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Hey /tg/ now that Dark Angels are now pretty much confirmed to be the next set. What makes them such a big deal? They look just like regular space marines except green and they have a try2hard dark mysterious past? In other words convince me to care about them over Grey Knights, IG or even just regular Ultras

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they're closeted homosexuals, but if you look at one of those new land speeder variants, they might be coming out.

also the ravenwing are leather daddies.

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So their ultra dark super secret that nobody is supposed to know about is that they love dick?

Do they get bonuses when attacking from behind?

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Do we not all, deep inside, anon?

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How can they be gay? They hardly have any desire for any kind of sex from the fluff I read. Heck When Loken was hanging out with half nekkid remembrancers or whatever they are called he told that bitch to put some clothes back on so they could just talk.

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+2 to penetration from behind

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>DA recruitment

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Because it's a pun on the secretly gay poet, Lionel Johnson, famous for his poem Dark Angel.

That's it. That's where all the gay jokes come from and no one seems capable of moving past that.

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>he told that bitch to put some clothes back on so they could just talk.

yeah because he was getting distracted and if she didn't cover up her titties he was gonna have to give her the dick

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I'd say it's GW's attempt to get past UltraSmurfs and throw up Dark Angels as #1 because they were the first Founded Legion. I think.

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Don't forget that the poem is about being secretly gay.

also is Sapphon back in the 6e codex?

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Don't forget, The Rock was the name of a gay bar in Nottingham.

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They have cool hover tanks.

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>DA's Gay
>Not the Bondage SM fetish loving Dark Eldar

seems legit

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DE are gay like Xerxes and his court from 300.

DA are gay like Lindsey Graham.

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[Citation needed]

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DA are in the closet. DE are out and proud and want to spank you hard.

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In Eye of Terror a DA Marine looks at a daemonette's ass, daemonette who so far had turned all men around her into drooling idiots, and he just shrugs it off with "I guess some men kinda want."

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Because not sticking it in there is the most ignored line in porn.

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I care big time. they're getting a plastic kit for some very knightly terminators. gonna convert the shit out of that

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Does /tg/have something against gays now?

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>What makes them such a big deal? They look just like regular space marines except green and they have a try2hard dark mysterious past?

Pretty much. They do have a kind of Teutonic knightly orders combined with penitent warrior monks thing going on, although the Grey Knights and the Black Templars also have that. Hell, swap out the DA icons for BT icons and the only differences are cords instead of chains and that particular design of their sword hilts. At least Blood Angels and Space Wolves have truly distinct aesthetics: Renaissance-style ornateness and Spess Vikings.

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Further evidence: the DA keep changing their clothes. Black armour, green armour, greener armour, bone white armour... Honestly.

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Only against the closet kind.

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They're kind of assholes, they use a lot of plasma weapons, they have two special fighting styles (Ravenwing, where you use a fuckton of bikes and Land Speeders, and Deathwing, where it's Terminators all day baby) and they're more knightly than the average space marine.

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>more knightly than the average Space Marine
>Black Templars
>Grey Knights
Do you even Astartes?

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Only terminators and dreadnoughts from the Deathwing get bone armor.

Think of it the same way regular chapters give 1st company white helmets.

Land speeders with bikes, IIRC, and let's not forget the last working hoverbike outside of the Custodes.

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DA founding used a knightly order as its base.

BT are just rowing bands of murderhobos (lots of crusading, less knighting)
GK are MiB

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Thats because the Black Templar's stole the DA Aesthetics.

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Haven't you heard the news?
Dark Angles have gone 100% catholic imagery, black armor with white detailing, you'se gettign phased out altarboy.

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Dark Angels are Teutonic Knights.

Black Templars are any general crusading knights.

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That's not new, that's always been Ravenwing colouring.

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What is he standing on? People?

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>Teutonic Knights had Black and white detailing and Catholic imagery.

All BT have is a reversed Teutonic knight colour scheme.

They don't even have winged helmets.

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Secrets make everything cooler.

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Riiiiiiight. And next you'll be saying that there's Christians in Ethiopia.

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DA can imitate the look all they want, they'll never be more than awkward posers. Take your DJ-mobile and move on, heretics.

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>DA can imitate the look
>imitate the look
>The look they had before BT were even non-codex

Typical NiggerTemplar.

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Besides the fact that it is the Black Templars that have the teutonic names, the imagery, the terms, the character-names, the weapons...

Dude, Black Templars are full-on teutonic. GW tries to achieve the more arthurian knights with the Dark Angels, the kind you see in the Fallout I + II with the Brotherhood of Steel

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>The Imagery.

No winged helms, no Teutonic.

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Dark Templars also used to have a little mix of Native American visuals along with the knightly themes. Anyway, hopefully there'll be a little less focus on SECRETS! but seeing how a few of the other codices went, it wouldn't surprise me if they rode into battle on top of Keepers of Secrets.

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*Dark Angels, not Dark Templars

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Nope, the theme for this codex is Plasma everywhere and Dark as a prefix.

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>Still implying the teutonic knights had wings on their helmets


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But isn't Plasma quite bright?

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So it's like 2nd ed DA's "Plasma for us, none for you"

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Darkma. It darkens the area.

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No, good sir, with the teutonic order it is:

"No CRUSADES, no Teutonic."

You know what a mark about the Dark Angels is? They often ABANDON CRUSADES when they so much as hear of a Fallen Angel near them.

The teutonic knights were ALWAYS CRUSADES, ALL THE TIME!, which would eventually lead to their downfall.

Now, tell me, who is known for their zealous crusading for the Emprah, and would NEVER abandon a crusade?

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finally someone whos reasonable

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>abandon crusade

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>Now, tell me, who is known for their zealous crusading for the Emprah, and would NEVER abandon a crusade?

The Ultramarines?

