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Hey fa/tg/uys, I know you do occasional weapon threads, so hopefully this is legit. I'm currently making a character who uses a form of handgun as a weapon. The game is in a Science Fantasy setting, and the GM hasn't specified the what kind of tech level the weapon itself would be like. So can I get your nicest looking handguns in your folders? Preferably fancy looking ones. Not too fancy, but just enough to be unique. Pic is about all I have. If this isn't /tg/ enough, then I shall make it so. Thanks guys.

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Not fancy, but definitely nice-looking...

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>Science Fantasy setting

There is but one option.
Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

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There is only one answer.

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dumping what I got

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fucking captcha im about to shit myself in rage

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airshit but whatever

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For only the most discerning and gullible of customers.

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>No one uses casters anymore, they are old and outdated
>Most powerful gun in the universe.

Why did no one use Casters anymore again?

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Dangerous, expensive and illegal probably

If a normal gun fucks up it doesn't fire or might blow off your hand. One of those fucks up and your ass is imploded

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I thought it was because getting shells for them was obscenely hard to do, as you either had to pay out the ass, or take nudie pix of a temple priestess and sell them to a wizard or whatever the fuck happened in the Hotsprings episode.

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>revolver with underslung revolver

I think we know what you need to do, OP.

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Cost of bullets, required a huge amount of skill to use, and had a terribly short range.

Basically, we're talking about a one-shot gun with a range of thirty meters at best with $500-$1000 bullets.

Also, the casters themselves were rare and expensive.

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I still have that knee-jerk reaction of absolute disgust whenever I see a DEagle.

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>dat understated elegance

must own

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That's some Trigun shit right there. I approve.

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Why do you need FANCY when you can go for HUGE?

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>original bolt pistol

I can show you the world.

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Did someone say...huge?


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>ITT babies

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My version's better. Higher quality steel. Also rare as fuck in the US.

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what's wrong with deagles?

what calibur is that

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requesting some laser guns

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Deagles are fucking shit is what's wrong with them.

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For the people who don't know how to into firearms, please explain in great detail what's wrong with them.

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>what's wrong with deagles?
They're really just not very good. They're heavy, unreliable, and unwieldy. It was designed for metallic silhouette shooting, not for practical use. But hollywood started using it left and right because it's got a distinctive look and is big enough to be highly visible on screen. Then idiots started to think of it as a viable combat handgun, when it's NOT. A Desert Eagle and two loaded magazines weighs the same as an M4 carbine with two full mags.

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For all your near-future setting needs.

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Not to mention that the fucking thing, unwieldy and heavy piece of shit that it is, can't even handle it's own recoil and jams like a motherfucker half the time, and that it's main claim to fame, a handgun that fires .50 cal rounds, only uses magazines that hold 7 of them.

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I like 19, 24 and 40. Everything else is meh.

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That's what I meant by "unreliable".
Plus .50AE is loaded pretty weak, so it's ballistic performance is fucking shit.
There's nothing wrong with only holding 7, it's more than enough to get the job done if the round is good, but .50AE isn't a good round.

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I can't wrap my mind around #12. Which way does it shoot? How do you hold it?

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I'm just saying, for the same price as that gold plated Deagle up there, I could buy an AR-15, and modify that fucker to chamber the Beowulf and have enough money left over to make damn sure I won't need to buy anymore for another decade at least.

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#12 looks like a Bullpup style-gun.

Bullpups are ugly as sin.

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19 is the Seburo Gong. It's a very small shotgun.
A lot of his designs do look pretty wonky, that's actually a lot of stuff from sketchbooks. 08 and 14 eventually got combined into the Compact eXploder, the inspiration for the Stealth Pistol in Deus Ex. My personal favorite of all his designs is the M-5 handgun. Pic related.
It's an EXTREMELY short barreled bullpup.

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Fires to the left. As mentioned already, short-barreled bullpup

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But he's right.

Bullpups ARE ugly as sin.

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>1911 master race sullying his barrel inside of a dirty Glock whore

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Intuitive as fuck to hold and fire, and efficiently designed, but yeah...


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My impression is:
green - non-dominant hand
red - dominant thumb
blue - dominant index finger
yellow - remaining dominant digits
Designed for someone augmented, with a dominant hand that is either specific to a purpose (like the secretaries with 20 or so mini-fingers per hand) or otherwise unusually shaped.
Scope is wireless optical input (i.e. it's an eye, not a scope), since actually using it would be awkward as fuck.

