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>Emprah arrives on Corchis
>Lorgar's built a global religion that worships the emprah as a god
>Says nothing about it
>Word Bearers spend a century spreading that religion from world to world
>Pay extra attention to make sure the Emprah is properly worshipped on those worlds
>Suddenly Lorgar's favorite world is razed
>Primarch and his entire legion humiliated, a century of crusades turned into shit
>Over something that could have been addressed at day 1
>Lorgar subsequently turns to chaos and orchestrates the fucking Horus heresy

The emperor is a dumb asshole

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You see, Emps knew what was coming in the Future, and apprently the Horus Heresy needed to happen because the future where all the Primarchs and the Emp still walking around was a bad one.

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I agree Brother, The False Corpse God was weak, and not worthy of Worship. We have found the true path, the Primordial Truth.

We shall show the Imperials their false ways with Bolter, Fire and Faith.

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Orkz here.

Yu'z all mukkin' about.

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Begone beast!! You kind is but a bite of the fly compared to the glory of the four Great Powers!!

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>The emperor is a dumb asshole
Yea. And Lorgar is the son that emulated him best. Emps be jelatinous.

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this guys have a point thou... for a being with godlike psychic power (enough to make the 4 chaos gods work together to stop his plans), the Emprah does show a lack of foresight, not to mention stupidity.

Another exemples:
- Oh, Magnus is telling me Horus will turn cloak. Lets punish him for doing it and do nothing about the fucking chosen champion of the chaos gods.
- Oh, one of my sons was implanted with rage indulcing implants. Let's not adress it, and instead of removing then and saving his mates, let's teleport him out of the battle with the only people he ever loved and put a fucking super human legion in the hands of a guy who simply screws of Khorne.
- Oh, my favourite son has betrayed me. Let him fuck my other favourite son and my home planet, before wishing him dead with the sheer power of my mind. No use doing this earlier right?

I could go on and on, but botonline the God Emperor was a douche and a fuckin idiot.

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The best way to describe the Emperor is... "emotionally retarded."

And I don't even mean that in a pejorative sense, I mean it in the sense of him being a character from Big Bang Theory. He's a brainiac psyker who couldn't fucking relate to any other human being in the entirety of human history... literally. He's even a militant atheist, canonically.

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Oh geez, my one goth son who has visions of the future started trying to claw his own eyes out when he took a single look at me, better not ask him what that was about.
Oh man, his legion is psycopathing it up out there, better wait a few decades until it's too late to change their ways properly that I don't want them to do that.

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Everyone has flaws. The Emperor's was that he was prone to FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT when his will was disobeyed.

Like, holy fuck. Incandescent, only-child-with-assburgers, level rage, at being disobeyed.

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yeah, and this dumbshit decides it's the best interest of everyone to fucking command as EMPEROR the trillions of humans in a divided galaxy... Instead of, you know, manipulate shit from the background like he was doing for the past 15 thousand years and put someone who could actually relate to human beings as the front man...

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To be fair, the Emperor was only able to kill Horus by
A- waiting for Sangy to open a chink in Horus's army
B- burn himself to fucking death by calling on enough power to destroy Horus

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Yeah the Emperor was a fucking dick. I honest would have rebelled too.

And it just shows how retarded the Loyalists were/are.

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I'm still wondering what the two missing/erased/dead Legions did to warrant expulsion from all records. I mean, hell, they weren't even allowed to talk about them amongst themselves.

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>The emperor is a dumb asshole
News at eleven.

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They became Eldritch Abominations

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Maybe they went full mutant and the emps had them disbanded out of shame.

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>This is what the Ecclisiarchy actually believes

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Maybe they were homo lovers and Emps didn't like it.

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Nah, at least one of the Legions was absorbed into the Ultramarines.

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that may even be so, but the amount of times people disobeyed him without knowing or for a greater good is still astonishing... like in Magnus case that the other anon pointed out, or in OP's instance, where he didn't said shit to Lorgar until they had crusaded that way for a fucking cenury....

and it's not like he sat down with his son and said "well buddy, it's all fun and dandy you think me as a god, but I am not one. Faith is a fucking powerfull thing, and it can go really wrong, so let's just drop this I am a God thing ok?"

no, he has to fucking humilliate him and not even give a fucking reason why he should not be worshiped. I mean, i can see you keeping the existence of the warp and the chaos gods from the normal average citizen of the empire, but a fucking Primarch? Take a fucking day off and talk to your damn genetically altered son and EXPLAIN to him why he shouldn't be worshiped.

for someone who values knowledge and rational thoughts over blind faith, the emperor does a really poor job educating his sons

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It's because they decided to do a HH series and they needed to do it without fluffing the lost legions.

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How did the Primarchs go missing as babies anyways?

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Time travel shenanigans where Word Bearers travel back through time to the dungeons where the Primarchs were grown. Then they broke the local Gellar field generator and the Chaos Gods just sent them on their merry way.

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Chaos Gods scattered them.

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I am ashamed of you brother.
Burn the heretics!

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The Chaos Gods warped them away from Terra and scattered them around the galaxy.

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Yeah, he was a fuck hole. Between what he did to Lorgar, Magnus, Angron, Never noticing or addressing Cruz's psycho loner behavior...that should have been enough for the other Primarch to say "Dad..wtf are you doing? This isn't right."

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Did the Emperor like step out for coffee or something when they did that?

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Chaos God shenanigans

His actions were so stupid it's almost suspicious.

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It's Chaos.
Ain't gotta explain shit.

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See >>22110099.

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Fuck you Sangy...You Robot and Rogal got all of dad's attention and never had to suffer any of the shit we did.

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The entire Primarch project was conducted on the moon.

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When is this from?
Last time I checked Emperor vs Horus was a brutal fight between father and son with the Emperor laying Horus low but being unable to deliver the final blow because he loved and cherished (t)his son.
Horus being a total boss takes this opportunity to disembowel his dad and kick him in the balls.
Imperial Fist Terminator 'Aw hell no's into the room and tries to take aim only for Horus to explode him pressurized streams of blood from his eyes.
Emperor realizes that his son is gone forever and that the thing before him is no longer his son. Explodiates Horus' soul with his mind.
Horus regains his humanity as he dies.
Dorn strolls in to find his father suffering from disembowelment, injured testicles, and a broken heart.
Helps build a giant golden toilet where his father can devour millions of souls and act as a lighthouse for the rest of forever.

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yeah, that's the version I knew also
only thing different is that i thought it was an Adeptus Custodes who went "Heck no biatch" and was promptly exploded by Hous

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I like this better.


Emperor is a faggot

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Also Horus apparently regained his humanity because the psychic blast the emperor shot was so powerfull it threated the 4 chaos gods very existence, so they went "yeah, tough luck buddy, we are out of here" of Horus mind

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Actually, Sanguinius killed the Horus, and then the Emperor.

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Then how do you explain the dead inucorns?

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dead what?

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The Emperor's main flaw was the inability to think himself falible inspite of his repete claims to not being a god, no matter how much he seemed to act like one.

Horus falling to chaos, impossible I favored him for a reason.