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The new book brings us the Land Speeder Vengeance (imagine an Imperial take on a Hammerhead), the Dark Talon (a Stormtalon with bigger wings), and Deathwing Knights.

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What's wrong with her?

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They done that three times to quell uprisings and nid-swarms on ultramar.

My guess, Japanese porn, involved remote-controlled vibrators.

Well the Dark Angles are on a milennia old uninterrupted crusade against the fallen, one could say all other crusades are merely sidequests.

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They've got a track record of abandoning crusades a lot of times really. Several of them against the tau of all.

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She's interviewing a massive wrestler and appears to be turned on.

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I'd watch that video.

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It's a bodybuilder, not a wrestler. Dude would be able to wrestle for 20 seconds before gassing due to his size

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ive heard turned on, or listening to a sad speech thats making her cry. its all hot to me

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Ohohohohoh, good sir, the Black Templars have been on their eternal crusade since the Battle of Terra, declared right on the creation of their chapter after Guiliman's reforms, while the Dark Angels were busy bombarding their own world!

In terms of sheer teutonic-ness, the Dark Angels ain't got shit on the Black Templars!

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Is the answer Black Templars?

Or maybe Iron Hands.

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Black Templars, good sir, they have been on an ETERNAL crusade since the very creation of their chapter right after the defeat of Horus after the Battle for Terra

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>They often ABANDON CRUSADES when they so much as hear of a Fallen Angel near them.
Successor Chapter abandons a planet to capture a Fallen.
Suddenly DA abandon whole crusades because a Fallen might be around.

No, that's not why DA frequently withdraw from Crusades. It's because fucknuts keep asking for their help and then sending out abhumans, xeno mercenaries, and Space Wolves to fight alongside them.

Y'all lucky the first legion doesn't purge your heretic ass.

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Space Monks with a fetish for plasma, terminators and hover vehicles.

Their "secret" is that during the heresy half of the legion went rogue (not corrupt) and attack the primarch and his fleet as it returned home .

A big battle over the planet occurred , the rogue dark angels fled / left the planet and are known as the 'Fallen' , regular Dark Angels now hunt them.

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>Ohohohohoh, good sir, the Black Templars have been on their eternal crusade since the Battle of Terra, declared right on the creation of their chapter after Guiliman's reforms, while the Dark Angels were busy bombarding their own world!
Funny, I don't recall you Templars existing while we were bombarding our homeworld.

In fact, now that I think about it, during that time your Primarch was stubbornly insisting on keeping his Legion together to the point of near civil war, then throwing you into a giant trap where you all would have died without the intervention of the Ultramarines.

At least the glorious Dark Angels can clean up their own mess.

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Because they now have Terminators with WS5, Storm Shields, power mauls and special rules, incl. Hammer of Wrath and "Smite" which makes them strike at S10 AP2 for one round.

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Black templar are the chapter that can't stand that shit. DA are only known for SECRETS

>At least the glorious Dark Angels can clean up their own mess.
Yeah, so how's that been going for ya? What you're still not done after 10000 years?

>> No.22139082

That's why your codex had rules limiting who you could ally with right?

>Yeah, so how's that been going for ya? What you're still not done after 10000 years?
At least we have the excuse of a warp storm scattering the survivors across time and space. How'd the Iron Warriors leave the Iron Cage again?

Oh wait they got in their ships and left.
End of Battle of Caliban, Luther is taken out and Gods of Chaos throw a temper tantrum.
End of Iron Cage, Imperial Fists take massive casualties, and Perturabo becomes a daemon prince.

Hey remember that time we blew up one of your cruisers over a PoW? I know you're still mad, but we Lance boats. Suck it.

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It's fun seeing marine players bash eachothers heads in for a change. Anyone got some popcorn?

>> No.22140278

Dude bashing marine heads in is the Dark Angel pass time.

It's what we do when we're bored. Sometimes we have our own Marines run off for centuries, then we lead entire campaigns to bash their heads in.

In the grim darkness of the far future the Dark Angels play hide and seek.

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>Dark Angels play hide and seek
I thought that was the official pass time of the Raven Guard. The DAs is, like, truth or dare or something.

>> No.22140539

No Ravenguard plays sardines.

They all move about independently to find one person, and when they do they get stuck in.

The Dark Angels move as a single entity to find multiple people.

>> No.22140717

Nah, DA plays poker or something that requires a good poker face.

>> No.22140812

Truth or die, rather. Well, truth AND die. They're dicks.

>> No.22140852

SW play draughts and chess
DA play hide and seek
RG play sardines
BA play pretty pretty princess
WS play at BMX riding
IF play with razor blades
IH play with legos
Sallies play with fire
Ultras play according to the rules set down in the great codex astartes
BT aren't playing, they're larping

>> No.22140913

>BT aren't playing, they're larping
"You think this is a motherfucking game?!"

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Let's not forget that Vetock is writing the DA, not Ward.
My Tau's bodies are ready for a Warddex

>> No.22140937

dude, Dark Angels are pretty much Winged Helms: The Faction

>> No.22140943

Live Action Role _____

>> No.22140967

Purging, obviously.

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>My Tau's bodies are ready for a Warddex
Noses. Noses everywhere.

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They aren't battlebrothers with space wolves because DA and SW are gay for each other.

Also the leaked flyer images are so hnnngggghhh.

I am going to buy two

>> No.22141257

My sides are now assault 6 weapons due to the rate at which they now vibrate

>> No.22141485

Cum for the cum lord.

More boners for the throne of boners

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DE aren't gay unless it brings enough pain and suffering to be worth it.

Hard to run a gay community of all sadistic power tops.

But gay raping slaves and prisoners? You bet, if you really can count that.

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I thought DA were all about fucking each other in the butt. Becasue they're gay. Really gay.

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>> No.22141559

In the game of thrones, you either win or you're fucked.

