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How does /tg/ bard? I have the opportunity to get into a DnD 3.5 game sometime soon, and as far as what I'd like to play for it, rogue and bard were my two choices, mainly because the DM is hoping to actually make his game more role-play- and interaction-based, so I thought either would prove to be more useful than in hack n' slash. I have one or two basic ideas in mind, but what have you done with a bard or rogue that you thought was really clever, or that you at least had fun with?

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One thing i did with a bard that i had fun with was cut off all his limbs and pour acid down his throat while he was frozen in time with sepia snake sigil, then i healed him so he wouldnt die ( he still had no limbs or tongue though). I planned on sovereign gluing him to a dretch and have him wander the abyss but for some reason we never did that campaign again.

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The only proper way to play a bard is to play any other class, and take a few ranks in perform.

The idea of an entire class dedicated to performers makes about as much sense as having a Baker class.

1st level ability, baking pies with living birds inside.

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.... what the actual fuck? Why would you do that??

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Last character I played was a bard. The single most fun I have ever had RPing. And this was a fairly srs bsnss campaign.

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I have recently created an Orge (Ugg the Convincing) "speech" style bard instead of a musical one. Your songs and what not become inspiring speech and you weave spell craft through your words. Basically swap out being a musician for a politician. Get myself a really nicely tailored magical suit, and become a Ogre Politcian who will take the world by storm, in each town I'll pass out leaflets for people to vote for you (even to the local royalty, also I'll have to really spend my actual gold on making these). I'll forge metal into campaign buttons for myself. I'll have a demon become my secretary and always have enormous amounts of sexual tension around her (Ugg like purty demon gurl) If ever given the opportunity you will take positions of power.

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Okay, aside from the 'play something else with ranks in Perform' idea, how would you go about making a bard a viable class? Keep in mind, this is also including role-play capability, not just combat ability.

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Remember that your performance buffs are good until about level 5 or 6, then your spells are better, then you switch back to performance at 14-15 or so.

I usually use a bow with a bard, and load utility spells that help out common people as often as they will serve the party, because a bard can make friends with everybody, all the better if he'll expend power on nobodies. Contact thieves guilds and player's guilds if your GM has them, make yourself an integral part of them, see what you can use them for. Taking leadership will guarantee a guild standing of some sort....

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I had a half-elf bard with a really big floppy hat with a feather in it, and a lute, and he'd go around and play at bars for a few extra coppers and to hit on the bar maids.

He also kept a poisoned needle in a hidden compartment of his lute, a few thunderstones and some alchemist's fire for creating distractions, and was pretty much a spy for the kingdom that our party served.

Sometimes just sneaking into a place isn't enough; you've got to talk to the people involved and hand off secret documents to other operatives.

Oh, and using Ghost Sound to have an insta-band anywhere was fun, too.

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What did you do with the character/what race were they/what was their personality like? What made playing them so much fun for you?
That's a really cool idea, I like that. Their form doesn't necessarily have to be music... what other essentially non-musical Performances could be used?

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Specialize in Perform (oratory) and take the Virtuoso prestige class and you will be great. The Virtuoso loses BAB progression but gets a lot more abilities, like being able to make everybody in a room heavy-handedly racist against any group.

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The character was obnoxious and useless and I got to be the bad guy. Also I enjoy harassing the player of that character.

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Honestly? It was the DM integrating him into the plot. Also the fact that he struck backroom deals with every person in a position of power he ever met, to the point where he had bargains struck with multiple deities.

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Bargains with deities? You gotta tell me more, I love me a good story or two. How did he get powerful enough to be in the position to bargain with a deity?
Where is the Virtuoso prestige class located, which book? Are there any other good prestige classes for Bards you can think of or recall?

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Theatre, stand up comedy, dramatic reading, just as a few ideas.

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Also I hate gnomes and bards.

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Bargains aren't about power, they're about knowing what somebody wants. He was a lich. He wanted to build a kingdom of undeath, so he recruited a necromancer with promises of power. He wanted his wife back from the god of death, so first he needed an audience. He promised a lesser deity that he would turn its human servant into a lich (so she could serve forever) in exchange for a ride. In order to get his wife back, he promised the god of death (the only deity with no organized church and very few worshippers) that he would build a church to him in his new kingdom.

