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HQ/unique characters thread?
Lore, stats et cetera.

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Ghazghull Mag Motherthraka.

Best fucking character ever of all characters ever.

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I can't wait until this thread becomes solely about Kharne OP

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My nigga.

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Sammael, master of the Ravenwing here.
Fuck doomrider.
That is all.

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how does on RP doomrider?
other than massive amounts of cocaine that is

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The Waaagh is strong with these fa/tg/its.

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there can be no such thing as enough Waaagh

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One moment, let me see if I can get DOOMRIDER to get in here.

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that looks like Vietnam.

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>mfw i'm listening to the ride of the valkyries

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Wait what, Doomrider isn't even on the site anymore, but that faggot dark angel with the 2 pistols is?

I was very mad when he didn't appear in the new chaos dex, but i guess you can't buy him anymore either

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Did they retcon doomrider?!

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Nope, not today.

Lord Commander Solar Macharius is fine too.

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Unique character, this counts.

Is Chronus and his silly helmet worth it?

Ignore crew shaken and stunned, BS of 5 for vehicle.

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If there's gonna be some Tomb of Blood discussion for him, maybe I'll flaunt some Kharn swag

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Yes. He doesn't fit the grimdark of 40k anymore.

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>this is okay
>doomrider is not

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Which is funny because Cypher hasn't been mentioned for 8 years in the fluff. I think the last time he actually did anything was in the EoT campaign and he went on to Abbadon's flag ship and killed a bunch of his lieutenants then laughed at Abbadon.

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Well they don't bring him up ever. i was badly hoping for him to appear (as we gained no special characters at all) so he could've gotten a New model, and then perhaps Bikers would warrant more attention and a new set of Ork-tier bike models.

It would also sync well with the dark angels, as they get jetbikes and shit.

Of course that would've been cool. and we know cool isn't really a focus of modern geedubs

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Not enough Cocaine.

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These Orkz needed more WAAAAAAGH to get beat by a Tau in h2h

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Wasn't he mentioned in that Medusa V Thing about 4 years back?

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>Dat disk
11/10 to whoever made it! It looks real!

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And what is Cypher's deal? I don't really know much about him.

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Only if you've got something like a terminus ultra. Spess Marens don't have too many super shooty tanks.

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The problem with Cypher is that the only way to advance his story as it already stands would break the setting status quo.

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He may or may not be trying to repent to the emperor about the fallen. He also may or may not be trying to kill the Emperor with the Lion's sword to have him be reborn as the Starchild. He ALSO may or may not be the Lion, because how many other astartes could kill some of Abbadon's top men in front of him and have Abbadon not do anything.

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He was always a low end choice and, with the changes to vehicles, you're pretty much just paying for his BS.

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Not much to retcon. That one little summoning chant in the first 3rd edition codex was all the fluff he had.

>I think the last time he actually did anything was in the EoT campaign and he went on to Abbadon's flag ship and killed a bunch of his lieutenants then laughed at Abbadon.

If by that you mean he killed one of Abaddon's bodyguards, Abby didn't care, then Cypher requested the Despoiler leave the Dark Angels to him, all the while remaining respectful, then yeah.

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I plan on getting the conversion kit for shits and giggles
Dark angel background knowledge is required for the following
Basically cypher is one of the fallen, whom the Dark Angels will drop everything to find and kill the moment they appear.
When cypher appears other fallen also appear, causing the DA to shit themselves.
He also carries a rather large sword he never uses believed to be the sword of Luther.
He's appearing across the galaxy in a round-about path that appears to be leading to terra.
More DA pant changing
He's probably just trying to present the sword to the big E to redeem the fallen.

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The other problem with Chronus other than the lack of useful vehicles for him to inhabit is that he generally ends up adding a free kill point to your opponent after he pops out.

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On a side note, Cypher has green armor.
The dark angels were originally black and only repainted after the horus heresy.

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Is that true? I recall something about the green starting under Jonson's watch. He didn't trust the marines of his legion that were recruited before he took the helm. So he had the new recruits from Caliban painted in the greens of his homeworld's forests.

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So once the Dark Angel codex comes how will we see a lot of counts as Ravenwing White Scars armies?

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I'm not entirely sure specifically why the dark angels repainted.
All I know is that it was after the horus heresy

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Hopefully these >>22145851 hideous models are ravenwing.
Then we would at least see some variety.

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Plus Luther told Azrael that the Lion would return soon to lead the legion in a great crusade. So It will probably be Cypher repents to big E and then the Lion wakes up and decides to go back to killing chaos beasts like the good old days.

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Looks like this turned into a DA thread.
Hopefully they keep the holier-than-thou attitude.

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DA are pretty cool to humans. In the Purging of Kadilus a chaplain gives a PDF trooper his plasma pistol when his lasgun runs out of ammo while they're fighting orks. Though the PDF trooper was from one of their recruiting worlds so he might have had a bond with him.

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People tend to only focus on the negative aspects of the Dark Angels, to the extent of suggesting that they never actually fight to defend the Imperium at all and are actually working against it.

