

>> No.22214251

Could someone do a dump of all the known monsters?

>> No.22214519

Well why the fuck not? Let's do this in order of how it's listed in that box contents list, first.

Christmas Eve food is keeping me awake anyway.

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>> No.22214554

Don't see anything floating around with regards to that Antelope, I'm afraid, so we're skipping it.

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Lion Knight might keep an entourage of smart bitches, but King's Hand wins the numbers game.

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>> No.22214610

Annnd Watcher, who seems to be the final boss? Strange that he was a stretch goal, though.

>> No.22214614


I thought the monster at the end of the first video was the end boss.

>> No.22214615

Seriously, this motherfucker LOOKS the part, at least.

>> No.22214616

Technically the stretch goal was for an extra Watcher model

>> No.22214626

I believe Poots released a lore tidbit somewhere that Watcher is the bastard who comes around to consume your civilization once it reaches a certain point of advancement. I could be wrong, though. I notice Scribe has something similar going on, but he's not in this game. At least, not yet, it seems.

>> No.22214638

Ohhh, whoops. Disregard what I said then, I suck cocks.

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>> No.22214651


>> No.22214659


>> No.22214677

Now I always thought the White Speakers were enemies, but this picture is just plain weird. Is Man Hunter indiscriminate about the "men" he hunts? Because he looks like he's about to kick everyone's ass here.

>> No.22214685


>> No.22214689

From what Poots said, gameplay-wise he picks one person as his target for some reason or another and would even pop up in the middle of combat with another monster.

>> No.22214690


>> No.22214695



>> No.22214706

Of course I saved the best for last.

>> No.22214710

... And that's it for everybody who appears to be usable with Monster, at least.

>> No.22214751

For those complaining about ugly outfits and oversexed pinup models, the pinups are meant as display pieces.

As for the armor sets, who cares about being fashionable when you're breaking parts of the monsters you killed for weapons and armor ala Monster Hunter?

Also, pic is one of the only other character classes so far in the game, the Savior

>> No.22214752 [SPOILER] 

I'll leave someone else to post the others who are still(?) only part of the main game, if they feel like it. I end this dump with the current pinup list.

>> No.22214758

They really need make more knights

>> No.22214769

I love how in the Man Hunter art her face basically says "The only person I feel like saving today is myself"

>> No.22214856


Here's a lore blurb about Saviors in the setting, not too sure if they work the same way in the KD:M game

>Burning Brightest
>The Saviors unwavering guiding star is a shared destiny to change the world for the better. Their eyes constantly open to the tormented existence of others, they dedicate the whole of their being to others. Each act of heroism intoxicates the Saviors, delirious from the heady realization of their higher purpose they are emboldened to greater risks to their own safety. Saviors seek to symbolize hope in a dark and drab world, often adopting bright bizarre garb to match their stations as self-appointed heroes of mankind.

>Dreamers with Blackened Feet
>In their dreams Saviors travel to an entity they call the Ethereal Dreamer. Nightly, they trudge through the twisting scape of the world's collective nightmares seeking the Dreamer's secrets of power and magic. Over time their dream pilgrimage leaves the Savior threadbare; their feet become sooty and gnarled , their faces sallow with deep shadows under their eyes. Saviors who exceed their expected lifespan eventually begin to fade bit by bit, devoured by the dream world that once empowered them.

>How They Play
>Saviors are easy to play but hard to maintain. They have a wealth of useful abilities and last second miracles that can save a party from wiping out... but relying too heavily on them can greatly shorten the lifespan and max level of a savior.

>> No.22214949

What's up with dream magic and its users getting lost to it? I swear that happens every time.

>> No.22214965

I know about this game, and it combines my two favorite subjects, sex and violence. Sorry for my bros who's dicks dont work, but...eat a dick i guess. This is fucking awesome. you go and be mad that something kick ass exists. Oh. by the by, all girls love tits. your girlfriend or significant other is all bent outta shape by scantily clad chicks? probably insecure fugmo.

>> No.22214978

I'd probably blame the Cthulhu mythos for that

>> No.22214993


You sound like you're trying to hard to compensate for something.

>> No.22215018

That was my same thought.

>> No.22215032

You know what I'd like? For not every fucking miniature to be sold out. They look great and I'd love one to paint as a display piece but.. well.

>> No.22215082

CMON has stock of SOME minis, but most of the good stuff has sold out.

>> No.22215124


Think of dream interpretation with regards to psychology. Its not exactly definitive. The field has angles all over the place, and various methodologies that were presented. A great many things were not agreed upon, and a large number more are subjective. Given that basis, its easy to see, how one can have difficulties navigating a realm upon which meaning and consistency fluctuate.