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I didn't say they were BAD, I said they were UGLY.

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Where is your master race now?

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...and I just realized that looks more like a Browning than a 1911.

Continue as planned, my apologies.

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No, that's a 1911 that's been... violated... there.

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Holy shit. Those are /gorgeous/.

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this image is the closest I can get to my thoughts on the matter and my face during which I was viewing your image.

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That actually makes a lot of sense. I didn't think of augmented users.

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>>google image search "Engraved Guns" or "Patton's Pistol"

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Mace-gun is always relevant.

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who said this was allowed to turn into a dwarf thread?

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because FUCK YOU! THAT'S WHY!!!

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you lose
can't believe gunblade hasn't been posted yet

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Because it isn't a gun!

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develop some class gentlemen

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If nothing else, it'll guaranteed to blind your enemies with it's gaudiness

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Small, but effective.

>> No.22163471

still the best-looking pistol ever made in my opinion

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No, but seriously. The KerBlaster. End of statement.

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classics can always work if you put a tasteful spin on them

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I'd agree, but I think the conversion takes away from the beauty of the 1851.

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the ff13 version is

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>> No.22163542

It keeps the user sane, AND it can shoot through walls/barriers
Also unlimited ammo. God bless magitech.

>> No.22163543

interesting, I always thought it looked cleaner

>> No.22163557

The ff13 version is just a gigantic butterfly knife with a gun integrated into the folding parts of the handle.

It's more accurate to say that it's a gun that can turn into a sword.

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a Caster firing a Castor

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Couldn't you stop these micro-rockets by placing your hand in front of the barrel, or using a leaf to do that?

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pew pew pew

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That keeping the user sane part... Sounds shitty.

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Well, you know, opinions and all that.
I like the more gradual appearance that the underslung loading lever gives it. The conversion seems too, I dunno, abrupt to me.
Pic moderately related. I love the taper.

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that's why they never really got used, they were introduced circa vietnam when close quarters + dense foliage would have made them totally useless (even though they were more accurate than bullets at long range when allowed to reach full speed)

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Pretty much. Gyrojets have shitty velocity at first, they have to build it up over range.
Suppressed firearms sound more like a really thick book being slammed shut actually. And they're far from silent.

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Not when the user if an amnesiac godkilling weapon.

>> No.22163676

They do keep the muzzle flare down, that's always useful

>> No.22163680

Your hand would do the job, yeah, but if they were impact explosives, it would blow up your hand, probably your wrist, the gun, the firer's hand, and send shrapnel into both of your faces and chests.

So, yeah. Probably a better idea to use a board.

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Sure the Volcanic is doofy looking, but look at it! it's a lever action PISTOL.

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Murakumo does the same shit, and also functions as armor. Bolverk is shit.

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Lever action pistol... with a traditional hammer. I do not even.

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If you're using subsonic ammo they're pretty damn quiet.


The only sound that USP is making is the sound of the action operating, and its only loud because the camera is a foot away.

Put it in a bolt action, or something that is designed to be quiet, and you get something like.


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You need to read up on lever-actions. The lever is what cocks the hammer.

>> No.22163736

>I do not even lever action

>> No.22163756

And my second favorite pistol.

9 rounds and a shotgun when things get squirrelly.

>> No.22163760

actually the nagant revolver is quiet as fuck

it doesn't make the pew pew noise from the movies but it sure ain't loud

>> No.22163764

I want this oversized derringer, what is it called?

>> No.22163771

Yeah and? The lever cocks the hammer dude. The action is IDENTICAL to the action on a Winchester rifle.
>If you're using subsonic ammo they're pretty damn quiet.
Well yeah, that is true. Also .45 ACP is naturally subsonic out of just about anything short enough to count as a pistol. My point was that suppressors don't work like in the movies.

>> No.22163822

>Accessory rail
I normally don't get annoyed by these things like others but come on, it's a damn derringer.

>> No.22163823


Using non-subsonic ammo out of a can is full retard though. At that point its just a really fucking good flash supressor.

>> No.22163886

Actually, you do still get the benefit of protecting your hearing.

>> No.22163912

anyone got any guns that look like they were pieced together from scrap/spare parts

>> No.22163937

Would this actually be efficient?

>> No.22163945

Any more specific requirement? Rifle, pistol, carbine?

>> No.22163968

They make a LOT of these things in Chechnya.

