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Just reminding you guys that these are actually fantasy novels

>The Wraeththu, however, are a new species, born from a mutation of unknown origin; Constantine implies an apocalypse, but the history is mysterious. They are destined to take over the mantle of rulers of the Earth. Their bodies fought off the environmental damage wreaked by human war and pollution well - much better than the human population they are swiftly replacing.

>Wraeththu are true hermaphrodites, possessing both male and female sexual organs and appearing androgynous in general outward appearance. Although they appear superficially as a mix between men and women (no breasts, slim hips, but feminine body structure with no body hair or facial hair), there are numerous physical and mental differences between hara and humans ["We fight like men, and cry like women."]. One of the biggest differences is in the genitalia and reproductive organs. Unlike humans all hara have genitals that are simultaneously both male and female (described as 'colorful' and 'flower-like' and 'like a sea-anemone'), able to fold flat and open or retract inwards or protrude (), and thus reproduce and experience sex differently. Hara have different bodily processes in other areas too, including more efficient digestion, better regulation of metabolism or perhaps faster metabolism (they cannot grow fat), and better resistance to toxins, including alcohol, drugs, and poisons. Hara also have a much stronger ability to access and manifest magical abilities, such as telepathy, healing, psychokinesis, etc.


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>One additional notable characteristic of Wraeththu is their need for regular hermaphrodite sex, known among Wraeththu as aruna. Hara who are deprived of aruna suffer, as their bodies require exchange of essential life essences in order to run properly. Wraeththu even use aruna in magic, performing the ritual of sex magic, grissecon, in which aruna is used to work great acts of healing or the creation of magical weapons.

So... this was written by a middle aged woman who was constantly masturbating as she wrote it, I imagine.

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Meh, I've seen worse writing.

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I tried reading those books once.
You would think they would be interesting if only in a dear god this so dumb kinda of way but they were just fucking boring.
I mean seriously the characters just had no fucking motivation shit just seemed to happen because otherwise there wouldn't be a plot.

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I liked them quite a bit.

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It was a good book, but you have to be a bit open minded to not run away when the homosexuality pops up.

The first chapter of the Flat Earth series ends with a guy getting raped by the Prince of Darkness. It's a solid series.

Or do you think only little girls being threatened by rape has merit in fantasy literature?

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Acceptable fapfic race. Not to my personal taste, though.

One of these days I'll write up something I would ERP with.

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I heard there was a P&P game based on the series. The author pulled her approval when the wraethru were portrayed as anything other than perfect.

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I don't think there's any merit in fantasy literature. It's good for pure entertainment but there's literally not one ounce of creative or original thinking in 99% of it.

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Well that's the opinion one would expect when not reading any good fantasy.

Where's the lack of creativity in the Wraethru?

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Dude the homosexuality isn't the problem with Wraeththu everything else is.

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Yes, it's derivative. That's actually true of every last work of art in known history. Most of it is just throw-away fiction worth no more than the eight bucks it sells for, but it's still entertaining, and that has merit.

Plenty of people don't enjoy fantasy, and that's a reasonable reaction. But being a snob about it is simply pathetic. Not ever novel is or should be written by Dostoevsky and Proust.

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>metabolism that prevents body fat
But that's a huge evolutionary disadvantage in literally every situation other than a gluttonous society with plentiful access to cheap food.
>literally need sex to function
Okay, seriously, how are these guys supposed to be replacing humans?

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Sex magic.

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Keep in mind: they're fantasy novels, sure. But they're also smut.

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Well, they manage to stop a human launched nuke strike by forming an energy barrier with flower penis fuck magic.

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They don't particularly make sense.

They are supposed to be better suited to survival than humans - specifically by surviving environmental damage (via war and pollution). Being hermaphrodites is fine in that sense as it means reproduction can continue no matter how small a population gets.

Having a faster metabolism and being unable to store fat would weaken their ability to survive better than humans because they would need to consume more resources; scarcity is suddenly a big issue for a species that can pop out kids like pez. Also if they don't have sex with each other, they apparently get sick.

They are creative, I guess, but they aren't designed -well-. They are clearly just fetish fuel and author wank.

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It wasn't smut, actually.

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>they cannot grow fat
Have fun eating constantly or starving to death in a matter of days in you post-apocalyptic setting.

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Eh. If you want to claim that, that's fine, and you can read it that way. But if you're, let's say, a woman, you'd read it as smut.

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Actually even though they are hermaphrodites they suck at reproducing since they need years of training to learn how to do a thing that i don't remember that lets them make kids.
All i really remember about the whole process is that they lay eggs out of their flower dicks.

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Flower. Penis. Magic.

Complaining they don't make sense is like asking why 40k chaos demons don't get in huge traffic jams while cruising around inside the warp.

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They have psionic powers.

And not making sense has nothing to do with a lack of creativity or original thinking.

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No, you have fucking not.


Wraeththu makes a mockery of everything related to science, RPG's and everything else. This fucking RPG has a guide to getting your players ERP'ing. It's fucking terrible.

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>The Wraeththu... [are better than humans]
>(they cannot grow fat)

I think we'll just wait for the planet to cool down again, and then we'll see who the "superior species" is...

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From what I've heard, the Wraeththu novels, besides lots and lots of gay xenophillia (fine by me, enjoyable even) and the misanthropic extermination/conversion of humanity (not fine by me, because everything about the novels seems like wish fulfillment for the faghag author) are horrendously boring. Like, really, really boring. And it all takes place post-apocalypse and growth of the retarded gay bishie anemonecock society, meaning any significant human/wraeththu dynamics that might actually be interesting are out the window.

They rut. All the fucking time. And, to my understanding, any human males they can, they'll capture and rape senseless until either A: after showing enough restraint not to cum inside, they eventually convert him into another Wraeththu after weeks of sexual and mental torment, or B: they cum inside him, and because he's a filthy human, their cum is somehow acidic & hypertoxic, and it eats them from the inside out in a most disgusting and deplorable death. I don't think females even get the privilege of acidic death rape; they just get gutted. At best they get even more brutal acidic death rape.

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...Because the warp naturally encompasses everything and is a fucking dimensional nightmare that you can't really map?

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How the hell did they manage to successfully establish themselves as a species if reproduction is something that has to be learned?

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Hell, let's just see what happens when you don't feed one for a week.

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They are some of the most boring books i have ever read.
Mostly because the characters have absolutely no personality or motivation.

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>But if you're, let's say, an immature prude, you'd read it as smut.
fixed that for ya

>> No.22194373

>implying humans automatically know how to reproduce

>> No.22194374

>>naturally encompasses everything and is a fucking dimensional nightmare that you can't really map

This also describes the flower dicks.

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the Wraethru rpg was created by someone unconnected to the novel

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Because they can fuck normal men into flower dick hermaphrodites.
Its just if they want to make baby flower dicks they have to learn how to retract some sort of magic sperm guard in their womb areas.

>> No.22194390

They're hung like ducks and they want to fuck.

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The Warp is also known as the Immaterium for a reason. It isn't a purely physical place, and is deliberately illogical.

Saying Flower Penis Magic over and over again isn't an adequate explanation for ignorance of simple biological function.

>> No.22194401

Except the Warp has those as well. Just ask Slannesh.

>> No.22194409

That's the other thing, remember that old story about homosexuals convert men into more of them?


