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/tg/ which 40k faction do you think has the worst fanbase?

My vote goes for tau or marines, one spews "heresy lol" the other "4 the greater good guise"

please no infighting I don't want this to become a shitstorm we are elegan/tg/entlemen after all

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Orks, now fuck off troll thread.

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Ouch, in my defense I did say

>please no infighting I don't want this to become a shitstorm we are elegan/tg/entlemen after all

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This topic invites vitriol.

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If your best defense is "I'm not a troll, I'm clinically retarded!", just delete the damn thread.

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Guardfags, easily. They shit up threads for other factions and crow about being the underdogs while having arguably the top codex in the game.

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>Hey guys. I heard Tim say that Garry was a faggot, but I reckon Tim is the real faggot. What do you think?
>But don't make this a fight guys.

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Chill man it'll be alright, I'm sorry if I mentioned a faction you like or something.

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Sorry I guess, and >implying things doesn't make it better anon

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Either Guard or Marines, as both are obnoxious enough to think they are free from retardation when it probably plagues them the most out of any playerbase.

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And when I say "Marines" I mean regular Space Marines. BT players are relatively nice folk, for instance.

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Eldar, Tau, Marines and Guard. Each factions fanbase is an insufferable mass of braying retards. You know what? Lets just say fucking every factions fanbase is the worst because you fucking know it's true.

I just really hate my fellow 40k players.

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I play 30k, so I have no problems with any of you.

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Sisters of Battle or Tau; SoB is bad and only exists for foreveralone neckbeard fap material, Tau fanbois are bad because while they only have one or two named fapbaits, the fucking pretentious do-goody bullshit they exude is unbearable.

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>Only exists for fap material

Really? GW created a all female army for fap material, instead of, you know, attracting female audiences to make more money.

Besides, I am happy to fap over female IG, daemonettes, Tau females or female Eldar. Any in fact. I guess you don't watch porn because it's created especially for people to fap over, right?

To answer the question, Space Wolves. Probably because of their fluff, the "lol lets kill the legion that warned us about the Heresy!" not to mention the Power Gamers who spam Long Fangs.

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Sisters or Guard.

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The Sisters, and I say this as a Sisters fan. All that animu bullshit, it's irritating. It completely demeans a faction that has no respect as is. We don't need to go around making them uguu~ on top of it, it's just dumb.

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Ugh, fucking newfag. 20k master race reporting in.

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Horribly fetishized, just in case you neckbeards didn't know, their women are buttugly.

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All of them.

And this thread will be the proof for it.

Even squats.

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>Really? GW created a all female army for fap material, instead of, you know, attracting female audiences to make more money.

They have a unit made up naughty nuns wearing nothing but a few bits of paper whipped into battle by a large burly nun called a Mistress

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We fetishize everything, what's your point?

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I think it's because the fans dislike the way they have been painted. If you look at the Heavy Metal team models, they look old and in my eyes, wrong. The Canoness looks the best.

However, I've seen some painted SoB that look great. I think my problem with SoB is that they all look the same. I think the basic Sisters of Battle, Battle Sisters or whatever, should look young, like 20 odd. The more elite the units get the older they should look. So, Canonesses should look the oldest and if they ever put Prioress's or Abbesses' then even older.

For example, grunts on the ground in RL are usually young 18 plus, but the Generals are usually late 40's and so on.

Who knows, maybe GW will do that if they ever update them.

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In Lemon Rush's defense, Horus intercepted the Emprah's orders to arrest Magnus, and altered them to "Kill Magnus and his thieving magpies, too!"

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Meh. I don't even care if they're hot or not. I just fucking hate anime. So much.
This picture in particular drives me fucking insane.

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They are being punished. Look at Dark Eldar, Dark Elves, Daemons... So on, so forth.

Sure, that's a good point, but if it was truly created for neckbeards and for fap material, surely they would of been updated by now? Ah well. Who knows!