That's his thought prosess a man how thinks himself incapable of making mistakes.

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Of coures anyone who ever read a fucking psycology book would know that picking favorite children is a recepie for disaster.

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Truly a man not worthy of worship!!

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All of this shit could have been avoided if he just sat down once in a while and had some talks with his sons. Also, if he did proper introductions with some of them.

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Probably nothing as bad as people think

Winged Faggot was afraid to mention the Red Thirst to his dad because he knew his legion would be destroyed.

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Still better than the godless Tau.

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So the weak would claim.

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To be fair, his kids had their fair share of dickishness too.
Like Mortarian hating daddy because he kill stole to save my life.
Or Rogal Dorn insulting everyone forever.

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Guys. I might have to say it...

The Emperor was a Quintuple Nigger.

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That's the fuck of it, the leader of mankind, of humanity, has no humanity in him, leaving him unable to remotly empathize with his semi-human children.

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>not lone guardsman

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I recently read Angel Extermiatus and man Perturabo now seems like such a likeable Primarch. Did you know he was the one who designed the building which hosted the Council of Nikaea? But he didn't know what it would be used for, he believed there would be honest discussion/debate, but instead it turned into something quite ugly for which he hated himself.

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So say the Progeny of the biggest ass kisser in the galaxy.

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All in all, I think that's why I feel more sympathetic to the legions that defected from the Imperium without turning to chaos... It's like, you have to choose between the 4 incredibly evil gods (Rapey, Killey, Infecty, Manipuley) and a fucking douche who insists he is not a god but act in each and every way like one, specially in the whole "i do the stupidest things ever but won't accept one piece of advice or critic"...
I'd say fuck that, I'm not following this douche but I don't want to be turned to a mindless killing machine or a fucking nymphomaniac if I don't....

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Perturabo >>>> Rogain Porn

>> No.22110468

The Emperor is Gigga Nigga? It all makes sense! I can't post the pic from my phone

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So, the Necrons have it right? Kill all the gods and make them your servants?

>> No.22110495

I...I guess so...

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Ollanius was on Terra. Not on the Flagship.

>> No.22110535

Lorgar was the one who first developed the Imperial Truth. One of the primary tenants the Imperium remained together as much as it did during the Great Crusade. This was incredibly useful to the Emperor and was pretty much key to not having to keep a significant military presence on every single world. It was only when Lorgar started to push the Emperor's greatness directly, rather than the greatness of humanity that the Emperor got pissed.

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After 100 years of saying nothing.

The Emperor is a faggot, Deal with it Loyalist scum.

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No the Necrons are also jealous bitches

"oh woe is me, my race is short lived and frail... let's start a fucking war with the most advanced race in the whole galaxy instead of asking them for help... oops, it's not working, let's awake this Star Gods who will totally be cool with us and win the war for us... oops they turned us in mindless killing machines, let's rebel and shatter those motherfuckers and everything will be ok... ooops, forgot all this pointless wars turned a once peacefull dimension into hell and now the monstruositys are pouring into our reality... well, nevermind, lets just sleep for 100 million years and hope everything will be ok when we wake up..."

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I don't see any guardsmen wearing the Crux Terminatus, now do I?

Checkmate, atheists.

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The way I look at it is that the horus heresy is just a giant sci fi version of "Mean Girls" and the primarchs are all highschool primadonnas

>> No.22110610

Do any Space Marine's believe in the cause of the cause of the Imperium but not the Emperor?

>> No.22110624


A shitload of Space Marines just idolize the dude and wish to emulate him in some manner. Very few Chapters worship him. Black Templars are the most famous ones who do.

>> No.22110631

>cause of the cause
I did good.

>> No.22110654

<<<<<<<<<< Lorgar.

Fucking cry baby. Can't stand on his own two feet, always has to be led their by a father figure. Seriously, no matter how Aaron Dembski-Bowden trys to show him off in a favourable light, hes the WEAKEST primarch in my eyes.

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Somewhere. It stinks of the warp, of burning void shields. The walls are polished ebony and etched ceramite, inlaid with crystal and ivory and rubies. Gold leaf edges the hatch frames. The place is so big. So very big. Vaults and chambers, dark and monumental, like the naves of cathedrals. Of a tomb. Of a necropolis catacomb. The ground is black marble.
It’s not the ground. It’s a deck.
He can feel the throb of engines coming through it. Drive engines.

There is an angel dead on the floor. On the deck. The angel is a giant. He was beautiful. His sword is broken. His golden plate is cracked. His wings are crushed. Blood streaks his armour and soaks the carnodon-skin mantle he wears. His hair is as golden as his armour. He has teardrops on his cheek.
His killer is waiting nearby, black as night, made of rage, masked by shadow. The edges of his wargear are chased with gold, giving his darkness a regal outline and shape. The gold encircles the eyes he wears on his chest and harness: baleful, red, staring eyes. He fumes with power. He prickles hot, like a lethal radiation leak. He’s polluting the galaxy just by standing in it. There’s a crackle. A fizzle. Malice so terrible a rad-counter could pick it up.

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>bitching about the emperor
>not addressing there's no fucking alternative to the imperium
Yeah, the extinction of our species sounds fucking great. Let's get right on that, dipshits.

>> No.22110752


Already Done.

>> No.22110756

Oh please, the biggest faggot was the Emperor and his favorites. They sucked his retard dick so much that he believed his own hype.

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While the setting is pretty cool, the actual fluff for 40k is beyond abyssal. Just go with "a Chaos God did it" and leave it at that

>> No.22110798

DB is the only halfway competant writer in the entire black library stable.

Lorgar is supposed to be a little bitch. Kurze is supposed to be self rightous little shit with more power than is good for him

>> No.22110827


That's the point, actually. Lorgar was the fucking redheaded stepchild of the Primarchs.


You know Corax? He's the Primarch who goes ABLOOBLOOBLOO into the Warp, after reading 'Genetic Engineering For Dummies'. He's the weedy pencil-neck of the brothers, who reads way too much.

He kicks Lorgar's ASS.

Like, he *fucks him up real good*.

I did not expect Corax to be so goddamn badass. But you know who's lame? Ferrus Manus. Ferrus got to do precisely JACK SHIT.

>> No.22110846

Had the Emperor acted differently we'd have the actual 30K Imperium as opposed to the shithole that 40K is. That's the alternative.

Don't give me that "he had to there was no other option".

>> No.22110856

Manus got fucked with by Eldar

There is no low lower than that.

>> No.22110891


Yeah, Corax kills like fifty demon-possessed Marines. Then he tanks multiple lascannon shots. Then he literally cuts lorgar in half, and only backs off when Kurze turns up.

It's a pretty respectable showing.

Oddly enough, Robutts Guilleman, when written by Abnett, seems to be much weaker. He was almost beaten by Erebus, of all people, until he pulled out his fucking heart.

>> No.22110902

There's quite a bit coming out now showing Manus to have been one of the more respected primarchs. In Know No Fear and in the audio short "Warmaster" Guilliman and Horus both lament not having him fighting by their side.