>> No.22218089

Anyone knows if the higher pledges include the lower ones? If I pledge 5k, will I also receive the bonuses from 3k, 1k, etc?

>> No.22218115

Who the fuck are you that has that many dosh ?

>> No.22218158

Please people dont encourage the unrealistic shitey bust nekkid chick designer anymore.

he already has enough money.

>> No.22218172

Makes nice things though. So let him.

>> No.22218196


Someone not working in retail. I actually have a decent job, so yeah.

I'm still trying to figure out which reward I like the most. I'm not that good at painting, so the highest reward isn't obligatory to me. I'm gonna pledge a good amount, though, and I just need to choose the coolest reward.


Your opinions are invalid. I will give as much money as I want to.

>> No.22218290


>saves money to buy minis of nekkid chicks he wont be able to get close IRL

>he will masturbate furiously on them

>is an attention whore

>willing to pay 5k for minis he will paint shit tier

You fail at life.

>> No.22218336

OH GODS A PREGGERS MINI. I'm having an incredible urge to start touching myself again.

>> No.22218477

Does this game have mechanics for your women who get abducted and bred to push out more monsters?

>> No.22218565

delicious preggers. i want tp greenstuff the METAL BABBYFACE into a softer, rounder thing.

>> No.22218603

How can you run your civilization in this game? Kind and caring or savage and ruthless? "All men who reach their sixteenth year go to the front lines." or "All women have to deliver a child once a year every year."

>> No.22218779

Pick one reward, at the end of the kickstarter any additional you can pick of the add ons. you wont get everything below your picked pledge reward. I picked teh 155 Survivor but have all the funds extra added on to pick all the expansions and pin ups later.

>> No.22218799

You can primarily focus towards an aspect of civilization but certain ones apparently attract different monsters. The Lion knight for instance could be friendly if you are more towards the arts civilization but if you are war and encounter him a fight would happen.

>> No.22218964

Kingdom Death: Human, where you ironically play the Monster side.


>> No.22219086


So, to get both rewards of the 5k and 3k levels, I would need to pledge twice?

I guess that's acceptable. Just need an extra account then.

>> No.22219120

Nigga, you're crazy.

>> No.22219223

what does friendly monsters mean? like i want to be knightbros.

>> No.22219274

Looks like every backer at a physical reward pledge level is getting a Twilight Knight.

>> No.22219331

yeah, the new one. attempt #4

>> No.22219490


>almost none of the female models that aren't optional pinups are overtly sexualised, and those that are (the original survivors, maybe?) are no more or less 'sexualized' than their male counterparts
>have you ever even bought a boardgame with high production values, what the christ
>it's a shame he didn't include the price of shipping in the amount you need to spend to get about forty dollars of extra stuff, oh wait, he did

>> No.22219699

The sword redesign that comes with this one makes me realize that faces really are to this what skulls are to 40k.

>> No.22219766


I just want EVERYTHING. Seriously, I haven't wanted something this hard in YEARS, so I have some money left to spend.

>> No.22220193

I'll post what I think about the donation. Throw in for the biggest one, the 5k super duper edition. Then email him. From all the replies the man has posted he takes time to read them. Only one other person has a donation of 5k and no one of the 3k. I really think you can work something out with him if you want the 3k rewards.

>> No.22220245

It does payment through amazon. Thats it. No shipping.

>> No.22220268

Preggers mini with a tentacle dick that eats the dick of guys.

>> No.22220327

Shipping is $45 dollars.
The content you get is $45.
If you grab Survivor level, then just take 100 dollars of expansions, you are getting a pretty damn good deal.


Seriously guys. What the fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.22220340

It's a perfectly reasonable complaint, UK and EU as a whole being the largest mini/wargaming market worldwide, anyone with half a brain running a startup company would base themselves out of somewhere ANYWHERE in the whole fucking EU.

>> No.22220358

>Anyone with half a brain would base themselves somewhere where they have no access to their own product line, and have no easy way to reach and inspect their own product
Are you a fucking idiot?

>> No.22220379


Because moving a small bussiness from the US to the EU is a cheep and easy process right?

>> No.22220381

That excuse might have worked in the early 90s prior to digital cameras and e-mail but now it's just bullshit.

>> No.22220384

This is how small buisness works.
If you don't base yourself in another country, you don't know what you are doing.

>> No.22220400

Okay nevermind.
You have clearly never worked with mini's, and thus don't understand why actually handling them yourself to check for quality would be important.

Sorry, I had no idea.

>> No.22220414

I guess we're clearly not qualified to be backing this KS based on the quality of the minis unless we've actually held a KD mini in our hand already too huh?