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I don't think you understand what literary smut is. Calling a book that's supposed to make you want to masturbate "smut" isn't insulting it.

>> No.22194418


Storm Constantine is credited and everything that the RPG covers is taken from the novels. So no, fuck you. Interdimensional bishie boys that are a girl's best friend because they're like gay dudes and can ride magical flying horses and give each other bishie herpes are canon in the books as well.

The only difference is that the books are better because they do not encourage people to ERP, while the RPG is better because it has less actual canon characters involved.

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Flower Penis Magic is the only explanation you're going to get though.

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Literally the worst fantasy race I've ever seen.. Worse than sergals. Worse than kender.

>Make arsonsel
Yes, captcha. I must kill them with fire.

>> No.22194457

Are those caterpillars?

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Well they either convert you or kill you with magic acid jizz.

>> No.22194481


Yes, yes they are.

>> No.22194485

Literary funfact of the day! Wreaththu firing acid into your colon is called "Pelki"

>> No.22194494

Just wanted to make sure

>> No.22194532


No no, it's only Pelki if it's used for sex magic that's fuelled by your being raped to death.


I understand. Nature is almost as horrible as Wraeththu.

>> No.22194547

Why is the acidic jizz even a thing? What the fuck was Constantine thinking? "Hmm. You know, my special snowflake race of semi-aquatic radioactive gay dudes isn't quite rounded out enough. How can I make it better? Oh! I know! I'll make them sodomize people, AND THEN MURDER THEM WITH THEIR CUM! That'll make the Wraeththu more likeable, surely!"

>meanwhile, everyone else's faces when

>> No.22194566

True. Though sometimes it's that horridness that makes nature awesome.

I don't think the same applies to the Wraeththu though

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Wait, what the fuck? did Demon's Souls go through instrumentality? Is that why that pic has mr knight there puking tang?

>> No.22194594

If i remember right it's only acid to normal humans because of flower dick magic but its been some years and it's not like i dedicated a lot of brain space to the books.

>> No.22194692

>Demon's Souls
>Not Dark Souls

Fucking flower dick magic! Why the fuck would it make copulation with humans result in grisly death? And if that's the case, WHY DO WRAETHTHU KEEP COPULATING WITH HUMANS?!

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I had never heard of this fuckery until this thread.

why /tg/, why would you make me suffer

>> No.22194765

Because bad writing.
Also if they perform a magic dick ritual instead of a horribly painful death as acid jizz eats away your insides you can have a horribly painful transformation as acid jizz rebuilds your insides.

>> No.22194766

I think it's a reference to pic related. It's a picture by a guro artist, of Madotsuki, from Yume Nikki (great game, by the way, check it out /viralmarketing) puking. AKA, Vomit-Chan, if you're a faggot. She never actually pukes in the game.

>> No.22194772

To get rid of their only competition obviously.

>> No.22194775

A species of velvet worm reproduces by chewing a hole into its hermaphroditic partner's side, and fucking the gaping wound. The semen then travels through the worm's vascular system.

>> No.22194782

Oh god, oh god, someone post that part from the RPG intro with BOLINE

>> No.22194784

Fergot my pic.

>> No.22194788

ahahahahaha fuck no and fuck you

>> No.22194801

Because a friend got it for me as a gift because Neil Gaiman said it didn't suck.
And if i have to know about flower dick that have fucking then so do you.

>> No.22194828

Are you saying I'm wrong? Because I very well could be, I just heard the dude who made it is also a guro artist.

>> No.22194840

All in favor of killing his friend, Neil Gaiman and Storm Constantine?

>> No.22194864

Orson Scott Card too. I don't know what's up with writers who in most ways are fully competent, sensible individuals, and lavishing praise on this astonishing horseshit.

>> No.22194871


Well then, I think we have now established that Neil Gaiman is a dogfucker.

>> No.22194897


Orson Scott Card is an incompetent and a pedophile. Neil Gaiman is a bad writer, but not as bad as OSC.

>> No.22194907


Oh boy, I had completely forgot about these fucks

>> No.22194910

I'm well aware. Why are they the protagonists again? They sound like incredibly disturbing villains, to be frank. The fact that, going by the RPG, they're moronic luddites and lovers of archaic government, byzantine and nonsensical law, & with a little might-makes-right tacked on, does not help this matter.

Except there wouldn't even be competition if they weren't a bunch of sociopathic, murderous rapists as not just a general rule, but an overwhelming, immutable fact, beyond the scarcest individuals. Didn't the conflicts between the two species start because a bunch of faggot kids, who somehow were the first gifted with the power of the flowerdick, decided to terrorize everyone who crossed their path as a marauding rape-gang?

Oh, joyous. Nature has spawned pseudo-Wraeththu. Fantastic! Why haven't they all been exterminated yet?

>> No.22194930

>Although they appear superficially as a mix between men and women (no breasts, slim hips, but feminine body structure with no body hair or facial hair),

Wait so which gender do they get the no body hair thing from?

>> No.22194931

>Why do good authors appreciate other good authors?

It's not your cup of tea because it's about dicks. That's fine--stop trying to pretend your reaction is based on something else.

>> No.22194954

Dude it's a bad series of books.
The characters are boring and the plot is just and excuse for flower dick fucking.

>> No.22194963


>> No.22194982

I'm gay. Like REALLY outrageously gay. Wraethu is shit. It doesn't even have dicks. It has acidic-fuck-flowers, attached to a terrible fetish-sue race.

>> No.22194986

>Wait so which gender do they get the no body hair thing from?


>> No.22195005

it's terrible books, what are you talking about. Terrible books made worse by their idiotic subject, but still not the only reason they are bad.

>> No.22195031

It wouldn't be so bad if the flower dicks were attached to something interesting.

>> No.22195084

why the hell do they have belly buttons?

>> No.22195094

I LIKE dicks. I especially like weird, alien dicks. I like interaction between weird dicks and the people attached to them. I'm a /d/eviant for Christ's sake. Therefore, you'd think this would be right up my alley.

But the main characters- and the dicks- belong to one of the most unlikeable races in fiction history. I want to see the whole race burn. I would pay many cashmoneys for a series of novella, about the systematic overthrow of the Wraeththu by the human remnants, followed by lots and lots of organized butchery, sparing the occasional sane Wraeththu who don't want no trabble and doesn't rape everything in sight to death. A series of novella about a whiny faggot popstar/chosen one/magical cocksucker? Not really. Definitely not if it contains violent rape and guro around every corner.

The books are dreck. The vomitous corruption of something I happen to enjoy only makes this dreck worse. To say that /tg/ - Totally Gay doesn't enjoy this because 'hurr durr u no liek dix' is ridiculous.

>> No.22195124

>Thinking that gay men are the target audience of these novels.

Pro-tip: you're not. Middle-aged women are.

>> No.22195155

Fuck i wish i could hate the characters at least then i would have felt something reading the books.
I mean seriously i have never read something while so disinterested.

>> No.22195182


As the RPG so eagerly points out, real men are horrible creatures who rape women and keep them captive, while the Wraeththu are physically perfect and no danger at all to women, in part because they've MAGICALLY gotten over all their insecurities and mental issues because now their MASCULINE AND FEMININE mental sides are perfectly merged.