Rather it's a complicated grey area that is further complicated by the fact that the Angels only ever handle anything in the extreme.

They'll commit everything they have to a campaign and lay down their lives for the Imperium. But then the moment something related to the Fallen comes up they drop EVERYTHING and focus on that.

Their activities during the black crusade demonstrate this pretty well. They committed more than almost anyone else and then completely pulled out after some rumour of fallen activity elsewhere.

I doubt Ward will handle this aspect of them well.

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Have some fluff from WD233.


>You are Cypher, and you have ended up in command of this misbegotten army of followers of the Chaos gods very much against your usual inclinations. However, ever since your millennia-long journey began in those distant days following the destruction of the Dark Angels’ home world of Caliban, you have been forced to make allies where you can, in order that your own sacred duty may be advanced. That in so doing you have aided brigands, murderers and worse is unfortunate but necessary. Sometimes the ends must justify the means.

>So it was, that, since the death of their lord, you found yourself leading these followers of the Chaos gods. Ordinarily you would have refused the ‘honour’ of such a command, but in this case the rewards of successfully carrying out the mission laid upon these agents of Chaos could advance your own cause greatly. They have been ordered, by none other than Abaddon himself, to search for a device known as the Hand of Darkness. This device was lost when the Night Lords craft carrying it disappeared some three years ago, and finding it and returning it to Abaddon would put this most powerful of all Chaos Space Marines in your debt. And a debt such as that is worth the minor irritation of commanding this rabble.

>Following the trail of the Night Lords warband after their attack on Purgatory was difficult, but, aided by the dark spirit that comes to you in your dreams and guides you towards the fate you can still only guess at, you have been successful. The Night Lords had journeyed to Hobart’s Star, where, for reasons unknown, their craft had been destroyed and crashed onto Hobart’s Planet. You follow their trail, entering the system on silent running to escape Imperial detection, and make your way to orbit the planet.

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Do you think he will play up the fact that they're still a legion? Azrael isn't just the chapter master of the Dark Angels, he's the leader of every unforgiven chapter.

>> No.22173734

I'm wonder how many Sisters of Battle will die needlessly this codex?

>> No.22173768

From another WD.

>Explorator Majoris Doreth [suppressed].M41
>Cthelmax - Primus Site

>Upon the dead world of Cthelmax, our Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator team researched the ruins beneath the fractured crust of this barren rock. Several previous expeditions to this planet had already been lost, but an entire company of veteran soldiers and a squad of Space Marines guarded this expedition. Upon our arrival at the site of the previous expedition, we were astounded to find a battle underway between a group of dark-armoured warriors and strange silver-skinned constructs of gleaming metal. They fought before a rippling gateway of jade-veined darkness as a being with a skin of shimmering gold killed the warriors with ease, each languorous blow from its hand cutting a warrior down.

>But I saw that, alone amongst the dark warriors, a single figure darted through the combat, firing twin pistols and evading every blow. As the golden being turned to face him, he slashed its torso with a shining silver knife. No sooner had the blade struck than it was wrenched from his hand and swallowed whole within its golden flesh. The sounds of battle continued, but a dark veil dropped around the combatants and when next I looked into the tomb, there was no sign that anything had occurred. The chamber was empty.

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I don't think the Dark Angels or Sisters have ever fought together.

>> No.22173810


That would threaten the image of the smurfs.

>> No.22173834

Well the DA aren't exactly a codex chapter any way.

>> No.22173921

Are we just going to talk about DA characters? I'm pretty sure there are other ones out there in the setting.

Take this bitch for instance. She will fuck your shit up any day of the week, and just doesn't give a fuck, because death means nothing to her.

>> No.22173941


>death means nothing to her

Not in a permanent sense no, but considering she's only toughness three she's going to be having her switched flicked on and off again a lot.

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I have a unique tyranid bioform as part of my army. The hive fleet itself is a splinter fleet of Leviathin that is famous for its high number of toxic units and survivability in hostile environments. There are a large number of biovores, spore mines, toxic sacks, and the like within the military.

The leader itself is known as the Plague Master, named after the few occasions it was observed by IG forces. It is a Hive Tyrant with two enormous sets of wings and several sets of venom cannons. It has no close range and instead flies, firing upon the enemy and using the beat of its wings to blow the spore mines at the enemies. The most terrifying part is unlike most bioforms that wait for the enemy to be receded to biomass to absorb them it instead devours them on the spot, which allows it to regenerate. The dead it has eaten can be seen just under the skin, screaming faces slowly being dissolved. The plague master is known for leading the assault on a chapter world of the Cobalt Hounds, and devoured the chapter master whole. The master reappeared, nearly melted and turned inside out by the combination of tyrannic spores and acidic solution, but still alive enough to scream as the Hive Tyrant devoured his battle brothers.

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Which Salamander books deal with the dragon warriors? I want to read about them.

>> No.22174403

Now, I haven't read them in forever, but (IIRC) they're featured in all of them to an extent.

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