>> No.22141582

Incidentally, winning the game means you'll be doing a lot of fucking both before and after you've actually won.

>> No.22141602

No, that's a character trait of all marines.

>> No.22141635

When is being FABULOUS going to be a special trait

>> No.22141668

Never. GW'd have to deal with players bitching about how the Emperor's Children were op all of a sudden.

>> No.22141713

Don't forget those KEWL trench coats, OP.

>> No.22141954


>Wear ultraprotective SPEES MEHRINE armor
>Wear a robe over it and a hoodie

Who thought that this would look good?

>> No.22142086

Black Templars and Grey Knights ripped off the DE schtick.

>> No.22142098


>> No.22142215

Not me. Dude with a hood and no helmet looks pretty cool, but the others look like goddamned idiots.

Simple spess mehreens are best spess mehreens. Attempts to add extra stuff to differentiate them almost always end badly. See also spess wolves.

>> No.22142235


I disagree. The issue is giving each type of space marine their own codex. That was a mistake. Most of the space marine variants should have been folded into one codex, with special characters to unlock their special units and rules (much like how the current space marine codex works).

>> No.22142264


Draigo says hello

>> No.22142298

I agree with that, although it couldn't happen because MONEY. But I also think most Marine variants look stupid. The problem's especially bad for HQ units, because the amount of stuff added to differentiate them from both normal Marine HQs and their own super speshul Marine troops makes them end up... fat.

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What really grinds my gears is finding out from the internet that 2nd edition was released in a more Warhammer style.


The different armies were all in the book, with their basic army list, without fluff. It was meant to be the bare minimum needed, but it would work to let you build those armies.

I would buy one of those in a second, plus it would let me think about buying other armies without needing to wait for a new version of their codex to come out.

They could have their cake and eat it too. But no, they try to squeeze their customers, and end up annoying their fans.

>> No.22142439


Oh I remember the army lists in the back of the 3rd Edition rulebook too. Better times.

>> No.22142449

*Warmachine style

>> No.22142704

I want to know more.
*Click click*

>> No.22142839

I have bad news for you.

Seems fabulous just gets you purged by battle nuns.

>> No.22142927


is this confirmed? where?

i was excited about my vetock daemons dex ;_;

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>> No.22143511

God, that Vengeance looks so awesome.

And Black Knights.


>> No.22143580 [DELETED] 


>Ravenwing Dark Talon

Here we go again...

>> No.22143607


>Dark Talon

I warned you guys about this. It looks like they're going overboard with the theme based names again, first Wolf Wolf Wolf, Blood Blood Blood, now Dark Dark Dark...

>> No.22143791

Silly UK.

If this were America it would have been named the Black Talon straight out of the gate.

>> No.22143838

I actually like DA fluff.

>> No.22143865

That's ok. /tg/ is pretty ok with it, too.

>> No.22143894

Fuck off Taufag, go fap to one of your gayass waifus.
Ward belongs to the Eldar masterrace scrub.

>> No.22143932

I'd prefer it if he took a few steps in the opposite direction of anything Eldar related and let someone like Kelly do the work.

>> No.22143945

>Sammael (Corvex)

>> No.22143972

Kelly did the last dex though, and if it's true Codex Writer can't write the same dex twice in a row, and Vetock's on DA. Then in all probability it means we're getting Ward or Cruddace.
I pray for Ward.

>> No.22144125

>getting Ward or Cruddace
Truly this is the choice of the damned.

Actually I'm a Wardfan, but I just... get this feeling that he'd do horrible horrible things to Eldar.

>> No.22144173

>God, that Vengeance looks so awesome
That's a paddling.

>> No.22145963


Why are people suddenly liking Ward? It's a new edition and suddenly all is forgiven?

His 5th edition codexes are still in play, you know. The GK and Ultramarine fluff is still butchered. The Necrons are still stomping all over the metagame.

>> No.22146000

Three reasons:

>Ultramarine fluff

He didn't invent "Ultramarines are the bestest," that was already canon.

>GK fluff



Was an improvement, over them being mindless rubric marine ripoffs who serve anti-Warp Khorne and anti-Warp Tzeentch.

>> No.22146113


There is a vast gulf between "Ultramarines are the best" and "everyone wants to be like the Ultramarines and are sad because they can't".

No fluff is preferable to the new GK fluff, where they do retarded things that don't even make sense ("let's kill some SoB in a heavily contrived situation designed specifically and obviously to give us an excuse to do so, rather than fighting with them agains the threat and THEN executing them as would be more rational and in keeping with our SOP!").

Necron fluff changes are debatable. I was referring strictly to the retarded crunch there.

>> No.22146228

Well, there was the BRB, but then most armies got their own codex. They just lumped Blood Angels and Dark Angels together to fuck 'em out of fluff and units.

Codex: Angels of Death is also where they started the bullshit about Blood Angels being vampires instead of Mad Max berserkers.

>> No.22146297

>What makes DA different?

I agree with the sentiment any of the alien species would be more flavorful, as long as they weren't fagged up like newcrons, but I'll answer your question.

-the original robe guys. BT getting robes detracts from this factor.
-their brethren back home turned heretic. Their chapter secretly seeks out and destroys all the remnants of their heretic sect.
-their leader was a huntsmen
-rivals with the space wolves who're BERSERKERS while their chapter-leader was supposed to be a calm, thoughtful tactician
-they were supposed to be shooty marines
-their army composition had options for a fast-attack or heavy-support specialization
-mysterious woodland creatures from folklore (the wild hunt?) supposedly saved their chapter master in his castle before it was blown up

>> No.22146325

>Ultramarine fluff is still butchered.
Wasn't aware Ward wrote for GW back in 2nd edition.

I'll give you that.