So yes, this is really a book series about a species of "perfect gay friends" for women to hang out with.

>> No.22195195

> Asian is a gender.

>> No.22195210

Because they're spawned from humans, I think?

>> No.22195221

Much like half-elf is a gender.

>> No.22195224

And 40k and ponies are for children, but I still like those. I like plenty of things that I'm not in the demographic for. "It's not for you" isn't an excuse for being terrible. It's still bad.

>> No.22195225

No: clearly, that's a paladin of Pelor conjuring sunny D.
Praise the sun!

>> No.22195237

but if they reproduce by external eggs, then they have no umbilical cords

you dont have your belly button just because youre human, its cause you were attached to your mother there

>> No.22195253

Only the second generation come from eggs the first gen come from magic buttfucking.

>> No.22195266

Middle aged women are not going to be turned on by colon acid murder. The target audience is obviously a particular brand of insane yaoi fangirl that even the most dedicated fujoshi would look at and go "jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with you" and slap some sense into. The kind that need to be institutionalized, put into a nice padded cell, before they snap and hurt someone.

But don't the Wraeththu disdainfully treat women as second-class citizens at best, and acidrapemurder fodder at worst?

>> No.22195282

Dont you mean massive pixelated bushes?

>> No.22195291

Eggs have yolks that nourish the fetus. If it's a human embryo, it'd make as much sense as any of this does, if the yolk was attached at the same place the umbilical cord would be.

>> No.22195304

There is a militant flower dick group that hates women but they are portrayed as evil and backwards.
Good flower dicks take their female friends clubbing at flower dick clubs so they can dance without worrying about getting hit on.

>> No.22195310

>The target audience is obviously a particular brand of insane yaoi fangirl that even the most dedicated fujoshi would look at and go "jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with you" and slap some sense into.
Actually, fandom of these books is particularly popular in the goth scene.

>> No.22195380

The series would've been more compelling if it focused on the inevitable conflicts between these frightening beings that nevertheless bring stability to a post-apocalyptic world, and humans who are prepared to live a hand-to-mouth existence before essentially seeing their species destroyed by literal magical fairy faggots.

Given that the Fairies have magic, the holdouts are at a serious disadvantage, but they have the gamechanger in that these Wraeththu can't reproduce on their own, they need to convert humans. You could have a cool sort of moral tragedy with human rebels basically butchering all the men in Wraeththu-sympathizing towns to prevent them from swelling the ranks of the enemy, rather than engaging them directly. The Wraeththu, despite being set up easily as the bad guys, are now protecting villages from humans who are also genuinely fighting to protect the human race... By killing tons of humans.

>> No.22195413

It's like it's trying to pander to the sandy vaginas but in the most disinterested and boring way possible.

>"Well I guess I got to go do some flower-penis magic/butchery, I guess. I dont want to be too aggressive.
>Well that's done. I suppose I better do something in the story, maybe.

>> No.22195414


Wraeththu can only convert men, not women. There are MYSTERIOUS EASTERN LADY-WRAETHTHU who convert women instead, but they're not as elaborated on as the Bishieman Wraeththu of the West.

>> No.22195422

Russia is the last hold out of humanity. They're portrayed of evil and in need of some flower-butt lovin'

>> No.22195427

The moral of the story is that humanity and particularly men are evil, except for prudish faghags and mindlessly rutting psychopathic flowerdicks.

But it's about an entire race of hypergay David Bowies having ultra-boring adventures of doing nothing worth noting. That's too boring even for Goths!

A random fuck on 4chan can grasp and write this shit better than Constantine herself. Shameful.

>> No.22195438


When they convert you, you basically "melt" inside of a cocoon made of blood and shit, and then are rebuilt into a Wraeththu.

Oh and if you've got any defects when you're "reborn" they just burn you alive for being a failure.

>> No.22195452

Magical Hermaphrodites vs General Winter

>> No.22195455

You still aren't getting it. The part that's erotic is the emotional content and descriptions of thought processes. It's the part that /tg/ seems to think makes it "boring." That's the part that the female fans of this series find erotic.

>> No.22195476


>> No.22195490

The characters have the emotional and thought content of wood blocks.

>> No.22195500

this is the kind of story that would make me wish to beat my head against a wall

>> No.22195502

>entire race of hypergay David Bowies
I don't think you know just how much and in what ways this would kick ass

>> No.22195527

Unfortunately they are nothing like Bowie at all.

>> No.22195528

Except every review I've read quite specifically criticizes the fact that the characters are bland, obnoxious twats, who do little other than whine a lot and roam around being twats to one another?

>> No.22195533

didn't /tg/ come up with a grimdark setting with these things as the villains/main beasties?

>> No.22195541

But who would be lead singer?

>> No.22195552


>> No.22195560


Some magical Saxon faggots want a piece of the Muscovites, do they? Is it tuesday already?

>> No.22195561

A lot of people (as exempified here) seem to react to them in that way. Probably because you hear "post-apocalypse sci-fi with human mutants" and think that you're picking up Fallout: The Novel. But those of us who were well-aware that we were purchasing smut find that it does a wonderful job of accomplishing exactly what the author intended.

>> No.22195564

Don't compare Bowie to these abominations.

>> No.22195583

Even from the standpoint of smut the characters are boring twats who do nothing.

>> No.22195610

Are you a woman fantasising about gay relationships between young adult males?

Because unless the answer was "yes," then the fact that you find the content boring is a huge surprise to absolutely no one, ever.

>> No.22195611

that is what I was trying to say, dumpass

>> No.22195642

I agree, it totally would. If it wasn't written by Storm Constantine.

But it isn't good as smut. At all. It's boring, edgy faggotry, with stupid plot, stupid characters, bad writing, and boner-killing backstory regarding the utter atrocities these things commit. It fails as drama, it fails as smut, it fails in every respect possible. It is shit. And any woman who actually finds this travesty stimulating is ALSO shit.

>> No.22195654

Yes, yes... anything that doesn't regard you as the target audience obviously shouldn't exist.

>> No.22195661

I'm a young, gay, adult male. I like tentacles, and even used to fantasize about fucking sea anemones. I still hate it.

>> No.22195689

I gave my copy of the omnibus to a female friend who does enjoy stories about young gay men.
We burned the thing at our next cookout.

>> No.22195693


>> No.22195697

Well, even if I'm not the target audience, I should be able to see what other people see in it, even if I don't like it.

>> No.22195699

Umm... from a purely objective, informational standpoint...how does one...copulate... with sea anemones?

>> No.22195703

> Male enough to be considered attractive to a heterosexual woman, so no homo
> Female enough that they're nonthreatening to a middle-aged woman
> Sexual, but only towards other males omg bishie <3

Why do you have to neuter the essence of what you find attractive in order to feel safe? Why does a strong male have to be threatening?

And why on earth would you fantasize about a world in which the most masculine people are feminized?

I give up.

>> No.22195713

>mfw I remember the first wave of wraeththu trolling circa 2008, and the brief attempted second wave of 2009 (which never got off the ground)

>> No.22195726

I fucking hate the twilight series but after reading them i can understand how some women could find them enjoyable.
Flower dicks just doesn't have anything going for it.

>> No.22195739

There's someone sitting next to me, and if they see me typing that...

>> No.22195744

Josip Broz Tito and Lee Marvin died. This is western civilization's cultural aftershock.