>> No.22220464

The other option is to just send Adam a PM asking about how to do it for both. I think Kickstarter has some rules for double account funding or something

>> No.22220483

>would even pop up in the middle of combat with another monster.
>the only combats in the game are bossfights
>boss that only shows up while you are fighting a boss
>having to fight two bosses at once

>> No.22220537

times like these you'll want to just give the manhunter the guy he's hunting and let him be on his way.

>> No.22220543

General release stuff is always in stock on his site. Most of it is just pinups though.

That said there is no way in hell that I'm NOT getting a pinup forsaker.

>> No.22220558

>implying selling a product is the same as buying one

>> No.22220572

Not to mention Canadian backers already got a shipping reduction to $30 already

>> No.22220629 [SPOILER] 

Reminds me of this asshole.

>> No.22220635

I had the exact opposite reaction.

It's was a cathartic moment. Scrolling over deviantArt/anime pancake tits for the one billionth time, I realized everything I like really is pointless and absurd, which eventually led to the slow, bitter recognition of science fiction and fantasy as just different forms of mental masturbation. The only camaraderie to be had in gaming is through sharing a common boner.

...and that's the story of how Christmas was ruined forever.

>> No.22220829

Guys please , just leave this viral faggot to his own fate
He is jsut an asshole who wont even buy 5k shit but doing this to get attention.

If it is real do it faggot,

5k has 1 backer

3k is 0 backer

We are waiting, you wont buy it nigger you will jsut yap and yap about it and masturbate over overtly sexualised minis

>> No.22220927

That shut your whore mouth didnt it ?

>> No.22221005

I think you linked to the wrong posts?

>> No.22221238

I have no idea what's going on, but this game looks awesome. Shame it's in the US though.

>> No.22221584

Not the first time I've seen board games+shipping at this price, though. FFG's Horus Heresy comes to mind.

>> No.22221649


They guy was pretty sweet and if you pledge $300+ you get given free model expansions. He was a bro and included the $45 shipping fee outside of USA towards that total.

I managed to nab a Black Friday Special Deal which somebody and changed, was 1 of 70 and even though I'll never play with them, I pledged. I'd get the pin-up models depending on how much the total would come to. I'd love to play the game, the models are amazing.

I like it's idea, but given the choice between Warhammer and KD, I'd do Warhammer. So many cool models due out for Warhammer.

Still, I have the money to do it, so why not?

>> No.22221659

The pinup White Speaker is probably my favorite model. Its just so tongue in cheek.

>> No.22221705

Why won't you ever play with them?
There is totally a solo play option, if thats the problem.

>> No.22221733

I think i can help you there dear anon ,

check out bell of lost souls market, their shipping is crazy 6 dolar or so ,and they ship gamesworkshop products and ff games producst to anywhere in the world

>> No.22221767

And are already working with KD:M on some other stuff! They may very well be able to help out there as well.

>> No.22221794

Different anon, that's the biggest reason I'm tempted to get this game. To be honest, at this point I'm just waiting for the second (and possibly third) gameplay video...

...and steeling myself to drop the money that it will cost for the expansions.

>> No.22221812

Hmm altough i dont like the desings of most minis there are some i like a lot .
For example great game hunter female

If they are going to get their products it will be much wiser to wait for it rather than paying 45 dollar instead of 6

>> No.22221825

Anon paying $305 already.

The financially responsible part of me is trying to tell the completionist part of me not to pay $20 just to get the single settlement event that comes with Holiday Nico.


It is sadly not doing very well.

>> No.22221874

I'm kind of hoping that once he's out of expansions he'll create a "game with all content" tier to make things easier. So that's another thing I'm waiting on as well.

>> No.22221973

Likely gonna get Forge Priest, and The Scribe expansions first (Maybe. I can't really see actually fighting the scribe working well, considering he can probably just unmake you) And MAYBE Forge God, although that might be one of the ones he is trying to keep away from the kickstarter.

Likewise, we are probably also going to get the Preacher class, and the Forsaker class, as well as the missing pinups, before all the expansions run out.

All in all, I doubt we will get an 'all game content' tier, until we hit 1,000,000 AT LEAST.

Also, the 'game with all content' tier likely wouldn't be a huge discount, considering all the items are already heavily discounted below MSRP

>> No.22222016

Looks like someone grabbed that 3k.
Fuck yeah we get a gamebox upgrade of some losers face.

>> No.22222056


Geez, what's up with you? What made you mad in this way, man?

Well, whatever. There you go, 3k pledge because I can't paint for my life and having stuff dedicated to me pleases my ego much more.