>> No.22110907

Besides Lorgar and Ferrus, who else would you all consider as the weakest of the Primarchs?

>> No.22110915

To be fair, they got really fucked up over millenia over constant high-level radiation exposure.

When horrific cancer and constant pain is what everybody suffers from, seeing people who have much better lives and who give no fucks about it would make even humans snap.

>> No.22110917

>Ferrus got to do precisely JACK SHIT.
He and Vulkan had a bit of hammer bros/monster hunter action in the (really lackluster) Salamander novel.

It was the highlight of the book.

>> No.22110918

So much heresy in this thread

But yeah I agree it was much more a result of shitty writing than anything. BL (acronym coincidence?) authors tend to vacillate between portraying primarchs as either being subtly led on to their betrayal and lolsoevulz comic book villains, with no clear line distinguishing each point of view (it depends on the author largely). Personally I'd like to believe that just as in real history, almost everything about the Horus Heresy has been fabricated to suit Imperial or Chaos propaganda and that the truth is really whatever the fuck the player chooses to make up to suit around the general facts (mainly some legions turned to chaos and shit started up).

Personally I think the best portrayal of the Emperor's true character was in Graham McNeill's short story the Last Church (I highly recommend it, it's probably one of the best short 40k pieces ever from a literary standpoint). The story describes him having a "molten core of violence" and suggests that he was a deeply driven, ruthless man who was willing to pursue any means to attain his goals and was so convinced in the power of his foresight that he was blind to the side effects his actions were bringing. For instance, his greatest mistake was that on one hand he wanted to stamp out religion, but on the other hand, his authoritarian rule and personality inevitably engendered a new kind of religious fervor. He's pretty much like Adolf Hitler, except probably more likeable as an individual (he is the fucking Emprah after all).

>> No.22110921

>The emperor is a dumb asshole

old news.

>> No.22110952


Does anyone have a copy of Warmaster or Strike and Fade they can put up for us without money?

>> No.22110962

I have Warmaster. Give me a sec.

>> No.22111047

It's Lorgar and Kurze. Lorgar as just plain weakest and Kurze because he's a murderer and terrorist, not a fighter in the style of the others. Every other primarch is a stereotype of a warrior.

>> No.22111053


>Oddly enough, Robutts Guilleman, when written by Abnett, seems to be much weaker. He was almost beaten by Erebus, of all people, until he pulled out his fucking heart.

I thought it Kor Phaeron he almost lost too? Which makes it even worse.

>> No.22111068


Brilliant. Thank you.

>> No.22111077

I thought Lorgar got a bit more badass after that fight with Corax, or am I remembering wrong? Didn't the fight bring out his inner warrior primarch?

>> No.22111079


It was Kor Phaeron, but really hopped up on Warp Power. Guilliman is described in both KnF abd betrayer as unusually weak to warp powers.

>> No.22111081

>Sang gets wrecked by a chump Bloodthirster
>Lorgar defeats the strongest warrior of Khorne and lord of Bloodthirster
>Lorgar is weak

Can you not logic?

>> No.22111083

Is this the latest edition? Looking to buy it for a good read.

>> No.22111089


Haven't used rapidshare in ages though. Hope this works.

Also, keep in mind that it is an audio short. Not a drama, not a novel.

>> No.22111106


If you like SPIRITUAL LIEGE, then go right ahead.

>> No.22111122


Correct, during/after his battle with Corax his psychic powers get unleashed and he becomes much stronger.

Shortly afterwards he smacks around not-Fulgrim and beats both a weakened Avatar of Khaine and Khorne's strongest Bloodthirster.

>> No.22111135

Dorn once took offense to Kurze having prophetic dreams about the brothers killing each other and their father, and stormed out of dinner to give him what for.

By the time the other Primarchs got to Konrad's room he was sitting on Dorn's bloody near dead form.

Dude is a total badass when he wants to be. I mean they put him under house arrest for it so he left and blew up his homeworld.

>> No.22111151

All in all, as all good tyrants, the Emperor fucked up when he tought he should lead and control all aspects of humanity.

He was never a leader, he was a fucking scientist for christ sake. A brilliant geneticist and psyker, that's what he was. I can see he stepping up to it before finding the Primarchs, but once the 20 of them were found it was pretty obvious he should've shared power with them.

It would go something like this:
- Roboute and Dorn are the statesman. Once we conquer a planet, you guys organize it in a functional society
- Sanguinius and Fulgrin are PR and propaganda. You pretty boys stand in the front of the fight and inspire humanity with you charisma and looks, Captain America style.
- Horus would be in charge of the Military, with people like Ferrus Manus, Vulkan, Jaghatai Khan and Leman Russ as liutenants.
- Lorgar is the spirit leader of mankind, but make sure to state mankind as a whole as divine, not particular individuals as gods.
- Magnus is with the Emperor himself helping him in his plans to create a human webway and studying the warp as to know humanity enemies.
- Angron and Curze, straight to therapy.

>> No.22111154

weakened is an understatement.

He poked the thing once and it fell to pieces. I have a feeling that was ADB making a joke about the whole Avatar of Khaine's Worf Effect in 40k.

>> No.22111159

Dorn was a pussy though

>> No.22111175

Why was there a weakened avatar in the middle of nowhere?

>> No.22111189

Not the middle of nowhere. Lorgar was in the middle of the Eye of Terror and came across the ruins of a wrecked craftworld that failed to escape Slaanesh's birth throes. That avatar had been slowly dying for thousands of years.

>> No.22111190


Lorgar was on an abandoned Eldar planet in the Eye of Terror.

>> No.22111200

It's hard to say because their powerlevels bounce around all over the place.
You might think Alpharius, but his origin story has him shrugging off a bridge full of bolter fire while he charges Horus only for the two to brohug at the last second.
Sanguinius gets his ass kicked by a bloodthirster, later he breaks its back over his knee.
Russ beats Magnus on Prospero, Magnus beats Russ on Garm.
Lion and Russ fight evenly for days. Lion and Luther also fight evenly.

>> No.22111244

It could be that individual Primarch's powers work better against certain opponents.

Maybe Lorgar's psychic powers are really effective agains demony things like the Bloodthirster and Demon-Fulgrim, just not so well against other Primarchs like Corax.

>> No.22111260

They're not pokemans, dude!

>> No.22111264

but what if they are?

>> No.22111295


"Ferrus Manus, I choose you!"

"Ferrus Manus, use Forgebreaker!"

'Wild Fulgrim used Laeran Blade!'

'It's Super Effective!'

>> No.22111305



>> No.22111318

>Lorgar is a natural Daemonslayer
>First to fall

But seriously, Morty is the weakest. Every other Primarch was strong enough upon their world. Morty failed at the end.

>> No.22111378

Horus used Diplomacy... But it failed.
Enemy Sanguinius used Metal Slash! It's not very effective! Horus defense fell.

Horus used Slash! Critical hit!
Enemy Sanguinius fainted!