>The Necrons are still stomping all over the metagame.
As long as they don't run Necron's Flying Circus they're pretty mid-tier. I don't think I've ever lost against crons who weren't running the Flying Circus.

>> No.22146356

>kill some SoB in a heavily contrived situation designed specifically and obviously to give us an excuse to do so
No shit, this is what fluff exists to do. All the factions need excuses to fight each other.

>There is a vast gulf between "Ultramarines are the best" and "everyone wants to be like the Ultramarines and are sad because they can't"
Yes. The latter it obviously taking the piss, and if you take it seriously you have only yourself to blame.

>> No.22146371

>is obviously

>> No.22146379

>"everyone wants to be like the Ultramarines and are sad because they can't".
It doesn't say that though. It does say the amount of non-codex chapters is diminishing because everyone's a Codex-Chapter successor these days.

Also I was brought into the setting being told that every codex was a propaganda piece for its army. So the Space Romans saying that they were the bestest always and forever and everyone wants to be like them, didn't surprise me in the least, because that's pretty much how rome saw itself.

>> No.22146409

>As long as they don't run Necron's Flying Circus they're pretty mid-tier. I don't think I've ever lost against crons who weren't running the Flying Circus.
This, and even the Flying Circus gets most of its power from transitional meta syndrome. Because hardly anyone has any anti-flyer yet

>> No.22146849

I wonder what your reactions would be if it turns out that Ward wrote the daemon dex

>> No.22146864


>> No.22147510


>No fluff is preferable to the new GK fluff, where they do retarded things that don't even make sense ("let's kill some SoB in a heavily contrived situation designed specifically and obviously to give us an excuse to do so, rather than fighting with them agains the threat and THEN executing them as would be more rational and in keeping with our SOP!").

They needed the Sister's blood for a ritual.

>inb4 hurf de durf Khorne

>> No.22147617

Seeing as Draigo doesn't bathe in Sister's blood and they didn't seem to see any reason to gather some on Armageddon it just keeps looking like they were dicks.

>> No.22147722


For tau players, the joy at a Warddex is actually rather simple. War does over the top fluff and lots of special characters, tau are often mocked because they lack over the top fluff and lots of special characters. A Warddex means tau will soon have Shadowsun burning down a Daemon Prince or Farsight lobbing the head of an Avatar.

>> No.22147738


Perhaps their usual forms of protection are a good enough defense against Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes while they need something extra to combat the Bloodtide.

Draigo is either the same thing or possibly the Chaos Gods not doing anything but having a laugh at his expense.

>> No.22147894

Vetock got Codex: DA because Ward was too busy saving Earth.
12/21 will be like any other day thanks to our Swag Lord

>> No.22147910

>possibly the Chaos Gods not doing anything but having a laugh at his expense.
Given that's it's stated right in his fluff everything he ever does in the warp is act of futility. This is very likely.

>> No.22147958

If the Blood Tide was so dangerous to them, surely swimming in the raw fucking warp would have some effect on Draigo, whether the Gods are expending effort on the subject.

Blood Tide and Draigo were both just poorly handled.
Especially since now no one pays attention to Mordrak

>> No.22147980

Well Draigo is stated to be the purest of the pure in a chapter where no one has ever fallen. Special snowflakey? Yeah, sure.
But my point is that we can also probably assume that the guys dealing with the bloodtide weren't that level of super-pure.

One thing that Ward didn't change is that the Grey Knights are paranoid about someone falling - scared shitless of being the first.

>> No.22148002

Ward was saving us from Codex: Earth 2013, written by Robin Cruddace

>> No.22148026

The Blood Tide threatened them not because of the Chaos part, but because of the FLOOD OF DECONSTRUCTING NANOBOTS aspect.

Grey Knights are immune to Chaos corruption.
They are not immune to chaos-corrupted things.
They are not immune to tiny robots, corrupted by chaos or no, ripping apart your body on a microscopic level.

Draigo isn't stated to be the purest of the pure, the leader of the purifiers is, obviously. The schtick of the paladins are "awesome dudes who go on awesome quests," the schtick of the purifiers is "purest of the purest of the pure.

>> No.22148059

Well as the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights he ought to be up there.

>> No.22148095

Since nobody ever mentions it, I'll point it out.

After the destruction of Caliban and the near loss of the Plainsworld the Dark Angels started recruiting from multiple worlds across the galaxy.

That means you can have random fun culture clashes in your Chapter.

>> No.22148126

And how would blood sacrifice help prevents nanobots from eating you? Ablative armor?

>> No.22148152


Didn't the White Scars beat back a bloodtide with flamers and not the blood of innocents?

>> No.22148175


>And how would blood sacrifice help prevents nanobots from eating you?

Battle Sisters get a 6++ invuln save.

Some Grey Knights only have a 3+ armor save.

Every bit helps.

>> No.22148176

>maidens that rewarded me with sex: II
How am I supposed to trust a fucking liar?

>> No.22148194

Because blood blessings are not merely a ritual in 40k, they actually work.
Different form of the Bloodtide wielded by a different foe.

>> No.22148220


Ah, it's hard to keep all these blood tides straight.

>> No.22148321

What exactly do you think Prometheum is?

>> No.22148343

You'd have better odds asking people to have sex with you. I kid you not.

>> No.22148354

As I understand it, the extra blessing made the GK "invisible" to the Chaos corrupted bloodtide. There's nothing to prevent it from eating them all up, but it did not sense the GK, so they were able to pass it without a problem.

>> No.22148361


New models are here btw.

>> No.22148367



>> No.22148512

Would not that invisibleness have been more useful inside the Sisters.

I mean one good thunderstorm and the Grey Knights are toast. What if honorable Brother Fuckupinius accidentally shoots the water tower again?

>> No.22150447


>> No.22150460

So who's next, Tau or Eldar?

Either way I'm excited. My two favorite armies.

