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funny /tg/ shit?

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Then why would you post a picture drawn by Culexus, a notoriously unfunny drawfag?

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Good morning to you too mister grumpy puss

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You first, OP

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i find you untasteful

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>funny /tg/ shit?

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You have my attention.

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I love you all.

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Bit of a filename gag here

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Konrad Curze and a new recruit

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Oh hey! That's the same artist as this one!

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Trans-humanism has always been apart of /tg/ especially with games like Shadowrun and Eclipse Phase going about. But DAT ASS is always amusing and related to our board.

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Would anyone be so kind as to give some source? Never laughed this hard in a while.

I'll dump some funnies.

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To continue the heresy thing.

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Dungeon & Dragon comic.

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The D&D comic book. It was the generic setting one, not the Forgotten Realms one. I THINK it's all still on /rs/.

Either the writer was a longtime gamer, or they're basing it on actual playthroughs. Either way, it's great.

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Lovely, thanks

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Oh man I have been trying to find the picture of the daemon in Aires Badlands (DoW Dark Crusade) so I can have a caption with it saying "More! You must post more of them!"

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Dat ass and spam-riders are the only good part of that faction...

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Bet it was Khorne's doing all along to send Linda into a never ending rage that will decimate all who stand before her.

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Her arm is turning into faptau proportions.

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I'm TR myself and even I appreciate Dat ass. True-fax on those spam riders. Though you and your Vanguards are no better.

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>born to kill
>on a guardsmans helmet

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Story behind this?

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Midori no Hibi in 40k.

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It's a mashup of 40k and Midori no Hibi, the anime/manga where a girl replaces her crush's right hand.

Hilarity ensues.

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I wish the people on my server knew how to Vanguard....

but then again, I practically enjoy suffering: NC HA

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Thanks. Looked it up and it looks like a masturbation joke.

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hey at least your MBT doesn't suck righteous ass.
I'd gladly drive a vanguard or Mag-Rider any day over the Prowler. I like TR infantry weapons better though.

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It is. First episode the guy complains that the only girlfriend I'll ever have is my right hand. Of course, he didn't think it would become true in a literal sense but overall it had a happy ending with some good scenes in between. Its Better than its premise suggests.

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anybody know what it was called?

I'm having a hard time finding it on /rs/

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Do a /rs/ search (or torrent search, if you prefer) for "Dungeons and Dragons cbz"

The comic itself was just called Dungeons and Dragons, cbz and cbr are the more common container formats for it.

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>I've seen some shit.png

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ask /co/ they know.

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MC Heavy here: Tanks just feed my kill count.

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errr, NC

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why has this chick become so popular on /tg/?

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>not blushing and pretending she's only interested in the parfaits
Also, have some more swag.

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You know, its really really rare to see a mouse with black instead of red eyes, for me. Their eyes are so fucking sensitive, one would think they are allergic to mouse fur

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Turns out the thing /tg/ really likes, is grumpy chicks.

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Can we have the original, for exploitable-ness?

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I like this one.

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I imagine their fight breaking down into a headbutting contest.

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Is this fanwork or a full-fledged story?

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Only War art they put in one of the previews i believe

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Made me fucking laugh.

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Not even a smile from me.

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this picture suggests deldar give a damn re: the gender of who they are fucking.
fucking amateur hour up ins, swear to god.

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What server are you playing on?

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Surprised this one hasn't shown up yet.

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Well, that could be because it's a hamster.

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It's just IDW's D&D comic. Been canceled, unfortunately. It's good stuff though.

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Hell of a fun guy.

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In the spirit of the season.

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I like to think that the CSM CCed the guardsman's application with his own skin.

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Damnation Crusade comic, check /rs/ if you want to download it

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Poor elf, all she wants is for the bard to do her instead of every other single female he meets.

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Not really /tg/, but I can't help but imagine one of you having pulled something like this once

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I demand more Commissar Bravo

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i dont get the joke

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the joke is that Kojima is a wonderful crazy man

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i dont have any idea who that is. should i care?

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The Metal Gear guy.

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Kojima is Snake? It all makes sense now

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the director for the Metal Gear video game series

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All my love.

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A wheat got me.

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/r/-ing the one with Nicol Bolas

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I actually lol'd

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>tfw there will never be a VN about exploring the ruins of Pripyat with two cute lolis.

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The joke is that what you THINK is background music making it sound like something scary is about to happen, is actually coming from some guy just playing an instrument.
This is a very fucking simple joke to get.
plus I'd say it's tangentially /tg/ related, as it's meta humor, and we do love our meta gaming

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It's simple yeah, but it does make more sense if you know that this is a game series that would pretend your TV stopped working or comment on the other games you've played.