Imperium of Man is about to send out The Emperor. Would you like to change Primarchs? (Y/N)

>> No.22111393

Same was true of Angron. It's the key event that ties these two primarchs together. The difference is Angron most likely forgot about his homeworld completely when he finally realized the power the Emperor was giving him. I don't think Mortarion ever recovered from the humiliation.

>> No.22111451


He lnew about his homeworld, Nuceria all along. he tried to forget about it as the memories were too harsh for him.

>> No.22111516

Angron engages in stone cold vengeance.

He never forgot his homeworld. No drop pods and chainaxes for Nuceria. He gave it over to the worst kind of vengeance of he could imagine.

He gave it to Ultramar.

>> No.22111532

>Time travel shenanigans where Word Bearers travel back through time
And/or when Horus went back in time.

>> No.22111561

This something from Betrayer? Never heard of any of that.

>> No.22111593

>Same was true of Angron. It's the key event that ties these two primarchs together.
Not quite. Angron was 'sure to fail' and got pulled away from his men before the battle could happen. Given that his brothers had done things such as crawl out of the planet mantly while and infant, raise themselves in a deathworld jungle, and he himself slew an entire Eldar strikeforce on his exit from the incubation chamber it's entirely possible he might have survived and won, even if his comrades all fell.

Morty spurned the Emperor and went to the top of the mountain to free his people. And he failed. The only other Primarch that failed their people before discovery was Angron, and he was forced to fail by the Emperor.

>> No.22111606


It's from Betrayer all right. Quote:

Angron’s voice was rusty metal, chewed up and spat out in a snarl. ‘Why Nuceria? You could choose any world near Ultramar’s borders to form the other end of this… barricade. But you chose Nuceria.’ The World Eater’s blink was lazily predatory, almost crocodilian. ‘You will answer me now, priest. Why Nuceria? What waits for us on that world that makes it such a tempting target?’

The Word Bearer lowered his hand and the illusory stellar cartography ceased to be. ‘It must be Nuceria,’ he said.

‘Not good enough.’

‘Why are you so reluctant to return?’ Lorgar asked quietly. Reluctance. This was something he’d simply not expected from his warlike brother, even on this most difficult of decisions.

‘How many times have I said this to you?’ The World Eater grunted, his throat forming a lingering ‘Hnnngh’ sound. ‘I died there. Everything after it is meaningless. Do not reduce me in your mind to a snarling, inhuman thing forever blinded by its own anger. I am still a man, no matter what they did to me. I chose to let the world live. There’s nothing there for me now.’


I LOLed.

>> No.22111763

I wasn't kidding.

If Angron went in he'd have killed everyone and caused a bloodbath.

Guilliman was the one that like to walk in and rebuild entire planetary cultures from the ground up in his ideal image and them make them vassals of his homeworld.

Do not reduce Angron in your mind to a snarling, inhuman thing forever blinded by its own anger.

>> No.22111922

I'm not sure why but I read Angrom's words in Asura's voice.

>> No.22111936


I'm not. That quote is from ADB, and he does an excellent job of covering Angron's emotional side.

Pic related, when Angron sees where his Slave Army ended up.

>> No.22112012

Holy fuck. He's Paul Atreides.

>> No.22112108

The most annoying part about the HH books?

Fulgrim is no longer possessed by a daemon, which makes the whole 'I just killed my best friend/brother' part of his story completely fucking stupid.

>> No.22112111

That pic is made of feels.

>> No.22112227

OP here, didn't think my mid-book rant would turn into a nice thread like this.

Love you /tg/

>> No.22112287


B-but he's not angry.

He's sad.

He's not Sadron, he's Angron.

Why isn't he angry?

>> No.22112305

Considering that ADB's next HH book is titled "Master of Mankind," I'll be interested to see what, if any, steps the authors take to counterbalance the Emperor's current less-than-stellar image.

>> No.22112321

He feels a cold rage in his heart for the lose of his only friends, but it is for a briefe instant tempered by sadness

>> No.22112332


There's not really anything you CAN do. The Emperor's pretty much been a stupid, incompetent asshole since day one, and him being a stupid, incompetent asshole is pivotal in making the Heresy make sense.

He's the Reed Richards of 40k.

>> No.22112354

Actually, Angron was the only one to straight tell the emprah to fuck off; Emprah had to pull a straight Kirk to save his ass.

Which is cool; as a soldier, I fucking heart wartime bromance.

>> No.22112417

That's because Angron is basically Asura as a villain.

>> No.22112449


Why didn't the Emprah just zap all Angron's foes on that stupid mountain instead of teleporting him out?

>> No.22112481

Was the Emperor autistic?

>> No.22112509

Good question; probably shitty writers at GW to busy ripping off movies and shit.

>> No.22112521

>no Alpharius

Just as planned

>> No.22112535

I always thought the Emperor was a little crazy due to the fact he sees everything happening at once: the past, present, and future

>> No.22112546


>Jonson not a military commander

You done fucked up, you realise Jonson was second only to Horus in military victories during the crusade right?

>> No.22112564

>Angron and Curze straight to therapy

It makes sense, yes. But funny nonetheless.

>> No.22112600

Lel cuz he's gay XD

>> No.22112619

Actually that was the Ultrasmurfs

>> No.22112670


probably because the planet could be/was imperial controlled at the time.

>> No.22112687


No, the ultrasmurfs are accounted as the most 'successful' in the sense of worlds they brought into the Imperium's fold.

It's never stated how many of that happened due to military victories or girlyman style diplomacy. Plus one must consider what Roboute was doing during the crusade: mopping up Horus' sloppy seconds.

It's a canon point of contention between Horus and Roboute that Horus was an impatient gloryhound who would descend on an errant world, smash its main resistance, and then leave the rest behind for Rowboat to consolidate on. It's not exactly clear whether the 'success' of the ultramarines described in the codexes counts those planets or not.

Various white dwarf articles and index astartes articles however combine to paint a portrait of the 3 top Primarchs in terms of pure military success. And they go:


>> No.22112691

Actually a fair few told the Emperor to fuck off. Russ, Vulkan, and Mortarian off the top of my head. He just proceeded to one up them and prove he was totally baller every time.

Except Angron. Nope, not even gonna try here. It's kidnapping time.

No. Ultramarines had most conquests. Horus>Lion>Russ was the top 3 in victory tallies.

>> No.22112707


Of all the Primarchs, i find the relationship between Russ and the Emperor most interesting.

Russ and his legion certainly had an important place in the Emperors plans and Russ certainly obeyed the man in a way he never obeyed anyone else, but it does not seem like there was this intensely close bond between them.

Most of the other Primarch`s have an almost parodically strong relation to the emperor in one way or the other but Russ does not seem to have that.

>> No.22112713


They had a drink together. That's the deepest bond there is.

>> No.22112735


The coolest thing about Jonson rivalling Horus' victories is that Jonson was one of the relatively later primarchs to be found by Emps if I'm not mistaken. He was really burning the caliban oil to make up for lost time.

>> No.22112748

>obeyed the man in a way he never obeyed anyone else
Not really. Emperor tells him to bring Magnus to him.
Horus tells Russ to fuck that squealing rat up.

Guess which one of those two Russ obeyed?