>> No.22222082

Ey /tg/, what is your favourite monsters so far? Mine it's the fucking spider, because dat humnoide apendix, dat face and the aesthetic overall.

>> No.22222091


I can't decide between the Wetnurse and the Mother/Grandmother.

>> No.22222108

>I can't really see actually fighting the scribe working well, considering he can probably just unmake you
It's probably something he can do, but rarely. That could be a huge problem if you can't eliminate that from his AI deck though...

Could be interesting.

You're probably right about the "all game content" thing though. To be honest, a discount isn't even my concern. It's more just the simplicity of signing on for one single thing and knowing I'll get everything for the game.

>> No.22222135

Or Lion Knight. I can't really decide.

You know what might be cool?
If he was a completely stationary enemy.

All the bosses so far have had a kind of 'raid boss' feel, in that yeah, you can just beat the shit out of them, but they have attacks that force you to mix it up. And completely stationary raid bosses aren't unheard of.

And a stationary enemy that summons things to fight for him, and distract you, fits PERFECTLY for the scribe.

>> No.22222522

I think that the gods(Scribble,Forge God,Grandmother,etc..) won't be on the Kingdom Death:Monster game.

>> No.22222737

Easy, it's Dung Beetle Knight for me. I'm still irritated neither he nor Flower Knight or Lion Knight provide parts for making an armor.

>> No.22222764

I have a pretty serious illness, lots of problems, so I'm bed ridden and can't go out, can barely type and can't put models together.

So, I'd never get the models together let alone paint them to the standard they deserve!

I'd love to play with people, but nobody in my area likes these type of things. One of them even went so far as saying "I don't like playing games that require imagination" - His girlfriend is into it but she is lazy and can't be assed to learn anything!

I've donated that much as well! Luckily got the Black Friday deal.

Did you really just pledge 3k because some people on /tg/ said you wouldn't? Did you do it just to spite them? I asked the guy and he said they removed the option to have a model designed with your help if you pledged the most. It's a shame, wanted to created some /u/ type models :(

>> No.22222876

>Did you really just pledge 3k because some people on /tg/ said you wouldn't? Did you do it just to spite them?

Was going to pledge it anyway. Originally, I was going for the 5k, but I can't paint for shit, and would end up just ruining the minis, and a showcase with unfinished models isn't pretty.

So the question was either 3k or 1k reward. Still unsure which reward is the nicest. One has special artwork that pleases the collector in me, the other simply pleases my ego and makes me feel important for throwing money at them. So I still might change which reward I'd prefer.

>I asked the guy and he said they removed the option to have a model designed with your help if you pledged the most. It's a shame, wanted to created some /u/ type models :(

A shame, that would be fun. But then again, that was a sensible decision on his part.

>> No.22222946

>MFW that guy just paid 3k
dont you have a girlfriend,wife or something that needs that money ?

Oh you are a fatguy with lots of money and nothing else

>> No.22222974

>dont you have a girlfriend,wife or something that needs that money ?
They don't _need_ the money. They just always _want_ it.

>> No.22222976

This, seriously. How pathetic of a life you must have to have thousands of dollars to waste on some board game.

>> No.22223098

>possible wet nurse pinup.png

>> No.22223102

He already did.
Its the 5k one.

>> No.22223115

Seious advice dude, with that money buy some nice clothes , a brand perfume nice shoes.
Go out to life and get social, bang some chicks.
Party hard.

Far better investment than some tiny plastics pieces that will sit on a display case for years without getting painted or shit tier painted.

>> No.22223177

Don't listen to them dude.
Its your money.
Spend it how you want.

And assholes telling him how to spend his money, do you REALLY think he is just some autistic guy sitting there blowing all of his money while sobbing about how he doesn't have a girlfriend?

I doubt it.
Dude has this money that he can just blow on a kickstarter without a second thought.
I, for one, am not that worried about him. He seems to be doing well off enough making his own decisions.

>> No.22223197

I remember you. You're the tripfag I threw vitriol at, as a bad joke. Sorry about that.

Sounds like you've got a raw deal. Have you considered sending the models somewhere to have them pre-assembled and pre-painted? Would cost more, though, certainly...

>> No.22223227

>spend plenty of money on a hobby that generally has high upward limits of money spent
>this somehow makes someone a loser

Look, you're BOTH probably trolling on some level, but I do think that line of thought is a little too flawed. But I guess that's the point.

>> No.22223255

>guy mentions pledging despite being so sick he can't even play the game, let alone assemble the mini's
>pledged 3k
>the 3k reward is having a survivor made in your honor

>> No.22223270

Different people dumbass.