>> No.22195749

Still not understanding. It's about things that turn on women. Believe it or not, male and female brains do not function the same, and are not turned on by the same things. Being gay doesn't change that fact, at all.

Are you straight? Go watch an hour of gay porn and come back and complain about how unarousing you found it.

'Cuz that's the level of valid that your criticism counts as.

>> No.22195774

You seem to be ignoring the fact that there are a lot of women that hate this shit series as well.

>> No.22195786

Anemones are tubes with mouths. Figure it out

>> No.22195787

While not because of me not being its target audience, yes. It shouldn't. Its very existence brings the average of quality for humanity right down. It does horrible things to the normally wonderful world of yaoi kinkery, xenophillia, and postapocalyptia. There are better alternatives for all three niches that will be ignored in favor of the more established and far shittier Wraeththu series. And you're a fool to think otherwise. There's numerous nasty shit that does not turn my crank, and in fact tends to jam it right up, but I tolerate it. I will not tolerate this. It is offensive in a myriad of ways and will wreak nothing but evil and stupid upon the world.

>> No.22195796

I'm really not. There are a lot of <any target audience> that hate <anything that's targeted at them>. And a conversation amongst such people might actually be meaningful.

But a bunch of dudes circle jerking about how boring something that isn't supposed to entertain them is is kinda... well... stupid.

>> No.22195835

You are such a fucking idiot.
Look i'm a woman i enjoy gay smut.
This book is not good gay smut.
You keep talking about emotional content when there wasn't any to be had in the books they literally fuck for the sake of fucking.
It's a bad series of books why you insist on defending it is beyond me.

>> No.22195851

No, look, fuck. I watch MLP and I can see why bronies watch that shit, even if I find it terrible. I read The Hobbit, and still enjoy it because it is well written and fun even if it is made for kids. I play Sonic 2 and see how it can attract young impressionable autistic children. I read wraethulu and what the fuck

>> No.22195858

So what, it manages to appeal to a small slice of a demographic. That doesn't make it not shitty. Yes, it may do the job, getting them off, or whatever. But it doesn't do it well. It could do it much, much better. You could still keep all the elements that are turn-ons, and leave out all the genocide and shitty stories and characterization.

>> No.22195861

i dont really think its an issue of "i had fun and it was awful" like you seem to be implying, but for me it was i picked this up in my barnes and noble, read the synopsis on the back and was a bit intrigued

noticed the ridiculous author name and got a bad vibe

googled it and promptly tossed it back on the shelf with a disgusted, semi-betrayed feeling for even being enticed

>> No.22195881

A lot of women find masculine men threatening and potentially violent, and impossible to relate to as cahracters. Remember that the threat of rape is something that hangs over a woman's relationship to men in a very different way than over over a man's relationship to women.

Also, women find the presence of attractive women threatening because of low self-esteem. This is why a lot of female written fan fiction is essentially "everyone in the world is a gay bishie, lol" and all the characters are essentially written as women with dicks.

An analogy would be the Xena. Why would guys want to watch a show about a lesbian character who is essentially a dude and goes around doing masculine shit?? 1) Tits 2) a character than is relateable to male viewer and 3) no negative comparison to a leading male romantic-interest character.

Not a perfect analogy, but you get the point.

>> No.22195908

>muh rape culture
>muh patriarchy

>> No.22195915

> Feminine not-male men-things that exist only to satisfy a middle-aged author's kinks

Is this... is this how regular women feel about those bimbos in traditional porn? The ones with massive tits and faces that look like Barbie fell into a vat of collagen?

>> No.22195945

>Remember that the threat of rape is something that hangs over a woman's relationship to men in a very different way than over over a man's relationship to women.
Women are taught to fear rape while men aren't even though there are equal chances of either happening?

>> No.22195966

just pointing out that a lot of women are subconsciously scared of masculine men...
was not even a significant part of the explanation, just ignore it, let it go... just let it go man...

>> No.22195981

They don't even fuck for the sake of fucking, anon. Don't give them that much credit. If that was the case, they would be together, if casually, because of mutual enjoyment of physical intimacy. They just do it because they have to to not die to horrible biological failsafes or some nonsense. And it fuels dickmagic. And they have no self control whatsoever. They're more like exceptionally dumb, boring animals than true sapient beings.

I'd imagine so. Except that bimbos don't typically rape the shit out of everything vaguely resembling them, down to the genetic level, while completely ignoring the 'opposite' sex. Oh, and don't forget that they don't tend to engage in sickening guro play.

>> No.22195997


Only children are threatened by what someone is, and not how they act.

And if a woman is running around in Western society scared that any man with stubble is going to rape her, she should go fuck herself with a powerdrill.

Sexual fantasy is not a time for fear. That comes later.

>> No.22196023

>Women are taught to fear rape while men aren't even though there are equal chances of either happening?
Equal chances? It's rape, not coin flipping.

>> No.22196042

C'mon guys let's not do this. Get back on topic and shit.

>> No.22196045

No. That's a look of mild disgust and disappointment. When any sane person looks at flowerpenismagic they should think WHAT THE FLYING FUCK

there's a difference between oversexualized humans and....these

>> No.22196104

not saying it's smart, or mature, or even conscious...
That's just the way some women are.
The masculine heterosexual man presents them with an uncomfortable dilemma, attractive on the one hand but physically threatening on the other.
Gay bishies, and Johny Depp, are simply more in the comfort zone of those (NOT ALL) women, because they are more feminine and more relateable as characters.
Just like the warrior-woman trope is more relateable to some male readers.

>> No.22196105

You can watch porn that's not made for you and complain about the production values and the camerawork and soundtrack in a perfectly valid way.

Reading the synopsis of this shit here (I have trouble even reading what people keep telling me is good fantasy so reading whatever this shit is will never happen) I can complain about the retarded setting, the stupid as shit events that happen, the way there's two 'th's in the name of the race for some reason and I can take a stab at guessing that the writing itself is atrocious.

>> No.22196124

But Depp isn't bishie?

>> No.22196153

I got shot down midway through writing my first book because the male romantic interest was 'completely unempathizable and unlikeable' to women.

The irony of course being that the character was based off of someone I knew very well, who basically swims in bitches. There's a big difference between being confronted in a human setting with an impressive and distinctly unsafe man, and reading about one from a more neutral-narrator perspective.

The key factor is that while women are very perceptive regarding men on the axis they observe them upon, I just don't think they're capable of cross-analyzing male personalities in a personal setting. When you unfold a man's character and show all sides of it at once, in a literary way, it's almost always disturbing, even repulsive, compared to the more idealized side that men expose to women regularly, and which they often take for the full breadth of the man's character.

>> No.22196175

again, probably not a point worth derailing the thread into...

>> No.22196180

Oh totally, but he's straight. That's why he said and, not or. It's like a 50/50 crossover.

>> No.22196199

>No negative comparison to a leading male romantic interest.
Autolycus wants you to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

>> No.22196209

But I will. Fig 1.

>> No.22196216

>Petyr Baelish Sr.
My balls

>> No.22196272


Decent point.

Stop it, you're not allowed to make intelligent arguments and make quality analysis in a thread dealing with dicksquidapus.

Make a new thread, honestly, nothing intelligent should be put in a thread talking about this shit. Dicksquidapus doesn't deserve to be hated on a humane level.