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something being meta-related because of meta humor? i... what?
also of course its someone playing an instrument, its music.
are you saying that without any context at all i was supposed to find it amusing that a video game developer, for a game i have never played, broke the fourth wall in one of their games? holy shit how are my sides still intact

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So you don't know who Kojima is, you have never heard of MGS, and you have no sense of humor. Is there anything in life you actually enjoy?

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i have HEARD of metal gear solid, but i have never played it. as far as i know i have never heard the name kojima before this thread, and my sense of humor is fine when there is proper context for the joke.

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You had the context you needed. Everything was there. The only possible explanation for you having missed the point is that you are mentally retarded.

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is there any context besides a random poster in the background? something saying that this is an interview maybe?
for all i know this is two asian nerds talking about a dnd campaign they ran

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The situation was largely irrelevant to the joke, but yes, the poster makes it crystal clear for anyone with at least three brain cells what the fuck they are talking about.

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I once tried to get one going

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are you seriously saying that everyone who has a conversation in front of a poster is talking about said poster?
i understand what youre saying about it not requiring that much context, but it seems to me that the punchline here is that he was called violin soldier. you might want to consider cutting the picture down by a frame

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It'd have to end in all of them dieing horribly, right?

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There should be an archived awesomeness about Konrad/Batman
Would you share with me?

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Please, just stop. It's not worth either of your time to continue the discussion.

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i will have you know sir, my time is next to useless.

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and worthless, which is possibly what i meant to say the first time.
to summarize, my time is useless and worthless

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>Left for work over ten hours ago
>Thread is still here and thriving when I get back

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Such is life in the Zone.

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if you call this thriving...

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What did they think he said, bleedin' skank?

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He needs to organize his fucking website.

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Would Chaos actually be willing to meet with their guys? I mean you would think they have the time now and then, good PR and all that, but I dunno.

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I think it's a special case, since Dranon's an Undivided they picked to take care of Cultist as much to fuck with him as anything.

It's entertaining, so who cares?

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But if some guy had some issues to take care and just started yelling about, would somebody talk to him or would they send some random douchebag to shoo him off?

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Probably depends if they actually gave a shit or not. Who knows, it's the fucking chaos gods. They answer to no one.

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Well, the chaos gods are amorphous masses of thought and emotion; they're not like people, who are limited to an individual perspective. So there's a better chance of getting a personal chat with a chaos god than with, say, a planetary governor.

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Thats a keeper right there.
Thanks for sharing, I'll pitch in too.

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holy shit i havent laughed that hard at the internet in a long time, thankyou sir. how can i repay you?

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Triple can threat. Classic

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Merry Chirstmas

>> No.22177254

Contribute I suppose. There's always good stuff someone hasn't seen.

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Holy fuck that's priceless. Saved.

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Just about out of all my strictly /tg/ related stuff. Most of the other higher-tier stuff I have is meta-/tg/,

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I hope they fix that game soon, it can be fun at times.

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i'll do what i can, sir.

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This comic from DM of the Rings. http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=612

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The right expression can make or break an image.

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Its been awhile...

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Killboy isn't explicitly funny, however he is entertaining as fuck.

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sad thing is we went through a non funny version of that due to janitors

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>ha! ha! time for nyanpires

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oh my god that is ADORABLE

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Don't ask about the happy human songs either.

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Rolled 3

i feel the cute overwhelm me

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Do you have the one with the little girl on the wooden horse with

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I've heard rumors that it might be coming back, but I sincerely doubt there's any weight behind them.

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I know exactly what you're talking about, but I don't have that one.

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choose your size

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I know I've been away from /tg/ for too long when the majority of my "funny shit" folder is now /co/ related.

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I did a bit of searching on foolz for a download link to the IDW D&D comic and actually managed to find one for mediafire provided by a helpful /co/mrade.

So if anyone still wants to download the D&D comic book series:

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Poster in the foreground.

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Every fucking time I see this picture, I ask for one without the text. Every single time, /tg/ does not deliver. Will this be the night that changes?

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Fucking awesome.

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Image searching is integrated into 4chan, you, you... double-kroot.

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Best bet is to google seach "dark eldar codex art" in google image search, and variations of such, it's really the only way, besides downloading the codex and cutting the artwork out, that I've found the ones I've hunted.

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Such a thing couldn't exist.

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Wait what? Not that guy... but... where? I had no idea when did this happen?

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>20 for jump, 1 for landing

>> No.22178134

Every day on /tg/

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not picture, but this should be /tg/ funny

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IMAGE CAP, so part 2 is here

>> No.22178194

There's a picture of this posted somewhere. Hilarious.

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