>> No.22223278

Sick guy is not the one that gave 3k ,he gave 304 dolar or so
3k does not have survivor made in your honor

>> No.22223288

>got 3k and 5k pledge levels mixed up
>just now realized the entire thing myself

>> No.22223297

Oh. Whoops. Well, that's embarrassing.

>> No.22223319

Anyone have the Regeneration Suit art, yet?

>> No.22223321

In all seriousness i wish more companies made female minis who arent over sexualised, others like KD make people look at them as sex toys and say fatguys who are sexually starved will buy upon seeing some skin (which as we can see the pledge levels they are right)

only warmachine handles the issue well i suppose.
And maybe infinity.

>> No.22223331

>Regeneration Suit ar

why is google so hard for soem people :)

>> No.22223347

If people like it, let them have it. I don't understand the problem. really.

>> No.22223373

The problem is promoting it to the masses more.

If the other companies say, hey look at them they got a millon bucks for nekkid chicks, we should do the same instead of realistic miniatures, it will sell better.

see the problem now anon ?

>> No.22223396

>can't sage
>can't spell
>uses emoticons

And I meant the full art that you say trapped behind the big ACHIEVED banner.

>> No.22223398


I think Reaper has proven otherwise

>> No.22223403


*see, not say.

>> No.22223414

I am not saging idiot , it is the name
Check the otehr messages in the thread faggot

>> No.22223436

most of the female minis of reaper are either chainmail bikini, hot sorceress typse or fugly looking but realistic types.
Welll to be fair msot off reaper minis are fugly looking with weird proportioned heads and big eyes.

>> No.22223445


Now you're just being patheic, bro. You're just jealous because you are a pathetic loser without money.

Go cry somewhere else, faggot. I'm tired of your shit.

I'm someone with money, something most people here don't seem to have.

>> No.22223460

Personally, I'd rather see the Leather Queen art first. N-Not that I'm calling you're waifu a shit or anything...


The very first Warcaster I saw from that franchise had a Russian boobplate thing going on.

>> No.22223471

"Explorer of Death - Rewards from the Delux Survivor + We will sculpt a unique survivor head for you and upgrade the game with it. The artwork and a credit will be included in the rulebook. Along with a short story about how your survivor died. We will also make a hunt or settlement event in your honor."

>> No.22223487

>what is spelling
>what is grammar

>> No.22223493


>Calling someone studying law to become lawyer poor who also has a social life unlike some dude who spends 3k on a shitey boardgame becosue he has no one else to spend on.

>Rages hard when confronted with how he failed so hard in life

Cool move bro , but you failed
Enjoy dying in your own shit in your old age

>> No.22223497

This guy types like he's drunk. Did you have too much eggnog? Good lord.

>> No.22223510

Survivor head ,
only the head.

pretty shitey reward.

>> No.22223514

But the head is the most sensitive part man!

>> No.22223524

I straight up told my gf, hey these minutures are fetishistic, its okay, they are some of the newest and most interesting, and best designed miniatures on the market, I'm going to buy them, end of discussion.

It helps having a sex positive gf though

>> No.22223534


Yep, definitely too much eggnog.

>> No.22223581

>>Calling someone studying law to become lawyer poor

Wow, how special you are! Like this is even relevant.

>also has a social life unlike some dude who spends 3k on a shitey boardgame becosue he has no one else to spend on.

Nice try bro, but except not.

>> No.22223678

>Cool move bro , but you failed
>Enjoy dying in your own shit in your old age
Who are you even trying to prove yourself to man?

>> No.22223686

Uhhhh.... you mean like ALL THE OTHER SURVIVORS?

We have special characters, like Anna and Adam, and Paul and Whatshername who are both special challenge characters, but other then that, all survivors are just the heads, and you just put them on armor kits.

>> No.22223754

>gatectash out soon
>bills tho pay
>want dem titties minis
>tenticle rape- the game
magic I can use with lots of people or masterbation.....

>> No.22223776

Just wait until the magic singles you want are for sale, instead of buying packs which will mostly be limited junk. Also, if you don't play standard you can wait until it rotates out of standard to buy any of the expensive mythics or other format-shapers.

>> No.22223796

anon where are you I'm sure people here would play with ya

>> No.22223814

Oh my, I just had a brilliant idea; what if two settlements from different playgroups could fight with OR against each other? I mean fighting a dragon is cool, but imagine fighting a dragon and a watcher, or fighting for an import water-source, as well as whatever you can loot from the weaker settlement (looting, pillaging, dare I say...raping)?

>> No.22223849


PvP mode?

>> No.22223853

don't think you understand 'normalfag gf' exactly man.