>> No.22150482


except DA always do retarded shit including kidnapping and executing inquisitors

>> No.22150494


>Ward does Tau
>we get exciting Crisis Suits as Troops
>all sorts of new units
>probably a giant mecha of some kind

>fluff has Tau taking massive territory gains
>killing Daemon Princes with point-blank Railgun shots
>wiping out entire Chapters of marines
>Farsight becomes our Draigo

It would be so fucking sweet

>> No.22150503

So this whole fucking time all the people bitching about Ward have been jealous Tau players?
Now Ward might be Warding up their dex. Suddenly praise for Ward.

You cheeki cunts.

>> No.22150507


demons or tau, some lotr shit before.

release schedule is:

dark angels jan/feb
lotr feb/march + 40k model wave
demons or tau march/april
summer is apocalypse

absolutely no word on eldar yet but you can bet on phil kelly writing a 6e codex

>> No.22150522

Cruddance is confirmed for writing tau so another 2 years of tau being unplayable

>> No.22150529


People only ever bitch about Ward fluff, because they like the old fluff and he shits on it. His rules are a lot of fun.

The Tau in particular don't have a lot of great fluff. Every story is "and then they tried diplomacy with the murderous hellbeast and it slayed them all; silly Tau!" Getting a chance to kick ass for the first time ever sounds like a lot of fun.

Besides, some people like the drama Ward fluff brings to /tg/. I'd take a book from him over another snoozer like the newest C:CSM.

>> No.22150533

Same way the IG were unplayable?

>> No.22150542


No, the same way he fucked Tyranids.

>> No.22150548

What is Taros, Hive Fleet Gorgon, the entire Tau Codex yada yada yada.

Seriously, you're faction gets slapped one time and you pull the ''MY ARMY GETS SJAT ON EVERYTIM WAAAAH''. Whiners the whole lot of you.

>> No.22150558


Can't type today blaaargh!

>> No.22150560


The last bit of new fluff Tau got that anyone remembers is the Dark Eldar bending them over and fucking them. The piece of fluff everyone remembers is the "we killed Slaanesh" moment, or some DoW shenanigans.

I didn't say the Tau never get t win, I said we never have exciting stuff. No stolen Primarchs or names carved into Mortarion's heart or nothing.

>> No.22150563

monobuild is unplayable...

look at what cruddance wrote:
tyranids (not a codex)
guard (the weakest version of the guard codex with most units being unplayable)
sisters (monobuild that some generals do ok with but still you can only play one mediocre list)


fucking cunts don't remember when ig was awesome aka pre-crud

>> No.22150583


You shut your whore mouth. Phil Kelly is the best 40k writer period. All praise our dark lord of esteemed sexiness Phillius Kellius

>> No.22150611


Know what I see all the fucking time? People with entire canon space marine chapters. 10000 point plus spehss mehrine collections.

People buy the most space marines so GW makes mostly space marines. It's called product demand. Dark Vengeance is the best selling starter kit of all time because it's two marine armies fighting.

>> No.22150613

>The piece of fluff everyone remembers is the "we killed Slaanesh" moment

Which shows a Tau commander resisting the power of ''Slaanesh'' while his Kroot allies got fucked by it, and then he kicked Slaanesh's ass.

>I didn't say the Tau never get t win, I said we never have exciting stuff. No stolen Primarchs or names carved into Mortarion's heart or nothing.

Matching the Rapid evolution of the Tyranids with their adaptive Technology doesn't count as awesome? Turning the tide of war on the nids isn't awesome?


>> No.22150631

>have Space Marines be the poster boy of the game from the get-go
>make them the easiest to get for cheap (starter kits)
>kids coming in to paint are given a Marine to practice on
>Marines constantly get powerful new books

Why the fuck wouldn't new buyers go to Marines?

>> No.22150677

It's canon that no member of the Grey Knights has ever turned.

>Better fill up the kiddie pool with SoB blood and have a paddle just to make sure.

>> No.22150698

What about the Grey Knight that got controlled by a Collar of Khorne and was forced to fight in the Arena for the amusement of a Chaos Lord?

>> No.22150716


>> No.22150730


Imagine if it had been reversed.

"Not a single member of the Grey Knights has ever fallen to the corrupting touch of Chaos. Brother Shitface sacrificed himself so that the Sisters of Battle could anoint themselves with his blood, protecting them from the Bloodtide."

>> No.22150756

People keep saying he's confirmed and yet mysteriously fail to quote any sources.

So, source?

>> No.22150768

tau fans are regularly ridiculed by HFY retards on this very board in the aids ridden fluff threads.
Now they are whiners for wanting better fluff for their old codex?

>> No.22150788

>resisting the influences of a daemon
Like every Imperial special character ever, or all of the Grey Knights?
>beating the Tyranids
Like the Ultramarines?

Tau have no unique achievements and plenty of unflattering fluff.

>> No.22150808

You've never been in an "are tau relevant" debate, have you? Every single tau victory gets trivialized by tau-haters all the time. Taros? "Just one world." Gorgon? "They needed help!" Damocles? "Nids saved them!"

Having some good, clear, major victories would be good.

>> No.22150817


Suddenly, Grey Knights are awesome again.

>> No.22150825


They should sacrifice, like a proper Paladin does. Not fuck over the little guy.

>> No.22150835

>Grey Knight being the fucking paladin of humanity, giving his life to shield the faithful.

That would be awesome as fuck.

>> No.22150865

See, that could easily have worked.

>> No.22150897

brb writing angry letters to GW

>> No.22150925


>people liked my fluff

I don't have any reaction images.

>> No.22150943

>Like every Imperial special character ever, or all of the Grey Knights?

Yep, the only difference is that guy didn't have a thousand years of daemon asskickery knowledge and physic powers to back him up.

>Like the Ultramarines?

