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How important are carrier-ships in BFG?

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I like them, my only experience with BFG is against eldar and their fighters are crazy good so I have to run a carrier battleship (forget the name, maybe emperor class) to hope to counter it.

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Pretty important if you're playing Imperium or other race with shitty guns/ordnance.

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Carriers WITH torpedoes are many times better than ships with EITHER launch bays or torpedoes, as turrets can only shoot against one form of ordinance a turn.

Pure carriers are a must have to provide fighter screens/assault boat enemy escorts. Combined carriers, well, a tau explorer list won adepticon 3 years in a row.

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Are carriers a strength of the Imperial Navy then? Someone told me that Chaos had the better guns, but the IN had more torpedoes.
I've only recently decided to try BFG out, so I don't know much right now.

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Chaos has better guns at longer ranges. Imperial ships are durable as fuck and have good carriers / allied support.

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IN has better carriers because practically every ship comes with prow torpedoes, but they are more expensive than the chaos equivalents.

IN go straight at the enemy with their 6+ prow, launching torpedoes to soften the enemy and then using their short ranged weapons when they reach the enemy lines.

Chaos stay at long range and circle the enemy with their slightly faster ships, using their long range weapons to do as much damage as they can before the enemy closes the distance.

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Anyone have any experience with the Avenger-class? Strength 16 batteries sound pretty mean. How would it do as a flagship for a lower point game?

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Carnage class cruiser has strength 16 batteries at 45cm for only 180 points, strength 10 at 60cm.

I don't play IN, but I always take a pair of carnages and they always wreck people's day (especially if they have holofields). Definitely worth giving it a try and seeing how it goes.

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Can the Tau win at anything? They have one passable warship. Their torpedos are nifty but since the fight each other like orks before reaching the enemy, they never have much of an impact. Strike craft are just like everyone else but near-worthless against capital ships without torpedoes in support.

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Their explorer offers a stupid amount of attack craft and isn't limited to 1 per 3 cruisers like the battleships of other races.

The "throttling" of their torpedoes can be abused to hit with 2/3 waves in one turn.

Their bombers have a 4+ save against fighters.

They have cheap, effective escorts whose only weakness is that are limited by grav hooks (but you have excess grav hooks due to the explorer spam you should have).

Their hero class is above average with Torps, Launch bays, lances, weapon batteries AND prow 6+ (again only "limited" to the number of explorers you have).

They have escorts that provide turret re-rolls to all nearby ships, meaning you can dedicate all your attack craft to resilient bombers.

And if that wasn't good enough, they have a second fleet list that plays like imperials instead of like the first list, which can be combined with the first list however you choose to eliminate the weaknesses tau have up close.

Tau won adepticon year after year until they got cheesed out by Dark Eldar disengaging on turn 2.

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Clearly Necrons weren't allowed at those tournaments.

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Necrons have huge disadvantage in games with victory points, destroying a single harvest ship yields as more points than 2 explorers, 3 if you hulk it.

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this, you should be playing with victory points in scenarios more than just line up and attack the other fleet. Thats when he Necrons hefty victory point handy cap makes itself felt.

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