>> No.22223869

Or co-op, yeah; besides the scenarios I don't think you'd need any extra rules, as survivors use the same fighting mechanics as monsters do- at least when it comes to attack outcomes, etc. Plus you know you want to use all like 30 survivors that come in your game along with perhaps a monster or two as allies (using AI rules modified to only attack opponents, except during frenzy/rage?) against another group of 30ish survivors and other monsters.

>> No.22223880

I draft a box with buddies then buy/trade for singles. I'm not a great player but I do play good decks. was playing sledgehammer, then hasn't control, recently experimenting with omnidoor and deadeye combo as their fun.
shocks being like 2 a box is annoying shit.
also hate modern, don't like the 3 decks that win.

>> No.22223891

Have you heard the good news of casual EDH?

>> No.22224077

So anyone got any plans for their extra Survivor Level minis?

>> No.22224089

The monsters, or the actual survivors?

>> No.22224111


>> No.22224127

well im shelling out for the extra 25 kings men, gonna use 30 of them as terminators/custodes for a 40k army.

>> No.22224142

I'd have to play the game a bit before I can get more creative with things. My (perhaps overly ambitious plan) right now is to magnetize as much as it humanly possible (survivor/armor heads, weapon-hands, arms, legs; monster heads and limbs [especially the knights]) and then perhaps do some extra-freaky, temporary kitbashing (using Custom AI decks made from the various cards dealing with the monster parts used).

>> No.22224148


I really want the resin starting survivors, but I can't drop any more money into this. feels bad, man.

>> No.22224418

I think I'm gonna paint each 'level' of a monster differently. Like the G-Ranks in monster hunter.

>> No.22224496

all ready have 3 decks. I like the limited pool standard bass. 'restrictions breed creativity'
I just like to stick to one game blow my hobby money on MTG or this is the q

>> No.22224565

This is a one-time deal, if you want to buy it (or any expansions) later it'll be a lot more, especially shipping if you're in the US (maybe even in Canada, depending on the weight/box size)
Plus this game /seems/ like it should do very well with homebrewing- taking any monstrous miniature, action figure, Lego creation, Stikfa, what-have-you and draw up a basic stat card and some AI cards on index cards: Blammo! Instant expansion for as low as $5.
Plus Magic cards are produced in the millions, with a healthy second-hand market- this won't be, and won't be sold as easily.

>> No.22224649

I was thinking of getting them as well for a Diorama, but I have along time to pick up my painting skill and might just use them for practice.

>> No.22225309

Man, I wonder how difficult it is to homebrew this game...

I can see fan varients being extremely fun.

>> No.22225326


I'm already thinking about making a monster if I can get my 3D printer up in a timely fashion.

>> No.22225350

I have the triceratops, dragon, and pterodactyl from Stikfas in the mail, I think they're about the right scale; if not, then they're mutant giants.

>> No.22225451

Pretty sure with this game, that still falls under 'the right scale'

>> No.22225841

While the game is way the tits out of my pricerange, I am thinking about picking up the dragon expansion since all of the minis you get at that price is crazy. The real problem is that I'd also like to pick up a pinup as well just because, but each time I settle on one they release a new one I like.

>> No.22226424

I was really excited when I found out about this game.

Maybe it is because I play a lot of Monster Hunter and different 4X and city building games. So this ties some of the most interesting aspects of both into one convenient and highly customizable package.

I don't know if I will be buying any of the pin ups, but I will definitely be grabbing any of the expansions that introduce another monster, armor set, and innovation cards.

I have very little experience with painting minis, but it is something I have wanted to get into for a long time without finding a game that really interests me.

I am very excited to see the next game play videos he puts out as well as any of the stretch goals that get unlocked that aren't pin ups.

>> No.22226481

You are exactly the kind of person I am about this- I only want it for the gameplay, as it'll end up being cheaper and probably more fun than spending more on Warhammer or any other standard wargame. The only pin-up I'm getting is the one that comes with Gormy.

>> No.22226547

Add me to that list as well.

In fact, this game is whats going to get me into mini painting.

I don't exactly have a PROBLEM with the TITS AND ASS AND GORMS BALLSACK mini's (Gorms ballsack totally counts as its own mini) I just... I don't care for them, I guess?

I mean the people I play with are mature enough that they would probably giggle a bit at first, be hesitant to try the game, not take it seriously when they do, then after about half a sessions would be just as engrossed as I am now, and not even see the T&A.

Still gonna see if I can 'clean up' the mini's myself though.

>> No.22226560

I actually kind of like the Gormsack, it's not like he's aroused, he's just an anatomically-correct male creature-thing-baby

>> No.22226584

Anatomically correct or not, I'm snipping those things off.