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>> No.22164100

I know what lever actions do. All I'm saying is that, from the shape of the hammer, I could work it with my thumb.

I mean, I'm all for redundancy, but why complicate it? If I can already reach up with my thumb to cock the hammer back, why bother with adding an extraneous lever action?

>> No.22164115

What's that? You want nine shots in your cylinder? Alright. Oh, and you want a 20-gauge shotgun on the underside? We can make that work too.

>> No.22164137

Because it also chambered another round.

>> No.22164153

>from the shape of the hammer, I could work it with my thumb.
Yeah, it's the same on a Winchester.
>If I can already reach up with my thumb to cock the hammer back, why bother with adding an extraneous lever action?
Because the lever ejects the spent brass and chambers the next round.

I do believe you DON'T know how a lever action works.

>> No.22164185

I knew the basics; that it cocked the hammer back. Did not know that it chambered another round.

My knowledge of guns only goes back to revolvers, not to pre-revolver guns.

>> No.22164200

Meant to add...
>I learned something new today. Thanks.
...to the end of that

>> No.22164203

>lever action
Please just stop. Just stop posting. Please. You're hurting me.

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>> No.22164249

Leave this place. Return only when you have cleansed yourself through the ritual of cleaning out the cosmoline, and have flagellated yourself through the traditional shoulder dislocation.

>> No.22164255

>doofy looking

It really is, but I've grown to love it, mainly because it was the inspiration for >>22163532, which had replaced the DL-44 as my favorite sci-fi gun by the second episode of Firefly.
Not the same guy, but that's not really necessary. I know my early revolvers pretty well, but don't know much about lever-action, either.

>> No.22164286

>liking Mal's sidearm more than Jayne's pimped out LeMat
Can't say I blame you really.

>> No.22164307

You probably don't even know how nuggets work.

>Not the same guy, but that's not really necessary. I know my early revolvers pretty well, but don't know much about lever-action, either.
Surely you know they do not date to the 1500's.

>> No.22164311

So, maybe, and follow me here, instead of acting like a certain bit of knowledge from your chosen area of expertise is some glaringly obvious factoid that no one, ever, doesn't know, and, stay with me here, and treating someone that doesn't know it like they're an idiot, you gotta stay with me here, this is where magic happens, why not just, come on, guy, stick with me, just tell them the bit of knowledge.

You could have, very easily, just typed out, "It has both of those, because it kicks the hammer back AND chambers another round, AT THE SAME TIME," saved both of us about fifteen minutes of frustration, and educated someone on the workings of old guns.

That's a win-win situation, if you ask me.

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>> No.22164332

>Pimping out an already sufficiently pimp LeMat

>> No.22164373

"Preacher, don't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killin'?"
"Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps."
Tell me /tg/, why have you not yet played a technical pacifist space preacher in a game of Traveler?

>> No.22164380


I beat it to you bro.


>> No.22164413

Bitches don't know about Nambutana.

Bitches will suck your cock just to see a Nambutana

>> No.22164497

Only in Brazil...

>> No.22164529


Sexy gun is sexy.

>> No.22164558

So sexy...

>> No.22164562

How bout a physical representation?

>> No.22164566

>> No.22164616

I know it's not a handgun but it's fuckin' sweet

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>> No.22164692

>> No.22164699

>> No.22164706

>> No.22164715

They always look so toy-like.

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>> No.22164727

>> No.22164733

>> No.22164745

>> No.22164753

>> No.22164765

>> No.22164774

>> No.22164779

Modern arms now is it?

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>> No.22164791

>> No.22164793

Random trivia .45 Long Colt doesn't actually exist.

The cartridge is just the .45 Colt, and the Long somehow wormed it's way in from the .38 Long Colt.

Also a Schofield in .45 Colt is just plain wrong.

>> No.22164799

>> No.22164804

>Not knowing the superior, beautiful elegance of a bullpup

Nigga, is you serious?

>> No.22164813

It's just plain AWESOME is what it is. And the long came about more because people typically call the 45 ACP 45 Colt. But kudos for knowing it none the less.

>> No.22164815

The WTF cannon. revolver/clip feed

>> No.22164839

>> No.22164844

Particle Magnum, fuck yeah.
Could I get a translation on the gratuitous Greek?

>> No.22164846

>> No.22164854

meaningless gobltygook
he throws in mock Russian as well

>> No.22164864

>meaningless gobltygook
That bothers me way more than it should, honestly.