>> No.22196359

The stereotype is that men are really easy to understand, and women are really complicated. Are you saying it's the opposite?

>> No.22196398

I think he's saying that people in general are complicated, but everyone generalizes based on what they know "in general" whenever a new person is encountered.

>> No.22196458

>just pointing out that a lot of women are subconsciously scared of masculine men...

If that were actually the case, sufficient to make females prefer "feminine" males over macho ones, then the romance-novel market wouldn't be completely and utterly saturated with powerful, stereotypically masculine male leads. Cowboys, cops, Vikings, knights, and so on.

And even in fiction where the male characters are given androgynous or effeminate physical features, they're still usually given powerful abilities or a macho social position. The skinny-armed kid with the long wafting hair is still somehow the most badass swordsman in the land, or is an ancient vampire who can rip peoples' heads off, or what have you.

>> No.22196488

Ah but women also like men they're scared of. Why do you think the romantic image of the 'bad boy' is so prevalent?

>> No.22196562

I am a small gay male attracted primarily to large, masculine men. The potential that one of these men will attempt to rape me is very real and not even statistically unlikely, but I don't distrust all such men because of that.

I think considering every man inherently 'impossible' to relate to is silly. It's possible for a character to be both masculine and relatable, otherwise why would tumblr love Supernatural so much?

>> No.22196601

I actually believe that men and women are about equivalent in terms of complexity, but that the nature of male/female interactions drives men to try and make themselves accessible by 'folding' themselves in such a way that they are... Bite sized, let us say. They can contain mystery, but it's always mystery couched in something understandable.

Women on the other hand benefit from having scintillating personalities and being hard to peg down and self-contradictory, because it gives them ways to parry mens' advances constantly, while inviting them at the same time. This is their method of controlling people that they cannot really intimidate or force into obeying them.

The irony is that this leads me to believe that men are actually the more deceptive sex by far, because the terrible truth of men is that you probably know more about your confusing, obtuse, fickle girlfriend than you do about your brother. Men are all aware that they're playing stock characters in a movie that ends with them getting sex, and there is basically never any reason for them to communicate honestly with anyone, even each other.

>> No.22196602

>Peytr Baelish Sr.

Best fucking post in the thread. Possibly best post on /tg/ right now.

>> No.22196630


Of course. That's part of it. Women sexualize power and status in men, the way that men sexualize tits and asses in women. So the most sexually charged male archetypes are ones with a strong tendency toward violence, because that capability becomes interesting to women on a basic level.

In romance fiction, the badass male lead also has a sensitive/emotional side that he'll reluctantly show to the female lead. Rivals to the male lead are often similarly strong/violent, but because they show themselves to be stupid/callous/abusive, they become the villain in the story.

"Bad boys" become lead characters, but in the end a leading bad-boy will always show his heart of gold.

>> No.22196664


It's the difference between a caricature of a manly man and an actual character exposition of a man based off an IRL trim-puller. A woman isn't threatened by Pirate Fabio, because he's fantastical enough to be outside of their normal frame of discomfort. Plus it says right there, in the hackneyed writing: "warm and protective".


Men think linearly, functioning on a scale some women find utterly alien and disconcerting. Women think with clouds, in dimensions and directions that men find abnormal and unnatural.

We're wired different. That's it.

>> No.22196683

Yes, some women prefer stereotypically masculine men. Others prefer androgynous men (just like you also pointed out), in part because those women associate masculine men, for whatever reason, with violence, which can also be directed at women.
Some women take it a step further and prefer an androgynous pseudo-homosexual fantasy (I say pseudo-homosexual because this is a female fantasy which has little to do with actual homosexual males or their preferences), and in some of these fantasies the bishies have sea-slug dick. Maybe because they feel that even the ordinary penis is too uncomfortably masculine (remember, were talking about a pretty small minority here) or because sea-slugs are cool.
People are weird.
You can't expect to read the fap material of women who may or may not have a deep conscious or unconscious aversion to heterosexual relationships while still being (broadly speaking) heterosexual themselves and expect it to make perfect sense to you.

>> No.22196707

>It's the difference between a caricature of a manly man and an actual character exposition of a man based off an IRL trim-puller.

So either the entire romance-novel industry has been getting it completely wrong, or you just didn't do a good job of translating a persona you've seen onto the written page.

>> No.22196768


In romances marketed to women, gay males are depicted with exactly the same cues as their straight-male counterparts. They just happen to bone each other instead of a female main character.

Some women are into truly effeminate characters, but they're an insignificant part of the overall market. The idea that women are actually repelled by masculinity in romantic characters is demonstrably wrong.

>> No.22196769

Best part of this?

>> No.22196808


Your move.

>> No.22196880

Every post I've written has pointed out that we're talking about a subset of women, most likely a small minority. Wraeththu is not exactly mainstream for a good reason, while fiction with much more traditional gender roles is.
The fact that some of you fail to grasp this makes me think that you are just argumentative cunts.

Also, I would not even go so far as to say that these women are "repelled by masculinity", but rather that the masculine heterosexual male presents them with some kind of uncomfortable dilemma which makes be outside of their comfort zone. The precise nature of that dilemma is probably psychological as well as personal to each of them, even if I have made some generalizations of it.

>> No.22196909


Firstly, lol japan.

Secondly, male leads in yaoi are also given "macho" attributes. They're tough cops, rich lawyers, mystical swordsmen, whatever. The fact that they're drawn slender and pretty is a purely aesthetics. If anything, the contrast of "pretty guy who is also badass" gives the character an intriguing sort of contradiction.

>> No.22196928

/tg/ has sunk to a new low.

>> No.22196939



>> No.22196963

>you are just argumentative cunts
Well when you put it that way, it seems like a bad thing...

>> No.22196969


Or, y'know, the target audience for Wraiththu isn't women, but creepy transgender kids and confused teen gays.

>> No.22196970

Woah, I came to this thread expecting trolls and misogyny, and instead I got an actually interesting analysis of gender interactions.

Five fucking stars, bro

>> No.22196978

>I don't have 48 minutes to watch trough that right now to find out if it is supposed to be a counter argument, support or just something interesting. I'll check it out later

>> No.22197026

When the wraeththu shitstorm broke the first time a few years ago on /tg/ I looked some of this shit up, just for the sheer WTF of it.

I get the distinct impression that it is authored by a woman and that the (admittedly creepy) fan and fanfic base for it is composed almost entirely of women... chubby, gothy women.

>> No.22197029

>browing /tg/
>find thread with gay flower child image
"This should be fu-"

>> No.22197039


The thesis is that "brooding vampires" and dickgirls are basically the same psychological mechanism applied to the interests of different genders. Both are basically conflating sexual cues into an image that becomes more intriguing precisely because it's logically contradictory. In the case of the "feminine" vampire dude, it's basically the same set of cues put in a different configuration: the powerful alpha male with a sensitive, monogamous inner persona.

>> No.22197050


>> No.22197056

I find it odd that this thread has devolved into gender discussion (ok, not that odd, this is /tg/)

Shouldn't we focus on the fact that this is literally the most Mary Sue race ever?