>> No.22226607

nooooo, don't castrate little gormy!

>> No.22226768

I agree.
Also, depuffing his ass, and gonna try to smooth out his mouthvag.

>> No.22226791


Actually, here's a really weird question I have to ask. How do the pin-ups, or named figurines, even feature into the game?

Like, if it's about scrounging gear: Does (Girl) + (Leather Armor) + (Whip) = Leather Queen? Because that's an awfully specific combination. It's not that I don't like the hot art, I'm just wondering how it ties into the game.

>> No.22226843


They are literally showpiece miniatures designed to bring in extra funds so they can make actual expansions with the cash influx. There are no in-game rules for them, though there is nothing stopping you from using them in game as your survivor.

>> No.22226863

Nothing except your shame, of course. Some people don't have any though; Whatever works for you (and ups the kickstarter for more playable stuff)

>> No.22226969

They are non-canon characters in the setting that you may use as proxies for your regular survivor. Thats all.

>> No.22227816

Think of them as being like the unusual costume unlocks you see in some videogames?

>> No.22227878

>everyones fw we arent even talking to each other anymore
>we're just being meta-sarcastic to meta-sarcasm, in response to sarcasm that was a response to an non-serious statement
>humans are no longer actually talking to each other
>its words against words, only
>communication is still achieved

>> No.22229435


But that would significantly reduce his awesomeness.

I don't understand you people.

>> No.22229447


Say what you will about this game, the artwork is amazing!

>> No.22230957


Weren't the figures modular or something? So you can assemble your survivor with different gear?

>> No.22230989


Wouldn't that just be even more of a clusterfuck? I mean - The survivors would be like the guys in an MMORPG, where you're wearing bits and pieces of different armor.

>> No.22231000

Put $460 into this, everything except gorm and the pinups. The 20x survivor models are going to be awesome to use in my roleplaying sessions. And they're gorgeous too, it's gonna be a blast to paint them.

>> No.22231186

I thought they were kinda like those figs from Mordheim. At least I thought they were

>> No.22232061

The figures aren't modular per se, but with enough patience and a steady hand one should be able to magnetize the heads, arms, legs, torsos and weapon-hands; which would allow for limited interchangeability.

>> No.22232646

More like the newer MMO stuff, where they try to mix up the designs a bit, but its still relatively easy to have a common 'theme' to the mini.

Plus, since you are making them yourself, you can give them a common color to help tie it together.

A better way of putting it would be, every armor kit is specifically designed to make kitbashing as easy as possible.

>> No.22232675

Whatever the case, we're gonna have to paint everything in colors that match well if we want to mix armor sets together.

>> No.22232695

Thats the major problem with the exposed skin for me. Harder to mix and match stuff.

I'd recommend only assemble/paint them as you need them, then when you would swap out the gear, paint the new piece of armor.

>> No.22233020

My plan is to be meticulous with the exact measurements of the various flesh-layers so I can use the same colors on every bit of flesh ( including gorm's mouth-arms and other humanoid parts of the monsters)

>> No.22233344

on that note, how do you do pale flesh, kind of colorless, raceless. i mean there is no natural light in this world, so it makes sense.

>> No.22233384

I have literally zero experience with painting figures, but I plan on using a more pale skintone, definitely. I think using a mix of cooler, more blue-like white along with the usual flesh components should work well, but I will be doing testing for sure.

>> No.22233456

2 parts bleach white (whatever color your brand is. But white as fuck) 1 part lightest fleshtone you have. Then just use a very dark wash, for some contrast.

Alternatively, if that is too pale, go with 1 part Skeleton White with 1 part lightest flesh tone you have.

>> No.22233550

in layers? and i guess drybrushed.

i'm so new at painting i can't be considered a novice.

think the hands on the armor kits will be big enough for magnetos? i'm hoping i can just. magnetise EVERYTHING.

>> No.22233585

Look for one millimeter magnets, and definitely practice a ton before doing anything to those precious survivors.

>> No.22233758

>MFW :People buy high costing boutique miniatures with lots of flesh areas and they think they can paint it with brush

Get an airbrush like me losers.Atleast with airbrush it will look better if you dont screw up.

>> No.22233810

Read this PDF.


It explains mixing paint, the basics of priming and painting, and then how to get shading done quickly using a dip.

They SAY use their own dip, and really, it is the best dip, cause they kinda INVENTED this method, but if you are just starting out or on a budget, just grab some woodstain from home depot or something. Just make sure its not too dark. That can completely wash out your mini's and make them look like you left them in a puddle of mud.