>> No.22112753

My thoughts exactly. Everyone always forgets about Johnson.

>> No.22112772


Emperor didn't tell Russ shit. Horus 'relayed' his orders.

>> No.22112792

In all fairness, the man civilized a Deathworld and had bad enough dudes at his command that The Emperor made them psuedo-marines.

Really, what did any of the Primarchs do on par with that? Fulgrim rebuilt Chemos from dying to surplus and kinda drawing a blank here.

>> No.22112832


I'd agree, but the rest of 'em took it back; not Angron 'though, fucker's got an' axe to grind.

>> No.22112842

I'm about to put together my first 20 or so Boyz, what should I be equipping them with?

>> No.22112862


Make each one parallel to the primarchs.

>> No.22112866



>> No.22112878


this was supposed to be a new thread, disregard

>> No.22112901


Guard love foot sloggers

>> No.22112914

Nor Morty. Morty's still holding that grudge like a mofo.

Fucking kill stealers.

>> No.22112916


Trukk or no trukk you're gonna get fucked.

>> No.22112925


I thought Mort respected emps for saving him?

>> No.22112945

Death Guard are bitches, the fucker's so wrapped in numerology he can't even fight straight; he's got to wield a fucking scythe.

>> No.22112961


Isn't Mort the best Primarch tabletop wise thus far?

>> No.22112978

I loved ADB's Betrayer, he made the Ultramarines into the perfect adversaries.

Even the World Eaters are like "oh shit, not them".

>> No.22112989


I believe so.

He can teleport for some reason.

>> No.22113028

>Once had a squad of vanilla vets laz a P. Demon Price off the table
>Bayonetted Plague Marines with my Guard into cheese, rot and all, several times.
>Got two Plasma guns in a 2.5k force

DG ain't shit,

About the only decent primarch out there besides Roboute was Horus; but we know how he winds up anyhow.

>> No.22113042


Mortarion was a challenge to turn because he was stubborn and didn't break oaths. Not because he had any love for the Emperor.

>> No.22113047


And what has that got to do with Mortarion's tabletop rules in HH: Betrayal?

>> No.22113064

And I once ran down a Daemon Prince with a weaponless Rhino.

Why he death or gloried I'll never know.

>> No.22113087


Note that the BL HH Books are completely rewriting the canon, so Jonson may very well not be in the top 3 for Military sucess anymore.

We'll have to wait for what the new DA Codex says.

>> No.22113088

Because MCs are generally statistically good vs AV11.

>> No.22113097



>> No.22113098

Nothing, mostly because I refuse to entertain the price of the book, ergo fuck it.

>> No.22113107


>not just downloading it.

>> No.22113112


Killing a Daemon Prince is hardly an achievement, mine tend to land on a building, slip on the gutters and break their necks.

>> No.22113115

A demigod in red and gold fell from the golden wound in the world’s sky. A magnificent warrior-priest armoured in sacred crimson, each armour plate inscribed with runic mandalas and prayers written in Colchisian cuneiform. The oaths and scrolls bound to the dark ceramite caught the wind like wings of parchment, spreading as he fell. Khârn felt it then; he felt the instinctive sigh of submission, that skin-itching awe in the first moments that one stood in a primarch’s presence.
Lorgar’s ridged boots crunched down on the rubble, grinding the rocks to pebbles and dust. Sniper fire lanced the air at once, flaring with frustrated light as it impacted against the psychokinetic shield shimmering around the primarch’s armour. Khârn shouted a warning, but Lorgar paid as much attention to the centurion’s cry as he did to the incoming storm of fire that supposedly threatened his life. His attention was elsewhere, focused on the cursed earth lining the fallen avenue.
An Ultramarines gunship rattled overhead, rows of heavy bolters chattering and flashing in the dust-brought darkness. That got the primarch’s attention. Lorgar turned in a measured, fluid arc, dragging Illuminarum’s brutal maul-head across the ground before roaring as he hurled it skywards. The crozius spun in an energised blur, crashing into the cockpit’s reinforced windshield with a shatter loud enough to be audible over the gunship’s protesting jump jets. As the Thunderhawk banked away, Lorgar raised his hands towards it, fingers curling into claws. He gripped it, holding it in the air.
And he pulled.

>> No.22113117

That's awesome

>> No.22113120

The gunship’s engines coughed black filth and shuddered in the sky. Lorgar pulled again, a prophet clawing wisdom from the heavens. The gunship fell, smashing into the broken avenue with an ear-aching crash of tormented metal, engines aflame, hull mangled.
The primarch ignored his lost crozius for the moment, and looked back at the rubble lining the wide avenue.
He said one word. Somehow, Khârn heard it distinctly, above everything else, though it was no more than a whisper.
The Lord of the Word Bearers started hauling the rocks free and casting them away from the buried, collapsed road, with the same untouching ease as he’d pulled a gunship from the sky.
Skane came down, jump pack engines giving an ululating whine as he skidded to a halt next to Khârn. His black armour was painted white with the dust of the dying city.
‘You’re going to love this,’ he said to his captain.
Khârn was unable to look away from Lorgar. ‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’ he asked Skane.
‘This is even better, captain.’ The Destroyer shook his head. ‘Do you feel that?’
Once he paid heed, he couldn’t help but feel it. The ground quivered, just faintly, but as regularly as a racing heart. The city shook not from its death, but from the footsteps of giants.
‘Titan-tread,’ said Khârn.
‘I saw several coming through the dust,’ Skane admitted. ‘And none of them are on our side.’

>> No.22113128

I have the ebook. Want it? I have all HH up to date due to some error with my account.

>> No.22113136

Probably mutations

There was alot of clamour for the Thousands Sons to be expunged because the legion was running rampant with mutations but then they found Magnus who saved the legion

Also Sanguinius didn't want empy knowing about red thirst because he didn't want his legion expunged

I find it really dumb about how apparently the ultramarines took in survivors of the lost legions, i mean different geneseeds, different legion cultures and now suddenly the lost marines are all like: 'yea you annihilated every trace of my home legion but its all cool now'

>> No.22113169

That bit about the survivor's being absorbed into the Ultramarines is the idle speculation of one marine. Hardly conclusive proof.

>> No.22113179

I'm down.

>> No.22113184


Do you have the missing ones, like Strike and Fade, Distant Echoes of Old Night, Lost Sons, The Divine Word ETC?

>> No.22113244


I have them.

>> No.22113285


Wow. Please please please then, share them with us. I've been hunting them for months to no avail, I need all the Heresy Stories for research purpoises for my writing.

>> No.22113323

Are they short stories or audio books. I have a lot of em.

>> No.22113335


What's in it for me?

Just kidding. Go here.


Should have everything short of the weekend chapbook ebook thing, and I believe it'll have that shortly because these guys are more or less miracle workers.

>> No.22113585


Can't seem to acess anything.

>> No.22113857


Look it needs to be this way, have you ever read the Bible? GOD is the most trolling, petulant, moronic little girl ever written in anything.