>Hara have different bodily processes in other areas too, including more efficient digestion, better regulation of metabolism or perhaps faster metabolism (they cannot grow fat), and better resistance to toxins, including alcohol, drugs, and poisons. Hara also have a much stronger ability to access and manifest magical abilities, such as telepathy, healing, psychokinesis, etc.
This just screams speshul snoflaik at me

>> No.22197063

But I like a small amount of masculinity on my women's personality, and find dickgirls completely disgusting?

>> No.22197087

I think that we all noticed the inherent sueness and accepted it without having to acknowledge it so that we could move on to other rich topics

>> No.22197096

And I like dickgirls who are feminine and shy who then come alive when loved by the male protag. Human sexuality is confusing, not even /tg/ can pin it down in (one) thread.

>> No.22197115

>Implying we could do it at all

>> No.22197117

you totally lost me with the dickgirl tangent, but...

"Brooding Vampires™" are attractive because they exhibit power, tempered by morality that indicates they are compatible with society. A full sociopath doesn't brood, because they don't give a shit about societal conventions.

"Alpha Males" showing compassion goes back to the Greek Myths. All that crying and brooding wasn't unmanly, it was a way to show that yeah, these guys may kill 30 Trojans on their way to dinner, but they actually give a shit about other people and are valuable members of the Polis.

There's nothing "logically contradictory" about a compassionate alpha male- emotions are not weakness, they are a sign of SOCIAL wellness.

>> No.22197127


The point being that it's an idiosyncratic expression of a more universal set of phenomena.

Straight guys get excited seeing boobs, asses, and dicks. Some straight guys prefer watching a dick going into the girl with boobs and ass. Some straight guys (and by some we mean a whole lot of them) enjoy watching a "girl" with boobs, ass, and a dick. It's the same set of visual cues, arranged in a different way.

>> No.22197129

You know, these wouldn't make terrible Fair Folk/elves if you chopped off a few of the dumber parts. Remove the barnacle penis, make it so that men and woman can be converted, and make their saliva acid instead of their jizz and you're off to a decent start.

>> No.22197148

thanks for the TL:DR

Sound plausible to me.
Of course my initial point was a bit from the other direction, that is; some heterosexual women find stereotypical masculine (or hyper-masculine) heterosexuality threatening because of its cultural association with violence, specifically with sexual violence directed at women, and because of this they turn to androgynous homosexual and pan-sexual fantasies which minimize the uncomfortable prospect of female victimization.

Is the point of the video that readers are actually socialized by such media into taking that kind of perspective, rather than seek such media out because of underlying psychological needs. Because if it is, THAT part I can't buy so easily. It think would be very hard to "transform" someone who had no deep seated psychological issue with "normative" heterosexuality into digging sea-slug dicks, just with the very limited exposure this kind of fiction has.

>> No.22197152

I'm actually kind of amazed at how popular dicks on females are. I mean, I get >>22197063 because he (probably) just wants a chick that likes fast cars and explosions as much as he does. More relatable. But penises? do you want to take it up the butt? I just don't get it...

>> No.22197179


The contradictory part is the "all-powerful immortal head-ripper-offer" who is sitting around in a high school algebra class. Or the powerful viking warlord who rapes you in a manly fashion and kidnaps you back to his castle, but eventually reveals that he actually does it because he's sensitive inside and wants to love you forever.

>> No.22197189

Not the guy you're replying to, but also the "Brooding Vampires" and the "Lovestruck Human" also appeals to another subconscious desire in modern women. Modern women are bombarded constantly by the knowledge that all other things equal, the average man can rape the average woman (except here in America where the average man and woman are so fat their giblets can't contact without bungee cords involved). They want to be in control of the sexual situation. Therefore, the man who wants to drink her blood (have sex) but has the self control not to is attractive. Not only are they showing self control, but is shows that the man in interested in more than getting in her veins (pants).

>> No.22197211

Fuck man, I have no goddamn Idea. It is what it is, and at this point of browsing /tg/, either you have fetishes you can't explain, or you don't in which case that's become a fetish by itself.

>> No.22197212

Penises in general are actually important to the sexual arousal of most heterosexual men. A surprising amount of attention is paid to on-screen penis when watching porn, for example.

Knowing this, the dickgirl phenomena is not strange, as it combines the expected (and indeed, important) markers of female sexuality with the one feature that they lack which many men also find appealing (or are at least subconsciously aroused by).

It doesn't really have anything to do with wanting dicks in your butt so much as it does with wanting to see dicks. Usually big ones, often disregarding the testes.

>> No.22197238


Sex cues don't have to be arranged in a way that makes logical sense. They work on a more basic level. It's just like how dudes will watch "lesbian" porn. They don't actually have to see a dude fucking the girls, or even imagine themselves in the scene. Two girls rubbing against each other is erotic in and of itself, because it's just more of the same instinctual cues that lead you to watch porn in the first place.

>> No.22197251

But where do you put YOUR penis? also, how do you ensure the continued existence of your genetic lineage?
And what combination of chromosomes combined to create this anomaly!?! Is there a Y chromosome in there?

>> No.22197255

The vagina is a mysterious, stingy animal that will always leave you guessing. Everything it does is inside of itself. Nothing says "I'm incredibly horny" and "I came" like a throbbing dick.

Penises are guileless and overtly sexual. You know that hot girl wants you, because look at her twitchy erection. Damn.

There might also be some measure of control fantasy going on with dickgirls. On some level, they have this secret sexual abnormality that you can exploit if you so choose to at some future time - this might make them a little bit more eager to please you and less likely to lose interest.

>> No.22197271


That may not be so easy to say about modern culture. The ability to build a robust, sound echo chamber and still have an audience of hundreds (or thousands) is unparalleled in history. You very well can end up in a self-reinforcing group of social peers, and if you're of a more "follower" mindset, get dragged some very weird places.

>> No.22197275

>A surprising amount of attention is paid to on-screen penis when watching porn

This has always boggled me

I mean, I'm watching porn, and I have a cock RIGHT THERE in my lap. If I want to see a dick, I just have to look down. Dick focus/Dicks on chicks just strikes me as utterly redundant- there's nothing there that I haven't seen before.

>> No.22197287

Most futas also have a vagina, futanari is just the japanese word for hermaphrodite.

>> No.22197300


A large number of men associate the penis with the pleasure response, because THAT'S WHERE IT COMES FROM. It's relatable.

>> No.22197308


>> No.22197318

>(and by some we mean a whole lot of them)
> This is what /d/eviants actually believe.

>A surprising amount of attention is paid to on-screen penis when watching porn
Well, yeah. That's where the pornographic part happens. You're not gonna watch the dude's bicep when he's getting a blowjob.

>> No.22197321

And yet it happens. If the youtube video above is the one I'm thinking of, it talks about these sorts of things in depth. Most men care about the dicks being shown in their porn. This is why big dick porn is popular in both the straight and gay markets.

>> No.22197328

>human sexual responses care not for your petty practical considerations

This right here. Sexual arousal, especially when the subject can choose his/her own stimuli (ie the internet) is a self reinforcing loop. You pick your fetish (say, vaginal penetration), you fap, and you'r rewarded with orgasm. This reinforces, over and over again.

Obviously there is a lot missing in a strictly Skinnerian Behavioristic interpretation of human sexuality, but it is clearly still very susceptible to shaping trough both some kind of sensitivity period experience as well as repeated reinforcement. The variety of sexual fetishes, none of which are strictly related to reproduction, is a compelling argument for this.