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Whatever happened to the Blood Ravens? I don't know anything bout their existence before the heresy and everything I've read is implied. Either way, arresting him was just as bad, still Russ had no qualms doing either and would much rather kill them. Besides, he got given Custodians and Sisters of Silence to help him, guess he always wanted to kill him.

captcha: mcrapin casta

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I kinda have to agree with you, even as a space wolves player. I wandered in, bright-eyed and wondrous at vikings in spaaaace! then I discover the filth people pull and make a point to never field longfangs.

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Sorry for not being clear, I thought that was pretty obviously hyperbolic. My point is that SoB aren't very good, so the only purpose they really serve is being fap material. Both of the two women I know who play 40k were initally interested in Tau. If GW's purpose for designing an all-female army was to attract a broader female audience then they're doing it in exactly the way socially inept neckbeards or really shitty marketing execs would do it.

What army do you prefer? Why? Is it because they're all men or dominated by men? I doubt it. It's probably because the fluff or the mechanics and synergy appeal to you. If it's something else by all means, please correct me, but I suspect my point will still stand that it's not about the gender of the soldiers or I wouldn't know two women who play Tau and Eldar exclusively. SoB are just Space Marines with tits and a collective Joan of Arc complex, there's nothing that makes them somehow more female than the regular marines so it feels like if it's actually to try to diversify their playerbase, then it's in the most pandering and ineffectual way possible.

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>a thread created entirely to insult your peers
>please no infighting I don't want this to become a shitstorm we are elegan/tg/entlemen after all

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Oh right, well, fan art and what GW will use in a possible update is different.

Lots of non-anime art out there though. Black Library says 'they' are looking through DeviantArt for artists to do SoB stuff. Who knows.... I hope for a day when they are updated.

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>capital letters
>implying you're OP

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It's a shame, I also don't like the "Lol, no magic" and "lol it's not magic it's Spirit of the Wolf" or some bollocks done by Rune Priests.

I originally played Chaos back in 2nd Edition, but quit. I like SoB, Black Templars and IG. But I've not done any models since 2nd Edition, so I just read books/codex stuff.

SoB are perfectly fap worthy, I fully understand it, but I like them as the bridge between Space Marines and Imperial Guard. I like the Black Templars are they are different (slightly) to Space Marines, with Carapace wearing hordes. I love Imperial Guard because I love their tanks.

If I ever came back to 40k, it'd be Sisters of Battle with Imperial Guard allies, or the other way round. Since the Imperial Armour Edition 2 allows Tank Destroyers in 40k, it's a sexy proposition.

My sister likes SoB, but given the choice she'd do Space Marines. I think SoB were done to please the "feminazi" groups that attacked GW for being all male and making women nothing more than sex objects. So, they made SoB, a group of religious fanatics who were strong and independent from the male dominated Imperium (in their eyes).

It could of been done better, but they needed to make sure it sold to the core demographic (at the time). I think the main reason they remain un-updated is because the core demographic is now children and many are not interested in females (yet). So, in the end, you are right, they are followed/collected by the neckbeards, as they are the very few into them.

Don't get me wrong, I get your point, but I don't think they exist purely for fapping neckbeards.

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boil away the bullshit and it comes down to psykers Vs. sorcery, or at least, that's what I've picked up. The whole "one is using your midn to make hell do shit, the other is all sorts of evil math" arguement.

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I've always wondered what would happen if there was a chapter that secretly used sorcery alongside psyker powers.

Also, >inb4 the Grey Knights quote about how psykers and sorcery are the same

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Its not gotten that ugly if you read through the thread, rather than droning what's already been discussed

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As a Nid player I am enjoying this thread.
Carry on

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10k Super Master Race, you're argument is irrelevant.

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0k. My HQ is jesus.

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-650000k. My HQ is a T-Rex

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You and me both.

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>/tg/ which 40k faction do you think has the worst fanbase?
There is a difference? You all just blend in to one horrible "Thats so 40k!" mess to me

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And I have ditched 40k for 30k. So me and my Primarchs can bemusedly watch the 40k squabbles, knowing that it's our fault that's what happened.

By my games am I creating the hellhole that is 40k. What fun.

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