Like everyone else. It's how they did it is what makes it great.

>Tau have no unique achievements and plenty of unflattering fluff.

Shadowsun beating a a splinter fleet with no losses
A single tau aircraft destroying an Imperial Titan
One Ethereal dude going all monk style on a horde of Orks


What you want is ridiculous overthetop fluff. You want your Draigos and dead Avatars, right?

And here I thought the Tau are suppose to be the down to the small yet growing down earth faction. If you wanted Over the top maybe you should played the marines instead.

Maybe that's because you guys are spineless whiners that can't argue for your favorite faction?

Even if you get what you want the same thing will happen. The haters will still pull the same crap and you'll back to square one.

>> No.22150950

Can't see it happening. Grey Knights are self-sacrificing in the 'hurl yourself at the Daemon Prince' way, I don't they'd kill themselves so that the Sisters of Battle could get the credit.

>> No.22150967


Tau lack any over the top fluff, while everyone else gets some except maybe Craftowlrd Eldar.

>> No.22150978

>mistaking me for a tau player

I dont want anything. I play nids'.

>should played marines

go to bed

>can't argue for your favourite faction

oh you're one of them ... well im out laters

>> No.22150991



>> No.22151011

>What you want is ridiculous overthetop fluff. You want your Draigos and dead Avatars, right?

Just like every other faction has? Why, yes, yes I do. Warhammer is an over the op setting, of course I want my faction to have over the top fluff.

>> No.22151038

>over the top fluff

Space Marines get to kick all sorts of ass. Grey Knights kick even more ass, because they are Super Space Marines.

The Guard gets all kinds of "BALLS OF STEEL" wank with special characters winning forever.

Orks have impossible victories; the biker destroying a Titan is my personal favorite.

Craftworld Eldar get Maugan Ra. Dark Eldar get to royally fuck up the Salamanders and Tau.

Chaos might be winning.

Meanwhile, the Tau are still insignificant and naive. It sucks.

>> No.22151059 [SPOILER] 

But what are you willing to pay for it? Because I guarantee that what you want will come at a great price.

>> No.22151071

I think the biggest issue with Tau is simply a matter of scale. Due to the fluff on their FTL they don't have a large empire, in a setting where worlds are lost just to be flashy. Even when the expansions are mentioned, they seem limited at best.

Did they beat a splinter fleet? Yep, but it wasn't a good one. Behemoth would have utterly destroyed them. Yes they have good tech that keeps getting better, yes they have AI to assist them in battle but it all boils down to realistically having a smaller combined army than the Sisters of Battle. Honestly they either need Necron levels of technology or somehow get a larger uncontested empire. Perhaps another warp storm that accelerates time for them or puts them in one of the borders of the Imperium so they have plenty of room to expand without pissing off the other major races.

>> No.22151076


I don't see the big issue with Newcrons, and giving the Tau a similar amount of scandal might give them depth beyond "the new guys."

>> No.22151082

Harvest of Ka'mais is already canon. We paid in advance.

>> No.22151102

Every time I look at this picture I just can't but be amazed at how incredibly METAL it is.

>> No.22151129

A question.

Did you read the Introduction in the Tau Codex. Really, did you? Because it says right there that they ARE A SMALL AND NEW BUDDING EMPIRE in the middle of nowhere. Moving on to the rulebook which says that the Tau Empire is one of the little Xeno Empires out there and that they pose little threat to the Imperium. Any logical person would expect fluff that will correspond with this.

They're insignificant and naive because that's their role in the setting.

>> No.22151152

>I think the biggest issue with Tau is simply a matter of scale. Due to the fluff on their FTL they don't have a large empire, in a setting where worlds are lost just to be flashy. Even when the expansions are mentioned, they seem limited at best.

Tau crack the secrets of the webway. Bam, tau get proper FTL and become a galaxy wide threat all of a sudden. Some craftworlds try to nurture the tau in their for their own ends, explaining their battle brothers alliance, while other craftworlds are still "git of ma lawn!" at the young whipersnappers. Dark eldar continue to troll the tau while the tau can now start retaliating.

>> No.22151180 [DELETED] 

If the developers wanted the Tau to get proper warp travel they would allowed them to crack that secrets in Medusa rather than deciding on just giving up.

Clearly, the developers don't want the Tau to head to that direction.

>> No.22151212


plasmafetish, and hava a terminator build and a bike build, and some fearless gubbs

>> No.22151277

You know, I always thougt that Tau could be a playable army that fit he setting. After reading this thread I'm not so sure. Maybe they'd fit better in a skirmish game like Inquisitor or Necromunda.

>> No.22151329

Small doesn't imply insignificant. If it did, then space marines, the most dominant force in 40k, would be even more irrelevant than the tau.

>> No.22151384

That is one idea, but I personally wish the webway wasn't becoming such a common thing.
Eldar use it? That's fine, it's theirs for the most part anyway.
Dark Eldar use it? Well, that's where they hide and they are Eldar when you get down to it.
But now don't the Necrons have access to it as well? And the Imperium was building their own version of it long ago? Can't they come up with some other method? Although to be fair, the new travel method they came up with for the Tyranids sucks ass so perhaps I shouldn't complain too much on that account.

They are a little big for Necromunda though. Or at least, they are a little too high tech for it. Their standard gun is stronger than a boltgun, the mainstay of Marine forces and their basic armor is better then what guardsmen get. And if you take away their tech, then they are really just ugly ab-humans.

>> No.22151409

I think the problem is just how small they are. I'm pretty sure there are more chapters of marines than there are Tau worlds. And Tau worlds are not hive worlds, so it's not like those few worlds are somehow amazing. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that Tau worlds are more akin to Imperium agri-worlds in terms of population.

>> No.22151420

>And the Imperium was building their own version of it long ago?