>> No.22197331

Where the fuck does the semen come from then? Testes are obviously absent, and the gonads are connected to the vagina. Is that urine? because if so, not only would you be fucking something of questionable genetic viability, you are also doing it with the expectation of being covered in human liquid waste at the end, if you do it right.

What the fuck.

>> No.22197348


The fact that it's completely alien to historical genetics is why it actually works. Dudes see the feminine breasts/waist/hips on a dickgirl and respond sexually because their evolutionary toolset never had to distinguish between girls and "traps."

And frankly, as a man, there isn't any evolutionary downside to fucking a feminine-looking guy as long as you're also fucking women. Therefore, the "see woman, must fuck it" mechanism doesn't have to be particularly sophisticated or detail-oriented.

>> No.22197354


>ten minutes of watching a guy's ass and balls slap against what you hope is a woman

Every fucking time.

>> No.22197369



>> No.22197378

You misunderstand.

This is viewer attention as determined by eye movement. Not cinematic attention. If a man is getting a blowjob on film, there is probably a woman on screen. So why do so many men watch the dick (or, more realistically, split attention between the two) if they aren't on some level enjoying looking at it?

>> No.22197381

This calls for wise words from /b/

>> No.22197386

>This is why big dick porn is popular in both the straight and gay markets.

And why so much straight/gay porn features dickplay that nobody actually bothers with in non-porn sex. Dick-slapping, rubbing on foreheads, taking the penis completely out every other thrust, that sort of thing. The need to explicitly feature the penis takes precedence over depicting a sex act that anyone would actually bother imitating.

>> No.22197416

Because it's a stand-in for their own penis. If they see the penis being pleasured, while their own penis is being pleasured, it creates a link between the on-screen sex and the actual masturbation.

>> No.22197421


Mirror neurons: When you see something happen to another person, your mind reacts as if it happened to you. So seeing a penis getting stimulated (assuming it's getting stimulated and isn't just around in the porn you chaps are talking about) lights your brain up in a similar way to how it would react if you yourself were receiving that attention.

>> No.22197429

>So why do so many men watch the dick
Because (I hope) your range of vision is actually quite large and you can view the entirety of the screen without going cross-eyed and dying?


I mean, if I had to choose to black out 90% of the screen, I sure as hell wouldn't choose the dick to be the only visible feature.

>> No.22197438

>You know that hot girl wants you, because look at her twitchy erection
How it came to this (again), teeg?

>> No.22197448

maaaaaayyybe... I still don't quite buy it. Yes peer norms can be strong, but if you think about the kind of internet communities (and I do think that these groups are almost entirely internet based and would probably not exist without the web, this is a fetish of sorts after all) that spawn sub-genres like wraeththu, membership in such peer groups is completely voluntary. It's not like a school peer group which forces you to conform in order to adjust. You kinda have to be looking for something like it before you would even experience any significant exposure. And even after that the peer pressure which could be applied by such a community would be purely contingent on your inclination to come back to the subject matter over and over again.
How compelled are you to adopt the sexual preferences of /tg/, after all.

>> No.22197460

>When you see something happen to another person, your mind reacts as if it happened to you

So my brain thinks I have tits and a vagina when I watch lesbian porn?

What the fuck man, my brain is the retardeds

>> No.22197476

>I don't understand how eye focus studies work
Oh dear.

Regardless, you are right in that most reactions to porn are happening at a subconscious level. That is actually the whole point of what I'm trying to convey to you, which apparently isn't working. Just go watch the (long, interesting, well researched) lecture on this.

Thank for the extra examples. I don't watch straight porn myself, so I'm trying to relay information from other sources, but my pool is a little limited.

>> No.22197479


>So my brain thinks I have tits

You do, anon. Everyone does; women just have the big ones

>my brain is the retardeds

Yes. Yes it is anon

>> No.22197502


It's cute that you think that. But you're wrong.

>> No.22197505


is imagination that retarded? why are you on /tg/?

>> No.22197507

>evolutionary toolset never had to distinguish between girls and "traps."
> there isn't any evolutionary downside to fucking a feminine-looking guy as long as you're also fucking women

I've never actually though of that, but it does make a kind of sense.

>> No.22197523

>I was listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE5GGMhmo-M the entire time I wrote that and just now noticed the inherent irony

>> No.22197539


There could be semen from a prostate, it would just be lacking in sperm

>> No.22197549

Okay, visual representation saves the day, I actually did an exercise like that at college once, though I doubt it was as professional as this study.

[spoilerApparently looking at 90% of images from top left to bottom right means I have Autism. [/spoiler]

>> No.22197551

See, this is why everybody loves Russia.
They don't give a fuck, and if you try and fuck with them, they kill you. And by god, if it'll save mankind, then they'll fucking kill all of you.

>> No.22197570

Yes, men are innately competitive. Even with men who don't know they're in a competition. And dicks are the most serious competition of all.

>> No.22197585


Goth girl, rebounds off the S&M community (too hands-on and physical; she's intimidated by that), ends up in a socially awkward internet girl group that goes down the Bad Dragon path. That's just a hop, skip, and a rape away from Wraeththu

>> No.22197594

>don't look at his crotch
>don't look at his crotch
>don't look at his cr-

>> No.22197602


This. Having the biggest dick is important, even if my conscious mind is not aware how important

>> No.22197629

It also doesn't help that, looking at those images, your eyes are drawn to the crotch on the left because it's bright yellow. If you look at the one on the left, you're drawn to his head, because it's bright red.

>> No.22197630

Ancient greeks thought big penises were crude and ugly.

>> No.22197638


>Ancient greeks thought...

I don't see any ancient greeks around, do you?

>> No.22197650


Isn't that where the ball and bat connect on a typical baseball swing? Wouldn't it pay to be looking around that area just for that?

>> No.22197656

I think you actually described pretty well what I found most of the wraeththu community to be like (see >>22197026)

That having been said it seems like she probably had issues with hetero-normative sexuality to begin with. The fact that she travels from community to another would suggest that she is adopting and rejecting these groups for herself and out of her own needs, rather than that she is being co-opted and influenced by those communities.

Of course, I don't know this person, and even if I did she would be a sample size of 1.

>> No.22197733


You know after reading this post I had a theory that I needed to check, and it turned out to be correct.

According to its tag system, tumblr seems to like Wraeththu.

>> No.22197828

One of the best threads on /tg/ all week.

Well, it's late in CA, and I'm checking out.

And remember kids: don't let the arguably Skinnerian aspects of your sexuality stop you from from having conviction in your preferred stimuli and chowing down on whatever sea-invertebrate shaped member you find attractive.

>> No.22198038


So.. its basically the western version of Pic related? Is this a somehow a thing a now? Dudes fucking other Dudes and getting them pregnant?