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Insult comedy.

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I make an archivist with performance oratory and print out as much stuff I can from knowledge checks.

I then use that to entice people.

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Stand-up sounds like it could be awesome. Facing a horde of orcs: "Hey, did someone fart, or are there orcs nearby?" "What's green, ugly, and stupid enough to sleep with my mother? Orcs! Hahahahaha!"

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What exactly is an archivist, and what book is it in? Is it based entirely around knowledge checks?
The most hilarious form of all. What about being a mime? Or doing stuff like Gallagher does, except smashing bad guys with a bigass hammer instead of fruit?

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Any other shenanigans with rogues or bards? Maybe someone could post pasta of some funny/awesome rogues and bards so I can have some inspiration? This is going to be my first chance to actually role-play as opposed to doing hack-and-slash.

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bumping because bardic goodness?

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I get out my acoustic guitar at the table and play whatever performance my Bard is performing, including singing. Good fun, totally made up for my Bard not being useful outside of persuading people.

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Last time I barded was at a LARP.

Ended up volunteering for the monster side of things. We were hideously outnumbered (6 monsters for 30 goddamn PCs), so we got to form a coherent party of orc-like monsters. Did a folk gig a couple nights ago, so I was volunteered for the position of bard and such.

It was a good time. Got to pull out the bagpipes and my monster drones - they form a nice tritone and I can slide into and out of dissonant bits. Spent the evening playing the things to lure players out while they got ambushed by the other monsters.

It's also amazing how much better guys on your side fight when you're playing music for them. Playing any wind instrument is a bitch when you've got fangs in, btw.

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I once played a half-elf diplomatic bard, I don't reccomend it as it irritates the DM if you nullify every social enconter.

If you play a standard bard your going to ave huge charisma, so you might end up the party face after a few sessions. So bear that in mind.

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>A DM following the stated rules for diplomacy.

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The Undersong Bardblade is a classic 3E Bard build that is absolutely hilarious in practice.

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This is how I bard. Not the song itself, but the monologue thing at the start. Heard it for the first time by chance and it seemed perfect. Since then, my bard has been a wheelchair-bound revolutionary who rallies the party with colorfully crude (and largely nonsensical) speeches.

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jD-G0o&has_verified=1 this is your next bard.

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I am currently playing a bard. She's a level 11 Bard 7/Virtuoso 2/Swordsage 1/Sublime Chord 1. SC will eventually make her almost as good a caster as a sorcerer while retaining most of the benefits of a bard. She's the party face, obviously, thanks to her extremely high charisma.

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I've never heard of this.

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I created a bard once that was supposed to be another character's squire / herald - fell apart a few sessions in when schedules changed and we went from a 5 man group to a 3 man. One of the more interesting things you can do with a bard (and applies just as well for a rogue) is control social situations the same as you do combat ones. Bards do it by making the others seem amazing (so tell grand stories of the group to everyone you meet, you're their PR guy), and Rogues do it when nobody's looking (ask around, dig up dirt, come at them with something they didn't expect to put things in your favour). Work deals behind their backs, single them out, and hit them where it hurts.

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>1st level ability, baking pies with living birds inside.
I would play the fucking shit out of this class
can we make this class /tg/?

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Undersong: Spell that replaces all Concentration checks with Perform checks for 1 minute/level.

Diamond Mind: Warblade maneuver school that is almost entirely based around using Concentration to power their abilities. They can use it offensively or defensively, and can replace all three saves with Concentration checks. Additionally, Warblade is one of the most multiclass friendly classes in the entire game and has extensive support for Bards beyond Diamond Mind maneuvers, up to and including a huge chunk of maneuvers that are meant to support a party with the White Raven school, the ability to use Bardic Music as a swift action so long as you are in a White Raven stance, and decent skill use.

The end result is that you can use Perform(rap) to beat the shit out of enemies and rap out of the way of fireballs.