I'm pretty sure the Imperium wasn't building their own webway, the Emperor was just trying to build a gate to get in and take it from the Eldar.

>> No.22151442

>method they came up with for the Tyranids sucks ass

Screw you!

>> No.22151468

The Ork Codex has an Ork Mek trying to create his own Webway.

I swear the Webway is gonna more crowded than Chinese Highway in this edition.

>> No.22151471

Right now the webway's the quickest way for a race without psykers to become a large scale threat. Tau spread like wildfire, and the use of the webway would allow them to set up enclaves all over the galaxy. Individual enclaves can be stamped out with sufficient Imperial firepower, but they pop up so fast it'd be hard for the Imperium to get them all.

Sure, they could also perfect their own slingshot warp drives, but between webway access or a slingshot warp drive that's as good as a regular warp drive I think the former is less problematic.

>> No.22151497

See, insignificant and naive doesn't sell codexs

Yes, but Space Marines are all super awesome demi-god asskickers who can beat up a million, billion master chiefs.

That sells codexs

>> No.22151517

I don't mind that they have a ship specifically designed to help them travel, but using the world's own gravity to pull an entire fleet to the world itself? Really? A Narwhale is fine, how they work is not. At least in my opinion.

What was wrong with them being essentially a psychic juggernaut moving through the warp like a bulldozer causing warpstorms where they traveled? They are a highly psychic species, as shown by having access to more psykers than any other force as far as I can tell.

>> No.22151523


you best be trolling heretic

>> No.22151524

>See, insignificant and naive doesn't sell codexs

Won't be a problem because the guys buying them can't read, apparently.

>> No.22151603

Well no one would buy the damn codex if they did

>> No.22151683

>And here I thought the Tau are suppose to be the down to the small yet growing down earth faction.

"Down to Earth" is the 40k way of saying they suck.

>Shadowsun beating a a splinter fleet with no losses
>One Ethereal dude going all monk style on a horde of Orks

Orks and Nids are the first level bosses of 40k, they don't count

>A single tau aircraft destroying an Imperial Titan

The Tau's biggest Titan class aircraft destroyed the Imperial weakest Titan

>> No.22151718

I don't think being naive is really the problem for them. Humanity is rather jaded at this point so any contact with another species usually involves them murdering it quickly. Tau being innocent makes it easier to show the dangers of the galaxy and justifies humanities paranoia. However, that AND being so small makes it silly at best. Either they need to be huge but have horrible things happen all the time, or small and an elite fighting force that usually wins.

However, place in the galaxy aside I enjoy my Tau army and am happy with it on the table top. It could be better of course but overall I like the style of it. It's just when you get the the fluff for them that there starts to be some glaring issues. I think it was one of those instances where GW initially thought "This would be cool" and as they fleshed it out they wrote themselves into a corner so to speak.

>> No.22151742

Isn't it a ripoff of the yuuzhan vong guys from Star Wars EU? They had these gravity things that did the same stuff.

>> No.22151765

Well, there is that story in Tau Codex about a Shas'O who got "censored" for being too killy against a IG column.

>> No.22151775

>The Tau's biggest Titan class aircraft destroyed the Imperial weakest Titan

Hahaha...oh wow. It was a Tigershark that took down a Titan.

A small mass produced small aircraft took down a Titan on its own. Just think what a Manta would have done.

>Orks and Nids are the first level bosses of 40k, they don't count

Actually, they're forces capable of destruction on a scale larger than ant faction in the setting. Also don't lower the value of other factions while trying to up yours, it makes you look kinda hypocritical.

>> No.22151780

So they're Stupid Dopes who's only role is to show of how great and smart the Imperium is for being a bunch of jaded cunts.

Fucking Marketing Gold

>small and an elite fighting force

You really can't call them elite when their warrior caste is less skilled than the endless cannon fodder that is the Imperial Guard

>> No.22151795

Really, you guys are surprisingly eager to repeat the mistakes of old by pretty much suggesting stuff that would make the Tau into the most bestest faction in the setting. Have you considered that good writing should at least be attempted before wankery takes hold? Don't just skip ahead to the fanwank because you're jealousof the other factions.

>> No.22151796

By censored, they mean they had him assassinated.

His name is O'var.

>> No.22151835

>good writing should at least be attempted
i am literally bending over in laughter right now.

>> No.22151846

>Orks and Nids are the first level bosses of 40k, they don't count
Ork player here.
Fuck you. Fuck you with a cactus.

>> No.22151876

So, you'd rather they actually try to make the writing horrible?

>> No.22151898

But that doesn't mean it won't be.

>> No.22151912

They're filler, all the xenos are filler. Their only reason for being is to give the marines something to until the Chaos marines turn up.

>> No.22151946

Actually I was saying that if they were a small and elite fighting force, their existence in the greater scheme of things would make sense. Currently all they really have is the small part, not the elite.

Also, being innocent and naive isn't a bad thing if they were thriving in spite of it. It would show that humanity is taking the easy way out by being huge dicks to the rest of the galaxy and not everyone has to be the bad guy. An odd thing to have in Warhammer but it would draw in people who like being a force of optimism in a pessimistic universe.

However, it would be a stretch to say they are thriving. They aren't losing, but in the grand scheme of things their place at the moment is as a footnote in some other codex about the high tech xeno race that was encountered and destroyed/eaten/subjugated. As I said before, I like Tau but honestly their empire has Draigo levels of plot armor when it comes to their continued existence. Which might explain being battle brothers with space marines (Ultramarines), as that alliance would mean their greatest threat, the Imperium, isn't trying to rape them at every turn and gives them the opportunity to grow into something more. Unfortunately, unless there is some massive growth spurt for the empire they won't be on the same scale as any other army until Warhammer 45-50K

>> No.22151956

Never said it would be. All I said was that they could at least *try* to make it good. Admittedly, that's not the easiest thing when writing 40k, i.e. a mishmash of ideas ripped off from better works of fiction and then retconned ten times over to become a clusterfuck of contradictory and sometimes nonsensical characterizations.