>> No.22199186

Actually, this also explains my fetish for forceful women (even going as far as reverse-rape)
>come for anemonedick trollthread
>stay for gender and sexual psychology
I love you, /tg/. Stay awesome. I don't have anything alcoholic right now, but i can raise a mug of tea for you.
Cheers,ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.22199218


>> No.22199285


>> No.22199378


Actually a lot of it has to do with sexual dimorphism. Traps or dickgirls are sexually attractive due to a high physical attractiveness skewed heavily towards the female baseline. For example, an attractive member will often bear any number/combination of the following:

facial symmetry
full lips
high forehead
small chin/nose
shorter/narrower jaw
high cheekbones
larger eyes
dark limbal rings around iris
46% distance between eyes (regarding width)
36% distance between eyes and mouth (regarding length)
generally younger in appearance
symmetrical breasts
0.6 to 0.9 Waist to Hip Ratio
Longer hair (indicates health an nutrition over 2-3 years)

>> No.22199402


>> No.22199463

> this entire thread

>> No.22199506


Man, it's like one of those "cis privilege" crazies made a personal self-insertion race.

>Destined to take over the mantle of rulers of the earth

This was the smoking gun.

>> No.22199538

Except she's a straight woman.

That's the worst part.

>> No.22199549

Middle Aged, lonely women are very susceptible to crazy too.

>> No.22199569

I'd be ok with this, if it wasn't "they're like humans, except...". How hard is it to make an interesting race?

>> No.22199597

Pretty hard. Good luck inventing a civilised, social species with a viewpoint that's sympathetic or at least understandable to the reader without starting from "they're humans, but..."

>> No.22199617


In cases like this, i prefer to apply the Imperial guard principle: gather up every soldier, weapon and warmachine you can find, throw int all at the enemy and don't stop untill everything even possibly associated is dead and burned.
Full pre-preemptive strike


>> No.22199632


You can do it, you just need a lot more plot or character development to bridge the empathy gap. Dem fooking prawns from District 9 are a good example but they're still humanoid, if not mammalian.

Maybe it's more the case that it's hard to represent a civilised, social species that the reader can empathise with without them being at least humanoid?

>> No.22199653

>The Wraeththu

Mary-sue triangle chiming a bit..

>They are destined to take over the mantle of rulers of the Earth

Mary-sue sleighbells are engaged

>Their bodies fought off the environmental damage wreaked by human war and pollution well - much better than the human population they are swiftly replacing.
So, they're ruthless invaders.

>Wraeththu are true hermaphrodites, possessing both male and female sexual organs and appearing androgynous in general outward appearance.

Ah, they're akin to snails and certain molluscs.

>We fight like men, and cry like women.
You can't have both, fag.

>oth male and female (described as 'colorful' and 'flower-like' and 'like a sea-anemone')

MARY-SUE COWBELL ENGAGED also, sex-obsessed writer detected

>(they cannot grow fat)


>> No.22199731


Did someone just say molluscs?!

>> No.22199753

Are they related to Witchalocks?

>> No.22199884

The real kicker is the terrible beat poetry though.

Keep in mind, the setting is basically : MUTANT BEAT POETS KILLED EVERYONE : THE GAME

Oh, and the Germans run Larps based on the setting.

>> No.22200015

...w-with the rape?

>> No.22200117

I keep reading about flower penis and I still can't figure out what it is.

>> No.22200135


A product of the twisted mind of a sex-obsessed twilight tard.

>> No.22200166

>Storm Constantine
>one of the worst "edgy" names ever

>> No.22200192

they ARE germans.

>> No.22200194

I think it goes a little something like this:


>> No.22200207


When a German does something, he does it properly. and Thoroughly.

>> No.22200217

>implying they don't
>implying the Warp is not one big traffic jam

>> No.22200261

Why do people watch horror movies ? They like to be scared. Same for romance novels, reading about danger etc.

>> No.22200281

The red-haired guy in the OP picture looks like long-haired Luke fon Fabre.

>> No.22200286

Wraethu could be an interesting abhuman species to add to 40k as a final evolution of humanity.

>> No.22200317

As an alternative to Daemonettes maybe.

There's no way a species that has to have sex to survive, and uses rape as a weapon wouldn't end up falling to Slaanesh.

>> No.22200343

>Germans run Larps based on the setting

>> No.22200346

Another crossover idea: Wraethutech

Replace the drow with wraethu

>> No.22200372

Gor vs Wraethu

>> No.22200404

Wraethu are now the Draka

>> No.22200405

I cannot think of two fandoms more opposed.

>> No.22200429

If you got a dick, use it.

If you don't, learn to work it.

No holes barred.

>> No.22200450

Rolled 4, 4, 2, 6, 1, 4, 4, 1, 5, 3, 3, 6, 4, 2 = 49


Certainly you mean: replace the invading alien bugmonsters with wraethu? becuase i'm not working together with these... things

>> No.22200457

That actually changes surprisingly little.

>> No.22200477

Gor vs Draka vs Wraethu vs Drows.
Who would win?

>> No.22200699


Because it is fucking hilarious, mostly. Seriously, they disable the brakes straight from the get-to-go and have the MC get cum in the face after having suffered through a shitton of train molestation within the first five pages.

And it's supposedly a love story.

>> No.22200723



We certainly do have germanfags here who could just check the page.

>> No.22200758

He is. Or at the very least, he has drawn guro. Not sure if all his works are like that.

>> No.22200776


You mean he did not draw any erotic images of monsters yet?

What a shame.

>> No.22200792

Why, OP? Why would you force me to remember that these exist? I'm not mad, I'm just...disappointed...
captcha: Body. uthopern
Et Tu, captcha?

>> No.22200796

Did somebody mention Wraeththu? I'll just leave this here...


>> No.22201230

I don't see "a goddamn penis" on that list.

>> No.22202711

I thought this shit sounded familiar... I must have forgotten about it.

>> No.22203948


Because it doesn't need to be. Those traits are ones typically looked for in females, traps just seem to have them too.

>> No.22207225

>tfw few of these

I'd need a tape measure to see exactly how many.

>> No.22207327

I laughed way harder than I should have at that.

>> No.22209292


The mouth is lined with dozens of small tendrils that horribly sting your sensitive flesh on contact though. Not the guy before but when he mentioned sex with anemones? I actually said "NOOOPE!"

>> No.22209321

>read esh esh giveaway thread
>someone mentions this
>don't understand

>> No.22210168


I heard about these books way before Twilight was a thing.

>> No.22210208

I told you that you were better off not understanding.

>> No.22210275


Then logically you are more attractive to males.

>> No.22210299


Oh god I remember SA ripping on this. It's hilarious and depressing to see how far it goes.

>> No.22210342

>Wraeththu are true hermaphrodites, possessing both male and female sexual organs

Jesus christ people, how many times do I need to explain to you fucks that THAT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Seriously, male and female bits develop from the same original structure, you cannot have both sets of equipment because it either develops one way or another, no "and" involved whatsoever.

>> No.22210355



>> No.22210365

I know the guy who wrote that write-up. I had to immediately send this thread to him.
Sea anemone-penis magic acid jizz will forever haunt him.

>> No.22210397


Yeah, I was hanging out that thread too.

Reading about this shit with a Biology background is PAIN.

>> No.22210445

OSC is a pedophile?

I've only read Ender's Game, the Ender's Shadow series and Lost Boys. Didn't see that in thar.

>> No.22210463


Shit, really?

I actually like Gaiman's stuff too.

>> No.22210481

I'm not sure how to feel about that. It's not a bad feel.

>> No.22210502

Don't bring science into this! All men are gay as all gaydom and it has nothing to do with following the sport!

>> No.22210631

I thought everyone knew you could read his stuff but ignore any recomendation he makes?

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