>> No.22164865

>> No.22164871

>> No.22164878

>Triple the barrels

>> No.22164879

>> No.22164884


>> No.22164890

and i raise you the M-202 FLASH

>> No.22164907

also firestorm box launcher

>> No.22164914


>> No.22164924

ahh here's teh one i was looking for

>> No.22164927


>> No.22164929


>> No.22164932

I see your flash and raise you the HIWS
(High Impulse Weapon System)
>Need more Boom?
>Why not shoulder fire 80mm mortars?

>> No.22164939

prototype target pistol

>> No.22164961

sadface when the barrel is too short to contain the entire combustion stage

>> No.22164975

Triple the barrels huh?
>triple barreled shotgun

>> No.22164977

Dragon Fire II automatic mortar system:

As low as 3 second reload speed

>> No.22164994

Triple barrel shotgun huh?
Try this on for size...

>> No.22165002

>triple barreled shotgun?
>Get on our level
>8 barreled shotgun

>> No.22165030

>Metal Storm 40mm
>3000 grenades a minute

>> No.22165040

Isn't that just one of those NERF revolvers people make into 40k cosplay weapons?

>> No.22165058

>3000 grenades a minute
And a reload time you don't even want to contemplate.

>> No.22165089

also teh Russian 40mm Bofur

there were rumors that they were looking into attaching the damn thing to a radar mount similar to the CWIZ

>> No.22165097

24 barrels about 3-5 seconds a barrel..
So what a minute, maybe two for all barrels?
so its still firing faster than a mark 19 with its reload time.

>> No.22165104

Also my personal favorite, the ZU 23/2. Technically an AA gun but so was teh 88


>> No.22165111

>a minute, maybe two for all barrels
And the need to carry all the ammo it's gonna eat through. There really is such thing as an impractically high rate of fire.

>> No.22165114


>> No.22165138

it is a truck mounted vehicle... Not meant to be be carried by the average Imperial Guar..... I mean Soldier
Plus its basically slipping a tube in a barrel..
The tubes are preloaded so its not a terribly complicated process transporting them.

>> No.22165142

gratuitous guns playlist starting with the metalstorm area denial system


>> No.22165143

it's cause they're plastic toys

>> No.22165157

the box launcher one sounds like a metal fart

>> No.22165165

>Not meant to be carried by solider
>Get on russia's level
>Video related

>> No.22165177

also great for PCs to find stored in an ammo vault

>you see before you a wall lined with embossed circles, about each circle are four square indents arrayed radially
...I grab and twist one of the circles
>success, you pull a long copper or brass tube free
Tube? what's in it? I place my torch near the hole

>> No.22165186

Guardsman Flashlight is made by dewalt?

>> No.22165208

>Implying the standard-issue flashlight isn't styled after the Right Arm of the Free World, or rather the British domestically-produced inch-measurment version of same
I mean look at those boxy lines.

>> No.22165213

This is my next character.
That is too ridiculous to not play.

>> No.22165221

And a, thing, i found around teh internetwebs

>> No.22165239

and while talking about Russians, they give you THE FOLDING GUN

>> No.22165251

the gun i wish to own

>> No.22165254

>Implying guardsman aren't using a Morita Mk I Rifle...

>> No.22165263

the Sader-Krupp arclite, as featured in a German Shadowrun adventure

>> No.22165270

I wish it existed
It looks great

>> No.22165272

and now four barrels

>> No.22165283

>> No.22165293

>> No.22165297

IG have had the same lasgun look since second edition, which came out in '93. The SST film came out in '97. And seriously, compare the lines of the standard lasgun to the L1A1, the similarity is kinda eerie.
Mini-14 with a modified Muzzelite MZ-14 bullpup stock. And an Ithaca M37 under the barrel for the full size rifle.

>> No.22165310

Oh, and the muzzle brake from an M60.

>> No.22165315

It does. They call it the XM8

>> No.22165329

And lastly before i go to bed, because i could never dump my entire guns folder, the king of rapid fire weapons the GAU-8 Avenger Cannon. so awesome they built a plane around it, it can get you to teh moon with a long burst, shots tanks dead and shits gold, etc. etc. etc

>> No.22165330 [SPOILER] 

When you see it, you will laugh heartily.

>> No.22165342

You forgot "All fighter pilots wish they had a gun just like it."