And lets face it the Emprah is pretty much a combination of The Old testament, Paul/Leto Atreides, Hari Seldon and Mewtwo

>> No.22113884


>Pic related

>> No.22113928


me neither.

Can you link to 'Strike and Fade' not from that website? I loves me the Salamanders. Mah Nigga Marines.

>> No.22113992


another fa/tg/uy posted this a few weeks ago: http://www.mediafire.com/?tq63dun1am0k6

>> No.22114027


You know you're just helping him write bullshit stories right?

>> No.22114112


>> No.22114137


What he writes would make even Jefferson change his opinion.

>> No.22114175

I gotta ask, man. Is there some specific damage here that I'm not seeing? Because I swear you're on AA like white on rice, or like waifufags on TIDF.

>> No.22114197

Even if he is a pompous windbag who writes shitty stories about grimderp angsty waifus, he deserves to have all the tools available to him to write the best shitty stories about grimderp angsty waifus that a pompous windbag can. Personal distaste is no excuse for a lack of civility.

>> No.22114201


>> No.22114211


>> No.22114227

>waifufags on TIDF
Nice not-so-subtle jab at taufags there. I bet you scream out Girlymans name whenever you climax to the codex astartes.

>> No.22114246

I don't get it.

Is there something going on between the two?

>> No.22114268

He is implying all taufags are only in it for the waifus/blueberries and the other guy is implying that hes that guy who spams all xeno threads with ultramarine pictures. Yes, you are witnessing a bunch of internet passive aggressiveness.

>> No.22114290

Actually, that was a jab at the idiots who were all "TIDF is mai waifu" in the last few threads he showed up in. Shit was disgusting and made me glad I'm not a player of any Imperium faction.

>> No.22114296


just register.

>> No.22114339

Some people REALLY hate WHH. I happen to think it sucks harder than a whore in a black hole and most of the people involved are pretty terrible, but I try not to derail threads with my disdain for the stuff.

>> No.22114345

I thought black rage and red thirst were genetic PTSD that the BA suffer from after their geneseed was fucked up by Sanguinus' death.

>> No.22114362


Obviously there are a number of people who like that sort of thing, /tg/ is a place where anything goes. I'd just ask to keep it civil.

But that list is missing the ones mentioned here >>22113184, though this guy >>22113244 claims to have them.
Can you spill the beans on them for us?

>> No.22114379

And thank you for that. Me personally, the only thing I truly liked out of Ahriman's Aide was the Imperial Heresy, but really, for someone to show up and vent at the guy everytime he shows up? That kind of obsession really needs to be cooled down.

>> No.22114389

>Obviously there are a number of people who like that sort of thing, /tg/ is a place where anything goes. I'd just ask to keep it civil.
Thats what I was saying. I may personally dislike what the literature is being used for or the people who would be using it, but I would never withhold it from you because of that.

>> No.22114394

>He is implying all taufags are only in it for the waifus/blueberries

>Implying they are not
>Implying the Tau aren't the blandest and most boring of armies
>Implying anyone would pay them any attention if the blueberry crap didn't exist

The self denial of Xenophiles is delicious.


Dude is a guy.

And what do the Imperial guys has to do with it? If anything it's Xenophiles Circlejerking.

>> No.22114395


It's strange that the people who dislike it are so vocal in their disdain, and those that like it are as silent as the tomb.

I just like the idea of a world where there was no Heresy, and the Emperor didn't make all the misakes listed above. That's why I like it, not because of High School (which we don't even have here down under, so I have no idea how they work or why people hate them)

>> No.22114436

What's worse is that he is the only one who actually gives a crap about the Heresy Canon. That's why he wants the books. His stories have references to the Horus Heresy series everywhere in them.
The other two couldn't give a shit. they read like some horiffic anacronism of modern day America flung into the 31st Millenium.

But this is all off topic, so Sage. What do you want to see in a Horus Heresy book everyone?

>> No.22114437

I dislike waifu-ism, but I don't need to belittle anyone for it. Whatever floats your boat.

>> No.22114467

So...The Necron were confirmed to be active during the Hersey. Trayzn even said he is friends with the Ultramarine Primarch.

Do you think we will see them in the Novels?

>> No.22114479

>Dude is a guy.

You just hit on why it was disgusting, Anonymous.

If I had to guess, it's because you can only say so much to trite sarcasm before you throw up your hands and go, "whatever"

But I wish the guys who gets bent so easily would please stop shitting up threads with their concerns. I mean, good lord.

>> No.22114487

I want to see more White Scars, really. If there's Legion with a blatant gap in their... everything, it's them.

>> No.22114508

>You just hit on why it was disgusting
I think people were trying to scare him off by creepin on him. It may or may not have worked.

>> No.22114510


Brotherhood of the Storm is good, and apparantly there is another White Scars story coming late next year.

>> No.22114529

>Trayzn even said he is friends with the Ultramarine Primarch.

>> No.22114533

Oh man, AAhater, xenohater, now all we need is some elfhaters and we would have nearly all of /tg/s most dedicated shitposters in one thread!

>> No.22114545

Your primarch was buttbuddies with xenos, why do you hate them?

>> No.22114553

I want to see a dreadnaught casket on motorcycle wheels.

>> No.22114554

Did the Ferrus Manus kill a Void Dragon Shard?

Is the stuff on his hands living metal?

>> No.22114557

>my fucking face

Sweet. I still need to get around to reading Brotherhood of the Storm.

>> No.22114591

As if the word of a Xenos means anything.

The Necron was trying to hit a nerve with Cato, in all likeliness.

>> No.22114610

Aww, I get it now! You're tsundere for xenos, just like your primarch! Thats adorable~

>> No.22114658

Shit nigga, that's kawaii.

>> No.22114659

What? this is old news.

He even said that he will one day take the Primarch from the Ultras

>> No.22114696


'Welcome to Trazyn's Primarch Collection! If you look to your left, you will find a Guilliman in Mint Condition, and beside it a posed Russ. That was a tricky one to recover, that one. We also have a Corax and Vulkan on Display, as well as the skull of Manus and the stufed body of Kurze. Right this way please.'

>> No.22114703

Here is the fluff piece.

>> No.22114739

Wait, was the Necron even awake during the Great Crusade?

>> No.22114753


>shitty stories about grimderp angsty waifus

I thought that was the other two. His story didn't have any of them in it at all, Just some boy and Ahriman the 30k character.

>> No.22114758


Some of the Tomb Worlds were. They were most likely purged without a second thought by the Wolves and World Eaters, and forgotten about after the Heresy.

>> No.22114771

well the emperor aside from being pretty powerful (probably nowhere near as much as he was made out). was a fucking pants on the head retard who couldn't use common sense or logic at all.

>> No.22114792

Trayzn was awake during the event.

He may or may not have a frozen Primarch in his collection already.

>> No.22114824

Well its pretty impressive to forgot about an entire race of what resemble humanity's worst problem during the Dark Age of Technology.
Then again, its the Imperium, knowledge got lost without ever being learn again too often.
One of the missing Primarch?

>> No.22114909

Nigga that's straight up fuckin' kawaii, dats some real kawaii shit yo.