This method does create some REALLY NICE mini's. They look great for playing.

No where close for professional, but if you are starting out, it is really the best option.

Don't listen to any assholes who say you should learn highlighting and shading by hand before anything else. That is like when /g/ says you should install linux that way you are forced to learn to code and fix it up! No. Its fucking stupid and its gonna cost you a lot of money. Just try this for practice, and you should be good for a while. You got a year till this game comes out, you should improve fine naturally if you keep practicing till then.

>> No.22233862

Assholes like this.

Avoid them. Airbrushing does look better if you don't screw it up. He is absolutely right.


Stick to whats easy and what you can do, work your way up.

>> No.22233927

You disgust me with your dipping method heathen,it is no proper way to treat high quality and fragile minis.
Dip an entire guardsman squad fine, but boutique minis like these ? it is a sin and will yield fugly results.


150 dollar max for a compressor with tank 100 dollar or so for a high quality badger airbrush.
Life time worth of painting goodness.
I am sure someone who spends from 300 dolar to 3k can easily get airbrush and the tank.

Problem officer ?

>> No.22234072

No problem at all. You did a great job of proving my point, both of why not to do that, AND that you were an asshole.

Thank you for your assistance.

>> No.22234093

what i want for my survivors, but will probably be a rare thing with the endless death and oppressive atmosphere.

>> No.22234104

Giving people advice now makes one asshole ...okkkkk .

Did you even use a quality airbrush pleb to know what you are talking about ?

>> No.22234113

D'awwwww; there is a reproduction table though, so if they don't find true love your survivors will be able to screw at least.
Thank you soooo much; I have one question though: does it give a different effect if you drybrush after as opposed to before quickshading?

>> No.22234139


>> No.22234141

They will probably be raped by tentacle monsters or get mutilated and dismembered by scat monsters but always look on the bright side of life !

>> No.22234145

It does. You usually want to do it before. But experiment and do what works best for you.

Get back to /d/ you sick fuck.

>> No.22234201

Sup, /a/, how's it goin?

>> No.22234235

Haahaha !

The fag thinks that joking about an image means we have to be from /a/ !

>> No.22234256

Jesus christ, will you shut up already?

>> No.22234269

Unless you're a massive samefag I wasn't talking to you.

>> No.22234293

seriously should i became a tripfag or something, i hate taht shit

>> No.22234311

I only visit /a/ on occasion, but I bust out laughing every time I see that response and I thought it was appropriate.

>> No.22234339

Please do, is going to make filtering you even easier.

>> No.22234352

I'm the real sage quit imposterizing me!

>> No.22234381

No, I am Spartices !
See, you can tell I am the real one cause I didn't spell it right !

>> No.22234392

Man I am so sick of this shit. Gonna get a trip. Anyone else is a fake.

>> No.22234393


>> No.22234426

This on now an official sage thread

>> No.22234446

Nobody but sage allowed to pist here

>> No.22234457

Am I doing it right?
Also: gorm-mount, good idea, or the best idea?

>> No.22234472

... Who are you using as the rider?

>> No.22234486

>gives advice on miniature painting

>gets swarmed by retards

Never change /tg , never change

>> No.22234487

Whoever I gosh-darn please; perhaps a kind of basket like used when riding elephants.

>> No.22234513

but they're more like rhinos

>> No.22234537

I don't see how that would be a problem, you just need to jury-rig a saddle/standing platform for them and maybe magnetize some riding legs to put your survivor torsos on.

>> No.22234542

I, uh... I could sort of see it working.

Post pics when you get finished.

>> No.22234560

I will certainly try to, maybe get some anon input on which of the several prototypes to use.

>> No.22234694

I wonder if the Dragonking has those radiation lines etched into the plastic, or if I'm gonna have to resort to freehand.

I think I'm gonna paint the whole thing red, airbrush on some orange and yellow fading, then apply some majick symbols and tears in its skin using masking fluid, and paint the whole thing black, or a burnt brown, then remove the mask.

Thoughts /tg/?

>> No.22234728

Fuck off impostor

>> No.22234733

>calls peoples losers for doing anything different then him
>acts like the victim
Never change sage, never change

>> No.22234791

>that name

Otherwise, yes, that sounds good. Gonna do anything special with his teeth?

>> No.22234829

Ooooh, I hadn't thought of what to do for teeth yet. Not sure.

Also, gonna be duplicating my mini's, to make seperate ones for each difficulty you can fight the monster at.

Thinking of going with straight red with no flayed skin for the basic one, the charred and burning one for the advanced one, and then have green flames and burning for the legendary one.

>> No.22235991

Yellowed, because dragons smoke a lot.

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