>> No.22165343

>> No.22165367


>> No.22165403

It does look like the starship troopers rifle
>Warhammer 40k borrows from Starship Troopers which borrows from 40k which borrows from starship troopers
>A gun inside a gun INSIDE A GUN

>> No.22165441

The heavy bolter is the only one there that looks much like the actual Accatran designs.
And I may be misremembering, and it might be as bad as the rest. I'll dig out IA4 next time this comes up, I guess.

>> No.22165447

I'm pretty sure, but not 100%, that this is a concept for Bayonetta's guns?

>> No.22165694

and found it the lasgun made real

>> No.22165732

Pic from WD featuring the Elysian Drop Troopers showing accatran patternb weapons

>> No.22165748


>> No.22165766

and no i dont know the sauce

>> No.22165817


>> No.22165895

that gun is absolutly beutiful

>> No.22166421

the point of such a high rate of fire is to get a few dozen greandes landing on target near simultaneously.

>> No.22166562

I bet that doesn't even fire anti-tank rounds.

>> No.22166641

goes by the name project titan or something, its just an AR-15 in 7.62 with a XBOXHUEG barrel weight and muzzle brake so there is almost no recoil or muzzle drift, weighs a fuckton, costs a fuckton and is absolutely retarded in any real world application.

>> No.22166750

I thought they were just making shit up with the Hydra triple barreled shotgun in RE5.

>> No.22166771

God I would hate to have to hump that thing slung over my shoulder all day and I prefer my bench rifles in bolt action.

>> No.22166788


>> No.22166799

How does it feed? And oh god the mag changes would be fucking awkward

>> No.22166816


Thank god the Soviets made the PTRS. I don't think anything less than Soviet engineering could get such a crazy idea to actually work.

>> No.22166818

that whole crescent bit probably just pulls off as the mag.
only real difference would be having to point the gun down or sideways while loading.

>> No.22166823

the germans had pretty much the exact same thing/idea in WWI, scaled up mauser actions in a wood stock with 13-14.5mm anti tank rounds

>> No.22166837


Yeah, but German engineering is grounded in precision and cold, hard logic.

Soviet engineering is grounded in
>Comrade, do you think we could make this gun fire bigger bullets?

>> No.22166845

>Do you think we could make it actually hit anything without there being a thousand of it?
>What is hit, Comrade?
One of my gunsmith friends said it'd actually be pretty functional

>> No.22166847

>mounting naval guns on fighter jets
I would say it's a wonder they didn't paint it red, but they probably did.

>> No.22166852

You forgot
>It SEEMED like a good idea at the time.
And maybe vodka being involved

>> No.22166865


That would imply Russians have regret.

They do not. They just build a bigger gun.

>> No.22166921

What gras are you on?

>> No.22166925

Honestly don't know enough about ballistics to be certain, but I can't imagine that huge ass knife on the front can help with aiming that thing, and I can't see it being easy to draw out of that scabbard/holster thing either

>> No.22166946


Breach barrel is always stylin'.

>> No.22167005


Holy poops that's quiet.

>> No.22167095


It's like a normal gun, that someone then attached playdoh to, in random places.

>> No.22167132 [DELETED] 

more weight on the barrel only helps steady it against your arms shaking/involuntary movements, tho with its stupid short barrel it would be inaccurate as hell but if you stick a knife on a pistol you arnt trying for long distance

>> No.22167144

more weight on the barrel can only help hold it steady, and unless the process of adding the blade to it fucked with the barrels rifling or harmonics, which is unlikely and of little consequence for something intended for short range

>> No.22167615

I think I'm in love, I goddamn love revolvers and shotguns.

>> No.22167976

this one

>> No.22168599

People call the Japanese crazy. But they forget their neighbors to the north are just as crazy. And they still have their guns.

>> No.22168887

>Those descriptions
It's like I'm in a 'News Media Describes Guns' thread on /k/

>> No.22168925

>OP wants science-fantasy
>bitching about Deagles
>nobody posts Rick Deckard's blaster
Fucking disappoint, /tg/. Fucking disappoint.

>> No.22168966

> Number 2 - "this also powers the weapon's built-in flashlight".
I always thought the weapon WAS the flashlight.

>> No.22169005

>flak trooper reporting

>> No.22169020

I think that's concept art from Exteel.

>> No.22170889

sauce on the quote, I knew I've heard it from somewhere.

>> No.22173443

Oh that's nothin'.

>> No.22173449

Some old Fallout Let's Play.

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