>> No.22114942

Yes, no, Maybe. The typical answer for every 40K question.

All we know is that he has a giant man in baroque power armor frozen in one of his collections.

>> No.22115074


Pseudo-marines? What do you mean by that, like Gland Warriors from Rogue Trader?

>> No.22115083

But he wouldn't have had to kill steal in the first place if he had explained who he was. In fact, that would've given Mortie some closure as he teamed up with his new father figure to destroy the old.

>> No.22115107

I always sort of assumed it was Horus's body or something. I'm not big on the heresy fluff though.

>> No.22115196 [DELETED] 

By any chance could anyone upload the Betrayer if they have it in epub or some similar electronic format?

>> No.22115216

Oh well, we'll know the answer when the plot advance

>> No.22115291

What were the numbers of the largest and smallest legions during the Horus heresy?

>> No.22115317


Nope, it seems it was just a minute flaw in the geneseed of Sanguinus, which he wanted to correct somehow.

>> No.22115321


Largest: Ultramarines, with 250,000+ Marines.

Smallest: Thousand Sons, with 10,000 Marines.

>> No.22116036

red thirst, yes
black rage, after Sanguinus death

>> No.22116277


>Implying it will ever move forwards.

>> No.22116366

Holy fuck. Lorgar is my new favorite.

>> No.22116507

Fear is a weapon.
He was like Sherman but in a galaxy wide grim dark war.

>> No.22117359

The problem was that the Emps psyker granted charisma was so great that he could be an asshole to everyone and they would love him anyway beacuse of constant subliminal mindfuckery. So the Big E actually had no idea how to deal with people like The Primarchs who were strong enough to see that he was a giant dick.

>> No.22117474

Oh, what beautiful armor!
Let's see what's under that helme-
*closes helmet*
Whoah,I need this for my collection.
Why is everything around me wet?

>> No.22117506

Did you even read TFH? The razing of Church City happens because he's already told Lorgar off several times, and each time Lorgar is all "Ah only a true God would deny his divinity" and carries on with his shit, writing bibles and telling conquered people to sing hymns and shit.

Also, it's not as if the Emperor knew about all of this shit as soon as it happened, he was busy with the Crusade himself at the time, and he (perhaps foolishly) trusted his sons to prosecute their parts of it correctly without him having to keep checking up on them every five minutes

>> No.22117549

That's actually a good theory, the Emperor had certain roles in mind for the Primarchs, such as Russ being his executioner. It could well have been that had everything gone to plan, Lorgar was supposed to be his secret weapon when it came to dealing with the Eye of Terror...

>> No.22117613

The way it's written, Mortarion doesn't so much harbour a grudge for getting saved by the Emperor, it's just that most of his brothers treat him as weird, except Horus, so when Horus turns, Mortarion follows his only friend because why the hell not. (The fact his most trusted lieutenants are secret Chaos worshippers might have had something to do with it to)

And Mortarion and Angron aren't the only ones to get upstaged by the Emperor - he also out vikings Russ, out dragon-hunts Vulkan, and had a massive punch-up with Iron Hands of the Iron Hands with his Iron Hands

>> No.22117650

I agree, the torture-porn short story in the Primarchs totally ruined the tragedy of him giving himself over out of grief at killing his best friend at the end of Fulgrim, and also stifles the potential for good future stories from both Horus and Lorgar's distaste for the posession

>> No.22117699


Actually that is not quite true. Russ out vikings the Emprah by winning two put of three contests and since the Empra cheated with a powerfist in the facepunching part of the contest on could even argue that the Emprah won no parts of the contest.

>> No.22117898

Nigga did get told though, but "lelonlydivinewouldsaynotdivine"

>> No.22117922

>tldr this thread is full of people with daddy issues in real life

>> No.22118143


You realize daddy issues are mainly there because the daddies in question are lacking, right?

>> No.22118559

Why would emprah not want to people to worship him?

If all of humanity worshipped him, wouldn't he become some fuckhuge ultrabadass and be able to take on all the chaos gods?

Why did he promote atheism, even atheists kill, lust and plot

>> No.22118746

my theory is that it would corrupt him with warpstuff and did

>> No.22118762

does that mean all computers run on warpstuff?

>> No.22118783


>> No.22118802

I suspect it's something like getting completely and utterly defeated in battle. The Romans used to do the same thing.

>> No.22118828

Expungement, brah.

>> No.22118832

machine spirits and all that stuff. dont blam me

>> No.22118848


I thought that it may possibly be either:

1. The 2 traitor legions who were discovered as traitors beforehand and therefore wiped out and erased before they could do anything.

2. The 2 legions that were framed as traitors but weren't really, and the imperium covers it up by denying their existence to cover their tracks.

I have no evidence to support this, just simple speculation.

>> No.22118893

So when we gotta read more about Khan?

I mean what the fuck the White Scars did?

The only thing i know it's that they were fucking awesome in the Battle of Terra

>> No.22118906

Speaking of Mortarion, how does he stack up against Draigo stat-wise?

>> No.22118917

>dont blam me

>> No.22118930


I love White Scars, really I do, but to many they are just Space Wolves 2.0 and aren't that popular. We might see them in the future but they have other priorities as you can imagine.

>> No.22119204

I'm interested to see what they do with them after Brotherhood of the Storm, since that implies heavily that Horus thinks he can get the Khan on his side, and that the lodges seem pretty popular with some of the brotherhoods

>> No.22119314

Something cool in 40k dating back to heresy times? Nope you've been retconned.
Red Thirst and Black Rage were the reminder of their Primarch's loss? Nope just normal mutation.
Ollanius was a dude who had the balls to stand in Horus' way? Nope immortal superpsyker.
Alpha Legion went traitor because they only liked Horus and wanted to fight other Marines? Nope working for Xenos.
Fulgrim fell because of pride, arrogance, and search for perfection? Nope he was possessed by a daemon. Then he repossessed himself and was evil. Because.

>Pseudo-marines? What do you mean by that, like Gland Warriors from Rogue Trader?
When the Emperor arrived on Caliban he was so impressed by the members of The Order (I mean they had pacified a Deathworld) that he summoned his best genetors and chirugens to make those too old to become Space Marines into near Space Marines. Probably more akin to Thunder Warriors than to Gland Warriors. The first to go through the process was Luther. This led to an entirely different and often forgotten dynamic in the Legion, what with it having Terran marines, Caliban Marines, and Caliban Knights.

>> No.22119358

> people like Ferrus Manus, Vulkan, Jaghatai Khan and Leman Russ as liutenants
>people like Ferrus Manus, Vulkan
>people LIKE

Lion can easily be one of the LIKE one's he was refering to

>> No.22119369

He carves his name into Draigo's heart.

>> No.22119431

still, the black rage appeared after sanguinus dead. red thirst might be a normal mutation, even though its fitting, thinking about "The Blood". the clan which had taken sanguinus as one of their own.

>> No.22119453

First Legion bitch. You mentioned Russ and not Lion? Bad move.

Things like this are why the Dark Angels did their own thing in 999.M41

>> No.22119835


I always imagined they simply wouldn't bow to the Emperor or the imperial truth so he had to kill them and the other legions absorbed the marines.

