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Okay teegee, I have a great Idea for my CSM army.
A chapter and their followers "Lost and the Damned" , that truley belive that they are Orks.
Using Orks as allies, painting them green+red, and making them just as Orky as possible.
Thumbs up?
Any Ideas?

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If a group of humans, disguised as orks, joins a large enough group of orks who believe the humans really are orks, will the humans turn into orks?

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If no other ideas let's atleast get an Ork thread going.
Post pics if you've got em.

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Of course.

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Reminds me of my Dark Heresy campaign I'm gonna be doing soon. A gang of humans believed they were Orkz, Tzeentch stepped in and said, "hey you're Orkz now," and then they became fucked up mutated Ork/Human hybrids. My group is supposed to kill them all, the leader being a Tzeentch-blue Ork.

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They become 'diggas'. They're built like catachans and are really damn surly, painting themselves green and whatever clan colour, and they can get Ork tek to work, but they don't become 'orks'

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Empty, now it's all up to you.

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>tfw you will never be an Ork.
>tfw you will never follow your boss into battle.
>tfw you will never start a bar brawl with your best mates.
>tfw you will never hoot and laugh as your horribly-kitbashed trukk falls apart around you as you careen into battle.
>tfw you will never get a painful 'improvement' from your best Dok which involves ten grots, a six-pack of grog, and a hair squig.

Feels zoggin' bad.

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Move to Europe and become a football fan and you can experience like 80% of this.

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I'm already a Redskins fan.

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>Diggas are poking fun at Wiggas

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No more Orky love?

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Move to Philly if it's cheaper.

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