However, the ideas for improvement of the Tau and their fluff seems more like fanboys ripping off 40k itself, which is a bad idea for obvious reasons.

>> No.22151965

>Never said it would be
Supposed to say "wouldn't"

>> No.22152043

Now you sound like that Mormon guy in my gaming group...

>> No.22152156

>reversed Teutonic knight colour scheme

You mean the Knights Hospitaller color scheme?

>> No.22152331

I'm unsure where " wankery" stops and "good writing" starts in 40K. Could you give me an example of good writing in 40K?

>> No.22152516


>> No.22152533

You're asking for peoples' opinions, ya git. Just read something and decide for yourself if it's good.

>> No.22152590

know no fear -- dan abnett

angel of darkness -- gav thorpe

>> No.22152636

No that's AT-43 for you

>> No.22152683

do we have scans of the codex yet?

>> No.22153601

Tau have always been basically alien bad guys but in the wrong universe so they're the best bad guys

>> No.22153627


no...the Rock is an asteroid. it makes sense. there are many fortresses throughout history called a/the Rock.

tyebgay bar was a coincidence. proofnif you look fir it, you'll see it.

>> No.22153654


Their miniatures are really cheap on ebay.

Like retardedly cheap: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/WARHAMMER-40K-BITS-DARK-VENGEANCE-10x-DARK-ANGEL-TACTICAL-SQUAD-/110990161878

>> No.22153698

Well and Rome had realy good reason for that.

>> No.22153949

>the weakest version of the guard codex with most units being unplayable
You only played the 4th Edition codex and had a set of doctrines you loved didn't you.

I feel your pain, but seriously, Guard were longtime losers up until that dex. Minor exceptions for Tank Companies and Steel Legion.

>> No.22153990

Not even. Before the Cruddex, the only IG list that I remember doing anything in any kind of competitive event was the 101th Airborne one.

And in that, it was the best codex ever because the tabletop and the fluff were the same : IG never wins.

>> No.22153992

Space Romans have ample reason for it too.
Doesn't make it true, certainly wasn't true for Rome.

>> No.22153997

derp, meant to link it to

>> No.22154156

While hardly the greatest codex on the tournament scene, the 4th Edition Guard Codex was practically made of flavor and personalization.

In my mind it remains the hallmark of what a good codex should be. Especially when you take into account the huge amount of secondary material made for it.

>> No.22154250

It was very enjoyable, yes. It was also very weak and "HURRR DURRR, IG NEVAR WINZ" (both from players and GW) get kinda old after 20 years.

The 5th Ed codex was a clusterfuck of bad design, but at least it made the day of the dudes who kept going with the lamest faction all that time. Maybe the next one will be a middle-ground of the two (hopefully balanced units with personnalisation, not terribad clusterfuck without soul).

>> No.22154251


Off-topic, but here's the drooling interviewer chick.

>> No.22154267

Inquisition War trilogy-Ian Watson (srs, though really only the first 2 are worth reading)

Eisenhorn-Dan Abnett (still working on this one but I really like it)

Funnily enough, it's mostly because it's not focused on Marinesssss

>> No.22154347

I've liked a lot of the marine books honestly.
But yeah, Eisenhorn-Ravenor-Pariah are as good as 40k books get.

>> No.22154445

Tau are the single army most screwed over by the timeline hold.

They're new at this, young and naive, and they even believe in peace and prosperity and that there can be friends out among the stars.
And they are learning they are wrong. The Tyranids will eat you, the Orks will fight you, and the Eldar will use you as pawns no matter how much diplomacy and understanding you use. Chaos is worse, and their cults must be hunted out and reeducated. The worshippers of the six-armed all father bring the Tyranids to the Empire's doorstep and rewrite its people's genetic code.

So the Tau must change, they must harden their hearts and steel their minds. The Greater Good is the only way to save this galaxy, and if those among the stars can't see it they must be made to see it. The Tau must learn from those races who have long sailed the stars and adapt what they can, or they will never survive out here.

>> No.22154456

But for the 4 castes life is short. Only a mere 40 Terran years at most. While we sit here musing over how sad it is that there are so few people left who remember the Great War the Tau grieve that there are none who recall the glorious victories of Vietnam. Their Desert Storm vets are our WWII vets.

So when the young cheer at another ignorant alien race brought into line with the wisdom of the Greater Good by the guns of the Tau Fleets the only people there to offer a complaint are their parents, who might suggest that further diplomacy could have reduced the need for violence, or that a show of force might have sufficed.

There are few Tau children who will ever see the tear fall down their Grandparent's cheek and hear them wonder why they couldn't have had a trade treaty, or an alliance of convenience. And there are none who will ever see their great-grandparents stare at the viewscreen in horror and disbelief, whispering that this should not be, you do not have to join the Empire, the Greater Good wants only the willing.

The Tau are a young race. They live young, they die young. And as they adapt themselves to the galaxy they have reached out into, there are none who remember that they are becoming what they sought to save others from.

Just the Aun, standing above them all. Old beyond a Tau's imagining, as unchanging and present as the foundations of the world, and the Human Emperor on his throne.

>> No.22154805

Special request: If any GW employee is reading this, can you have a Tau character pull an "Indy" on a Black Templar melee-monkey? You know when he shoots the Arab with the whirling scimitars. Except it will be Emperor's Champion meet Fusion Pistol to the head.

>> No.22154900

Emperor's Champion is a poor choice, seeing as how he always has a personal personal forcefield as part of his regalia.

A Marshall or Captain from another chapter would work better. Also it should be crisis suit with twin plasmaguns or a broadside with Railguns.

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