>> No.22120580

Lion did his own thing because he was a knife's edge from going traitor (this is in official DA fluff) but realised he would be appreciated more if he stuck with the emprah with a very good chance of becoming new Warmaster.

>> No.22120597

Oh wow, that bit from Kharn to Argel Tal at the beginning of Betrayer is fucking fantastic.

>> No.22120621

Before Prospero, some marine was talking to Russ about how wiping out a legion was unprecedented. Russ replied nonchalantly that the SWs performed a similar act before.

>> No.22120730

>Angron is basically holding a Warhound Titan's foot on his back as it tries to crush him and Lorgar

This shit gets more over the top as I go on.

>> No.22120764

Saddest part of the Horus Heresy? Its causes can almost unanimously be summed up with the following sentence:
the Emperor was a TERRIBLE father.

>> No.22120805

Pretty sure Curze could just go strait to treatment, therapy, and then medication (anti-psychotics seem likely given circumstances).

>> No.22120835

To be honest, it's like raising your sons to be good, ethically just upstanding free-thinking logical people, that have no beliefs in foolish egoistic concepts as Gods and religions.

And suddenly realising one of your sons is going to some Crazy-Christian-Church, helping along with make-a-pipebomb-for-the-abortion-clinic-Friday.

Of course you go apeshit. I know I would.

>> No.22120849

Ferrus Manus would fucking lift it.

>> No.22120888

Or you could sit down and explain to your son why you don't want him setting up a religion featuring you as a deity when you first notice him doing so, rather than having him waste 100 years of his life in increasing fanaticism with no clue there was a problem only to brutally slap him down out of the blue.

>> No.22120900

Actually, that isn't that over the top.

Primarchs have an in-built warpstorm inside their body.

It basically turns them into goddamn superheroes.

>> No.22120918


I'm a little late to the "best three" hoedown, but the Imp Fists are actually #2 by win/loss record, second only to the Luna Wolves. So sayeth Dabnett, whose fluff drowns out all others.

>> No.22120919

You do realise we're talking about a mythological scifi tale?

News takes a long time to travel in the galaxy. Even if you have FTL comm.

Remind that for next time, kiddo.

>> No.22120941

It doesn't take that much time when you're present in the same physical location as the newsworthy items.

>> No.22121013

>Anything to do with Lion
13th Black Crusade. Dark Angels and their successors showed up in massive force. They made Grimnar overall head of the Astartes forces. Dark Angels and successors peaced out to do the war their way.

I can only imagine some poor Iron Father with his head in his metal hands at the meeting wondering what everyone was thinking, there are perfectly functional third parties here.

>> No.22121014

Angel Exterminatus, braw: it shits on your suggestion.

>> No.22121018

>It doesn't take that much time when you're present in the same physical location as the newsworthy items.

Stop talking autist, and speak motherfucking English.

>> No.22121057

I was speaking English. The Emperor was physically present on Colchis. Lorgar's religious upbringing was on full display then and there. He could have addressed the problem with both expedience and tact had he done so then or shortly thereafter.

>> No.22121247

>Alpha Legion went traitor because they only liked Horus and wanted to fight other Marines? Nope working for Xenos.

lol no. He is working for himself...or rather the legion is inbetween.

>> No.22121287

Ah I misread and assumed you were talking about Lion wasting time playing peekaboo with Kurze in the fringe sectors while Terra was under siege.

>> No.22121372

>They made Grimnar overall head of the Astartes forces

No shit. Grimnar is the second best SM commander behind MAC and most of the SM and IG have a ton of respect for him.

Azrael on the other hand is a punk with no decent feats or friends.

>> No.22121376

except he never raised his sons to be good, ethically just upstanding free-thinking logical people, he just assumed they would all turn out to be this way being raised in shitholes like Nostramu and Barbarus (to name a few)

being outstanding exemple of the human race, some did turn out ok and even turned their shitholes into nice places, like Sanguinius and Fulgrin

but it's crazy to expect all of them to suceed, and it was pretty that, when he found the Primarch, some of them were deeply disturbed people who needed help before being named the leader of a fucking SM legion

>> No.22121452

I'd say Dante, being almost 2 thousand years old and being the oldest no Dreadnought SM, ranks higher than both Grimnar and MAC, but otherwise I totally agree with your point

>> No.22121523

I didn't say Grimnar wasn't the most qualified choice.
I said they shouldn't choose a candidate that a large chunk of their alliance will take as a personal insult.

>Grimnar is the second best SM commander behind MAC and most of the SM and IG have a ton of respect for him.
That's a funny way to abbreviate Dante.

>> No.22121596


Maybe a few hundred years ago. He's too old now and he's getting senile.

>> No.22121705

And it's been stated in various sources that the Emperor is made uncomfortable by all the religious overtones to the celebrations Lorgar holds in his honour.
We don't know any details of what he did about it, it could be that he assumes that Lorgar's religiousness is no more harmful than the mystical beliefs of the Khan, or Russ, or Magnus and that once he's brought into the Imperium he'll embrace the Imperial Truth, as they did

>> No.22122194

>Too old and getting senile
>Still winning more wars on Armageddon than Gimnar

>> No.22122624

>Fulgrim fell because of pride, arrogance, and search for perfection? Nope he was possessed by a daemon. Then he repossessed himself and was evil. Because.

This is singularly the shittest piece of lore i have ever read, what the fuck were they thinking

>> No.22122654


Yeah. I hope they retcon it back the way it was. Lorgar and Horus not liking the possesion and everything...

>> No.22122671

>Lion did his own thing because he was a knife's edge from going traitor (this is in official DA fluff)

w..what i thought the bad Dark angels were all Luther getting assmad about getting left behind and being old

Where can i read about this

>> No.22123074

>Then he repossessed himself

Seriously? I thought he was still stuck in the painting?

>This is singularly the shittest piece of lore i have ever read

I guess you haven't read C:GK then.

>> No.22123171

Angels of Darkness and Fallen Angels.

>> No.22123208

Angels of Darkness by Gav Thorpe. Check out Black Library's website, they apparently are rereleasing it as an ebook next year.

>> No.22123221


>Seriously? I thought he was still stuck in the painting?

He got better. Now the daemon is in the painting and Fulgrim tried killing Perturabo to ascend to Daemonhood, but then his body got disintegrated and he got reborn as pure energy which then transformed into the snake-like Daemon Prince that we all know and love.

>> No.22124155


where did you get this shit from?

>> No.22124341


Angel Exterminatus.

>> No.22124746

>Reading Angels of Darkness
>Trusting anything out of Astelan's mouth
>Reading Fallen Angels
>Still not realizing Astelan is a thin skinned grudge holding little bitch.

>> No.22124956


And whatever short story had Fulgrim's senior commanders using a Pear of Anguish on him. Which, incidentally, is all sorts of fucked up, and confirms that primarchs poop.

>> No.22125015


>> No.22125173


Bump for what? The story is in Primarchs, its name is The Reflection Crack'd.

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