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Except bards are the ultimate skill monkeys, at least since Pathfinder. Each perform skill is also two other skills, so investing in a few of them is the best choice to make. Unlike every other class, where every point in perform is ultimately just roleplaying and a waste.

Sure they aren't top tier, but damn are they fun.

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>>max ranks in Str & Con
>>multiclass barbarian
>>shotgun axe guitar
>>sing praises to the gods of battle while killing everything
>>use Manowar lyrics in game as dialog
>>speak only in Duke Nukem quotes
>>get all the bitches
>>Bardbarian! Why? BECAUSE FUCK YOU! THAT'S WHY!

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>implying that Bards are only performers
It's a fucking adventurer class.

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>How does /tg/ bard?
Lasers. Lots of lasers.

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or dip a level or 2 in bard for the interesting low level spells and inspire courage
the ability to give everyone in the party +1 to attack and damage is pretty badass

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>bards are the ultimate skill monkeys
>not a chameleon factotum

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I've yet to see a proper Pathfinderization for Factotums or Chameleons. Also Chameleons kind of upset me.

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I like basing mine off real life musicians

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only, by lvl 8ish, it isn't really useful. not even if you do buff song + debuff song.
the songs that give caster levels or debuff saves are way more relevant.

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As a Dwarf.

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play that hammer well brother

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I might be wrong but aren't 3.5 and Pathfinder mechanically similar enough to just use stuff from one in the other, because I have had several DM's who did just that.

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Remember, bards are basically Link, but toned down to no be about to solo dragons that would require a normal party be with more team buffs.

I am a 4e git, so instead if perform, bards get arcana as general light musicial/magicial trickery.

You might not be bow to use arcana in combat, but in non combat, asking if you can perform something using arcana to sway crowd is good.

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That is correct.

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Has anyone ever done the "Bardic Nuke" build? I've looked into it but I never found out what feat or alternate class feature or whatever that you need to apply metamagic to bardic music.

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Forgotto mention, in my campaign setting bards are pricks about proper verse. Bards not lawful my ass.

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Really depends on what you're trying to import. Most feats and items can be dropped in pretty easily, but classes generally require a rewrite if you don't want to be doing a lot of work on the fly.

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anyone ever try doing like, bard/druid or bard/cleric mystic theurge?

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This is how you bard. Seriously, how are so many people getting it wrong?

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Man I loved my Pathfinder Bard. He would blind baddies with Glitterdust and blast people with sonic instruments and he had this thing called Harmless Performence which forced foes to make a will save or fail to attack him. A dragon would come up to the party and say "I'M GONNA KILL EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM, except the Bard."

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Well, honestly that pic can be really any well played high charisma PC...

But yes, it does fit the bad stereotype.

As for how I'd bard?

>Tons of ranks in Perform: (Poledancing)
>...will require a GM who'll let me
>main weapon will be a smooth steel quarterstaff
>Armor? Chainmail G-string and nothing else

Lets do this

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Bard + Dread Necromancer.
I'm really into Doom Metal, so the idea of making a "dirge" barge really appealed to me.

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The real question is what do they do beyond baking? Do they just Craft baked goods making giant cookie golems, summoning pies, and tarts of slaying?

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There was a PrC for that. Fauchlucan Lyricist. I think it basically recreated the crazy stuff you had to do to become a bard in one of the previous editions.

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I want to play this

So much

I swear, I don't care if it ends up being in some White Wolf game (I could sort of see this working frighteningly well in Exalted, less so in Vampire) or in D&D (I Roll to seduce... EVERYTHING)

But hey, its a funny character concept and I think I'd have fun just playing it simply for that

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The key is to cross class as a psionic artificer so you can make a guitar that plays music directly into peoples minds.

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they would make the calzone golem

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Only if they take the Savory path of the Baker Class. The arts of Sweet and Savory are mortal enemies among the Bakers, and any who combine them must suffer in a trial by griddle.

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It's a cleric, that has a spellbook, and can write any divine spell in it. Any spell, from any divine class.

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Fuck yes that is a great idea

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More like i had 5 dollars, now it is +3/+3, or maybe even +5/+5 depending on feats.

And double that with words of power.

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